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During the big summer, it will be revealed that the DNA tests revealing who was Roman Brady were switched! It will finally be revealed that John Black is really Roman Brady! What does that mean for Shawn and Belle? There will be another paternity shocker; Belle is really the daughter of Tony and Anna DiMera!

There is a rumour going around that Carrie Brady Reed will be comming back to the show! There will either be a recast Austin, and Carrie's pregnant, or there will be a plane crash, and Austin is dead, and Carrie is pregnant with his child.

Mike Horton may also be comming back, and he will be Steve's doctor, as well as Billie's love intrest!

This summer will be full of excitment, but it doesn't end there! In the fall, a serial killer storyline is planned. Victims will include John Black (Josh Taylor), Philip, and a teen!

Who will be Shawn's latest love intrest? A guy named Mitch...

April 22

Stephanie and Philip will begin a summer romance, much to Kate's disaproval.

Sami will finally learn the truth about her babies paternity, right after the wedding!

Dr.Granger is going to be a lot like Dr.Rolf, but don't worry, he isn't Dr.Rolf

As part of the big plot this summer, 5 people will be comming back! Doug, Julie, Jack, Tony and Stefano!

Somebody will die this summer!


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John/Roman I can buy and, if they do that, then I totally buy the Belle part although Tony and Anna weren't even around. If that happened, that would be Corday protecting Shelle.

I would love that to be true so they could get rid of Josh.

The rest sound pretty good too with Carrie and Mike.

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Anyone who knows me knows that I have always hated the fact that, if Wayne wasn't playing the role, that Drake should be playing Roman Brady, and that I hate that Josh is playing that role. So, that is beyond great news to me.

But......neither Anna nor Tony (To my best guess) were on the show when Marlena was pregnant. So, where is her and John/Roman's baby?

Who is there daughter?


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LOL! Check out the newest ones.


Jason Cook may be comming back to the show, as a new character. Plans have him interacting with Brandon Beemer (Current Shawn Brady)

Christie Clark may be comming back as Carrie Brady Reed. If she does, it will most likely be in September.

Louis Sorel could be comming back as Vivian Alamain!


Shawn will turn gay, after everybody finds out that John is really Roman, and him and Belle are cousins! He will fall for a guy named Mitch! Belle will leave town for a while.

After a DiMera/Brady broil, Stefano will burry a Brady teen girl alive! And it's not Stephanie of Chelsea....

Here is what DAYS has planned for the fall, and going into November Sweeps:

A serial killer storyline is planned for this fall. The killer will start in October, and end by January.

Everybody will finally realize that Stefano has been playing a cruel joke on them all along! John Black is the real Roman Brady! Sami will realize she has hated her father for years, Marleana will realize her undying love for Roman, and Belle and Shawn will realize they are cousins!

Dr.Rolf is planning to bring back an old DiMera friend... Gina! When her and Hope come face-to-face, Hope will remember some of Gina's memories, and vice-versa! Which will raise the question-Is current Hope really Gina!?!?

Sami's baby will be born! The baby will be a DiMera, but EJ is not the father!

Colin Murphy will be back, and he will start a romance with Belle.

Carrie may be back, pregnant!

Another DiMera is set to return.


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