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Days: Deidre Hall Interview at TV Guide online


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Since NBC's Days of our Lives turns 40 this month, soap superstar Deidre Hall is treating TVGuide.com to the inside scoop on Marlena's past with Dr. Alex North — the shrink played by Wayne Northrop, who was also Days' original Roman Brady. SPOILER ALERT! Don't read this if you want to stay in the dark about all the daytime drama in store.

TVGuide.com: Have you ever been upset enough to catch "hysterical amnesia" like Marlena Evans did?

Deidre Hall: No, no, I'm more stable than that. But Wayne had to run down a litany [of Marlena's torments in a recent scene]. He had to say, "Well, in just the last two years, you've been tried and found guilty of murder, you've been kidnapped and put on an island, you were shot and buried alive, you were locked in a castle with your ex-husband...." Marlena needs to have amnesia!

TVGuide.com: So does Marlena really have a history with Alex?

Hall: They were married. Their backstory does dovetail into Marlena's life very well. She had a relationship with Alex in college, [a period of] her past we've never seen. They were both psychology majors. Alex lost Marlena to hysterical amnesia back then, and so he's since become an expert in the field.

TVGuide.com: Wait. Marlena has had this hysterical condition before?

Hall: Yes. She was married to Alex and he went off to war. He was missing in action and presumed dead. When she was told, she completely collapsed and developed amnesia. She eventually went forward but she never picked up the past. So she married him back then and now he's back!

TVGuide.com: Wow! Obviously, this newly invented past allows Days to use old clips of you and Wayne from when he was playing Roman.

Hall: [Enthused] Um-hmm! The hard part about Drake Hogestyn having been Roman for a while and then turning into John is that we can't replay those old moments. Because we had Josh Taylor as Chris Kositchek in a lot of those scenes, and he plays Roman now! We're hog-tied on that.

TVGuide.com: So are you repressing giggles during those hypnosis scenes where Alex is brainwashing Marlena and you stare back at him blankly?

Hall: Well, you'll find out that what Alex is doing is not any sort of parlor [game] analysis. He is not trying to control Marlena's mind or her decisions —he is trying to retrieve memories for her in hopes that she'll remember him. It has appeared to the audience that Alex is a bad guy. He's not! He's a very, very good guy.

Keep reading for lots more Days dish!


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I'm so glad J/M aren't married because I think they deserve a better wedding than what they got in 1999. Also, I love it when couples are seperated and I love watching the journey of them getting back together, no matter how long it takes. :)

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Wow, she looks amazing! I hope this means we're getting a new set of cast photos. They're long overdue, and I hope they all look like this, as opposed to that crappy set of pics Passions used for an update, and the crappy website that went along with them...hell, I've seen websoaps with better sites than the NBC site for Passions.

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