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ALL: Dropped or Rewritten Stories

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ATWT- Douglas Marland was going to do an Alzheimer's story with Nancy's husband in real time.He was going to show every aspect of the story. He died and his sucessors Judith Packer and Richard Backus accelerated it. Henry Stern and Stephen Black didn't want to do a story about an old man who was dying so they gave Mac a heart attack and killed him.

Holden Snyder lost his memory permanantly by an accident.Marland said he would never get his memory back. He was going to learn to love Lily all over again and start his life over. Writers who succeeded him gave him his memory back.

Nancy and her friend got involved with taking dance lessons. The two dance instructors were going to take them for their money. A writer's change came and Nancy's friend and the instructors were gone and never heard of again.

NOW--Brad Snyder was Jack's older brother. Jack is now older then Brad.

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General Hospital: They were going to do a terrorist story in 2001 involving Stavros, but 9/11 happened and it was scrapped. Mr. Craig was suppossed to die, but now he's Jerry. Skye not being able to conceive. Michael was originally A.J.'s killer, but the fans complained and it was changed.

Passions: Re-wrote Theresa raping Ethan to accomodate fan outcry.

One life to live: Jessica's molestation. She grew up on screen and none of this BS involinf kiddie pron ever happened. Mitch Lawrence raping Viki, resulting in twins Natalie and Jessica.

Days of our Lives: The Salem killer

All My Children: Ethan was suppossed to be Aiden's brother, but it got changed at the last minute.

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Guiding Light has had tons of these, more within the last 5 years or so.

Claire Labine wrote some ridiculous stories for Reva from 2000-2001, but the worst of all never was aired: Reva was supposed to run for mayor of Springfield!

Millee Taggart and Carolyn had a plan to save Guiding Light in late 2002, involving whirlwind romances, character driven stories, and mystery. However when Ellen Weston took over as Head Writer in 2003, a lot of good stories were derailed or never heard from again. Missed chance. Here's a few of them.

-I'm POSITIVE that Reva's stalker was supposed to turn out to be Jonathan, and not Alexandra Spaulding. WTF was Weston smoking, anybody could have seen that coming, even if you weren't watching the show, but writing it.

-In a scene between Ross and Phillip, Ross warned Phillip that somebody (Alan?) hinted to the feds that Phillip was responsible for insider trading. Added that there was a great triangle (Alan/Olivia/Phillip) going on at the time, Phillip going on the run would have upped the stakes a bit.

-Olivia's "Who's the daddy?" story was a bust. The affects played out a week, and then dropped the next. Phillip and Olivia moved in, crazy Lizzie was their next hurdle. A WTD between Alan and Phillip had SOOOO much potential added the tons of history between the two.

-I'm positive that what Taggart and Culliton had in mind for Lizzie was not to make her crazy. She was smart, crafty(blackmailing her grandfather), but also a good friend to Marina and Tammy when Julia Barr's daughter was in the role.

-Ben and Marina: Weston simply destroyed these two. I saw these two as another Quint and Nola in a way, but Weston completely destroyed that. Making Ben a escort? Stupid. Having Marina fall for Shayne? Even more stupid. That romance came out of nowhere, just as the recast. Ben should have stayed an assistant to Alex or Alan, or gotten a job at Holly's newspaper.

-Holly and Ed were on the road to an reunion, but suddenly Weston dropped that.

-WTF HAPPENED TO BLAKE returning to Spaulding Enterprises? Added that this would have been a great time to bring back Alan-Michael, they should have gone this route. Instead Weston put this couple on the backburner, and put their wedding back an entire year.

-Frank and Beth? That would have been a nice pairing.

-Alexandra's rejuvenation as a power character was thrown down the toilet when they had her poison Alan and also made her a drug lord.

Other dropped or rewritten stories...

ALMOST all of Ellen Weston's tenure.

Olivia raped by Jeffrey. Wait a minute....no she's not, she made it all up and she's the villain, not Jeffrey.

Who shot Phillip? Harley going to prison. All rewritten and a complete mess.

The Lighthouse Gala. Probably dropped due to Mary Stuart's passing.

Whatever happened to Vivian Grant? Is Claire Ramsey still in Springfield? Whatever happened to that supposed Ruth/David Grant/Vicky Spaulding triangle?

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The biggest dropped story and rewrite of them all, and most recent in GL history: NOT PAIRING DINAH UP WITH ALAN-MICHAEL. They were destined to become daytimes most dysfunctional couple, a daytimes own Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara. DK missed the boat with them. Mallet and Dinah were fun in the beginning, but now bore me to tears. They should have paired Mallet and Olivia (with Mark Derwin as Mallet).

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Felicia's Aztec doll thing from right before Guza came back (1st time).

Kevin was having dreams of ice, rumor was he was going to turn out to be a Cassadine.

Tony Geary wrote a storyline bible- Endgame. To end the Cassadine stuff, and move several characters into new territory. It was big, old fashioned GH. McTavish and JFP gutted it, added Stavros, and scrapped the Bio-Terror ending after 9/11. The hospital was to be blown up, and the budget had been alocated to build new sets.

Miranda (Jax's first wife) was a Cassadine.

Where are Robert and Anna?

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Well this isn't infamous, and no one really cares, but:


Colby was taking valuable antiques around Chandler Mansion and putting them in Sydney's backpack to make her seem like a thief. About 2 weeks later, on November 30, 2007, the storyline was dropped and Sydney is no where to be found. No mention of her character and no Sydney sighting. She has still survived a couple opening updates though since her last episode in November. Strange....

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