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  1. daysfan


    Episode#194 -Anna says they just had a situation like this back in Aremid, and she hates having to go through some revelation again. Tony slowly says he knows, and they continue to embrace each other. Tony promises her once they get back to Salem they will figure all of this out. -Marlena snaps to Kayla she doesn’t need her to be vague, and Kayla sighs and says she can’t be sidetracked while trying to remove two bullets with so little help and she doesn’t want to panic Marlena, but Marlena again tells her to tell her what is happening to Roman. As Kayla stares down at one of the bullets as she tries to remove it, she says: Kayla: I…I think Roman is going into a catatonic state due to the gunshots… *Life in Salem Opening* -Shane decides to check on Stefano, and walks through a curtain that was sat up between Stefano and Roman, and asks the agents that are tending to him how he is. The most medical-skilled one says he’s struggling, and flatlined earlier but they managed to barely save him, but he’s holding on by a thread. -Anna nods slowly, and thinks to herself she has more than Tony knows to do when they get to Salem, and thinks to herself she needs Jan’s, Tony’s, and Marlena’s DNA to run a test…so she knows for certain who Jan is. -Marlena says no, that can’t be possible, but Kayla says it will all be certain in time they just have to see. Kayla continues the operation, as Marlena tells Roman not to leave her… -Shane tells the agents to just keep Stefano alive until they reach Salem, and he doesn’t want anymore people to die. The agents nod slowly, and Shane walks out of the room and sighs. As he sits down in the sitting area, he sighs thinking about all the drama that has occurred in the past month. -In the medical area, Marlena continues to hold onto Roman’s hand tightly, and he begins to look at her as he fades in and out of consciousness. She sees confidence in his eyes, and Marlena briefly smiles at him and holds her hand up and blows him a kiss. -Everyone except Marlena, Kayla, Roman, Stefano, and some agents are in the sitting area of the ISA jet…and it is announced they are coming up on Salem!
  2. daysfan


    Episode#193 -On the ISA jet, Anna sighs, and tells Tony to sit down because it will be a long story. She then begins: Anna: Allan called me in Aremid, and told me Helena and Stefano as well as everyone else were all in Italy. You overheard me say Italy, and suddenly you started acting all strange. We went to Italy, and took part in huge drama with Helena holding everyone inside the palace hostage. You mysteriously vanished outside in the courtyard by the entrance, and later you were reporting the murder of Kate Roberts or something. You vanished again, and then later stabbed me on accident while you were chasing after Helena. Next after Roman got some information on where Stefano went, here to this island, we all went here and I found you. Then you, or I should say your alternate personality, told me you had DID…I didn’t want to believe it…but now I know its true. A tear runs down Anna’s cheek, and Tony says: Tony: No…that’s impossible…it can’t be… Anna begins to cry harder and then throws her arms around Tony… -Shane walks into the medical area on the jet and says that surprisingly Salem is not far from here, and they will be there soon and he’s already arranged for an ambulance to wait at the airport. Several medical-skilled agents try to revive Stefano while Kayla continues to operate on Roman, and begins to get emotional. Shane then says: Shane: Kayla, perhaps you should go rest and someone else can- Kayla continues to concentrate on Roman, but angrily yells: Kayla: NO! That’s what happened with my mother! I left the operating table and she ended up in a coma! I didn’t even get the feeling of knowing I at least tried! I AM NOT going to let my brother die, and I will not let myself make the same mistake with him I made with mom! *Life in Salem Opening* -Tony slowly hugs Anna, both of them not even focusing on what is happening around them, and he slowly says: Tony: Anna…I…I am so sorry….I can’t believe I hurt you like that, or you had to find out this horrible issue…I don’t even know what to say, I don’t want to believe it… Anna: *crying*Tony…its not your fault and it wasn’t you…I don’t want to believe it either but…but…we have to…and I HATE to say that… Anna then briefly remembers what other thing Tony’s alter told her about Jan, but she thinks to herself she can’t tell Tony that yet…she needs proof first… -Shane nods slowly and says he understands, and slowly walks away. Kayla continues to work on Roman, but suddenly slowly she sees his eyes slightly open! She gasps in shock and Marlena and Shane both hear it and stand, and Marlena walks into the room and rushes to Roman’s side and clutches his hand again, and as she stares into his half open eyes she slowly says: Marlena: Honey, your sister is trying to get the bullets out now…and we’ll be to Salem shortly, just stay alive…please… Roman stares at Marlena, but suddenly, his eyes seem a bit dazed as he just stares, and Marlena stands at his side as Kayla continues to work, and Marlena then asks Kayla: Marlena: Wait…something seems…not right…whats wrong? Kayla looks at Roman for a moment and her eyes widen, and then responds sadly: Kayla: He’s not dead but…and I will wait for official confirmation once we get back in Salem…but this doesn’t look good…
  3. daysfan


    Episode#192 -Marlena and the rest go back into the sitting part of the jet as Kayla begins work on Roman, and she prays that Roman will make it. She looks at Sami, and slowly walks over to her. She asks her how she got to the island, and Sami slowly says in between tears she was with EJ…and they were going to try to stop Stefano and Helena, but EJ tricked her slightly and ended up being killed by Steve. Marlena sighs and tells Sami she is so sorry, but Sami says no and she will get over it herself…she wants to be here for Marlena this time. -Tony and Anna rush through the DiMera Compound while guards panic, and beams and lights fall, and Anna asks Tony how exactly the compound is self-destructing. Tony then answers apparently by collapsing, and both of them clutch each others hands as they run towards the main entrance, and once they get there Tony hurriedly begins to punch in buttons on the button pad to get the door to open, and after a few combinations he finally gets it open out of memory from certain combinations his father preferred decades ago. He and Anna rush outside, and see the jet and Anna says they must get there in time! *Life in Salem Opening* -Marlena manages to smile at Sami, and thanks her, and Sami says its all part of growing up…she sighs as she begins to think about EJ again, and Marlena decides to leave her alone for the time being. While she awaits news on Roman, the pilot asks Shane where they are headed. Shane sighs and says he has been thinking about that, and then tells the pilot to head to Salem…it is a little ways but not extremely far, he just hopes Roman and Stefano can make it… -Tony and Anna rush towards the jet as Anna leads the way for Tony, and Tony yells to her once they are on that plane she better explain everything to him. Anna sighs and thinks to herself she can’t explain EVERYTHING just yet and flashes back to what Tony’s alter told her about Jan, but then outloud promises to Tony she will. Tony and Anna rush out onto the beach just as the ISA jet is about to take off, but both of them jump and they make it on in time! -Kayla stands over Roman as she and a few ISA agents try to remove the bullets from him, and she says she can’t lose him like the rest. She flashes back to Shawn Sr. dying because he gave too much blood to her, and then she flashes back to after the Chez Rouge ball and Caroline going into a coma…but then she vows to not let Roman go down in flames. -Shane, Allan, Hattie, and Steve all see Anna and Tony jump on, and Shane asks them in confusion whats going on. Tony says that’s what he’d like to know, but Anna says that Tony is back on their side and the DiMera Compound has fallen apart. Tony then says to Anna its time for her to explain what is going on. -Kayla continues to operate on Roman, as a few tears drop from her eyes. Meanwhile Stefano begins to flatline, and after a moment of running Kayla yells to Shane that they have to get to a hospital FAST or both Stefano and Roman will be lost!!!!!
  4. daysfan


    Episode#191 -Anna slowly says “Tony? Is that you?” and Tony slowly says “Anna? What…what happened?” and she says it is a long story, but they are in a DiMera compound on the island they were all at in November 1984 and they’ve got to get out of here! -Roman and Stefano both lie on the beach in pain, and both of them have been shot in critical places in their bodies. Stefano has a shot in his head and on his leg, while Roman is shot in the neck and shoulder. Marlena rushes to Roman, as he lies slightly consicious. He looks up at her and slowly tries to say “Do..c…” and Shane approaches and looks at both of them, and Stefano is already unconscious. He yells to one of the ISA agents: Shane: Get one of those jets back here now, that have some type of medical area! We need to transport these men to a medical facility NOW! *Life in Salem Opening* -Tony says “What?! Anna, I need to know what is going on! Last I remember we were in Aremid!” and Anna says she will explain it all but first they need to escape, and Tony sighs and says fine, but first they need to find a way to shut down the compound. Anna agrees, and Tony says knowing how Stefano designs places like these, he might know where a place could be. -Marlena to tells Roman to just hold on, and she looks down on him and breathes in and out as she says: Marlena: I know you can live…you’ve come through so much…survive for our love, our children, our family. Roman manages to clutch Marlena’s hand with his for re-assurance as he finally begins to fall unconscious, but before his eyes close a tear drops from Marlena’s eyes that land on one of his eyes. Kayla, Steve, Sami, Allan, and Hattie rush down to the beach and they see the ISA jet approaching, it not having gotten far after dropping Shane and the other ISA agents off, and Allan tells Shane that Anna must still be in the compound. He yells to Allan his men are trying to find another way in, they will get her in time. Kayla gets down and checks both Roman and Stefano’s pulses, and says they are barely alive but their pulses are fading fast. -Anna tells Tony to just lead the way, and he’ll say they will need to sneak past Stefano’s guards, but Anna says with a wink she has a better idea, and begins to explain: Anna: Again I’ll explain later, but Stefano’s men have a renewed respect for you. You can make it look like you captured me, and are taking me to wherever you are going to hold me captive. They won’t suspect a thing. Tony: I am still a bit confused by this all but I will go along with this. Anna smiles as they begin to make Anna’s plan look real, and they set off. -The jet lands, and Shane, Allan, and Steve and a few other ISA agents quickly get Roman and Stefano and carry them to the jet, while Kayla, Marlena, Sami, and Hattie quickly follow. Once boarded Kayla rushes to the small medical clinic-type area, and Stefano and Roman are quickly but gently put down on two beds. Kayla however says they need to hurry, because she can’t operate on them both. She sighs, and looks at the group before her, and says: Kayla: I need one of you to choose who I operate on: Stefano, or Roman. -Tony and Anna walk through the halls of the DiMera Palace, and guards stare at them though Tony and Anna stage their act. Anna whispers to Tony she thinks they are buying it, and he agrees. Finally they get to the place Tony believes to be the control room, and they enter. Anna laughs and says she is a professional at pulling off scams like they just did, and Tony grins. He walks over to the control panel, and examines them for a moment. He then says: Tony: Be prepared to run, Anna…the only thing I can do is self-destruct the compound… Anna sighs and says somehow she should have expected this, and slowly Tony pushes the button, and he grabs Anna as they begin to run and the compound starts to fall apart! -Marlena looks at Shane, and says she knows who she wants Kayla to operate on…but she needs to let him decide, because he is the one who will be the most fair of all. Kayla says they don’t have much time, and Shane sighs and looks at Marlena, Sami, and then Roman and Stefano. He briefly thinks of Kim, and then says as he stares at Kayla: Shane: Operate on…Roman. I will see if any of my ISA agents can try to keep Stefano alive… Kayla nods slowly, and turns to get to work…
  5. daysfan


    Episode#190 -Kayla walks over and checks EJ’s pulse, and after a few minutes she says he’s gone. Sami nods slowly, and Shane asks what happened. Steve explains the situation, and shows Shane a couple of bullets that EJ fired in the struggle but missed. Shane nods slowly, and says it looks like there has already been one death here. A few ISA agents pick up EJ’s body, Shane looks at the entrance and says its metal…he’s not sure how they will get through it. - “Tony” laughs and tells Anna that will not work on him, but Anna says it will if she tries. Anna then says: Anna: Tony…I need you…if you are truly in there and this is some alternate personality…I know you can beat him…for me…please….use the strength I KNOW you have…we got through your look alike Andre we can get through this fool… -Stefano says that would give closure, and give him satisfaction, knowing Roman Brady is dead. Roman tells him he won’t be the dead one this time, and Stefano laughs and says this will go the exact way it did in 1984...only this time Roman won’t live. Roman tells Stefano to shut up, and Stefano then says after Roman is dead he will destroy every one of his family members…and then take Marlena and have an affair with her just like he did with Helena. Roman in anger attacks Stefano! *Life in Salem Opening* -Steve tells Shane Anna and Marlena got in, but suddenly Tony shut the door on them. Shane in confusion says “Tony? He’s…working with Stefano?” and Steve says “I guess…I heard Anna was pretty upset about something regarding with him…” -Stefano punches Roman, and Roman turns around and faces Stefano, and he says it looks like this time Stefano is the one nearing the edge of the cliff. Stefano holds his gun at Roman, and says: Stefano: Do you have the courage to kill me, Roman? It would be against the law. Roman: The law doesn’t apply when it comes to you anymore…you have pushed me to so many limits, Stefano…I have no problem with killing you. Stefano: Then shut up and do it. -Marlena slowly walks on the island after finding and using the side exit from the DiMera Compound, and as she walks she looks up at the cliff and sees Stefano and Roman both there. She slowly whispers “Do it, my love…” - “Tony” n=begins to clutch his head slightly, and tells Anna to be quiet. Anna then says: Anna: Fight him, Tony! COME BACK TO ME! “Tony” then angrily snarls and grabs Anna and holds a knife to her neck… -Roman is silent for a moment, and Stefano laughs and says: Stefano: You will never be able to do it, for you may be Roman Brady…but you are also my Pawn…my loyal Pawn who will never betray his master… Roman launches himself at Stefano, and another struggle ensues, but this time multiple shots go off!!!!!! -The group at the front of the compound hears gun shots, and all look to where the cliff is. Shane says “Oh no…” and tells his men to get up there, and Steve, Sami, and Kayla stare up in shock… - Anna looks into “Tony’s” eyes with no fear, and says: Anna: You can’t do that to me…Tony won’t let you…he cares for me too much…you have no power and can’t harm me at all. Anna suddenly pulls the knife out of “Tony’s” hands and leans in an kisses him, and whispers: Anna: I love you, Tony… Suddenly, “Tony” is motionless, and just stares at Anna as he fades away… -On the cliff, as the whole island watches, Stefano and Roman’s eyes are both wide, as they both begin to FALL OFF THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF! Both have been shot, and they go tumbling to the beach as Marlena, Shane, and the ISA agents rush to the beach…
  6. daysfan


    Episode#189 -Stefano manages to escape his compound, and he says to forget Helena. He sees in a distance Roman standing on the cliff, and he smirks as he walks off… -Sami yells “UNCLE STEVE NO!” but he says this might have to be done, but EJ grabs Steve’s collar and takes out his own gun, but Kayla jumps forward and tries to push EJ back, and a gun shot goes off!!!!! -Anna’s eyes widen in shock, and she slowly says “No…no…Tony and Marlena were never even in love…that’s impossible…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and “Tony” tells her it all happened while Marlena was being held captive from 1987 to 1991. Anna looks and screams “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” *Life in Salem Opening* -Roman continues to stand on the cliff, knowing that Stefano will come in time. He sees ISA jets approaching, and as it approaches the beach, men begin to jump out. Roman sees Shane and simply nods at him, and Shane seems to know what he is saying… -Sami screams, as EJ slowly stands after being shot in the stomach. He angrily approaches Steve and Sami rushes to his side and tells him to just stand down, but he says no this must be done. He tries to charge at Steve again, and begins to shoot but Steve punches him, and a struggle begins between them, and another gunshot goes off…and EJ goes tumbling to the ground with a bullet through his chest. - “Tony” tells her its all true… Tony has a child with Marlena but neither of them no it. He says Jan is who Rex and Cassie Brady were thought to be. Anna shakes her head in denial, and says she can’t believe it not until she has proof. She then whispers “Tony, please come back to me…please…I love you…” -EJ lies on the ground in pain, and the guards are about to attack Steve and Kayla but suddenly many ISA men run up and tell them all to freeze. Shane follows, and before he can say anything he sees Sami lowering to the ground and as tears stream down her cheeks she cradles EJ. EJ has one shot in his stomach and another in his chest, and Sami begins to speak to him: Sami: EJ…please…just hold on…the ISA is here, they can get you medical attention… EJ: *coughing*No, Samantha…there isn’t enough time…Johnson’s bullets have pierced me too deep… Sami: I WON’T LET YOU DIE! EJ: You must…carry on for me, Samantha…make sure my mother and father are defeated…and avenge my death… Sami briefly glances at everyone else, and looks down at EJ one last time as he says: EJ: And Samantha…remember…I love you… Sami: I…I love you too…more than I have ever loved a man before… EJ lightly smiles at her as he dies in her arms… -Stefano slowly walks up the cliff where Roman stands, and as he walks up behind him, Roman turns with a gun in hand. Roman: DiMera. Stefano: Brady. Roman: Just like twenty three years ago…no more war with Helena, or chasing after Marlena, its just you and me now, and this is where things end.
  7. daysfan


    Episode#188 -Steve attacks EJ, and the two get into a tustle and fall to the ground, and try to punch and kick each other as they roll around on the ground, but suddenly EJ kicks Steve off of him and punches him in the face! -Anna stares at “Tony” in shock, and “Tony” motions for the other guards to leave them alone. They exit the room, and “Tony” says it is true. Anna then screams: Anna: NO! IT CAN’T BE! MY TONY CAN’T BE MENTALLY ILL! NOT AFTER ALL HE’S BEEN THROUGH! NO! NO! NO! -Stefano and Helena both look at Marlena, and Helena hisses “Well who do we have here?” and Marlena says: Marlena: Don’t you remember me? You held me and my husband, family, and friends hostage in the DiMera Palace in Italy, and you tried to kill my daughter back in Salem? If you don’t, let me just say this: I am Stefano’s other Lena. Helena looks at Stefano in shock at Marlena’s last words… *Life in Salem Opening* -Kayla screams “STEVE!” and runs to his side, while Sami tells EJ they need to stop and focus on the real problems: Stefano and Helena! EJ says no, this group needs to be offed as well. Steve jumps up and tackles EJ, and he grabs out a gun!!!!!!! - “Tony” laughs at Anna, and says: “Tony”: Its true. I am no Andre, but certainly no Tony… Anna:But…why?! Why would he have this disorder?! “Tony”: He was a very tortured individual after he disappeared on the docks that night…he found Stefano, but Stefano begged Tony to join him…Tony was so torn and had been for months before that…therefore I was born… Anna: I won’t believe it! You’re not him! I am going to KILL YOU to make sure you never haunt me or him again!!!!!!!! I know you are just another double Stefano planted! “Tony“ grabs Anna‘s arms before she can do anything, and then says: “Tony”: Believe what you want, I won’t try to convince you anymore. But you wouldn’t want to kill me, because I know who Tony’s child is… -Helena flashes back to a time in early 1979 when she and Stefano were in bed together at the DiMera Palace after hearing what Marlena said: “You are my Lena…” Stefano says to Helena as he looks at her Helena smiles, and kisses Stefano one more time… Marlena looks at Helena, and then says: Marlena: I can tell I’ve struck a nerve. I am Stefano’s Queen. He chased after me for decades, and who knows how many other Queens or Lenas he has…I can now see maybe I wasn’t the most special woman to him after all. Stefano: Marlena, my- Marlena: But I don’t care, and I never did. Which is why I have come here to stop both of you. Helena begins to look angry, and she takes out a sharp knife and charges at Stefano despite his gun, and Stefano yells in anger and is about to pull the trigger but Marlena suddenly jumps forward and grabs Helena, and the two get into a struggle! Helena tells Marlena she can die too, while Stefano watches them both and mutters he has had enough, and he slips out of the room! Helena and Marlena continue to fight, and as they approach a window, Helena is taken by surprise when Marlena shoves her and Helena goes flying out the window! Marlena turns and sees Stefano is gone, and she surprisingly SMILES! She slowly walks forward, and says: Marlena: Helena is out of commission for now…and all has gone according to plan, I will let my husband deal with Stefano…. -Anna gasps and says Tony and her have been searching so long for that information, and “Tony” says she can have it. Anna then slowly asks who it is, and “Tony” says: “Tony”: Fine if you really want to know, his child is……..psychotic Jan Spears. Anna: WHAT?! “Tony”: But this is not his child with Renee…this is his child with… Anna: Wait there is ANOTHER child?! And that Jan woman isn’t Renee’s?! “Tony”: Oh hell no…Jan Spears is the daughter of Tony and…MARLENA EVANS!
  8. daysfan


    Episode#187 -Hattie yells in shock “Is that the phony’s DAUGHTER?!” and Allan looks at Sami and EJ in shock. The men point their guns at the Salem group, and Sami says to EJ in shock: Sami: Wait…what are they doing?! I didn’t think we were supposed to hurt my friends and family! -Anna stares at “Tony” in shock while several men try to grab Marlena, but she takes out a gun and begins to fire at them furiously. Anna looks at “Tony” and asks what has happened to him, and why he is being like this. “Tony” says it is all part of serving his father. -Stefano laughs and says again, that was such a petty reason to start some huge war. Helena angrily says: Helena: You kept it from me, not to mention Mikkos. I have no problem with deception, but when you use it on me we have an issue. I slept with you so many times, and had to discover for myself shortly after I discovered I was pregnant with EJ when I overheard you speaking to someone else about it. You wanted to kill Mikkos, because he was a child of Mikkos’s mother’s affair with your father Santo’s older brother. *Life in Salem Opening* -EJ tells Sami it must be done, and they should not matter to her anyway. Before she can respond he yells for the men to attack! Sami yells “NO!” but a major shoot out begins as Kayla, Hattie, and Allan go for cover, but Steve charges right at EJ! -Anna angrily tells “Tony” Stefano is NOT his father, and asks what happened to him and he has been strange ever since they returned from Aremid! “Tony” smirks and grabs Anna, and pulls her close and whispers: “Tony”: Let me let you in on a little secret…I’m not Tony…but I’m not Andre either. Anna: Then who the hell are you? “Tony”: Tony’s alternate personality. Tony has DID, and has since 1985! Meanwhile Marlena shoves several guards away from her, and runs down the halls of the compound! -Stefano looks at Helena, and Helena continues on: Helena: And I was nothing but your tool…to kill the man that I loved, and find out information about his Empire. Stefano:You must understand, Helena…if I were to die, Mikkos would be the new ruler of the DiMera Dynasty because it is tradition that if the seventh son fails then next it goes on to the sixth son and that side of the family rules. So HE had to die, meaning the Cassadines would never rule MY Empire. Helena: Oh please you are pathetic. I cursed you years ago, and you later on failed, just like how Luke and Laura Spencer were cursed and now Laura is catatonic and Luke has lost her for good. You have lost half of your children and never defeated your rival, Roman. But whatever the case, THIS is why I think EJ is the true heir to the Cassadine and DiMera thrones. He is like his step-father and second-cousin Mikkos: he was born of an affair from a Cassadine wife with a DiMera male. That is why he must take his rightful place. Stefano: That spawn shall never get my empire. Suddenly the door opens again, and a woman’s voice says… Marlena: Am I interrupting anything, killers?
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    Episode#186 -The guards seem to be contemplating what EJ is saying, and EJ says he wouldn’t be doing this if he was sure of success. He says if they continue on Stefano’s service they will just be useless slaves for the next twenty years. Suddenly one of the guards say they will join EJ! -Steve, Kayla, Allan, Hattie, Anna, and Marlena rush towards what they are seeing, and as they get closer Steve says it looks like a compound, and Anna then says “Well obviously that’s it.” and Marlena slowly says: Marlena: Yes…that has to be it. Lets go. -Helena walks up to the door into Stefano’s office, and kicks the door open. She walks in to see Stefano grinning, gun in hand. *Life in Salem Opening* -Roman stands on the cliff, and continues to stare out at the island. He flashes back to 1984, and remembers the news of the crash being delivered, and then him leaving for the island and saying goodbye to Marlena and the babies Sami and Eric. He slowly says he’ll make all of that up here…he’ll make up being taken and leaving his family alone… -Slowly more and more guards in that area agree to join EJ, and EJ says then they must go around to the front entrance to attack, and says Stefano has many more men than just what they gathered here. Sami says she can’t believe this is working, and EJ tells her not to worry! EJ and Sami lead the guards out of the side exit of the compound and head to the main entrance! -Helena slowly steps into the office and looks at Stefano, and says: Helena: Very clever, Stefano… Stefano: I expected you to show up here around this time. All of this is exactly according to my plan…in fact if you didn’t already know, a bunch of our friends from Salem are running around outside. Helena: I could care less about them. What I do care about is killing you, and ending this blasted war I started all those years ago. Stefano: For such petty reasons. Helena slaps Stefano! -Marlena, Anna, Allan, Hattie, Steve, and Kayla all walk up to the main entrance of the compound. They see the large double doors shut, and Allan and Steve try to pry them open. Suddenly the doors open out of the blue to see “Tony” and some guards there right inside! “Tony” smirks while Anna looks on in shock, and he says: “Tony”: Welcome, you all have come far…but can you make it inside? Suddenly he takes a remote and pushes a button to SHUT the doors, and Marlena yells “NO!” and leaps right inside with Anna behind her, but the doors shut before anyone else can get in! The group outside look to see EJ, Sami, and their group of men approaching. -Stefano looks angrily at Helena and warns her not to make him use the gun sooner than planned, and Helena says: Helena: You used me! You used me to get information on the Cassadine Empire, not to mention Mikkos. Stefano: Keep in mind you used me as well to get back at Mikkos for his affair with Alexis Davis’s mother. Helena: Oh but lets not forget the biggest of all…the secret and scheme you kept from me…that you were trying to…trying to….KILL MIKKOS! Not just because he had his own empire but because he was…YOUR COUSIN! THE SIXTH SON OF THE SIXTH SON!
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    Episode#185 -Helena is walking through the compound with a gun, and she slowly tries to sneak past guards…however unknown to her, the guards are supposed to let her pass! She walks through the halls, and prepares to kill Stefano once and for all. -EJ and Sami are also on the island, but at the other side of it. They beat Roman, Marlena, Allan, Hattie, Anna, Steve, and Kayla there. They search for Stefano’s hidden compound, and Sami asks EJ what exactly he plans to do, and EJ says she will see. -Julie asks Hope what she needs to speak about, and suddenly Hope breaks down in tears. Julie asks her whats wrong, and pats her back. Hope looks at Julie and says its so hard to admit, but she has to try. She stops for a moment and slowly says: Hope: I can’t hold back any longer from saying it….I…I… Julie: Just say it, honey. I’m sure it will be fine. Hope: I killed Gina in Italy while she was on life support. -Marlena looks around, and says “This is it…the place where it all started. I’ve always wondered what it looks like.” Anna says this place brings up bad memories, and remembers the plane crash, Daphne DiMera’s death, and Andre and Tony’s duel. Steve tells Roman to look at it this way: if he had never gotten shot, they might have never met like they did. Kayla says that is true, and Roman says that that may be true, but this is a place he’ll never forget, and also says: Roman: Its time to make Stefano pay for what he did here. *Life in Salem Opening* -While Bo is spending time with the girls and Julie and Hope talk, Maggie has Jeremy, Nick, and Abby go out to get some things for Thanksgiving dinner. After they leave, she sighs and thinks to herself Mickey died almost a year ago…she then thinks however she must be strong for him, and her family. -Allan says that they should head out then, and Roman says first they have to find where Stefano is on the island. All of them nod, and Roman leads them off. Roman and Marlena both vow to themselves that Stefano will be taken care of HERE. Anna continues to worry for Tony, but assures herself she will help him get through whatever is happening with him. They all begin to go deep into the forest… -Julie’s eyes widen for a moment, and she is silent, but after a moment tells Hope to tell her all of what happened. Hope explains the whole situation to her, and Julie nods slowly and pulls Hope into a hug. She says what she did was understandable, even though she shouldn’t have done it. She then says she however does need to admit it to Bo, and the authorities. -EJ and Sami are treading through the island, and as they approach the center of it, they see surrounded by vines and trees a metal door. EJ says to Sami: EJ: This is it. Be prepared, Samantha. Sami: I faced a bunch of soldiers in Iraq disguised as a man…I sure as hell can take this. EJ chuckles and nods, and suddenly busts the door down to see many guards! -Helena continues to sneak through the compound, and slowly approaches the large doors into Stefano’s main control room and office. There are no guards there, and she suddenly barges in to see a small staircase leading to the real entrance. She begins to walk up the staircase… -Guards hold guns to them, and Sami mutters “Oh great.” but EJ tells her he has this all handled. He tells the many guards that it is time, time for a new era to commence! The guards suddenly are silent, and EJ then says: EJ: You all have been serving that withering Phoenix for years. And what has it brought you? FAILURE. You and the Empire you are in is mocked and not respected. Don’t continue to serve Stefano! Join me and help me destroy him and my mother Helena, and I will restore dignity and power to this empire! If you do not join me now, you will suffer later. So take this into consideration, and quickly. -Hope slowly says in between several tears: Hope: I figured you’d say that…I…I just don’t know how… Julie: Oh darling, you will. It is something that must be done, just gather up the strength and courage, and pray. Pray for the strength and it shall come. Just know you can’t hide this forever, it isn’t right. But for now, for your baby daughters’ sakes, enjoy the holiday with your family. Hope nods slowly, and then says: Hope: Thank you, Julie. Thank you so much. Hope and Julie then share a tight hug. -Roman, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, Allan, Hattie, and Anna are trudging through the island, and Steve suddenly says he sees something in the distant. Hattie says so does she, and Kayla says so as well. Roman tells them to go ahead, and Anna asks if he’s coming. Roman says he has somewhere else to go, and Allan looks at Roman in confusion and says fine. All go on except Marlena, as she watches with a raised eyebrow as Roman walks somewhere else…and she looks to see the cliff that Roman fell off of in November 1984! Roman slowly walks up to the top, and Marlena follows. He looks out at the island before him, and as she approaches she asks what he’s doing: Roman: Its going to happen here, Doc. Here is where I face Stefano, I know he’ll come to me. He and I will settle things on this very cliff…alone. Go, Doc. Go with the others. I will be here, waiting. Waiting for him. Marlena smiles and nods at Roman, and says: Marlena: I know you have to do this, Roman. I’ll go with the rest, because I have some issues to deal with with Stefano. Just know I love you, but I know both of us will make it out of this alright, and Stefano…won’t. Roman: You are right about that, Doc. Marlena and Roman embrace each other and kiss passionately, and Marlena then turns and walks off, while Roman stares out on the top of the cliff, and Marlena goes to catch her prey, while Roman awaits his…
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    Episode#184 -Yet another day passes. Stefano and “Tony” are now inside a compound at an unknown location. Helena is still unconscious in a bed, and Stefano paces around it. He tells “Tony” Roman and Marlena will be arriving soon, so he must take some of his men and head to the front of the compound. “Tony” nods obediently, and leaves. Stefano sighs as he looks at Helena and says “My Lena. My sweet Lena…this ends here. There is no escape now.” and he briefly flashes back to when he and Helena were kissing and rolling around together on his desk, and then when they broke from it after some time: “That was most enjoyable…” Stefano says to Helena “Indeed…” she says back with a smirk “I must get going, but I will be back soon enough, my love…” Stefano nods and kisses Helena goodbye… Stefano sighs and says she will awaken when the time is right, and leaves the room. -The Basic Black jet continues to fly, and Marlena is sitting in Roman’s arms. Anna sits thinking about Tony, while Steve and Kayla sit together and Allan and Hattie. Roman says they won’t have to put up with this much longer, and suddenly the pilot yells they are approaching their destination! *Life in Salem Opening* -Bo and Hope are back in Salem, and they arrive at Maggie’s house. Maggie and Julie welcome them back, but Hope still is on edge. Maggie brings in Pamela and Addie, and Hope- for the first time in a long time smiles when she sees them. Bo says its good to be home, and Hope agrees. Julie however then says to Hope that the hospital has news on Doug. -Helena continues to lie unconscious on the bed, and she keeps dreaming back to late 1978, in December, and her affair with Stefano has been going on for several months, and all was going according to plan for both of them… Helena is at the Cassadine villa in Italy with Mikkos, and she sits in his arms. They kiss, and slowly she stands. “It is time for me to attend another meeting with Stefano, darling. I will be back shortly.” “Perhaps I should go with you,” Mikkos suggests as he stands and takes her hand “It has been some time since I have met with Stefano, since I have been so busy with my weather machine.” Helena’s eyes nearly widen, but she tries to be calm and simply says “Oh dear that is not needed. Continue working on the machine, I will handle Stefano.” “If you insist…” Mikkos says with a sigh, and Helena kisses him goodbye and then walks out of the room, and Mikkos raises an eyebrow wondering what is going on -Roman tells everyone to get ready, because things won’t be easy. Anna sighs and closes her eyes, readying herself for what is to come. Steve and Kayla tell Roman they’re ready, and Allan and Hattie say they are as well. Roman looks at Marlena and asks if she can take this, and she says at one point she perhaps couldn’t, but now she can. -Bo puts an arm around Hope as Hope’s face pails, and tears begin to roll down her cheeks. Bo slowly whispers “It’ll be alright Fancy Face, just be strong…” and Hope nods slowly and looks at Julie, who is frowning. She tells Julie she needs to speak to her in private. Julie nods, and they both walk into the kitchen. -Helena continues to flashback while she is unconscious, and remembers yet another time with Stefano: Again in December, Helena walks into the foyer of the DiMera Palace where Stefano sits in his chair and waits for her. He smiles as she walks in and says “Come in, my Lena!” and Helena smiles at him. She walks over to him and he stands, and wraps his arms around her. He cradles her and then they kiss, and Helena says “It is good to see you again…” “You as well, my dear. You seem to be spending too much time with that husband of yours.” Stefano says with a chuckle Helena scowls as Stefano hugs her though he does not see it, and Stefano also has an evil smirk on his face though Helena does not see it. Stefano leans back but clutches Helena’s hand, and says “However while you were away, I have made something very special for you, to celebrate our love…” “Oh?” Helena asks “Come with me.” Stefano simply replies, and they both walk down a different hall than they usually do in the Palace After much walking, they approach some moderate sized double doors. Helena stares at them a bit confused, and Stefano then with a grin opens them to reveal a large room with a picture of Helena on the wall, and Stefano says “This is my shrine to you, Helena…” Helena’s eyes widen in shock, truly surprised, and she says “Stefano…I…I don’t even know what to say…” Stefano on the inside thinks to himself “Everything continues to go according to plan…” Helena stares in amazement at the shrine, and there is a couch in the room as well. Helena walks over to it and says with a smirk “Come and get me, Phoenix…” Helena suddenly wakes up and shoots up, and breathes heavily for a moment. She looks around in confusion and whispers to herself “Where am I-” but suddenly it begins to come back to her what happened in the alleyways in Italy when Stefano caught her, and she stands up angrily and says: Helena: Damn that man. I have had enough, this ends here. No more games… Helena then walks off… -The Basic Black plane sets down at an unknown location, on a beach, and Roman, Marlena, Allan, Anna, Hattie, Steve, and Kayla all step out and once they are on the beach Roman signals for the pilot to fly off. As the Basic Black jet leaves, Roman looks around and says: Roman: Here we are…the very island Stefano shot me at on that cliff twenty three years ago.
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    Episode#183 -Back in Salem it is late morning of another day, and Billie and Lucas are at St.Luke’s for Kate’s funeral. Lucas sighs and says there won’t be many attendants since Kate was so hated, and Billie tells him half of Salem is across the world. Lucas nods and then asks if Austin is coming, and Billie sighs and says he’s so busy, but she called him last night and he was crushed, but also Carrie is not ready to even come back to Salem for a day, and Rex and Cassie didn’t feel comfortable coming since they barely knew Kate. Suddenly Vivian walks in! -Nicole then tells Greta she won’t reveal her secret…for a price. Greta groans and asks Nicole if she wants money, and Nicole says no, and then says: Nicole: I want you to do what I said earlier…leave Italy, and leave Salem behind, and never come back. You seem to want to get your life on track, start a new one far away from Salem, and forget all about Eric, Steve, your mother, and everything else in and that has to do with the town of Salem. Greta: Part of getting my life back on track was to get to know my father, and try to stay in Salem and face it, not run! Forget it Nicole. I’m not giving into your stupid blackmail. I have no reason to. Nicole: Oh please! You can’t be all “buddy buddy” with Steve! You kept this secret from him for months..hell, YEARS! He’s not going to be happy when you tell him…or when I tell him. Greta: I thought he was dead for FOUR YEARS! Nicole: And you’ve known he was alive for way over a year. You both have been in Salem for over a year! You can never have a father-daughter relationship with him. -Sami asks EJ what the hell he’s thinking, and EJ says they easily gave in last time, and Sami says however this is a serious thing and they aren’t in an official relationship. EJ then says: EJ: Then its time we are… Sami sighs and is about to say more but he begins to pull her off into the bedroom, and once in there she says they CAN’T do this! EJ tells her they have known each other for over a year, she’s been single for over a year and he’s been single for a very long time. He leans in to her and says to forget everything, and its not like they are doing anything wrong. Sami stares into her eyes, and slowly whispers “You’re right…” and then they kiss and fall down on the bed! *Life in Salem Opening* -Billie and Lucas look up at Vivian and Billie tells her to get out, and she’s not welcome here. Vivian says she and Kate had a very unique relationship, she should be here. Lucas angrily yells “Do I have to THROW you out?” and Vivian tells him there is no need for that. Vivian shoves her way past Billie and Lucas and sits down, and Lucas tries to restrain himself from attacking her and Billie tells him its not worth it. -Greta says Steve is a very forgiving man, and he would WANT to know his daughter. Greta snaps to Nicole that Steve is not a slimy pig like her father, and Nicole SLAPS Greta! She tells Greta to burn in hell, and she should have expected this from some spoiled “heiress” and that she’s lucky she is not tearing her limb from limb. She then tells Greta she is going back to Salem, and she’ll be in touch, and for Greta to think about her terms. Nicole then leaves the Italian hospital. -Next, Victor arrives at St.Luke’s. Lucas and Billie welcome him, and Vivian says to Victor she’s surprised he came. Victor coldly says he could say the same to her, and despite how he hates her Kate is his mother’s son. He tells Billie and Lucas he couldn’t get Philip out of jail in time for the funeral, and it will take a very long time to get him out of the custody, even with his power. Lucas says they understand, and Victor then sits down. A few minutes later, Forrest and Nicholas come in. Forrest introduces himself to Billie and Lucas, and Billie says she heard from her mother about how he was her new business associate. Forrest nods and says he only wishes they could have worked together longer, and Billie nods sadly. Nicholas then says he and Kate were good friends, and nearly lovers, and she was a very interesting woman. Vivian remarks “That she was.” and Forrest says to his aunt she shouldn’t even be here. Lucas tells them all to just stop the arguing because its getting ridiculous, and then Father Jansen comes in and the funeral begins. -Jan is at the Spears Mansion after returning from Italy, and smirks as she says that now Shawn’s killer is dealt with she can continue to go after Belle. Jan hears a knock on the door and walks over to it, and opens it to reveal Rex! -Father Jansen begins to speak, and soon after it is time for the eulogies Lucas stands first and goes to the front of the church: Lucas: My mother raised me up from birth, and we had a hard life. For a long time I thought she was just perfect, and the best woman in the world. But later on in Salem, I discovered she wasn’t. She kept scheming, and that’s the one major dissappointment I had in her. Even though we usually got back on good terms, it always still hurt, but I would never wish death on her. She had such a troubled life herself, she only wanted to make it better for me and her other children. And who could blame her? So I hope she knows that no matter what she did I still loved her, and do now. Rest in Peace, Mom. Lucas steps down, and next is Billie. -Jan asks Rex what he’s doing here, and Rex says he heard she got back to Salem and then asks if they found Shawn’s killer. Jan says yes and tells Rex to cut to the chase, and Rex says he’s come to ask her if she knows ANYTHING about Cassie being pushed out the window. -Billie steps up, and says: Billie: For most of my life, I didn’t even know who my real mother was. After I discovered she was my mother…boy did we have a rocky relationship. She and I almost battled for Nicholas once, and she always pushed me to scheme, and when I listened to her I got into quite a mess. My mom…never seemed to learn her lesson. But I am not sure if she even knew how, because when you think about it she had been dumped and kicked out by every man and every business in Salem! Yes it was her fault, but at least she tried to make her children’s lives better, in her own way. And for that, I thank her. Because she, regardless of all her schemes and crimes, was a wonderful mother in a special way, and much better than my father. And I would never ask for another mother, and I hope she knows that all of her children, including me, love her. Billie goes and sits back down, and a single tear runs down her cheek. -Jan’s eyes widen slightly and she asks why would Rex think she knew anything about that, and that she barely knows his sister at all. Rex says he’s just been trying to ask almost everyone he knows, because he knows Mimi didn’t do it. Jan then says “Oh just give up. You’re wasting your time, Rexy.” and then she shuts the door. Rex sighs and walks off. -At St.Luke’s, Victor is up next. He walks up to the front, and says: Victor: You all can consider yourselves lucky I came today. Because trust me I am not Kate’s biggest fan, and at one time I hated her, hell I nearly do now. But she mothered my son, the one child who I have raised from the start. And Kate was special to me. She was feisty, perhaps not vicious enough for me but still she was excellent in business, and had so much potential, some of it she utilized. She took all the risks, which is exactly what everyone should do. And I applaud her for that. I hope when she died, she felt her purpose in life was fulfilled. Because Philip may be in jail, but she and I still raised up a wonderful young man. Victor then steps down, and last but not least Vivian of all people stands up and walks to the front. She then begins to speak: Vivian: Well when all of you got out of bed and ready to go to this funeral this morning I think you didn’t expect me to speak at my arch-rival’s funeral. Well, I am. I have a few things to say. Unlike you all, my words won’t be sweet. I loathe this woman, and she’s lucky I show my face at her funeral. She constantly tried to ruin me, even this year. Teaming up with my nephew to do it, and for so many years she ruined my life, so I simply retaliated. And I am certainly satisfied with how she died, because it was not peaceful. The poor woman. So goodbye Kate Roberts, I hope you aren’t resting in peace. Lucas nearly attacks Vivian but a furious Billie manages to keep him from going at her, and Vivian then storms out of the church. After that the funeral’s end comes, and they all go outside where Kate’s body is to be buried. And then as the coffin is lowered in and Father Jansen says the final words, Kate Robert’s funeral ends… - A few hours later, EJ and Sami are kissing passionately and avidly in the bed on the Cassadine jet. A lot of their clothes are off, and they have the blankets pulled up over them. As Sami slowly leans back she smiles at EJ, and EJ smiles at her as he strokes her chin, and Sami says she enjoyed that. EJ says him as well, and Sami sighs as she looks at him and says these have been some of the best times of her life in such a long time, and she finally admits: Sami: EJ…I love you. I love you so much, I want us to be together. EJ: Yes, Samantha. As do I. I have loved you for so long…now I do more than ever. Sami and EJ kiss again, and EJ then thinks to himself “Now I have my, as my father would say, “queen”. Things are going along perfectly. Once I take down my mother and father and unite the two Empires, I will be possibly one of the strongest men in the criminal underworld, and I will proceed to destroy everyone in Salem…”
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    Episode#182 -Greta turns in shock to Nicole, and stands and asks what the HELL she is doing in Italy, and she should be back in Salem, and she has no business here! Nicole then says Nicole: And what is YOUR business here, Greta? Chasing mommy around the world…or chasing daddy around the world? Greta freezes in shock. -Stefano and “Tony” are on the DiMera Jet as it continues to fly to its destination, and “Tony” comments he is glad this war can finally end, and Stefano says it started so much time ago, it is time for it to end. “Tony” asks Stefano why it even started in the first place, and he barely knows any details about what happened so many years ago between Stefano and Helena. Stefano says it was very interesting how their affair started: During another meeting later in 1978 between Stefano and Helena at the DiMera Palace, they constantly negotiate Cassadine and DiMera resources handed over to the other. “Mikkos is asking for so much of what I have to help with his machine…its time I get something in return.” Stefano tells Helena “You will…in due time.” Helena assures him “However, if you wish to live you will give Mikkos and I what we need.” “What did you say?!” Stefano bellows angrily as he stands up and stares at Helena with anger in his eyes and leans in to her face and hisses “Was that a threat?” “No, it was a fact. Mikkos’s project, that he needs DiMera Empire help with, will do terrible things to this world…things that could very well kill you. If you wish to be safe, you will help us. If not you and your Empire will be gone in a few years.” Helena says with a smirk on her face “If you need my Empire’s help, yet I don’t give it, that would mean you can’t finish your project.” “That would be a minor obstacle we would overcome.” Stefano laughs as he leans forward, and slowly caresses Helena’s cheek “You are a woman full of fire, Helena…one of the few women I have met who are like that; it is very enchanting.” Helena suddenly jumps up and pulls out a gun and points it at Stefano “If you want to make some type of sexual move on me, you can forget it.” she snaps *Life in Salem Opening* -Roman, Marlena, Shane, Steve, Kayla, Anna, Allan, and Hattie arrive at the airport where a Basic Black private jet awaits them after Roman arranged it. Anna says she’s sure Tony is with Stefano, wherever she is, and that Stefano has probably got him brainwashed or being held captive. Steve says hopefully they can wrap this whole thing up at Stefano’s new hideout, and Kayla agrees. Roman promises them they will, and Marlena tells Roman she just checked her messages from Belle, and apparently because of all the drama she and Jan headed back to Salem. Roman then asks about Sami, and Shane says she has yet to be found. -Sami walks into the small inn she hid EJ in, but runs into him in the hall way. She asks him in a low tone what he is doing outside of his room and he could get caught, but EJ tells her its time he leave Italy. He then says he got some type of note from his father telling him where the war would continue, and its time he take down his mother and father. He then asks: EJ: Samantha…I still have access to the Cassadine private jets…would you like to come with me? Sami: EJ, I…I…can’t… EJ: The ISA is probably trying to arrest you as well, and you support my cause.. Please, come with me. Sami: *sigh* Fine, I’ll go. EJ smiles and takes her hand as they walk out of the inn. -Greta looks at Nicole in shock and stands, and says coldly “I should have known. I should have known you would snoop around and get involved. I’m tired of you.” and then Greta tackles Nicole, and a catfight begins! Greta pulls Nicole’s hair but Nicole kicks Greta off of her, and she tells Greta its time this ends. -Stefano grins at Helena and says “You do realize that if you murder me, you will never make it out of this palace unless in a body bag? Whatever the case, I will not lie, I do have an interest in you.” Helena snorts and says “How pathetic. Don’t you have a ton of lovers stashed somewhere?” “Doesn’t your husband?” Stefano shoots back Helena slaps Stefano angrily, and Stefano says “That’s right…one of them you killed, the one he had a child with, if I am not wrong.” “How do you know that?” Helena asks in shock “I have my sources…now since Mikkos got to have his affair, don’t you want to have yours?” Stefano asks Helena then thinks to herself inside her mind “This could be my chance…to make Mikkos pay for having an affair…and Stefano is my ticket to make it happen. This will make sure Mikkos never has another affair…” Helena then suddenly jumps down on the desk and grabs Stefano’s collar, and begins to kiss him passionately, and Stefano then thinks to himself “That’s right, fall right into my web…now that I have you where I want you, soon I will get what I *truly* want…” Stefano tells “Tony” it was such a complex situation, and at first just his scheme. “Tony” asked if he grew to care for Helena, and Stefano says: Stefano: Do you really need to know that? However, that answer perhaps could be provided in due time…all in due time…but I do not want to keep focusing on the past. Now is the time to focus on the present, and the future. Stefano and “Tony” then laugh evilly. -Roman says to Shane if it wasn’t him that was leading the ISA on this one, he would go find Sami himself, but since he trusts Shane he’ll let him find her. Shane nods, and tells them he will be going to Stefano’s next hideout soon, there are just certain tactics he must plan with the ISA. They all nod at him and say goodbye, and soon they board the private jet and it takes off! -EJ and Sami arrive at a Cassadine private jet and quickly board it, and while Sami sits down EJ goes to tell the pilot where to fly them. After he comes back out Sami says she thought he would have been banished by Helena from using any jets, but EJ says no and she keeps hoping he will come back to serve her so that’s most likely why she lets him use the jets. He goes on to say that if Sami would like to rest there is a bed in the back, and Sami then asks where he’s going to sleep then. EJ: There. Sami: EXCUSE ME?! EJ: Oh Samantha…we have already been spending so much time together for months…bonding, getting to know each other…and then back at that inn in Italy when we went to bed together…now, after all of that, I want you to make love to me… Sami looks at EJ in shock as the screen fades to black…
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    Episode#180 -Steve looks at Bo in silence, and says he understands, and she has done a lot more to him than she did to himself. Bo slowly nods, and says they should probably go get some rest. Steve tells Bo he’ll be back at the hotel in a little bit, and Bo says alright and leaves. As Bo walks off, he continues to think about Gina’s death. Steve then heads for the Italian hospital! -Marlena yells “What is that?!” and Shane warns it could be a trick, but he’ll go in and check. Roman says not without him, and Marlena follows as well. They all rush inside and past the foyer, and into where the smoke was coming from. However when they walk in, all they see is a smoke bomb and the door shuts suddenly and locks! -Hope continues to breath heavily, and says “No, I can’t…but I can’t go to jail, I must raise my daught-I…don’t know what to do…” and she continues to cry, but unknown to her the hand of Alice touches her shoulder… -Anna yells out as her arm is cut, and she lies on the ground and asks “Tony” what he’s doing as she winces from the pain. “Tony” simply says coldly: “Tony”: What is done must be done. “Tony” just runs off after Helena, while Anna screams in pain and tears run down her cheeks… *Life in Salem Opening* -Steve walks into the Italian hospital, and looks at the directions on the wall and heads straight for the morgue. Slowly he walks in, and stares at Gina’s body lying on a slab… -Marlena turns in shock and runs to the door, and bangs on it, and confirms what has happened saying “We’re locked in!”, and Shane tells them all to stay where they are, and Roman says Stefano has one-upped them yet again, and suddenly Stefano’s voice is heard from the ceiling: Stefano’s Voice: I know you are here, Roman. And if you are here then of course Marlena would be as well, since you to cling to each other like glue. And Shane Donovan and his ISA posse are somewhere in the room no doubt, and maybe even some other guests like Bo and Hope. However I am mainly speaking to you two, especially you, Roman. If you are hearing this, then I have made my escape from my palace and not to mention this whole continent. You will be able to escape, I don’t intend for you to be trapped in here. You can find where I have gone next inside my secret office deep in the palace, but be prepared, Roman. And this place, is where I will take care of Helena and the rest of you fools. Roman yells in anger and charges at the door, and slams it open… -Hope slowly begins to calm down, as the tears go away and she tries to get a grip of herself. She slowly stands and goes to the door to try to take a walk to think about things, but opens it to see Bo! -Anna continues to yell in pain, and calls for someone to help her! Suddenly Allan and Hattie, trying to catch up to Anna, find her and Allan’s eyes widen in shock as they both run up to help her. As they stand her up, Anna slowly says: Anna: Tony…something’s wrong with him…he…stabbed me… Hattie blurts “What the hell?” and looks to Allan in shock. -Helena smirks as she runs through a street and yells to “Tony” he is pathetic just like his father, but suddenly she bumps right into…STEFANO! She gasps in shock and stumbles backwards, but “Tony” is behind her. “Tony” grins evilly, and Stefano growls to her in a low tone: Stefano: NEVER underestimate the DiMeras, Mrs.Cassadine. Stefano takes out a needle and grabs Helena’s arm forcefully, and injects a drug into it. Slowly she falls unconscious, and “Tony” grabs her and both head off with Helena in tow! -Steve runs his hands over Gina’s hair, and says to the corpse: Steve: You, Britta, you were very unique to me, not to mention everyone else. But you and I…we were very special to each other. But no, I don’t love you. Not like Kayla…she’s my Sweetness, and you needed to accept that…and I wish you had…before you died… Steve sighs and sits in silence, but continues Steve: You pulled a lot of horrible stunts, and you’re lucky even I cared for you in the smallest way. You just never learned, and there were so many times I wanted to kill you myself. But I’m not sure if I could do it, which is maybe why I saved you from falling from that rooftop. You haven’t done to me what you have done to Bo and Hope. But even after I saved you it seemed you kept trying to pull stunts. I hope you know you brought this on yourself…but still, I do care. I lost an eye for you, and we had something deep that can never go away. But…now that you are gone and hopefully this can all finally be over…I can be done with you. I was enraged when I found out you died…but now, just talking to some dead body helps. So RIP, Britta, my lover, and, my friend. Steve leans down and kisses Gina’s cheek, before walking out of the morgue, giving one last glance at Gina… -Roman storms through the halls of the DiMera Palace with Marlena and Shane following, and Roman angrily keeps muttering “Bastard. That BASTARD.” and Marlena tells him to calm down, but Roman says he can’t just yet. He constantly shoves things over looking for the entrance into Stefano’s secret room, and continues to run through the halls as Marlena sighs. Suddenly, all three spot a place where the wall is slightly ajar! -Hope looks at Bo in shock and shakily says “B…Bo…” and he asks her what’s wrong. She lies and says nothing, and thinks to herself she’s not ready to tell him. Bo then tells her he’s got some news, and she asks what it is. He then says “Gina died in the hospital.” - “Tony” is out of sight, and Allan tells Anna they have to get her bandaged up, and she tells him they have to find Tony! He shakes his head and he and Hattie carry Anna off, and she thinks to herself “Oh Tony, what is wrong with you?” -Marlena continues to tell Roman to calm down, but he busts into Stefano’s secret office! He sees in the center of the desk, a small note rolled up like a scroll. He walks over to it, and quickly opens it and reads its’ contents, and Marlena asks what it says. Roman narrows his eyes and says “No…he’s playing more of his damn games…” and turns to Marlena and Shane. -In a DiMera Jet, Stefano and “Tony” sit as the jet flies out of Italy, and Helena lies on a bed unconscious in another room. Stefano smirks as he pours some champagne, and says to his son: Stefano: Onward to victory…
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    Episode#181 -Greta is walking into the Italian hospital after hearing about Gina shooting herself, and she thinks to herself she has to face her mother here. She walks up to a nurse after seeing the secretary is gone, and asks the nurse which room Gina Von Amberg is in. Then nurse then says “I’m sorry ma’m, but Miss Amberg died earlier this evening.” -Allan, Hattie, and Anna are at the Italian hospital. While Anna is being bandaged up by a nurse, she explains to Allan and Hattie what happened: Anna: I was searching for Tony since he vanished earlier at the palace, but suddenly I saw him rush out of an alley chasing that Helena Cassadine woman, so I ran after him. I took a small shortcut and ended up running in front of him, and that’s when he stabbed me. I don’t know whats wrong with him lately. After that disaster at the ball at Chez Rouge he acted awfully strange and just ran off after kissing me, and then later he came back fine. Then in Aremid- Allan: In Aremid what? Anna stops for a moment, and then says: Anna: Nothing… -Hope’s face pales, and she looks at Bo in silence, and tries to think of something to say, but all she can say is “She…she is?” and Bo nods slowly, and Hope sighs, but then tells Bo softly she can’t even shed a tear. -Roman walks over to Marlena and Shane and shows the letter to them, and Shane exclaims “He can’t be serious.” and Marlena just stares at the letter as she holds it, and then she yells out in anger and walks over to Stefano’s desk and begins to dig through the drawers, and finds a match. She then lights it and lets the flame touch the note, and tosses it into the fireplace as the note burns to a crisp… *Life in Salem Opening* -Greta’s eyes widen and she stumbles back in shock, and then asks: Greta: What?! Didn’t she just get here?! I thought she was on life support, WHAT HAPPENED?! Nurse: It seems somehow, her life support shut itself off. I’m terribly sorry. Greta turns and sits down in a chair as the nurse walks off, and says: Greta: No…I got her back and I didn’t even get to talk to her…about my paternity, what she did or anything…and now she’s gone again…what do I do now? Suddenly Nicole walks up behind Greta, and says Nicole: Leave Greta. Leave Italy and leave Salem behind, and never come back. -As the nurse finishes bandaging Anna’s arm after using a kit to help heal the wound, Hattie bluntly says “You’re hiding something. I know it.” and Anna looks at Hattie and tells her to shut up, and Hattie says it looks like she is hiding something. Allan tells them both to just stop, and they can figure this all out later. The nurse tells Anna she is good to go, and the cut wasn’t too deep, she just should take it a little easy. Anna nods and Allan helps her up, and they leave the hospital. Hattie however thinks to herself she has to find out what Anna’s hiding. -Bo nods slowly, and embraces Hope, and says he just thinks she should know. A single tear goes down Hope’s eyes as she hugs Bo, and she says she wants to go back to Salem, and the ISA and everyone else can handle Stefano and Helena. She says Gina’s been taken care of, that’s all she wanted, and so much has happened in the past months she just wants to be at home with her family and daughters. Bo agrees, and they decide its time for them to go home. They decide to go tell the rest and check out of the hotel, then head off. -Roman storms out of the secret office and Marlena and Shane follow, and as they head back to the foyer of the mansion, Shane says that they’ll have to go to where Stefano is to stop him. Roman says that’s exactly what he plans to do, and Marlena agrees with Roman. Shane sighs and tells them to not get cocky, and he asks Roman if he’s sure he can take this, and Roman says he KNOWS he can. Marlena tells Shane that both she and Roman have been waiting to do this for so long, and Shane nods. They head outside after reaching the foyer, where they see Anna, Allan, Hattie, Bo, and Hope approach. They all inform each other of what happened, and Marlena tells Anna she’s shocked about what happened with Tony. Anna nods, and then Bo says he and Hope are going to head out. Hope is mostly silent as she thinks about what to do, and then the group says goodbye to them. Bo and Hope leave, while Shane calls Steve and Kayla to tell them the news. Marlena hugs her husband, and she promises him she will be by his side when they face off with Stefano…
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    Written by: Daysfan Episode#178 -EJ takes Helena to the inn he was staying in, and they both sit down in chairs. Helena says she knows EJ turned against her as well as his father. She says that when he learns how this huge war started, perhaps he will see sense and continue to side with her. EJ says he doesn’t think that is possible, but Helena tells him that is nonsense. She then says she’ll start at the beginning… The butler of the DiMera Palace lets Helena and her bodyguards in at the door, and she walks in as Stefano comes out from his main office. “Ah, Mrs. Cassadine, what do I owe this pleasure?” he asks “Mikkos is off taking care of some other business, so he wanted me to come meet with you about arrangements for our…alliance.” Helena explains “I had no idea you were involved with Mikkos’s business affairs.” Stefano says as he strokes his chin “Oh Mr.DiMera I am very involved, Mikkos’s Empire could not last without me.” Helena tells him “Very interesting…very interesting indeed…” -Billie walks up to Lucas and says they should get back to Salem and take Kate’s body, so they can give her a proper funeral. Lucas nods slowly, and says he should probably find Sami and tell her. Billie says Sami’s going through enough trouble right now, and Lucas agrees. Both of them leave and make arrangements to get Kate’s body transported back to Salem. -Bo tells Roman that she’s both his and Steve’s former lover, and she killed his son, they need to at least see her. Marlena counters them by saying they already did when Gina shot herself and nearly fell off the roof of a building. Roman again says he can’t trust either of them, unfortunately. Steve sighs, and gives in and says fine, they won’t go see Gina. -Hope stands shakily, and as she cries stumbles out of the room, and gives one last painful look at Gina, and then stumbles down the halls. Shortly after she is gone doctors and nurses rush in and try to save Gina, but its too late. She’s dead. *Life in Salem Opening* -Helena continues to tell EJ that when Stefano found that out, his plans began, and he started to use her. Mikkos was busy working on his weather machine most of the time, she had to meet with Stefano: Helena, a few months later, is walking into Stefano’s main office at the DiMera Palace Stefano is sitting at the desk. “Ah, Mrs.Cassadine, it seems you must attend another meeting for your husband. I hope this does not become too common or I will have-” Stefano starts “Oh please Mr.DiMera I need no empty threats. I know you will not terminate your potential alliance with the Cassadines.” Helena cuts him off Stefano chuckles and reaches over and takes Helena’s hand “Call me Stefano, my dear. You and I…we should end this formality…” Helena raises an eyebrow at Stefano. -Bo looks at Steve in shock, and asks what he’s thinking. Steve says Roman and Marlena have a point. Suddenly, their conversation is interrupted by Shane. He says he has some bad news. -Gina’s body is wheeled off to the morgue, and the doctor says to a nurse he’s informed the ISA of her death. She asks how Gina suddenly died, and he said it seems her life support suddenly shut off…and the nurse says that’s not a very common thing to happen. The doctor then says the only other possibility is someone shut it off, but the room was empty when they got there. -Billie informs Allan that her and Lucas are going back to Salem to make funeral arrangements for Kate, and he nods and gives them his condolences. Lucas and Billie thank him and Lucas wonders if he should at least go tell Sami, and Billie says it might not be for the best. He once again agrees and they head for the airport. -I see…” Helena says slowly “Lets get down to business then, Stefano.” “Gladly. I will offer my full assets to you and your husband on one condition.” Stefano informs her “And what would that be?” “In a few years, I plan on extending my crime business to the small town of Salem, in America. However if I offer my assets to you and your husband, I will need your assets in return to take a firm grip on the town.” EJ interrupts Helena and stands, and says: EJ: Mother I did not let you come here to hear some novel about you and my father. You can show yourself out, because believe me, my mind is set. I could always kill you now, which would be a huge step. Helena narrows her eyes at her son and says fine, but she will not give up on him just yet. She stands and walks out of the room, and soon exit’s the inn, but unknown to her “Tony” is right on her tail… -Roman tells Shane to just tell them now, and Shane sighs and looks at Bo and Steve, and tells them he just got a call. Steve: Oh Shane don’t delay us, give whatever this is to us blunt and now. Shane sighs again and says fine, and then tells them Gina just died in the Italian hospital. -Hope stumbles all the way back to the hotel, taking a shortcut to it, and she gets back to her room in tears and falls on her bed bawling. Hope: She impersonated me…she killed my son…she killed my baby…my first child…and she never even had the goodness to regret any of it or let me say goodbye to him…
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    Written by: Daysfan Episode#179 -Maggie and Julie are back at Maggie’s house, and are putting up Thanskgiving decorations. Maggie says she can’t believe its that time of year again, and Julie tells her time flies these days. Maggie sighs and says its been almost a year since Mickey’s death, and Julie pats her and says she knows. Suddenly the phone rings. - Steve says “What? What the hell are you talking about?” and Shane says apparently her life support shut off unexpectedly, and Bo says that’s near impossible. Shane nods and says however they know of no visitors that could have shut it off, and Steve stomps off angrily. Bo runs after him. - “Tony” follows Helena through several alleyways, gun in hand. He smirks and thinks to himself that her time shall soon be up. Unknown to him, Anna is searching for him close by! -Hope sobs quietly on the bed inside the Italian hotel, and constantly flashes back to when back at the Italian hospital Gina’s smirk set her off. She remembers Gina’s blank expression as she died, and Hope finally realizes what she has done. “I killed a woman…” she whispers quietly in shock *Life in Salem Opening* -Julie picks up the phone and says “Hello”, and suddenly after a moment a frown grows on her face, and she begins speaking to the person on the other line, and then Maggie hears her saying: Julie: No, doctor, please don’t tell me over the phone. I will be at the hospital, but it will be a few days. His daughter is out of the country, and I don’t want to be there without her. Thank you. Julie slowly hangs the phone up, and turns to Maggie, and tells her the hospital has news on Doug. -Steve walks over to a building and punches it in anger, and he looks as it bleeds slightly. Bo walks over and tells him: Bo: Listen man, I’m mad about her death to…but don’t get yourself hurt over it…its just not worth it… Steve: Not worth it?! Bo, even though I can hate her like hell and it burned more than ever on that rooftop, I realized that maybe if I could just get her sat down instead of her getting shot for the millionth time or gallivanting around continents, there might be a small chance for her. But now, because of some DAMN glitch in a machine, she’s dead. And this time, I know its true. She’s dead, and neither of us can bring her back. -Anna walks down the sidewalk on a street in the town, and yells out: Anna: Tony?! Tony?! Are you here? (in a lower tone) Damn where the hell did he go? I’ve searched almost everywhere for him! In the alleyways, “Tony” continues to stalk Helena, and Helena can feel that someone’s behind her. She slithers through the alleyways, and for a moment she goes out into the sidewalk ahead of Anna, and Anna gasps in shock. “Tony” chases her and Anna yells “TONY?!” in shock when she sees him, and “Tony” glances at Anna and takes off after Helena. -Hope is shivering as she sits up, and whispers to herself over and over: Hope: I killed a woman…I killed a hospitalized woman…I killed someone…I’m a murderer…I’M A MURDERER! Hope breathes heavily and begins to cry frantically as she puts her hands to her face. -Maggie walks over to Julie’s side and Julie continues to explain that they want her to come down there for the news, but as she probably heard, she wants Hope home first before she goes there to find out the news. She continues on by saying: Julie: Hope is Doug’s daughter, my sister, and like my own daughter. I need her here, and it wouldn’t be fair to her if I did this without her. Maggie: I agree…but whatever the case, both of you will need to be there for each other. We all will, as we have been ever since Alice passed on. I can tell Hope is still reeling over her death, which is understandable, but also she is hunting down Shawn’s killer. I worry about her…she spent some time grieving over Alice and trying to get over Doug going into a coma…but I can still tell something is not right. This will be hard. Julie: I know, I know… -Steve sighs as he sits down on a crate nearby, and looks up at Bo. He says its hard to admit it, very hard considering he has wanted Gina/Britta dead a few times including this last issue with her, but he still cares for her in his own way. Steve: Not like the love I have for Kayla…but another type of care, you know? Bo: Yeah, I think I do. But any love I had for Britta has vanished over the years…or any type of caring. Especially when she killed my son…that took the last ounce away. And for a short time I couldn’t accept it, because of the sudden shock of learning she and Gina are the same person. But, no matter who she is, today I had thoughts of killing her myself. -Roman, Marlena, and Shane approach the DiMera Palace, after deciding to give Steve and Bo some time alone. Shane says they have the place on a pretty tight lockdown, and the battle between his men and Stefano’s has been dead for quite awhile now, now the ISA is searching the place from top to bottom. Marlena and Roman begin to ask if anyone’s seen Sami, but suddenly they see SMOKE in the palace! -Hope panics, and gets up and paces around the room. She continues to say she’s a murderer, and not thinking at all exclaims “I’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!” -Anna runs after “Tony” and yells to him what the hell does he think he is doing with a gun, and chasing Helena ALONE! “Tony” does not respond and continues after Helena, and corners her at long last in a dead-end alley, and Helena snarls at “Tony” and tells him to take his best shot. “Tony” looks to see Anna closing him on him and says: Tony: No time to take aim, but I am prepared with a Plan B. He takes out a large knife and charges at Helena, but unknown to him Anna took a small shortcut and yells “TONYY!” as she runs out RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! Then a scream is heard.
  18. daysfan


    Written by: Daysfan Episode#177 -Bo, Steve, Roman, and Marlena continue to talk. Bo sighs and tells Roman he’d love to help, but he is going to the hospital with Steve to see Gina, and he’s not sure what he could do since he barely helped with the hostage situation in the DiMera palace earlier. Marlena interrupts and says she thinks its not a good idea for either of them to go see Gina. -Sami tells the agent she may have been a liar in the past but she wouldn’t lie about something as huge as this, but the agent sighs and says they need to question her anyway about the escape of EJ. Lucas looks at Sami and asks her what the hell the agent is talking about. Alexis watches from behind another building and whispers “Busted, Sami.” -Abe and Lexie stand outside the DiMera Palace and Nikolas’s body is wheeled out, and Lexie asks Abe if its going back to Port Charles. Abe nods and says he’s made arrangements and the ISA is flying it there immediately and he sent his condolences. Lexie sighs and asks if she will be tried for this murder too. -Hope stares down at Gina, who is slipping in and out of consciousness and is on life support. She slowly walks forward to her bedside and says in a monotone “After five gunshots in the past 21 years, you are still alive. If only any of my loved ones, like my sons, had been as lucky to survive things as you have.” Gina continues to stare, and as tears well up in Hope’s eyes she says “You just don’t stop do you? You just don’t stop murdering, kidnapping, and who knows what else?! You took away my LAST SON! I lost Zack that year, I lost Patrick, and to top it all off I lost Shawn! She stares down at Gina as tears come rolling down her face, and whispers “And you wanted to steal Bo too. Well that won’t happen, I will not lose another one of my boys. I will not lose ANYTHING else, to you, Stefano DiMera, Megan Hathaway, or ANYONE! *Life in Salem Opening* -Marlena says she knows Gina is also Britta Englund, and both of them have problems with her. She says it would be best if they didn’t go, and Steve says its not like they are going to try to kill her. Roman agrees with Marlena, and Bo says he has to go see Gina. Roman: No, Bo. I’m sorry brother, but I can’t trust you. -Hope tries to keep herself from breaking down, and she then shouts “YOU JUST HAD TO KILL HIM! IN ONE OF THE MOST GRUELING WAYS POSSIBLE!” She leans in to Gina’s face and hisses with emotion and sadness in her voice as more tears come “I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I did with JT and Zack, but not him..he was dead by the time he got to the hospital, and his body was burnt to a damn crisp!” She wails as she slowly stands… -Abe tells Lexie no, due to the fact Nikolas was about to kill Stefano and she basically saved his life. Lexie sighs and says fine, but thinks to herself Stefano can just die as well. She walks off, and stares back at Abe. -Gina continues to merely stare at Hope, and Hope continues to rave “And you took so much precious time away from my life several years ago when I was trapped in that tower, right here in Europe! You impersonated me for so much time, and tried to make Roman think he had some affair with you!” she shouts in between the tears “And then, lets go back even further!” Hope yells as she looks back at Gina “Because of you, Bo stabbed Steve’s eye out! Because of some trash like you! And then in 1986 or whenever it was, you caused me to get jealous of you because you wanted your former boyfriends! Then you got plastic surgery to look like me and created a new identity! You selfish bitch, you probably don’t care about anyone but yourself. Not even your daughter.” Gina’s eyes narrow at Hope. -Sami sighs and walks off out of instinct, and Lucas follows. He asks what the agent was talking about, and Sami tells him its just a bunch of bull they were feeding them. She walks away again, and Lucas sighs as he leans against the wall. -Gina stares at Hope coldly, and Hope remarks angrily “Did I strike a nerve? I probably did. I can’t say I’m sorry.” She walks around Gina’s bed and tearfully said “I lost my Gran. I lost my sons. I lost my life to you for a time, and at one point even thought I was YOU years ago, which took away even more time in my life! You could have come forward and revealed who I was at first but no, you had to scheme to get your beloved Bo! You have RUINED MY LIFE!” A smirk slowly begins to form on Gina’s face, and Hope finally screams out very loudly in anger it echoes throughout the halls, and she jumps at the life support machine and presses the activate/de-activate button several times. Gina tries to gasp for air but can’t, and Hope falls to the ground and finally breaks down in tears as Gina dies. Her wails echo throughout the room and halls in the hospital…
  19. daysfan


    Written by: Daysfan & Jay Episode#176 -Sami and Lucas find Billie and Sami offers her condolences to Billie as well. Billie says thank you. Lucas begins to tell Billie about what Sami told him about Kate and Helena’s alliance. Once informed, Billie calls in an agent, the same agent who let Sami see EJ. When he is told that Sami has information, he automatically shuns it and says “I don’t care what this woman said. She helped a criminal get away. I’m not taking her word.” -Another ISA agent comes in to inform Bo that it looks like Gina will be paralyzed because 2 of the bullets to the chest pierced her spine. Bo asks the agent where Gina is and they let him know that she is in a hospital about a mile off of the grounds. Steve comes in and Bo tells him about his confrontation with Gina and what just happened, and the development that he just received, and Steve and Bo both decide that they should go see Gina. As they are leaving, Kayla and Hope stop them and ask them where they are going. Steve and Bo look at each other. EJ is sneaking around the castle, and he comes upon Stefano’s office. He is about to go inside, where Stefano and “Tony” were, when he hears his name whispered. “EJ”. Its Helena and she motions him to come over. He hesitates. -Stefano and “Tony” are plotting. “Tony” lets Stefano know that he intends to kill Helena when he sees her. Stefano agrees fully, and says “I may not have been able to do it, my son…but you…you will be able to!” “Tony” loads his gun. *LIS Opening* -“Come here my son” Helena calls out to EJ. He goes over to Helena. “Yes, mother, what it is. I can not be seen with you, not now; you and I are both in danger.” he says, deciding to not stir up a storm by trying to take down her or Stefano quite yet “I live for danger, my boy. That does not bother me. I just want you to know the truth about why your father and I hate each other so.” Helena says. EJ stops her. “I don’t want to know.” -Billie comes down on the ISA agent questioning his professionalism. He shoots back at Billie by telling her that Sami Brady is a known liar who may have killed Kate herself because of her own problems with her. “If she can free Wells, she can lie about a woman she barely cares about.” he tells Billie “She’s lucky we haven’t been able to arrest her yet.” “How do you know so much about me?” Sami asks. Billie lets Sami know that ISA was involved when she was on death row, her file is still within the branch and all encounters she has with the law are documented. Lucas jumps to Sami’s defense, demanding that the agent believe Sami’s claim. The agent will not bulge. -Bo starts to tell Hope that he and Steve are going to see Gina, when Steve cuts him off and tells Hope and Kayla that he and Bo are going off the grounds to see if they can get some information on the place. Hope isn’t falling for it. She tells Steve his story sounds shaky and non detailed. “Brady, what’s really going on?” She asks Bo. Bo tells her that Steve is telling the truth. “I’ve called Roman and he and Marlena should be down here soon. Go with them and stay with them” Bo advises. Hope and Kayla kiss Steve and Bo goodbye. “ I hate lying to her Steve.” Bo says after they leave “I know, Bo, but imagine what would happen if we told Hope we were going to see the woman who killed her son.” “He killed MY son too. What the hell makes me so compelled to want to go see her?” Bo asks. -After Steve and Bo leave Hope is walking through the halls of the hotel just to try to get her minds off things, but hears two women talking about they heard a killer princess shot herself and was rushed to the hospital nearby. Hope gasps and realizes it is Gina, and anger wells up in her. She slowly walks off and out the door of the hotel. -Steve and Bo, on their way to the hospital, bump into Roman and Marlena. Both begin to tell them about what happened with Sami and EJ. Hope slips past all of them without any noticing. -Stefano is alone in his secret office and says "Whether my son fails or not, you will die Helena...and if need be...I must kill you myself if all else fails..." -EJ tells Helena that he does not want to know, now, why Helena and Stefano are fighting. He tells them that they must go somewhere and hide before any conversation between them goes on. The two walk away, as “Tony” opens the door, gun in hand. “I’m coming for you Helena”, “Tony” says. -Hope arrives at the hospital shortly, and asks the secretary if a woman named Gina Von Amberg is there. The secretary says yes and says she looks remarkably similar to her, and Hope nods and says with gritted teeth “She’s a friend.” and the secretary gives her Gina’s room number and Hope walks off. -After a few minutes Hope gets to the room where Gina is, and it is in a very dimmed area of the hospital and most people are off shift except several nurses and doctors due to the small size of the hospital. Hope slowly walks in, and she and Gina exchange a death glare. Then there is a split screen of “Tony” with a gun, and Hope and Gina’s vicious glare.
  20. daysfan


    Written by: Daysfan Episode#175 -EJ and Sami kiss wildly in the bed at the inn, and EJ is now shirtless and slowly removes Sami’s shirt. They continue to kiss and after a moment Sami finally pulls back and says with a chuckle “What the hell did we just do?” and EJ says as he looks at her with a wide smile she knows what they just did. -Shane wonders what is taking so long with EJ and Sami’s talk, and finally he and the ISA agents burst in the warehouse to see EJ’s handcuffs on the ground! One of the ISA agents ask if they think he could have escaped on his own and taken Sami with him, and Shane shakes his head and says those cuffs were strong and locked tight…he has a gut feeling Sami helped him. He says they need to tell Roman and Marlena now and he quickly walks out of the warehouse. -Stefano stands in anger and tells “Tony” he can’t shoot him and he knows he can’t. He tells him he is loyal soldier and always has been. “Tony” is inclined to back down due to his default personality, and slowly puts the gun away. He then tells Stefano he may have not killed him, but if he gets a chance to kill Helena he WILL! Stefano sighs and says perhaps she will die, and that he has one more place left for them to go…a place where the war will END! -Kayla asks Steve why he called out Gina’s name, and Steve realizes it is Kayla and quickly says it was just because of all that happened. Kayla decides to shrug it off even though she knows otherwise, and says they should get going. He agrees and they leave the rooftop. -Maggie, Julie, Nick, Abby, and Jeremy are at the Horton House looking at old photos. Julie sighs as she looks at a picture of Tom, Alice, and Mickey, and then she sadly looks at a picture of Doug and herself. She says the Horton House is empty now that Alice has passed on…and Maggie nods slowly. Julie says it feels like just yesterday she got arrested for shoplifting in that store back in 1965. Maggie laughs and Abby says “What?” and Julie tells her she doesn’t want to know, and Nick says yes they do and this sounds interesting. Maggie with another laugh tells them to be prepared because this is a long story. *Life in Salem Opening* -Bo heads off to find Gina after Hope heads back to the hotel they and the other Salemites are staying in, Bo not telling her about Gina escaping. Bo finds on the street the ISA agents leading the cuffed Gina off, and he tells them to stop and that he needs to speak to Gina. Gina turns and looks at him. -Sami sighs and says she guesses she does. EJ tells her there is no reason to sigh, and that she is a single woman and she’s not cheating on anyone. Sami says he is right its just hard to jump into bed with someone, even a friend. EJ says of course it is, but it is alright and they aren’t even officially a couple, though he thinks to himself soon she will be and she will ruin the Cassadine and DiMera empires with him. Sami says again he is right and they give in and kiss again. -Lucas is looking for Sami and sighs as he cannot find her anywhere around the DiMera palace, and as he is looking for her on the streets of Italy he passes the secretary at the inn EJ is staying in, who is going to her car, and he asks her if she’s seen Sami Brady anywhere and describes her, and the secretary says yes in fact she rented a room earlier today and gives him the number. He thanks her and heads inside the Inn! - “Tony” says he had better be right, because he will handle the war himself for Stefano if the war does not end soon with Helena dead. Stefano sighs and simply tells him not to worry, and that soon they will both be very satisfied. “Tony” then asks him about their other problem: EJ Wells. Stefano tells “Tony” that he needs to focus on the war and that he will handle his son with Helena. “Tony” nods and says of course, and Stefano says with a smirk “Don’t think I have one more surprise left for my good friends Roman, Marlena, and Shane however before we leave Italy…they will get their just desserts, my son, which will give us time to escape.” and both laugh maniacally… -Julie says “Oh Lord, I shouldn’t have even brought up the subject in this case.” and Maggie tells her to not be embarrassed, and Maggie looks to her three grandchildren and says years ago in 1965 Julie’s two friends pressured her into stealing a mink, however Julie wasn’t too skilled with shoplifting so she got arrested. Julie tells Maggie with a sarcastic laugh to please stop now before she goes any further, and Jeremy says no they want to hear this. Maggie continues on and says at the police station she put her last name down as “Horton” so Tom and Alice would come down to the station instead of her parents, and Tom and Mickey ended up coming down there, and Julie sighs as she remembers that day( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM_pSckDq4M ) -One of the ISA agents asks Bo if he’s sure, and Bo nods. They slowly let go but still stand behind Gina, and Gina just stares at her old boyfriend. Bo says Jan, Belle, Hope, and Steve have all gotten to confront her…and now its his turn. Gina tells Bo she needs no lecture, and Bo says he doesn’t have a huge rant to make. He says all he wants to know is why. Why she killed his son. -Sami and EJ continue to kiss very passionately and roll around on the bed. It continues on for a couple more minutes, until they both suddenly hear a knock on the door and Lucas’s voice says from the outside “Sami? Are you in there?” and Sami’s eyes widen. EJ sighs and tells her to not worry, and again she may have spent some time with Lucas and gone to the Chez Rouge Ball with him but she is not in an official relationship with him and hasn’t been for a long time. Sami sighs and says yet again he is right, and she gets her shirt on and goes to the door, but when she opens it she comes out of her room and shuts the door before Lucas can see EJ. Lucas raises an eyebrow and asks if she was doing something and he thought he heard voices and it took her a little while to get to the door, but Sami shakes her head and says no. Lucas just goes with it since he is so distracted by Kate’s death and tells her he has some horrible news, and he then tells her Kate was shot and killed! -Shane gets to the hotel where Roman and Marlena, as well as Bo, Hope, and the others are staying, and finds Roman and Marlena’s room and knocks on the door, telling them he needs to speak to them. Roman and Marlena are simply lying in bed together with Marlena leaning on Roman’s chest, but Marlena sighs and says she hopes nothing huge has happened. Both of them get up and Roman goes to the door and opens it. Shane then informs them of what happened with EJ and Sami! Roman groans and turns around and closes his eyes as he begins to pace, and Marlena tells Shane that Sami is growing up and she wouldn’t set him free. Shane says EJ could have always escaped and taken her, that is a strong possibility…but he’s not quite sure. Roman turns around and says to them both: Roman: Sami wouldn’t have set him free if she believed him to be actually evil and lethal…but those two have known each other for a long time before this whole Cassadine/DiMera problem happened. If she thinks what EJ is doing is not wrong, then she would sure as hell set him free. Doc and I know her, and I am sure deep down you know the same thing I do, Doc. Marlena sighs and nods slowly, and says they need to go and try to find her now. -Sami stares at Lucas in shock and exclaims “Lucas, oh my goodness…I…I’m….so sorry…I know Kate and I were never good friends but still…that’s your own mother…” and Lucas nods and says its most likely that Helena Cassadine killed her, and Sami raises an eyebrow and says “No, that’s not possible.” and Lucas says “What?!” in confusion, and Sami goes on to tell him that Kate was the one who lured her to the docks last month for Helena to kill her. She says obviously Kate and Helena had an alliance, and Lucas stares in shock, and says he needs to go tell the Billie, ISA, and others this. Sami nods and asks if he needs her to come with him, and he shakes his head and says she can rest after all that’s happened and he’s sorry to interrupt her. Sami tells him its fine and Lucas leaves, and Sami goes back into her room and tells EJ she has to go and something terrible has happened, and he asks her what and she explains the situation with Kate. She tells him to just stay here and stay hidden, and she quickly leaves. -Gina stares at Bo, and is quiet for a moment. He demands for an answer, and she tells him it was for him. Bo begins to seeth with anger, and tells her to cut the crap. She tells him in a monotone it is true, and he says it’s Bo she’s talking to, and he stabbed a man’s eye out for her. Gina snorts and says in pure jealousy, and he hisses enough and stomps up to her and grabs her by the neck and ORDERS her to tell him why she killed his son NOW. She finally says “Fine, I killed your worthless son to sever one of the last bonds you have to Hope. In fact if things go my way, your daughters might end up the same way as your precious Shawn Douglas did.” and at that Bo yells out in anger and shoves her up against the wall of a building and then in anger shoves her down and is on top of her, and he yells that he loved Shawn more than anything and that was the LAST SON he had, and she will NEVER hurt his daughters, and he also tells her in anger: Bo: You pricy bitch. I can’t believe I ever loved you. Gina: Oh Bo, someday you will again. In the struggle Gina manages to get out of her cuffs, and finally kicks him and slips her hand over to his waist and while he tries to hold her down she takes his gun! In the struggle as she tries to stand and the ISA agents try to restrain her again, she points the gun at HERSELF, and shoots herself four times in the chest, and then as Bo grabs her hands she points it at her chin and shoots one more time before falling over unconscious, and one of the ISA call an ambulance, and quickly they alive and load Gina onto a stretcher. Bo asks if they think she’ll survive, and they say they can save her…but they already know she won’t make it out perfectly alright and that is 100% true. They get her into the ambulance and drive off as Bo watches on the street with the two ISA agents. -After the story is over, Jeremy comments to Julie he never thought a saint like her would get arrested especially for stealing. Julie simply tells him “Believe me, I am no saint.” and manages to give a laugh, and Maggie smiles and says that was a long time ago and Julie is certainly not like that now. They all laugh and Maggie then tells them they should be getting home and Julie nods in agreement. Maggie, Abby, Nick, and Jeremy all walk out and Julie tells them she will be there in a minute. She looks at all the pictures of the Horton family one last time, and sighs sadly, but she knows her mother, Alice, Tom, Mickey, and Doug would want her to be happy right now. She gently smiles as she turns the hourglass on the coffee table over and sand begins to trickle through it once more, and Julie then leaves the Horton House…
  21. daysfan


    Written by: Jay Episode#174 -Lucas and Billie are still together. Lucas is crying, and Billie is consoling him. He thanks her and asks her if he did something dumb, does she think Mom would still love him. Billie asks him what he has in mind. Lucas angrily says “If my mom had to die, then someone else is dying too, at my hands!” Billie slaps Lucas HARD. -Stefano sitting as this desk thinking about the encounter he just had with Helena. “Tony” walks in and Stefano looks at him in disgust. “Father, why haven’t you killed Helena?” “Tony” asks his father. “I…I…ca..nt do that Tony. All the wrong she has done, the pain, the grief, the restless nights, the deaths she’s caused…I love her still! “You damn fool, you weak old man, I’d call it. Shot, strained heart, and all, What the hell else do you want to happen to you?” “Tony” berates Stefano with his harsh words. “Tony!!! Get out of my palace if you plan to speak to me this way!! I do not want to hear this…” “You’re going to have to, or I’ll kill you.” “Tony” pulls out a gun on Stefano. -Steve pulls Gina up and says “The police should be here any minute.” “Steve, I know that you don’t want to see me locked up…. Let me go, for old times sake” Steve looks at her with a sharp look. “Yo’rer crazy” he tells her “No, I am in love Steve, with –“ “Cut it!!” Steve says before the I.S.A arrives and apprehends her. As she is being taken away, she says to Steve” Remember what I said, Patchy” and she blows him a kiss. *LIS Opening* -“Lucas, don’t you ever say anything like that ever again. Our mother is dead, Will’s grandmother, Chelsea’s grandmother, GONE!, and you want to kill someone else, and take them away from their loved ones. You’ve got to get it together, brother. We have to be strong.” Billie exclaims “Your right,” Lucas says. I’ll go find Sami and let her know what happened.” “I’m sure she would be glad to see you”, Billie says. -“Tony what the hell are you doing?!” Stefano asks. “You won’t shoot me. You haven’t the strength. You are weak, just like your brother EJ and your sister Lexie who I thought would prove me wrong and not be like you 2 cowards.” “Your right, father…Tony is weak and he would not kill you, but you see I am not Tony, and I will shoot you like you deserve to be shot!” “Tony” tells him! -Steve is reminiscing on some good times with Gina. He can’t help but think about what she said about him not wanting to see her go. Steve asks himself, “ Am I insane? She was right, I don’t want to see her go” Steve for a moment considers helping Gina when he hears footsteps. “Steve…” Kayla says. “Britta!” Steve shouts out causing Kayla to want to know what the hell is going on.
  22. daysfan


    Written by: Daysfan Episode#173 -Sami finally breaks EJ’s cuffs off and motions for him to follow her out a back entrance, and he does. Then she begins to lead him off to a small inn close to the warehouse. -Lexie tells Abe they have to go after them but Abe manages to hold her back from running off and tells her they can’t just yet and first they need to get Nikolas’s body out of the palace, and Lexie angrily tells Abe to just forget about him, but then she sighs and says he’s right. Lexie however vows that she isn’t done with Helena and Stefano yet! -Gina looks to Steve as they run onto the rooftop, and she pulls a gun on him. She tells Steve she loves him and Bo like everything, they are her men, but to get what she wants she is not afraid to shoot. Steve asks Gina in a loud tone what the hell she does want, and Gina says she just wants to get rid of Hope and Kayla! Kayla meanwhile is on the phone with Bo and Bo tells Kayla he’ll be right there! Back on the rooftop Gina tells Steve she still loves him and Bo and wants them back, that’s why she is after Hope and killed Shawn Douglas, to hurt Hope and drive her away from Bo! -Stefano says he should have known she would be here, and Helena slowly stands and says “I think you did know, but you don’t care.” and she slowly walks over towards him. Stefano tells her he does not plan on attacking her again…today. He has seen enough bloodshed for now. Helena says coldly “Ah yes, murdering my grandson must have satisfied your daily need for death.” and she snorts as she continues on to say that’s why him and Mikkos met in the first place, to team up and cause havoc and crime. *Life in Salem Opening* -Lucas stares down at Kate’s motionless body, slowly soothing his shaky hand over her hair softly in complete silence. No emotion is on his face, not even in his eyes. Billie is walking out from the alleyway beside the DiMera palace, and her eyes widen when she sees Kate’s body and she screams “MOM!” and rushes over. Lucas is still silent, and Billie tries to look for any signs of her breathing but doesn’t. She slowly acknowledges to herself as tears begin to stream down her cheeks that she’s dead… -Sami leads EJ to a bedroom and says he can rest here until everyone leaves Italy, and its all paid for by her and no one even knows about it. EJ comments that this is awfully gracious of her and he wouldn’t expect this from a Brady, and she says she’s not just any Brady, she’s Sami Brady. He tells her that’s what he loves about her and she says “Oh is it?” as they suddenly lean in closer to each other and stare into each other’s eyes. -Steve tells Gina with slight disgust in his voice that she’s lost her mind, and she shouts: Gina: BECAUSE I’M IN LOVE I’VE LOST MY MIND?! YOU KNOW ME, YOU KNOW I’M NOT INSANE!!! Steve then tells her he knew Britta Englund, a woman who at one time didn’t murder or scheme every single day. He doesn’t know this Britta who is pretending to be a slutty princess named Gina and blows innocent people up in cars. He tells her he was already upset with what she turned into twenty one years ago, but now he is beyond horrified. -Stefano says he remembers, and that was an unwise move of him to team up with Mikkos. He tells Helena her family has proved to be weak, a question he asked her husband almost thirty years ago. Helena then has a flashback: In the DiMera palace sometime in 1978, a young Helena, Stefano, and Mikkos(Chazz Palminteri) are walking through the foyer after just introducing themselves to each other. Many butlers, Cassadine and DiMera guards, stroll around but the trio continue walking. “I trust the DiMera Empire would be of efficient use if we decide to forge this alliance?” Mikkos asks Stefano as he looks at him “I could ask the same thing about your empire. However yes I assure you it is and has been for almost a century, going back through my father, grandfather, and other ancestors.” Stefano replies Mikkos laughs and tells Stefano “The Cassadine Empire is one of the strongest underworld Empires on this Earth, Mr.DiMera. It will be life changing for this whole world. In fact I am working on a project now that will effect people world-wide.” “Then I suppose we can attempt to make a deal of some kind…but let me warn you now if your Empire makes any kind of move against the DiMeras I will retaliate and war will be declared. Now however, please introduce me to your lady friend, eh?” Stefano says and looks at Helena Mikkos smiles and says “Ah, this is my wife, Helena Cassadine…” Stefano takes Helena’s hand and plants a soft kiss on it and says “It is an honor to meet you…I am sure you have a strong hand in the Cassadine Empire, which means you are by no means no ordinary housewife.” Helena smirks and says “Oh not at all, and I will prove it as time goes on, Mr.DiMera.” -Kate’s body is wheeled away after Billie and Lucas are given a moment with her, and Billie slowly puts her arms around her younger brother and he is still silent. Billie sobs and both of them shake, and Lucas finally speaks saying quietly “Why…” and then he stops but continues on and says “Why does everyone in our lives have to die, go to jail, or somehow be forced out of our lives for good?” and Billie replies that no one can answer that, but it has to stop and they have to make it stop. -Gina tells Steve all she’s ever tried to do is help him and Bo and do whatever she has to do for the people she loves and Steve says that’s bull. He tells her she may love them but she’s gotten so twisted over the years with all her schemes. She says she did it all for THEM! She screams that she barely survived that gunshot and no one even knew she survived, and she asks him if he really thinks she wanted Hope Williams’ face?! She replies quickly by saying no but continues to say that she knew she had to do it to get her men back, and she had to make a connection with Stefano DiMera and fake being a princess to so many people using the DiMera power and make Roman think they had an affair for revenge on him and also that was all Stefano wanted in return. She then goes on to say she was presumed dead AGAIN after her scheme to look like Hope failed, and she just went off on her own. -EJ slowly tells Sami she can stay with him if she prefers, and she exclaims “What?!” and EJ apologizes and says he just said it out of instinct, and Sami says she’s done jumping into bed with random men, and EJ says she is single however. Sami laughs and says she wonders for how long, and EJ slowly leans in closer to her and says he has been wondering the same. Both give in and share a KISS, and fall onto the bed together and continue to kiss passionately… -Gina yells to Steve she didn’t WANT to kill Shawn Douglas, but it was a last effort. Steve yells: Steve: EFFORT?! YOUR LAST EFFORT?! SHUT UP! HE HAD HIS WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF HIM! I KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO LOSE ALL THAT TIME! I LOST MY LIFE FOR SIXTEEN DAMN YEARS!AND THANKS TO YOU HE LOST ALL OF HIS! Gina shakes and begins to tear up as she continues to claim she had to do it, and as she looks down for a moment Steve in anger charges at Gina and grabs her but she tries to elbow him and it ends up pushing them both to the rail of the rooftop, and Steve shouts to Gina its time for all of this to end and she can go off to a mental hospital! She tries to break free of his grasp but he squeezes tight on her, and she finally yells “JUST LET ME FALL DAMNIT!” and elbows him again but this time right in his stomach and he lets go for a moment and she stumbles over and FALLS OFF THE RAIL! Steve at the very last minute suddenly jumps forward and grabs Gina’s hand and she hangs in mid-air, and all he simply says is: Steve: I may hate you and despise you so often even before you “died” the first time, and most of all now, but I’d never let you fall. Gina/Britta’s eyes lock with her former lover’s. -Helena says frustrated if only she and Mikkos knew how truly weak and despicable he was at the time. Stefano yells for Helena to NEVER speak of his family that way, and they are much stronger than her family who have lost their family members by the day, and she says he can talk now but he will burn in fire one day…and the Phoenix will NOT rise again, and it will be one day soon. As she begins to walk out of the secret room, she looks back and says “The War is far from over, Stefano my darling. You have not seen the worst yet.” and leaves, and as Stefano sits where Helena was sitting he looks at a picture of him, Mikkos, and Helena on the desk and says “Neither have you, my dear. Neither have you…”
  23. daysfan


    Written by: Daysfan Episode#172 -Roman turns to Philip and says he may have saved his daughter, but he will still have to be arrested for kidnapping Belle, running from the law, and apparently stalking her. Philip snaps to Roman he’s not a cop anymore, he can’t arrest him, and his father will get him out of this. Belle snaps to Philip she IS pressing charges against him and Victor can’t do a damn thing about that. Roman gets several ISA agents over there and has them take Philip away. -Gina is being dragged off by two ISA agents, and one of them is a woman. She looks and sees a gun in it’s holster on the male agent and slowly tries to slip her hand over to it, but he notices and squeezes her arm tightly and tells her to not even think about it. Gina smirks and quickly turns to the female agent and breaks free of her grasp and in the confusion manages to break free of the male’s grip and attack the female agent…and take her gun!!! Gina then takes off running! -Shane finds the ISA agents that have EJ and tell them they need to get Wells out of there now before things end up erupting not only on the inside of the DiMera palace and they can’t risk losing EJ. EJ snaps to Shane he will get free, and Shane just motions for them to take EJ, but suddenly they all turn as they hear several more windows shatter due to gunfire in the DiMera palace. While they all are looking suddenly Sami comes over to them after she and Lucas leave the DiMera palace. Sami tells Shane she needs to talk to EJ privately, and Shane says he’s very dangerous and Sami says she doesn’t care. Shane gives in and says fine, and Sami takes the handcuffed EJ into an empty warehouse not far off. -Helena looks at Lexie, and Lexie has anger and hate in her eyes. Stefano chuckles as he says he sees she has returned to his side, and Lexie says hell no. She says she’s sick of all this fighting and all this war. Helena angrily says there will be much more fighting now, and she will die after what she has done! Helena yells “You KILLED my GRANDSON! He was FINALLY beginning to form TRUE CASSADINE and YOU MURDERED HIM!” and Lexie then snaps that Helena’s done worse. Helena takes out her knife and attacks Lexie! *Life in Salem Opening* -Megan and Billie continue to catfight, and Billie grabs Megan by her collar and says she will never take Bo and Hope’s children! Megan asks Billie why she cares and she wanted Bo at one time, and Billie says she is over him and they have already lost enough as it is. Megan breaks free of Billie’s grasp but Billie grabs the back of Megan’s shirt and pulls her close and shoves her down, and Megan turns around in anger and shoves Billie back and slaps her, and Billie then shoves Megan against the wall of a building very hard, causing Megan to get knocked out. -Roman and Marlena approach the DiMera Palace and see the foyer of the mansion is empty as the rest of the ISA agents and Stefano’s men have moved their battle deeper into the palace, and that many bodies lie scattered. Allan, Anna, and Hattie approach Roman and Marlena and Allan says that luckily the chaos has calmed down, and there’s nothing more they can do at this point. Roman says yes there is, and that they can find Stefano and get rid of him for good. -Lucas is walking around outside the DiMera Palace and sees his mother’s body being wheeled out from the garden and his eyes widen in shock! -Steve and Kayla, after escaping from the palace, are walking outside and see Gina running. Steve yells “BRITTA!” and chases off after her before Kayla can get a word in, so Kayla follows. -Lexie prepares to fire at Helena but Abe rushes in and pulls her back, and Helena fails to get to Lexie in time. She slowly backs away as she stares at all three of them, and looks at her grandson’s body. She tells them they will ALL pay, and rushes off! Stefano laughs evilly and thanks Lexie, and Lexie says she wasn’t doing it for him. Stefano says “So you think” and Abe tells Stefano that he’s under arrest, Stefano backs up and says he doesn’t think so. Abe tries to take out his gun but suddenly, Stefano takes the chance to slip out! Lexie tries to fire in time but Stefano is too quick and darts down the halls! -Anna separates from Allan, Hattie, Roman, and Marlena and finds “Tony” in the garden. She quickly walks over to him and asks where the hell he’s been, and “Tony” thinks to himself he has to rid himself of her. He tells her he found Kate Roberts dead, and Anna gasps in shock! She says that’s terrible and “Tony” goes on to tell her that Helena murdered her and he saw it, but it was too late. Anna stares in shock and says this whole situation is just so terrible, but also she can tell something is off with “Tony”. -Billie goes off to try to find an ISA agent or officer to get Megan, but suddenly when she looks back she sees Megan is gone! She yells “Damn my stupidity!” and says she has to stop Megan. -Steve and Kayla chase Gina into an abandoned apartment, and as they rush up a stairwell Steve yells for her to stop, while Kayla tries to call Bo. As Gina reaches the top she looks at Steve and says she loves him, but it would be best for him to leave now. With that she rushes to the rooftop but Steve follows! -EJ asks Sami what she could possibly want, and Sami tells EJ she is setting him free! EJ yells “WHAT?!” in shock and she snaps to him to be quiet as she tries to get the handcuffs off of him. She says she may not totally support what he’s doing exactly, but she wants both Stefano and Helena to pay and EJ has good reason to do what he is trying to do. EJ grins to himself and thinks to himself all is falling into place. -Stefano manages to get to one of the secret rooms in the DiMera palace after going through many secret halls, and he breaths in relief after he shuts the secret entrance, but suddenly HELENA turns around in a chair at the desk! Helena and Stefano exchange a death glare.
  24. ELEVEN YEAR VETERAN AND GH CROSS-OVER CHARACTER OUT! As November Sweeps kicks off on "Life in Salem", more cuts are made to the cast. Lauren Koslow(Kate Roberts) and Tyler Christopher(Nikolas Cassadine) have found themselves casualties of "The War", when both characters were killed off this past week. "Kate was becoming useless, as her storylines were slowly decaying. She had an alliance with Helena which was what led up to her death," Co-EP/HW Daysfan stated "And it also revealed Tony had an alternate personality, which gives a whole new twist to "The War". And her death also caused Nikolas's death. I give Jay credit for bringing Nikolas on and he also was the one who pitched the idea of killing Nikolas off and he handled it quite well, so this means the Cassadine side of The War is taking some big casualties. What's next? You have to tune in!" However, also LIS has had a huge return this past week.... Charles Shaughnessy(Shane Donovan), who played the ISA agent on the real Days for eight years back in the eighties and early nineties and breifly again in 2002, comes to LIS! Shane has taken a role in "The War" as he leads the ISA against Stefano, Helena, and EJ. "I always knew Shane would return someday when I brought Kim back," Co-EP/HW Daysfan said "And the buildup was there when Lexie decided to go for help against Stefano once she turned on him. She went to him and Shane has obviously made his move when he stormed the DiMera Palace." Shaugnessy is not expected to have a long run, most likely at least all the way through November Sweeps. But will he and Kim meet again? Time will tell. In other LIS casting news: Erika Slezak(ex-Victoria Lord Davidson) has been fired from LIS due to a huge cast. "She will most likely turn up again someday, but for now she had to go. And this also is building up to a brand new story for Victor." Jerry Ver Dorn(ex-Clint Buchanon) has also exited. He was fired along with Slezak.
  25. daysfan


    Written by: Jay Episode#171 -“Tony” takes Lexie and Abe to where Kate is. Abe takes a look at her and becomes sick to his stomach at the site of the 6 inch hole in her head. “Does this town have a good and efficient medical staff, Tony?” Abe asks him. “Yes, as a matter of fact they do”, “Tony” responds. Lexie, pretty shaken up takes off her shirt and covers Kate’s head, with it. “Who could have done this?” Lexie asks as she looks up at the two of them. “I’m afraid I know who did it” “Tony” says. Abe and Lexie stare at him. -EJ is in custody with I.S.A officers. They begin taunting him because of his name. They hate him, they hate Stefano, They have heard of Helena. As EJ is sitting there, word comes thru that someone was murdered, that someone being Kate Roberts. One of the officers comes over to EJ and says “Did you know anything about this, Wells?” -Helena tells Nikolas Stefano could go after Emily next….or even his own son. Nikolas stares at Stefano and then back at Helena “I’ll do it. You’re right, he could go after Spencer or Emily, and I can’t let that happen. If anyone deserves to die, it’s this bastard!’ “Oh, Nikolas, I am so happy to hear you say that. You remind me so much of your father”, Helena responds with a smirk. “Your uncle Stefan would be proud!” Stefano bulges, and begins to wake. Nikolas gets ready. *LIS Opening* -Shane finds Bo, Hope, Gina, and Jan and arrest Gina on the spot. As she is taken away, she promises the Brady’s that they will pay. Hope reluctantly thanks Jan. Jan is appreciative. “After all, I did love your son.” Jan tells her “Save it!” Hope yells as she shuts her down. -“Yes, I do know who killed Kate. It was none other then Helena Cassadine. That woman has been after my family for weeks now. I saw her shoot Kate” Tony says. “We’ve got to find Helena!” Abe says. “Now I have even more means to arrest her!” but as he finishes his sentence Lexie runs off. “Lexie, be careful!”, Abe Yells out! Abe looks scared. He couldn’t stop her either. -“Hell no!” EJ yells out. “I had no idea that Kate was going to be killed.” “Yeah right” the officer continues. “Let me out of here” EJ Whispers. “You aint goin nowhere Wells”, the cop shoots back.” No, I’m serious, You have to let me out of here and stop this madness before someone else dies!” -Stefano comes around. Nikolas looks down on him. Helena is smiling.” Stefano my dear. After all these years! I have been thinking of you, wondering what you were doing, wondering how you were, wondering if you were thinking about ME!! I wont have to worry any more, because after this, you wont be, and you wont be doing, and you sure as hell won’t be thinking” Helena scowls. “Hele..na, but I love you” Stefano says in fear. Nikolas slaps Stefano and says “Get ready to die, son of a bitch”. He aims the gun at Stefano, and puts his hand on the trigger. A gunshot rings and Stefano flinches and opens his eyes to realize he was not shot. Gunfire occurred, and the shot was not Stefano, but it was Nikolas who falls. Nikolas stares at Helena, and she is unsure whether it is bitterness, anger, or something else directed to her as he passes away. Helena and Stefano look up at the door to see LEXIE standing there, gun in hand!
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