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  1. There are committees in charge of that stuff. It has nothing to do with him. why you wouldnt trust him based off of his inaguration cost , I dont get. He's popular so the committees set up a lot of things for it. judge him not for who he is (basically a celebrity), judge him for what he does in terms of recovering this country.
  2. Lee, I meant to tell you how good it has been seeing you around "these parts".
  3. aww I'm sorry to hear that. I love it, No soda for me. Tea, water, and alcohol...sometimes.
  4. I'm an iced tea man nowadays, but back in the day, red Kool Aid was the stuff!! I never remember calling Kool Aid by it's given name. To me, cherry=Red, grape=purple etc.
  5. Ha ha [= She told me last night how she still wants to be cool. I'm pretty sure she'll call me tonight and act like she didnt break my heart, to talk about something like the rain we had or something.
  6. Thank you for that. I'll be fine. She lives in the neighborhood, and my son loves her, so she says she will still be in his life, which is cool with me.
  7. I'm divorced with a child, Sylph , and now I'm single with a child. The way she did it. We were texting eachother and she just threw it out there, talking about how she just isn't sure that she wants to be with anyone right now. Well we've been together, plenty. It's been 6 months, and it's over. I go to church with her. Damn, I'll have to see her every Sunday and she and I are both involved in a ministry with the kids at the church and we have a conference on the 15th. and we are co-hosting. Jeez
  8. My girlfriend broke up with me.
  9. I've got an idea for that picture.
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