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DAYS: Monday October 15

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What an amazing episode. Today episode was just emotional with marlena/belle and Sami. Deidre, martha and Ali did amazing job today.

Stefano getting that folder hmmmmmmmmm, EJ is the father i bet.

OMG i loved the sorority scenes. OMG did you see Morgan and Cordi, hot hot hot hot. Max and Ford are so lucky. I am loving morgan and Cordi.

OMG shelley Hennig looks so freaken hot with long straight hair. It fits her well with her nice tan face. OMG keep it Shelley, i love u with straight hair.

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Oh I'm so happy to see Tony and Anna back on screen. I like them FINALLY addressing the Tony-John brothers stuff and spending more time with Marlena, even if it is at this late of date. I love how Tony was so dismissive toward Stefano and his grief over Andre, but I'm not sure what to make of Anna being sympathetic to him. Is Anna thinking ahead how maybe it could be good if Tony got in Stefano's good graces before he died so he can be the one to inherit all the DiMera power and money and the mansion will be theirs? Because I don't see any other character-based reason Anna would be nice to him unless there is some other back story they are not telling us.

This show needs to make up it's mind about Stefano. Why is he so delusional to think Tony would give a damn about Andre? Or is he just acting sad to try to manipulate Tony the same way he sometimes seems to act sad to manipulate E.J.? Because they need to make that clear if that is the case so he doesn't come across so bipolar... heartless and vindictive one episode and then compassionate and regretful the next. Or actually I should say maybe within the same episode as at the beginning he vowed to avenge Andre's death and then he got that mystery DNA report (what is THAT all about? and was it a chess piece or a voodoo idol or what that he was holding when that messenger came in the room?) that gives a hint there is some shadiness going on. I want more Stefano monologues over a chessboard so I know what he's up to if he's up to something dammit.

Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I didn't mind the sorority scenes one bit and thought they added some levity to this episode, despite all of Terry's annoying promotion of it. I just like Morgan and Cordy and I can't help that. I snickered when they referred to Dr. Brady and Dr. Hollingsworth transitioning into the hospital scenes. The casting of Ford Decker, despite the awful haircut, is even growing on me and I like Max and Stephanie trying to make each other jealous. Craziness.

I am so sick of seeing Sami cry. I just wish they would take Sami out of these scenes of John's death because her being there crying all over the place ruins them for me because given that all we've seen of Sami for the past 9 months or so seeing Sami crying it makes these scenes like just any old episode because it has her crying in them, when this should be a really fricking big deal.

The flashback interspersed with the heart monitor and the description of the injuries narrated over Sami taping the annulment back together was really awesome. And I love the choice of Michael from AW as Miles. I hope they keep him around beyond these few episodes. Yay for good casting and awesome production values.

The "my pawn stole my queen" line was good, but as sad as Stefano is about his creation dying, shouldn't there be another part thinking... hmmmm... with John out of the way maybe I can steal my queen back?

Marlena and Belle were both heartbreaking in their grief and I'm sure they will have me crying later in the week. I stayed tear-free today but we'll see if I can keep it up.

One thing though that does take me out of their grief is the nagging questions about John's other children. First of all, does Brady no longer exist? Doesn't he deserve a phone call even if he can't make it back to Salem? And what about Carrie and Eric who grew up with John as a father figure for much of their childhoods? Doesn't a part of Lucas think to call his mom, even if he's disowned her, since Kate and John were once quite close and she would want to know about this?

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This episode has been so heartbreaking so far.

I LOVE Morgan and Cordy. They are the best young new women characters this show has had in awhile.

These hospital scenes...just heartbreaking. But Deidre is rocking this so far and it's so great to see Marlena like this and I loved when she and Belle started praying.

Tony and Anna!!!!! LOVE them! Great scenes with Stefano and them.

IMA, I think the Anna stuff was because Anna doesn't want Tony to become some anger-filled DiMera. I remember she said "you are turning into a DiMera" or something like that. She knows a kind Tony, not one with hatred, even though he has a right to be angry at Stefano.

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