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  1. Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder T. Pain feat Yung Joc - Buy U a Drank Ryan Cabrera - On the Way Down Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
  2. I personally LOVE Leilene. I feel bad for her because she look so stupid though and sounds even more stupid when she speaks in some cases. However lately shes been making the right decisions. Words CANNOT describe how pathetic Brooke was on Sunday. Absolutely unacceptable. The girl was a whore. Plain and simple. And I'm so glad that Monique called her out and embrassed her like that. I dont know how in the world she thought she was going to get away with that. I love Shay but Larissa kinda lost some points during her last episode. She should have gotten the guts and did what a real woman would have done and admitted the truth. Instead she looked like a childish brat as usual. My pick to win it all? Saphyrri.
  3. Lol at the Justin Chambers comment. I was severly depressed for a week when I found out he was married and had kids too... All my gay romance fantasies were destroyed in that moment. I especially regret the loss of the hospital board room one... But thats neither here nor there. As for Isiah Washington I'm stunned he was let go and I think its a dumb move to be honest. He made a mistake. He did everything they asked of him. He apologized. What more could he have done? I think it gets rid of the FEW decent role models that young African American men like myself have to look up to in the world of television and in general society. As for Greys I don't know if I'm gonna watch this fall. Part of why I loved the season finale was cuz I was aamped to find out if Burke really did disappear and if so would he come back. Now that I know hes not coming back (or at least the version of him I'll always remember and think of) I don't think I'll enjoy the show at all. Even if they recast him the person will have huge shoes to fill. And for the love of God I hope they don't chose Blair Underwood to do that. Eriq La Salle is a possiblity but even then its completely different personalities and I don't think he can channel the real Burke. Just a complete mess. My only salvation will be if TR Knight leaves as well. This whole Izzie and George romance is hot but George alone is annoying the crap out of me.
  4. Wow I couldn't disagree more either. Season 3 was priceless. Only a few episodes were less than stellar and the season finale was AWESOME. I'm looking forward to Season 4. I wonder if George is completely gone!? I never really liked him but I do love Izzie so for her sake I'll stomach him. Hes never come across as the brightest lightbulb in the room. Cristina and Burke were amazing in the finale. Great ending. Sandra Oh really had me at the end when she was going crazy. Loved Mer's sister coming to the hospital. Shocking to say the least. I thought she just had a baby? Am I missing something? Just how many sisters does she have? Last but not least WHO IS THE NEW CHIEF!? Or did the Chief decide to keep the position after all?
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