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Flavor of Love/Charm School: Discussion Thread


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Squnkeey was such a New York wannabe. Why is the screen reversed? I totally forgot that Somethin boo-booed on the floor, there is NO excuse for that. Excuse your damn self!

Youtube has a filter that will block copyrighted material. One way to get around that is to flip the video as the filter wont pick it up.

I rememebr thinking Spunkey was such a hater! Too bad she didnt stick around long enough to get her ass kicked! Somethin had NO shame about pooping on the floor. That was just nasty

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Youtube has a filter that will block copyrighted material. One way to get around that is to flip the video as the filter wont pick it up.


Somethin sure was crazy but I would have loved to have seen her kick Spunkeeys hair twirling ass, fake ass Taylor Roxbury-Cannon...

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Haha, I just watched the very first episode of Flavor of Love and gonna work my way through the season

Oyster wearing red everyday for 6 years. I wonder if she's still doing that. "I am glad that for the first time, I am not the biggest bitch of the group"

Cherry is annoying as hell and she's getting way too much focus for someone who leaves so early on. Her meltdown when she was eliminated had me ROTFL. Bye bitch!

Surprised they didn't even show NY till 6 minutes in and she didn't get focus till 15. They didn't even show Flav giving her, her name. Who knew she'd eventually be the star of the franchise. "Theres like a loud pack of idiot bitches and Im sick of them already" :lol:

Do you know who the very first chick was to get a clock? Hottie. LOL at how they play a cha-ching sound everytime she blinks her eyes

Pumkin was hating on NY from jump! You could tell a rivalry would be brewing

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This is so f-cking funny because she was whispering these words not yelling. LOL

Are you watching FOL online or you have DVDs Cheap? I want to watch again too.

I had downloaded the episodes a few years ago and burned them to a DVD which Im watching on my laptop now. I'll move on to the next episode sometime later.

I have to say, the first episode wasn't all that excited. I remember the season 2 premiere being much crazier as those definetly brought the heat from jump. I guess its bc this one didn't have much NY yet bc I know the season definetly gets better later on when she is featured more

btw, I asked a mod to change the name of this thread. I think its more appropriate that it becomes a general thread for all things FOL/Charm School instead of just season 1 of CS

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