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  1. Westwood Park, Natalia’s House Natalia screams, a scream like one rarely ever heard, as she sees her baby get shot! Mark Jr., the child she only just found out was hers, screams before falling unconscious. Tears flow down Natalia’s cheek, and as Suga turns to Natalia and Ria with her gun, Natalia charges full force and tackles Suga! Natalia “DAMN YOU!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL! I’M GOING TO TAKE YOU OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL, YOU DIRTY ASS BITCH! RIA, CALL 911!” Suga, struggling with Natalia, “You ain’t doing nothing, miss lady. You should of given me my money, or else your precious son wouldn’t be dead.” Ria is very panicked, and she looks around frantically. She grabs the phone and rushes to Mark Jr., and she begins to shed tears herself. She dials 911 as she looks down on Natalia’s son. Ria, still panicked, “Uhm hmm this is Ria Winters and we need an ambulance down here now! A baby’s been shot by a psycho woman who wants to get in panties! Look you got to help us. I was not trying to play captain save a hoe. Oh God. A BABY HAS BEEN SHOT! We’re in Westwood Park, Natalia Cigiliuti’s house! “ Ria by this point is having convulsions. She can’t believe she bore witness to a baby being shot. 911 Operator “Okay, okay, calm down, can you give me an exact address? “ Ria, beginning to get very freaked out , “WE AIN’T GOT NO TIME FOR THAT! JUST GET DOWN HERE, PLEASE! HONEY THIS BABY NEEDS HELP, I AIN’T GOT NO TIME TO GIVE YOU SOME DAMNED ADDRESS YOU JUST GET YALL ASSES DOWN HERE DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ Not thinking straight, her thoughts escape her. All she can think about is will Mark Jr. survive? The babies cry becomes locked in Ria’s head. She slams the phone down in anger, and then continues to look down at Mark Jr., she knows she can’t just leave him like this. Ria “I’m gone do something…Nat’s already lost you once, she ain’t gone lose you again. I finally get some good sex and in the same day I got to play wonder woman, I gotta save a baby…but I’m gone do it.” Ria tearfully begins to perform CPR on Mark Jr., desperately trying to keep his heart beating as she presses her hand on his chest, tears pouring from her eyes while Natalia continues to fight Suga. Natalia and Suga both stand and continue to fight, and Suga fires several gunshots that just hit the wall. Natalia however does not back down, and continues fighting her former partner in crime. Natalia “After all I did for you, I paid you, and you return the favor by SHOOTING MY BABY BOY! You’ve crossed the line, Suga, DAMN YOU TO HELL! I’m not going to let you get away with this! “ Suga “You coulda just paid me again, Natti, and this woulda never happened. This is you paying for all you did…maybe this is Dahlia and Ashley haunting you from beyond the grave. “ Natalia “Oh no, this is between YOU and ME. No one else. And hell hath no fury like a mother’s wrath! “ Suga, as they continue their struggle, constantly trying to hit and block each other, “Please…you don’t know how good you have it, even without a kid! “ Natalia, getting even more angry “EXCUSE ME?!” Natalia’s anger causes her to literally grab Suga by the arms and ram her head into the wall! Suga tries to struggle but she is no match against Natalia’s sudden strength. Natalia “Do you know all what I’ve gone through?! “ Suga doesn’t respond and just continues to try to break away. Natalia “DO YOU?! Suga, YOU never had to deal with the stuck up bitch that is Sabryn and have her look down on you and treat you terribly at SG! YOU never had to lose the love of your life! YOU never had to be blackmailed by a tranny! YOU never had to get shot! YOU never had to go through a psycho stealing your baby and then your doctor telling you that the baby died! YOU never had to have a drug dealer blackmail you and SHOOT YOUR SON! “ Before Suga can even speak, Natalia socks her in the face, punching her HARD! She snatches the gun away from Suga and hits her over the head with it, knocking Suga out. Suga slumps over unconscious and Natalia tosses the gun away, and runs over to Ria and her son. Ria, still performing CPR, “Breathe, damnit, BREATHE! Please…please…breathe…it’s gone be alright if you just breathe… “ Ria and Natalia are both a mess crying right now, and Natalia just stands in silence for a moment as she leans down while Ria continues to try to keep Mark Jr. alive. Natalia “My baby…don’t leave me, please, don’t leave your mommy like this… “ Ria loses it at Natalia’s comment to Mark Jr, she almost collapses to the floor in pain as the sorrow filled words touch a deep chord in her heart, she knows how desperate Natalia feels right now, but she keeps on pressing her hands down. Finally, after a moment, Ria yells out in relief. Ria “I feel a heartbeat…he’s still alive, we just gotta wait for the ambulance! “ Natalia, her eyes widening as Ria pulls away and she looks down on her son and gets closer to him, “There’s hope…there’s still hope…oh Ria, he can still live… “ Ria and Natalia both continue to cry and Ria puts her arms around Natalia for friendly comfort, and they both continue to stay close to the baby as they just sit there and sob… Soon afterwards, the police and paramedics burst in, and they see Mark Jr. lying there with a bullet in him and the two ladies shaking. Mike walks in and is horrified at the scene. The paramedics rush to Mark Jr. and begin to examine him as Natalia and Ria both stand up. Natalia, now petrified and constantly shivering, “Is…is he gonna be alright? Is my son gonna live?” Paramedic “Well, we can’t be for sure…but he is breathing…this is a very serious situation, even worse than when an adult or child gets shot…but the fact that he’s still breathing is a good sign, we just have to take him to surgery now and remove the bullet, and then we’ll know. “ The paramedics quickly rush Mark Jr. away, and Natalia turns to Ria, both of them still in tears. Natalia, hugging Ria again, “Thank…thank you…thank you so much, you may have been my son’s savior… “ Ria “Girl…girl…oh girl I don’t know what to say…I just wish this didn’t happen to you… “ Mike approaches Natalia and Ria, and they both turn to him as a few officers grab the unconscious Suga and the gun. Mike, motioning towards Suga , “Is that the culprit? What happened, why was an innocent child shot? “ Natalia “Y-yes…that’s her…she’s a drug dealer, she use to be in jail…her name’s Suga, she wanted money from me, when I wouldn’t give it to her she shot my little boy… “ Ria “She’s crazy! A psycho! “ Natalia, scowling as she stares at Suga, “No, she’s just a cold hearted bitch. “ Mike, also looking at Suga, “Wait a minute…I remember her…Dahlia Salem got locked up with her, a year and a half ago I think it was…almost two years…when you pressed charges for something, I think it was stealing some clothes… “ Natalia, recalling the incident but wanting to stay away from the subject of her business with Suga, “Yes, that’s right… “ Suga opens her eyes and briefly floats in and out of consciousness as she’s handcuffed and dragged away. Natalia and Ria both shudder, and Mike sighs. Mike “I’m…so sorry, this has to be a terrifying incident…but I promise you that I’ll do my best to try to see that Suga gets booked for life for this… “ Natalia “Good, because I’m gonna be pressing charges. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the hospital… “ Natalia just walks out the door, and Ria glances to Mike then to Natalia as she leaves. Ria “Wait for me girl, I ain’t staying in this crazy ass house…” Ria follows Natalia, both women still very shaken from the event… Episode: 114 Sleazy Sister Patterson! Written by: ML Cooks and Tara Smith Ria’s House Jasmine steps out of the shower, and puts on a body towel. She then wraps her hair up in a towel. She opens the bathroom door and the smell of blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon and coffee hits her nose. She walks out to the kitchen and sees her mother cooking. Jasmine “Smells good momma.” Patti “I thought a nice breakfast would be nice to get our day started.” Jasmine “Is something special about today?” Patti “Well this evening you girls and I are going to out to eat. I have an announcement to make.” Jasmine “Is everything ok?” Patti “Miss Patti ok darling. It’s nothing bad. It’s good in fact. And I am taking your sister job hunting.” Jasmine “Your asking for trouble. Ria is well off. She is still living off her savings from Karim.” Patti “None of my girls will live off another man. Besides, Karim has moved on from what I see. Ria don’t need to be living off his money. It’s time she get a real job and I might have one for her.” Patti serves the breakfast. Jasmine “Ok so where is my sister?” Patti “She didn’t come home last night. I don’t know where she’s at.” Jasmine “Well what are you going to do when I leave for work then?” Patti “I’m having some executives come over so we can discuss a new album. It’s been a long time since I did anything new. And my fans and critics having been asking for a while so Miss Patti will give em’ what they want. So darling how’s your new job going?” Jasmine “It’s going really well. I think I might have met somebody who‘s caught my eye.” Patti “That’s nice darling. About it tell me.” Jasmine “It’s going to sound crazy, but I am attracted to Daniel.” Patti “Daniel? Didn’t he just bury Lauren?” Jasmine “Yes he did. In talking with him in a session at the hospital, I find I am so drawn to him.” Patti “I don’t know about this Jazzy. He just lost Lauren. I don’t think this is a good time for you to be starting a relationship with him. Besides, he‘s your patient.” Jasmine “I’ve never said I was going to marry Daniel. I am just attracted to him.” Patti “I am warning you Jazzy, you hook up with Daniel now, and it will be you who will get hurt. He is not ready yet.” Jasmine “Momma, let’s worry about Ria and you telling her the truth about our father. Was that the big announcement tonight?” Patti “No. It’s not. I am not ready to tell Victoria this. It’s going to be hard. She is not going to accept it very well.” Jasmine “No she’s not……. I have to get ready for work. I got Daniel coming for another session.” Patti “You’re playing with fire Jazzy. He’s not ready.” Jasmine just smiles at her mother, “Listen, It’s getting a little cramped here. I am checking into a hotel tonight.” Patti “Fine, leave poor old Miss Patti by herself.” Jasmine hugs her mother and kisses her on the forehead then heads to the guest bedroom to get ready for her session with Daniel at the hospital. Downtown Pasadena, City Jail Mike walks over to Sabryn and Mona’s cell and unlocks it. Mona “I’m being released?” Mike “In your dreams. I’m taking Sabryn to a different cell.” Sabryn “Why, is something wrong?” Mike “No.” Mike handcuffs Sabryn before escorting her through the halls of the jail. He unlocks another empty cell and puts Sabryn in it. He takes her cuffs off. He locks himself in the cell with her. Sabryn “What are you doing?” Mike “This is going to sound crazy, but I wanted to talk with you.” Sabryn, looking confused, “About?” Mike “I’ve been doing some research on your case and my heart goes out to you. How are you holding up?” Sabryn “I don’t know. I don’t know whether I should be happy because Ashley is finally out of my life, or should I be angry that the father of my child has a baby with my arch rival. Bryan has cheated on me at least two times. Or should I feel depressed that I can’t be with my son. I don’t know what to feel. I have so many emotions. My life has been turned upside down and inside out “ Mike “I am really sorry for everything you are going through. I know you are a good person and I know you will be able to beat these charges. What you did was in the heat of passion. A crime of passion. Ashley has done a lot to you and she was clearly unstable. I don‘t think you have anything to worry about.” Sabryn “That’s kind of odd hearing that from the chief of police.” Mike “Not really. I am just calling it like I see it. It’s very simple. You committed a crime of passion. You were pushed to your edge and had a temporary bout of inanity. It happens, I see it all the time in this field. You’ll be out of here in no time. Back with your son.” Sabryn “I can only hope and pray.” Mike “And I am going to help you.” Sabryn “Why are you going to help me?” Mike “We both have lost a lot and been through a lot. I lost Jodie and your life has been turned upside down by Ashley and Bryan’s affair. I understand how it feels to have the person you love be unfaithful. Jenn did that to me with Tyler. I feel your pain. I just want you to know you got somebody in your corner. I’m here for you and I want to help you through this.” Sabryn “I really appreciate it. At this point, I really have no one. Thank you Mike.” She hugs him. Mike hugs her back. Huntington Memorial Hospital Kevin walks into his brother’s room and pulls up a chair next to Karim and sits down. He looks at him, with heart monitors and respirators hooked up to him. He stares at Karim’ bandaged up face. “I am so sorry this is happening to you. I could not bear the thought of losing you. You’re my only family I have left. I know I can trust you. I thank God for a brother like you man. If it wasn’t for you I’d be nothing. I am so blessed to have you. I love you” Kevin stares at his brother for a moment and wonders what Karim was thinking or feeling when Ashley hit his car, sending him flying out in mid air and then getting ran over by Sabryn. “No one should have to go through all that.” He wipes a tear. “When you wake up, we have a lot to deal with.” He pauses as he lets the news of DC being his father soak in. “It keeps getting worse. Just when I thought it doesn’t get worse. It does. Your mother has failed us again. She has lied to us AGAIN. Patterson was a fake and a phony again. I don’t understand, does it ever stop? I just can’t believe Don is our father. 27 years of believing another man was my dad. 27 years of lies. 27 years wasted for nothing. Who the hell am I? Why is this happening to me? Sharan doesn’t want me. Why? Because of Mona. Mona, a product of Don and Patterson’s affair. WOW! Mona, my full blooded sister. My own sister, I CAN”T BELIVE THIS! What did I do to deserve any of this? I didn’t have an affair with anyone. I try to be a good, honest and decent man. I AM IN FACT. And this is my reward?. So why is this happening to me? It feels like I am dying. This has to be a bad dream. Everything that I thought was, isn’t. “ Kevin sits back and lets the tears roll down his face. “Karim, I need you’re support right now man,…. I am so lost. There are days I don’t want to even wake up or get out of bed. I sometimes wonder would my life be better if I just ended it all. Just end my life. I have nothing left to live for no more. I don’t know who I am or where I come from. It’s all been a fantasy. Based on other peoples mistakes and deceptions. And I am caught in the crossfire.” Kevin buries his fist in his eyes and snaps out of this depressing mode he is in. “Don’t worry about me man. I’ll be ok. I’ll be here when you wake up. You’ll be ok now. Your new father has saved your life. I’m going to get out of here and get my mind of things. I got a lot of soul searching to do. A nice drink sounds good.” Kevin gets up and heads out of his brother’s room. He runs into Ria. Ria “Kevin? What’s the matter? What are you doing here?” Kevin “Karim was in a car accident.” Ria “Oh hell naw! Is he going to be ok?” Kevin “He will be now.” Ria “Thank God for that.” Kevin “I really have to go.” Ria, pulls on his shoulder before he could leave, “Kevin, are you really ok? I can tell something is really bothering you?” Kevin “I don’t know who I am Ria.” Kevin walks off. Ria looks confused. She turns around and sees Sister Patterson, DC and Miss Jenkins. She walks over to them Ria “What’s going on with Karim?” Sister Patterson, wiping tears from her face, “You SLUT! How dare you show your face here at a time when my family is going through tragedy? This has nothing to do with you.” Miss Jenkins slaps the sh!t out of Sister Patterson. So hard, loud and stunning is the slap the entire hospital floor comes to a complete standstill, as they focus on the slapped sister. Sister Patterson clutches her face. Miss Jenkins “I’m getting real tired of your mouth. Shut the hell up! You have no room to call anybody a slut. You led one man to believe he had children’s. You lied to your kids. What kind of mother are you? What kind of woman does that? What kind of daughter locks their mother up in her own home for years. That’s what you did to me.” Madea looks around at the crowd. “That’s right. The secret is exposed. My daughter is insane. She held me captive in my own house for years. It’s been so long I done lost count.” DC “Yea. It all make sense now. I caught her coming or going to a darkened house across the street all the time. With a picnic basket of food.” Ria “I knew you was crazy. And thank the Lord for Miss Jenkins. It’s about time some one put you in your place. You old rusty bat. Pat the bat.” Miss Jenkins “Now that’s enough honey. Yes my daughter is ugly but only I will call her ugly. “ Ria “I can understand that. Just make sure you tell her.” Madea “I’ll have something to tell you if you don’t shut the hell up and back the hell up!” Madea reaches into her purse and begins to pull her gun out. Sister Patterson jumps in the way and tries to talk her mother down. Madea “Some body better get her. She don’t know me like that.” Ria “Say what? All hell naw! You don’t know me?” Ria says beginning to take her earrings out. “Bitch if you want some you can get some too. You don’t know me like that and while I’m beating that ass I’ma beat Miss Patterson’s ass too. Calling me a slut in church like that in front of everyone. Don’t know one put me on blast like that. I’ll take you and your big ass momma on ! You got the right one right here!” DC grabs Ria before a war could break out. Security rushes over to the scene. Madea “It’s ALRIGHT!. I’m ok officer. I was just leaving.” She looks at Ria before she goes. “I know yo mammy. Me and Miss Patti go way back and I’ll have to go have a chat with her about her unruly child.” Ria “Bitch Please.” Madea “You show is funny.” Madea then walks off. Sister Patterson “Why did you even come here you hor? You have no class what so ever. You just had to intrude. I hate you!” Ria “Take a nap Pat.” Sister Patterson storms out the hospital leaving DC and Ria. The scene quiets down. Ria looks at DC, “So what was Miss Jenkins talking about Pat leading one man to believe they were her kids?” DC “Kevin and Karim are my sons!” Ria “Get the fu(k out of here?” DC “I’m serious.” Ria “Oh God, I slept with my ex fiancée’s father. Now I’ll never have a chance to get him back. I can’t believe this.” DC “Neither can I. I can’t believe Patterson did this. I’ve lost so much time. Kevin hates me. I think it’s too late for us.” Ria “Karim is really going to hate me. Before,… he thought I slept with his uncle. But your his father now. I slept with Karim’s father. I can’t take this” She walks off and heads to Natalia’s room. DC takes a seat in the waiting area and let’s the news set in. He feels uneasy but excited at the same time. He doesn’t know what do at this point. From losing his brother, killed by his own thought to be dead daughter. A daughter his brother Abe, kidnapped and molested for 15 years, wanting revenge for the infidelity of his wife. DC speaks out loud, “Abe knew about the affair the whole time. He must of only found out around Pat got pregnant with Mona. And that’s why he kidnapped her. OH MY GOD WHY?” DC breaks down in tears, sinking out the chair and dropping to his knees. He realizes his mistake, his affair with his brother’s wife was the beginning of a long road of pain and sorrow and the chickens are now coming home to roost. DC realizes he lost his own wife, Lynn and his two sons with her due to his affair with Pat. DC’s affair with Pat caused Abe’s death. DC sowed that seed that fateful sin the first time he slept with Sister Patterson. One night of passion can, and has led to a lifetime of unimaginable pain. DC realizes so many people have been touched by this affair, Abe, Lynn, Kevin, Karim, Mona, Miss Jenkins, and his own two missing sons. DC sits on the hospital floor crying, letting all his emotions out. He cries tears of sorrow. He then feels a touch and a voice, “It’s going to be alright darling.” He look up and sees Patti Labelle. Meanwhile, In Jasmine’s Office Daniel walks in. Jasmine smiles at him as he takes a seat. Jasmine “Nice to see you.” Daniel “Thank you. I feel a little bit better being here this time.” Jasmine “That’s a good thing. How have you been holding up since our last session?” Daniel “I’ve been doing pretty good. Haven’t done nothing crazy like I want to, so I guess that’s a good thing.” Jasmine, chuckling, “It is.” Daniel “Mona’s trial is in a little bit and that’s what really keeping me going. Knowing I am about to partake on Mona getting what’s finally coming to her.” Jasmine “She’s hurt a lot of people from what I understand.” Daniel “That’s just the tip of the iceberg. She’s insane. Just like her mother.” Jasmine “Sister Patterson is not the brightest marker in the box. That woman needs help seriously. I still can’t get over how she called my sister a slut at the funerals.” Daniel “Oh there is no love lost between Ria and Sister Patterson” Jasmine “That’s what I keep hearing…… You really seem to be in a better mood this time. I am glad to see it.” Daniel “Talking about my feelings was a good thing for sure. I do feel like I am free. A weight has been lifted off me. I am more positive. Focusing on running The Blue Note for Lauren has really kept me busy. It makes me feel good. “ Jasmine “And that’s the most important thing. The law will take it’s course and I am sure Mona will be locked up for the rest of her life. How about Lauren’s shooting? Any word on that yet?” Daniel “Not yet. Mike is working over time with the recent crime wave here in Pasadena. But he’s going to be talking to suspects in a day or so. “ Jasmine “Seems everything is right on track.” Daniel “It is and I owe it all to you. I really wasn’t sure of talking to a shrink, no offense, about my problems. I thought it was so cliché but this really helped. Thank you so much. I feel so comfortable around you.” Jasmine “I am glad I can help. Listen, this might be out of the blue but what do you say if we caught a bite to eat. I am still sort of new to this city and haven’t seen much of it. Just as friends…. Don’t think of me as your shrink. Ria has been so busy and caught up with her life, she hasn’t had time to show me anything.”’ Daniel “It would be my pleasure. It’s the least I could do for what you’ve done for me. Though I must admit, It may feel kinda odd, after telling you everything about me.” Jasmine “Let’s forget about all that. Tell you what, I’ll tell you what it was like growing up with the Great Patti Labelle.” Daniel “I bet that’s a good story there.” Jasmine “I guess you could say that. Let’s say you give me a call when your done with Mona’s trial?” Daniel “Will do.” Jasmine “Good luck Daniel, and I look forward to this evening.” Daniel, smiling at her, “Me to.” He gets up and leaves her office. Jasmine is smiling ear to ear as she revels in her scoring a date with Daniel tonight. Back into the waiting area, DC almost feels embarrassed being on the floor crying in front of Patti Labelle. Patti “It must be pretty bad darling. You ok?” DC, standing back up wiping his face dry “It’s been a crazy day! I just found out that I am the father of Kevin and Karim.” Patti, shocked, thinking Abe fathered Kevin and Karim, therefore making Sister Patterson a hypocritical slut, “What c’hoo sey“? “ DC “I know it sounds bad. It happened so many years ago.” Patti “You mean you and Sister Patterson?” DC “Yes. So many years lost. SO many lies told. We hurt so many people.” Patti “I can almost identify what you are going through.” DC “How so? You got some secret kids out there?” Patti, chuckling, “Oh no darling. I just have a truth to tell to one of my babies. I don’t want to get into to it right now, I am just waiting for the right time to handle in dealing with telling my daughter what I have to tell her.” DC, after hearing Patti talks about her daughter, DC realizes it’s Ria, “Ria’s mother…… Wow. Who would have guessed I fu(ked Patti Labelle’s daughter?” Patti is appalled and slaps DC. “How dare you speak to me like that? I know my baby girl didn’t sleep with you. You’re just making this up for the tabloids….. And I was here to show some compassion. And you speak to me like you have no sense. What kind of man are you? And that Sister Patterson. She kills me too. Preaching to me about my daughter. And she’s the one having affairs and spitted out 3 babies out of wedlock. Wait till her I see her. I have some words for her. You tell that sleazy Patterson I want to see her.” And with that statement said, a statement which was a declaration of war with Sister Patterson, Patti storms off. Back Downtown, Pasadena City Court House Wearing an orange jump suit, ankles and wrist chained up, Mona is escorted into the courtroom by Mike. When Mona enters the courtroom, butterflies begin to fly in her stomach, as she looks upon her family, Miss Mable Madea Jenkins, Sister Patterson, DC, and Kevin. She also sees, Dondre, Daniel, and Sharan starring her down. She walks over to her table. The DA Jack Nicholson looks at Mona and wonders where her attorney is. An officer of the court gets things under way, “All Rise!” Everyone in the court stands up. Officer “The honorable Judge Hatchett presiding.” The courtroom is shocked the TV judge is presiding over this case. Judge Hatchett pounds her gavel, signaling everyone to sit, “Order in the court.” The officer hands judge Hatchett the court docket, “Your honor this is case number 3.114 on the calendar. The parties have been sworn in.” Judge Hatchett looks a the DA then at Mona. She looks confused when she doesn’t see her lawyer. Judge “Do you not have representation?” Mona “I do your honor.” Judge “Are they going to be here? I am ready to get started!” Mona “I am representing myself your honor.” Everyone in the courtroom are star struck. Next on S.T.E.A.M.: Surprises at Mona’s trial!
  2. Evening is becoming in Pasadena. Brookside Park, Jenn grabs a seat on a bench as she waits for Santino. She pulls out her compact from her purse and applies lip-gloss to her lips. Santino walks up to her. Santino “MMM, getting your lips ready for action?” Jenn looks up and smiles at him, “I wish I could jump up and wrap my arms around you.” Santino “But you can’t because of that peeping tom named Karl.” Jenn “How you been holding up? I miss you so much.” Santino “Do you really?” Jenn “What’s that supposed to mean?” Santino “Oh…I don’t know…I saw the romantic embrace you and Ty shared at the funeral. It looks like you two are on your way to getting things worked out.” Jenn “You saw Ty and I? I am so sorry.” Santino “Don’t be sorry. After all he is your man. I am only the part time lover.” Jenn “Don’t say it like that. I really don’t want to be with Ty no more. I am not happy with him.” Santino “I was really hurt to see you hugging up on Ty. Feels like you are playing games with me. Leading me on almost?” Jenn “Not at all Santino. Where is all this coming from? I love you.” Santino “How do you know that when the only thing we do his creep around and have sex?” Jenn “Tino what is going on with you? Why are you acting this way?” Tino “I don’t know Jenn. Seeing you and Ty has got me thinking.” Jenn “About what?” Tino “If you are playing me.” Jenn “No baby. I want to be with you. I do. But you know I am with Ty and he’s dangerous. That’s why we are here. We have to stop Karl from blackmailing us and telling Ty about our affair.” Santino “This is getting to deep here. Basically my life is at stake sleeping with you. Ty will kill the both of us if he finds out we betrayed him.” Jenn “Well that’s why we are here. To naturalize Karl. Did you come up with any ideas?” Santino “No, not really. I already knew plotting and scheming is your forte so I figured you would come up with something.” Jenn “Yea real funny. Well your right. I do have a plan.’ Santino “I can’t wait to here this. Especially after what you did to Jodie.” Jenn “Don’t even go there. I don’t want to hear that bitches name. Mike is trying to put me in jail because of her. But anyway, I have the perfect plan. It will take care of Karl and Ty in one stroke.” Santino “You act like this is a soap opera! Just say it already!” Jenn “We are going to kill Karl and then frame Ty for it!” Santino is stunned. “Yea, this is a soap opera” Episode: 113, Sex Me! Written by ML Cooks Downtown Pasadena, City Jail Sabryn sits on her cot as her entire escapades with Ashley fly through her mind. She remembers Sharan telling her that Ashley was working with Mona. Sabryn decides to ask Mona about it. Sabryn “May I ask you a question?” Mona “I think so.” Sabryn “I understand you and Ashley were working together?” Mona “Yea we were.” Sabryn “So you helped Ashley plot all those things against me? “ Mona “Not really. Ashley did what she did on her own. I had my own agenda. The only thing I helped Ashley with was logistics.” Sabryn “You say that like you were in a war.” Mona “I am at war. I am at war with the Williams family. Look, I had no bearings over what Ashley did. And that’s final.” Just then a security guard walks over, “It’s time for chow.” Sabryn “Chow? What’s that mean?” Mona “Food. It’s time to eat. I’m not hungry.” Sabryn “I am.” Mona “Good luck wit the food.” The guard escorts Sabryn out her cell. Mona sit down in her cot and pulls out a make shift smoking piece and takes a hit of her weeds. She inhales deeply and holds the smoke in as long as she can. She stands up and aims her mouth toward the ventilation duct. She exhales and coughs at the same time. She sits back down on her cot and has a moment with Mary. In her Mary moment she sees Her moment is interrupted when Sharan walks up to her cell. They look at each other before speaking. Mona “I am surprised you are here. You betrayed me. You left me high and dry. Literally. I was high and my pu$$y was dry.” Sharan “I did Mona. You want to know why? You stalked me for months before you kidnapped me than raped me than held me captive for almost a year. Then you made me shot Abe. Do you know what that did to me? So yea, excuse me if I wanted my freedom back. I wanted the life you stole from me!” Mona “You told me we would do this together. We were supposed to meet my mother together. I was going to meet my family with you by my side. I love you. You were my hope. You took that away from me.“ Sharan “Mona, I said those things to save my own self. I am sorry for lying to you and leading you on. But what else was I to do? You can’t force me to love you. For that matter, I’m not even a lesbian. Your mission of making me love you was flawed from the start.” Mona “It’s Kevin isn’t it? It’s Sister Patterson? They’ve brainwashed you against me. That’s why you don’t want to be with me.” Sharan “This has nothing to do with them. This is my decision.” Mona “Are you with my half brother?” Sharan “Because of you I can’t be with Kevin. I don’t want any connection with the Williams family what so ever. You have ruined that for me. I was going to marry Kevin. But you ended all that.” Mona “You are the only person I love Sharan. All my life, I have never had any friends or any body to love me. I want to know what love is. I want to know what if feels like to have friends and live a normal life. Free of fear of Abe Williams. I thought you were my first. You broke my heart. I have to face everything by myself now. I don’t think I can do it alone. I am sorry for everything I’ve done to you. I really am. I just wanted to be with you. I had to have you. I didn’t know I could love until I met you Sharan. Please give that back to me. Give me a little help.” Sharan wiping a tear, “Mona, in a twisted way, I do care about you. You have been through so much in your life so far. No one should had to endure that. I know you have nobody right now. And in spite of everything you’ve done to me, I will still be here for you. Especially during your trial.” Mona “You mean it?” Sharan “I do Mona. I really do. My heart breaks for you. I will help you face your demons.” Mona “Thank you so much. I promise you when I get out of jail I will make this up to you.” Sharan “Mona, I don’t think you’ll see the other side of these bars for a long time.” Mona “Sooner than you think. You are talking to Mona. I am down but not out. I will beat these charges. You fasten your seat belt. This trial will one of the century.” Sharan “Well I have to get going. Mona, regardless of whatever happens. I will be here for you no matter what. Just know that.” Mona ‘Thank you. That means a lot to me. And I want you to remember that I love you.” Sharan smiles at Mona, wiping a tear again and leaves the jail. Mona lays back down on her cot with a smile on her face. She has some thoughts to herself. “My beautiful Sharan. I won’t be in jail for long. I promise you that, and when I get out, Look out Pasadena. I got surprises in store for everyone.” TC Hotel Remy follows Ria into her suite. Remy “This is a beautiful hotel.” Ria, turning to him, “Shh, lover” She says putting her index finger on his lips. “The only sounds I want to hear coming from you is the moans from this good nana I am about to give to you.” Remy “Is that right?” Ria “It is papito.” Remy “You certainly are blunt about things aren’t you?” Ria “Life is too short and tomorrow is never promised. I know what I want and I want you daddy. Give it to me.” Remy grabs her and they begin to kiss passionately. She pulls back and looks into his eyes. Remy “Something wrong?” Ria “You have beautiful eyes. I get lost in them. Wait here and get comfy. I am going to freshen up.” She walks over to her CD player and puts on some music. “Sex Me” by R.Kelly comes on. Remy “Wow I haven’t heard this in a long time.” Ria “Uhm hmm, What you know about this?” She smiles at him as she walks into the bathroom. Remy begins unbuttoning his shirt and taking his clothes off. As he climbs on to the bed he wonders if this is a good idea. Should he really be doing this, knowing his heart really belongs to some one else. He has flash backs of holding Blake in her car during the snowstorm back in Springfield. Remy closes his eyes to try and get Blake out his mind. “She doen’t want me. She’s made it clear.” Then the bathroom door swings open and Remy is stunned at Ria. Ria, wearing a matching red panty set and a red hat to go with it and even red gloves. With her stiletto’s on she walks over toward the bed. Remy “WOW!! You look amazing.” Ria looks down at his boxers and can see his soulja boy growing. He flinches it for her, trying to impress her. Ria “I see you down there. Looks like some one wants to meet me.” Remy pulls his d!ck through the front slot of his boxers, clearly signaling to Ria that he’s ready. Ria walks over to the bed and gets on it. On all 4’s she begins to lick the shaft of the penis. Remy lets out a huge sigh and lays his head back. Ria “You taste good daddy.” Then suddenly, she puts his dick down her throat. She comes back up after gagging. Remy looks into Ria’s eyes and sees they are watering up Remy “Are you ok?” Ria “You got a fat d!ck. It was a little hard deep throating it.” Remy laughs. Ria then does it again, sending Remy to complete ecstasy. Remy “Damn girl.” Ria, smiling and looking up at him, “You like that pa?” Remy “I do.” Feeling the music, Ria stands up on the bed and begins to seductively dance to the sex jam. Her breast, feeling a little tingly, she grabs them and licks her nipple. Remy rubs on her legs. Ria then squats over his d!ck and slowly grinds her body down towards his. He holds his dick straight up as she grabs it too and rubs it against her clitoris. Ria moans. Ria “You gone feel so good inside me pa.” Remy “Quit talking and let me feel it. Put me in you” Ria “I know that’s right.” Ria lines up the d!ck with her hole and then slides down on it, slowly at first since Remy is so thick. They both let out deep moans. Remy “Damn you feel good. So damn wet!!” Ria, once she gets a handle on the situation begins to live in the moment and begins to ride Remy’s d!ck. Again feeling the music, she moves her sexual motions with the slow beat of the music as Remy just moans with his toes curling up. Ria “I bet you ain’t had no pu$$y like this.” Remy “Don’t stop.” Ria’s breast feel warm and tingly again and she grabs Remy’s hands and puts them over her breast and makes Remy squeeze them. Ria moans. Ria then grabs his chest and she then looks in the mirror and sees herself riding Remy’s d!ck. Ria smiles at her self and even winks an eye as she can see Remy’s crazy sex faces. Ria is proud off herself. So good is Ria feeling, she cums. Her body jerks. Remy sits up and holds her, “Are you ok?” Ria “It’s all good. You made me cum. No man has done that in a while.” Remy “I guess I should say thank you.” They begin to kiss as Remy, spins Ria’s body around so her back is facing him. Ria begins to ride Remy’s d!ck like a pogo stick as they each moan. Back at the City Jail Ty walks up to Mona’s cell. Ty “Smells like weed in here.” Mona “Would you expect anything else from me. Some one came through for me. Thank you Miss Jenkins.” Ty “Miss Jenkins? The make believe person Sister Patterson was always talking about?” Mona “She’s real and she’s my grand mother. The only person in my family I’ll even speak to. So what brings you by sly Ty? Am I being released?” Ty “Not yet. I am still working on it.’ Mona “I am tired of sitting in jail. I get angrier each day I am in here.” Ty “Didn’t think that was possible.” Mona “Don’t be coy you Bastard. I’ve already told you, you better get me out of here. If I go down you will go down with me. Let’s not forget you financed this entire operation. You sought me out remember that. We are in this together but yet I am in jail.” Ty “Well you messed up our plans. You started doing your own thing. You kidnap Daniel and faked his death. Do you know Chris died because of that?” Mona “Since when did you get a heart?” Ty “That’s not the point. Had you stuck to the plan, none of this would be happening right now. I can’t believe you did what you did to Daniel. You turned him against me.” Mona “You better get the fu(k out my face talking simple to me. I don’t give a sh!t about Daniel. You were taking to long on your end to take Abe out. So I had to rush things.” Ty “You snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. We had everything planned out to a tee. But you screwed things up. You kidnap Sharan and was gone for months. You cut me out and now you want me to help you.” Mona “If you know what’s good for you, you will.” Ty “I told you I am doing the best I can. It’s not easy since Mike is the new police chief. We were supposed to get rid of Abe so I can put my own man in that spot. Things would have been easier for us. If you would have stuck to the plan you wouldn’t be behind bars right now.” Mona “With or with out your help, I will beat all these charges. You better hope its with. When I get out of here, I am eradicating all men of the world.” Ty “You won’t be released from here no time soon. You’re going to the looney bin. You better watch how you’re talking to me. I don’t like threats Mona. You know that first hand. I am a dangerous man.” Mona “Please man. Your whack as fu(k. Get out my face talking stupid to me. You know what it is and you know what you have to do and I suggest you do it. See you at my trial tomorrow. And you should probably enjoy the last days of your freedom.” Ty “We’ll see.” Ty turns around and coolly walks off. Mona “These mother fu(kers think because I am I jail they don’t have to be scared of me because these bars separate me from them. Have I got a surprise for everyone! She says laughing evilly as she lays back down on her cot and prepares herself for her big trial tomorrow. Westwood Park, Natalia’s House Natalia, with Mark Jr in her arms walks to her front door and opens it. Natalia walks in. Natalia “Welcome home son.” Natalia pauses and realizes what she just said. Feeling good after saying it, she decides to say it again. “Welcome home my baby boy. Damn it feels good to say that. For the first time ever, I am happy.” She lays Mark Jr. in his rocker. She continues to stare at him. “I have been robbed of your early days with you baby. 6 months. But I promise you, no one will ever take you away from me again.” Another voice says “So touching. I think I might want to cry.” Natalia is startled and jumps, and turns around to see who is in her house with her as Mark Jr begins to cry. Natalia “Suga! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Suga “I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve been watching the news and heard about what happened with Ashley and Sabryn. Your secrets are out huh? Every one knows you slept with Bryan. And now you have a son with him. Wow. Who would have guessed it?” Natalia “Look Suga. I told you I have nothing for you. Our alliance is done. “ Suga “Look Bitch. I am sick of playing games. You think I am a joke don’t you.” Suga pulls a platinum gun with a silencer on it from her pocket and lays it on the kitchen table. Suga “I am not playing games. DO you understand that?” Natalia “Please Suga. I am begging you. I just got reunited with my son. I have a son now. I just want to be a mother to him. I am done with all the plotting and scheming.” Suga “That’s all good, But you know what they say, your past always catches up to you. Ever hear of karma? Your chickens are coming home to roost.” Just then they hear a pounding at the door. Suga “Who the hell is that? They knocking like the police.” Natalia takes a sigh of relief, hoping whom ever is on the other side of her front door will be her salvation. Suga “Get rid of who ever it is. You tell them I am a friend. Anything funny and I will shoot your son on site.” Natalia’s chest begins to pound and throb as the nervousness takes a firmer grip on her. She says a little prayer before she walks over to the door. It’s all or nothing. She wonders, after just having been reunited with her son, will he be taken away from her again. Is this her payback? Natalia opens the door and is stunned and relived to see Ria! Natalia “Ria, wow, I sure was not expecting you.” Ria “I know girl. But I had to come see you. I know you got your son back and I am so happy for you. I was hoping we could mend the fences. We fell out over something petty. I hope we can be better than that.” Natalia, with tears in her eyes “That is so nice Ria. I have missed you.” Ria “Girl you ok? You look a white as a ghost.” Natalia “I am so overwhelmed being reunited with my son. I thought he was dead for six months.” Ria ‘Well girl can I come in and see him?” Natalia “Oh, I’m sorry, yes sure.” Thinking she will have a better chance at defeating Suga if Ria was there, invites her in to help. “My nerves are so bad I am just not myself. Come in.” Ria walks in and sees Mark Jr in his crib. Ria “He’s beautiful. He looks just like you.” Natalia closes the door. Suga is stunned that Ria is in the house. Natalia smiles at Suga, almost tempting her. Suga “Oh you think this is a game?” Ria turns around and sees Suga. “Nat girl, what’s going on?” She says walking toward Suga. “I remember you. This is your old friend huh Nat?” Natalia “Yes it is.” Ria “It’s good to see you again.” Suga “Yea” Ria “What’s goings on here? Something don’t seem right?” Suga pulls out her gun and aims it at Ria. Ria “All hell naw girl! Have you lost your damn mind. I ain’t done nothing to nobody. I just had me some good ass d!ck. Don‘t take that away from me” Natalia “Suga Please. This has to stop.” Suga “Ain’t no one leaving here alive unless I start getting what I want?” Ria “Girl what is it? I am sure we can negotiate. Just put this damn gun down. Ain’t no need for all this foolishness. We got a small child in here. Don’t you know no good?” Natalia smiles to herself, having missed Ria’s go get em’ attitude. Suga “I like that in you ma.” Ria “Say what?” Suga pulling the gun away. “I want you mommasita.” Ria “You want me? What that mean?” Suga “Natalia either you give me money, no money than I want your lady friend here, if I can’t have either of those than I kill your son.” Ria “You are straight tripping. Ain’t none of that gone take place here tonight. You got the right one right here.” Suga “Oh yea and what you gone do? I got the gun.” Ria suddenly jump on Suga, tackling her to the ground. They begin to struggle Ria “Natty girl help. Kick this bitch.” Ria tries to pin Suga down so Natalia can try to retrieve the gun from Suga’s hand. Suga spits in Ria’s face. Ria “You nasty Bitch!” Ria wipes her face giving Suga opportunity to punch Ria in her jaw, knocking Ria out. Suga gets up and Natalia freezes in her position. Suga, aiming the gun at Natalia, “It’s over” Natalia “Please NO! Suga cocks her gun and is about to pull the trigger that is until she aims it at Mark Jr and fires the gun. Suga has shot Mark Jr!
  3. Downtown Pasadena, City Jail DC looks at his daughter for the first time ever. Mona “Took you long enough to come down here to meet me.” DC “Thangs been hard out here for a pimp. You killed my brother….. My own daughter, who I didn’t even knew existed until a few weeks ago, killed my brother. How do you expect me to come down here with opens arms? I am having a hard time dealing with this bullsh!t. My life been turned upside down and inside out!” Mona “Oh is that what you call it? Your nasty brother kidnapped me from my mother, made her believe I was dead, then molested me night after night. I am so sick of repeating that story. I might as well make a power point or a commercial on this “bullsh!t”. DC “I’m sorry. I am a bit rusty at my parenting skills. My wife left me and took our two boys with her. The youngest was just a new born when she left. And my older son was about a year a half. That’s been over 25 years ago.” Mona “As old as me.” DC, looking at her “I am so sorry for everything that has happened to you. I love my brother but that gives him no right taking you away from your family….. Our family” Mona “He probably wouldn’t have if you kept your nasty d!ck in your tight ass pants. I shouldn’t even have been born. If you two could have done the decent thing and not have extramarital affairs than none of this would be happening to me. I am a product of that affair. That’s what started this whole mess. Abe told me everything. He already knew you was sleeping with his wife.” DC “He knew?” Mona “Abe did know about the affair. He knew I may not have been his child. He wanted to get revenge by taking me from my mother and family. He took his anger out on me. My mother stopped sleeping with Abe after she was pregnant with me. She felt guilty and could not give herself to Abe. So Abe got his sick sexual gratifications through me. So I hope everyone is happy. I am the victim here. All I wanted was Sharan and to avenge the crimes against me.” DC “I am speechless. I had no idea Abe knew. This is all my fault. This affair with your mother has ruined so many people and lives.” Mona “Just another dumb ass man. That’s what you are! Always thinking of your self. Selfish pigs. Always thinking about sex and how to start wars. This economic melt down is because of the greed of men. Look at the Illinois governor who tried to sell President Obama’s senate seat. Global warming is because of man. The world would be a much peaceful place if all the men were eradicated.” DC “I am really sorry you feel like that. I can’t erase the past. I can’t take nothing back but we are here now. The present. We can’t move on if we continue to hold onto the past. And I want to make things right. It’s time for this family to have healing. We need to move past this.” Mona “I am not ready too. Don’t try and be a father to me now. I don’t need you. I need no one. The only person I need is Sharan. I love her and she will love me. So take your fatherly love and rot in hell with your brother. Get the hell out of here and don’t come back unless you got some weed.” DC “Please don’t shut me out. Let’s make things right. Let’s move past this.” Mona “You are the scum of this earth. You and my mother. Both slut bags. I will never forgive you two for your part on the torture I had to endure. I didn’t ask for none of that. I’m the innocent one but yet here I sit in jail. I will get out of here and I will get the Williams family.” DC “This has to end. Put a stop to this bad curse. It’s doesn’t have to be like this. Let all the pain and anger go.” Mona “No can do. Pain, and anger is all I know. I don’t know what happiness is. The only thing I know is having nightmares of your brother climbing on top of me night after night. I’ll never forget that. NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE AND NEVER COME BACK!” DC, speechless, nods his head and slowly walks off. Mona wipes a tear from her eye. Episode 112: I, Declare War! Written by ML Cooks Creative Consult: J. Lee Becker Huntington Memorial Hospital Alexis walks into the morgue wanting to see her sister. She looks at a body with a cover over it and wonders if it’s Ashley. She walks over to the table and pulls the cover off the body and her worse fears are confirmed as she looks upon her dead sister. Alexis instantly burst into tears. “How did this happen to you? Ashley I knew you were a bit crazy but what makes Sabryn shoot you seven times? I told you time and time again to let this thing with Bryan go. I told you, you were going to get hurt. And now look at you! You lay dead here in this morgue with seven bullets in your body. Damn you Sabryn! I will get you for doing this to Ashley. Oh my GOD!” She says, sinking to the floor, while holding onto Ashley’s hand. She then quickly stands up and looks at her. “Is this a joke Ash? Come on just open you eyes! You set this all up didn’t you? Come on its me. You’re sister. You can tell me. I just need to know you’re not dead.” She says through her tears. She gets no movement from Ashley. Alexis “I guess it’s true. You’re really dead. I was just hoping you faked your death like you did last time when I caused Sabryn and Bryan to run you over. I wish I could have helped you dear sister. No more pain for you though. I promise I will not let Sabryn get away with this.” Alexis pulls out Ashley’s diary from her purse. She looks down at it. “I had no idea you kept a diary. Maybe I will learn something new about you. Maybe your diary will give me some insight on what lead to all your craziness.” She caresses the diary as memories of playing in a park with Ashley go through her mind. She kisses Ashley’s for head and covers her body back up with the cover. “Rest in Peace Ashley Jones.” Alexis walks out the morgue. Before leaving, she looks back at her sister one last time, hoping Ashley moves or show some signs of life. After starring for a few minutes, Ashley doesn’t move. “Bye Ashley.” Alexis then leaves the room, leaving a dead Ashley to lay pale and cold. That is until Ashley sits up! Meanwhile Kiko walks over towards the Williams family, Sister Patterson, Kevin and Madea. Sister Patterson “How’s Karim? Can I see my son yet?” Kiko “I’m sorry Ms. Williams. I am not allowing visitors for Karim just yet.” Sister Patterson “Have you lost you mind child? I am not a visitor I am his damn mother. Lord have mercy you got me cussing in this place of healing and hope.” Madea “Why don’t you shut the hell up? Folks get tired of your ramblings on a daily basis. I can’t wait till they lock you in a crazy hospital.” Sister Patterson “Miss Jenkins please. You need to go back home. You should not be here.” Madea “You touch me and you will be laying in a coffin right next to you dead husband.” Kevin “Get a grip. Kiko, how about the blood test? Did any one of us match Karim’s blood type?” Kiko “Unfortunately no.” Sister Patterson “What you talking? That’s my son in there. Of course one of us match. We are family. We have the same blood in our veins.” Kiko “My test don’t lie Miss Patterson.” Sister Patterson “I’ll be needing you to address me as Sister Patterson thank you very much.” Madea “So now that no one matches, what will happen now Dr. Whitfield?” Kiko “I’m really sorry, but with out a blood type match for Karim, Karim will die.” Sister Patterson “Lord have Mercy. It won’t stop!” Madea “God is punishing you for all the things you’ve done. I’m so sorry I ever gave birth to you.” Kiko “Is there any one else we can test?” Kevin “No.” Just then DC walk over to them. Kevin “What the hell are you doing here?” DC “My nephew, I heard about my nephew! What’s going on?” Madea “Karim was hit by a car which ejected him onto the high way then he got ran over.” DC “Ah hell naw.” Sister Patterson “I’m going to lose my son too Don. Somebody do something. I can’t loose my son Karim too.” DC “What can we do?” Kiko “Karim needs a blood transfusion. Miss Jenkins, Kevin nor Sister Patterson matched Karim’s blood type.” DC “Well good hell well. I am his uncle, maybe I could be a match.” Sister Patterson “Yes please, anything to save my baby boy.” Kevin “NO!. We don’t need Don.” Madea “Kevin, please, you’re brother is in there on his death bed fighting for his life. Don’t let a petty grudge get in the way of anything that might save him. Do you want your brother to die? Does your hate for DC run deeper than the love of your bother?” Kevin “Fine. Let the bastard do what he has to do.” Kiko “Alright Mr. Williams follow me and we’ll see if you’re a match.” Back Downtown, Children Service Board Bryan and Natalia walk inside the building and over to the receptionist desk. Receptionist “May I help you?” Natalia “I’m here to get my son. The police station told us we could retrieve our son here.” Receptionist “Name please?” “Natalia Cigluti” Receptionist “Ahh yes, we’ve been expecting you. Wait here and I’ll get him.” Natalia turns to Bryan “I am so nervous.” Bryan “Why?” Natalia “I am about to meet my son. You have no idea how happy I am.” Bryan “I do. You’re shaking.” Natalia “I can’t help it. I just can’t believe our son is alive after all. He has been through so much. I want to be a good mother to him. This is a new beginning for me. I am going to do right by my son.” Bryan “I have two sons by two ladies who hate each other. I want my two sons, to grow up together. Loving one another.” Natalia “I don’t think Sabryn is going to let that happen. Besides, she’s in jail and I bet she’ll be there a long time. So if I were you I would not be worrying about that. We can give your sons the happy home you want them to have.” Bryan “What do you mean?…Oh wait, I know what you’re talking about, me and you moving in together.” Natalia “I am. Why the hell not? I am the mother of your oldest son. We will be connected forever. Me, you and Sabryn. No one can undo that. So you better get used to it.” Bryan “You find out you can’t trap Mark no more and now you’re on to your next victim. Me. Well I am not having it. I am done having my life controlled. I am tired of the lies and secrets. They are all out. Sabryn knows about our one night stand. I will repair my relationship with her.” Natalia “What about me? Our son?” Bryan “Natalia, I don’t know what you expect from me. Tricking men into sleeping with you is your forte. Mark didn’t love you and I certainly don’t. “ Natalia “I don’t need you to love me. Just some of that good co(k every now and again will do me just fine.” Bryan “You’re sick. Is that all you want? My d!ck?” Natalia “Who wouldn’t want your d!ck? I see why you made Ashley go crazy. “ Bryan “I can’t believe I am having this conversation with you. Any thoughts you had of us being a happy family, you’re mistaken. I will fight for sole custody of our son. You’re a liar and a cheat and not to mention a slut. I don’t want a person like you having influence on any child of mine.” Natalia “You dirty pig. Didn’t you cheat on Sabryn with Ashley? You’re no better than me. You’re a slut too. You will never take my son away from me. NEVER! You got that? Ashley has tried that already. You’ll have to walk over my grave before I allow you to have sole custody of our son.” The receptionist then interrupts the heated discussion between Natalia and Bryan with their son. “Here you are.” Natalia’s face lights up as tears forms in her eyes. She reaches out to hold him. “Oh my God. He’s beautiful.” She rubs his face. “You have my eyes.” Bryan “Yes he does. He has my smile. He’s a handsome little one.” Bryan Jr, the 1st begins to cry and Natalia holds her son closer to her shoulder and the baby quiets down. Natalia “He knows I’m his rightful mother. Everything is going to be ok son. I promise you. No one will ever take you away from me again.” Bryan “Were going to have to change his name. Sabryn named our son after me already.” Natalia “You’re right. Not that I am giving anything to Sabryn, But I don’t want our son named after you.” Bryan “Gee, thanks. He is my son after all.” Natalia “I think I’ll name him Mark Jr. instead. I want to honor the love of my life.” Bryan “Hell will freeze over first. You will not name my son after that fruit cake.” Natalia “You know Bryan, we have a long road ahead. Will you always be this difficult?” Bryan “Not at all. Just as soon as I get my son away from you, you won’t have to worry about me. Sabryn and I will raise both my sons.” Natalia “Then I guess we are going to war. I will not let that bitch raise my son. You know how we hate each other. I’m taking my son home to my house.” Natalia walks off. Bryan “Then war it is Natalia!” Back at the City jail Madea walks over to Mona and Sabryn’s cell. Mona stands up to look at her grandma. Madea “Hello chile’” Mona “Uhm hi.” Madea look at Sabryn, “How you derring?” Sabryn “I’m sorry what was that?” Mona “Derring means doing. How you doing?” Sabryn “I don’t know how to answer that. I got rid of Ashley, but yet I am here behind bars and away from my son.” Madea “Well honey, from one woman to another. I am proud of you. You did what you had to do.” Sabryn “I don’t know if I should thank you.” Madea “Well look here honey, you go ahead and take you a nap while my granddaughter and I have a little chat.’ Sabryn “I’m not sleepy.” Madea “You better get sleepy before I come in there and make you sleepy. I want some privacy with my grand baby.” Sabryn “I understand.” Sabryn goes to lay down as Mona walks closer to Miss Jenkins. Mona “Surprised to see you here granny.” Madea “Naw, honey, I’ll be needing you to use Miss Jenkins on me. Ain’t no granny here. I don’t understand why you are surprised to see me. I am your grand momma. I came to see how you was holding up.” Mona “If I had a nice fat ass blunt I would be so much better. I haven’t smoked in weeks and I am having all these crazy thoughts.” Suddenly Madea tosses something at Mona. It falls to the floor. Mona looks down and sees it’s what she’s been craving for, a dime bag of weed. Mona “Oh my God YES!” She sniffs it out and the funky smell warms her soul. Madea “Uhm hmm honey. I thought that might help ya out. I know how it is not to have yo twigs and berries and thangs.” Mona “Thank you.” Madea “I also want to let you know that I am here for you. I know you have been through a lot and I am going to help you get through it all. I’m the neutral person right now. I ain’t done nothing to you. So I hope you will be able to open up to me. This family is hurting. We need some healing.” Mona “Easier said then done. I have so much hate and anger in me. I cannot forget what was done to me by my family.” Madea “We all make mistakes honey. We have to let go and let God. If we hold on to the past than we can’t move forward toward the future. Holding grudges only takes up more energy. I’m not asking you to forget anything that’s happen but it’s time to forgive. This is tearing you apart. Look at you now. You are behind bars for so many crimes. And how the hell you have a secret dungeon below my basement is beyond me. I know you gone pay for that big ass hole in my floor. But I am glad you did because if you didn’t, I would have still been locked up in that old nasty house thanks to your ugly mother.” Mona “So what is the real story between you and Sister Patterson? Why would she keep you in your house like that?” Madea “Chile, that’s a story for another day. Now look, your arraignment and trial are coming up. I want you to be like Tupac and keep ya head up. Everything is going to be ok. I got your back.” Mona “You know, I feel so much hate toward my entire family but you. When I see you I almost feel at ease.” Madea “Uh huh, look , I got to get back to the hospital, your half brother was in a serious car accident. Sabryn ran him over.” Mona doesn’t have feelings on that subject. She feels nothing after hearing her brother is fighting for his life. “Thanks for my aunt Mary.” Madea “Don’t get caught with it.” Madea then leaves the city jail as Mona begins to look for objects to smoke out of. The Blue Note Ria and Remy continue their conversation while still sipping on drinks. Ria “So how long will you be in Pasadena?” Remy “Only for a few weeks. I got a lot of family back in Springfield to get back to. I also need to get back to my job and my life there.” Ria “You mean with that Blake girl?” Remy “No,… I don’t think so. Blake and I are over. She doesn’t want me no more and I have come to terms with that. So I am moving on.” Ria “I know that’s right. It’s her loss any way. Blakey passed up on a good man.” Remy, looking into her eyes “I’m good huh?” Ria, flirting with him, leaning over and caressing his knee cap “I want to find out.” She leans in closer to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Remy smiles at her and he then leans in closer to her and kisses her on the lips. She slips him the tongue and then they engage in tongue swapping. Ria pulls back “You a mighty fine kisser boo. Let’s go back to my hotel room and get more personal.” Remy, hesitates for a moment after hearing the offer, he knows he’s only going to be in this city for a few weeks and it won’t hurt to release some S.T.E.A.M. with Ria, what happens in Pasadena stays in Pasadena. It’s been a while since he had any action and he is looking at a beautiful woman standing before him. He decides to roll with the flow. “That sounds nice.” They put their drinks down and Remy follows Ria out the restaurant as they hold hands. Meanwhile Santino walks into the restaurant and he grabs a seat at the bar. He looks over to his left and notices he is sitting next to Alexis. Santino “Hello there?” Alexis “Hello, Santino right?” Santino “It is or you can call me Tino.” Alexis “Cool.” Tino “I heard about Ashley and I am sorry for your loss.” Alexis “I really appreciate that. A lot of people are glad my sister is dead.” Tino “Well I really don’t know the whole story but I do know Sabryn and Ash did not get along at all.” Alexis “No they didn’t, sworn enemies.” Tino “Till the bitter end.” Alexis “That it was. I am going to make Sabryn pay for doing this to Ashley. She probably thinks she’s going to beat these murder charges and live a happy life. I got news for her.” Tino “How about I buy you a drink? You have a lot on your mind.” Alexis “That sounds nice. I was so caught up in my emotion’s I forgot that’s why I came here in the first place.” Tino “What will it be?” Alexis “Sex on the beach.” The bartender grabs Alexis’s drink. Tino, ordering a beer, “So are you planning a funeral or-….” Alexis “No. I am going to have a private service. I am sick of funerals and Sister Patterson. I cannot deal with a another funeral co starring her.” Tino “I know exactly how you feel. She’s always preaching to people. How does a phony preach to the people?” Alexis “That’s Sister Patterson for you.” She sips on her drink. “No just a private service. The only thing I have left of my sister is this diary.” She pulls it out from her purse and looks at it. Santino “Have you read it?” Alexis “Not yet. I had no idea my sister was this deep to keep a diary. I am almost scared to read what’s in here.” Santino “Well if you need a friend to be there for you when you read it, you can count on me.” Alexis looks up in Tino’s eyes and smiles, “Thank you Santino. I really appreciate that.” Back at the Hospital Kiko walks out of his office and again approaches the Williams family as Miss Jenkins gets back from the City Jail. Sister Patterson approaches Kiko, “Dr. Whitfield, please tell us you have good news for us. Was Don a match for my son?” Kiko “Don was a match for Karim. The blood transfusion is under way.” Don, Sister Patterson, Miss Jenkins and Kevin all breathe a sigh or relief. Don “So my nephew will be ok then?” Kiko “Yes, but there is something else?” Kevin “What do you mean?” Kiko “After testing the entire family’s blood, I have found there are some discrepancies.” Sister Patterson “What does that mean?” Kiko “I don’t know how to say it so I’ll just come out and say it. Abe is not the father of Kevin and Karim. Don is. Don is Kevin’s and Karim’s father!” Sister Patterson and Miss Jenkins are absolutely stunned. DC looks confused and Kevin faints as the news hit him.
  4. Huntington Memorial Hospital Paramedics rush Karim into the E.R. as LaDonna follows closely behind. LaDonna "Please save him!" She shouts to the medical team with tears in her eyes. Just then Kevin and Sister Patterson with Madea right behind them walks up to LaDonna. Sister Patterson "I want to know what happened to my son and you better tell me now!" LaDonna "He was in an accident. Ashley hit his car and Karim was ejected and thrown mid air and Sabryn ran over him." Sister Patterson falls to her knees after all of that registers in her brain, "Lord why? Devil can't you leave me lone'?" Madea, looking at LaDonna, "Where's my grandson son now honey?" Ladonna "He's in the E.R." Kevin has tears in his eyes as he turns around and looks at the wall. "Damn I can't lose my brother too." Madea walks over to Kevin and gives him a hug. "I know it's hard honey. But it's gone be alright. It's gone get worse before it gets better." Kevin looks at his mother with hatred in his eyes. "Everything was just fine until you started sleeping around. I hate you and I wish I was never born to you." After saying that hurtful statement, Kevin walks away. Madea looks at her daughter, "You have single handedly destroyed your family. All the things you've done to me and your family are finally catching up to you. You are a disgrace. An ugly one at that." Sister Patterson "Don't talk to me like that Miss Jenkins. That's why I locked you up in the first place. All those mean and evil things you would say to me on a daily basis. It made me insane." Madea "Honey you are insane and so is your daughter. And you will pay for keeping me cooped up in my own damn house for all these years. You're going to be behind bars right with Kelis. It's a shame you'll get to know your long lost daughter behind bars." Then the doctor walks out of Karim's room. Sister Patterson "How is my baby boy? Is he ok?" Episode: 111; The Diary Written by ML Cooks and Tara Smith Creative Consult: J. Lee Becker The Jump Off Ria is sitting next to Remy at the bar. Ria "That's a nice name you have." Remy, smiling, "Thank you." Ria "I know just about everyone here in Pasadena. But I don't think I've seen you around here." Remy "You're right. I flew in here to Pasadena for the National Terrorism Training that Police Chief Mike Dietz is hosting. " Ria "Oh yea , like those terrorist attacks in India. I was so mad when they cut into my stories. I was watching Guiding Light in fact. You know the show with the ugly green walls in the hospital. Makes me fee like I am in a jungle." Remy, laughing, "Well I am sorry to hear that." Ria "So you're a cop huh?" Remy "I am indeed." Ria "That's sexy. How long will you be in my city and what city do you come from?" Remy "I'm from Springfield, Illinois." Ria "You a long way from home. I bet it even snows there." Remy "It does. We just had a big blizzard a few weeks ago." Ria "Wow. I've never seen snow before." Remy "Interesting. You'll have to. It's quite nice to look at it fall but it's a bitch to drive in." Ria "So I assume some one as fine as you have a girlfriend already?" Remy, thinking of Blake, and even missing her but realizes she doesn't want him. "Well, I did. But she's not ready for a man like me. I think Blake was too scared to let us be happy with one another. I think me being younger than her was a factor." Ria "Blake? Oh hell naw. That sounds like a white woman's name." Remy "Uhm, she's a human. I don't look at things in color. But yes she is white." Ria "Oh God help me. I can't stand white people." Remy "That's really a shame. " Ria "Chile' please. Do you know how hard the white man makes it for us? The slaves built the white house how many some years ago and look at how long it took to get some one with color in it. Hell Obama is only half white." Remy "This conversation was going good until you just said that. I think we should change the subject. I was raised to respect everyone. This is 2009 It's time to let the racism go." Ria "Uhm hmm. I like you. A lot. Let's order some drinks." They both order another round of drinks from the bartender. Downtown Pasadena, City Jail Sabryn is put into a cell with Mona as Bryan walks up to them. Bryan "Sabryn, what in the hell happened?" Sabryn "I killed that crazy bitch. That's what happened and I am not sorry she's dead. The battle is over; I won the war." Bryan "What about our son? You're in jail and he needs you the most right now." Sabryn "I don't care. I finally ended all of Ashley's madness. She can't get to me no more." Mona, interjecting, "I can't believe Ashley is dead. " Sabryn and Bryan look at her. Bryan "How do you know Ashley?" Mona "We were working together." Bryan "You were working with her while she was stalking us?" Mona "Sure was. I was there when she kidnapped Natalia's baby." Sabryn is reminded that Bryan also fathered Natalia's child. "Oh please don't go there." She turns around and sits on her cot. Bryan "Sabryn this does not look good for you at all. You repeatedly shot Ashley over and over again." Sabryn "It's your fault. She would not leave me the hell alone!.... She tried to take our son away from us. I was not going to let her do that to us. She had to be stopped. She came back from the dead once before so this time I made sure there is no coming back. Now my son won't have to worry about that monster no more." Bryan "Where is our son?" Sabryn "The police took him after they put me in the cruiser. I would assume Children Services has him now." Bryan "I am going to get him. And then find out when your bail hearing is." Sabryn "Bryan give it up. I don't want you helping me. And you better not touch my son." Bryan "Sabryn he is mine son too so you're just going to have to get used to it. I am going to get our son and then I'll be back." Bryan leaves. Sabryn, hollering out after him, "You better not touch my son you dirty Bastard! I don't want my son growing up like you!. A cheating pig!" Bryan ignores her as he walks off. Mona "So you hate Bryan huh? That's the spirit. I hate all men; they are all lying pigs. You should have shot Bryan. Kill all the men of the world." Sabryn turns around and looks at Mona. As the reality begins to set in she drops to her knees and begins crying. "I shot Ashley. She's finally out of my life. I don't have to worry about her no more. I can now sleep in peace at night." Mona "Ashley may be dead, but now what about your son? You may be behind bars for the rest of your life. That means Bryan will have a chance to raise BJ to be just like him." Sabryn "That will never happen. I will get out of here. I won't spend the rest of my life in here and away from my son. I'm the good one here." Mona "Do you think the judge will say that after you shot Ashley 7 times?" Sabryn "It doesn't matter, as long as I know Ashley won't be taunting me no more. Ashley is gone forever.!" Huntington Memorial Hospital Jasmine is in her brand new office, and Daniel walks in, ready for his first appointment. Jasmine "Daniel, so glad you could make it. Please, take a seat." Daniel, going to sit down on the sofa, "Thanks." Jasmine, sitting down on a chair and taking a clipboard, "Now…tell me, how did Lauren's death affect you?" Daniel "I…I don't know how to describe it. Doctor, my life has been a living hell. And I'm not kidding. I have been tortured so much, but…Lauren was the one bright spot. And she was pregnant. Both of them were my last hope, the last thing that made me happy in life. And maybe they were the first thing…but now they are gone…Lauren's death broke me." Jasmine "How about you tell me a little about that past of yours? It seems to be a great burden on you." Daniel "I don't think you want to know. Listen, this is pointless-" Jasmine "No, Daniel, you need this. I'm here to help you. Trust me." Daniel "I can't trust anyone. I'm sorry, but I can't. Not after my father, Ty…" Jasmine "Your father? How about you tell me about him, then? Why you can't trust him?" Daniel "Because he was never around…my mom died in child birth, so I never even got to know her. I lived with my dad, but he was hardly ever there…when he did, he was always drunk, and I don't think I ever had a tender moment or anything with him. I don't know if I can even say I had a father. " Jasmine "I never got to know my father, either…in fact I don't even know who he is." Daniel "Don't act like you understand or sympathize, because you don't. You just don't. No one can. NO ONE. No one knows what I went through, no one knows how much I have been tormented. I've always been alone, no one was ever there until I met Ty. And in the end, he showed his true colors. And then there was Lauren. She's dead. Have you ever been thrown in a dungeon by a crazy woman?" Jasmine "Well, no-" Daniel "Ever been presumed dead? Ever had a man go to death row and get EXECUTED when you really were alive?!" Jasmine, sighing, "No, I haven't." Daniel "Yeah, I thought so. I really should get going-" Jasmine "No, you're not going anywhere. Daniel, after this talk, I am even more determined to help you. So now, tell me more about this Ty person." Daniel "Well…Ty's a crime lord…when I first met him, in rehab, he was the one person I think I could consider a friend. No, not a friend, a brother. The first real family member I had…we met while we were both in rehab for addictions, because all my life since my dad did drugs, I didn't know any better…I didn't know that doing drugs was so wrong until it was too late…or so I thought. Ty was there too, we swapped our life stories, and found comfort in each other…we were bro's… but then I figured out he was just tricking me the whole time, because after we got out he made me his right hand man…he just wanted me for his dirty work in the mob. Ty is nothing but a malicious pig, a criminal. But Lauren was enough for me…and then she died." Jasmine "It seems like you've been through a lot…but you've survived a lot, so that means you can get through this." Daniel "No, no, I'm on the edge of my rope." Jasmine "Daniel, think about what Lauren would want…I never knew her, but would she really want you like this? Depressed?" Daniel "But-" Jasmine "But nothing! Lauren's up there, watching down on you, and she, and I, know you can get through this…so I am going to make sure you get through this, no matter what it takes!" Westwood Park, Dre's House Kiko walks inside his brother's house. Kiko "Lauren, it's me Kiko." Lauren comes out from the back bedroom. Lauren "It's so good to see someone. It's lonely here. I don't know if I can remain hiding until my baby is born." Kiko "You're gonna have too. Our lives are at stake. You and Dre involved me in this fake death plot. I had no choice in it. And now there is no going back. We could die. Tyler will kill us!" Lauren "I know and I am sorry. You have no idea what this is doing to me. I miss Daniel so much. I think he's already moving on with some one else." Kiko "Can you blame him? I hope you don't think he will not move on with his life." Lauren "I don't expect him not to. It's just hard thinking about the man I love being with some one else." Kiko "Well let me ask you this, how did Daniel take it when he found out you moved on with Chris and is having his baby?" Lauren "He was hurt. And I felt so bad so I guess I can't expect him to wait for me. And I can't even say that. He thinks I am dead. I feel so bad for doing this to him. But I have to." Kiko "No you don't. Just turn Ty into the police and end all of this now. How do you think Daniel will feel when he finds out that you faked your death? If I was him I would be furious. All the pain I would have gone through in burying the woman I love." Lauren "Setting up Ty isn't the only reason why I faked my death." Kiko "I don't understand." Lauren "Kiko, right before Daniel came back from Mona's dungeon, I had a one night stand with Kevin." Kiko "Wow. " Lauren "And I really don't know if this child I am carrying is Chris's or Kevin's" Kiko "I can't believe I am hearing this. That's why Sister Patterson kept saying you weren't a slut at the funeral." Lauren "Oh I heard it all. I am just glad her third eye didn't realize that I was really alive in my coffin." Kiko "So ok, I don't understand how not knowing who's baby this is helped you to decide to fake your death.' Lauren "If this is Kevin's child, I am going to give it up. I don't think Daniel can handle finding out I slept with Kevin and bore him a child. It would devastate him." Kiko "How do you know that? You haven't even given him a chance to handle it. Lauren, you are playing with peoples lives and you will get burned. I can't believe I just heard you say you are going to give up this precious child if it doesn't turn out the way you want. It's sad and almost sick, and I have lost respect for you." Lauren "I know it's wrong Kiko. You don't have to read me the riot act. I am on an emotional roller coaster. I am so depressed that all this is happening. I take no joy in doing what I am doing." Kiko "Then you have the choice to end it." Lauren "It's too late. We are in this to deep." Kiko "I just came here to give you a check up. I really need to leave here." He sits her down and pulls out a few things from his medical bag. Kiko "I got some equipment coming over here. It's a mammogram and a few other medical devices so we can check on this baby." Lauren "Thank you so much. I am 6 months pregnant and I've never had a mammogram or nothing. We need to know if my child is ok." Kiko "Is there a reason why it would not be?" Lauren, pausing, feeling guilty about what she is about to say, "I was drinking heavily early in the pregnancy. Before I knew I was with child." Kiko, shaking his head back and forth, "That's not good at all." Back at the Hospital Alexis walks up to LaDonna, Madea, Sister Patterson and Kevin. Ladonna stepping out from the crowd to confront her. "It's because of you! You did this!" Sister Patterson "What you talking child?" LaDonna "Alexis was arguing with Karim. She thinks I want her man. She has been arguing with Karim for weeks about me. I've told her each and every time I don't want Karim. But you don't listen and now look at what you've done. You made Karim so upset, he stormed out of Ivory. I hope you're happy now Alexis. I hope this gives you the proof you need that I don't want your man. Are you happy you caused this accident?" Alexis then slaps Ladonna across the face. Before Ladonna could attack Alexis like she has been wanting too for the last few weeks, Sister Patterson jumps in Alexis face. "I knew it! I knew you were evil. And I can't believe I am out here without my bible or my Holy water. I would just drench you right now in that holy water if I could. My son is not a liar. The devil is; just like you. My son says what he means and means what he says. I know for a fact you are hiding something from my son. And it will come out, and when it does, may the Lord let me have Mercy on your soul. " Madea "That's enough. This is about Karim right now. You always got to make everything about you don't you?! All this ring-a-maroe don't make no sense. Now doctor, tell us how my grandson is?" Doctor " Karim has suffered blunt force trauma to his head. He's lost massive amounts of blood and he will need a blood transfusion immediately. I assume you are his family members?" Madea "We are doctor and I want to be the first one to offer my blood. Where do I go?" Doctor "I have a nurse waiting in room 111. " Madea, looking at her family, "Well come on. Let's go save Karim. " Kevin, with tears in his eyes, "I can't lose my brother. I can't take much more of this." Madea once again holds her grandson as Sister Patterson looks on in envy, wishing it was her being there for her son. She walks off quietly to donate blood for Karim. Alexis walk off some ways from the mourning family wiping tears that are falling down her face. She is spun around by LaDonna. LaDonna "I really hope when Karim pulls through this, he leaves you high and dry. I hope he realizes what kind of person you really are." Alexis "You did a great job turning Karim's family against me." LaDonna "You did that all by yourself. You and your pathetic accusations. Are you that jealous of me? Are you that insecure?" Alexis "I wouldn't have to be if you would just keep your hands off of him. Every time I walk into a room, you're gazing at him or massaging his shoulders. You do want Karim just admit it." LaDonna "You're just so pathetic. I agree with Sister Patterson, you are hiding something and it will come out." Then Mike walks up to Alexis. Mike "Ashley, I am so sorry for your loss." Alexis "I'm not following you. Karim is not dead." Mike "You must not of heard yet." Alexis "Heard what?' Mike "Ashley has been killed. Ashley hit Karim's car on the highway." Alexis "What? My sister is dead? Who killed her?!" Mike "Sabryn." Alexis begins to bawl her eyes out, "This can't be happening. What the hell was Ashley doing?" Mike hands Alexis a book. Alexis "What's this?" Mike "We found this in Ashley's car. It's her diary. I thought you might like to have it." Alexis is stunned, not thinking her sister was that deep to keep a diary. Alexis instantly wonders if her helping out her sister is in it. Alexis "Thanks Mike." Mike "Let me know if you learn anything." Alexis "I will." LaDonna, under her breath, "Yea right." Mike "How's Karim?" Alexis "Not good." Mike "I'll keep him in my prayers. I got to get down to the station." Mike then leaves. Alexis turns around and sees Ladonna still hovering around her. Alexis "Would you please stop stalking me!?" LaDonna "Never. Not until I find out what you are hiding. And I bet it's in Ashley's diary." Back at The Police Station Mona is sitting in her cell, thinking about how great it would feel to smoke some weed right now. Then her thoughts are interrupted when she hears "Hello daughter" She stands up and sees her real father DC. Mona and DC are about to meet for the first time, A father and his long lost daughter reunited……….
  5. The Blue Note Daniel greets Sharan and Dre at the door. Sharan "Hi Daniel, how are you doing?" She says giving him a hug. Daniel "I'm making it. Had some counseling with Jasmine. I got a lot of my built up emotions out. I feel better." Sharan "Jasmine? Ria's sister?" Daniel "Yup, but she is nothing like that loud Ria. " Sharan, looking at Daniel's, white suite, admiring it, "You look like you work here?" Daniel "I own this place now. " Dre, thinking of faking Lauren's death and hiding her at his house, "That's a good thing man. I am sure Lauren would be happy." Daniel "It's the only thing I have left of her. So…. are you two here on a date?" Neither one of them answer at first. Then Sharan decides too, "We are here for dinner. This place has good food and I need a good meal. Besides, Dondre and I have a lot of catching up to do." Daniel "Then right this way." He leads them to their table. Dre pulls Sharan's seat out so she can sit down and then he sits. He looks into her eyes. She looks back at him. Sharan, smiling "Is there something on my face?" Dre "Yes it is." Sharan, reaching into her pure to get her compact, "Oh my goodness I am so embarrassed." Dre grabs Sharan's hand before she could make it all they way into her purse. "Beauty." Sharan "Say what?" Dre "It's beauty on your face shawty. It feel real good to be able to look at you again. Do you know how much I've missed? I haven't been right ever since you disappeared. And then like damn, here we are." Sharan "Here we are. I am glad to see you're doing ok too." Dre "I'm even more good now that you're here. So tell me something, what's the deal with you Kevin? I picked up on some ill vibes on that situation right there." Sharan "I can't be with Kevin right now. He has a lot to deal with. His family is falling apart and I don't want to be so close to Mona. I can't be with a man who's sister kidnapped me and raped me. I just can't do it." Dre "I feel that. I do feel bad for the man." Sharan "That's very compassionate of you." Dre "You bring that out in me." Sharan, pausing for a minute, "I have to tell you something. Dre "You can tell me anything gurl." Sharan, looking into his eyes, "The last night I was free, the night Mona kidnapped me, Kevin and I were making love and I called out your name." Dre, smiling, "Word? I know Kevin was heated." Sharan "He was. I never saw him so angry before. Even before that, I couldn't get you out of my mind. Thoughts of you made me happy and all the times we've kissed constantly replayed in my mind." Dre "I didn't even know I got to you like that. You kept dissin' me. I was starting to think I had no chance with you." Sharan "I had to act like that. I had to ponder what was I doing and why am I having these feelings for you when I was engaged to Kevin?" Dre "Cause you want to be with me." Sharan "I think I do Dre. I am ready to connect with you on a more personal level." Dre leans over to her and kisses her on the lips as Kevin walks in The Blue Note and sees the kissing action take place. Kevin is not thrilled at all seeing the woman his heart belongs to kiss another man. S.T.E.A.M. Episode: 110;A Highway to HELL!! Written by Tara Smith and ML Cooks The Jump Off Lisa meets with Ria over at the bar. Lisa "Hey girl, sorry I am late." Ria, sipping on her double shot of 151, "It's all good girl. I am feeling lovely." Lisa "What you sipping on?" Ria "Some 151 girl." Lisa "Damn, you're trying to commit suicide." Ria "No..no. Just drinking some stress away." Lisa, ordering a drink as well, "What's been going on?" Ria "My mother and older sister have to decided to move into my house without so much as asking me." Lisa "Do they need help?" Ria "Chile' no. My mother is Patti Labelle." Lisa "Oh girl.. Shut yo' mouth." Ria "For real. " Lisa "I had no idea. I would love to have Patti Labelle staying at my house." Ria "Live with her for a few days and I bet that's won't how you feel." Lisa laughs and sips on her drink. Ria "So how's work been?" Lisa "Busy as ever. Over worked and underpaid. This crime wave that's coming to a close here in Pasadena has my work cut out for me. I've been working closely with the new police chief." Ria "You mean Mike huh?" Lisa "Yes ma'am." Ria "He fine as hell to for a white man. He is single now." Lisa "Didn't he lose Jodie to HIV?" Ria "Yea girl. Such a shame to." Lisa "I assume Mike doesn't have HIV then too right?" Ria "Girl I don't even know. I'll have to ask him that." Lisa "You're going to ask him?" Ria "Uhm yea." Lisa "Just like that?" Ria "How will I know if I don't ask? I have a right to." Lisa "Girl you is too much. So how's your love life. You got that Kiko guy yet?" Ria "No. Damn him! That's another reason why I am stressed. I need some d!ck girl. Some good ass strong d!ck. Some d!ick that will make u give a n!gga yo car keys" Lisa "I know that's right. I got me some last night. The kind that makes your face glow the next day.. No forget that. It was the kind of d!ck that made me had orgasms at work today every time I thought of his name." Ria "Oh girl. Get it while the getting is good." Lisa "I say forget Kiko and find you some one else. It's obvious Kiko is just sleeping on you or he is gay." Ria "I don't know girl. I don't understand how he can turn some one like me down. No one does that. So he must be gay. But he keep giving me this hoopla about his brother and I messing around and how he don't do sloppy seconds. " Lisa "Next!. Move on." Ria "You're right." She finishes her double shot of 151 and spins her bar stool around to see who can she see in the club. Lisa does the same. Lisa "You scouting?" Ria "Yea, I don't see no one grabbing my eye." Just then a tall dark-skinned handsome brotha walks in and over to the bar and orders a beer. Ria "Girl you see him. I never saw his face round here before." Lisa "Could be some fresh meat." Ria "Uhmm hmm. I'ma go holla at him. I'll get with you later." Lisa "Do ya thang. I ain't mad at you. I'm headed home. I have a case from the state to prosecute. Call me with details." Ria "I will." They hug. Lisa "You be safe driving home." Ria "I will." Lisa leaves as Ria walks over to the sexy stranger. Ria "How are you cutie?" Man "I'm good. How about your self?" Ria "I'm real good. Just out having a few drinks. I'm Ria" Man "I'm Remy." Pasadena Highway Ashley is driving down the expressway, laughing . She looks back at both BJ's, and smiles in victory. Ashley "Oh, my two boys….we're gonna get you're daddy soon…I promise…but for now we've got to get away before the Witch of the West Sabryn gets us…although she could be dead by now…after I gave her that delicious stab. Ooooh, I bet she is! Sabryn is dead!!!! SABRYN IS DEEEEEEAAAAAD! Yes, yes, I killed that bitch! I killed her, I killed her, and now she's dead dead dead!" Ashley begins chanting about how Sabryn is dead as she drives across the highway, but suddenly, a bullet goes flying through the back window and then goes flying out the front window as Ashley ducks! Ashley "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" She looks back to see a bloody Sabryn driving a car, right on her tail, and she has a gun in hand! Ashley's eyes widen. Ashley, yelling out her window as the babies begin to cry, "I thought you died!" Sabryn, taking another shot but missing, "Well, if I'm going down then you're going down with me!" Ashley, laughing. "HA! I'd like to see you try!" Ashley speeds up her car and goes flying past many others as Sabryn follows, and while chaos rises, both BJ's scream. Sabryn "Don't worry, Bryan Jr., mommy's coming!" Ashley and Sabryn's cars go zooming down the highway, a high speed chase ensuing… Ivory Inc. LaDonna is working with Karim in his office, both of them about to finish up for the day. Both of them look up when Alexis walks in. Alexis, looking to LaDonna, "Get out! I need to spend time with my boyfriend." LaDonna "Uh, but we were working." Alexis "Yeah well now you're not." Karim "Alexis, its alright." Alexis "No, send your lackey out of here!" Karim, sighing in frustration and looking at LaDonna, "Alright alright, we'll finish up tomorrow." LaDonna nods and then leaves, glancing at Alexis as she does. Alexis, furiously approaching Karim "Why the hell are you always with her?! You spend more time with her than you do with me! " Karim "She is my secretary, I have to talk to her. Alexis, I really don't know why you are complaining about LaDonna so much." Alexis "Because its like she is your girlfriend more than I am! She is always coming onto you, Karim, can't you see that?!" Karim "No, no I don't…and how dare you accuse LaDonna of so much when you are the one keeping secrets?" Alexis "You still think I am hiding things from you?" Karim "My mother's third eye isn't stupid, as crazy as she is, and you've been acting weird ever since you got released from jail." Alexis "Your mother is a nutjub! I promise you I am not keeping secrets from you!" Karim, slamming his fist down in anger, "I trust my gut, too. I still remember hearing that baby crying at your apartment, but you said it was the TV when I know it wasn't. I won't have no more women keeping secrets, not after Ria and my mother." Alexis, groaning in frustration "For the last damn time: I am not Ria, I am not like Ria! Or Sister Patterson! And that was the TV whether you like it or not! You seem to think that all women are like Ria…oh wait except LaDonna. Oh, no we always have to defend the lovely LaDonna. Heaven forbid anyone insult her." Karim "Alexis, I love you. I really love you…but, I know you. And you are lying through your teeth right now. I'm getting fed up with everyone keeping secrets. My mother kept secrets from me, my pops did too. No more. I want to have everything out now." Alexis, growing nervous, "There's nothing to have out!" Karim, looking up at Alexis with his eyes bursting in anger at the back and forth game going on, "LIKE HELL THERE ISN'T! That's it. I'm not gonna sit around and listen to this, because we're not getting anywhere." Karim angrily storms out of his office as Alexis's eyes widen, and she runs out into the hall. Alexis "Wait, Karim, come back!!! KARIM, COME BACK!!! Please!" Karim simply ignores her and stomps off…. Pasadena Highway Sabryn and Ashley are still chasing each other while the kidnapped babies cry very loudly, and Sabryn holds off from firing anymore shots at risk of hitting one of them. The police are now right behind Sabryn, and she looks behind her as more and more flashing lights show up. Sabryn "I don't care how many cops are after me, I'm going to get my son back and kill Ashley myself. I'm not stopping for anybody, its time to put an end to this and all of her madness." Ashley, in her car, "Oh Sabryn…you're so pathetic. Really think you can start your little chase and somehow catch me? I think not! You're so stupid, and I think its time I show you how pathetic and stupid you are once and for all!" Ashley floors her car and it goes even faster, as numerous other cars rush to pull over for their own safety. Sabryn, scowling, "You won't get away that easily, psycho bitch!" Sabryn floors her own car, and she catches up with Ashley, while police cars try to keep up with them. Ashley, looking back to the screaming infants, "Hush little baby don't say a word…momma's gonna kill that annoying bitch. If that annoying bitch don't die, momma's gonna torture her till she cries!" While Ashley sings the twisted song to the BJ's, she keeps the car floored. She briefly looks up at Sabryn's car right behind her's and grins evilly and waves before going back to singing, completely keeping her eyes off the road. However, suddenly…her car slams into Karim's car and Ashley's eyes widen and she looks up and nearly loses control. Ashley, grabbing the wheel and trying to keep the car on track while it spins out of control, "DAMN IT! I won't let this stop me!" Sabryn hears her son crying even more now, and is only more determined. She gasps when she sees Karim's body come flying at her car, coming from the car Ashley rammed into, and before she can even stop she runs over it, but keeps going. Sabryn "HOLY CRAP! That's it, this ends here!" Meanwhile, Ladonna who was also in the same area of the expressway where Ashley hits Karim's car, pulls over as she sees Karim's body being ejected from his car. She quickly gets out of her car and rushes over to where his body lands after flying in mid air, having fallen into a ditch, and she screams when she sees…KARIM lying down, unconscious with blood pouring out of his head. LaDonna, leaning down, "Karim, no…NO…no this can't be happening…" Back on the road, Ashley is constantly trying to keep her car from going haywire. She looks in the rearview mirror every few seconds and Sabryn, as well as the police, are still on her tail. Ashley "I've come too far…I have two wonderful sons, I've done so much…SHE WON'T WIN! SHE CAN'T!" Ashley keeps on going, and Sabryn keeps up with her, but eventually Ashley finally loses control and her car skids off the road, and Sabryn intentionally drives off the road herself, and stops her car. Sabryn, again grabbing her gun, "Okay….this is it. Time for Ashley's era to end, and me to get my son back." Sabryn begins to get out of her car, but she looks up when she sees the battalions of police cars arriving. The new chief of Police Mike gets out and rushes up to Sabryn, and cuff her! Mike "Sabryn Genet, you are under arrest for attempted murder and evading police." Sabryn, furious, "EXCUSE ME?! I am the one trying to stop that crazy psycho Ashley! She kidnapped my SON!" Mike "Let us deal with that, Sabryn." As Mike tells one of his officers to escort Sabryn to a squad car after retrieving Sabryn's gun, many of the other officers take out their own guns and turn towards Ashley's car. Ashley, peeking out and seeing Sabryn, "Awww, you lost again, didn't you?! You poor woman, just get used to it: You can never beat me!" Mike, using a megaphone as both BJ's continue crying out due to all the chaos, "Ashley Jones, come out with your hands up! Surrender now or we will be forced to take drastic action!" Ashley, beginning to laugh crazily, "Oh please! I'm not Sabryn! And you're not taking me…alive or dead! My sons and I are going to get out of this safe and free!" Mike "Miss Jones, we will be forced to shoot if you don't surrender now!" Ashley "Oh you can't do that…you could hit my precious boys! You've already made them so upset!" Mike "This is your last warning, Miss Jones, or we will open fire! " Ashley "Fine, shoot me! But you wont win, because I always win! I took on Natalia, Dahlia, Sabryn, I can take on you all!" The officer makes a nod to the other officers and they hold their guns up, and are about to fire…but out of nowhere, Sabryn getting a burst of beastly energy breaks out of her handcuffs and jumps forward, tackling Mike and shoves him down! She grabs his gun before he can stand, and she literally darts towards Ashley's car! While the officers are distraught and don't know what to do, Ashley sees Sabryn in her rear view mirror and again grins as she finally gets out, and she looks at Sabryn! Sabryn, holding Ashley at gunpoint, "Alright, no more games. This ends here." Ashley "This is almost funny. You really think you can kill me? I don't think my sons, both of them, will take too kindly to that!" Sabryn, hearing the cries from the car, "Don't worry, Bryan Jr., your true mommy is coming! Right after I do something that should have been done a long time ago! Do you know how much you've tortured me?! How much I've been put through BECAUSE OF YOU?!" Sabryn takes a shot at Ashley, and it hits her right in the chest, and Ashley stumbles back! Sabryn "That was for sleeping with Bryan!" Ashley, gasping for breathe, "Damn…damn…you…Bryan….lo-loves…me…" Sabryn, shooting her again, "That was for stalking Bryan and me." Ashley coughs up some blood, and Sabryn fires again while the police rush towards her. Sabryn "That was for stealing another baby and trying to pass it off as your's and Bryan's." Sabryn takes yet another shot as Ashley begins to crumble to the ground. Sabryn "That was for crashing my wedding." Sabryn shoots Ashley AGAIN. Sabryn "That was for kidnapping my son!" Sabryn fires another bullet and it hits Ashley's back. Sabryn "That was for me." Sabryn once again shoots her this time in the head. Sabryn "And that-that was just to kill you." Ashley is surrounded by a pool of blood and literally riddled with bullets. She uses the last strength she has to look up and give her arch rival a deathly glare, and she sees the police approaching, and manages to smile one last time, knowing Sabryn will get arrested for this. Ashley "And…now…..I have….my revenge." Sabryn, leaning down to Ashley's ear, "No….I have MINE." Ashley finally collapses, dying from the critical wounds sustained. Sabryn notices she's stopped breathing, and knows that finally, Ashley Jones is dead. She tosses the gun to the ground and gets into Ashley's car, and she notices both babies are still screaming to death, and she grabs her son and shushes him as she heads towards the police with Bryan Jr. in her arms, meeting them halfway to Ashley's car. Sabryn "She's dead. Ashley's finally dead…and I have my son back. I don't care what you do to me…arrest me, whatever…now that I have my son and Ashley can't wreck my life anymore…" One of the policemen take the baby and they rush up to Ashley's car…while one of them reaches in the backseat and gets the other BJ. A little ways away, an officer once again handcuffs Sabryn. Mike "Sabryn Genet, you are under arrest for the murder of Ashley Jones! "
  6. aMLCproduction

    Amend! #108

    Night Falls on Pasadena Lavender Hill Ashley pulls into Sabryn's driveway. She looks in the baby seat and sees Bryan Jr. asleep. "You wait right here little one. Mommy is going to grab your brother." Ashley gets out her car and creeps over toward the mansion. Just like last time when she broke in, she lucks up as the patio door has been left open. Ashley walks insides the darkened house. She creeps toward the stairs as she pulls out a butcher knife. She slowly walks up stairs to get closer to Sabryn's son's room. Once she finally reaches her destination, she looks around to make sure the coast is clear. She opens the door slightly and slowly and steps inside. She sees the baby crib and walks over to it and sees Sabryn and Bryan's son sleeping peacefully. Ashley speaks to the baby, "We are going on a field trip sweet face. You are going with me, your new mother and your brother. We are going to be one happy family." As Ashley is about to lean down and pick him up, the door swings open with the light coming on. Ashley, startled, jumps as she turns around and sees Sabryn. Sabryn "What the hell are you doing here Ashley?" Ashley "I was going to kidnap your son. But I think killing you first will be much better." She says with a smile, pulling out her butcher knife from her purse, frightening Sabryn. S.T.E.A.M. Episode: 108 Amend! Written By: ML Cooks and Tara Smith with JL Becker Can I Get A Witness West Coast Baptist Church As Lauren lays in her coffin pretending to be dead, Jenn walks up to her with a saddened look in her eyes. Jenn "I don't know how this happened to you Lauren. It was so sudden. I hope Ty didn't do this to you. I hope he didn't kill you. However, I want you to know I'm sorry for hurting you; I hurt you by being with Ty. You warned me over and over again about Ty. You kept telling me he was a criminal and he's no good. Well you were right. I am just so sorry it took me so long to realize it . I wish you were still here so I could really tell you. I bet you would have been happy. Well, I at least hope so. .. "She pauses, getting a little teary eyed. She wipes a tear. Jenn "I guess I've done some horrible things lately. Do I feel bad for what I did to Jodie? I don't know. I really don't. I am sure there is a spot in hell for me. I love you Lauren and may you rest in peace." She turns around and sees Ty standing there, having overheard everything she said to Lauren. Jenn gets shivers in her body as Ty has this blank look on his face. Jenn "You scared me." Ty "I should. Let's step outside. I want to talk with you in private." Jenn takes a deep breath as she wonders if Ty will beat her once she gets out side. Against her gut feeling, she follows him outside anyhow. Sitting down, Santino has his eye on Jenn and Tyler and wonders what Ty is going to do to Jenn. Caring about her, he decides to keep a low profile and follows them. Ria walks up to Sharan. Sharan "The last time I saw you, we almost got into a physical confrontation at Ashley's funeral." Ria " Yeah because you opened you big mouth about Dre and I. All because you wanted Dre for yourself. You're a fake and a phony. I hope you told Kevin about the kissing incident with you and Dre." Sharan "Don't worry about Kevin and I." Ria "Trick please. You was all up in mine with Karim. I loved him and you took that away from me." Sharan "You did that all by yourself, you cheated on Karim with Dre, not me." Ria "Well what do you call kissing Dre? Oh, wait, there's a double standard going on here." Sharan "Kissing Dre was wrong. I know that. I never meant for it to happen. It was a mistake. But there is a difference between you and I. A few in fact. first of all, you wanted to cheat Karim. You intended to. My escapade with Dre was spontaneous. Second of all, I didn't get caught. I'm not sloppy with mine." Ria "I oughta slap the sh!t out you Bitch. I was trying to mend the fences with you but I am good on all that. Miss Saditty. Don't think you're better than me." Sharan "Never said I did. But for you to think that says a lot, Thanks Ria." Ria "Girl, you better pump your brakes. Don't test me in here. I will put my pimp hand to that face." Sharan "Ria, grow up." Ria "I did. Right after I told Kevin I saw you and Dre kissing." Ria winks her eye at Sharan and coolly walks off. Sharan, face cringing, "I can't believe her." Outside the Church Jenn and Ty walk around the garden with Santino discretely following them. Ty "So why do I have to over hear your conversation with a dead woman to really know how you feel about me?" Jenn "Ty I am sorry. We never have time to talk anymore and when we do, you don't want to talk or something always comes up." Ty "I am busy making you happy. Buying you expensive things. Giving you the things you want. I have an empire to run. I have to fight to keep the cops off my back." Jenn "But Ty I told you, all those material things don't mean anything to me. I just want you. You make me happy. Not clothes and vacations. We are engaged to be married; We have been engaged for months now and we haven't said nothing about a wedding. I feel as if sometimes you don't love me." Ty "I do love you Jenn. Do you know how much I had to go through to be with you. Getting rid of Mike. That was no easy task." Jenn I am not a prize Ty. I am a woman who wants to be loved. It was so great in the beginning. So passionate. So romantic. All that has disappeared. You've become this person I don't know anymore. " Ty "What are you saying? You're going to leave me like all them other suckers did?" Jenn "No Baby." In a distance, Santino is a little hurt and confused. He wonders how Jenn could tell Tyler she cares about him yet, days ago she told Santino she cares about him as well. Having enough with the reunion of Jenn and Ty, Tino walks back into the church. Jenn "I love you and I want this to work out. But I am scared of you at times." Ty "I already know what you are about to say. The time I shot you and I beat you when you came back from Cleveland." Jenn "Yes. I have never really dealt with those things. I feel uneasy when I am around you at times. If you truly love me, I shouldn't have to feel like that. I want this to work. But we have to make some changes." Ty "What kind of changes?" Jenn "I want you to show me you love me. I want to feel it. Actions speaks louder than words Ty. I just want to be loved." Ty grabs her and holds her. Ty, looking into Jenn's eyes, with passion and remorse, "I am so sorry Jennifer. I'll be a better man to you. I promise I will love you better. And I won't put my hands on you ever again." Jenn, pulling back and looking into his eyes "You really promise?" Ty "I do." They lean in and kiss, Jenn, fearing what will come next, hesitantly kisses him. Back inside the church Alexis walks up to Karim. Alexis "How are you holding up?" Karim "Not good at all. My pops is in heaven or maybe even hell at this point. I miss my pops." Alexis holds him. Karim, continuing "And I can't get what my mother said to us at the door." Alexis, rolling her eyes knowing where Karim is about to take this conversation. Karim "Alexis, I am going to ask you again. Are you hiding something from me? Just about every one in my life has lied to me. Including my mother, my dead pops and my ex fiancée. I hope I don't have to add you to the list." Alexis "I am not hiding nothing, I can assure you that." Karim "I can't believe I am about to say this. And I know it's going to sound strange even coming from me. But in some sick way, my mom's third eye never lies. Since I was a child, that eye of hers, always saw things that no one else did. She said you were hiding something." Alexis, thinking of how she knew Ashley was alive this whole time and that Ashley has been working with Karim's half sister, public enemy number one, Mona, still lies to Karim's face. "I don't want to be disrespectful. But there is a first time for everything. I am not hiding anything from you. I know how many people have hurt you in your life with lies. I am not going to do that to you . I love you. With all my heart." Karim "I just don't know. You act like you're having an affair. Late night phone calls, and your strange actions. Those are the same things Ria did. You're acting the way she did when she was cheating on me." Alexis "What do I have to do for you to believe me? Would you like me to take a lie detector test. I am more than willingly too." Karim "There's no need for that. We shouldn't even have to take it there. You should be able to convince me that you're not cheating. My heart is telling me something else and no test is going to change that. Only you can. Your actions. In any case, if you are hiding something, it will come out, just like my mother said." Before Alexis can respond, she is brushed aside by LaDonna, who hugs Karim. Ladonna "I am so sorry for you loss Karim." Karim "Thank you LaDonna. I really appreciate you being here." Alexis "Excuse me! We were in the middle of a conversation. And you're just gonna be rude and barge right in." Karim "Alexis please. Why are you always attacking LaDonna?" LaDonna "It's ok Karim. It just goes to show you how shallow Alexis is." She says turning around and smirking at Alexis, "Get a hold of yourself woman. This is a funeral and the only thing you're worried about who is trying to rub up on your man. It' all about you huh? Why are so jealous of me? I barely even know you. You're paranoid. I almost feel sorry for Karim that he has to be with you. May God be with you Karim." And with that so boldly spoken, LaDonna walks away. Alexis "Karim, I don't like her! Why do you let her talk to me like that?" Karim "You attacked her for no reason. She was defending herself. Grow up and worry about your secrets." Karim walks away from Alexis, with a look of disgust. Ty walks back in the church with Jennifer and sees Daniel and then looks at Jenn. Ty "I am going to have a chat with Daniel. Can you grab us a seat, I think this funeral is finally going to get started?" Jenn "Ok." She walks away, with a puzzling look on her face. Ty walks over to Daniel. Daniel visibly unhappy to see Ty, "I know you are not here to mourn Lauren. You hated her." Ty "I am really sorry for what's happened." Daniel "Give me a break, I really don't need your fake pity right now." Ty "What has gotten into you man? You're on the defense. We used to be like brothers. And now you act like you don't even know me anymore. What gives? Have I done something?" Daniel "Getting involved in your lifestyle was the biggest mistake of my life. I got hooked on drugs, treated Lauren horrible and we all know what Mona did to me. I almost died several times thanks to Mona. And it stems from you. We were all working together And you're the one who told me to help her out. Well I couldn't. She took it as double crossing her and that's the reason she did everything she did to me." Ty "Wow, I had no idea. Why are you just now telling me? We could have put a stop to Mona months ago. She wasn't supposed to do all those thing to you, we were only to take out the Williams family." Daniel, looks at Ty with disgust in his eyes. "She's an unstable mess, I've lost to much working with you Ty. I lost the woman I loved. I bet it's because of Mona. Mona probably killed Lauren before stopping Sabryn and Bryan's wedding. And to be honest, I think it's time you experience some losses to ." Ty looks confused at what Daniel said. "Come again?" Daniel "You're not invincible Ty. One day, you will be caught and exposed. Your dirty deed will come to light, you can bet on that." Ty "You say that as if you wish it would happen sooner rather than later." Daniel "You're right." Ty "Wow, Thanks…Brother." Daniel "Don't call me that ever again. You were just brainwashing me. A brother wouldn't have done what you did to me." Ty "I can't believe I am hearing this. You really want nothing to do with me?" Daniel "I thought you understood that the last time we met. I almost knocked the living sh!t of you Ty until the wannabe Santino stepped in the way." Ty "And to think, I came over to lend a hand. I was going to offer you some work since you lost Lauren, it would have taken your mind of things. I was going to help you find out who shot her. But clearly you don't want that. I'll just be on my way then. But you remember one thing Danny boy, you're either with me, or against me. You have chosen your path so may God have Mercy on your soul when my people come for you." Ty walks off as Daniel thinks of Tyler's words. Sister Patterson walks up to the podium to get the funerals finally started. She looks out at all the mourners who have come to pay their respect for either Jodie, Lauren, or Abe. She wipes a tear falling from her face as she begins her sermon. Sister Patterson "Oh Happy Day!" She looks out into the crowd waiting for a response but she doesn't get one so she says it again, only louder. "CAN I GET A OH HAPPY DAY IN MY GOD"S HOUSE!?" Everyone hesitantly responds with it, not knowing how this could be a happy day. Sister Patterson "We are here dear Lord to pay our respect for Sister Lauren. Sister Lauren was a dear soul. Many people have these misconceptions about her but I want to set the record straight. I'm gonna do it right HERE! And I want to do it right now! Can I get an Amend!" A few people say it back. Sister Patterson, wanting more fire and passion from the crowd says it again, "CAN I GET AN AMEND IN MY GOD"S HOUSE?" Crowd AMEND!" Sister Patterson "Sister Lauren, when she thought she lost Daniel to my baby girl Kelis, Lord Have Mercy, I still don't understand how or why. But Believe me. My God will give me the answers I seek. I will not render evil for evil. Dear Sister Lauren, yes, she moved on with Chris, another departed soul, thanks to my daughter-" She pauses, as she realizes just how truly demented her daughter really is. She bows her head for a moment so she can pull herself back together again. She looks up and continues "Lauren, was lost, confused and lonely. She got with Chris thinking Daniel was really dead. Some people call her a slut." Everyone gasps at Sister Patterson using that tone in her God's house. Sister Patterson "She is no slut I tell you! She is to be liked and loved. And I don't want to hear it no other way. We lost Lauren and her new child and it's so sad that an angel was taken away from us so soon. But at least we can take to heart that she is in a much better place, safe with our God away from the hurt and pain here on Earth, and I ask our heavenly father to keep her safe up there with him. God needed an Angel, so he took her from us. So if any one see a man named Matt P on the streets, you tell him that I said, Sister Lauren is no slut. " Daniel, standing up in an outrage "That's enough DAMN IT There is no need for you to be talking like that about Laruen!" Sister Patterson, looking at Daniel and grabbing the microphone out it's holder and walks around the podium to confront Daniel, grabbing a bible she tosses it at Daniel but it misses. "Brother Daniel, I don't want to hear that kind of talk in this house. There were some myths and misconceptions about sister Lauren and I wanted to set the record straight. I'm trying to help you're slut- oops I mean Lauren out! But I'll move to sister Jodie." Sister Patterson walks into the crowd, over to Jenn. She looks at her sternly. "Everyone see this face here?" She looks around and waits for an answer. Once again she has to act a fool to get attention from the crowd. "I said, DOES EVERYONE SEE THIS FACE OF UGLY AND EVILNESS?" Crowd "YES!" Jenn's face begins to turn red, "Sister Patterson, please don't do this." Sister Pat "I don't want to hear that you evil devil. What you did to Sister Jodie was horrific. How could you black mail Jodie with her HIV status. Then you tried to expose it and call her hoe card in front of everyone at the fashion show!" Jenn tries standing up and walking out the church but Sister Patterson pushes her back down. Sister Pat "No. I don't think so. You need to hear this. You will not render evil with evil, Lord Have Mercy. You will pay for your sins one way or another. Everyone here in this house knows what you did. Jodie was already fighting the battle of her life and you made things no better." Jenn "Please, you hypocrite! Didn't you cheat on your husband with his own brother?" The church becomes silent. Sister Patterson is caught off guard for a moment and the church goers wonder how will the sister respond. Sister Patterson looks into Jenn's eyes "Should I tell this church, right here and right now, what my third eye knows? You know that I know that me and you know and that we all could soon know what latest sin you've committed." Sister Patterson then looks at Ty "When you get home son, ask your fiancée here about her and Santino." With that said Sister Patterson walks back up to the podium. Jenn is absolutely flabbergasted as Ty looks at her with bewildered eyes. Santino who is sitting behind them, begins to sweat as Ty looks at him wondering what the Sister is talking about. Sister Patterson, looking out onto the crowd, "A lot of yens been trying to throw rocks at my glass house. Well yens know what? I got something to say! And Guess What? Crowd "You're going to say it and you're going to say it now!" Sister Patterson "Amend! Now listen carefully. I only know how to speak the truth! Yes I've committed a sin. Yes I hurt my family and YES I am SORRY. We are all human and temptation does get the better of us. I had the devil in me. Yens hear me? Can I get an Amend!" Crowd "Amend" Sister Patterson "I will not have it no more. I am still on the battlefield of sin, fighting the devil at every turn and corner. I rebuke you devil! Devil I SAID GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! DO YOU HERE ME?!" She says jumping up and down. Sister Patterson "I break all curses that have been placed against me. The devil was inserted into my late husband and the devil had fun. I don't understand why or how this is happening to my family. But Lord I want you to know I bind, rebuke and bring to no effect, all division, discord and disunity within my family. The Williams have a lot of healing to do but I know Lord, through you and my third eye, we will beat that devil. May God rest all these precious souls in peace. One last thing Lord I need to address." Everyone in the crowd rolls their eyes. Sister Patterson "I want everyone in this house to know that I break the power of negative words and attitudes coming out the mouths of the people in my house. Ria, you're a dirty slut and I now declare this funeral over. Can I get a witness?" Then Patti Labelle comes out from the back and begins to sing "Oh Happy Day" as Sister Patterson gets the Holy ghost and periodically joins in with Patti Labelle, singing the song with her infamous wolf howls. Lavender Hill Ashley and Sabryn stand face to face, beside Bryan Jr's crib, and Sabryn looks like she is about to explode. Her anger has boiled over with Ashley and everything that has happened. Sabryn "I am so sick of you! For how many years now, you have tried to screw up the relationship between Bryan and I? You crashed my wedding. You tried to steal Bryan from me. You stole Natalia's child. You stole my son's name, and now you want to steal my son! I don't know who's worse: You or Natalia." Ashley "You should be thanking me, I got rid of Natalia for you. " Sabryn "Excuse me? " Ashley "I shot her at the fashion show. " Sabryn "What the hell? That was you?! You shot her?! I'm on the suspect list for that, you probably wanted me to go to jail for shooting her! " Ashley "Ha! I wanted to deal with you myself, and I have my own problems with Natalia. My only regret is that she didn't die. But I made up for it with Dahlia. Poor girl. " Sabryn "Dahlia Salem? What the hell did you possibly do to her? " Ashley "She tried to foil my plans, so I killed her…it was so fun. Watching that train crush her bones…" Sabryn, widens her eyes with a disturbed look on her face. "Are you kidding me? That's it, I've had enough of you flaunting around this town. You are truly sick, Ashley. You have become so severed from reality." Ashley "I think you have confused me with yourself." Sabryn "You somehow think that having Natalia's baby and claiming it as yours will help you get Bryan back. You think he's just going to fall in love with you? Bryan is a pig but you… you have gone totally nuts! You just think that you can kill me and get Bryan, get my son, and Natalia's or whoever the hell's baby that is?" Ashley "Bryan Jr. is MY baby, Sabryn, MINE! He is not Natalia's, he is mine, and your son will be too! I am their mother now! And you are the crazy one, you think Bryan is yours, when he's mine!! ALL OF THEM ARE MINE DAMNIT! " Sabryn "I don't give a damn about Bryan but you will not steal my son. Never. Ashley, you are so pathetic its almost sad. You have no one, you have to take other people's children to give yourself a family, and scheme your way into getting Bryan. I almost, almost feel bad for you. " Ashley, getting very angry as she holds the butcher knife , "I…AM…NOT….CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH! " Ashley takes a huge leap at Sabryn with her butcher knife in hand, and tackles Sabryn to the ground! Ashley laughs crazily as she pins Sabryn down and holds the knife over her head, about to stab her, but Sabryn lifts her knees and kicks Ashley off of her, and Ashley grunts as she hits the ground as Sabryn gets up and grabs Ashley by the hair, pulling her up. Sabryn "You want a fight?! I'll give it to you, psycho!" Ashley elbows Sabryn in the stomach and then turns around and takes a stab at her, but Sabryn grabs a hold of the knife at the last minute. A struggle ensues for the knife, and they both begin pulling it towards each other, and it only gets more intense, and then one of them suddenly groans in pain! Next on S.T.E.A.M.: Sister Patterson has a gravely breakdown!
  7. Downtown Pasadena, Pasadena City Jail Mona is standing, pacing in her cell, trying to devise a way to get out of there and back to terrorizing all of her enemies left in Pasadena. However, she looks up when she sees the guard approaching. Guard "You got a visitor. Someone equally as crazy as you: Sister Patterson Williams." Mona "Great, so momma finally decided to come see her daughter." Sister Patterson then walks in , and she has Holy Water and the Bible in hand as the guard leaves. Mona "What the hell do you want?" Sister Pat "Child,…. I could beat you so hard…you are disgracing the Lord and Miss Jenkins is not too pleased with you. I'm your mother, I don't have to want nothing!" Mona "From what I hear, Miss Jenkins isn't happy with you either?" Sister Pat "How did you know about that?! Don't know one talk about Miss Jenkins!" Mona "I hear things. Now if you didn't bring me no weed get out of here." Sister Pat "Kelis, you are my daughter, and the most sinful of my children. You killed my husband, Abe, in one of the most brutal ways possible, you kidnapped my son's girlfriend Sharan, and you committed a great sin coming onto her like you did." Mona "Sharan loves me." Sister Pat "You sinful woman! How did one of my children get so filled with evil?! You are an abomination, as God declares!" Mona "Is that why you let Daddy Dearest rape me?" Sister Pat "Excuse me? That was all Abe, I would never endorse something so sinful and against my Heavenly Father's Holy Word! And for the record, Abe is not your father." Mona "Oh, yea, that's right…so why are you lecturing me? I'm sure God isn't so happy with you either, cheating on him and all…I can't believe for years, I went around thinking that disgusting pig was my father. Then of all people, HE was the one who told me that dried up wanna be pimp DC is my father! So don't get high and mighty on me, Bitch Pat." Sister Pat "I should just come in there and give you the beating you deserve right now!" Mona "I was so excited to meet you…I couldn't wait…Sharan and I were gonna do it together. But she betrayed me and you turned out to be just like Abe! " Sister Pat "I am not like him at all, Kelis-" Mona "That is NOT my name! That is the name of a baby, a little girl, who got raped, raped by a man who thought he was her father! A girl who was raped night after night, day after day!" Sister Pat "But that is no excuse-" Mona "So you'd love men if that happened to you?! They are all pigs! That man who was called Abe made a ritual out of it, he arranged it, he made a ritual out of RAPING HIS DAUGHTER! I don't care if I'm not,….. he thought I was his daughter, so that makes him just as sick! He destroyed me! He made my life a living hell! " Sister Pat "My husband was a dirty, disgusting sinner…and if he was still alive, I would give him some good ole fashion punishment, I would do the Lord's work and show him the consequences…but-" Mona "There is NO buts about it! What did you ever see in that man?! But you could have found me, you could have stopped it! You didn't, though, and now its going to haunt us all, and me, forever! I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT! He deserved to die! You blame me for being gay but what else can I be?! Everytime I'd lie with a man I'd think of him, I'd see him…I'd remember those dark nights…and I didn't get to split into different people like Victoria Lord or Kimberly Brady did…I had to lie tied to that bed…all day, I cried, because I knew that night he'd come. And start it again…" Sister Pat "There's still hope for you, Kelis…repent, repent to God! The Lord will have mercy, to save your soul. You can turn around…We can pray the gay away!" Mona "No. Abe got what he deserved, I don't regret killing him. And I still love Sharan, she's my baby…I will never give her up. I don't regret nothing." Sister Pat "Then you aren't better than Abe at all…" Sister Pat turns and walks away, leaving Mona to sulk in anger… S.T.E.A.M. Episode: 109, Gravely Breakdown Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks Huntington Memorial Hospital Kiko walks into Rufus's room. Kiko "You seem to be unable to stay away from hospitals. First you penis got sawed off now you were in a pile up on the highway." Rufus "I was trying to avenge the crimes against me." Kiko "I would really hate to be you now. " Rufus "You're right. I would hate to be me now too. I came to Pasadena, hoping to get may man back but my quest for that has been side tracked by the crazy people of this city." Kiko "I suggest a vacation. Look, I have your release forms here. Get some rest." Kiko then leaves the room. Rufus take a seat on the bed and has flashbacks on the things he's done in Pasadena. The battle he's fought so far, with Ashley, and Natalia. Then Mark walks in the room. Rufus stands up and smiles at him. Mark "I heard about your accident. I came to see if you were ok." Rufus "I am ok. Thank you for coming to see me. That means a lot to me." Mark "I came here to tell you a few things before I leave town." Rufus "You're leaving Pasadena?" Mark "I need to. I can't take living here no more. I need a new beginning. I need to get away from the bad curse that has a hold over me here." Rufus "That's funny, I was just thinking of leaving Pasadena. Maybe we can leave together?" Mark, taking a pause to think about what Rufus said, he then looks into Rufus's eyes, "I've lost everything here in Pasadena. Dahlia, a child I thought was mine. I lost who I was. I am trying to leave my past in the past. Rufus, you know what we had was a one time thing. But I will always remember it….. I need to find out who I am." Rufus "Mark I love you and there isn't anything I would not do for you. But I respect how you feel and maybe hopefully, we can be together one day." Mark "Maybe. You be safe. And I want us to stay in touch." Rufus, smiling, "You do?" Mark "Yes, I'll post a on my myspace in a few weeks on where I am at." Rufus "I'll make sure to check it out." Mark gives Rufus a hug to her surprise. She holds him tight, savoring it because she knows this will be the last hug she receives from the man of her dreams. He pulls back and even kisses Rufus on the lips and then turns around to leave the room and Pasadena. Rufus stands there watching him walking away, wanting to just go out there and stop him. She wipes a tear, and gathers her belongings to. Rufus, talking to himself, "I'm leaving Pasadena too. But I will be back. One day. I still have unfinished business here. Springfield here I come!" Westwood Park, Natalia's House Natalia paces around her living room, trying to process all that's happened in the past few days. Natalia "That bitch Ashley stole my baby…I won't let her get away with this. I've lost everything, I've lost Mark, I lost my son for months, I have lost so many friends…so she's going to lose everything too! " Natalia grabs her coat and goes over to her front door, but as she opens it, she sees Suga in the doorway. Natalia, scowling, "Suga, you are still in Pasadena? Why don't you just leave? You have nothing left here. " Suga "You ain't going nowhere, miss lady. I need more money! I've run out and can't get drugs without it, and let's not forget I stabbed Dahlia for you." Natalia "Oh hell no! You are not getting anymore of my fortune. Dahlia lived. After all that trouble we went to, she lived. And Mark knows that I paid you to stab her, he knows everything, and is out of my life. So you have done nothing for me, in fact because of you I am probably worse than I'd be if I hadn't ever hired you. " Suga "I tried, and that deserves more cash than you shelved out when you first paid me." Natalia "Suga, I am giving you nothing. I have too much on my plate right now without you begging for more money. Just get out of Pasadena before they throw your ass back in jail. " Suga "They ain't gonna throw me back in jail because you are gonna give me my money so I can hide. And if I go down, you go down with me. " Natalia "You just said you wanted it for drugs! You can hide without money, trust me." Suga "I need that money. That man, woman, or whatever that one guy is promised me a lot of money if I came back to this rat hole but I got nothing." Natalia, starting to laugh, "You thought RUFUS would pay you for ratting me out?! You really are stupid. I don't know why I ever hired such a worthless, drug dealing- " Suga grabs Natalia by the arm and pulls her close. Suga "Watch your mouth, miss lady. " Natalia, pulling away, "Get your hands off of me, and step aside! Suga, our partnership is over. You are not getting anymore money, nothing, so leave me the hell alone! " Natalia pushes Suga out of her way and storms off, as Suga growls and clenches her fist. Suga "You're gonna pay for this, nasty Natti. And you're gonna pay good. I'll make sure of that!" Greater Yonders Cemetery Abe Williams' grave is out in the middle of the cemetery, only recently made when he was buried after being killed by Mona. It is dark, quiet, and most of all empty. However, then Sister Patterson emerges, with the Bible and Holy Water in hand. Sister Pat "Hello, Abe…my husband. The man I took vows with in the Holy Church of my Father. The man I had children with. The man I lived happily with for years…the rapist of my daughter." Sister Pat slowly puts the Holy Water down, but keeps the Bible in hand, and leans down in front of Abe's grave and looks at it, specifically where his name is inscribed. Sister Pat "Why did you do it, Abe? How could you do it? How could you do that to my Kelis, our Kelis?! A baby girl, a baby who you stole from me?! " Tears begin flowing down Sister Pat's cheeks. Sister Pat "You made me think she was dead….and you raped her! You molested her! And turned her into the monster she is today! And you did it for years! You cheated on ME, Abe! You cheated on me with my own daughter! I thought I knew you, Abe! I thought I loved you!" Sister Pat stands as she begins to have a complete meltdown, and pours Holy Water all over the gravesite as she continues to scream. Sister Pat "She was just a little girl! Just a baby! YOU RAPED A BABY, AN INFANT! You disobeyed the Lord, you disappointed Miss Jenkins, and betrayed me! I did betray you Abe and I ask for forgiveness of my sins everyday for that, but you are just a sinful little liar! You never confessed it, you never acted like you regretted it! You don't even deserve the water of the Lord! " Sister Pat tosses the cup holding the Holy Water away, and she clenches her fist. Sister Pat "Did you enjoy it, Abe?! Did you have fun?! Lord have mercy! LORD HAVE MERCY! " Sister Pat then begins furiously beating his tombstone with the Bible. Sister Pat "For years, it was men like you I condemned! Little did I know one of those men was my husband! And I never knew! How could I be so stupid?! My Third Eye failed me, Miss Jenkins never even told me! And I was dumb enough to think my daughter was dead, and I trusted you, Abe! I trusted you with the life that God bestowed onto me! Night after night, I never wondered where my husband was…oh he was just molesting Kelis! She could have been a sweet, servant of the Lord, Abe! But now she isn't, and she won't repent! And you caused all of this!" Sister Pat puts the Bible down and actually begins beating the tombstone herself, with her fists, as she breaks down crying. Sister Pat "There are so many dirty pigs, dirty SINNERS, in Pasadena…but you are one of the worst, and the worst man in Pasadena was my husband and the DAMN POLICE CHIEF! And all this got me cussing, but… my own husband RAPED MY BABY, MY ONE DAUGHTER! YOU BASTARD, YOU BASTARD!" Sister Pat continues beating his grave, until she slumps down entirely, her face stained with tears, nose running, and she continues crying and screaming. Sister Pat "I'm sorry, Kelis, I'M SORRY! I'm sorry I couldn't stop him….I'm so sorry…." Downtown Pasadena, Pasadena City Jail Mona sits in her cell, but looks up when Ty walks in. Mona "About damn time. Where have you been?" Ty "Excuse me? I am a busy man, and I didn't exactly know you wanted me down here." Mona "Don't be playing dumb with me! You heard about me getting thrown in here, I'm sure, and its taken you this long to haul your rich ass down here?" Ty "I have had other people to take care of…Lauren Roman won't kill herself, you know." Mona "Oh so you killed Danny boy's hoochy?" Ty "Yes, she turned Daniel against me and for that she had to die." Mona "Speaking of dying, that pig Abe is dead. I did it for my own reasons but you should consider it a favor. You wanted him out the way." Ty "Well they replaced him with Mike. So my ultimate goal of having my own person be the chief of police failed." Mona "Oh boohoo…remember in prison I hold all these cards and would have no problem giving them all to the police. I can expose you for all the crimes you've done, I can expose Ashley…." Ty "You were working with that psycho?" Mona "Yea, I was. But that's none of your business. Now you see, you wanted the Williams family taken out, so do I…but yet none of them have died except Abe who I had to kill myself. You had enough time to kill Lauren, you can at least kill one of them, or get me out of this hell hole. I am going to get rid of them all and get my Sharan back. I think I see what happened to her now, why she wouldn't love me: My mother brainwashed her." Ty "Oh please, don't go on and on to me about your crush." Mona "Sharan is more than just a crush, you bastard! You are just like all those other men. Sharan is my baby, my true love, but after talking to my mother I see that she, and probably my brother Kevin, have brainwashed her, and I need to get out of here so I can break it." Ty "Alright, alright, I'll see what I can do." Mona "No, no you won't "see what you can do". You WILL get me out of here. Or else everyone will know about your crimes, and I also won't mind telling them that you killed that Lauren girl." Ty "Fine, just shut the hell up and stop making empty threats." Mona, scowling, "You don't talk to me like that. " Ty "I don't have time for this…but I'll figure out a way to get you out." Mona, as Ty walks away, "You had better. And next time you decide to pay me another stupid visit ,at least bring me some weed. " The Blue Note Ria and Kiko are on a date, having dinner. Ria will occasionally make moves towards Kiko but he'll stop her. Kiko "You know I don't want funny business here. Not tonight, at least." Ria "I know, I know, I just can't resist you…maybe just a lil piece?" Kiko "NO!" Ria "Fine, but I just don't get why you resist me so much. I attract any and all men. I'm like the black Blanche Devuruax from the Golden Girls" Kiko "Because you slept with my brother Dre. Behind your fiancée's back." Ria "Dre gives some good sex, but I'd much rather you-" Kiko "How your and Dre's affair happened is one reason, another reason is that I can't steal my brother's woman. I don't get down with sloppy seconds" Ria "Excuse me? I am not Dre's woman! And ain't nothing sloppy here. " Kiko "But you can't be stealing your bro's woman. Its like that, you don't take their ex." Ria "I don't care about Dre no more, and I don't think he'd care either." Kiko "No, just no. And Ria, I'm sorry, but I just can't trust you." Ria, spitting out her drink "Say what now?" Kiko "You sleep around with men all the time…and you cheated on Karim while you were engaged to him…who's to say you won't do that to me?" Ria "Now I love some good sex, but I'll get all I need with you. " Kiko "So you'd only be in it for the sex?" Ria "No, would you stop tearing apart my words?! Kiko, you're special to me. Really special. You're a one of a kind man. " Kiko "You've said that about Karim, too." Ria "I won't lie: Karim has a special place in my heart, he is special. But I am over him, and you are even more special than Karim. Kiko, if you were just some random man, I wouldn't have pursued you for so long." Kiko "You make a good point." Ria "Listen, Kiko, I want you. For more than just some one night stand. I want you for life. And don't go all disagreeing either, I got enough problems with my momma and sister." Kiko, chuckling, "Oh, I heard Patti LaBelle was in town." Ria "She's not all that. She's just a nosey old bat who needs to go back to Hollywood or wherever the hell she came from. Or if she stays in Pasadena she needs to stay away from me and stop flaunting around singing with that other old crow Sister Pat. I am so sick of her." Kiko "Com on now, I think your mother loves you." Ria "Says you. You know your momma, Kiko?" Kiko, pausing for a moment, "Yeah…but lets discuss that another time." Ria "Ooooh, look like my man's got a secret." Kiko, almost laughing, "Nah, nah…no secrets here. Now, lets just finish eating." Ria shrugs and they both finish up their dinner as Ria wonders if Kiko has any secrets indeed. He seems too perfect… Lavender Hill Sabryn and Ashley are both still for a moment as they look at each other after one of them groans in pain, and Sabryn looks down to see if either one of them are hurt, but Ashley suddenly kicks Sabryn, and Sabryn goes flying back! Ashley "I knew you'd fall for that! You're so stupid, Sabryn!" Sabryn screams and then charges at Ashley, and grabs her by the neck, and shoves her up against the wall. She begins to strangle Ashley, and Ashley tries to break free but Sabryn has a deathly grip on her, and Ashley begins to gasp for air. Sabryn "I am not letting you escape this time!" Ashley becomes desperate as she continues gasping, and she puts all her strength into it and tosses Sabryn to the ground, and she then leans against the wall as she breathes heavily. Ashley "Out of all the people I hate in this damn town…I hate you the most….you are the worst out of Natalia, that man who pretends to be a woman, Rufus, Dahlia, everyone! You got Bryan, you got a son, you got a huge mansion, a company…YOU HAD EVERYTHING I DON'T! WHY DAMNIT?! WHY DID YOU, QUEEN SABRYN, GET EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?" Sabryn, getting up and looking at Ashley, "I'm not listening to this. I don't care about your pity party anymore or whatever crap you dish out. All of this is your fault, no one else's, and I am done! No more games!" Ashley "Fine then, you don't want anymore games, then lets get serious!" Ashley once again rushes towards Sabryn and grabs her by the hair and throws her towards Bryan Jr's crib as the baby begins crying, and Sabryn manages to catch herself and she comes back at Ashley, and she begins slapping her and punching her uncontrollably! Ashley tries to block her but Sabryn's rage is untamed, and she punches Ashley right in her mouth and finally, Ashley trips and falls to the ground, and after a moment it seems that she is finally unconscious. Sabryn, taking a breath, "Finally…at last…" Sabryn begins to walk towards Bryan Jr's crib to see if her baby is alright, but before she does, suddenly Ashley's eyes shoot open and she trips Sabryn, and Sabryn begins to fall as Ashley jumps up and laughs, successfully tricking Sabryn again. As Sabryn goes flying down Ashley takes her knife and grabs Sabryn by the hair and twirls her around, and sends her knife flying into Sabryn's stomach! Sabryn screams like a banshee and crumbles to the ground, as Ashley goes over to Bryan Jr. and picks him up. Ashley "Shhhh…Momma's here…ding dong the witch is gone! You thought you could beat me, Sabryn?! Its my time, I now have two wonderful children and soon Bryan will be mine! YOU'VE LOST! I WIN! I WIN! It is true what President Obama said, YES I CAN!!! AND I DID!!!" Ashley then walks out smugly with Sabryn's son in her arms, and she leaves the mansion effectively kidnapping Sabryn's son. Shortly afterwards, however, Sabryn regains consciousness and she looks into the crib, and tears begin to pour out of her eyes, and she silently walks throughout the halls of her mansion, and then slowly as she clutches her stomach, she walks down the stairs, and once she is downstairs, she approaches a cabinet, and as she opens it…she takes out…a gun!!!! Sabryn "This is it…the last straw…I'm ending all of this…ALL of it…this is the end…" Next on S.T.E.A.M.: A FINAL showdown leads to DEATH!!!!!
  8. No pictures again. I've talked with Errol and the problem will be fixed. Please bear with me and thanks! Can I Get A Witness West Coast Baptist Church Just as Sharan is about to walk up to the pathway that leads to the church, she sees Daniel walking up to her. She decides to wait for him. They hug once he gets close enough. Sharan "I am so sorry for Lauren." Daniel "So am I." Sharan "You were so close Daniel. After everything Mona did to you, you made it through all of it. Just when you were about to get your life back, it all goes to hell once again. It seems you and Lauren can't catch a break." Daniel "I know. It's never ending." Sharan "I want you to know that I am here for you . We have been through a lot together. We've seen a lot together. We survived Mona's hell for all those months. If there is anything you need, or if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you." Daniel "That means a lot to me Sharan. It really does. " He gives her a hug as Kevin walks out the church and watches this friendly embrace take place. He walks over to them to break it up. Kevin "Am I interrupting?" Sharan and Daniel pull back. Sharan, looking at Kevin, "No, Daniel and I were talking about Mona's Dungeon." Daniel "Yea, your crazy ass sister. She's probably the one who killed Lauren. Damn you and your entire family. Mona is going to pay for all the things she's done to the people in this city." Kevin "I have nothing to do with this. I had no idea Mona was my sister." Daniel "I'm going to go inside before I lose my cool. I think I've heard enough of Kevin's mouth." And Daniel does just that. Kevin looks at Sharan, "You've been back in town for a few days and I have not heard from you or anything. Then I come outside and see you all hugged up with Daniel. What's good Sharan? I love you. We were together before my sister kidnapped you. We were going to get married." Sharan "Kevin, I have been through a lot the last several months. Kidnapped and held hostage. I was rapped. I had to watch Mona torture Daniel. It was sick. I needed time to make sense of everything and to enjoy my freedom." Kevin "Why couldn't I help you with that? Isn't that what I am here for? I am going through a crisis my damn self. Where's my fiancée? Why can't we be here for one another?" Sharan "Kevin, I'm not ready." Kevin "What's that supposed to mean? I'm your man." Sharan "Kevin, I don't want to be with you. You are Mona's brother and honestly I don't want no connection to Mona what so ever. This is very hard for me. I still have nightmares of some of the vicious thing's your sister has done and said. Especially about your father rapping her night after night. It sends chills up my spine." Kevin, pleading, "I had nothing to do with that. That was my father and my half-sister. Sharan I love you. I can't lose you too. I've lost everything already. My pops, my mother. I don't even know who my own family are. But I know that I love you. I need you Sharan. Please don't do this to me. I have nothing else left. I have no hope to cling too. I thought about you night and day, hoping and praying for your return. I've been crazy with out you." Sharan, wiping a tear from her eye, "I'm sorry Kevin. I'm not ready. I love you, but I am not ready." She then walks off as Kevin turns around to watch the love of his life, walk out of his life. S.T.E.A.M. Episode:107, Crazy and Deranged! Written by: ML Cooks Daniel walks up to Lauren's coffin and stares at her. He is still unable to believe that Lauren is dead. After enduring months and months of torture, he thought his salvation would be Lauren. He feels some one touch his shoulder. He turns around and sees Jasmine. Jasmine "I'm so sorry for you loss." Daniel, with a tear forming in his eye, "Thank you." He says giving her a hug. He then looks at her. "I don't think I've seen you around." Jasmine "I'm Jasmine Winters." Daniel "Winters..Winters… Ria Winters?" Jasmine "She's my sister." Daniel "Wow. Never knew Ria had a family. You seem much nicer and civil than her." Jasmine chuckles, "I've been hearing that a lot since I got here. Listen, I'm a psychiatrist and I came to Pasadena to fill in at Huntington Memorial Hospital. I think it would be very useful for you to talk to some one. Get out your pain and agony. You've been though a lot." Daniel "Ria must of told you. The gossip Queen." Jasmine "Bits and pieces. It's a heart breaking story, and I would love to help. You shouldn't keep your feelings bottled up. It can be dangerous." Daniel "Your right. I madder as every day pass that I don't have Lauren. Every time I think of something Mona has to done to me, I have this urge to seek vigilante justice." Jasmine "My point exactly. Here's my card." She says pulling it out from her purse and handing it to him. Jasmine "I don't want you to think of it as an official counseling or what not. Let this be comfortable for you. Like two friends talking about our past." Daniel "Will do Miss Winters." Jasmine "Oh no, call me Jasmine. You make me sound old calling me miss." Daniel smiles, "I'll give you a call in the morning. Thank you." Jasmine " My pleasure. I made you smile. A sign of good things to come. I look forward for your phone call." She then walks away from him and Daniel walks outside to smoke a cigarette. Lauren, in the coffin, whom just over heard everything has a few thoughts, "I don't know what was worse, hearing Daniel talk about how much he misses me or that Jasmine flirting with him. I'm dead. I'm right here. She flirted with him right in front of me. Have you no respect for the dead? I can't stay dead for long or I am going to loose Daniel. " On the Highway Ashley is stunned to see Rufus in her back seat through her rear view mirror. Rufus "Surprise. I bet you weren't expecting me." She says aiming her gun at Ashley. Ashley "What the hell are you doing here?" Rufus "I have something for you. I made it myself." Ashley "What the hell are you talking about?" Rufus "It's my favorite dish and it's served cold." Ashley "I'm not hungry!" Rufus "Revenge is a dish best served cold. You are going to pay for what you did to me. Kidnapping me and then using a chain saw to cut my man hood off." Ashley "I was doing you a favor. I was trying to help out. Now you're a full fledged woman right? I did what the doctors were going to do to you. So why be mad at me?" Rufus "You're flipping crazy. Maybe I wanted to keep my cock. Ever think about that. You didn't ask me if I wanted you to use a chain saw on me, you just thought I would want that. Do you know how painful that was?! Crazy Bitch!" Ashley "I am not! DON"T CALL ME THAT!!!" Rufus "You're crazy and deranged. And I give the demands here, I have the gun." He says waving it in front of Ashley. Ashley "Please don't do this. Natalia is trying to take my child from me. I am going to loose everything. Everything I worked so hard for is going up in flames." Rufus "Serves you right. But you're forgetting, that baby isn't yours. It belongs to Natalia. I overheard you say that in that dungeon." Ashley "This is not the time for your bullsh!t! You got that damn gun so use it!" Rufus "Fine, pull this car over." Ashley "I won't let you do this to me. My son and Bryan mean to much to me." After saying that, Ashley rams her car into another causing her car to spin on the highway. So fast dose all this happen, other cars hit the back of Ashley's car, causing a 12 car pile up. Once the cars come to a standstill, Ashley gets her bearings back and looks in her back seat. She sees Rufus has been knocked unconscious. Ashley, with a bruised face and blood coming from her head, climbs out her car. Through all the smoke from the engines and confusion from the people, Ashley is able to make her escape as she begins to run down the exit ramp. She talks to herself, "I told you, you won't get me. I have to go get my son before Natalia gets to him first." Back at the Church Dre and Kiko walk in. Dre sees Sharan and walks over to her. Kiko is approached by Ria. Ria, admiring Kiko's suit, "Wow, you look amazing. You always clean up nice." Kiko " Do you expect anything less? But thank you. How are you?" Ria "I am fine. A little stressed out. My mother and sister has decided to invade my sovereignty." Kiko laughing, "Maybe that could be a good thing?" Ria "Not at all. My parade is being rained on. You know, I haven't seen you around in a while. Where have you been?" Kiko, having a flashback of being kidnapped by Santino, "I was out of town. I had a training in Santa Barbara. And why are you keeping tabs on me?" Ria "Because I care about you Kiko. You know how I feel about you." Kiko "And you know what I told you about us." Ria "We can still be friends right?" Kiko "As long as you know the definition." Ria "You're silly. Well friend, I want to go out. Let's go out to the club or get a bite to eat after the funeral. I am stressed out. Too much sadness here. I need some excitement to get my mind of all these dead people. I've never been to a triple funeral before. Is that how they do it these days? I didn't know the economy was that bad. They had to economize these funerals. Death is not cheap." Kiko "Uhm, well you know, I could use a drink too. My training was pretty intense and stressful. I'll meet you at The Jump Off then?" Ria "Yup Yup" Kiko, smiling at her, "See you soon" He says as he walks away. Ria watches Kiko walks away, "Kiko, you just don't know all the freaky thangs I want to do to you. I will have me some of you." Her thoughts are interrupted when her sister walks over, Jasmine "He was handsome. That's you're lover?" Ria, rolling her eyes, "No. Why you all up in mine? You so damn nosey and you know how much I hate that!" Jasmine "I'm you're older sister. That's my job." Ria "Uhm hmm, I saw you talking to Daniel. Is he your man?" Jasmine "Don't be coy Victoria. He's in mourning." Ria "Don't call me by my government name. You know I hate that too. Look, I am going to pay my respects to Jodie. I don't got time to be talking to your nosey ass." Jasmine " Why do you have to talk to your older sister like that? Whatever Victoria, go ahead. I am about to put mother's make up on anyway. " Ria "Make up? Why?" Jasmine " Look at who's being nosey now. Eat your words little sis. You don't want to go toe to toe with me. … Mother decided to sing here at the funeral." Ria "Oh God!" Dre walks up to Sharan. She smiles at him and gives him a hug. Dre "I've missed you shawty." Sharan "I've missed you too. I miss my freedom. But here I am." Dre "You looking good as ever." Sharan "Thank you." Dre "They tried to lock me up for kidnapping you." Sharan "I know. Mona told me. How have you been?" Dre "I've been holding it down. But a brother doing better now that you here." Sharan "You're still your sweet self." Dre "I saw you talking with Kevin earlier. Things didn't look right." Sharan "They aren't. I can't be with Kevin right now. Knowing his sister raped me and did all those horrible things doesn't sit well with me. I am traumatized by the thing's I've seen thanks to Mona." Dre "Maybe you should take your mind of things. Let's have dinner or something. " Sharan "That sounds nice. Is the Blue Note still open?" Dre "It is shawty. After this dreadful funeral, let's go grab some food." Sharan "Sounds nice." They hug again as Kevin watches on in anger. As Dre walks away Ria walks up to Sharan. DC walks into the church and walks up to his brother's closed casket. He touches it, bowing his head . Sister Patterson walks up to him. Sister Patterson "God is punishing us." DC, opening his eyes and looking at Patterson, "He is indeed. I feel like my heart has been ripped out from my chest. The Williams family has been turned upside down. I lost my brother right before he found out we had an affair. Then the daughter you thought was dead is alive and she's mine. " Sister Patterson "And my son's hate me. Lord have mercy." She says wiping a tear. She puts her hand on the coffin as well. Sister Patterson "Mona said, I mean Kelis. That's my baby's name, Kelis, Kelis told us that she killed Abe." DC "What? How? Why?" Sister Patterson "Kelis is accusing Abe of molesting her. Abe kidnapped her at birth to make me believe she was dead. Abe held her hostage for 15 years and molested her night after night." She says with tears streaming down her face. As she thinks about what she just said, she gets weak in the knees and collapses to the ground. DC gets on the ground too and holds her as the church goers begin to look at Sister Patterson especially Kevin and Karim. Sister Patterson "Why would Abe do such a thing? Why would he do this to our baby girl? He led a double life for all these years. How could he look at his sons in the face knowing he was doing devilish things to their half sister.? How could he sleep at night knowing an innocent child laid tied down to a bed, probably thinking of all the sinful things Abe was doing to her? Lord why? Tell me why?" DC stands Sister Patterson up as Kevin has tears in his eyes. He doesn't know whether he should hit DC or console his mother. Karim walks over to him. Karim "You alright man?" Kevin "No! Pops is gone! Forever! We can never here his side to all of this bullsh!t. How do we know if this so called Mona is telling the truth? Because of Mona, I will never be able to hear pops defend himself against these allegations. Mona took that away from me. And why? Because my half sister killed him. DO you know how that sounds Karim when I hear myself say that? I don't understand what would lead to this. This all stems from your mother's affair with DC." Karim "She's your mother too Kev." Kevin "No. I am done with her. I don't even know who I am any more thanks to her. I don't know who my family is. Sharan doesn't want me no more thanks to Mona. I lost everything thanks to your mother and uncle. " Karim "You have me man. I'm your brother and I love you." Karim pulls Kevin into a hug as Kevin let's his pain out through his tears. Sharan watches on with tears in her eyes as well. Mike, Lena and Heath all arrive at the church together. They walk up to Jodie's coffin. Mike walks even closer to grab a hold of Jodie's cold hand. He begins to feel a little sick to his stomach as the smell of funeral go through his nostril system. He looks down at her face as Lena and Heath walk up behind him. Mike "She looks beautiful doesn't she?" Lena "She does." Mike clenches Jodie's hand even tighter. "I love you Jodie. I'll never stop. I am sorry our time together wasn't longer. But I know, deep down in my heart, your suffering is done." Heath "Yes it is." He says wiping tears from his face. "This is a little overwhelming for me. Soon, it will be me in a coffin like this. " Lena "Heath, let's just enjoy the time we do have left. God has a plan and we have to follow it. We are all going to have our time. We can't focus on that. We need to make the best of things now." Mike "She's right Heath. And if Jodie was here, I am sure she would be telling you the same thing." Heath "I guess your right." Mike "Thank you two so much for being here with me. It means a lot." He looks into the crowd. "If you will excuse me, I have a few people I want to talk with." Lena "Ok, we are going to grab seats." Mike "I'll meet up with you in a little while." They part ways as Mike walks up to Jennifer. Mike "How dare you show you're face here?" Jenn, looking at Mike, "Why wouldn't I be here?" Mike "I don't understand why you are! You put Jodie through so much right before she died. Have you no remorse?" Jenn "Look Mike, I had no idea she was going to die so soon." Mike "You didn't help her out any by black mailing her. You added to her stress and that's probably why her health faded so fast. " Jenn "Mike, what do you want me to say? I can't change the past. And even if I could, I don't know if I would. What's done is done." Mike, tears forming in his eyes, "I have this urge to wrap my hands around our neck. I would just love to choke the dear life out of you. But I am not that type of man but I want you to know that's how mad you make me. When did you become so vial? What happened to the woman I fell in love with all those years ago. You're so different these days. I guess Tyler and his money has changed you…..a lot. Do you even know who you are Jennifer?" Jennifer, thinking of how Ty hits on her and mistreats her and her current affair with Santino that Ty's father knows about, "Mike, all I can say is I'm sorry. I was jealous of her ok?! Jodie had a good life, she had it all including you. Tyler even had a thing for her. I didn't get it. What was it about Jodie? She had aids for goodness sake. She had a death aids and men still flung to her." Mike " Was it a competition Jenn? Is that what this thing was between you and Jodie? Let me tell you something about Jodie! She's a real person. She was compassionate, funny and intelligent. She was a beautiful human being. Not some frigid conceded immature ice queen. You're a rotten person Jennifer. You left me to be with Tyler! Remember that? And yet you are jealous of the love Jodie and I shared with each other. That was your choice. I'm going to make you pay for what you did to Jodie." Jenn "What do you mean by that?" Mike "I'm chief of Police now Jenn. What you did to Jodie was a crime and I will press charges on you. I'll arrest you myself. Then I'll go after your crime lord boyfriend Tyler. Enjoy the last days of your freedom." He then walks away sending a cold chill up Jenn's spine. Back on the Highway, Bryan and Natalia run up to Ashley's car as paramedics, fire trucks and police begin to ascend on the scene. Natalia looks in the car but sees no Ashley but Rufus instead. Natalia "What the hell is Rufus doing here?" Bryan "A better question is where is Ashley?" Rufus begins to come to as the sirens get louder. He rubs his head as he looks at Bryan and Natalia. Rufus "What happened?" Bryan "You were in a car accident. " Rufus "Right, that crazy bitch Ashley did this on purpose. She has lost her mind. She kept talking about Bryan Jr." Natalia "What are you doing in Ashley's car? Where is Ashley now?" Rufus " I tried to be a vigilante and take justice. She chain sawed my penis off. And as to where she is, I don't know. But I do know she's dangerous. There's no telling what she is going to do next. You better find her." TC Hotel, Alexis Suite Ashley enters and sees the nanny holding Bryan Jr. Ashley "Thanks for your time, you can leave now." Nanny, looking at the blood running from Ashley's forehead, noticing how nervous Ashley is, Nanny "Are you ok?" Ashley, noticing she's shaking and can now feel the blood rolling down her head, wipes it, trying to keep her cool, "Yes I'm fine. I was in a little fender bender." Nanny "I can stay and help if-" Ashley "No..No! That's ok. Just leave. I need time alone with my son." Nanny "Ok no problem." The nanny grabs her things and then leaves. Ashley walks over to Bryan Jr's crib and looks down at his pretty brown eyes. She wipes free falling tears from her cheek, "Look at you little one. I don't know what's going to happen from here. But I want you to know this, I love you. And there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you. I will not let Natalia get her hands on you. You are the key for the happiness I deserve from Bryan. I just want a happy family with the man I love. Is that too much to ask for? I didn't know Bryan was with Sabryn when we first starting having sex. He told me I was the only one. He did this to me." She reaches down in the crib and picks up Bryan Jr and holds him in her arms. Ashley, still looking at the baby, "We are going to be together forever little one. If I can't get what I want, then why should any body else? That's right, If I can't be happy then no one else will be neither. Except you Bryan Jr. I think you need your brother. Let's go grab Sabryn's son." Ashley puts Bryan Jr in a crib, grabs a baby bag and leaves the suite, intent, on taking Sabryn's son. Next time on S.T.E.A.M.: Ashley continues wreck havoc! And now read the SHOCKING and JAW DROPPING season 5 finale of Pointe Palace.
  9. Westwood Park, Dondre's House Dondre walks through his front door and calls out for Lauren. She walks out from the bedroom. Lauren "Is your brother ok?" Dre "He good…. How are you?" Lauren "I'm ok. As well as to be expected for the situation I am in." Dre "I talked to my brother and he will look after you. So you won't have to worry about the baby." Laruen "I really need to know who's child this is,. Kevin's or Chris's." Dre 'My bro can find out for you. Listen, I know you know what today is." Laruen "My funeral." Dre "You gone be able to handle all of this? Kiko gave me some drugs to give you. It's the same stuff Diego gave us when you were in the hospital." Lauren " The drugs that makes me seem dead. It's going to be so creepy laying down in that casket. It's going to be so hard when Daniel pays his final respects to me. I know he is devastated. I'm devastated that it's happening like this. I hope Sister Patterson's third eye doesn't realize I'm really not dead!" Dre "Well shawty, I'ma get freddy fresh, so I'll holla at you in a few." After saying that, Dre steps into his bathroom to hop in the shower. Lauren sits down on the couch and pulls out a picture of Daniel and lets out a sigh, wiping tears from her eyes. "I'm so sorry that I am doing this to do this to you Daniel. I know this is hard for you. But it's only for a few months. Just until this baby is born. If this child is Kevin's, I know you won't be able to handle it. I did this to protect you. I love you and I hope we make our way back to each other again." S.T.E.A.M. Episode 106: Normally Crazy! Written by: ML Cooks Huntington Memorial Hospital Ashley walks into Kiko's office and sees Natalia already waiting for the test results. Natalia "Where's my son?" Ashley "You my son Natalia. Don't start going crazy on me." Natalia "You're the crazy on. I know in my heart you stole my son from me. And today these paternity test will prove it." Ashley "Yawn. You're boring. There's no way in hell you'll get your hands on Bryan Jr." Natalia "I'm going to change his name too." Just as she says that, Mark walks into the office. Mark "Did I miss anything?" Natalia "Wow….(Surprised Mark showed up after all) Thanks for coming. And no, Dr. Whitfield has not given us the results." Ashley "I don't know why you're here Mark. Didn't Natalia you tell this child may not be yours?" Mark "Excuse me?" Ashley "Oh yea, tell him Natalia. Tell him how you slept with Bryan. And while your at it tell him you were the one who tried to kill Dahlia. In fact if it weren't for you, Dahlia might here right now." Mark "What the hell is she talking about Natalia?" Natalia just gives Ashley a "You dirty bitch look" .Before she can answer the charges Bryan walks in, "Please tell me I am not too late." Ashley "No baby." She says walking over and giving him a hug. Bryan shoves Ashley off of him. "Keep your hands off me. I feel nothing for you Ashley. I don't know what kind of stunt you are trying to pull this time but it's not going to work. You will not succeed in breaking me and Sabryn up." Ashley "Well why isn't she here supporting you right now? Where is she?" Bryan "Like it's any of your business, she's at home taking care of my real son." Mark "Enough damn it." Bryan, turning around and looking at an aggravated Mark, "What the hell is your problem man?" Mark "Ashley just accused you two of having sex. This baby could be yours then?" Then the man of the hour walks into the office. Kiko "Sorry I am late everyone." Kiko walks to his desk and sits down. Natalia "Ok, Dr. Whitfield. Let's get right to it. Did Ashley steal my son?" Kiko "Alright, first things first. I have the DNA results regarding Ashley." He opens the envelope and reads as Sabryn then enters Kiko's office. Kiko continues, "The test reveals… That in fact, Ashley says who she says she is. " Sabryn "Great" She says responding, rolling her eyes. Kiko "Now for the baby in question." He pauses as he opens the next envelope. "The child in question belongs to Natalia and Bryan." Everyone is out raged. Natalia, looking at Ashley, "Where's my son?" Sabryn, the news beginning to set in, "What? You slept with Natalia?" She says looking at Bryan with hurtful eyes. Natalia, standing up and getting in Sabryn's face, "I've been waiting to tell you this forever. And I have the privilege and honor to rain on your parade. Yea Bitch. I slept with your man!" Kiko "I think this is the wrong place for this." Just as Kiko says that, and as if two great minds think alike, at the very same moment, Ashley and Sabryn both attack Natalia, knocking Mark and Bryan to the floor. Can I Get a Witness West Coast Baptist Church Sister Patterson is in her church by herself. She walks up toward the front where Jodie's, Lauren's and Abe's, who's casket is closed. She walks over to Abe's and caresses it. She closes her eyes and lets her mind marinate on the things that has happened to her family as of late. She looks up toward God. "Explain all this crazy to me. My family is falling apart. Piece by piece. I don't know what do or say. You have this dark cloud hovering over me. My third eye, the special powers you given me to see good and evil is broken." She wipes a tear from her eye. "How could Abe make me believe Kelis was dead? What caused him to do this? He molested her. God why? Why would you do that to my baby girl? She didn't do nothing. I did! The devil is all around me. Waiting to get in. But I won't let him. The devil is a liar." She wipes her eyes and gets ready for the guest by walking back to the entrance of the church, grabbing programs on her way. The first guest to arrive are the Labelle girls, Patti, Jasmine and Ria. Patti, walking up to Patterson and giving her a hug, "I am so sorry for your lose sister. I know we haven't seen eye to eye yet since I got here but I want you to know I am very sorry for your loss. " Sister Patterson "Thank you Sister Patti." They hug again , then Patti walks in. Jasmine then walks up to Patterson, "I'm so sorry for your loss." Sister Patterson "Who the hell are you?" Jasmine is stunned that the sister would speak like this at a church. Ria, interjecting, "You old bat. So loud and rude. She's my sister, Jasmine." Sister Patterson "That's good. If you're nothing like your sleazy sister, you will be ok in my God's house. You may enter." As Ria is about to enter right after Jasmine, Sister Patterson grab's Ria's arm and spins her around. Ria takes her arm back. Ria "You better keep your eagle claws off me." Sister Patterson "I want a few words with you, and I want them now!" Ria "You better not ever in your life touch me again. " Sister Patterson "Such a slut. I'm still upset that you hurt my son! Cheating on him with Dondre. " Ria "Look Pat the bat, that happened like a year ago. Karim has moved on. He's happy." Sister Patterson "You cheated on him. How dare you? You act like it's no big thing!" Ria "You're tired Pat. Go take a nap! You have no room to judge me. You're just as bad as me. Didn't you cheat on your husband? Does the name Mona ring a bell? You're a slut too." Sister Patterson slaps Ria. Ria's first instinct is to give a beat down to Patterson but she refrains, "You're nothing but an obnoxious, crazy, bitchy windbag. You're a detestable bigoted old woman; like an old swamp gator in a very bad wig and lobster claws. You are the one who needs deliverance. You look like a man with a wig and 2 miles worth of forehead. You're the stuff nightmares are made of! You need to get you some d!ck and a life." Sister Patterson "Something bad is about to happen to you girl. Just watch out. You will pay for you're sins like I am paying for mine. God is going to get you!" Ria rolls her eyes and walks inside the church. Next to Arrive are the Hutchins Family, Karl, his son Ty, his fiancée Jenn, and her lover Santino. Jenn, looking at Sister Patterson, "Great, just what I need." Karl, approaching the Sister first and giving her a hug, "I am so sorry for your loss." Sister Patterson "Thank you Karl. My husband arrested you many years ago. I am surprised to see you here paying respects today." Karl "Abe was doing a job. Besides, I don't hold grudges. And I have been exonerated." Sister Patterson "Well you need to come clean with the information you know. I know too. My third eye told me a few minutes ago about the pictures you took a few weeks ago." After hearing that, Santino and Jenn freeze up, looking at each other. Karl knows exactly what she's talking about and decides to ignore it and walk into the church. Ty then tries to walk right past the Sister but Patterson blocks him by stepping in the way, Patterson "I know you won't be that rude in my God's house. Don't Render Evil with Evil." Ty "It's good to see you too Sister Patterson." Sister Patterson "I got a feeling I am going to be seeing a lot more of you. You've done some things you shouldn't have. And they involve my family." Ty "Have you been hitting the bottle Pat?" Patterson "That's Sister Patterson to you son. Now take this program and get in my God's house and repent." Ty "Honestly, who passes out programs at a funeral? This isn't a play." And with that Ty walks quickly in the church before the sister could get in a come back. Jenn trying her luck, tries to walk right past the sinful sister. Sister Patterson, as usual intervenes by stepping in front of her and Santino both. Sister Patterson "Not so fast missy. I know, that you know that I know what yens did. Lust is evil." Santino "We won't be needing you to preach to us after you and your husband's brother were caught in between the sheets." Sister Patterson "No you didn't. You will not talk to me like that. " She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her holy water." Jenn "Here we go. I know what's coming next. I am armed and ready to do the Lord's work. Yea yea, heard it before Patterson. You need to work on yourself." Sister Patterson then slaps Jenn across the face with her bible. "God told me to do that for talking to one of his angels like that. How dare you?" Santino "You got issues." Santino then walks past Sister Patterson. Jenn tries to as well but then Sister Patterson grabs her arm. Jenn looks back. Sister Patterson "I would watch it if I were you. I know what you and Santino did." Sister Pat lets go of Jenn's arm and Jenn gives Sister Patterson a look then walks off. Sister Patterson's own family arrives, in the form of her two sons Kevin and Karim with his girlfriend Alexis. Sister Patterson "Hi babies. I haven't seen you two in days." Kevin walks right past his mother with out so much as looking at her or speaking. Sister Patterson hollers out after him. "Kevin, Come back here and talk to your mourning mother!" Karim "You're wasting your breath ma." Sister Patterson "What do you mean? He is still my son." Karim "He doesn't want to talk to you right now. He's trying to make sense of everything. I am too. I find out I have a sister. She killed our pops and my sister kidnapped my brother's girlfriend. And to top all that off, we just found out you were cheating on pops with his brother. I really hope DC doesn't show his face here today." Sister Patterson "Why shouldn't he? Abe was his brother." Karim "It would not be right. We have a lot to deal with and Uncle Don will make it worse." Sister Patterson "Well at least your acting civil and talking with me. That means a lot to me Karim." Karim "You're my mother. But I am still having a hard time dealing with all of this and to be honest, I am not ready to speak with you either. I was just being civil as you said. If you will excuse me, Alexis and I are going to pay our respects to my pops." Alexis "Nice to see you Sister Patterson." Sister Patterson "Well I can't say the same. You're evil and your hiding something and pretty soon it will come out. Hell look at me." Karim wonders what his mother means. Sister Patterson, handing them a program, "Here and now get my face. I've been hurt so much today." Alexis with Karim walks inside the church as Karim thinks of what his mother said about Alexis hiding something. He decides today is not the day to follow up with it, being it's his father funeral and all. Back at the hospital Sabryn and Ashley both jump on Natalia at the same time, hitting her. Mark jumps in and tries to pull Sabryn off Natalia and Kiko doing the same with Ashley. Bryan stands there in shock as Sabryn gets herself back together. She looks at Bryan. Sabryn "This was the last straw. You slept with Ashley, now you slept with some one even dirtier than her. Natalia of all people and you have a son with her. It's over Bryan. I don't want to see your fu(king face ever again! Stay the hell away from me and my son!" Bryan "He' my son too. We share a child together. You just can't cut me out your life." Sabryn, wiping tears, "Watch me! I am so done with you. This is the last time you hurt me." Sabryn, unable to speak any more storms out Kiko's office. Mark, looking at Natalia, "You led me to believe all these months I had a son with you. You tried over and over again to try and trap me into loving you. Just like you trapped me to sleep with you in the first place. And all this time, you knew, this child might have not been mine. You're evil. But I am so glad all this has happened. You can't trap me no more. It's over. You're hold on me has evaporated. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And I could not feel better." He then looks at Bryan, "Why couldn't you have said anything to me. I lived my life for the past 6 months believing I had a child. Then I was made to believe this child died when Natalia got shot. But no more. Let freedom ring. Good luck in dealing with Natalia. You got a lot on your plate." After saying that, Mark also leaves. Natalia then turns to Ashley, "Ok you heard the results. You have my son and I want him back now!" Ashley "This was not supposed to happen." Natalia "Tough cookies. Give me my son now!" Ashley "This child was to supposed to bring Bryan and I back together." Bryan "I don't love you. For that matter, I don't even like you. You're a psycho. You need mental rehabilitation.' Ashley "I AM NOT CRAZY!! I just love you Bryan. Can't you see that? I did all of this for us. But we can still be together. Sabryn has made it obviously clear she doesn't want to be with you no more." Bryan "I don't like you. I could never be with you. You're insane. You need help." Natalia "Damn all that. Just tell me now! Where is my son or do I have to beat it out of you?" Ashley "That child belongs to me and Bryan. You'll never get Bryan Jr. back and Bryan, (Now looking at him) you will be with me. I've gone through too damn much to be with you." Suddenly Ashley runs out the hospital. Natalia, hollering after her, "Get back here bitch!" Kiko "Get out of my office! This is a hospital! You can't shout out obscenities like that." Natalia, looking at Bryan, "Are you going to help me get our son back?" Bryan "I can't believe I have a child with you." Natalia "Fu(k you man! Are you going to stand there and wait until some one pays a penny for your thoughts or are you going to help me get our son back?" Bryan "Let's go." They both run after Ashley. Downtown Pasadena, Police Station Mark walk into Mike's office. Mike "Thank you for coming down so fast. I am late for Jodie's funeral, but I did get some info on Dahlia." Mark "She's alive?" Mike "Uhm, well, she was. " Mark "What do you mean she was?" Mike "There was a report of a woman tied to a set of train tracks right outside of Pasadena." Mark, getting emotional, "Oh!" Mike " I am sorry to be telling you this. The train tried to stop but it was to late. I am sure I don't need to tell you the rest." Mark "Dahlia was mowed down by a train. Who in the hell would do this to her!? My God she has been through so much. To being arrested then being stabbed in jail, then ending up at the landfill and supposedly dying there. But she survived that only to be killed again. What the hell?" Mike "I know how you feel Mark. There is a major crime wave sweeping through Pasadena and as the new police chief I plan to clean this mess up and get answers for all the victims of this wave. I don't want to be rude but I must get going. I'll be in touch. I need to follow up with what you told me about you and Rufus. I now will need to question Rufus." Mike then gets up, puts his tie on and heads down to the church for Jodie's funeral. Mark still sits there, letting the news soak in that Dahlia died so heinously. He gets up and then heads to his house. Lavender Hill, Sabryn's Mansion Sabryn lays Bryan Jr. down in his crib after he falls asleep from Sabryn rocking him in her arms. She then goes downstairs and turns the lights out. She walks over to her kitchen and pulls out a bottle of wine from a wine rack and then walks towards her living room. She sits down on her couch and let's the tears fall from her eyes as she opens the bottle of wine and begins to drink it straight from the bottle. She then talks to herself "Bryan. ….Bryan has ruined my life. He's hurt me so many times and he won't stop. Damn him!" She says after taking a big gulp from the bottle. She continues, "Nothing is happening to him. I am the one who keeps ending up with a heart broken. I am going to lose my fashion empire if I haven't already. I can't take this. Something has to happen to him.. .Bryan must feel some of this pain. I have to make him pay. I told him if he hurts me again I would kill him and that's exactly what I plan on doing. Bryan is going to pay for doing this to me!" She finishes her bottle of wine and then tosses it across the room, shattering upon impact into the marble floor. Ashley gets in her car in the hospital parking lot. She talks to herself like any normally crazy person would, "They won't get me. They won't get my son." She starts up her car and speeds off before Bryan and Natalia can catch her. Natalia almost catching up to Ashley's car hollers out after her "No!!!… Ashley, give me my son!!!." She says with tears forming in her eyes. Bryan "Let's go. We can hop in my car and get her." They run towards Bryan's car. Making a right out of the parking lot, Ashley heads for the highway. She's still talking to herself, "They won't get me. Natalia will never get her son. That child is the last chance I have to be with Bryan and no one will take that away from me." Ashley looks in her rear view mirror to see if Bryan and Natalia are on her trail but she almost losses control of her car, from shock, at seeing Rufus in the back seat, with a gun pointed at her. Rufus "It's payback time." Next on S.T.E.A.M.: Drama occurs at the Funerals!
  10. Can I Get a Witness West Coast Baptist Church Mona holds her machine gun in her hand as Ashley, who just officially revealed herself to be back from the dead, Sabryn, Bryan, Dre, Daniel, Tyler, Ria, her famous mother Patti Labelle, Sharan, and Kevin all look at Mona in shock. Daniel and Ty are even more stunned from the others. Daniel has flash backs of Mona shooting him and making it look like an attempted suicide, then he remembers Mona drugged him with Meth to keep him from exposing what she did, then he remembers Mona kidnapping him and holding him hostage in her dungeon then torturing him day after day. Then he remembers Mona leaving him there for dead when Mona tried to bomb her dungeon. Daniel has this raging fire inside of him. He hollers out, and not even phased by the machine, gun he charges after Mona, jumping on top of her and tackling her to the ground. Daniel then begins to choke Mona, as Mona gags, and coughs. Daniel "Fu(king Bitch! I am going to kill you!" He then grabs Mona's neck and lifts it off the ground so Mona's head is off the ground as well then Daniel begins to pound Mona's head into the ground. Then out of no where, they hear a scream come from second floor balcony. A person, climbs up on the chandelier and swings across the air like George from The Jungle. Patti "Look, it's bird!" Ria "Naw, momma, that's a bat!" Kevin "It's my mother!" Sister Patterson jumps off the chandelier and lands on top of Daniel, knocking him off of Mona. Sister Patterson "Damn you devils! All this violence in my God's house. The devil is a lair. Every one stop this madness NOW!…. Yens all going to hell!" Dre hurries up and grabs Mona, so she can't get away. Tyler is stunned beyond words by all the action. He tries to think of what should be his next move , always in need to be in control of every situation he comes into. Realizing he won't control this one to his benefit, he slips out of the church. Kevin, looking at Sharan, "What is going on here?" Sharan "Kevin, you're about to find out. That's Mona. That's the one who kidnapped me. She's your sister. Kevin, Mona is your sister." ^^^Brand New Season 3 opening!! Episode:101, The Devil is a Liar Written by: ML Cooks The Blue Note Mike is out on the patio that sits over the pond. He drinks his 5th beer, looking out into the water, thinking of Jodie. He thinks of the very first time he met her in his pub. She was a lost soul who wanted to be loved. His thoughts are interrupted by a, "Mike, we've been so worried about you." Mike turns around and sees Lena and Heath standing before him. Mike "Well here I am." Heath "You're pretty wasted man. Let's go grab some coffee or something." Lena "That's sounds like a great idea." Mike, leaning back against the railing, "I don't want no damn coffee. I want Jodie back." He says with a tear forming in his eye. He continues "I didn't even have a chance to say good bye." Lena hugs Mike, "I know how you feel Mike." She pulls back from him. Heath "Mike, I think there is something you might like to know." Mike "I pretty much doubt that." Heath "I was with Jodie the night before she died. She called me on the phone and wanted me to come see her. She told me some things, some things you should know." Mike "It should have been me their with her. I'll never have that chance again." Heath "Mike, she really loved you. Jodie wanted you to know that. She did not want you to see her, the way she looked. She felt ugly on the inside and out." Mike "That doesn't matter to me. I love Jodie. For who she is not for what she isn't. It doesn't even matter now. My baby is gone." Lena "At least she is not suffering. I know she is looking down on us with a smile Mike. You know that?" Mike "She is. I will never forget her and no one could ever replace her in my heart. And I think it's time to get the people who did her wrong." Lena "Mike, what are you talking about?" Mike "Jennifer! What she did to Jodie can't go unpunished." Lena and Heath look at each other with raised eye brows. Back at the Church Sabryn, looks at Bryan then at Ashley, "Wait a minute! This is supposed to be my wedding day. " Bryan, looking at Ashley in disbelief, "Ashley? Is that really you?" Ashley "It's me baby. I'm back." Sabryn "Are you serious? This has to be a dream!" Ashley, flipping her hair, "This is not a mirage sweetie. I'm Ashley Jones, and I approve of my latest stunt. Check mate Sabryn." Sabryn hollers out in agony and runs after Ashley. Ashley charges after Sabryn. They have so much hate for each other that it transform into their energies , once they collide into each other they fall onto the ground from each other's force. Sabryn is quick to react and hops on top of Ashley, punching her in her face with right and left hooks. Bryan grabs Sabryn and pulls her off of Ashley. Ashley stands back up and then kicks Sabryn in her stomach. Sabryn then elbows Bryan in the gut to break free of his hold to tackle her arch enemy again. Ashley, not really paying attention as she looks for her son is caught off guard when Sabryn pushes Ashley into her wedding cake. Ashley falls right into it. Sabryn "Damn you! You can't just leave me alone can you?" Sabryn then charges at Ashley again, hopping on top of her. Sabryn's million dollar self designed wedding dressed is now ruined as both women roll around in the cake, throwing it at each other. Sister Patterson , with a garden hose turns it on and begins to spray down Sabryn and Ashley. "Let this Holy water cleanse thy souls. Everyone is tripping in my God's house. I have my bible and I am ready to use it. I am a solider for my lord and he don't like ugly. That's what all yens are, ugly. The devil is a lair and everyone must know that. What if Miss Jenkins finds out about this!? I think it's time we bow our heads and pray. This aint nothing a good prayer will help." The police arrive on the scene and immediately arrest Mona! Kevin, looking at Sharan, "What do you mean she's my sister? " Sharan "Ask her Kevin. Ask Mona for the truth. For that matter ask your father." Kevin walks up to the police and stops them before the police haul Mona off. Mona looks at Kevin. Kevin, looking at her facial features, "Who are you?" Mona "I'm your sister." Sister Patterson hears this and is stunned and walks over toward Kevin. "What did you just say?" Mona "I'm Kelis. I'm your daughter. Hello mom." Sister Patterson "The devil is a liar! Wait till Miss Jenkins hear about this!" Miss Jenkins House In the Basement. Rufus floats in and out of consciousness. But he is able to make out a large, beastly woman, chewing and popping gum, and smoking a refer joint standing a few feet away from her. Miss Jenkins "What the hell you doing in my house? And who's gonna pay for that big ass hole in my floor?" Rufus, weak but still tries to speak, "Please help me." Miss Jenkins "Damn, I thought I had a deep voice for a woman, your's is even deeper honey." Madea looks at this strange woman and she notices a of pool blood surrounding Rufus's groin area. Madea "Looks like you've been rapped honey. You wait right ch'here and I'll get the po po over here." Madea walks back upstairs as Rufus smiles, that he is about to get help. He then becomes freaked out again upon having flashbacks of Ashley using a chain saw to cut off his penis. Back at the Church The police escort Mona in a cruiser and is driven off. Sister Patterson looks at her as she drives off. She then looks at Sharan, "Girl, I want to know what are you talking? I want to know it now! Don't you forget we are still in God's house so you better not be lying. I got my holy water right here and I am not afraid to do his work." Patterson says aiming the garden hose at her. Sharan "Sister Patterson, it's so good to see you again. I have missed your crazy outburst." Sister Patterson "I beg your pardon." Sharan "Mona, is the one who kidnapped me. She kidnapped Daniel too. She used a clone to make everyone think Daniel was dead. She made it look like Chris stabbed Daniel. She's the one who was stalking me." She looks at Kevin and continues, "She's the one who sent me those pink roses. It wasn't Dondre. She's the one who rammed off your car door. Right around the time Daniel was shot." Kevin "I remember all of that. We were coming home from the TC Hotel opening gala." Sister Patterson "Ok enough, when are we going to get to the good part? I buried my sweet precious innocent daughter 25 years ago. And what you talking about right now is a bunch of hoopla. How is this crazy person my child?" Sharan "Abe. It was your husband. He is the one who faked Kelis's death. He did all of this. He made you believe Kelis was dead. Abe chained her up and molested her night after night for 15 years. Then he tried to set her on fire and bury her alive, hoping Kelis would die. But she didn't! She survived!" Sister Patterson, is totally stunned, "Lord have Mercy the devil is a lair." Everyone in the church are stunned. "I think I need to sit down. My chest is feeling heavy." Sharan "I am so sorry to be the one doing this. But this is the reason why Kelis kidnapped me. She wanted to make the Williams family pay. Especially Abe." Kevin "Sharan are you sure? I know you would never lie about something like this." Sharan "I am sure.. Mona is harboring a lot of secrets. A lot of pain and resentment." Sister Patterson "You talking out the side of ya neck girl! Aint no way in hell my Abe could be that despicable. And how dare you trash my family in front of all these God loving people? In my God's house none the less. My God shall strike you down right now." Kevin "Ma stop it! Mona does have that Williams family resemblance." Sister Patterson "Please tell me you are not listening to this ring-a-maroe." Kevin ' Let's go down to the police station, and find pops and we can see what is going on." Sister Patterson "I will not. I know my husband is no molester. He could not have done nothing so vial. Nothing so sinful. Sharan you are sick and you ought to be ashamed of yourself." Sharan "If you went through the things your lesbian daughter put me through, you might be sick too. Your insane daughter rapped me!" Sister Patterson, chuckling, "Now I know your lying. Aint no child of mine is going to be a gay." Kevin grabs his mother and puts her into his car. Sister Patterson "You better take your hand off of me boy! I brought you into this world and I'll take you out. Don't you know no good boy?" Kevin with his mom drives off. Ria, then gives a round of applause, "Thank God that crazy bat is out of here." Patti, looking at her daughter, "You will not be disrespectful like that. Don't embarrass me girl." Ria "Whatever. Don't you have a concert to sing at?" Bryan grabs Sabryn and takes her into the back room. Daniel leaves to go see about Lauren. Ashley tries to wipe her self off, being covered in cake. "That was some wedding." She says to herself. Ria walks over to her. Ria "Ashley Jones? Girl is that really you?" Ashley "Yes it is." Ria "This reminds me of The young and the Restless girl. When Drucilla was pushed off the mountain by Phyllis with all those cheesy effects. It's like people know home girl survived. We all know she will be coming back from the dead one day." Ashley "This is no soap opera, let me tell you that." They both look over as they hear Bryan jr. the 1st cry. Ashley walks over to him to try and calm him down. Ria "Back from the dead with a baby." Ashley "It is a miracle isn't it?" Ria "Who's ya baby daddy girl?" Ashley "Bryan." Ria "Oh damn. Sabryn won't be happy about that." Westwood Park Natalia pounds on Mark's door. Mark opens it and is not to pleased to see Natalia. Natalia walks inside his house and notices how everything is packed up in boxes. Mark "I'm kinda busy right now. I'm in the middle of packing up all my things. Dahlia and I are leaving this damned city once I find her." Natalia "Dahlia? She's dead. She died when her body was dumped in the "Stink SO Good Landfill" trash compacter." Mark "No! You would like for her to be dead don't do? Guess what?! You're wrong. I saw her. She walked in on me and-" Mark pausing, having a flashback of Dahlia walking in on Rufus sucking his duck. He catches himself before he tells Natalia. Natalia "She saw you doing what?" Mark "It was right after you got shot. " Natalia "Are you smoking crack Mark?" Mark "No I am not. I have to stay sober or you'll take advantage of me again." Natalia "As if. You didn't have to sleep with me. It was a choice." Mark "If you call black mailing a choice then by all means." Natalia "All that means nothing right now. We have a child together Mark." Mark "Are you the one hitting the pipe? Our child died when you got shot." Natalia "It was a set up. Our child is alive and Ashley has him." Huntington Memorial Hospital Daniel rushes over to the nurses station. He asks a nurse about Lauren "I got a phone call telling me my fiancée' Lauren Roman has been shot. Can you tell me anything about her? Is she ok? Is the baby ok?" Diego than walks up to him. Daniel, turning around to face him, "Any news on Lauren?" Diego "I'm sorry Daniel, we were unable to save her. Lauren is dead!"……………Next time on S.T.E.A.M.: Fireworks and fists fly between Natalia/Ashley and Sabryn!
  11. Due to technical diffculties, I was unable to post pics. Everytime I post a pic in this ep, the episode would double in length. If any one could help me please do. In the mean time please refer to cast list posted on the right. Thanks and again my apologies Westwood Park, Dondre's House Kiko looks at Lauren then at his brother Dondre. Kiko "What the hell is going on?" Lauren "Kiko, I know this is a surprise but I need you to calm down and hear us out." Kiko "Calm down? I am seeing dead people!" Dre "Relax man. It's not that serious yo. I didn't kill Lauren. This is a set up." Lauren "We have to make Tyler believe Dondre killed me." Kiko "This is insane. Why?" Dondre "He was going to either kill me or you if I didn't kill Lauren." Kiko "Why does Tyler want you dead Lauren?" Lauren "He hates me. He believes I am a threat to his illegal operations. He blames me for Daniel not working with him no more." Kiko "This is outrageous. Tyler is dangerous. He kidnapped me and his henchman held me at gun point. I don't think messing with Ty is a great idea. You can't hide this forever. What if the police starts looking for you Dre? What if Tyler tells the police that you killed Lauren?" Dre "Ty can't do nothing. The police are already trying to go after him so he won't do nothing else to draw attention to himself." Kiko "And now you two have me involved in this little plot. " Dre "It wasn't supposed to go down like this bro. My bad homie." Kiko " So now what? How long will Lauren have to stay dead? What's going to happen next?" Lauren "Until we get Ty busted for the crimes he's committed." Kiko "So you two are trying to be crime stoppers now. You should let the professionals handle this." Dre "It's too late. We are in too deep. I had to make it look like I killed Lauren so Ty wouldn't do nothing else to no one else. We are going to set him up." Kiko "What about Daniel? He believes you are dead! Or wait, is he in on this too?" Lauren "NO!. Daniel does not know. He cannot know! " Dre "You can't tell no one about this bruh." Kiko "So you are going to let the father of your child believe you are dead?" Lauren has a flash back of making love with Chris then of having a one night stand with Kevin. Dre also remembers when he over heard Lauren and Kevin talking about that one night stand at The Blue Note. Lauren, turning away to look away from Kiko, "It's not Daniel's child." Dre "All that aint important right now. Look man. You are my brother and if I've never asked anything of you before, this right here, is the time I'm asking. This is when I need you the most man. I know this is some crazy sh!t goings on, but I need to you to keep what you saw today to yourself. I wanted to prove to you that I was not a killer. That's why you are here. " Kiko, thinking of everything he's learned today thinks of the situation. He looks at Lauren and then at his brother. "You can count on me. I'll keep quiet." Lauren takes a deep sigh of relief as Dre walks over to his brother and give him a hug. S.T.E.A.M. Episode: 105, Twigs and Berries! Written by ML Cooks Lavender Hill, Diego's House Ashley walks up to the front door. She looks inside and it looks to her like Diego has moved out. "Son of a Bitch." She walks around to the back of the of the mansion and sees a for sale sign. "Yea I bet. Just open your flappers and tell Natalia everything about her son and leave town." She then pulls out her cell phone and dials Diego's number. The operator comes on "The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected. Message 105." Ashley slams her phone shut and then lodges it the mansion, busting a window. "You won't get away with this Diego. Fu(king Bastard! I am about to lose everything." Ashley then runs off into her car and rushes off. Westwood Park, Natalia's House. Natalia gets off the phone when she gets a knock at her door. She opens it and is surprised to see Mark. Natalia "Mark, I'm surprised to see you here." Mark "May I come in?" Natalia "My door is always open for you." Mark then walk in. Mark "I'm here to find out about our child?" Natalia "You care now?" Mark "I actually do care about our son. He's my flesh and blood. If he's alive then I want to do right by him." Natalia "That's good to hear." Mark "I don't understand why Ashley would have our child. What is going on?" Natalia then remembers Mark may not be the father of this child but it could be Bryan's, and probably the reason why Ashley kidnapped him. "I don't know either. We have to find out. In fact I was just talking with the hospital and they have the paternity results. Good timing, maybe we could go find out together." Mark "Actually, I am going to talk with Mike." Natalia, frowning, "Mike? What for?" Mark "He's the new police chief. I have to find Dahlia." Natalia, rolling her eyes, "It's always about Dahlia. She's dead." Mark "I bet you would love that! She's not. I saw her right before you got shot." Natalia "How are you so sure?" Mark "Because Rufus was giving me head and she walked in on us." Natalia "You can let that boarder jumper feel up on you but the mother of your child can't get no action? What does that thing have that I don't? I love you regardless of your past life. I'm ok with the fact you are bisexual. I knew for a while. Rufus and I had a conversation a while back and it just so happened that nasty bitch's nuts fell out her skirt. Would Dahlia have loved you knowing you were on the down low?" Mark "I am not on the down low. I've only messed with Rufus. No other men. It started back in high school and it's just been an on going thing. Nothing to write home about." Natalia "I think so. I bet Rufus was the one who shot me. Tell Mike that while you're at it. Always worried about Dahlia. Find out who in the hell shot me. Who caused me to lose our son. I'm outta here. See your self out." She grabs her purse and jacket and heads to the front door. She looks back at Mark, "Oh, and when your son asks where his daddy is, I'll tell him a dead bitch was more important than you. Imagine how hurt he is going to be. Selfish bastard!" Natalia storms out her house leaving Mark to eat her words. Back on Lavender Hill, Sabryn's Mansion Sabryn is sitting down in her living room, with her son in her arms. She listens to CNBC as she bottle feeds Bryan Jr. Bryan comes down the stairs and walks over to his fiancée. He leans down to try and kiss her but she moves her head back. Bryan "What's the matter?" Sabryn "I'm busy feeding your son." Bryan "Well you can give me a kiss right now?" Sabryn "Honestly no Bryan. I am so pissed at you right now. I just want to explode. I told you when we got back together, if you hurt me again, I'll kill you. That's what I feel like doing every time I look at your face!" Bryan "I remember that but I didn't cheat on you though baby." Sabryn "You haven't cheated in over a year. Ashley is back from the dead and claiming to have your son. Oh wait, It's Natalia's son to. I don't understand how all this happens. My son and I are the ones suffering. For your stupid affair." Bryan "You already know Ashley is crazy. She is probably lying." Sabryn "She is crazy and if she is carrying your son we have to possibly deal with that crazy Bitch for ever . Why do I have to live with something like that? I shouldn't have too. Bryan Jr. shouldn't have too. In fact I feel bad for her son. It's a shame he has a crazy mother like that." Bryan "All I can say is I am so sorry Sabryn. I love you and I hope nothing has changed or will change." Sabryn "I can't promise you that. It depends on these paternity results. I'll tell you what though, you better hope and pray that is not your son." Bryan "Well we are about to find out. The test results are in. I was heading down to the hospital to find out the results. I was hoping you would join me?" Sabryn "I'll pass. I'm meeting with Sharan. She should be here any minute so why don't you hurry up and leave." Bryan "Sabryn I love you. I always will so no matter what happens at this hospital, I want you to know that." Sabryn "It sounds good." Bryan, shakes his head and then kisses his son on the forehead and then leaves the mansion. Once Bryan closes the door behind him, tears fall from Sabryn's eyes. She looks down in her son's eyes and talks to him, "I don't know what is going to happen little one. Your father's mistakes keep ruining our lives. I don't know if we can be a family. I can't keep going in these circles with him." She then hears her door bell ring. The maid walks into the living room and announces Sharan has arrived. Sabryn puts Bryan Jr in a rocker and greets Sharan. Sharan "It' so good to see you!" Sabryn "I've missed you" They hug. Huntington Memorial Hospital Rufus walks out of his hospital room and sees Sister Patterson and Miss Jenkins having a heated discussion. Rufus interrupts them and give Miss Jenkins a big hug. Rufus "You saved my life. I'll always be thankful to you." Sister Patterson "Get your tranny hands off my mother!" Rufus stops hugging Madea and looks at both ladies, "This is your mother?" Miss Jenkins "Child yes. It's very embarrassing. I gave birth to a devil." Sister Patterson "It's time for you to go back to your house. I don't know how you got out anyway." Miss Jenkins "No honey I am ok. You are done keeping me locked up in that house. Why would you do that to that to an old lady?" Rufus "Oh my god you're Miss Jenkins." Madea "Yes I am honey. In the flesh." Rufus "Everyone thought Miss Patterson was crazy. She was always talking about this Miss Jenkins. I thought it was some one she made up." Sister Patterson "It's Sister Patterson to you. I am a warrior for my God." Madea, laughing, "Please, the only war you are about to be fighting is with the crazy hospital when I have you committed. And you're right Rufus, my daughter is crazy." Sister Patterson "It's all because of you. You know what you did to me." Madea "I did nothing but raise you. So what I told you, you were ugly. It's the truth honey." She says laughing. Rufus chuckles as well. Sister Patterson "Yes, it's time for you to be going back to your house." Sister Patterson begins to grab Madea's arm. Madea "You wanna put your hands on me huh? I got something for that ass." Madea reaches in her purse and takes out her gun. Sister Patterson immediately backs up away from Miss Jenkins. Sister Patterson "We are in a hospital. A place for healing. Put the devil's tools away." Madea "Honey I don't care where we at. You aint gone put yer hands on me." She then turns to Rufus, "How you feeling honey?" Sister Patterson "Don't talk him! He's a gay." Madea "Honey, we are all God's chill'rens. Maybe this man need a little help finding out who he is." Sister Patterson "Aint no family of mine going to be associated with a fruit basket." Madea "That's funny, isn't your daughter a lesbian?" Sister Patterson is stunned. Madea "You thank I didn't know huh? Miss Jenkins knows everything honey. You need to go get your family together. You're about to lose everyone you love. In fact, you should get together a family reunion. I want to see everyone you been hiding from me. And it's time to reveal to them just how crazy you really are." Sister Patterson "Miss Jenkins, I am not going to let you do this." Madea "Get out of my face before I do something I do want to do." She says reaching for her gun again. Sister Patterson then leaves the hospital. Rufus "Wow, I never seen anyone get Miss Patterson together like that before. She's always in some one's face being loud and disrespectful." Madea "Honey, thangs gone be changing round 'chere real quick. I got some stories to tell about my ugly daughter. Would you like to hear them?" Rufus "I sure would Miss Jenkins." Madea "We can gone head back to my house and I'll cook something up. Now tell me what the doctor said?" Rufus "Well, thanks to Ashley, I don't need surgery to become a full fledge woman." Madea "Oh my lamb, you mean that's what was wrong with ya when I found you in my basement?" Rufus "That crazy Bitch Ashley took a chain saw, thinking she was reliving a moment from that movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre and cut my penis off." Madea "Lord, what the hell she do that for?" Rufus "Because she's flipping crazy. The doctor said I'll be ok though. They got me all together. I'm now a woman. My man hood is gone." Madea "Well honey, whatever flies you're hair back. Let's go back to my house. I need to hit my reefers." Rufus "You mean weed?" Madea "Yea honey. I got to have my twigs and berries for this glaucoma I got here in my eyes." Rufus laughs as they begin to leave the hospital. But Rufus gets side tracked when he sees Ashley entering the hospital. Rufus "That's her. She cut my dick off." Madea "Well honey here you go." She says handing her, her gun. Downtown Pasadena, Police Station Mark walks into Mike's office. Mike "Mark, It's been a while. What brings you down here?" Mark "Well Mr. new police chief, I need to talk to you about something I saw right after Natalia was shot." Mike "I'm glad you bring that up. The ball was dropped on that unsolved crime and I was just in the process of opening that case back up. Let me start off asking you, who do you think had a reason to shoot Natalia?" Mark, thinking of Rufus "Rufus Taylor maybe." Mike "Rufus huh? And why do you think Rufus would want to shoot Natalia?" Mark "A jealous lover." Mike "Lover? Who's?" Mark, pausing before answering "Mine. Rufus and I used to mess around and he came back to town to try and rekindle what we had years ago. She's made numerous remarks about Natalia." Mike "Very interesting. So what did you see after Natalia got shot?" Mark "This is going to sound odd but, I saw Dahlia Salem. I saw her one time after Natalia was shot and I haven't been able to locate her since." Mike "Wow, really? Dahlia? I remember she was dumped into that landfill." Mark "That's what I thought to but I swear to you I know I saw her." Mike "Well did you stop and talk to her?" Mark "I was unable too." Mike "And that's because of what?" Mark "She walked in on Rufus and I." Mike, a bit surprised "I see. Well I have Natalia who was shot and then Dahlia back from the dead. This does makes things interesting. If she's alive I am sure we'll find her. Maybe she knows who shot Natalia." Mark "Are you trying to say Dahlia might have shot Natalia?" Mike "It seems anything is possible in this city." Mark "You are right about that." Mike "I'll do some digging and see what I come up with. There's been a massive crime wave here in Pasadena and it might take a little while to get all the cases but trust me, no crime will go unpunished. There's going to be a lot of people going to jail very soon." Mark "I am glad to hear. Thank you for your time. I have something to do at the hospital so I'll be in touch." Mark gets up and leaves as Mike ponders the fact if Dahlia is really dead and could she be the one who shot Natalia then skipped town. Back on Lavender Hill, Sabryn's Mansion Sharan walks over to look at Bryan Jr. "He's beautiful. I am so happy for you." Sabryn "Not more happy than I am for you. It's so good to have my best friend back. So tell me, what did you go through.? I've heard a lot about this Mona person." Sharan "I don't even know where to start. She kidnapped me, and Daniel, faked Daniel's death and framed Chris for it." Sabryn "That is horrible. I was there with Bryan when he found out Chris was put into the gas chamber. Damn that is such a shame. An innocent man killed for nothing. Because he was set up. This Mona person must have really had a lot of time on her hands to do all these deranged things. What would cause someone to act like that.?" Sharan "Revenge and pain. It's going to sound crazy, but I almost forgive all of the things Mona did. Her father took her away when she was born. Abe made Sister Patterson believe that Mona was dead. Abe then chained her up and molested her night after night for 15 years." Sabryn "Abe? The police chief? His own daughter?" Sharan "Well, Mona found out recently that Abe's brother was really her father. But yes Abe did all of this. He's the reason she's crazy. She's hell bent on revenge and all the things Abe done to her is the reason she's done all the crazy things she's done." Sabryn "I'm just glad to have you back. I know you are happy as well." Sharan "Oh yes I am. I am free. It feels so good. I still have night mares though but I guess that's to be expected. So tell me about this wedding, I was there. I saw what happened? Oh and by the way, Mona and Ashley were working together." Sabryn "You have got to be kidding me! I don't believe this. If Mona can fake Daniel's death then there is no telling what in the hell two crazy people can cook up. Ashley claims she gave birth to Bryan's son. But come on, the crazy bitch got ran over by a car. How do you survive that and even give birth? And to top all that off, Natalia is now claiming that the son Ashley has is really hers, thanks to some plot by Ashley and Diego." Sharan "It is possible. I'm telling you that sounds about right. I over heard Ashley talking while she visited Mona. Even Mona admitted that baby wasn't Ashley's." Sabryn "Then that would mean that Natalia is right. It is her son. Bryan made a comment that this child had his facial features. Oh my God. NO!. Don't tell me Bryan and Natalia slept together. It all makes sense. Natalia and I had an argument at her fashion show and she made a remark. She has a flash back The Fashion show begins with some club music in the background playing and the lights flash of all colors on the runway. The first model walks out and struts to the music. Sabryn, standing next to Natalia "How hideous. So tacky. No class whatsoever ever." Natalia "Jealous ones still envy I see. If I wasn't pregnant. I would love to have a few rounds with you in the boxing ring you." Sabryn "It's a deal. After we have our babies , it's a date. I 've been waiting to show you who's really boss." Natalia "Bryan knows who's boss" She coolly says walking away. Sabryn "That's the second weird comment that dumb BITCH made. " she says wondering what is Natalia is talking about. As Sabryn walks back over to Bryan, The lady in red follows her. Sabryn's flash back ends. "Sharan can you please watch my son. I need to get to that hospital and hear the paternity results." Sabryn grabs her purse and rushes down to the hospital. Meanwhile at Huntington Memorial Hospital Mark walks into Kiko's office and joins Ashley, Bryan and Natalia who were already waiting for the doctor. Kiko then walks in. Natalia "Please tell us now Dr. Whitfield. Just get it out in the open. Too many people's lives are at stake." Ashley and Bryan takes a deep breath as Kiko opens the envelope Kiko "The paternity of the child in question goes as follow. Bryan D. Crane is the father." Just then Sabryn walks in. Kiko continues "The mother of the child in question is…….Natalia Cigultie." Bryan is shocked. Sabryn "So you two had an affair?" Natalia, walking up in her face, "I've waited to tell you this for so long! Yes Bryan and I slept together. Bryan got a big d!ck don't he?" Ashley and Sabryn both start attacking Natalia! In two Weeks on S.T.E.A.M.: Pasadena comes together for a triple funeral!
  12. TC Hotel, Ty’s Office Kiko, with a gun aimed to his head, courtesy of Santino, “Dondre, please tell me this is not true? Tell me you did not kill Lauren? She was 5 months pregnant!” Dre, with a gun aimed at his head as well via Ty, “Bro, I had to man. I had no other choice. I had to or this situation right here we are in could have been worse.” Ty “You’re right about that….” He thinks of Lauren being dead. “Hearing you say Lauren is dead has warmed my soul. Now no one will have to hear her flaber mouth ever again.” Kiko “What kind of man are you? What makes you want a pregnant woman dead? What about that little baby she was carrying?” Ty “Well now we won’t have to listen to flaber mouth junior.” Kiko “You’re a pig.” Ty, looking back at Dre, “You better tell your brother to shut his mouth or he is going to piss me off. Just like Lauren did and we all seen what you did to her.” Kiko “You’re going have my own brother kill me too?” Dre “You got it twisted homie. Aint nothing like that going down. Kiko, just be quiet and everything will be ok.” He then looks back at Tyler. “Look man, I did the job you asked me to do. Lauren is dead and gone. You have no reason to keep my brother.” Ty “Your brother better not open his mouth up to the police. I am sure he won’t. He doesn’t want his brother going to jail for the rest of his life. So I trust Kiko won’t be a problem?” Dre “No problem at all.” Kiko “I can speak for myself. I’m my own man.” Dre “Just shut the fu(k up Kiko. Damn you talking to much right now.” Ty, pulling his gun back, “Job well done. I’ll call you with more work later. I already have another job lined up for you.” Kiko “You can cancel that. My brother won’t be needing to work for you no more.” Tyler, looking at Dre and pointing at Kiko, “You’re going to need to handle that before I do.” Dre “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it. Just don’t touch my brother.” Ty, looking at Santino, “Let the pretty boy go.” Santino unties the ropes that bounded J to a chair. Kiko rubs his wrist and stands up. Dre “Let’s go Kiko.” Kiko eyeballs Tyler and Santino one last time, “With pleasure.” Kiko follows Dre out Ty’s office as Ty sits down in his chair with a smile on his face. “Lauren is dead and I could not be any happier.” Santino just sets back and wonders what kind of man wants pregnant woman dead. Episode:104, Miss Jenkins’ Kinship Written by ML Cooks and Tara Smith The Jump Off Santino walks over to Jenn who is sitting at the bar. She looks at him and smiles. Jenn “I’ve been thinking of you.” Santino “You’ve been on my mind too.” Jenn “Do you think this is a good place for us to meet?” Santino “Yea, Ty has his hands tied at the moment.” He says grabbing her thigh. He continues, “The other night when we had sex was everything I thought it would be.” Jenn “I haven’t felt that kind of passion in a long time. But listen.,.. about that night. We have a serious problem.” Santino “What do you mean?” Jenn “Karl saw us.” Santino “What do you mean Karl saw us? I made sure we were in a secluded location so no one would know.” Jenn Apperntly Karl followed us to South Pasadena. He’s a sick pervert. He took pictures of us having sex.” Santino “Oh great. Just what I need. Ty to see those pictures. He’ll kill me.” He then looks in her eyes. “ And to be honest with you Jenn, there’s no telling what he would do to you.” Jenn “Well he already beats me so I doubt there’s anything worse than that.” Santino “Jenn you have no idea. Tyler is changing. He’s becoming a new person. Someone very dark and dangerous.” Jenn “What makes you say that? What is going on?” Santino “I’m not at liberty to get into to that right now. But he did something I just don’t care for. It’s almost sick. It is sick, what the hell am I saying?” Jenn “Santino tell me.” Santino “I can’t. It’s for your safety.” Jenn “Well I am not very safe if Karl has photos of us sleeping together.” Santino “Listen, right now is not the right time. We need to decide what we are going to do with Karl. Ty finding out about us will be disastrous.” Jenn “What do you recommend we do?” Santino “I thought you would have a plan since that seems to be your field of expertise.” Jennifer “What’ that supposed to mean?” Santino “Does the name Jodie ring a bell? Didn’t you black mail her and make her life a living hell before she died?” Jenn “Died? Jodie is dead?” Santino “Yes she is. I thought you knew.” Jenn, looking away from Santino, with a cold chill going through her body, “No…no I had no idea….. Wow.” Santino “Feeling bad for all the things you’ve done to her?” Jenn “I don’t know. It’s not about Jodie right now. We need to figure out how to neutrilize Karl. He’ going to try and black mail us.” Santino “Well doesn’t that make him as guilty as us? He knows about our affair but yet he’s keeping it from his own son. What does Karl have to gain by black mailing you?” Jenn “If we don’t deliver a pre-emptive strike first, I guess soon we will find out.” Santino “Ok listen, we’ll meet again tomorrow night. At Brookside Park. Let’s say nine p.m. By then we should both have ideas on how to get rid of him.” Jenn “We are playing a dangerous game. But it’s so hot. I wish I could lean over and kiss you right now.” Santino “But you can’t, there are too many people here. I’ll see you tomorrow tonight. “ Jenn “Think of me lover.” Santino “You do the same” Santino then gets up to leave Jenn at the bar by herself. She thinks of Jodie. Huntington Memorial Hospital DC walks into the morgue where a morgue worker awaits him. Worker “I know this is hard for you, but this will only take a few minutes. I could not get a hold of any other member of the Williams family. Just identify the body and state whether or not if this is your brother. Are you ready?” DC “Yea man.” The worker then pulls the cover off Abe’s body. DC is barely able to recognize his brother due to the horrific nature of the crash. DC “That’s my brother. Please cover him back up. I can’t see him like that.’ He turns around to look away, getting choked up. He wants to break down in tears, as the man he looked up to, the man he grew up with, the man who always had his back, the man who he did wrong is dead and gone forever. DC “Give me some private time wit my bro.” Worker “Certainly.” The worker walks out of the morgue. DC talks his hat off and turns around to walk toward Abe. He stares at him. Still in shock that his only brother is dead. “I don’t understand why this had to happened to you. In fact, I don’t get why it had to happened like this. You’re car ran over a cliff? What in the hell was you doing boy? Man why does it have to be like thiss. ..(He pauses for a second) …Abe, I did some real foul things my brother. I did what one brother should never do to another. I slept with your wife. Kelis was mine and I am so sorry for that. It happened so many years ago. I was young, dumb and horny. Lynn and I were going through so much. She put me through hell. Pat was just there for me. She understood me. I know it’s hard to understand, but Pat was never that damn crazy. I don’t know what in the hell happened to her. Then Lynn just up and left me and took our two sons away. They just left me, ripped out of my life. Gone, and I have not been able to locate them since. I don’t if my wife and kids are dead or not. But its no excuse. A brother should never do what I did to you. And if you can hear me now, I want you to know I am so sorry and I will be sorry for the rest of my days. I love you brother, and I hope you are resting in peace. “ He closes his eyes, and has a few childhood memories of himself and his brother back in New Orleans. DC “New Orleans. Our home town. Well you left and came out west. And it was my home until Hurricane Katrina came and washed everything away. Just like now. Everything has been taken from me. I have no one. Your sons hate me. I have no one. I just an old dried up pimp. I have to find my sons. I have to give my life purpose.” He then hears the door close. He looks up and sees Kevin. Kevin “The only purpose you seem to have is hurting my family. I bet your happy my pops is dead. Now you can have my mom all to your self. Sick son of a bitch. !“ DC “You better watch your mouth boy. I understand you are upset and going through the most with Abe dying and all. I know you are still mad you found out your momma and I had our thang going on. But boy, it’s thangs you don’t understand. It seems all you know how to do is get mad and cuss me and your mother out. If you would pump ya brakes and sit back and take the time to listen to the story, you might understand something. Everyone isn’t perfect including your father. So before you continue to play that almighty God attitude, know the facts.” And with that so coldly spoken, DC puts his hat back on and smoothly walks right past Kevin , out of the morgue. Kevin is flabbergasted that DC just got him together. Sister Patterson arrives at the Hospital to also identify her husband’s body. She runs into DC. They look at each other in silence, until Sister Patterson throws out an ice breaker Sister Patterson “We are going to hell because of you.” DC “You know girl, I am getting real sick and tired of you and your sons so quick to blame me. You have some fault here to. I didn’t force you to sleep with me.” Sister Patterson “And your dumb ass don’t know what no means. Simple ass Bastard. What is Miss Jenkins going to say about this? How is Miss Jenkins going to react when she finds out my husband, the father of my two sons died after finding out his brother slept with his wife?” DC “I don’t’ give two damns about no Miss Jenkins. Damn her to hell too. Our family has been turned upside down. We don’t need no antics from you. It’s time for healing. I lost the only family I had left. My brother, who died in a car crash. Damn you Pat and damn your two sons. The only one I have to answer too now is my brother’s spirit.” After saying that, DC walks off. Sister Patterson, speaking to her self, “Lord have mercy. The devil is testing me today.” Sister Patterson is about to get on the elevator when something catches her eye. She gets off the elevator and looks down the hall and sees a big, tall grayed haired woman. Sister Patterson “I need to see a doctor about my third eye. My third has been failing me for a while now. Did I lose my special powers?” She says walking closer to this familiar woman. Sister Patterson realizes it’s none other then the infamous Miss Jenkins herself. Sister Patterson “Miss Jenkins!? What are you doing out of your house?” Madea turns around and looks at Sister Patterson, “Well, well. If it isn’t the devil’s advocate. Thought I would never make it out of my own house did ya honey?” Sister Patterson “We need to get you back to the house now. You can’t be out here like this.” Madea “I aint going no where. You crazy bat. It’s time to let the world know that you have been up to no damn good in my neighborhood.” Sister Patterson “Miss Jenkins, please don’t this. What are you doing here? How did you get out?” Madea “I saw one of those man’woman’s in my basement honey. She said call the po po and I said ok ho. Looked like she was raped.” Sister Patterson “I know you are not talking about Rufus.” Madea “Rufus, honey, Chaka khan, it don’t matter. That child needed help. And you need help too. Crazy ass physco. I don’t see how they let you loose in these streets. Lord, tell me how did I ever give birth to a demon child.” Kevin walks over to his mother and Miss Jenkins, “Is this Miss Jenkins?” Madea “Why yes it is. How you derrin’? I’m yo grand momma. Your crazy mother here, forget to mention me.” Kevin “Is this true?” Sister Patterson “Yes. Miss Jenkins is my mother.” Ivory Inc . Karim is sitting at his desk, thinking about all that’s happened. His father is dead, one of the evilest psychos of Pasadena is his sister, and his mother is still crazy. He is scanning over Ivory’s business plan for the next year, which had to change drastically due to the recent economic melt down. Not able to work right now he throws his pen down. Ladonna walks in and sees him there. LaDonna “Something wrong, Mr. Williams? “ Karim “Please call me Karim. I don’t like formalities around here. But yes… I don’t think I want to talk about it. “ LaDonna , sitting down next to him, Come on, its me you’re talking to. Your Ivory girl. Tell me what’s wrong. Karim, looking up at LaDonna “Well, its my Pops. I was never as close to him as Kevin was, but he’s dead, and I found out he molested my sister, and made my mom think she was dead. My mom cheated on my pops, and she’s gone completely insane. And Mona, the woman who kidnapped Sharan, is my sister Kelis, the daughter of my uncle and mom! And then there’s Alexis who just got out of jail. So yes, I am going through a lot right now” LaDonna, getting up from her chair and begins to massage Karim’s shoulders “I’m sorry, Karim. I really am. I don’t even know what to say, but you need to stick with your family. Your mother may be a nut, but she’s your mother. And your brother needs you too” Karim “My mom cheated on my pops, I don’t know if I can just let that go. Now my dad is dead.” LaDonna “But you can’t just desert her either. You need Patterson and she needs you…. And aren’t you back with that girl Alexis? Isn’t she a criminal? “ Karim “No, Ashley I guess ended up alive. And yes I’m back with her but she’s really not that bad. Maybe one of the lone bright spots in all of this. I do care for her” LaDonna “I’ve heard about her from you, and I don’t know if I trust her. Its just a vibe I get. You said she was acting the same way Ria used to act until you found out she was cheating.” Karim “I know we have some issues but I am assuming we are going to work on them, though she has a lot of explaining to do. Listen, I really like Alexis, and I think that she’s not like her sister” LaDonna “Maybe not on the outside. Its none of my business, I’m just saying- Alexis, walking in “Or maybe you just want a piece of my man for yourself? I saw how you was looking at Karim at the wedding. Smiling at me when Karim and I were arguing.” LaDonna “Excuse me? I am just Karim’s secretary and friend, you can’t just come up in here- “ Alexis, walking over to Karim and shoving LaDonna aside “I know about girls like you. And I’m not stupid. I know what you want, and I’m what Karim needs to feel better. So how about you run along, go do your papers or something? “ LaDonna, grabbing Alexis by the arm “Now listen here, I don’t take that kind of talk. “ Then Karim jumps in and pulls LaDonna off of Alexis. Alexis “You better take your damn hands off of me.” Karim “Everyone calm down. Alexis, nothing was going on here. LaDonna and I are very close friends. I am not hiding anything like you. So please don’t go there with LaDonna and I think you owe her an apology.” LaDonna smiles at Alexis as Alexis squints her eyes in disbelief and slight embarrassment. LaDonna “It’s ok Karim. I see she’s going to have a hard time saying it. I’m good. She just better watch how she talks to me.” LaDonna then walks out the office. Karim, looking at Alexis, “I really can’t believe you Lexie. You really embarrassed me.” Westwood Park, Ria’s House Patti is in the kitchen fixing sandwiches for her and Ria as Ria sits on her couch watching The Young and the Restless when suddenly she hears a pounding on her front door. Ria “Who in the hell pounding on my damn door like they the police. My stories on damn it!” She says cutting the TV off and getting up off the couch. Patti “Girl you better watch your mouth. Don’t talk like that in front of me.” Ria rolls her eyes as she opens the door and is absolutely stunned to see her sister Jasmine on her door step. Jasmine smiles and gives Ria a hug. Jasmine “Hello little sis. Long time no see.” Ria “What the hell are you doing here? First Patti and now you!” Jasmine “You don’t sound to happy to see me? I haven’t seen you in a few years.” Jasmine “Well your so busy with your career so I wouldn’t see how you would have time.” Jasmine “Never, You’re my sister. I always have time for you. Where’s Patti at? Can I come in?” Ria “I guess!” She says motioning for her to come in. Jasmine walks in and sees her mother Patti. She hug her. Jasmine “Hello darling. Was the house hard to find?” Jasmine “Not at all.” Ria “Wait a minute. You asked Jasmine to come here?” Patti “I did darling. I haven’t seen my girls together in a very long time. I thought we could spend some time together.” Ria “In my house?” Jasmine “That’s where we are at.” Ria “I can’t take this. This is too much. How can you just invite people to my house Patti?” Patti “It wasn’t just anybody. Jasmine is your sister.” Ria “How long yall gone be here?” Patti “Why, you got something to do? I haven’t seen you working so I know you don’t have a job. How are you paying your rent and your bills?” Ria “Nunya.” Jasmine “Victoria come on, don’t talk to Patti like that.” Ria “I am about to explode. Yall working my last nerves. My sovereignty has just been invaded by you two. I have a life you know.” Patti “Your life includes your sister and Miss Patti. Now you better change that attitude girl.” Ria “I need a damn drink. Yall driving me to drink.” Ria grabs her purse and begins to head out the door. Patti “Don’t walk out that door. How rude? Your sister just got here.” Ria, looking back at her mother, “This is my house and I am a grown ass woman.” After saying that Ria slams her front door and leaves. Jasmine looks at Patti in disbelief. Jasmine “I see she still has that chip on her shoulder. I’m glad you had me come out here. It’s time for Ria to deal with the truth.” Patti “You’re right. I don’t know how she’s going to handle what I have to tell her.” Jasmine “You have to tell Victoria, she has to know the truth.” Dre drives his 84 Monte Carlo sitting on 22’s into his driveway of his home in Westwood Park with his brother Kiko in the passenger seat. Kiko “Why are we here?” Dre “We really need to talk.” Kiko “Talk about how my own brother killed a pregnant woman? I could have been killed because of you ? What the hell is the matter with you? When is this going to stop? When are you going to be done running this streets? There is nothing good out here. I told you if you needed some money I would loan you some. Now because you are hard headed, you got us caught up in some deep [[email protected]#$%^&*]. How am I supposed to keep silent about you killing Lauren? I’m a doctor. I took vow’s to save lives Dondre. “ Dre “You don’t know the whole story. Chillax. I want to show you something.” Kiko “You are straight up tripping. This is the last time I am riding in this damn ghetto mobile. This damn things sit to high off the ground. I have to literally jump in and jump out.” He says as he jumps out of the car. They walk up to the front door and Dre pulls an eviction notice down from his door. He then looks at Kiko. “This is the reason I need fast money man. I am about to lose everything. Working for my money the legal way just aint getting me my money fast enough. I don’t want loans from you. I am my own man and will make my own ends meet.” Kiko “Look, I just want to get home, into the safety of my own home. Can we please hurry this up?” Dre “You always bitching about something.” Dre opens his door and Kiko follows Dre inside. Suddenly Lauren walks out from the back room. Kiko “I think I got a contact from that drug stick you smoked in the car. I am now seeing things.” Dre “No you not bruh, it’s the real thing. Lauren isn’t dead. We faked her death. This was a set up.” Lauren, smiling “Hi Kiko.” Next Time on S.T.E.A.M.: Bryan Jr’s paternity test results are revealed!
  13. Huntington Memorial Hospital Daniel walks over to the nurses station and asks to see Lauren. Dr. Diego Serrano walks over to him. Diego “You’re here for Lauren ?” Daniel “Yes Serrano. I received a phone call saying was shot.” Diego “She’s brain dead. We have her on life support. She’s not going to be able to come back from this.” Daniel “What about the baby? Can you save the baby?” Diego “The baby won’t make it either. It will be up to you to say when we can pull the plug.” Daniel, a little overwhelmed, voice fades in and out, “Can I see her?” Diego “Of course.” Daniel walks into the room where he sees his fiancée, Lauren, laying in the hospital bed. He walks over to her with tears in his eyes. He caresses her cold and pale face. “I can’t believe this is happening!. I…can….not…believe it! Why!? How is it that God didn’t let me be the blessing that you deserve? I promised him I was going to be good to you. It’s too late. It’s always the fu(k too late.” Daniel gets angry and pounds his fist on the table. “Who did this to you?…I am so sorry Lauren…… I don’t want to live without you. It’s because of you I am alive. I would have raised this child like it was my own. I’d give my life to have either of you two here. You were the one who got me through Mona’s torture chamber. The love I feel for you kept me hanging on to hope…. And this precious baby. The last part of Chris gone. Thanks to Mona. I bet she did this to you. “ His mind goes blank as he looks up into Lauren’s face. “Why did you have to leave me Lauren? Why did God do this to you? Why didn’t he take me? Is this my punishment? Is this what I deserve? Not having you in my life.” He puts his head back down on her chest as he realizes he’ll never see the love of his life again. Episode: 102, Who’s the Momma? Written by ML Cooks with Felicia A. Howard Lavender Hill, Sabryn’s Mansion Sabryn, who was holding Bryan Jr, puts him down when her cell phone rings. She knew who it was, being that she set a special ring tone for Gilbert. “Hello Gilly? Are you outside?” Gilbert “Yes I am. It’s pure madness out here. WABC, Fox, E! MSNBC, Glamour magazine, and The LA Times are all camped outside the front lawn.” Sabryn, looking out her door panel to see the mass media, “I’m going to let you in. Hurry up and run in as soon as I open the door.” Sabryn opens her front door as Gilbert rushes in. Reporters and news crews try to get a word in with Sabryn but she slams the door in their faces. Sabryn ,walking into her living room as Gilbert follows, “I don’t think it will ever stop.” Gilbert “About it tell me. It’s just one thing after another. Where’s Bryan?” Sabryn, getting tensed up, “He’s in the shower.” Gilbert “Have you two talked about Ashley?” Sabryn “I haven’t said not two words to him. I am on fire with my emotions. I don’t want to say anything I will regret.,,, Are you thirsty or hungry? I can have one of the maids get us something.” Gilbert “No I am ok. Listen, I got some financial reports on SG.” Sabryn “I know it’s bad considering my brand new wedding line launch was a total flop yesterday.” Gilbert “Indeed. SG had everything riding on this wedding yesterday. But it was a complete disaster thanks to Ashley.” Sabryn “I know the reporters had a field day with pictures of me and Ashley rolling around in my wedding cake.” Gilbert “They did, it’s on the front page of all the major newspapers across the country. Several even took it as far as calling you and Ashley the real-life Krstyle and Alexis off of Dynasty.” Sabryn “My life is now being mocked. Great!… What is the financial damage so far?” Gilbert “SG stock is now closing at an all time low. Our stock plunged 52 percent at the close of the business day yesterday. And opening shares today are doing no better.” Sabryn shaking her head in disgust, “For a long time, outside forces have been controlling my life.” Gilbert “I think it’s Bryan. His fling with Ashley has caused you a world of pain on so many levels. I really say you just cut your losses now Sabryn.” Sabryn “Easier said then done. I share a child with Bryan now. “ She looks into his eyes. “Are you telling me this as my best friend, or the person who has romantic feelings for me?” “Isn’t this interesting?” They both hear Bryan say as he walks down the stairs. Bryan “You have feelings for my fiancée Gilbert?” Sabryn, jumping off the couch, “Don’t you dare come down here and question people. You have a child with Ashley for goodness sake.” Bryan “Don’t say that. We don’t know what is going on. We don’t even know if its really Ashley, let alone if that’s my child she has.” Sabryn, breaking into tears, “This is too much for me Bryan! Why does this relationship have to hurt me so bad? Why do I always get the short end of the stick? I am sick and tired of this. You slept with that low class skank over a year a go and the ramifications are still being felt to this very day. This very moment. What did I do to deserve all of this Bryan? I want you to tell me.” Bryan “Honey, just calm down. Wait until we get proof of who this woman really is. I don’t believe it’s Ashley. I ran her over. There’s no way she could have survived something like that, let alone have a child on top of it. It’s just some sick game somebody is playing.” Sabryn “It’s too late to wait. The damage has been done. The entire country and the world for that matter had a front row seat to our disastrous wedding yesterday. My company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Why am I going through all of this by myself? Why is nothing happening to you? You are the one who cheated and yet me and our son has to pay. Bryan Jr will have to grow up and bear witness to your foolishness.” She slaps him, letting her emotions get the better of her. Then they hear a pounding on the door. “Open up! It’s Ashley. Bryan, your son needs to meet his father and he needs some baby wipes. Come on and open up this door!” Bryan looks at Sabryn. Sabryn “The cheap Bitch has the nerve to show her hideous face on my door step.” Bryan Jr begins crying and Sabryn walks over to the crib and picks him up and holds him, looking at Bryan. Sabryn “Let her in. Let’s solve this mess. I hope God gives me the force not to kill this Bitch. I hate her with every fiber in me.” Bryan opens the door and in walks Ashley with her Bryan Jr in a stroller. She sees Sabryn and can tell she is upset. Ashley decides to rub salt in the wound. Ashley “Looks like we are going to be one big blissful family Sabryn. Who would have guessed it?” She says smirking at Sabryn. Sabryn just rolls her eyes, still rocking BJ in her arms. Downtown Pasadena, Pasadena City Jail Sister Patterson, along with her two sons walk up to a sergeant. Sergeant “Yes Sister Patterson?” Patterson “I want my husband and I want him now! Where is he?” Sergeant “We’ve been paging him all night and we have not heard nothing yet.” Karim “That’s not like pops.” Kevin “I’ll try calling his cell phone again.” Sister Paterson “Well I want to see the woman that was brought in here last night. She was acting a damn fool in my God’s house. I got something for her though.” Sister Patterson pulls out her bible and her Holy water. “I am armed and ready to do the work that needs to be done. I got my third eye and we are ready for the battle field of sin.” Kevin, clearing his throat, “Let’s not forget about you and DC.” Sister Patterson “Don’t talk to me like that boy! I am still your mother. This isn‘t about me right now!” Sergeant, not wanting the sister to get loud and cause a scene, leads her to the prisoner. Mona walks up to the bars that separate her from her family. Kevin and Karim really look at her and wonder how could a woman do so many heinous crimes. Sister Patterson, pointing her long fingernail in Mona’s face, “Uhm hmm. Now look, I am only going to say what I have to say the only way I know how to. I only know how to speak the truth. My third eye and I have 3 simple words for you. ……..Who are you?” Mona “I’m your daughter.” Sister Patterson, acting as if she is about to faint putting her hand on her forehead, “Lord Have Mercy, the devil is a lair.” Kevin “How? Then what Sharan told me is true? Did my father really makes us all believe you were dead?” Mona “Yes that sick son of a bitch did!” Sister Patterson throws holy water on her daughter, “Thou shall not sin. Don’t talk about my husband like that!” Mona, wiping her face, “Some husband. I know Abe was not my father. He told me. He told me his brother was. Don.” Karim , looking at his sister getting closer to the bars of separation, “How do you know all of this?” Kevin, looking at his mother, “Ma is this true?” Sister Patterson “Lord have mercy. This can’t be happening. Could you be my baby girl?” She says wiping tears from her eyes. “My third eye is telling me you are speaking the truth. But I know my God wouldn’t do this to me. Lord why did he do this to you? Lord, wait till Miss Jenkins find out.” Karim and Kevin both roll their eyes at the mentioning of Miss Jenkins. Karim “Here we go.” Mona “I know who Miss Jenkins is.” Kevin, Karim and especially Sister Patterson look at Mona in shock. Kevin “Say what?” Karim “Miss Jenkins is real?” Mona “I know everything. I’ve been watching my family for a while.” Kevin “Right, you were the one who were stalking me and Sharan then you kidnapped Sharan! Why?!” Mona “ Just look at her. She’s every black man’s dream. But she’s mine now. I love her.” Sister Patterson, falling back into Karim’s arms, “Lord!…Lord.....Oh God NO!!!. Lesbianism. My baby girl is a gay. Lord No. Don’t do this to me. Where is Abe damn it? He needs to be here. He needs to answer all of this. What is happening to my third eye? It didn‘t see none of this!” Mona “Abe has already answered for his crimes. You won’t be talking to him no time soon.” Karim “What the hell are you talking about?” Kevin, grabbing the bars and yelling at her, “What did you to our pops?” Then the sergeant walks up to the Williams family. “I’m sorry but I have some horrible news. A few of my officers found Abe’s body.” Kevin “Found his body…..? What does that mean? Is my pops ok?” Sergeant “I’m sorry, but Abe was found dead.” Sister Patterson faints as Mona smiles. Kevin and Karim look at Mona in disbelief. Their whole family has been turned upside down. The Blue Note Daniel grabs a seat next to Mike at the bar. Daniel “Looks like we are two mourning souls about to get drunk.” Mike “It looks that way. I am not even going to ask how you are doing. I read the newspaper this morning and read about Lauren. I am so sorry.” Daniel “ I am regretful for you too. I heard about Jodie.” Daniel orders whatever is on tap. Mike, taking a sip “Why us? What did we do to deserve this man?” Daniel “Well see, Jodie, and Lauren died two different ways. Lauren was shot. And now she’s brain dead. I want to know who in the hell did that to her. She was pregnant for Fu(k’s sake. She was carrying Chris’s baby. This baby was going to carry on Chris’s spirit. He died for nothing. Thanks to Mona. I bet she is the one who shot her. Before she showed up at the church.” Mike “The church? Mona is in town?” Daniel “Yes that crazy nut is. I would have killed her had it not been for Sister Patterson jumping on me. She is purely crazy. I see where Mona gets it from.” Mike “I have to agree that Sister Patterson is not the sharpest tool in the shed.” They toast up on that one. Mike “You know, I am really having a hard time trying to put together a funeral for Jodie.” Daniel “I can’t even bring myself to get around to doing something like that. It’s like I just saw Jodie. We were supposed to meet up Sabryn and Bryan’s wedding. I just proposed to her. I mean I just got Lauren back in my life and now’s she’s been ripped from it again. Forever.” Daniel then gets a phone call. He answers it. “Are you sure?…. Don’t we have anymore time?….. I understand.” Daniel hangs up his phone and finishes the rest of his beer in one swallow. Mike “Is everything ok?” Daniel “The hospital pulled the plug on Lauren’s life support. It’s official. She’s gone. “ Mike “I feel your pain. I was throwing a surprise birthday party for Jodie, but when I showed up, she was already gone.” He says, getting choked up. He takes a sip of his beer. Mike “I just had a thought. Why don’t we plan Lauren and Jodie’s funeral together. It will make it easier for us to get through it. We are going through the same thing.” Daniel “You’re right. We can get Sister Patterson to help.” Mike “Sounds great. Two great woman, Gone forever.” Just then, Mike’s cell phone rings. He pulls it out his pocket and answers it. “Hello?” “Is this Michael Dietz?” “It is who’s calling?” “Mayor Ray Nagin. Mike we have a crisis on our hands and I need to speak with you right away.” Mike “You want to speak to me about it?” Ray “Yes I do. Abe has been found dead and a city wide crisis is looming. Their has been a crime wave here in Pasadena and I need you help.” Mike “Ok sir, I’ll be down at city hall in thirty minutes.” Mike then hangs up the phone. Daniel “City hall? What’s going on?” Mike “Abe was found dead.” Daniel “Everybody is dying. What the hell is going on?” Mike “Mayor Nagin wants to talk with me. I’ll keep you updated. I got a feeling he wants me to join the police force again. I may need your help. Too many crimes here in Pasadena have gone unanswered for.” Daniel “You’re right on about that one. I know just where to start, Mona and Tyler.” Mike “My thoughts exactly. And that’s why I will need your help. I’ll be in touch.” Mike leaves. Daniel keeps sipping on his beer. “I will find out who killed you Lauren, and I promise you I will make them pay!” Back on Lavender Hill, Sabryn’s Mansion Bryan, taking control of the situation before things get out of hand. Bryan “Don’t start nothing Ashley. I think you have done enough. We want some answers.” Sabryn “I sat in jail because of you. You were alive this whole damn time! Even your own sister Alexis sat in jail for your supposed death.” Ashley “Well, I am sorry for the inconvenience. But I am here and alive and I bore Bryan a son.” She looks at Bryan. “Come meet Bryan Jr.” Sabryn “Bryan Jr? No ............no, that’s my son’s name.” Ashley “My son is older and it’s on his birth certificate. So I guess my son gets to keep his name.” Sabryn “I can’t believe this. It keeps getting worse.” Bryan looks at Ashley’s son, “He does have my facial features. He looks like Bryan Jr too.” Ashley “You mean your son with Sabryn? Isn’t it ironic that both your sons have the same name.” Sabryn “I’ll say. And you just knew when to tell us all about it. At my wedding huh? I bet this was all set up! “ Ashley “No it was no set up. Thanks to Dr. Serrano and his health facility in the Bahamas, I was nursed back to health. At the time I was runned down, I was already with child. Thanks to Diego and his excellent team of doctors, I was able to survive with Bryan’s child.” Sabryn “Well isn’t that all so convenient?” Ashley “Is is Sabryn? I did not asked to be mowed down by Bryan.” Bryan “Correction, Alexis was driving a u haul truck during that dark and stormy night that rammed into the back of Sabryn’s car. It does sound like a set up. You were being to nice back at the hospital thank to your physical attack on Sabryn, waving the white flag. Even Sabryn told me it was too good to be true. I bet you and Alexis had this planned from day one huh?” Ashley “Such a vivid imagination. Did I ask mother nature to make it rain?” Sabryn “Then why where you at Bryan’s house that night of the storm? Standing in the rain no less.” Ashley “I had forgot some expensive lingerie at Bryan’s house and I wanted to get it back.” Sabryn “I bet your broke ass did.” Ashley “Grow up Sabryn. You would think mother hood would have changed you but I see it has not. You’re still that bitter bitch with a smart ass mouth. By the way, I had fun rolling around in that cake getting your million dollar dressed ruined. Did you see the papers? We look so good on the covers, covered up in cake.” Sabryn, putting her son back down in the crib, “There she goes Bryan! That’s the sh!t I am talking about. I can’t deal with this.” Bryan, walking over to stand in between the ladies before the claws come out so soon again, “There is no way I am going to believe this is my child with out a paternity test. This could be more trickery your trying to pull.” He says looking at Ashley. Ashley “I have no problem with that. Shall we go now?” Then, they hear another pounding at the door. Sabryn “Who the hell is it now?” “Natalia! Let me in. I need my baby!” Ashley is taken aback. Her face begins to get warmer. She wonders if Natalia knows that she stole her baby. Sabryn “What the hell is that extreme Bitch talking about?” Bryan, also confused, “Did she say her baby?” Gilbert “Yes she did. Should I open the door?” Sabryn “Why the hell not? The more the merrier I suppose.” Gilbert opens the door and in barges Natalia. She sees Ashley and walks over to her. Sabryn “Natalia, what the hell are you doing here?” Natalia “Ashley has my baby and I would like my son back.” Ashley “Have you lost your mind? This is my son!” Natalia “Diego told me everything. You stole my son from me and I want him back now!” Sabryn and Bryan are stunned! Ashley wonders how she is going to get out of this one. Bryan wonders if this is true, and if it is, is it his child with Natalia, which would mean Sabryn is about to find out he slept with another one of her arch enemies, Natalia! Next time on S.T.E.A.M.: Lauren’s Killer is revealed!
  14. In an undisclosed location A gunshot is heard after Mona tells Sharan to shoot Abe, and Sharan screams, and Mona grins after a moment. Mona "That's my baby…" Mona looks at her step-father, who has suffered a wound to the shoulder, and is only slightly conscious. Abe, trying to look at Sharan, "How…how…could you do this to me?" Sharan "I'm so sorry, Abe…" Mona "Don't apologize to this bastard! You did the right thing. But don't worry, I'll take it from here, honey. You just relax until I'm done." Sharan "What are you going to do to him?" Mona "Don't worry about it." Mona walks over to Abe, who is lying on the ground helplessly and bleeding, She presses down on the bullet. Abe groans in pain, and Mona smirks. Mona "Wow, she really has learned from me…she really did a nice number on you, Abe." Abe "Shut up…" Mona "But this is only the beginning. Daddy or not, I'm not gonna go any easier on you. You never showed me mercy, always on top of me, so now its time for you to be the one who gets all the pain. All the hurt. All the sting." Abe "Then stop yapping and do whatever the hell you are going to do." Mona, grabbing Abe by the chin "First, we got some things to settle. You told me another man was my father." Abe "That's true…my brother, DC. You're dirty mother cheated on me with him." Mona, slapping Abe "Don't talk that way about her. I don't know her, yet, but I can see why she'd cheat on you. Is that why you molested me? Because I wasn't your own." Abe "No…no…it wasn't like that, I-" Mona "I don't want to hear your excuses. I got all I need to know, now its time for my special torture to begin, then my Sharan and I can go meet my mother" Episode 98: "69" Written by ML Cooks, Durand Saint Hilaire and Tara Smith Santino drives the limo off an exit on the highway, now entering South Pasadena. Jenn "So what is this surprise you got for me? Why are we in South Pasadena?" Santino, making a few right and left turns, "I want to make you feel good. I want to show you how I really feel about you. I want us to continue what we started back in Cleveland." He pulls into a motel parking lot. He continues "I know you want me just as much as I want you. I've been watching you watching me." Jenn, with a seductive smile "I want you too Tino." He gets out the limo goes to reserve a room for few hours. Jenn pulls out her mirror and checks to make sure her make up and hair are ok and she does a breathe check by cupping her hand in front of her face and then blowing into it. " A little funky" She says as she pulls out a mint and pops it into her mouth as Santino opens her door Santino "Are you ready?" Jenn "Yes." He puts his hand out and she grabs it as she gets out the limo. They walk to their room, Room 69. Tino slides the key into the slot, and then he opens the door and they walk inside. Karl parks his Bentley in the motel parking lot. He pulls out a camera from the back seat and walks over toward room 69. "A cheap place for cheep people I suppose" Inside, Jenn and Santino are kissing passionately. He grabs a hand full of Jenn's rump and massages it as she bites down on his bottom lip, feeling good from Santino's soft touch. He then picks her up and lays her down onto the bed and climbs into the bed with her. They begin to kiss once again as he runs his fingers up and down her leg, ever so slightly, sending chills through her body. She begins to unbutton his shirt and run her hands all over his chest. Santino goes up a little further, up her thigh, still caressing, making Jenn tremble. He then leans down and begins to lick on Jenn's thigh. She falls back onto the bed as he opens up her legs, going further up her thigh getting closer towards Jenn's muff. As he continues to lick and suck on her inner thigh, he takes one hand and pushes her panties to the side so he can play around with Jenn's canal. He slides his finger inside and his finger is drowned is Jenn's natural juices. Jenn lets out a moan. He then pulls his finger out and does the test of freshness. He indiscreetly runs his wet finger past his nose to get a whiff of what he is about to eat. Once his senses tell him Jenn is smelling yummy, he goes in for the kill by ripping her panties off and burying his face into her pu$$y. Jenn not expecting such a rush lets out a heavy sigh. She then wraps her legs around his head as Santino licks on her clitoris and then slides his tongue in and out of her. Jenn's body quivers which turns Santino on and he adds intensity to his tongue action. He slowly unbuttons his pants, now being hard and turned on, listening to Jenn call out his name as he pleasures her. He begins to massage his dick. Jenn, surprising Santino, take over the show by sitting up and pushing Santino onto the bed. she looks at Santino's gorgeous Latin uncut dick and smiles. Completely turned on, she begins to crawl over toward him and she positions her body so her face is at his dick and her pu$$y is in Santino's face and they both knew what time it was. Santino initiates the sixty nine by pushing down on Jenn's waist so she was sitting on his face. Jenn put her mouth on the tip of Tino's penis, enjoying the taste. As Santino makes love to her pleasure box, Jenn slides her mouth all the way down his 8 and a half shaft till his pubic hair was touching her face and she could smell the slight mustiness of his manhood. As their 69 grew in the intensity of passion, Karl was taking pictures of the entire sin of passion through the window, unbeknownst to the sinners. Westwood Park, Lauren's House Lauren hangs up the phone when she gets a knock on her door. She opens it to see Daniel. Lauren "I have been worried about you. You didn't come home last night." Ushering him to come in. Daniel "I'm sorry. I had a lot on my mind… I had some things I had to sort through. And no, none that had anything to do with Ty or drugs." Lauren "That never crossed my mind. I know you are done with all of that." Daniel "How are you? The baby?" Lauren "We are fine." Daniel "Lauren, I love you with all my heart. The only reason I am here today standing before you were thought of coming back to you while Mona held me captive. Each and every time she did some sick torturous thing to me, I just said to myself, I will make it through this. God has showed me the error of my ways. And I am a changed man. And I want to prove all this to you. Mona has messed with all of our lives and it's a shame Chris died for something he did not do. I do not blame you for moving on with him, I know you were hurt and confused. So I want you to know, I would be honored to be a father to this child and be a family with you. I want to do it for Chris. " Lauren wipes her face as the water works are in full swing. She hugs him, unable to look at him any longer, knowing that this baby could be Chris's or Kevin's. She tries to think of what she should do. Daniel pulls back from Lauren "Are you ok baby?" Lauren "I'm sorry, I guess this baby has my emotions going. I'm ok." Daniel "Good because there is something else I want to say." Lauren "This doesn't sound good" Daniel, smiling then slowly bending down on one knee, pulling out a ring box. "Lauran Romoan, will you marry me?" Lauren "Yes…." Huntington Memorial Hospital Heath quickly opens the door, of Jodie's room. Jodie turns and sees her good friend Heath. The room is very dark, just the street lamp coming through the window. JODIE "Heath, you came." Her voice is dried, you can barely make out her face due to the limited light in the room. JODIE "Waited all night…" HEATH "I am sorry - I was out of town. " Heath slowly closes the door behind him, and starts walking toward the bed. He has this frighten look on his face, he knew what was coming next. HEATH "Diego called me... He said you wanted to see me." Heath about was to turn on the lights, to reveal something more frightening than he could have imagined; she lost quite a bit of weight, her face was pale, and cover with gray rings. around her eyes JODIE "Leave the lights off! …Come closer; I want to see you." Heath pulls up the chair closer to the bed. JODIE "What time is it?" HEATH "Its eleven fifty five pm." JODIE "Almost midnight…" HEATH "Almost Christmas…" JODIE "Its my birthday…" HEATH "Happy Birthday…} JODIE "Its not my birthday yet silly…" She looks away from Heath, and fixes her gaze out toward the ceiling. JODIE "What's your favorite holiday?" HEATH "I don't have one…" JODIE "You should…" She smiles, and closes her eyes... JODIE "Mine is Christmas…" HEATH "Its just a few months away - we should start planning something, a big party -" JODIE "Yeah - I would love that... We can have everyone there - and Mike too... Oh Christmas, the time of new beginnings. Jodie looks at Heath, then she places Heath's hand on his face. JODIE "You are so beautiful, so pure, I have feeling Christmas is coming early for me this year - " Heath remains quiet, as Jodie's voice is gets weaker, and more faint. He tries to keep his eye on her, but he can't with out choking up with tears. HEATH "Keep talking to me... Say something." JODIE "I know what you are about to do…" HEATH "And what is that? Come on, keeping telling me. What am I trying to do?" JODIE "Can you hear it?" Tears starts coming from Heath's eyes, as he watches Jodie. JODIE "Just listen... " Jodie closes her eyes, and opens them again. JODIE, closing her eyes and then opening them again "Have yourself, a Merry Little Christmas" - "Come on sing with me." HEATH "I have to warm you, I am not a good singer." JODIE "Look at the time - Its my birthday." Heath smiles. He leans on the bed, and looking at Jodie and starts singing." Have yourself a Merry little Christmas". Jodie is looking at the ceiling and listening to the song, thought to herself. JODIE, looking up at the ceiling once more, listening to Heath sing, as some thoughts fill her head and she speaks on it, "Oh Mike; my darling Mike - Where-ever you are; just hear me... I am so sorry, so sorry... I love you so much; trust me; I am trying; fighting to hold on; But I am too weak - I can't fight this anymore; hope you understand…" Heath finish the song, and threre's a long silence in the room. For a moment there, he thought she was dead... And finally she speaks without looking at him. JODIE "That was beautiful." Heath looks up to her, there's this drastic change in her. JODIE "You should go…" HEATH "No, I want to stay…" JODIE "Will you watch me, until I fall asleep?" HEATH, his voice trembling "Yes…Just don't sleep to long." He said with a smile JODIE "No…"(SHE STARTS COUGHING) "I just need a second." HEATH "Yes, and tomorrow we are going to the garden." JODIE "Yes... I would love that…" HEATH "Its a date... You and I - tomorrow…" Jodie cant keep her eyes open, she closes them and opens them again. The image of Heath is getting blury more and more. Heath can feel her hand falling away from him, but he manages to hold a little bit tighter. Heath "You can show me how you do it on the catwalk - I heard great things about the show... I'll take you to the studio, and dance for you - for you only. You'll be the first judge that auditions this piece…" He looks at Her, and Jodie's eyes were closed, He looks away for a second, and looks back, and her eyes were still closed, ... From there, Heath pretended she was still listening, and continues on with the dialogue. HEATH "Don't you give up now - Not without Mike! You hear me! He is on his way - I know it - you, your one second is up…" Jodie slowly moves her fingers, and Heath looks at her; and he burst out of tears, joys, and shock. JODIE "You are making too much noise…" Heath gets up. HEATH "Forget sleeping... We are going to have a slumber party... Right here, and right now... Its your birthday; remember." He moves to the phone, and starts dialing numbers. Greater Yonders Cemetery Dre walks up to Chris's resting place, torn shirt, barefoot, and drunk like hell. He stumbles a couple of times before reaching the grave. DRE "Hey... Its funny how things are.." He leans against a headstone directly across from Christ DRE "I sometimes wonder why you are in there, and not out here... It's just another sign that life is not fair; we spend most of our time worrying about things that will never change, its not that they don't change; they just can't change - like most people... I am sure we all tried our best to be different; to change the world and mark our marks-and it just can't happen; not to people like me. I-I am so lost; and so confused at times - and I - I don't know where did I go wrong…" He kneels down in front of the grave. DRE "Why is it that nothing ever works out for the better... You are dead, Lauren is pregnant; and I have to kill her - Life is fucked up!!! It aint right man" He gets up from the ground, and begins screaming at the headstone. DRE " - Is it so wrong of me for wanting to make end meet?, That for keeping myself out of the streets at night; Wanting a roof over my head...I have to kill Lauren. What happened to my American dream - what happened to what I want? What about me?!!!" He punches the headstone so hard, his fist start bleeding, and he quickly turns around, and he looks up and there's Lauren standing with a flower arrangement. She stands cold looking at him without a word. Undisclosed Location Ashley walks into the room where she has Rufus tied up. Rufus "Please, let me go." Ashley "Oh I'm gonna let you go alright." She says laughing. Rufus "What does that mean?" Ashley "Relax girlfriend "She says snapping her fingers. Rufus "Look, if you going to let me go then do it, or what ever else you have planned for me just get it done and get it over with." Ashley "Ohh, why the rush? This is such joy for me to watch you squirm faggot. I'll get it on with it. I want answers damn it. Why do you want to be a woman?" Looking at his package, since Ashley did strip him naked when he first arrived. "Such a shame too. All that man gone to waste." Rufus "Yea I know it's big, but it doesn't matter. I am who I am and I will be who I want to be ok? I don't have to tell you anything. Why should I? It's not like you actually care." Ashley "No see I was really trying to be a friend. But I see you don't give a damn. With that attitude I think I won't have no regrets of what I am about to do to you." Rufus "Yes, thank God. Here it comes. Come on you crazy ass bitch. Bring it on." Ashley, laughing "So think you are big and bad huh. Tough guy huh? Or Tough girl? Who the hell cares?" She walks over to the door and opens it up and reaches down to grab something, which Rufus sees it's a chain saw Rufus "Get the fu(k outta here! You have got to be shittin me right?" Ashley, laughing uncontrollably this time, she revs up the chain saw, and gets closer towards Rufus, letting the smoke and loud noise taunt Rufus. Ashley "Who's bad now?" Rufus, sweating, finally showing her fear, "Have you lost your mind, what are you going to do with that?" Ashley "You want to be a woman right? Well I am here to help" Ashley revs up the chain saw again and swings towards Rufus, cutting off Rufus's dick. Rufus lets out a deathly scream as blood gushes every where. The Blue Note Ria is sitting at a table that is set for two. She looks at her watch then at the front entrance. She finally sees her friend Lisa. Ria raises her hand up in the air, getting's Lisa's attention, letting her know where she is. Lisa walks over to her. Lisa "Hey girl, sorry I am late." Ria, standing up to hug her "I know that's right. How have you been doing?" Lisa "Still busy as hell. We've seen a rise in criminal activity, murder theft, that kind of thing. It's the effects of the economy. People are getting desperate out here." Ria "You aint never lied." A waiter brings over drinks. "I took the liberty of ordering us some starters, hope you like cosmos." Lisa "I do.. thank you. They toast and sip up. "So what's going on in you life girl, I haven't seen you in a while?" Ria "Well me and my home girl of some years fell out over something stupid." Lisa "You mean Natalia and that whole Jodie HIV fiasco?" Ria "Girl yea. I got caught up with that Bitch Jenn. I wasn't thinking straight." Lisa "Everything happens for a reason." Ria ""Yes they do. I'm trying to get at this new doctor in town." Lisa "Oh I know Kiko right? Dre's brother?" Ria "Yea. Girl it's something about him. I don't know what it is., I have got to have him." Lisa "Then girl do what you do." Ria "It's not that simple right now." Lisa "Make it simple. What's going on?" Ria "He doesn't want to be with me because I've already been with his brother." Lisa "Damn" Then they here an announcer come the loud speaker, "Every one, put your hands together for tonight's special guest star,…Miss Patti Labelle" Ria spits out her drink at hearing the name. Patti "Good evening Darlings. It's so good to be here. Everyone, give a round of applause to my daughter. Victoria" Patti points at Ria. Lisa is stunned. Patti "Girl don't be shy now. I know you would surprised. You wasn't answering momma's phone calls so I had to come here. I thought something was wrong with my baby" She laughs as the audience laughs to. Patti begins singing" If only you knew,…How much I do…do love you" Lisa "Patti Labelle is your mother?" Ria "Yes. Aint this bout a bitch!" She says gulping down her drink and her mother continues to sing her hit song……
  15. In an undisclosed location, Ashley walks in the room with Rufus. Rufus, looking at Abe, Sharan and Mona "Looks like we are gonna have a party." Mona, jumping up "Who in the hell is this?" Ashley "He walked in on me talking to Alexis." Mona "You dumb Bitch. He is not apart of the plan. Why can't you be careful? Everything that is going to happen is plotted out to a tee and here you go with this woman." Sharan "That is no woman. Like at his Adam's apple." Mona, looking closer "You're right?" Rufus "Give me a break. It's not that big. I'm a woman thank you very much." Ashley "Oh yea?" Ashley then rips off Rufus's skirt and panties and out flops his manhood. Rufus's face reddeneds with embarrassment. Mona and Sharan are stunned. Mona "Wrap that sh!t up. I don't want to see that needle." Mona turns her face and begins to vomit on her father's face. Rufus , looking at Ashley "You ignorant Bitch. I can't believe you just did that." She says with a tear running down his face. Mona, wiping her mouth "It's ok. I don't blame you for wanting to be a woman. Men are pigs. They are a waste of space." Rufus "At least some one feels my plight. Does this mean you'll tell this crazy Bitch to let me go.' Mona "Sorry sister girl, no can do. I can't risk you out there on the streets of Pasadena after what you saw." Rufus "Please let me go, I won't say nothing." Mona "Ashley, you know what to do with him." Rufus "No Please!" he says pleading as Ashley drag him away. S.T.E.A.M. Episode:97, Unleash the Dragon! Written by ML Cooks, Durand Saint Hilaire, and Tara Smith Huntington Memorial Hospital Ria walks up to the nurses station with a rose and some take out. Nurse "Can I help you?" Ria "Dr. Whitfield please?" The nurse pages Kiko as Ria takes an inhale of the Chinese food she's brought. Kiko walks around the corner and is a little surprised to see Ria. Kiko, with a slight smile on his face "All this for me?" Ria "It looks that way cutie." Kiko, shaking his head, "I guess I can take an early lunch." He then looks at the nurse in charge "Forward my calls to Diego." Kiko escorts Ria to his office. She walks in and is impressed to see his decked out office with art pieces and exotic plants. Ria looks at his awards and achievements hanging on the walls. She sets the food down on his desk and looks at one. "Harvard. I'm impressed." Kiko, sitting down unpacking the food "Not as impressed as I am with this stunt you pulled." Ria, turning around and looking at him "Is that what this is? You know I usually don't do these kind of things. ." Kiko "Why start now?" Ria "Because I want to. Is that ok with you?" Kiko, laughing "Yes." Ria, beginning to eat "You're nothing like your brother." Kiko "You're right….. My brother,…. I believe I told you that I don't keep it in the family." Ria "Pump your brakes. I just brought lunch down here to you to get to know you more. I know everyone is this city but you, you're a stranger. I just thought I'd be a good neighbor. Is that a crime?" Kiko "No not at all. Just ass long as you know nothing will ever become of us." Ria "You better eat this damn food. DO you know how much I paid for this, no no wait, do you know much I had to put into my tank to get over here?" Kiko, laughing "I'm glad you did all that for me." Ria "Uhm hmm." Rolling her eyes. The JUMP OFF Bryan is setting up the club when the door opens and Dre walks in. BRYAN "Dre…" He closes the door behind him. BRYAN "Can you lock the door behind you... We are not open yet." DRE "I kind of miss it here... Haven't been here in a month of Sundays…" BRYAN "Yeah... last time you were ; when Chris was here? Wanna a drink? Its on the house." DRE, grabbing a chair, and Bryan grabs a bottle of liquor... "Man, I can't believe Chris is really gone; I mean... there's Daniel walking free. Beat on hi girl, smoked drugs and Chris, a true brave heart" BRYAN "It's was a sad real lost... He was a good man... A great man -" DRE "The system is to blame… Believe me I should no." BRYAN "I think we should do something - in his honor…" DRE "Like what?" BRYAN "Go after the state... The police, and everyone involved on that case did a lousy job…" DRE "You can just save it... It ain't going to work…"They drink. DRE "I guest congratulations - how's the youngen?" BRYAN "He is growing up so fast...Hey... you know Sabryn and I are getting married... And I'm still looking for a best man." DRE "Are you asking me?" BRYAN "Well, if you think you got what it takes - and you can handle the toughest job in a best friend's life. Chris was my first obvious choice, but you and him were like brothers so I would want you there to represent him in spirit." DRE "Can I take a rain check?" BRYAN "Nuah, this is it man... I am doing it once... I want to do it right." DRE "Well; sho rite then- what do I have to do?" BRYAN "Show up on time…" DRE "Fair enough... Do I got to wear a tux?" Bryan "Yes sir." Dre "I'll see what I can throw together….Well, got to run... I'll holla at you later. BRYAN "Should I call you a cab?" DRE "No need too.." With that he exits the room, and Bryan's cell phone rings, and he answers it. BRYAN "Hello…Natalia - Don't call me." With that he hangs up the phone. Miss Jenkins House Karim looks inside the very dark, pitch black house after he kicked the door open, and can't see one thing and notices how it smells horrible. Karim, to himself "What the hell is this pla-…?" Karim turns around when he hears an ear-rattling scream, almost like a battle cry, and sees his mother rushing towards him! Sister Pat jumps high into the air, and tackles Karim to the ground, and both of them fall onto the cement of the porch. Sister Pat "DON'T KNOW ONE, ever EVER, DISRESPECT MISS JENKINS LIKE THAT!!!!! Do you hear me, Karim?! Don't know one talk about, don't know one disrespect Miss Jenkins like that!" Karim "Mom, what are you doing?!?! Calm the hell down! All I was trying to do was go see what was in that damn house, because it obviously makes you insane! I can't believe you are so obsessed with one woman that no one knows about but you!" Sister Pat "You think you can just barge in on MISS JENKINS?!!?!?!? This is Miss Jenkins's house, boy, and Miss Jenkins don't take none of that! I don't care who you are, you don't be messing with Miss Jenkins!" Karim "What has happened to you?! Mom, what's happened to you?! All you ever say is Miss Jenkins…look at yourself! LOOK AT YOURSELF! Tackling your own son and pushing him to the ground just because he tries going into a house that you go into every day! I just want to know who, or what, this Miss Jenkins is!" Sister Pat "Miss Jenkins is Miss Jenkins, don't ever forget that! Its dangerous to mess with Miss Jenkins, and I don't want you to get hurt like I did!" Karim "Wait, what?" Sister Pat "Miss Jenkins is Miss Jenkins! Listen to my words!" Karim "That's it. I'm sick of this…forget it, mom, forget it! I won't even bother to try to find out about Miss Jenkins. And you've showed me today how crazy you really are." Karim shoves Sister Pat off of him, and then stands up angrily, and quickly walks away, while Sister Pat lies on the ground and watches, and then turns and looks around Miss Jenkins's house… The Blue Note Kiko walks up to the bar after seeing his brother Dre, having a drink. He grabs a seat next to him. Kiko "What's going on with you?" Dre, think of the tragic fate Chris has suffered "Chillan man. Got some stuff on my mind." Kiko, ordering a club soda "What's on your mind?" Dre "Oh yo ass actually care now?" Kiko "Don't start that mess. We are brothers. It's a given I care for you. Now what is going on?" Dre "I am trying to make paper." Kiko "Paper? You chopping trees down now?" Dre "naw man. Paper…money." Kiko "Excuse me if I am not up to date on your slang. I thought you were a barber or something." Dre "I was till the shop was closed down. Mona's crazy ass kidnapped Sharan." Kiko "Well get a job some where else." Dre "It's not that easy. I need fast money man. A job won't cut that." Kiko "So what are you trying to do? Return to the street life? Sell drugs?" Dre "Actually yea. I am or I should say I was working for Ty. He offered me a job with cash up front." Kiko "I heard nothing but bad things about Ty. What the hell are you doing for him?" Dre "He wanted me to kill some one man. The chic is knocked up. I've done a lot of bad things but that's something I don't do." Kiko "That's serious. I don't know if we should be having this conversation. I don't want to know nothing like that." Dre "Oh, my bad Mr.' Goody Two Shoes. I don't have a medical degree from some expensive school." Kiko "The choice was yours. I didn't ask you to leave home to run the streets." Dre "I'm not going to run these streets for ever. I just need some quick cash man. I'm behind on my rent, bout to get evicted. I can't keep gas in my car with these damn gas prices. I can't eat. I got to do something." Kiko pulls out his check book and begins to write out a check "Here, you should have been come to me." Dre "naw man. You can keep that. I don't need your money. I'm a grown ass man. I can take care of myself." Kiko "Let your pride go. I rather give you this money then see you dead or working with Tyler." Dre "I'm good man. I can take care of myself. You wasn't thinking of me all those years after I left home, so don't start now doctor." Kiko "Why do you have to be like that? We are brothers. Let me help you." Dre "You can help by taking me to momma. I want to see her." Kiko "She does not want to see you. Besides, she wouldn't even remember you." Dre "I bet she knows who you are, The favorite son, the good one in the family." Kiko, handing the check "Here, just take this to get you by for a while." Dre grabs the check and rips it up, "I told you I don't want your money! Now leave me the hell alone! I can take care of myself." Dre finishes his beer and then leaves. In an undisclosed location Mona opens the door and walks in... she places the key in her back pocket. MONA "Sharan!" MONA , after hearing no answer, she calls out to her again, "Honey!" Still silent, and she makes her way to the room where she keeps her. She opens the door, and just as she does Abe grabs her, and throws her across the room. MONA "Bitch!" On the small chair in the corner is Sharan tied up to the chair, with masking tape on her lips... MONA "What the fu(k did you do? " Abe rushes toward the door, and Mona rushes after him, and pushes him against the wall, slamming his face on the wall... Abe turns around and Abe slaps Mona, across the face, and she falls backward toward where Sharan is sitting. MONA, looks back at Sharan, and she smiles. "Hey love…" Throwing a kiss to Sharan as she quickly unties one of Sharan's hand. ABE "I am going to finish what I should have done long time ago." Abe is making his way toward Mona, and Sharan starts shaking her head in horror, and just as Mona looks back, she was served with another slap. ABE "Come on get up! …..GET up!" MONA "You shouldn't have done that Abe…" ABE "I am just getting warmed up… You have hurt to many innocent people, Chris, Daniel, Sharan, Your brother Kevin, and Dondre" Mona gets up from the floor and wipes off the blood from the corner of her mouth. SHARAN "Mona... No!!! Don't! - That's not why we are here!" MONA, looking back at Sharan, and was working on freeing her legs. "No one hurts my baby... and gets away with it." Mona launches a range of insults to Abe, punches coming left and right, and Abe is walking backward, and throwing couple punches of his own. ABE "Your baby? The woman you kidnapped, and held hostage." MONA "Well, I learn from the best! Isn't that right daddy? - Daddy knows best; thats what they say - Did you enjoy yourself, [[email protected]#$%^&*] your own daughter night after night?" Abe grabs Mona by the throat and pushes her against the wall, MONA "Made you feel like a real man; didn't it - all powerful - Just like now, come on take your best shot." Mona opens both of her arms rested them against the wall. MONA "Come on Kill me!" ABE "You are nothing! You just like the whore for your mother!" Abe squeezes more and Mona hits him in his groin, and he stumbles backward, and she reaches for her gun in her back pocket SHARAN "Mona no!" Mona looks back at her, and Abe kicks Mona in her knees and the gun goes flying across the room in the corner... Mona falls on the floor, and Abe gets on top of her. ABE That's what you wanted; right? He rips opens her blouse, and Mona is fighting him. MONA "Get of me you scum!" Abe over powers her, and he rips opens her pants. Her hands and nails goes to his face, and scratches him. SHARAN "Get off her!" ABE "Shut up!" SHARAN grabs the chair. "Abe get off of her now!' Abe turns to Sharan, and she serves him across the face with the chair, and Abe falls out of consciousness on the ground. Mona and Sharan are looking at each other, Mona quickly gets up from the ground, and goes straight to Sharan, and she holds Sharan on the face. MONA "You did good honey…" SHARAN "Is he dead?" MONA, looking back at him, and she fixes his clothes, and kneels down and checks for a pulse. "No... The bastard will live, but no for long." She drags him across the room to small metal pole in the corner of the room , and Sharan is watching nervously. MONA "Help me with this will you?" SHARAN "What are you doing?" MONA "Hand me my bag…" Sharan remains standing. MONA "Now!!!" She startled Sharan with abrupt command. MONA "I am sorry... Please." Mona watches as Sharan grabs the bag, and Sharan looks back at Mona, and looks at the gun on the ground. MONA "Hurry up…" Sharan heads toward Mona with the bag, and Mona removes hand cuffs from the bag, and hand cuffs Abe at the pole in a sitting position with both hands cuffed to the pole. Without looking at Sharan, she speaks. MONA "Go ahead pick it up…" SHARAN "What?" MONA "The gun... I know you want too." SHARAN "What make you so sure? MONA "So the thought, never crossed your mind?" SHARANS, lies. "No…" MONA, gets up, and she makes her way toward the gun, and picks it up, and she walks back toward Sharan. "Have you killed someone?" SHARAN "Excuse me?" MONA "Its a simple question…" SHARAN "There's nothing simple about that - and no." MONA "But you would if you had too…" SHARAN "I don't like where this is going - and I am not a murderer." MONA "I think everyone is capable of murder. MONA, Mona places her hand on Sharan's shoulder. "Earlier... You wanted to kill him, I saw it on your eyes -" She hangs her the gun. MONA "Go ahead... shoot him! If you love me, you would kill my father. Prove to me you love me" Sharan looks at Mona, and looks back at the gun, and Abe. MONA "Come on... Do it!" Sharan slowly takes the gun from Sharan. Abe slowly opens his eyes. MONA "That's it... nice and slow. " Mona moves back, and pulls out something to smoke from her purse, and she lights up drug stick, and laughs out loud, and Sharan looks back at her. SHARAN, tears in her eyes "Please don't make me do this…" MONA "Kill him! If you say you love me then prove it to me by shooting him!" She yells, and Sharan brings her attention to Abe, and slowly Abe is opening his eyes. His eyes try to focus on the image in front him, little by little his focus is getting clearer, and there's Sharan standing in front of him with the gun. ABE "Sharan! Don't listen to her." MONA "Shut up Abe!" Mona places her hands on Sharan's shoulder. MONA "He's a monster... he doesn't deserve to live for all the things he did - to me, his own daughter... Think about love!" ABE "Don't!!! - She is setting you up!" MONA kicks Abe in the face with the bottom of her heel "Don't poison's my loves head -" SHARAN "Shut up!!!! Both of you!" MONA "That's my love! Now Kill him!" ABE "Wait wait wait! - Kelis;" MONA "Sorry dad... I can't save you now." She turns and starts walking away. ABE "Sharan wait! Mona - I am not your father." Mona stops. ABE "Your mother... She - she had an affair... With my brother; and you were the result that affair." MONA "You would say anything wouldn't you? Do it!" Sharan's hand starts sweating, and she can't hold back, she sees her hand pulling the trigger, and suddenly her head is full with images; visions of how Mona introducing her to Mona Island , and all the pains Abe caused her Mona. Tears starts pouring from Sharan's eyes, and everything starts moving in slow motion, Mona takes another puff from her smoke, and Abe is trying to say something, but all you see his mouth moving, and couldn't make out the words, Sharan looks back at Mona, and she wanted to aim the gun at Mona's head, and blow her head away, but she stops herself... She returns her attention return to Abe's direction, and Mona claps her hand, and the Gun goes off...
  16. Alexis's Penthouse Rufus walks out from the kitchen area with a bowl of popcorn in his hand, wearing a long white robe and a green facial mask on her face. Just as he turns on the TV, the door bell rings. Rufus "This better be good… they got nerve interrupting my favorite show, 'Chic's with Dicks.'" He goes to the door and opens it to see Lisa and Alexis. Alexis "Whoa, didn't know it was Mardi Gras?" Alexis steps into the suite. Lisa follows her. Rufus "What do you want?" Lisa "My client has thought about your offer..." Rufus "And?" Alexis "And I'll..." Lisa quickly gets between Alexis and Rufus. Lisa "She agrees to work with you... under one condition." Rufus "OK... I'm listening." Lisa "Co-CEO." Rufus "Wow! This is great! I promise you, you will not be disappointed." Alexis "Oh, trust me, I will be watching your every move." Rufus "And I always will be one step ahead of you." Lisa "Sounds like we've reached an agreement. Ladies, would you do me a favor? Try not to kill each other. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to run." Rufus "Don't worry, Lisa. Alexis will be just fine." Rufus ushers Lisa out of the suite. After closing the door, she turns to Alexis. Rufus "Now that that's settled, you and I need to get a couple of things straightened out. If this partnership is going to work at all, we are going to have to trust one another." Alexis "Go on, I'm listening." Rufus "First and foremost, Natalia must be eliminated." Alexis "I couldn't agree more." Rufus "Where you failed, I will succeed." Alexis "What's that suppose to mean? I didn't try to kill to her." Rufus "Really?" Alexis "Really, I didn't." Rufus "All I'm saying is we have to be a step ahead of our enemies. That means that our top priority is eliminating Sabryn and Natalia." Alexis smiles as she thinks about a world without Sabryn and Natalia. Alexis (thinking to herself) "I might not have to do anything after all. I can sit back and watch the tranny bury herself...and get rid of my enemies in the process. This partnership thing may not be such a bad idea after all." She extends her hand out to Rufus. Alexis Partner? Rufus Partner! They shake hands. Episode: 96, Chics with Dicks! Written by: ML Cooks, Durand Saint Hilaire, Tara Smith, with Mio Slater In an undisclosed location, Abe walks into the room where Sharan, Ashley and Bryan Jr. the 1st are. Sharan and Abe are stunned to see one another. Abe is also surprised to see Ashley. Abe "Ashley." Ashley "In the flesh. Don't even think you are going to come in here with moral authority. I have no respect for you." Abe "I see everyone here knows." Mona "Before long, the whole city will know." Abe "Sharan, it's good to see you." Mona bashes her father in the head with her gun. Abe falls to the ground. Sharan is shocked and BJ the 1st starts crying. Ashley "You made my baby cry. Next time you decide to attack someone, give me a little warning. I don't want my child subjected to this." Mona "Here's a tip . . . don't piss me off. That's not even your child." Ashley "Keep your damned mouth shut! I don't want everyone knowing that." Mona (points her gun at Ashley) "I'll say whatever I damned well please... 'cause I'm the one running the show here." Sharan "Kelis, please! Calm down. It's OK." She walks up to Mona and hugs her. Sharan "I think you need to smoke your drugs. Jesus, I can't believe I just said that." Sharan's voice soothes and calms down Mona. She pulls the gun away from Ashley. Ashley tries to calm the frantic tears of the baby as she holds him her arms. She decides to leave. Mona sits down and reaches into her afro. She pulls out a sack of weed and a small pipe. She fixes up her Mary to smoke it. Sharan stands over Abe and wonders if he's OK. She really wants to ask him if Mona's allegations of sexual abuse are true. Sharan, then walks up behind Mona. Mona jumps up. Mona "What are you doing?" Sharan "Relax. I'm going to massage your shoulders." Mona "I don't like anyone walking up behind me. My eyes need to be on you at all times. If I can't see you, I get crazy." Sharan "Baby, Kelis...relax. All I want is to is make you feel good." She says escorting Mona to sit down which she does. Sharan begins rubbing and massaging on Mona's shoulders. The more puffs of her pipe she takes, the more Mona feels at ease. She's completely high. The woman she has wanted for over a year is finally giving in to her. Sharan knows Mona is beginning to trust her. She leans down and gently blows on Mona's neck. Sharan, maybe from suffering a contact, begins to kiss Mona's neck. Mona moans in ecstasy. The Williams House Sister Pat is still on the floor. Her face is covered in tears after her fights with Abe and Kevin over her affair with DC. She prays to the Lord and Miss Jenkins. She feels a tap on her shoulder and looks up to see her other son, Karim. Karim (with tears in his eyes) "Mom, what in the hell happened? DC told me Pops walked in on you and him…" Sister Pat "Son, forgive me. Don't be like your brother and Abe." Karim "I thought you were finished with that bastard! Now he's going around gloating about you breaking Pop's heart! I expected better from you." Sister Pat "I have sinned, Karim, I have sinned! I keep praying to the Lord, and to Miss Jenkins, for forgiveness!" Karim "Maybe you don't deserve forgiveness this time." Sister Pat "Son, not you too." Karim "Do you really think I'm just going to say something like 'My mom slept with my uncle again, oh well!'?!" Hell no! Don't you understand how much this hurts me?! My whole life, I've looked up to you. I used to think, my mother, she's one of those rare people who always does the right thing. She's not the typical parent or wife. She's something special. But believe me, I'll never think of you that way ever again!" Sister Pat "Karim, my baby, I am so full of shame and remorse for my horrible sin. You just don't know. But think about Miss Jenkins...what she would want you to say. You know she'd want you to forgive me." Karim (getting visibly angrier) "Who in the hell is Miss Jenkins?! Your whole life revolves around Miss Jenkins! Miss Jenkins this, Miss Jenkins that, you have to go visit Miss Jenkins…" Sister Pat "Don't no one talk like that about Miss Jenkins! Karim, you do not want to upset her!" Karim I'm so beyond tired of this insanity. It's over. I'm going to that damned house to find out who this woman is. And Mom, I'm sorry, but I don't care what you have to say about it." Sister Pat (standing up) Boy, don't! If you just barge into her house, you'll suffer her wrath. Miss Jenkins don't play that mess! Karim ignores Sister Pat. He turns around, stomps out of the house and heads across the street. Sister Pat tries to run after him. Karim approaches the dark house and kicks the door open! Back downtown TC Hotel Alexis and Rufus's hand shake is interrupted by a knock at the door. Alexis goes to get it but Rufus stops her. Rufus "No, no sweetie. You've been locked up for a long time. No one's here for you." Rufus answers the door. She sees a woman with her face covered by a red veil with a baby in a carriage. Alexis realizes it's Ashley. Rufus "Can I help you?" Ashley "Faggot." Ashley walks off. Rufus (hollering in the hallway) "What else is new, you stupid bitch!" Rufus slams the door. Alexis chuckles. Rufus "It's not funny. I get tired of being called names all the time." Alexis "Save it for a cup of coffee, girlfriend." Alexis rushes out of the suite. Rufus "Something is going on here." Rufus grabs his purse and decides to follow Alexis. T.C. Hotel Ty's office Dre and Ty are holding each other at gun point. Dre "I'm packing heat too. Put the weapon down homie or there will be some real problems in here." Ty "Do you know who you're talking too? You are out numbered 100 to 1." Dre (walks closer to Ty) "I don't give a damn about all that." Ty "You've lost your mind." Dre "You ain't nothing man. You ain't a gansta. You got nothing on me. Now either get down or lie down." Dre puts the tip of his gun against Ty's temple. Ty has no choice but to concede to defeat. Dre "Drop it before you get dropped." Ty drops his gun. Dre (presses the gun into Ty's temple) "Now sit down and don't mutha fu(king move." Ty remains silent. He thinks he can he turn things around. But he wonders if he is getting weak in the game. Dre "Never show another man your weakness. Now, I can exploit it. You're not so bad after all. You should have shot me when you had the chance." Ty "Quit talking and make your move. Only bitches talk as much as you do." Dre "Did you also know that bitches get killed for running off at the mouth? I'm not having this conversation again. You want Lauren dead, kill her your own damned self. And next time you point a gun at me, use it." Dre gets up and walks out of Ty's office. Ty sits in his office chair, his head still spinning from what just happened. He can't believe that he allowed Dre to gain an upper hand. Ty (a devious smile appears on his face) "For now Dre, for now. You've crossed the line. I going to teach you a lesson you will never forget." Lavender Hill Santino pulls up to the mansion in the limo. Jenn is waiting in front. She gets in the limo and Santino drives off. He rolls down the window to the back seat and looks into Jenn's eyes. Santino "You look beautiful today." Jenn (smiling back to him) "Thank you." Santino (turning his attention back to the road) "Where we off to?" Jenn "The hospital." Santino "Is everything ok? Your new teeth didn't fall out, did they?" Jenn "Ha, ha, very funny a$$hole." Santino "I love when you get mad. It's a turn on." Jenn flips him off. Jenn "I'm going to see Jodie." Santino "I don't think that's a good idea." Jenn "I didn't ask for your opinion or your permission." Santino "Seriously, Jenn, why are you going to see Jodie? It's not going to do any one any good. I hear she is on her death bed. Leave the woman alone." Jenn "I won't stop until Jodie is out of the picture." Santino "You really hate her huh?" Jenn "Hate doesn't come close to describing how I feel." Santino "What will Ty say about this?" Jenn "At this time I don't care about Tyler." Santino "I care about you." Jenn smiles, enjoying the attention she is getting from Santino. Ty won't even acknowledge her, Jenn "You're playing a dangerous game coming on to me. Ty is capable of anything. I am sure he would not go for you double crossing him." Santino "What Ty doesn't know won't hurt him." Jenn "This isn't the way to the hospital. Where are we going?" Santino "I've got a surprise for you." He speeds up on the highway. They are unaware that Karl is following them. Back at TC Hotel, Ashley and Alexis enter a conference room. Ashley is holding BJ the 1st. Ashley "Why is that sick man in your hotel room?" Alexis "Nice to see you too. Yeah, I got released from prison, thanks for caring." Ashley "Look, I'm sorry. A lot has been going on." Alexis "I am getting sick of all this. This can't go on, Ashley. Give it up. It's not worth it. Think of this child. This child, my own nephew, and I haven't had to chance to say hi or anything. Bryan doesn't love you. You have to realize that." Ashley "Oh, he loves me. Sabryn may be in the way right now, but soon, she'll be out of the picture." Alexis "What are you going to do?" Ashley "Go to the wedding and you'll find out. It will all happen there. The world will find out I am not dead after all." Alexis "I'm done with this Ashley. I can't stand by you anymore. I have my own problems right now. First, I've got Rufus trying to take my company. Then Karim...he's back in my life. I love him and I'm not going to mess up what we have for anything." Ashley "At least you know how I feel. I'll do anything to be with Bryan." Alexis "You're wrong. I'd like to think that I'm more sensible...a little saner than you." Just then, the door opens. Rufus stands in the door way. Rufus sees Ashley and is shocked. Ashley pulls out her gun and takes aim. Ashley "Step in here, you beast in a dress." Rufus "Look honey...I don't know anything. I see nothing, OK? Alexis, you can have it all back...Divine Design, the suite. Just let me go, please." Ashley "Not on your sweet ass life." Bryan Jr. begins to cry. Ashley "See what you did, fruit loop? You made my son cry. Alexis, meet your nephew. Now is a good time for the two of your to get acquainted. Why don't you take him upstairs and see if you can get him settled down? This tranny and I are going for a ride." Rufus "No.. no. Please." Alexis "I said that I was done with this. But I must admit, if good ole' Rufus disappears, that makes my life a whole lot easier. Carry on sis! I'll keep a look out for you." She pushes the stroller past Rufus and smirks as she walks out. Ashley walks up to Rufus and snatches off her wig. Then she rips open Rufus's blouse and bra. The bra and silicon breasts fall to the floor. Rufus "Do you know how many dicks I had to suck to get those, you stupid bitch?!" Ashley (jamming the gun into Rufus' back) "It's time to be the man you are supposed to be. Now get to walking." Alexis makes sure the coast is clear as her crazy sister kidnaps Rufus.
  17. Downtown Pasadena S.G. Building Sabryn sits behind her desk and enjoys her rose. The door opens. Lucien, the founder and owner of Red Haute, a successful online magazine, enters the room. Lucien “Wow!” Sabryn gets up from her chair. Sabryn “Lucien, you’re right on time.” She extends her hand to shake his as she walks around the desk. Lucien “Look at you. You look great. And my dear, may I ask...who are all these flowers from?” Sabryn “The men in my life. Shall we start?” Lucien “Absolutely.” Sabryn and Lucien sit down on the sofa. He pulls out his note pad and pen. Lucien “First and foremost, how's your little one?” Sabryn “He’s just adorable. Words can’t describe...” Sabryn's eyes begin watering with tears of joy. Sabryn “I can’t think of a time in my life when I’ve been happier. He is a miracle...my miracle.” Meanwhile back on Lavender Hill Sabryn‘s mansion Ashley picks up a pillow from the sofa and stands over the baby. Ashley “You know, I really don't want to do this. If there was any other way, trust me, it’s...it’s nothing against you. It’s just that your bitch of a mother and you...you’re obstacles... I mean, I know, you’re just a baby...there’s no way you know what I’m talking about, but let me try to explain anyway...obstacles, well, they must be eliminated, you know, dealt with. It’s too bad that you happen to be one of them. She touches the baby's face. Her cold finger gives him a chill. He moves and rolls on his back. Slowly he opens his gorgeous brown eyes. Ashley “I want to show you something.” Ashley pulls out a picture of Bryan Jr., the 1st. Ashley “See this little boy. He’s your brother. You want your brother to be happy, don’t you?” The baby smiles. Ashley “Yes, I know you do. Forgive me...” She pushes the pillow as hard as she can on the baby's face. Suddenly, the door knobs turns. She stops and looks back at the direction of the door. Ashley “Daddy's coming...” Ashley throws the pillow on the sofa. The picture of her baby falls into the crib as she races out of the window. Bryan walks into the room. Bryan looks at the baby picture. He doesn’t realize that he is looking at his other son. Bryan “What the hell?” Back at the office, Lucien wraps up the interview with Sabryn. Lucien “So what do you and Bryan talk about in bed?” Sabryn (smiling) “Lucien... you know I can’t tell you.” Lucien “One last word...the wedding dress...can I see it?” Sabryn “That my dear, you’ll have to wait and see tomorrow. But I will tell you one thing...I’ve never been prouder of a collection than I am of this new line. I know this will put some new life and excitement into the fashion world and I can't wait for its unveiling!” Sabryn stands up. Sabryn Now, off the record, do you have time for lunch...to catch up? Lucien “Yes, it would be my pleasure.” Lucien gets up and folds his note book. Together they head toward the door when Gilbert walks in. Gilbert “Hi...” Sabryn stops cold and looks Gilbert directly in the eyes. There’s tension and Lucien notices the odd stares between them. He senses there's something going on, something wrong. Lucien “My, my... this is turning out better than I thought!” Episode 95: Low Budget Affair Written by ML Cooks, Durand Saint Hialire and Tara Smith with Miou Slater The Williams House Sister Pat is still sitting on the floor crying while she holds the Bible in her hands. DC is gone. Sister Pat “Miss Jenkins, Miss Jenkins, please speak to me. I’ve got no one else to turn to!” Kevin bursts in, steaming with anger. Sister Pat looks at him. Kevin “I can’t believe you did this!” Sister Pat “What are you talking about?! I don’t have time for you right now!” Kevin “Make time. Pops walked in on you and DC. So you did sleep with him again, even after how you tried to make me and Karim think you were all sorry for it.” Sister Pat “Lord have Mercy, I know I have sinned. I keep praying to the Lord and Miss Jenkins for forgiveness.” Kevin “I don’t want to hear about Miss Jenkins! Now, because of you, Pops hates me and Karim! He wouldn’t even listen to what I had to say. It’s all your fault!” Sister Pat “Oh Lord, what have I done…” Kevin “You don’t need to wait for the Lord to tell you. Let me tell you what you’ve done! You took yet another thing away from me. I didn’t tell him to protect you... and you went off and did this. I don’t know where Sharan is... and now I don’t have a father. He was one of the last people I still had. And now, he’s now gone! All because of you screwing up. You are such a hypocrite. You’re always judging everyone in town, preaching for them to repent! What right do you have? You’re no better than anyone else!” Sister Pat “Boy, you can’t speak to me like this!” Kevin “I’ll speak to you whatever way I damned well please, Sister Pat!” Sister Pat “So, now I’m not your mother?” Kevin “No, you’re not. My real mother...she’s not a complete psycho like the pathetic excuse of a woman that stands in front of me.” Sister Pat “How dare you! Yes, I did sin, I sinned a lot. But don’t think you can speak to me like this in front of the eyes of God and of Miss Jenkins!” Kevin “Miss Jenkins?! Stop it, stop it right now with your Miss Jenkins rambling crap! You sound like a psycho every time you say her name, do know that? Do you realize how nuts you sound? You are the craziest of the crazy in this town. People have been calling you a crazy bat for a long time. And you know what? Now, I agree with them.” Sister Pat grabs her Bible. Sister Pat “That’s it. You won’t talk to your mother like that.” Kevin “You’re absolutely right about that. I won’t because this is the last time I’m ever going to set eyes on you. Goodbye, Sister Patterson.” Kevin, still angry, turns his back to her and leaves. Sister Pat cries in horror as she watches him leave. She has lost her husband and her son. Downtown Pasadena, Ivory Inc Karim is in his chemistry lab. He is mixing chemicals for his new low-budget cologne line for low-end retailers. He takes a sniff of the test tube. Karim “That smells damn good, if I do say so myself. Now to think of the right name for it.” Ladonna, his secretary, walks in. Ladonna “Sorry to bother you, but..” He interrupts her. Karim “Come over here. Smell this.” Ladonna walks over to him and takes a sniff of the test tube Ladonna “Smells good, but I’ve got to be honest, it smells cheap.” Karim “Indeed it does. My uncle said he wanted a fragrance named after him and here it is, DC.” Ladonna laughs. Ladonna “This just arrived for you.” She hands him a card. Karim “Thank you. I’m just about done here. You can take the rest of the day off if you want.” Ladonna “Thank you, Mr. Williams.” She leaves. Karim opens the card and reads it. “I had a wonderful time last night, chocolate daddy. Wanting you, Alexis” Karim smiles as he flashes back to the passion he served up to Alexis. His sexual thoughts are interrupted when DC walks into the lab. Karim “It’s a good thing you’re here. I made a fragrance, just for you.” DC “That’s nice nephew, but I have something to say.” Karim “I’m not going to like this, am I? OK, I’m listening.” DC “Your old man knows about your mother and me.” Karim “What do you mean? How would he know?” DC “He walked in on us when we were...” Karim “You nasty bastard.” Karim swings at DC. DC instinctively ducks. He’s beginning to get good at predicting when one of his relatives is about to hit him. DC “Didn’t know an old man could move so fast? I’m too quick for you. Ya’ll need to stop hitting on an old man.” Karim “Quit trying to destroy my family! Why don’t you leave us alone? Just leave Pasadena and never come back. You have done nothing but become a nuisance to everyone since the day you stepped foot into this damned city. You are not welcome here.” Karim storms out of his lab. Don is left standing alone. He reflects on what just happened. In an undisclosed location. Ashley walks into the room where Mona, Sharan and Bryan Jr., the 1st are. Mona “It’s about damn time you got back here. What happened?” Ashley “I saw the man that I love and his bastard baby with Sabryn. That child, he’s so ugly. I almost killed it until my man walked in.” Sharan “You were going to kill an innocent baby?” Ashley “No one’s talking to you?” Mona “Don’t speak to her like that.” Ashley “You’re a fool” Mona “Say what?” Ashley “I see right through Sharan’s phony concern for you. She’s lying through her teeth so she can plan her escape. Isn’t that what you’re doing Sharan? You don’t really love Mona. Admit it.” Sharan face gets hot. She knows Ashley is telling the truth. Sharan “Why don’t you ask Kelis if she thinks I love her.” Mona “That’s enough. I have too much to do. Sharan loves me.” Ashley “Untie her then. If you really think Sharan loves you, then you should be able to trust her. Go ahead, untie her.” Ashley’s suggestion stuns Sharan. Mona slowly moves to untie Sharan from the chair. She wants to prove that she does trust her. Ashley, looking at Sharan “I’ve got my eye on you. Don’t try any funny business.” Mona “Listen to her baby. I have to run a few errands.’ Sharan “Wait! What about confronting your father and meeting your mother? That’s what we talked about on the island. I told you that I would stand by you.” Ashley “Give it up.” Mona “I need to take care of a few things first.” Sharan “Let me come with you.” Mona “I’ll be back” Mona leaves the room. Ashley (looking at Sharan) “Drop the act. It’s just me and you here now. You’re playing games with Mona and I’ll prove it.” Back at S.G. Sabryn “Lucien, thanks for coming. I will see you in the morning, at my wedding.” Lucien hugs Sabryn Lucien “Indeed, you will.” He leaves. Sabryn (speaking to Gilbert) “I am glad you came by. We need to talk.” She ushers him into her office. Gilbert “Congratulations on your new baby.” Sabryn “Thank you. About what you said before my water broke...” Gilbert “Yeah, about that...listen, I’m sorry. Just forget it. I don’t know what I was thinking. I shouldn’t have said anything.” Sabryn “You’re sure full of surprises. One minute you confess that you love me. Now you’re saying it was a mistake.” Gilbert “Again, I apologize. That’s the reason I’m here right now. I’m willing to hand in my resignation.” Sabryn “No, you can’t do that. You are my good friend, Gilly. You made a mistake, an error in judgment. I’m willing to move on if you are.” Gilbert (smiling) “I am.” Sabryn “Good. I have a favor to ask of you.” Gilbert “Shoot.” Sabryn “Well, since Sharan is still missing in action, will you be my bridesmaid? I can’t do this with out you.” Gilbert “This is a joke, right?” The Jump Off Abe drinks his 5th Heineken as he thinks of the day’s events. The image of his brother getting it on with his wife...in his own house. Learning that not only had they been having an affair for years but that Kelis, the daughter he thought of as his own, was actually his brother’s...it all started to make sense to him. Pat pushed him away when she became pregnant with Kelis because she felt guilty. Abe remembered every detail...no sex, no passion, no romance when Pat found out about her last pregnancy. Abe realizes he blamed Kelis for nothing. Everything he did was for nothing. “Looks like you lost your puppy.” When he hears that familiar voice, chills go up Abe’s spine and his hair stands up on end. He turns to his right and sees his daughter. This time, no black veil covers her identity. Mona “Surprise, I’m home.” Abe remembers how dangerous his daughter can be. Abe (chugs the last of his beer) “I am done with this. I’m ready.” Mona “Ready for the big payback?” Abe “There’s no escaping it. I’ve lost everything. I am ready to reap what I have sown.” Mona “You’re making this too easy. How boring! I won’t be able to try out my new weapon on you. But that’s OK, I’ll save them for later, pops.” She pulls out a gun and jams it into his side. Mona “Move quietly.” Abe gets up off the bar stool. He’s complicit in his own kidnapping. The time has come for Mona’s big payback.
  18. On the West Coast of the United States, Ashley walks up to the beaches of California. She sees Mona walking out of the water like swamp thing used to do back in the 80’s. Ashley “It’s about time you decided to come back to Pasadena. Things have to be done. We are losing time. Abe,…. Sabryn.” Mona “I had to get Sharan to fall in love with me. You know Miss Lady comes first.” Ashley “Well I hope mission was accomplished” Mona “Indeed. But no need to worry, I got Sharan to love me and it’s now time for the final phase of my plans, the last chapter, the last hurrah.” Ashley “Sound like you’re going to die?” Mona “I can’t guarantee that, but people will die in Pasadena. That’s for sure. It’ time for the big payback. “ Ashley “That’s what I like to hear? Where do we start first?” Mona “First I need updates on everyone. And we got to find a place to lay low. Daniel and Ty are after me. And I need to plant a Mary Garden. “ Ashley “A who?” Mona, heading towards Ashley’s car “Nothing, just drive.” Ashley “Wait a minute, where is Sharan?” S.T.E.A.M. Episode: 94, Swamp Thing Written by ML Cooks, and Durand Saint Hilaire Westwood Park, Kevin’ House Abe pounds on his sons door. Kevin, opening his door “Pops, what’s going on?” Abe enters the house, “I know about your mother and Don.” Kevin “Oh no, how did you find out?” Abe “I walked in on them.” Kevin “Pops I am so sorry.” Abe “Are you really? You know what hurt the most? The fact that you and your brother knew about this and did not come and tell me’ Kevin “I was torn. Either I hurt my mom and tell you she’s cheating or hurt you and not say anything. I was stuck between a rock and hard place. I was put in the middle here” Abe “It’s not that hard. You should have come to me when you first found out. I can’t believe my whole family ha betrayed me like this. Everything I knew is no more. Did you even know the sister you lost at birth was my brother’s child?” Kevin “That I didn’t know. Pops I am sorry. I didn’t mean to keep this from you. This has been eating me up on the inside since I first found out…… I didn’t do this. I didn’t cheat on you, moms did. What would you have done if you were in my shoes?” Abe, ignoring his son’s question “How long have you known about this?” Kevin “For a few weeks.” Abe “A few weeks! I can’t believe this. My family….. What is happening? I can’t believe this is happening. My wife and my brother. All these years.” Abe shakes his head as a tear forms in his eye. Kevin “Pops I am really sorry you have to deal with this.” Abe “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. You should have come and told me when you first found out. I don’t know my own family anymore.” Abe begins to walk out the house. Kevin “Pops, man I am sorry. Listen to me.” Abe does not want to hear it and leaves his son’s house with out saying another word. Kevin “Damn Pat and DC.” He says grabbing his keys, getting ready to head to his mom’s house. Lavender Hill Karim, who was taking a swim in his indoor pool, gets out upon hearing his door bell ring. Wearing a seedo, he opens the door to see Alexis. Alexis eyeballs his nicely cut body and can‘t help but to notice his bulging family jewels. Alexis “Just want a woman fresh out of jail wants to see.” Karim, smiling “How’d you know where I moved to?” Alexis “It was not that hard to find you. You are a public figure after all. And I love you Karim. May I come in?” Karim, hesitantly lets her in. As she walks in she looks around and admires the beauty of his new mansion. Alexis “I see Ivory must be really doing well. With this lovely mansion, you would never be able to tell the U.S. economy was in shambles right now.” Karim “I had some money put aside. I used what I saved for my wedding with Ria and the honey moon that was to follow. But we all know how that turned out.” Alexis “She cheated on you with Dondre.” Karim “She lied to me just like you lied to me.” Alexis “Karim, I did not lie to you. In time you will come to see that.” Karim “Make that time now. Tell me why you didn’t fess up that you killed your own sister? You let Sabryn sit in jail needlessly for that crime.” Alexis “I didn’t know what I hit that night. I was in a huge u-haul, it was dark and stormy and I thought it was a curb or something. The courts believe me, otherwise I would not be here right now talking to you.” Karim “I’ve been deceived by the women I know and loved to many times. Ria, you, my own mother.” Alexis “Sister Patterson? What is going on?” Karim “It’s something I can’t talk about right now. Not until the right people know.’ Alexis “See there. We have something in common. I can’t tell you , or I should say I can’t talk about my innocence just yet. Some things need to happen before I can speak. “ Karim “See, that just don’t sound right. What kind of things?” Alexis “I don’t want to talk about that.” She says walking closer to him. “I am a woman in need. My body is yearning.’ She says seductively caressing his chest and abs. She then cups his crotch in her hand. “I need you daddy. I want you inside of me.” She kisses him and he gives in to her passion and kisses her back. He picks her up and she wraps her legs around him. “I’ve missed you chocolate daddy.” Karim “I’ve missed you to.” He says kissing her continually. Back on the Beach Mona “She’s right over there?” She says pointing toward a palm tree Ashley “Why do you have her tied up to a tree?” Mona “I don’t know if I can trust her yet. I was afraid as soon as she realized she was in Pasadena, she would take off and my plans for revenge would be ruined. I will not chance anything at this point.” Ashley “It looks like she is dead.” Mona “Not at all, just my special potion, I call sleep aid. Bring the car over and lets go. I need to smoke.” Ashley shakes her head but goes get her car as Mona walks over to Sharan and unties her from the palm tree. TC Hotel Dre walks into Ty’s office. Ty “Is Lauren dead yet?” Dre “Things have changed.” Ty “Your assignment did not. I paid you for a job.” Dre “Lauren is pregnant. I can’t kill a pregnant woman.” Ty “Pregnant? That was fast. Daniel wasn‘t plying no games.” Dre “It’s not even Daniel’s child.” Ty “Chris is the father?” Dre, keeping the info on Lauren and Kevin for himself “Yea man.” Ty “How does Daniel feel about this?” Dre “He’s pretty hurt.” Ty “Is he going to stand by Lauren?” Dre “It seemed that way.” Ty “Then she has to die. I don’t care if she’s having a baby. She has brainwashed Daniel against me and she has to be taken out. She has been a thorn in my side for far too long.” Dre “I’ma keep it real, I don’t feel comfortable killing a pregnant woman.” Ty “You either kill Lauren, or I am going to kill you.” Dre “Why don’t you kill Lauren yourself if it’s that serious?” Ty, reaching into his desk drawer and pulling out a gun and aiming it at Dre “How about I kill you right now?” Dre, smiling, pulling out a gun from is coat pocket and aiming it at Ty, “It aint going down like that homey” Ty is stunned that one of his own henchmen is holding a gun on him. In an undisclosed location Mona is about to light up her drug stick when Ashley stops her, “Please don’t smoke in front of my baby.’ Mona “You’re baby?” Ashley “The baby ok? It doesn’t matter, this child will make Bryan and I a family.” Mona “Men are so overrated.” Ashley “Then you need to see what Bryan has in his pants.” Mona “Say that to me ever again and I will cut that tongue out and shove it up your ass!.” Ashley “Sorry. I forget about your father.” Mona “No, Call him Abe. He is no father to me. What kind of man takes his daughter and molest her years and years on end? He took me away from her, making her believe I was dead. I don’t even know my own mother. I don’t know what having a family is even like. That Bastard took that chance away from me. And for that, he will pay.” Sharan, laying on a bed, begins to wake up. She opens her eyes and is stunned to see Ashley. She screams. Mona covers Sharan’s hand with her mouth as Bryan Jr the 1st begins to cry. Ashley “See what you did?” Mona “Its ok baby. Calm down.” She says as she removes her hand from Sharan’s mouth. Sharan “Ashley? I thought you were dead. Bryan ran you over with his car. I went to your funeral.” Ashley “Surprise!” Sharan “So you two are working together?” Ashley “It doesn’t matter.” Sharan “Mona, how can we begin to get serious if you can’t trust me enough to tell me what’s going on? Where are we anyway?” Mona “Pasadena” Sharan’s heart stops as her chances of freedom has just been served to her on a silver platter. She tells herself to still play cool and not alert Mona to any suspicion. She has to keep this game up as Ashley leaves the ecret compound. Westwood Park Ria opens her door after hearing her door bell and she is stunned to see Karl Hutchins at her door step. “What is a rich man like you doing in these parts?” Karl “Victoria Winters. It’s nice to formally meet you. May I come in?” Ria, wondering what Karl is up to, and a little weary , “Yea that would be nice. You can help me eat this chicken and dumplings I made.” Karl, laughing, following her into the house “Some soul cooking. Sounds great” He says grabbing a seat at Ria’s breakfast nook. Ria serves his food and she grabs a seat. Ria “So this is strange, you here in my neck of the woods. You got some money?” Karl “Come again?” Ria “You hard of hearing man? Can I have some money? I know you and Ty are loaded.” Karl “Maybe.” Ria “What is that supposed to mean?” Karl “I won’t waste your time or mine. I need some info.” Ria “Well my lips don’t give out info unless you show me the money or maybe if you got a big dick.” Karl, stunned by her aggressiveness but pulls out a wad of cash, “Will you talk now?” Ria “Sho nuff. What you want to know” Taking the money from his hand. Karl “Jennifer.” Ria “Hmmph… that Bitch. What you want to know about her? You should know more about her than me. Aren’t you living with her and your son?” Karl “That doesn’t matter right now. See, you took this little trip to Cleveland with her a while back.” Ria “We on that again?” Karl “Yes, what I want to know is if Jennifer and Santino had anything going on.” Ria “Did they? Hell yea they did. They were kissing and flirting.” Karl, smiling “I knew it. Thank you for your time Ms. Winters.” Ria “Call me Ria and tell your son I am available cause I know he is about to leave Jenny. I wouldn‘t mind having you as a father in law.” Karl, laughing “I‘ll tell my son that. You‘re quite charming….Ria.” Ria “ Anyways,….I hope Ty leaves Jenn high and dry. She was wrong for what she did to Jodie. Blackmailing Jodie about her HIV status. That’s just sick. Ol white devil.. If there is anything I can do to right the wrong Jenn caused, I’m there.” Karl “I’ll keep that in mind. Hate to chat and run, but I really have to get going.” he says getting up and leaving. Ria “Looks like Jenn is in trouble.” Sabryn walks into the main lobby S.G.. She is wearing a beautiful red sexy fitting dress, sleeveless, high heels, showing off her back to normal body shape after having a baby, holding a black folder in her left hand , and holding the phone with the other. SABRYN “How is he? I miss him already.” The conversation cuts to her mansion on Lavender Hill, as she steps in the elevator... Back in the nursery, Bryan is leaning over the baby crib, and touching JR's face. BRYAN “Sweetie, he is fine... sleeping like an angel.” Back in the office, Sabryn has her hand on the door knob. SABRYN “Ahh... I promise, I will be home within an hour.” BRYAN “No no no... you do your thing, and we'll see you later.” SABRYN “I just have a few phone calls to make and I'll -” With that she opens the door and stop dead in her tracks. The room is full with flowers, all over the room, beautiful fresh white roses embellished with alchemillia mollis.... Sitting in beautiful heart custom vases. Sabryn slowly enters the room, and closes the door behind her, within minutes, her eyes are full with tears. BRYAN, still on the phone, “Hello?... Earth to the most beautiful woman in the world.” He said stepping toward the window, and looking outside to the yard. SABRYN “I am here... I'm - I don't know what to say?” BRYAN “Well, I take it you got my surprise.” SABRYN “I love you…” BRYAN “I love you too... Now, go enjoy your flowers while I go take a shower, before JR wakes.” SABRYN “Give him my love…” BRYAN “I will.” Bryan hangs up the door, and he returns to the baby's crib, and leans forward and kisses his forehead. From outside the window, Ashley dressed in all red, plaster leather pants, fitting red boots, with very thin high heels, is watching Bryan's every move. She watches as Bryan walks out of the baby's room. Ashley pulls open the windows, and steps in the room. She slowly makes her way toward the baby's crib. ASHLEY “Hello Brat!” She says with a devious smile, looking at the baby...
  19. Back at the railroad tracks, Dahlia continues to scream and breathe heavily as the train heads right towards her! She looks back at Ashley with a desperate look in her eyes that are pouring tears out every second. Dahlia "Please, if you have an ounce of decency in you, you'll help me! I can't die, not now of all times! We can work something out, I promise you, I- " Dahlia is stopped as the train is now only centimeters away, and a loud, long scream is heard as the train runs right over Dahlia!!! Ashley laughs maniacally, as Dahlia's screams are heard miles and miles away. Ashley continues to laugh as the scream is muffled after only a few seconds, and she grins as pieces of what's left of Dahlia go flying all over the place, even a piece of meat hits Ashley in the face. After the train passes, all that is left is a devoured corpse. Ashley smirks as she crosses her arms and walks over to it and kicks it a little. Ashley "Well, looks like one bitch is down, two to go. I'm really sorry it had to end like…this, but that's what you get for trying to interfere in my plans. But if you can still hear me at all, wherever the hell you are, take comfort in the fact that your enemy Natalia will suffer even more than you did. " Ashley then looks at the small remnants of Dahlia, with some skeletal parts showing that remained intact, one last time before turning and walking away, still with a huge smile on her face. Ashley, muttering to herself "And soon, Bryan will be mine." Episode 93: Tidbits Of Dahlia Written by ML Cooks, Tara Smith and Durand Saint Hilaire The Williams House, Abe is stunned as he looks upon his brother, getting it on with his wife "What the hell is going on?" He says furiously, slamming the door; as he steps inside the house. DC looks up at Abe as he gets off of his brother's wife. Sister Patterson than stands up to look at her husband. Abe: You and my brother; in my Home? Sister Pat is speechless; fixing her clothes, as she tries stepping in between Abe and DC. Abe "What's the matter, can't talk now? "After 25 years of marriage, and after everything you and I have been through – and – and this is – Sister Pat: Abe, it is not what it looks like – You have to believe – what's just happened here - was nothing – DC: Woman please – PAT: Husband, Abe look at me; your brother had his dirty fat sloppy hands on me… DC: Now you are tripping – Abe: Shut the hell up, DC! Sister Patterson, wiping tears from her face "Are you blind or what? What does it look like? Ever since he came to town he has been all over me, pushing me, and tempting me… Oh Gosh, Lord knows I hate him; I hate him for what I have become… Abe: "What will Miss Jenkins say about this?" DC: "Don't tell me you buy into this Miss Jenkins hoopla." Abe grabs his brother by the chest and slams him against the wall, and with a punch straight in the jaw. Sister Pat: Stop it! DC laughs as he spits blood from his mouth to the ground. "You boys gone quit hitting an old man now." Abe: "What is that supposed to mean?" DC: "Your damn sons. All you boys have been hitting up on me." Sister Pat: "Give it up. Listen Abe, I can't do this no more. I have sinned. Lord have Mercy I have sinned" she says breaking in to a whirlwind of tears, almost becoming hysterical "God, strike me down now, Lord have Mercy." She looks up into Abe's eyes "I cheated on you with Don. Our daughter, Kelis, was his child. Don was the father of Kelis. But God punished you by taking her away from us. Lord I am so sorry." DC pushes Abe away from him, Abe is taken aback as a flood of flashbacks enter his mind. He remembers, being at the hospital, and kidnapping Kelis. He then remembers, having her tied up to a bed, then molesting her for years on end. Abe: "Kelis wasn't our child?" Sister: "No. That's why I shut down from you Abe. That's why I pushed you away. I couldn't give myself to you no more knowing what I caused, the death of a child. I am sorry' She says wrapping her arms around his legs, still crying hysterically. Abe looks at his brother with hurt and anger in his eyes "Why would the two of you do this to me? DO you know what you've caused? I can't take this. And My sons knew, and didn't say anything to me? My whole family" Abe shrugs his wife off him. He looks at his brother and wife "You two can have each other. I'm done." Abe then walks out the house with out saying another word. Sister Patterson is still sitting on the floor crying and praying "Lord have Mercy. Miss Jenkins is not going to like this. I lost my family." DC: "It was bound to happen." Pat: "And don't you start with me. DC: You kept my child, my child! Away from me! I didn't have time to mourn her." Sister Patter stops her water works upon hearing DC speak again and she gets up. She grabs her bible off the coffee table and begins to beat DC with it. Pasadena Police station Alexis is put back into her cell after coming from morning chow, when Rufus and Lisa approach her cell. Rufus "You look so down Lexie. Cheer up, honey! Today is a good day!" Alexis "Look I don't want to talk about Natalia……. Why is she dead?" Rufus "Not yet… Soon I hope" Lisa: "I don't know about all of that and it sounds like I don't want to; but we came down here because we have good news." Rufus: "Welcome to freedom" Alexis: "I'm being released?" Lisa: "Yes ma'am." As she says that, the guard opens the cell door to release her. Alexis: "Finally. It's about time. How did you do it Lisa?" Lisa: "I was able to get the D.A. to drop the charges due to lack of evidence.. Like you said, it was a dark and stormy night' They all laugh as Alexis gives her a hug "Thank you so much. " Rufus: "Just in time too. Divine Design needs some damage control." Alexis: "Not from you fruit cake" Rufus: "Excuse me?" Alexis: "Your services are no longer needed. You're dismissed. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Now get lost." She starts walking away. Rufus: MMMM- Not so fast sweetie; I still have control of your shares, remember?" Lisa and Alexis stop Alexis: Excuse me? Rufus: Yeah, remember that piece of paper you had me sign? Alexis: Lisa? Lisa: I am sorry; I was just doing you what you asked? Alexis: Well, reverse it. Rufus: "I'll give you two days to work it out… in the meantime you know where to find me;" Rufus starts walking away, and she stops. "And by the way if you need a place to stay, let me know; the penthouse is big enough for two people, oh here's a key just in case you change your mind." She hands the key to Alexis, and Lisa takes it; and Rufus heads out. Alexis: Fu(king bitch! That beast in a dress will not best me." Huntington Memorial Hospital Dr. Kiko Whitfield walks into Natalia's room. He sees Ria's watching Life in Salem's new spin off, Affairs of the Heart on TV sitting next to Natalia. Ria: "Well hello. Usually I would cuss anyone out for interrupting my stories, but for you cutie, I'll make an exception" Kiko: "Good to know you have a sense of humor" With that Kiko heads towards Natalia on the bed. "How are you feeling?" Natalia: "I want to die." Kiko: "I am really sorry for your loss." Natalia begins to have tears come to her eyes, "Some one killed my baby. I can't believe some one shot me and killed my innocent child." Kiko: "I know this must be hard for you. I am prescribing some sedatives. I trust you will keep an eye on her Victoria?" Ria: "You sounded sexy when you said my name. Can you say it again papi?" Kiko: "I'll take that as a yes. Listen, Natalia, It would help to speak someone; preferably a counselor, I can recommend some good people for you; if you wouldn't mind." Kiko begins to walk out of the room when Ria jumps in front of him "Why are you being shady? You don't like women or something? I know I am a pretty young thang out here." Kiko: "You've already been with my brother. And I don't keep it in the family. Now if you'll excuse me" He says before walking out. Ria: "Whatever. I will get me some of him. Fine ass. And he is a doctor too. He just don't know, I would rock his world!" She then looks at Nat. "Girl you ready? Let's go back to my house and I'll fix up something good. You look like you can use a good meal." Natalia looks into Ria's eyes "My baby, the one thing holding Mark and I together; is gone Ria. And Mark didn't even have the decency to come over to check up on his baby." Ria: "He was here girl. He knows the baby is dead." Natalia: "And he didn't even come to see how I was doing. I am grasping at straws here." Ria: "Girl what you talking about? I know you are not about to concede to defeat." Natalia: "I just see everything so clearly now. Mark is never going to love me. I have no chance with him." Ria: "Well girl, it could have been Bryan's baby. Oh and You know Sabryn just gave birth." Natalia: "I don't want to hear nothing like that. It's time to take control of all these people that are after me. I have to find out who shot me. I want to find the person that killed my baby." Ria: "I hate to say it but there is a lot of people who hate you." Natalia: "Tell me about it, Sabryn, Rufus, Suga. This is war. I am back bitches." Ria gives Natalia a big hug, 'That's what I am talking about." Natalia pulls back from Ria's hug. "That means you too Ria" Ria: "Excuse me?" Natalia : "Did you get revenge on me by shooting me for not letting you in the fashion?" Ria is appalled and slaps Natalia Down the hall, Kevin walks into Lauren room. Kevin: "Is everything ok? Why are you here?" Lauren: "Well I fainted at Ty's mansion arguing with Jennifer. I found out I am pregnant Kevin." Kevin's heart stops. "Damn! So what does this mean? Am I the father?" Lauren, wiping a tear "I don't know . It could your's or Chris's. I feel like such a whore? " Kevin holds her. Kevin: "Don't feel like that. " Kevin is so stunned he is at a loss for words. "Does Daniel know?" Lauren: "He thinks it's Chris's" Kevin: "Lauren I am so sorry. What are you going to do?" Lauren: "What do you mean, what I am going to do?" Kevin: "Are you going to keep it?" Lauren: "Of course I am. How could you ask something like that?" Kevin: "Lauren, think about it. Having this baby is not good for anyone; If the baby turns out to be Chris's, well Chris is dead. He would not have a father. And if it's mine, then..?" Lauren: "Then what?" Kevin: "I love Sharan….. You love Daniel right?" Lauren: "Yes I do, but regardless who's the father, I am going to love this baby no matter what. I can't really believe you were trying to suggest I get rid of it. What has gotten into you?" Kevin: "I am just trying to do what is best for everyone. If this child is mine, it would hurt so many people. Lauren, we crossed the line. We made an error in judgment. Let's not put this baby through the pain of not having a family." Lauren, wiping tears "This baby is just an inconvenience for you. Don't worry about it Kevin. This is a gift from God. I am not going to alter that…. This child will have a family, two people who will love him and care for him for the rest of his life – Daniel and I will raise this child, no matter who's the father is… We don't need you and if you can't deal with that; I suggest you go to hell. Kevin: "Lauren please don't be like that. Look I am sorry." Lauren: Just get the hell out… When did you become so cruel?" Kevin: "It's not even like that. Lauren we have been friends since high school. You know me better that that." Lauren: I can't even look at you right now; just please – Just leave… Kevin: Lauren; Lauren: You are stressing me and my child… Please – Kevin, obliges and leaves Lauren alone for the moment. He leaves Lauren in peace and as he leaves, she grabs her pillow and hugs it, bursting into tears. Sabryn' s Room, Bryan walks in and smiles at his new family. He watches Sabryn hold their new born son. Sabryn: "How nice of you to join us. Are you sure you're not going to pass out are you?" Bryan, chuckling, "No I am not and I am sorry I did. It was all so over whelming." he says walking over to her and kissing her forehead. "Our son is handsome. Looks just like his dad." Sabryn: "No no, he gets his looks from his mother." Bryan: "Can I hold him?" Sabryn: "Yes you can." Sabryn hands Bryan Jr. to his dad." Bryan is overjoyed at holding his son for the first time. "Hey little guy. I love you so much. I am going to do right by you and give you the kind of home I never had." He kisses his son on the forehead as Dr. Kiko Whitfield walks into the room. Kiko: "Mr. Dattilo, nice of you to join us this time." Bryan: "Sorry doctor." Kiko: "It's quite alright. It happens a lot. And how is the new mother doing?" Sabryn: "I am fine." Kiko: "Good. I am here with your release papers." Sabryn: "Thank you so much. Bryan and I have a wedding to plan." Kiko: "I hope I get the first invitation. I did deliver you a baby." Bryan: "Of course doctor. We are inviting you right now. It's in two days." Kiko: "Congratulations. " Kiko says leaving. Sabryn: "Let' take our baby home." Bryan: "Good because I got a surprise for you." Westwood Park Natalia steps out of the shower when her door bell rings. She wraps her towel around her and goes to find out who it is. She opens the door and is not too pleased to see Mark. "Oh how nice of you to show up now. Where the hell where you at when I needed you? I had to mourn the loss of this baby all by my damn self." Mark: "Please Natalia. I told you this baby was the only thing binding us together. The baby is gone and that means it's a wrap between you and I. I never loved you and I told you that repeatedly.' Natalia: "I got the message. Loud and clear. You don't have to worry about me chasing you or trapping you no more. I am done. I've wasted my time fighting to be with you for the past year and look at where it has gotten me? Heart ache and pain." Mark: "That's no one's fault but your own." Natalia: "And you don't even give a damn. Why the hell are you here?" Mark: "To tell you I know exactly what you did to be with me. You paid Suga to stab Dahlia in jail, thanks to you having her arrested. You are the reason why she could not have children." Natalia: "How did you find out? Suga told you?" Mark: "Dahlia her self did. In fact I am looking for her. Have you seen her?' Natalia: "Dahlia? What do you mean she told you?" Mark: "She's alive. She did not die in the trash compacter and she told me everything you did." Natalia: "This can't be happening." In an undisclosed location, Ashley is holding a baby as she sits in a rocking chair. "Mommy got rid of an enemy today little guy. Mommy is fighting for our family." Then Diego walks in. "I got some interesting news for you.' Ashley: "Which is?" Diego: "Sabryn named her on Bryan Jr." Ashley: "That bitch can't do this. My son is named Bryan Jr. Oh well, it will be settled at the wedding." Diego: "Kiko released them today. The wedding is in two days." Ashley: "Did you hear that Bryan Jr? You're going to meet your daddy in two days" She says kissing the baby. Then Ashley's cell phone rings "Hello,…. It's about damn time. I'll meet you down there in a few minutes." She hangs her phone up. Diego: "Who was that?" Ashley: "The Lady in Black. Mona is back in Pasadena…"
  20. Huntington Memorial Hospital Ashley and Dahlia stare at each other. Ashley's face reddens as she realizes that Dahlia has caught her trying to inject something into Natalia's I.V. Ashley "Welcome to the back-from-the-dead-Club." Dahlia "I can't believe it. You're alive. What are you doing?" Ashley "What do you think? I'm taking out the enemy." Dahlia "So, you're going to kill Natalia?" Ashley "Why not? You know, it's quite a coincidence . . . Natalia is shot on the same day you decide to return from the dead. You shot her at the fashion show, right? Dahlia "Nah, I'm looking at the person who shot Natalia. And now you're here to finish the job." Ashley "Perhaps." Dahlia "Good luck with that. I'm outta here." Ashley "Just one moment missy. Do you really think I am going to let you walk out of here, knowing that you know I'm alive? Hmmm, I don't think so. You're not going anywhere. I have too much riding on this. So let's make this easy . . . you're coming with me. " Dahlia "Look Ashley, I don't care what you're doing, OK? I see nothing, I know nothing. I'm leaving. You don't have to worry about me saying anything." She tries to leave. Ashley grabs her arm. Ashley "I told you, you're not going anywhere." Dahlia "Let go of me! If you think I'm going with you, you're nuts. What in the hell do you think you're going to do to me?" Ashley "Funny that you ask that question. Allow me to show you." Episode: 92, Death Express Written by: ML Cooks, Tara Smith, and Durand Saint Hilaire with Miou Slater Meanwhile, Lina walks up to Heath who is standing outside Jodie's hospital room. She is carrying two bottled water's ; she stops next to Heath. Lina: Here… Heath: Thanks Lina: Any word? Heath: No; the doctor is still with her. Mike is making his way toward the room; just as he stops at the door, Dr. Diego walks out of Jodie's room. Mike: Doctor; how is she? Diego: "She's stable. But very weak; Mike: "What caused this?" Diego: "Jodie's white blood cell count is extremely low… below three hundred, which means she is now developed full blown AIDS. Mike: Why didn't I see this coming? Diego: There isn't anything you could have done; she admitted to me she hasn't been taking her medications since she arrived here in Pasadena… All the stress from the fashion show - She needs lot's of love and support right now… Mike: Can we go in? Diego: I am allowing one visitor at a time." (Diego's pager goes off) "Now if you will excuse me, I have other patients." He says walking away. Mike, looking at Jodie' friends. Heath: You go ahead." Mike: Thank you all for showing Jodie your support." Lina: "We'll be out here waiting if you need anything. Tell Jodie we are here for her and she has our love and support." Mike: "Will do." He says before entering Jodie's room. He enters her room and tears immediately begin to fill up his eyes, watching the woman he loves hooked up to I.V.'s and heart monitor's. He walks over and sits down next to her and holds her hand as he talks to her, "Diego told me you haven't been taking your meds. I don't understand why you wouldn't. Don't you know how dangerous that is; it's like you're trying to commit suicide. Jodie, at this point, I really don't know what I would do if I lost you." Jodie, slowly opening her eyes, looking at Mike; she forces a small smile. "Mike, it's something that is inevitable. My time here is not unlimited." Mike: "I know that but you're making it so much quicker by not taking your meds. Why would you do something like that? No one's time here is unlimited." Jodie, pausing before answering "There are so many reasons; for one the side effects. Every time I put those toxic pills in my body I become so sick. I vomit and that takes all of my energy. Not only that, I wasn't able to find a doctor to get my meds transferred out here in Pasadena. And I felt fine with out them." Mike: "Well look at you now? DO you feel fine now?" Jodie: Why are we fighting? Mike: "Jodie, I love you. I love you so much. I don't want to loose you. When I look at you, I don't even think of you having AIDS. I just see the woman I love." Jodie: "Mike please stop. You are delusional. You're acting like I am going to live forever. My expiration date is soon." Mike "Jodie, stop saying that! How do you know? " Jodie "I don't. I am trying to save you the pain." Mike "Let me worry about how I deal with my pain. I want to be here for you and support you. You have to let me do that. You have to tart taking your meds. " Mike walks over to Jodie and holds her. She holds him back with tears running down her face "Mike, I'm so scared. I am not ready to die" Diego walks into Lauren's hospital room, Daniel and Lauren both look at him. Diego "How do you feel Lauren?" Lauren "Fine. I'm a little nauseous." Daniel "Doctor, what's the matter? Do you know why Lauren fainted?" Diego "Congratulations Lauren, you are 4 months pregnant." Lauren's and Daniel's jaws drop simultaneously. Daniel realizes he's been gone for four months. He is hurt and angry. He gets up and walks toward the door. Lauren realizes that Chris or Kevin could be the father of this child. It then dawns on her that she was heavily drinking 3 to 4 months ago. Lauren "Oh my God, this can't be happening." Diego "Wow, I thought you would be happy about having a baby. Your release papers are at the nurse's station. Have a good day." Diego leaves. Lauren wipes tears from her face as she looks at Daniel's back Lauren "I am so sorry." Daniel turns back around. He gives her a cold stare. Daniel "I really need some time to myself right now.' Lauren "Where are you going?" Daniel "I am not going to do nothing stupid, don't worry. I need to clear my head. This is overwhelming. I fought so hard to get you back. And now I find out you're carrying a dead man's baby. This changes everything Lauren." He says before walking out. Lauren wipes the tears streaming down her cheeks. She picks the up phone and dials. Lauren "Hello, Kevin. We need to talk." In the E.R. Kiko guides Sabryn through the delivery of her baby. Sabryn screams her lungs out. Bryan watches as his baby comes out of the love canal slowly but surely. He is overjoyed that he is about to become a father. Sabryn "I'll never do this again, I swear! Son of a Bitch, son of psycho. Make the pain stop!" She continues screaming as Bryan, unable to take the sight and smell of birth, passes out onto the floor. Sabryn "You Bastard! I'll get you for this." Kiko "Keep pushing. One more push. Come on, you can do it." Sabryn pushes again with all of her might. The baby finally arrives. A crying baby boy. As Kiko wraps towels around the newborn, the baby pees in Kiko's face. Kiko "Well thank you for letting me know you're here." Kiko puts the baby in Sabryn's arms. Tears begins to roll down cheeks. Sabryn "My beautiful baby boy." She looks over and sees Bryan still passed out onto the floor. "Your daddy is a sissy, little one. You're so beautiful. I think I will name you Bryan Jr.' She kisses the forehead of her newborn son. The Jump Off Daniel grabs a seat at the bar and orders a beer. He looks over to the left and realizes Dondre is sitting next to him. Daniel "What's up Dondre? I haven't seen you since I came back from the dead." Dre "Please bruh, don't use my government name. Just call me Dre. It's a little bit strange seeing you here after everyone thought you had been stabbed." Daniel "Well, I have no one to blame about that, other than that crazy ass Bitch Mona." He takes a gulp of his beer. Dre "Yeah, Mona. I keep hearing that name. She's the one who set me up for the kidnapping of Sharan." Daniel "That's a joke. She kidnapped Sharan." Dre "Word?" Daniel "Fu(k yeah dude. She tortured me and had Sharan tied up as her sex slave." Dre "Sex slave? That's some freak ass sh!t man." Daniel "Mona is freaky and crazy. Psycho bitch had me hooked on meth. She's the one who shot me and made it look like I tried to kill myself." Dre "Damn. Why she do all that?" Daniel "I don't want to get into that right now. There is a time and place for everything. Our paths will cross again. And you know what? I am going to shoot that Bitch on sight." He finishes his beer. Dre "I'd wanna kill that broad too. You don't know where Sharan is now?" Daniel "No. She wanted to take Sharan away from Kevin." Dre "At least some one feels where I am coming from." Daniel "You still have feelings for Sharan?" Dre "Yes sir." Daniel "Listen, I know you and Chris were really close. I feel guilt every day knowing he is dead for a crime he did not do." Dre "Damn straight. That's fu(ked up what Mona did to my boy. I need to have a few words with this Mona myself. Chris was a brave heart. He didn't deserve that. Ain't no way he could have stabbed you regardless if Mona was in the picture. He wasn't on no sh!t like that" Daniel (pausing and ordering another beer) "Chris lives on." Dre "What you mean by that?" Daniel "Lauren is having Chris's baby." Dre almost chokes on his beer "Yo girl pregnant?" Daniel "4 months." Dre is stunned. Then he remembers overhearing Lauren and Kevin talking about their one night stand. Dre wonders if the baby really belong to Chris or is it Kevin's. Huntington Memorial Hospital Ashley clutches Dahlia's arm tightly, and Dahlia tries to push her way through Ash but fails. Ashley smiles at Dahlia as she pulls her back over to Natalia's bedside. Dahlia "What the hell do you want? Let me go and we can pretend like this never happened. " Ashley "Don't be in such a rush, Dahlia! Don't worry, I just have to get something and we can leave. " Dahlia We? Ashley "Yes, "we". You really think I'm just going to let you walk out of here like nothing happened? Oh no, I have plans for you. " Dahlia "Just leave me alone, damnit! I'm not going to do anything to you! " Ashley "Of course not, you won't be alive long enough for that. " Dahlia "Wh-what do you mean? No…NO… " Ashley, laughing "YES, Dahlia! " Ashley then grabs a needle off of a tray near Natalia's bed, and then makes sure it is filled up with drugs, before pulling Dahlia's arm closer and injecting it into her! Dahlia tries to scream, but she falls unconscious before she can make another sound… Ashley "I'm really so sorry about this , but its gotta be done. Now, we better get going, the train's waiting!" Sister Patterson, again dressed in her bank robber's attire, walks up to the dark house that is Miss Jenkins' house. She opens the door with a Bible in one hand and a picnic basket in the other. Sister Pat "I got to make things right with Miss Jenkins. She's not pleased with my work for the Lord anymore. " Before Pat can go inside, she's grabbed! She instinctively turns around and tries to slap whoever has a hold of her. Then she sees that it's DC. DC "Girl, what are you doing at some random house?" Sister Pat "None of your business, boy. Now go away. And for the Love of God, get you're fat ass hands off of me. They smell like chicken wings." Before Pat can break free of his grip, DC begins to drag her back to her house. She tries to hit him with the Bible but he ignores it. Sister Pat "The Lord will punish you for this! What is Miss Jenkins going to say. I can't believe you did this, you fat ass bastard. Lawd have Mercy! Don't get me in here cussin'." DC "Yea yea old woman. What do you have in that basket? We'll have a little romance real fast, before Abe gets home. Just like in the old days. Remember that girl?" Sister Pat "Excuse me? I got to do the work of the Heavenly Father. That means you don't have anything to do with it. And Miss Jenkins will not be happy. How dare you come in here and disrespect my family this way." DC (walking up close to her) "I don't give a damn about no Miss Jenkins. It's about time you think about actual people than Miss Jenkins. Crazy ass woman. But that's what drive me crazy about you girl. You need some good lovin' to shut ya up. My brother ain't giving it to ya, right?" Sister Pat "I'm not gonna tell you again: Don't no one talk about Miss Jenkins like that! Boy, I should just bathe you in Holy Water for all your sins. " DC "Sins of passion girl. How about we take a shower together? " Sister Pat "Oh please. I'm not gonna be impure with you anymore, DC. This is over. We can't do this. That's why God took our baby Kelis. It's wrong and Abe had to pay for all of it." DC grabs her and pulls her into a kiss! Sister Pat once again tries to slap him with the Bible. She stumbles away from DC after the kiss ends. Sister Pat "Don't you ever do that again! " DC "You know you loved it, girl". DC then gently grabs Sister Pat again and kisses her. She tries to slap him once, but then stops as she and DC fall onto the couch. He begins to slowly try to take her clothes off. Pat almost pulls back but decides to give in to her temptation. She kisses DC's neck as he continues to slip off her clothes. Both of them look up when they hear the door open. It's Abe, looking on in astonishment! Ashley has Dahlia tied down to a set of rail road tracks. Dahlia nervously tries to struggle out of the ropes. Ashley sits on the side of the tracks and watches in amusement. Ashley "You know, there's really no use in trying to break free. Even if you do, I'll tie you right back down again. You know that I will. I'm sorry, but this is the end, Ms.Salem. This time The Garbage Lady will die" Dahlia "I cheated death once. I can do it again, bitch! You shouldn't underestimate me." She says still trying to break free, Ashley (laughing) "That's the difference between Natalia and I. I get the job done. She never could. That's why you survived her attack on you, You know, paying Suga to stab you. That made you barren, didn't it? What a shame! Sucks to be you. And that lame attempt to kill you at the hospital, but ended up at a landfill. Honestly, who dies like that? That's why you shot her, isn't it? The garbage lady wanted revenge. You shot her and she lost that poor baby. Now it's your turn to meet your maker. Time to die!" Dahlia "I don't like Natalia anymore than you do, you psycho! If you wanted me to die, why didn't you just shoot me, like you did with Natalia? Ashley "Me, shoot Natalia? I'm above that [email protected]#$%^&*]-footing. If I had tried to kill Natalia, her remains would be lying right next to where you are right now. We all know you shot her, which is why she didn't die. You aren't an expert like I am. " Dahlia "I didn't shoot Natalia! I wasn't even there when she was actually shot! " Ashley "Says you?" Dahlia ""Come back into the real world, Ashley. You're nuts. You're living in some sort of twisted fantasy world." Ashley "No my dear, I think the person living in a fantasy would be you. You've never thought that I had the capability to get what I want, what I deserve!" Ashley then leans forwards and grabs a hold of Dahlia's chin, clutching it tightly. Ashley "But I'll tell you something. Soon I will have exactly what I want. Sabryn and Natalia will have nothing!" Dahlia "Sabryn? What in the hell are you talking about? " Ashley "Oops, I think I may have leaked some information to you. You definitely need to die now. What a pity. …..NOT!" Ashley lets go of Dahlia and gets off of the railroad tracks. The sound of a train approaching is in the distance. Ashley "Ooooh, what's that? Sounds like The Death Express" Dahlia quickly turns and looks as she watches the large train come into sight. She screams and tries harder than ever to break free of the ropes. Dahlia "Somebody PLEASE help me!" Ashley "Scream all you want. It will do you no good Dahlia! No one can hear you. Buh bye!" Dahlia cries out as she watches the train get closer and closer. It's only a few inches away. Ashley wraps her arms around herself and lets out a loud laugh. She's thoroughly enjoying the little scene playing out in from of her. Dahlia, her victim, facing her last peril. Ashley "When I'm good, I'm bad, But when I'm bad, I'm better."
  21. Westwood Park Dahlia is shocked to watch a man suck on her ex-lover's dick. Dahlia "Mark! What is going on?" Mark jumps up. Rufus bites down on his dick. Mark screams as Rufus stands up, looking at Dahlia, wiping the sex juices from his mouth. Rufus "What a pervert! Do you always barge into people's houses?" Dahlia "I can't believe what I am seeing here. Mark! I went to jail because of you. You and Natalia. I went to jail because of a faggot." Rufus "Don't label my man." Dahlia walks past Rufus and up in Mark's face "Answer me! What is this this?" Mark holds on to his manhood as tears roll down his face from the shock of being caught on the down low with Rufus biting his dick. He falls back on the couch and passes out from the alcohol. Dahlia shakes her head and rolls her eyes. She then looks at Rufus. Dahlia "Yuck. You should be ashamed of yourself." Rufus "Don't be mad at me girlfriend. I had him first. Before all you bitches. I bet he didn't tell you that, huh honey?" Dahlia "Before us? How long has this been going on?" Rufus "Right out of high school." Dahlia vomits all over Rufus upon hearing the news that the man she loved, slept with men before she came into the picture. Episode 91: Joy and Pain Written by: Durand Saint Hillarie and ML Cooks with Miou Slater Can I get a Witness West Coast Baptist Church The church is empty and quiet. Jodie stands at the end of the altar. She holds a folded jacket in front of her. She slowly heads toward the altar, her gaze locked on the statues of the virgin Mary and the baby Jesus. At the end of the isle are small, candle-filled tables. She approaches a table, lights a candle and closes her eyes. Tears stream down her face. After taking a deep breath, she opens her eyes and wipes the tears. Jodie "I can do this." She looks at the reflection in the window, checks her makeup and begins her walk down the long hall. She stops at the first door and walks into the room. Inside, a group of young men and women, ages ranging from seventeen to twenty-two, sit in a circle. They all become silent and turn in her direction as she closes the door behind her. Jodie "Sorry..." The leader of the group stands up. He is blonde with shoulder length hair. He has green eyes and an Australian Accent. His name is Heath. Heath "Hello.. please, come in! Join us..." Jodie smiles and heads toward a seat in the circle. Heath "I am Heath, and you are…..?" Jodie "Jodie." Heath "Everyone, please welcome Jodie." All "Hello..." Heath "Please, have a seat Jodie." Jodie sits down next to the youngest guy in the group. Heath sits down and turns his attention to the crowd. Next to Heath is a young man named Pedro. Heath "Where were we? Yes, I am nineteen years old. I was diagnosed with HIV on my eighteenth birthday... Before I moved out here to Pasadena, I lived in Miami. I used to think it was fun to sleep with older guys, didn't care much about protection or feelings. It was just sex... Most of the guys I slept with were twice my age." Others in the group begin sharing their stories. Heath "I ran away when I first found out. I couldn't bare to see the look on my mother's face . . . and my friends. That's how I ended up here." Pedro Have you talked to your parents since you found out? Heath "Man, they will never understand." Pedro "Do you miss them?" Heath "Yes. I miss them a lot. I have hundreds of letters..." Heath laughs. Heath "I wrote one everyday, but I never had the courage to mail them." Jodie "Are you happy?" Heath turns to Jodie. The look on his face comforts her. Heath "Never been more happier in my life." Jodie smiles as Heath looks at her. Heath "What's your story? How are you doing?" Jodie looks at him and pulls a cigarette out of her bag. Jodie "Do you mind if I smoke?" Heath "Not at all." Lina "Sweetie, around here, we don't do that kind of stuff. It's cheap and bad for your health... I got the real stuff." Jodie looks at the skinny woman. She is obviously sicker than everyone else in the room. She pulls out a bag of weed from her purse. Pedro "You always come prepared, don't you Nurse Lina?" Everyone laughs. Lina "Honey, it's clinically proven..." She rolls a cigar, and passes it around the room. Everyone is smoking, laughing and sharing their stories. Jodie looks around the room. She feels happy, a sense of love. She feels welcomed. Lina "The hospital left me to die at home. I don't have a home. This is my home." She gets up and takes hold of Heath's hand. Pedro puts his arms around her. Lina "You are my family." Heath "And we love you honey." Lina "And I love you, both of you." She squeezes Heath's cheeks and then does the same to Pedro. She turns to the crowd. Lina "All of you, you are all my family." Jodie "I was a prostitute..." The room turns quiet. Jodie takes another puff of her weed. Jodie "Right after Katrina hit New Orleans. Moved to Cleveland, worked the streets to make a living. I had nobody." She continued in spite of the tears filling her eyes. Jodie "No money. I had nothing. Drugs. Alcohol. You name it. I did it, all of it. Would I do it again? I don't know. I mean, look at me. Look at us, all of us. Can we really look back and regret this part of our lives? Or can we just forget the past and move on? How does anyone do that? Every freaking day, I wake up wondering if today is the day. What's going to happen? When is it going to happen? I hate it. I hate what I've become." Pedro "Darling, darling, this is not your fault." Jodie "Whose fault was it? The guy that gave it to me? God's? The parents who left me when I was a child? The system? The government?" Lina "You are not being fair to yourself." Jodie "I... I made the choice. A choice that turned out to be a mistake." The youngest in the room speaks up. He is a young boy named Jason. Jason "You didn't ask for this." He tries to get up from the chair, when suddenly he begins to cough up blood. Heath rushes to him. Heath "Jason?" Jason's breath becomes more labored. Jason "I can't breath." Heath "Somebody, call an ambulance." PASADENA TRAIN STATION Hope Brady is sitting with her ticket in hand and waits for the train to arrive. She pulls out her wallet and looks at a photo of her family. It's an older photo with JT, Bo, Shawn and her. She touches the photo. Suga walks up and sits next to her. Suga "Hey!" Hope looks at Suga who is pulling out a cigar. Hope "How did you find me?" Suga "That crazy old preacher lady told me I would find you here. You know, the bat they call Pat" Suga looks at the photo. Suga "Happy little family you got there." Hope "Mmmmm...had." She closes the wallet. Suga "You just going to go home. And then..." Hope "Please don't try to stop me." Suga "Honey, I am not going to stop you. I just...I hope you know what you are doing." Hope "I can't stay on the run forever." The train approaches the station. Suga "Well, if that cop husband of yours gives you any trouble, I am just a phone call away." Hope "Thanks Suga. You've been a real friend." Suga "Don't get all emotional on me now." Hope gets up from the bench. Suga remains seated. Suga "Well, get going or you'll miss the train." Suga looks away as Hope heads toward the train. She reaches the door and looks at Suga who sits on the bench, still looking away. Hope boards the train along with the other passengers. She takes her seat looks out the window at Suga as the train takes off. Only then, Suga watches the train roll past her. She wipes away the cascade of tears streaming down her face. She's alone once again. In her lonely place with her weed for comfort. CITY STREET Jodie walks in the street with her coat hugging tightly around her body. She wears it to hide her weight. The weed she smoked earlier is starting to work its magic. Her head starts spinning her eyes feel heavy. She wants to get home and find a place to lie down. As she stops at the corner and waits for the light to change, a white limo pulls up and stops next to her. The window rolls down. She sees Ty sitting in the back seat. He watches her and looks deep into her eyes. Then without a single word, the limo drives off. She realizes that this will be harder than she thought. The life she so desperately wants seems like a silly dream. Just as she is about to cross the street, someone places a hand on her shoulder. DC "Hello sexy ho." She is startled and nearly loses her balance. DC grabs her. DC "Easy there..." She collects her thoughts. Jodie "DC...what are you doing here?" DC "Are you okay? You look pale." Jodie "I am fine. Now would you mind!?" She starts to leave. DC "Not so fast. We still have that little bit of unfinished business." Jodie's headache is getting stronger and her patience with DC is wearing thinner. Jodie "Look, what do you want?" DC It's time for you to pay what you owe me. You ain't getting away that easy ho." Jodie "Dude fu(k off! I owe you sh!t!" People start gathering around. DC gives a fake smile to the crowd. He grabs a hold of Jodie's arms and pulls her toward him. DC As fast as I made you, I'll break you...you piece of sh!t. Just remember where you were before me. It's past time to pay what you owe me." Jodie "Or what?" DC "Don't push me!" Jodie "You aren't getting anything from me. I owe you nothing!" She spits in his face and pushes him aside. She jumps into the taxi. Jodie (to the taxi driver) "Drive!" As the taxi drives off, Ria exits the coffee shop, clapping her hands. She heads toward DC. Ria "You really know how to please a woman." DC "Don't you start on me." DC passes her and walks down the opposite direction. West wood Park Mike's House Jodie closes the door and walks into the kitchen. On the table next to a small tray with a couple different pills is a note from Mike. She opens the note and reads it. Jodie (reading the note) "Honey... I will be working late on my new case. Dinner is in the fridge. Don't forget the pills again. Love, Mike." She puts the note back on the table, throws the pills in the trash and walks out. In the bedroom Jodie lies on the bed. She tosses and turns as she sweats from a bad fever. Jodie "Mike..." She sits up. Her head is spinning and she is burning up. Jodie "Mike, where are you?" She tries to get up. Suddenly, she vomits a mixture of blood and the breakfast she had this morning all over the bed. She wants to go to the toilet. She forces herself off the bed, but she knocks over a lamp. It shatters as she collapses on the floor. She crawls on the floor. The pain in her belly increases. And the sweat pours from her as the pain engulfs her body. Jodie "Jesus... Mike... where the are you?" She holds her belly and tries to roll over. She screams in pain. She can't feel her legs. She throws vomits up again and then defecates on herself. The stench fills the room. She is lying in the waste from her own body. She wants to die. The bedroom door opens, and Mike walks in. Mike "What's the smell?" He sees Jodie sprawled on the floor. Mike "Oh my God, Jodie!" He rushes to her, picks her up and carries her out the front door. Huntington Memorial Hospital Heath, Pedro, and Lina are standing at the counter talking to the receptionist. The door opens and Mike rushes in carrying Jodie. Mike "I need a doctor! Somebody help!" Heath turns and recognizes the face. Heath "It's Jodie!" Mike places her on a gurney. Diego rushes to them. As the gurney is pushed away, Mike follows. Diego "What happened?" Mike "I found her like this." Heath and his friends watch Jodie's gurney being pushed through the double doors. Lina and Pedro embrace Mike. Nurse "Heath!" Heath turns to the nurse. Nurse "How's Jason?" Heath rushes to the room. Lina and Pedro follow. Jason lies in the bed. His eyes are open but his life is gone. Heath looks at the body. He grabs Jason's cold hand and closes Jason's eyes. Lina and Pedro stand by the door and hold each other. Mike stands outside the door and watches Diego as he and the nurses work their magic on Jodie. Down the hall, Ashley opens Natalia's door and walks in room. She is dressed in a nurse's outfit. She holds a tray with a needle on it. Ashley closes the door behind her, and closes the small blind. Natalia "Who's here?" Ashley "Shhhh..." She grabs the needle and heads toward the bed. Ashley "Hello Nat! Remember me?" Natalia sees Ashley raise the needle. Dahlia has her hand on the door handle to the room. Ashley sees the door handle turning. The door opens. Dahlia "What are you doing?"
  22. In an undisclosed location in Pasadena Dr. Diego Serrano walks into the room where Ashley is huddled over the cubicle. A baby is inside. Diego "He appears to be fine for a preemie." Ashley "He has Bryan's genes. Of course, my little man is a fighter." Diego checks the infant's vital signs "His breathing is normal and his temperature is good. He's getting stronger. What are you going to name him?" Ashley (smiling) "Bryan Jr." Episode: 90, Hope and Pat Pray Written by ML Cooks and Tara Smith with Miou Slater Downtown Pasadena, SG Building Gilbert walks into Sabryn's office. The beauty of Sabryn's wedding dress sitting on the mannequin catches him off guard. Sabryn looks up at him as she makes a few alterations on her dress. Sabryn "Do you like it?" Gilbert "I'm blown away. You've outdone yourself. This is absolutely stunning." Sabryn "It is, if I do say so myself. Versace and Gucci have nothing on us. I designed this dress specifically to turn heads and to sh!t all over Divine Design." Gilbert "Indeed. It's time SG get back on top where we belong." Sabryn tries to hug Gilbert, but her enlarged belly gets in the way. They both laugh. Gilbert "It looks like you're about to drop any minute now." Sabryn "Kiko says 3 more weeks." Gilbert "Just in time for your wedding." Sabryn sits down and exhales "I've waited all my life for this moment. I'm finally marrying the man I love and we're going to be a family." Gilbert "Sabryn, can I be honest with you about something? I mean we have known each other for years now, been working together since we had the little shop downtown." Sabryn "Of course, speak, say whatever is on your mind Gilly. I hope you know that you're one my closest and dearest friends." Gilbert "I am in love with you Sabryn." Sabryn "I don't know what to say. I'm overwhelmed. Gilly, please don't take this the wrong way, but I didn't think you were into women." Gilbert plants a passionate kiss on Sabryn. She pulls away from him. Sabryn "Oh my God, no!" Gilbert "What's the matter?" Sabryn "My water just broke." In a back alley on the west side of town. Hope waits for Suga's answer. Hope "Answer me, did you shoot Natalia?" Suga "Why does it matter? You're already on the run for murder aren't you? I think you have enough to worry about right now ma." Hope "I just can't take much more of this. A pregnant woman gets shot and I saw it happen!" Hope and Suga turn around and see the mighty Sister Patterson. Sister Pat "The devil has gotten a hold of ya but I am here, Lord have Mercy, to save your soul." Suga runs off. Hope stands still. She is intrigued by the sight of this holy woman. Sister Patterson grabs Hope's arm and drags her inside of the Can I Get A Witness West Coast Baptist Church. Sister Patterson "Thank the Lord for my third eye. I've been looking for you. My third eye never fails me child. We need to pray. You got the devil in ya. I know all about it. You're smoking that stuff, ain't ya!?" Hope "I . . . I don't know what you're talking about! You drag me inside some church and interrogate me like you're my mother! What do you want from me?!" Sister Patterson "I'm doing the good Lord's work. Child, don't you lie in my Father's house. Get on your knees now Hope Brady! You're a crackhead and a murderer! You think I don't know what's going on? Thou shall not kill and thou shall not be a basehead!" She slaps Hope. Sister Patterson "That's for being a dummy! Now bow that head and let us pray! God and Miss Jenkins are watching us." Hope tries rubbing out the sting of Sister Patterson's slap to her face. Hope "How do you know all this?! You can't . . . you can't possibly know. Oh God! I can't have another person trying to turn me in! I can't get executed! You want to know why I smoke crack? It keeps me sane. I don't want to . . . I have to!" Sister Patterson "Child, I am a soldier on the battlefield of sin for my God. It is his good work that I do. He gave me my third eye to help others. It lets me see things others don't. Lately, for some reason, my third eye hasn't been catching everything. But I will tell you something . . .when you do not know, or you're going through hard times, turn to God! He will see you through. You have to trust him. This is not about me turning you in. It's about doing what is right. You must right the wrong you have done. You have two children at home who need you. Stop running. End it all here. Say no to drugs and stop the violence." Hope begins to calm down. Being in the church begins to soothe her. Soon she comes out of her hysterical state. Hope "Sister, if I could take it all back I would . . . but haven't I gone too far to turn back? Killing Gina, drinking, pushing everyone out of my life, smoking . . . it's out of control. I don't know if I can end it or how to end it." Sister Patterson It's never too late. Every day is a new chance. A new beginning. He will forgive you. And once you stand up and do the right thing, everyone else will follow your lead. Your step mother is in jail because of you. She's a pillar of the Salem community, isn't she? How does that make you feel?" Hope "Oh Lord, yes . . . my guilt came back to haunt me when I read that...it really did. I shouldn't have gotten her into this. I'm not a bad person, I'm really not. Bo doesn't seem to understand that. I thought he would at one time, but I am so afraid that he despises me because of all of this." Sister Patterson "Talk to him. Let him know what's in your heart and on your mind. You two have been through a lot. You can get through this. Your love has stood the test of time. I would give anything to have a love like that." Sister Pat wipes a tear and turns away from Hope. Then, she suddenly pulls her bible out and presses it against Hope's forehead and begins to jerk her head back. Sister Patterson "In the name of Jesus, Amen." Sister Pat puts her bible away. Sister Patterson "Now get out of Pasadena. You belong in Salem. And when you get there, tell Celeste that I said hello. We go way back." Sister Pat leaves the church. TC Hotel, Ty' Office Ty and Karl look at Dre in bewilderment. Dre "My bad, didn't mean to interrupt." Karl "Son, you really need to get a new front desk attendant since Miss Jodie is dying." Ty "Get out!" Karl laughs and walks out the office. Ty "Dondre, what can I do for you? It's odd seeing you here." Dondre "I'm looking for work." Ty "I didn't know you had receptionist skills." Dre "That's not what I am taking about. I'm looking for some work. The same work Daniel and Santino do for you on the streets." Ty "What makes you think I am involved in street life?" Dre "Nobody's stupid here man. I need money. I need some work. I can push whatever you give me." Ty looks into Dondre's eyes and remains silent for a few moments. He takes a deep breath, looks out of his window overlooking the pond and thinks about Dre's offer. He wonders whether he can trust Dre, whether he can risk another new person involved in his double dealings. But at the same time, he recognizes that he needs an extra set of hands to do work in the streets since Daniel is no longer willing. One more person in the know. Tyler then walks over to his desk, opens a drawer and pulls out a wad of cash and throws it on the desk in front of Dre. He then walks over to the window. Dre "What is this?" Ty "It's for your first assignment." Dre counts out the wad of Ben Franks "Bet, tell me what's good?" Ty "Lauren and Jennifer are a problem for me right now." Dre "Yo girl?" Ty "No questions. Let's get that straight now. I pay you, you do what I say, that's the end of it. If you can't adhere to those rules, walk out now. You can keep the money either way." Dre "Chill out man. It's all good. Just tell me what you want me to do?" Ty "I think Santino and Jenn have something going on. I want you to keep tabs on her. Lauren has convinced Daniel to turn his back on me. She has to be taken out." Ty pulls out a gun from his holster and lays it on the desk. Dre "Kill Lauren?" Ty "Yes." Meanwhile, on Lavender Hill, Ty's Mansion The door bell rings. Jenn opens it and sees Lauren and Daniel. Jenn "Well, this is an unexpected surprise." Lauren "After watching the fashion show, I had to come see you. Is it OK if we come in?" Jenn "Sure . . . yes, of course." Daniel (walking in) "Is Tyler here?" Jenn "We're lucky, he's at the Hotel." Lauren "We are lucky? What does that mean?" Jenn "Nothing." Jenn hugs Lauren Jenn It's good too see you again." Lauren doesn't return the hug. The three of them stayed silent until Lauren decided to speak. Lauren "I'm just going to come right out and ask . . . Jennifer, why did you blackmail Jodie about her HIV status? That's the most despicable thing I can imagine anyone doing to someone else." Jenn "Oh good Lord! If you're here to preach, leave now. I did what I did and I am not sorry. I hate that diseased bitch. " Daniel "Sounds like you're the one who has become a bitch. What has gotten into you?" Lauren "Tyler will do that to a person." Jenn "Get the hell out of my house." Lauren "Don't you mean Tyler's house." Jenn "You're nothing but drunken slut. I don't need you Lauren. Rot in hell for all I care. I'm sorry that I wasted my time calling you my best friend. Now you've got your crackhead boyfriend back from the dead and you want to act like you better than everyone else. Who in the hell do you think you are? I'm living the good life. I want and need for nothing." Daniel "Don't talk to her like that." Jenn "Hey crackhead, can you do me a favor and please die again? Now get out of here before I call the guards." Suddenly Lauren faints into Daniel's arms. Back in Downtown Pasadena Ivory Inc. Karim walks off the elevator and sees his uncle flirting with his secretary Ladonna. Karim walks up to DC, turns him around and socks him in the jaw. Ladonna is stunned. Ladonna "I am so sorry Mr. Williams." DC "Boy what the hell you smoking? You lost your damn mind." Karim pushes DC into his office. DC "Talk your hands off me. Can't you see I'm an old man? Boy, I can still drop kick you." Karim "I know about your affair." DC "What you talking about?" Karim "Your brother's wife. My mom. You're sleeping with her. Why? How can you do this to you own brother?" DC "Your brother told you, didn't he?" Karim "You parade in here wanting a job and a cologne named after you. You're a selfish bastard who care about no one but yourself." DC "There's a lot you don't know boy. Two sides to every story. You were just a youngin' back then." Karim "Youngin? How long has this been going on?" DC "It's not like that. Go home and talk to your mother. She should be the one who tells you." Karim "Tell me what?" DC "It's not my place to get into it." Karim "Then maybe I can talk about it with my pops." Karim storms out of DC's office DC calls out to him "Come back here boy! You're going to give your father a stroke. Don't do something stupid! I'll knock the hell outta you." ***WARNING: The Following scene has EXTREMELY STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT!!!***** The sun has set in Pasadena. West Wood Park, Mark' House Mark crack opens his 5th can of MGD. He hears a knock and stumbles toward the door to answer. Rufus "Hey lover." Mark "Where's your dress and heels? You're going for the man look today?" Rufus "I did it for you baby. I remember whenever I'd dress like a man, you liked it." Rufus comes in and sees the beer cans scattered on the floor. Rufus "I am so sorry for you loss." Rufus and Mark wrap their arms around each other. Rufus moves his hand down Mark's body. He stops at Mark's crotch and begins to rub it. Mark closes his eyes and moans. Rufus (whispers in Mark's ear) "Can I taste it?" He bites down on Mark's ear. The moans continue. Mark loses his balance and falls onto the couch. Mark can't remember how many beer he's had. He doesn't want to remember anything. All he wants at that moment is to keep drinking and get some cheap thrills, which he knows Rufus will be more than willing to supply. Mark unzips his pants and signals to Rufus to get a taste of what he's craving. Rufus kneels down and pulls Mark's d!ck out of his boxers. Mark's toes curl as Rufus teases him by slowly surrounding it with his mouth. Mark pours his beer over his dick and Rufus's mouth. Mark's body shivers from the cold beer running down his balls and moans once again. Rufus licks up the beer from his penis. The door opens and startles Rufus. He looks up and sees Dahlia. A drunk Mark seems unaware. His eyes remain closed and with his back arched, his head thrown back, he grabs Rufus's head and guides him to his love pole. Dahlia (stunned by seeing her ex lover with Rufus) "My God. Mark, you're a faggot!"
  23. Huntington Memorial Hospital Ria sits next to Natalia's hospital bed, holding her motionless hand. Ria "I'm so sorry girl. I never meant to hurt you. You're like my sister . . my white sister . . . I love you. Please, wake up." Jodie and Mike walk into the room. Jodie "How is she?" Ria "She hasn't opened her eyes since the surgery." Jodie "What about the baby?" Ria (tears rolling down her face) "She lost it. Diego couldn't save the baby." Jodie "Oh my God. Who would do this to her? Who would shoot a pregnant woman?" Mike "Natalia has a lot of enemies." Ria "That's still doesn't give anyone the right to shoot her." Ria (walks up to Jodie and hugs her) "I am so sorry getting involved with Jennifer. I had no idea what you were dealing with. I know it's too late, but I never meant to help Jennifer in this war with you. I didn't know it was that deep. Girl, if I could change the hands of time, I would." Jodie "Apology accepted. We all make mistakes. I guess what's important is that we learn from them. I've certainly learned from mine." Ria "I have say this . . . I've got to give you props for telling everyone about your HIV status. It takes a real woman to tell the truth. You've got more guts than anyone I know. And you nipped your war with Jenn in the bud . . . congratulations. I had no clue that she could be so mean. Blackmailing another person about her HIV status is a cryin' shame." Jodie "Thank you Ria, thank you for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it." Ria (looks at Mike) "You've got a good man here. I don't know many other men would stand by their woman in a situation like this one. I am curious though, you ain't knocking boots, are ya'?" Mike "What . . . where do you get off? That's private." Ria "Uh huh." Natalia begins to move and her eyes slowly open. Natalia "My baby . . . how is my baby?" Jodie and Ria look at each other. Neither wants to break the news that the child that was growing inside of Natalia is no more. Episode 89, Where's the Polygrip? Written by: ML Cooks with Miou Slater In the waiting area of the Hospital. Diego is talking with Mark "I'm sorry but the baby didn't make it. Now if you will excuse me, I have some things to do." Mark feels like he has been hit by a truck. He is unable to muster the strength at the news of his first born child is dead. Mark takes a few steps back and then turns around only to bump into Dahlia. Mark "Dahlia?" Dahlia "Yes, it' me." Mark "This can't be happening. This is a dream." Mark closes his eyes and slaps himself. He reopens his eyes to see that Dahlia still stands in front of him. Dahlia walks up to Mark and delivers a slap across his face. Dahlia "Bet that felt real. You're not dreaming. I am here and alive." Mark "I thought you died in the trash compactor at the Stink SO Good Waste Management Site?" Dahlia "No such luck. I was rescued." Mark "Rescued? Where have you been all this time?" Dahlia "Right here in Pasadena." Mark "This whole time you've been here? What in the hell is going on? Why did you make me believe that you were dead?" Dahlia "I found out about your one night with Natalia and about the baby of yours she was carrying, up until she got shot." Mark "How do you know all of this? Why did you hide from me? Do you know how crazy things have been without you in my life? I don't understand." Dahlia "Well your baby's mother paid Suga to stab me while I was in jail. I can't have children because of her. And now she won't be able to have kids either!" Mark "So this is your revenge? This is why you're back? You're the one who shot Natalia? You killed my unborn child!" Walking the Streets of Pasadena Hope and Suga walk past the Rose Bowl Stadium. Hope "I watch the Rose Bowl parade every year. It's so beautiful." Suga "It can be." Hope "Where are we going?" Suga "I really don't know with Natalia being shot. That bitch doesn't have my money." Hope "I can't believe it. My first day in Pasadena and I see someone get shot." Suga "She had it coming to her." Hope "Who was that woman, Dahlia?" Suga "Someone I thought was dead." Hope "Is she the one you stabbed for Natalia?" Suga "Something like that." Hope "I hope she don't turn us in to the police." Suga "They won't find us." Hope "Can I ask you something?" Hope stops and Suga stops along with her. Suga "What's on your mind ma?" Hope "I didn't see you for awhile at the Fashion Show. " Suga "Yeah, so?" Hope "After Natalia was shot, you reappeared. I used to be a cop." Suga "Wow, an ex cop murdering people and smoking crack. I have seen it all." Hope "You held Dahlia at gun point. You have a gun. Did you shoot Natalia?" Pasadena City Jail Rufus walks up to Alexis's jail cell. Rufus "Girlfriend, I've got good news for you!" Alexis "About Natalia's shooting. I already know." Rufus "Even behind bars, word does travel fast." Alexis freezes as she remembers that her sister Ashley is the first one who broke the news to her about Natalia's shooting. Alexis "We get the news in here. Hold on . . . you don't like Natalia. Did you shoot that bitch?" Rufus "Does that really matter? That bitch is about to die. I can have my man in peace and you can have your company back. It's practically ruined now thanks to Jennifer and Jodie. " Alexis "You're a killer. I can't believe you shot her! She's pregnant!" Rufus "Natalia is your best friend now? Where did all this compassion come from? So what if she is pregnant? She had it coming to her." Alexis "That's besides the point. Sure, I've never liked her but that is no reason to wish her dead. What about the baby she's carrying?" Rufus "I am done talking about Natalia. Who cares who shot her? She's out of our lives. We got what we wanted. You should be happy. " Alexis "This gets worse and worse. Divine Design won't recover. Jodie has AIDS, Natalia gets shot at the fashion show and now Ash…" She stops, catching herself before she says the name Ashley. Rufus "Ash? What does that mean?" Alexis "Never mind. I need to be alone. Come back tomorrow." Rufus "You want to be alone while you're sitting behind bars? When I was in jail, I was always glad to have visitors. But what ever flies your hair back." Rufus walks off. Alexis lies down on her cot. Alexis (thinking to herself) "I have to tell Ashley that Rufus shot Natalia. Or did she? Maybe it was Ashley? She's crazy enough. Is my sister capable of murder? This is a nightmare." The Williams House Sister Patterson walks back into her house after coming from the house across the street. Karim "Ma, what's going on here?" Sister Pat jumps up. Seeing her son startles her. Sister Pat "Are you trying to give me a stroke?" Karim "What's with the ski mask? Why are you dressed like that?" Sister Pat (realizing she is dressed like she's about to rob a bank) "Don't you dare question me in my own house. I do the questioning here. Starting with you Kevin." She walks over to her eldest son. Sister Pat "I want you out of this house now. No son of mine disrespects me by talking to me like you did. Telling Miss Jenkins to kiss your black ass. Don't know one talk about Miss Jenkins." Sister Pat (slaps Kevin) "You didn't block me that time. Simple Bastard." Karim "Ma you need to relax!" Sister Pat "I beg your pardon? Kevin has turned you against me too?" Karim "I want some answers." Pat "And I told you, don't question me." Kevin "Surprised your third eye didn't tell you I was going to be here." Pat "You're mocking me now? Get out, now!" Karim "We're not going anywhere until you tell us the truth! Are you cheating on pops with DC?" Sister Pat stays silent. She wipes a tear from her eye and she turns away from her son. Sister Pat "Lord have mercy . . .I am a disgrace. I betrayed my family. And Miss Jenkins ain't talking to me no more." Kevin "It never ends. Not only is Pat a home wrecker, she's a lunatic. Miss Jenkins . . . Miss Jenkins . . . Miss Jenkins." Sister Pat takes her fancy belt off her pants, which triggers some painful childhood memories in Kevin. He runs out the front door. Sister Patterson chases her son down the street wielding a belt. Karim (watching) "Unbelievable." He gets into his car and drives off. Downtown Pasadena Jennifer steps outside of the Dentist's office. Santino greets her with Ty's limo. Jenn "Where is Tyler?" Santino "He's at the hotel." Jenn "Thank God." Santino "So everything's OK in your mouth? Jodie really did a number on you." Jenn (getting into the limo) "Thanks for rubbing it in. Can we just please go to the mansion?" Santino hops into the drivers seat and drives off. Santino "You know, Ty is pretty heated about what you did." Jenn "I don't care. As long as the world knows that nasty skank has AIDS, I couldn't care less about what anyone else has to say. She didn't win the war. I did. I just can't believe Mike is with her." Santino "I can't believe you're with Ty?" Jenn (looks at Santino through the rear view mirror) "You know, sometimes, I wonder why I am still with him. I really don't know. He doesn't respect me. But maybe now he will. Now that he knows Jodie is off the market for good, he'll give me his undivided attention." Santino "I could give you that." Santino pulls over to the side of the road and hops into the back seat with her. Jenn "What are you doing?" Santino "Finishing what we started back in Cleveland." Jenn "I don't think that's such a great idea." Santino (leaning closer and blowing softly in her ear) "Why not? " Jenn (quivering) "There's no telling what Ty would do. He would kill us." Santino looks Jenn in the eyes, "Kiss me." Jenn "I can't. Thanks to that AIDS victim, I had to get false teeth and I' not used to them yet." Just as she says that, her top denture falls out of her mouth and into Santino's lap. Jenn's face turns red. Santino chuckles, grabs her face and kisses her anyway. TC Hotel Ty's office Karl (walks into his son's office) "Where have you been?" Ty "Why?" Karl "Son, no need to talk to your father in that tone. I am here to help." Ty "Help me how? You've have been mooching off me for the last few months." Karl "Is that what it's called these days? I thought it was called family." Ty "I can't believe Jennifer is capable of all of this. Now it makes sense why she really went to Cleveland. I had no idea she hated Jodie this much." Karl "It's even crazier that Jodie and Mike are together. I feel sorry for that man. She might be going to jail." Ty "I'm sure he already knew. He's an ex cop. She may be sick but I know she is not stupid." Karl "Aren't you smitten by her?" Ty "Not any more. I love my life. And to think we almost kissed. " Karl "There are reporters camped outside the mansion and this hotel thanks to your blonde bimbo. Something has got to be done. She has put you where you don't want to be . . . into the spotlight." Ty "You're right for once. She has been making trouble for a while. She's bringing too much heat on my operations." Karl "Jenn has to go. The sooner the better. I can silence her tonight." Ty "No . . . no, I'll take care of her myself. Once and for all." Dondre walks into Tyler's office. Karl and Ty look at each other, bewildered. Back at Huntington Memorial Natalia's room, Natalia looks around in her room. She sees Ria, Mike and Jodie. Natalia "Where am I?" Ria sits down next to her "You just got out of surgery girl. How do you feel?" Natalia (looking down at her stomach) "I remember the show. Then I heard a gunshot . . . the bullet hit me, didn't it. Someone shot me." She looks at Ria. Natalia "My baby. Just tell me my baby is OK." Ria squeezes Natalia's hand. Her eyes fill up with tears Ria "Honey, the baby didn't make it. I'm so sorry. You lost the baby." Natalia screams. The entire emergency room comes to a standstill. Somewhere, in an undisclosed location in Pasadena Ashley is singing "Hush little baby don't say a word, momma's gonna buy you a mocking bird." Ashley steps around a cubicle. Inside is a baby hooked up to medical monitoring devices. "Little one, your daddy and I will soon be a family. We're waiting for that big wedding to crash. We will be the talk of the town. Sabryn won't know what hit her. Bryan will finally be mine."
  24. Divine Design Natalia lies on the runway unresponsive. Paramedics and Police Chief Abe Williams arrive on the scene to assess the situation. Abe (making an announcement to everyone in attendance) “This is now the site of an official crime scene investigation. No one leaves this building.” Sabryn, Bryan, Rufus try to keep their cool. Ashley ducks into a corner as the police chief begins to question the witnesses. Ashley (whispering to herself) “How in the hell do I get out of here? I can’t be exposed.” She sees a back exit the police seem to have missed and tip-toes toward the door. Ashley opens the door quietly and leaves. By the entrance Suga “Dahlia?” Dahlia “Ah . . . you remember me.” Suga “Nice seeing you. Me and my lady need to be going.” Dahlia (looking at Hope) “So you’re in on this?” Hope “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have nothing to do with this.” Suga “Move out of my way Dahlia.” Hope “Let’s go! Why are we just standing here?” (She glares at Dahlia) “You heard Suga . . . move!” Dahlia (smiling) “Did you hear the chief? You’re not going anywhere. Hmmm . . . I have a hunch he’s going to make an arrest, right here, probably in a few minutes. Someone is going to jail. Oh, let me correct myself, a few people are going to jail. Am I right?” Hope “Jesus, this is not happening. Suga, for Christ’s sake, do something!” Suga rams a gun into Dahlia’s stomach, in the same spot where Dahlia was stabbed. Suga “Bitch, ain’t no one going to jail. Don’t fu(k with me. You saw what happened to your girl. Turn that ass around and get to stepping.” Episode 88: Who did it? Written by: ML Cooks, with Miou Slater As night falls in Pasadena Sister Patterson knocks on the door of the darkened house that sits across the street from hers. Sister Patterson “I hope I don’t have to hear Miss Jenkins say anything about Don or Kevin.” The door opens and Sister Pat enters darkened house. Meanwhile, back downtown Ivory Inc. Kevin walks into the testing lab where he finds his brother Karim. Karim “It’s late Kev, what are you doing here? Any leads on where Sharan is?” Kevin “No. I got side tracked.” Kevin sits down. Karim puts down the test tube. He notices that something is not right with his older brother. Karim “You look like your dog died. What’s going on? Is it Lauren?” Kevin “It’s everything. Everything seems to be spinning out of control.” Karim “Talk to me bro. You haven’t been yourself for weeks.” Kevin “Dondre over heard Lauren and I talking about our one night stand.” Karim “Damn. He’s the last person who needed to hear about this. I guess the secret is out now.” Kevin “He keeping his mouth shut for the moment. But he knows something else.” Karim “What do you mean?” Kevin, pauses and then buries his face in his hands. “I don’t even know how to say this.” Karim “Say it. This is me you’re talking to.” Kevin “Momma is cheating on pops with DC.” Karim “What?! You can’t be serious . . . Ria, now Momma?” Kevin “I walked in on them kissing at the house.” Karim “Dondre knows this?” Kevin “Yes.” Karim “I can’t believe it.” He shakes his head and sits down. “How could Momma do something like this. How long has this been going on?” Kevin “I have no idea. I’m guessing for awhile.” Karim “She’s always talking about God. Always preaching to everyone about how they should do the right thing. And she’s cheating on pops with his own brother. Damn, I guess we really don’t know our mom, huh Kev?” Kevin “She’s a hypocrite!” Karim “She’s going to have to tell me herself. I’m going over there now.” Karim then leaves and Kevin follows. Mona Island Mona leaves Sharan in the Mary garden and walks over to the beach. Sharan soon follows. Sharan “Do you really mean it? You want to go back to Pasadena?” Mona, enjoying her high, looks out onto the ocean. Mona “Yes. It’s time to deal with this. I want to meet my mother. I’ve been dreaming about this all of my life, wondering how it would be.” Sharan “I think it will change your life, and hers. You’ll be meeting the woman who gave you life. Sister Pat deserves to know that you’re alive. At least she’ll know that Abe is the one who took you from her and made your life a living hell. It’s time to make Abe pay for his sins, for every nasty thing he’s done to you. This madness has to stop so that you can live a normal life. And not only that, you have two brothers to get to know . . . Kevin and Karim.” Sharan wraps her arms around Mona. Mona (looking at Sharan) “This is overwhelming. Can I count on you to stand by me?” Sharan “You know I will. I care about you. I think I’m falling for you.” Sharan leans in and kisses her softly on the lips. Mona “I am tired of living like this. You really want me to meet her, don’t you?” Sharan “This is not about what I want you to do. Do it for yourself. Close this chapter and move on with your life. If we’re going to be together, we can’t have this hovering over our heads. I want us to start with a clean slate. It’s time face reality and move forward.” Mona “Do you have any idea have much I love you? You’ve opened my eyes to things I never noticed before. I’ve been so hell bent on revenge against that bastard Abe that I forgot about my mother. Can I ask you something? Why do you call her Sister Patterson?” Sharan (chuckles) “That’s just who she is, Sister Patterson. Words do not do your mother justice. When you meet her, you’ll fully understand what I’m talking about, why the name fits her like a glove.” Mona (changing the subject and catching Sharan off guard) “Do you miss my brother??” Sharan, not expecting a question, tries to keep her cool, not wanting Mona to suspect anything Sharan “I think of Kevin at times.” Mona “Don’t you find it ironic that you once loved my brother and that I took you from him literally? Do you think he’s going to accept us?” Sharan “He’ll just have to understand.” Mona, turning away from her “I’m not sure that going back is such a good idea. I don’t want any problems with Kevin. I could not handle someone trying to take you away from me.” Mona turns back around to look at her in the eyes. “I will go mad if I lose you Sharan. Besides my Aunt Mary, you’re the only one keeping me sane.” Sharan, trying to convince the mad woman she is genuinely falling in love with her decides to take desperate measures to ensure her return to Pasadena. She walks up to Mona and holds her. Mona wraps her arms around Sharan as well. They hold each other and close there eye and listen to the waves crash upon the beach. Sharan “I love you Mona.” Mona “I love you too. I’m ready to go back. With you by my side, I know I will get through it.” Sharan “That makes me happy. Abe’s has to pay. Now here’s the a question for you . . . how on earth are we going to get back to Pasadena?” In the Show Room of Divine Design, Abe’s CSI team begins gathering evidence while he conducts the witness interviews. He looks around the room and decides to start with Natalia’s enemies. Abe walks over to Sabryn. Abe “You and Natalia . . .there’s no love lost between you two, am I correct? Sabryn “That’s not a secret. Just what is it that you are implying?” Abe “You’re a smart woman. You know exactly what I’m saying.” Sabryn “Did I kill Natalia? No. Have you seen my belly. I’m pregnant.” Abe “Pregnant people can pull a trigger just as easily as anyone else.” Bryan (walks up to Abe and Sabryn) “Chief, stop harassing my fiancée. She’s tired. And this is not good for the baby. Are we free to go? We have a wedding to plan.” Abe “You two didn’t see anything?” Bryan “There’s one thing I do remember now that I think about it. Rufus was acting very suspicious.” Sabryn “Rufus?” Bryan, quickly thinking “The tranny who walked into Alexis’s trial.” Abe “You two can go. Thank you.” Abe sees Rufus and walks over to her. Rufus “Tired of that crazy bat you call a wife? I’m always available officer.” Abe “Cut the crap. This is official police business. I am going to ask you this once, did you shoot Natalia?” Suga, Hope and Dahlia sneak out the back entrance and stand outside. Suga puts her gun away, grabs Hope’s hand and takes off running. Dahlia “Go ahead and run. You won’t be able to hide forever. Your ally Natalia is clinging to life. She’ll be lucky if she makes it.” She smiles and then decides to go to the hospital to see her one time love, Mark. Pasadena City Jail Ashley, decked out in her red attire, walks toward her sister’s cell. Alexis “Get me out of here! What is wrong with you?” Ashley “Lexie, calm down. Everything is OK now.” Alexis “What does that mean?” Ashley (smiling) “Natalia is not a threat anymore. She was shot tonight. Doesn’t look good.” Alexis “What in God’s name did you do Ashley? Did you shoot Natalia?” Huntington Memorial hospital. Mark rushes in to the E.R. and heads over to the nurse station. Mark “Natalia Cigluti? Where is she? She was shot!?” Dr. Diego Serrano walks up behind him. Dr. Serrano “Mark?” Mark “How’s my baby?” Dr. Serrano “We could not save the baby, the baby is dead. . .”
  25. Pasadena City Jail Alexis (looking at her "dead" sister) "Ash, is that you?" Ashley "Yes Lexie, it's me." Alexis, with tears in her eyes, reaches her hands through the bars and touches her sister. Alexis "Oh my God. I can't believe you're here. I . . .I thought you were dead." Ashley "I know. I'm sorry. After Bryan and Sabryn ran me over, I had to leave. My face and body were completely disfigured." Alexis "I can't believe this . . . I am so happy . . . you're alive! Where have you been?" Ashley "Listen, we don't have time right now. Natalia slept with Bryan. The baby she's carrying might be his." Alexis "That dirty ass bitch. I knew he was hiding something." Ashley "Sabryn and Bryan are about to get married." Alexis "How do you know all this?" Ashley "I've been lurking around town for awhile now." Alexis "What? Awhile? Do you know that it's because of your death that I'm in jail?" Ashley "I know all of that." Alexis "You do? Well, why don't you get me out of here . . . now! Natalia and her bad breath are running Divine Design into the ground. I know you're not going to let me sit in jail like this, are you?" Ashley "Trust me Lexie, I'm working on it. I can't reveal myself just yet. I'm waiting for the right moment." Alexis "What are you waiting for? I've got to get out of here." Ashley "Sis please, wait a little longer. Believe me, I have a master plan. I'm going to strike at my enemies and Natalia is first. She is going to pay for sleeping with my man." Alexis "Ash please, this obsession you have with Bryan is not healthy. It wasn't so obvious to me until now. You're letting your feud with Sabryn and Natalia ruin your life. Ash, you've taken things too far. There's no turning back now." Ashley "These bitches are going to pay tonight, starting with Natalia!" Ashley turns around and begins to walk away. Alexis "Where are you going? Get me out of here!" Ashley leaves. Alexis "My sister is crazy. Good Lord, what is she up to?" Episode: 87, Exposed! Written by: ML Cooks and Ian Hadley with Miou Slater In the back seat of Rufus's tooter booter, Hope Williams Brady and Suga look at each other. As Rufus drives, he looks in his rear view mirror and see Hope and Suga looking at each other. Feeling obligated, he/she starts to explain. Rufus "I'm so sorry for not having a front seat. I have some money on the way but that it won't be here until tonight. So I couldn't afford anything fancy for our little trip out of Salem." Hope "It doesn't matter. I just need to get as far away from Salem as I can." Suga "It's all good. No one will find you in Pasadena. I can keep you low. My girl owes me some money." Rufus "You got that right. Natalia, the big fashion mogul, has tons of money." Suga "Good, I'll be taking all of it." Hope "I need a drink." Suga "I need drugs." Rufus's car stalls. Rufus "Damn it to hell" Rufus pulls over to the side of the road. Hope "What's happening?" Rufus, tries to restart the engine. Smoke begins to rise from under the hood. Rufus "My bucket is dead. We're going to have to walk the rest of the way to Pasadena." Hope "I don't want to be seen. How far is it?" Rufus "What are you running from?" Hope flashes back in her home town of Salem. Her husband, the police officer, walks in on her smoking crack. Then she remembers her confession to committing a murder. Hope "I'm not running from anything. I just need a vacation." Suga "No more questions. Let's start walking. It's time to get paid and get high." Hope looks at Rufus. They all begin to walk the rest of the way to Pasadena. Divine Design Bryan walks into Natalia's office. Natalia "What a wonderful surprise. What brings you by? Does Sabryn know you're here?" Bryan "I'm tried of all the blackmail, all the bullsh!t. " Natalia "What do you mean?" Bryan "That tranny Rufus." Natalia "You're not the only one it is blackmailing." Bryan "None of this would be happening if you would not have taken advantage of me while I was drunk. Then you decide to steal the security camera footage of our little escapade. Honestly, who does that?" Natalia "Sabryn's enemy would." Bryan "That's childish." Natalia "You're one to talk. Didn't you cheat on Sabryn with Ashley?" Bryan "Does Mark know we slept together? Maybe I should tell him?" Natalia "Be my guest. I'll be delighted to tell that bitch Sabryn I slept with her man." Bryan "That's it. I am putting a stop to this. No more blackmail." He starts to leave her office. Natalia (hollering after him) "Don't do anything stupid!" Bryan (turning around and smirking) "Watch me." He leaves the office and slams the door behind him. Jodie walks into the office after he leaves. Jodie "Everything OK?" Natalia "Nothing I can't handle. Ready for the fashion show?" Jodie "Yes, I am. Nothing will go wrong this time, I promise. Not from Jenn or anybody." Natalia "I am glad to hear it." She hugs Jodie. "I can't afford another disaster. This fashion show has to be a success. Alexis is trying to oust me from this company. And I will not let that fag work beside me. To top it off, Sabryn is launching some grand wedding line to coincide with her wedding in a few weeks. Divine Design has to maintain it's lead over SG." Jodie "Everything is going to be fine. Thank you for giving me another chance. I'm going to go get ready." As Jodie leaves, Suga walks into Natalia's office. Natalia "What in the hell are you doing here?" Suga "Long time no see. You're having a baby. Congrats." Natalia "Cut the crap. You're not supposed to be in Pasadena. We had a deal." Suga "Things change. I'm broke. I need some more chips. And you're doing big things now." Natalia "So you're going to keep asking me for more money? I don't think so." Suga "Would you like Mark to find out you paid me to stab Dahlia?" Natalia "It doesn't matter now. She's dead." Suga "Give me my money or you'll be sorry. You have until the fashion show is over." Suga walks out. Natalia sits down, takes a deep breath and rubs her belly. She begins to speak to the unborn child inside her. Natalia "People underestimate your mommy. They're trying to bring me down. But guess what little one, I've got a surprise for all of them." Natalia stops speaking as Ria walks in. In the dressing rooms. Jodie looks at her reflection in the mirror as she applies her lipstick. Jenn walks up and blocks Jodie's view. Jodie "Deja vu?" Jenn "Hello to you to Jo Ho." Jodie "Not again. Get the hell out bitch!" Jenn "I've got three letters for you." Jodie "Take your crazy talk elsewhere. Not interested." Jenn (whispers into Jodie's ear) "HIV." Jenn smiles at Jodie. As Jodie's heart begins to beat faster, the sweat begins to drip down her forehead. She sits still while every part inside of her vibrates in fear as she processed that her secret was now in the hands of her arch rival. Jodie "Who told you? How did you find out?" Jenn "The old fashioned way . . . eavesdropping. I heard the conversation you had with Diego at the hospital. I can't believe Mike has saddled himself with damaged goods." Jodie (wiping a tear from her face) "Why . . . why are you doing this to me? Can't you just leave me alone. I'm trying to live my life. I've done nothing to you!" Jenn "Honestly, I don't like you. You're a skank. Still, I gotta tell you, I never imagined anything like this before I found out. I always knew from the first time I saw you straddling Mike that something wasn't right with you, but I just couldn't put my finger on it." Jodie "Sounds like you're insecure because your ex loves me and your current man wants me too." Jenn "Are you listening to yourself? Please! Once Ty knows the truth, he won't want anything to do with you." Jodie "What do you want from me?" Jenn "Pack your bags and get the hell out of Pasadena. Oh . . . and never come back." Jodie "What about Mike?" Jenn "My point exactly. Leave Mike." Jodie "You can't do this!" Jenn "You did this to yourself! Maybe you should have thought twice before becoming a trick walking the track. I wonder how many other people you've given it to, you nasty-assed skank." Jodie "You don't know anything about me or about my life." Jenn "I know enough. Be sure to send me a postcard." Jodie "When Natalia finds out that you ruined her second fashion show, she's going to destroy you." Jenn "I'm not worried. She'll never find out. OK, enough of this. It's time for you to leave, right now. Get packing and get out!" Jodie "You think you're going to get away with this? You're not. You're going to pay, big time for this sh!t!" Jenn "Ta Ta trash. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I hear some of the hotels will even leave the light on for you " Jodie wipes the tears from her eyes as she walks out the door. Back upstairs, Natalia's office. Ria "So, I am not in the fashion show?" Natalia "You know you're wasting your time coming here." Ria "Is that how it is? Nat, come on girl. I said I was sorry and I meant it. I didn't mean to mess things up." Natalia "That's not how it looked to me then or now. Jenn was going after Jodie. Hello? Jodie is your co worker. She's works for me. She's a part of my dream. You're the one who helped Jenn take that away from me. And Ria, that's something I don't think I will ever forgive." Ria "Oh, Saint Natalia, you've got some nerve." Natalia "I've never pretended to be a saint. I always thought of you as my sister. And what did you do in return? You betrayed me. Never in a million years would I have ever done anything like that to you." Ria "You are seriously tripping." Natalia "In any case, this is something I don't have time for. I have a fashion show to host. Please have some class and leave." Ria "I must be hearing things. You did not just say that to me!" Natalia "Should I call security . . . because I'm thinking you didn't hear me the first time." Ria "Oh bitch please! It's not that serious. Maybe you'll come to your senses when you drop that load. This baby has you talking out the side of your neck." Ria storms out of Natalia's office. Natalia grabs a folder and heads for the door when Sabryn walks in. Natalia "I can't catch a break, can I? What in the hell is this . . . let's-see-if-I-can-get-on-Natalia's-last-nerve-day?" In the back alley of Divine Design. Hope stands with Suga as she smokes her cigarette. Suga (looking at Hope) "Are you OK fancy face? You look like you're somewhere else." Hope "I've got a lot on my mind." She pulls a bottle of rum out from her purse and takes a swig. Hope "How long are we going to be here?" Suga "No one is going to find you. Chillax. I'm waiting on some money. We're going to watch the pretty ladies in the fashion show and then a bitch is going to give me my money." Hope "Bo can't find me." Suga "I got your back. It's all good. The show is starting. Let's go inside." They walk past Jodie in the alley and walk inside. Jenn then walks out. Jenn "So, what have you decided?" Jodie "Fu(k this. I'm not backing down." She took a step towards Jenn. "I don't owe you [[email protected]#$%^&*]." Jenn "I beg to differ. And bitch, you'd better take a step back." Jodie takes another step toward Jenn. Jenn (her eyes flashing rage) "I swear to God…" Jodie "What? Oh, you don't want to get a drop of my dirty, tainted blood on you, do you? Bitch please." Jenn steps back, against her car, her eyes opened wide. Jodie "Honey, I've made a decision… My life never has been easy. Everyone has been fu(king me over since the day I stepped foot in Pasadena. But you know what? I'm not going anywhere." Jenn "That's too bad Jodie. Then I guess I'll be delivering the 'show-stopper' at the fashion show." Jodie "No, actually, you won't." Jodie moves closer to Jenn. Jenn "Step the fu(k back bitch." Jodie "You're the bitch whose going to step down. Tell me you'll keep your mouth shut at that show." Jenn "I already told you what I have planned." Jodie (sighing) "Well then . . . I was hoping it wouldn't come to this." Jenn "What?" Jodie pulled out a pocket knife out of her purse. Jodie "You won't be telling anyone anything because I'm leaving with your nasty little venomous tongue." Jenn "Stay away from me!" Jodie stepped closer to Jenn. Jodie "You fu(king skank! I'm warning you, I won't lose my reputation. You will not ruin my life. Tell me that you'll stop this." Jenn "What if I don't?" Jodie "Then you're in for a world of pain." Jenn "Jodie, come on, put the knife down." Jodie "You know what? You're right." She threw the knife at the ground. "I wasn't going to slice and dice you. I wanted to see you freak out, to make you pee in your little thong panties. Anyway, this knife is way too nice to use on your ugly face. I thought if you saw the blade, you'd back down. But, I guess not." Jenn screams as she sees Jodie's fist fly into her face. The punch to her nose knocks Jenn to her knees. Jodie "What did you say honey? Oh, don't worry, you can always just pick another nose out of a catalogue." Jodie then slams her knee into Jenn's face. Jenn's head hit the side of the building. Jodie "Sweetie, there's a lot more where that came from. You've been warned." She turns on her heel and walks toward the back entrance. Jenn scrambles to her feet and run towards Jodie. She jumps Jenn and grabs her throat. Jodie bucks and thrashes. She tries to throw Jenn off of her back. Jenn tightens her grip as Jodie chokes and sputters. Jodie throws herself and Jenn to the ground. Jenn moans in pain as she hits the pavement. Her hands move from Jodie's neck to her face. She claws at Jodie's cheeks and sticks two fingers in her eyes. Jodie "You [[email protected]#$%^&*]!" She rolled over in pain. "This face has gotta be in a show in a few minutes." Jenn (in a raspy voice) "I'll fu(king trash you." Jodie "Just try it." Jodie rolls over and slams her fist back into the Jenn's face. Jenn flails around and claws without direction. Jodie keeps Jenn pinned and continues beating her. Blood gushes from Jenn's nose and lips. A few of Jenn's teeth fly out her mouth as Jodie keeps pounding her. Jodie "The claws are out now bitch! And mark my words… if you fu(k with my life, I won't hesitate to tear you apart with my bare hands. I'll destroy you, fu(king annihilate you. Do you understand me? I hope that I won't have to kill you. You aren't worth the effort of hiding a body. Honey, your man wants me. Nothing you can do will change that. Open your eyes! You must not be keeping him satisfied. I have HIV for fu(ks sakes and he'd still rather sleep with me. I guess he'd rather risk death by AIDS than death by boredom." Jenn shoves her off and gets to her feet. She's bleeding and bruised, breathing heavily, Jenn "You're fu(king crazy! And everyone's going to know it!" Jodie just walks back inside as Jenn wipes blood from her mouth. She see her teeth on the ground and cries. Jenn "That bitch better not walk down that runway." She walks back inside the building. Outside of Natalia's office, Ashley lurks around the corner and listens to her enemies talk. Sabryn "What makes you think another fashion show is going to do you any good? This company is going under fast." Natalia "Shut the hell up. Do I come to your office harassing you? Why are you even here? Insecure Sabryn? If you didn't feel threatened by Divine Design, you wouldn't be here talking trash. Who are you trying to fool? Divine Design might be down, but it's not out. Last time I checked, SG was still trailing in sales." Natalia starts to walk out. Sabryn "This fashion show will not happen." Natalia "Who's going to stop it?" Sabryn "You'll be surprised" Sabryn turns back and brushes past Natalia. Natalia "God help anyone who stands in my way." Natalia then leaves her office. Around the corner, Ashley watches both her enemies leave Natalia's office. Ashley discreetly follows her prey, but she doesn't realize that someone is also following her. Rufus enters the show room. She sees Suga across the room standing next to Hope. She then sees Jenn and is shocked by Jenn's scratched up face and her blood stained, messed up hair. Jodie walks out on the stage. Natalia is stunned to see the disheveled Jodie. She rushes over to her. Natalia "What the hell is going on?" Jodie "I promised you that nothing would ruin this fashion show. I have to do this." Jodie grabs a microphone and walks up onto the runaway. The audience gasps as the media snaps photos. Natalia "Oh my God, not again!" Natalia runs onto the run way and tries to stop Jodie. Jodie "Nat please. Jenn tried to ruin the fashion show again. Enough is enough." Jodie then turns around to the crowd and looks in Jenn's shocked eyes. Jodie "I just want to say, I apologize to Natalia for everything." She pauses. "You see, I have HIV." At first the words are met with stunned silence. After a moment, people begin to chatter. Jenn (shaking her head back and forth) "What the hell is she doing?" Once the audience chatter dies down, Jodie continues. Jodie "I'm not afraid to admit it. I have made mistakes but I'm still a good person. I wanted to make Natalia proud. Hell, I wanted to make myself proud by proving that I can live a normal life. But you see, sometimes people in my life have other ideas. Natalia, I just want you to know that Jennifer Hammon, that woman right there . . ." Jodie points to a red-faced Jenn. Jodie " . . . she found out that I am HIV positive. She tried to blackmail me with this information. She told me to walk out on this fashion show, just like she did at the last fashion show. She ordered me to leave Mike, the first man who has really loved me. She told me to leave town. And if I didn't do exactly what she said, she promised to expose my secret to everyone at the fashion show, to tell all of you that I am HIV positive. There you have it Jenn? Happy now? The battle is over and I win!" Natalia grabs Jodie and hugs her. Natalia picks up the microphone and turns to face media. Suddenly a gunshot rings out and seven-month pregnant Natalia falls to the ground from a shot to her back. Sabryn, Rufus, Suga, Ashley and Bryan all smile when they realize Natalia has been shot. Suga grabs Hope and begins to walk out of the Hotel when they bump into a woman. Suga stops in her tracks upon seeing the woman's face. Hope "What's going on Sugar? You know this woman?" Woman "I bet you thought you'd never see me again." Suga "Dahlia?!"……….
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