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Kelis Arrested For Screaming Racial Obscenities at...


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Singer Kelis Arrested After Making Racial Slurs to Police

By Ayanna Guyhto

Perhaps someone stole her "Milkshake"---because for some reason singer Kelis decided to go on a rampage, hurling verbal obscenities and racial slurs at two prostitutes in a popular section of Miami Beach, Florida. The major problem with this scenario? The "prostitutes" were actually undercover police officers, working in a covert police operation.


The singer, who is 27 years old apparently began screaming the obscenities at the two women as they walked along a major street in South Beach's popular nightclub district around 4:30 a.m. But the tirade did not cease there. Kelis (also known as Kelis Rogers-Jones) allegedly rushed for the undercover officers, and had to be held back by friends she was with. The singer calmed down for a while, but then started back up again. She again rushed the two and was arrested-all the while resisting the arrest.

The entire incident might have transpired in a different way, had Rogers-Jones not charged towards the officers. But according to witnesses, the singer's conduct drew a lot of attention. And soon a crowd formed. People began to block the sidewalks. And as a result, some people were pushed into the busy street, which in turn blocked traffic. In addition to the melee, a firearm was recovered by police from someone at the scene. There are no reports on who the firearm belonged to, or even if it had anything to do with the incident.


Kelis Roger-Jones is most noted for her presence in the hip-hop community. Married to rapper Nas in 2005, she has been musically linked to a number of artists including Foxy Brown, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Busta Rhymes, and Lil' Kim, amongst others.

Her "Caught Out There" single, which soared to popularity with her top-volume screamed lyrics of "I hate-you so much right now!" earned her a saucy title in R&B/hip-hop circles. But in the case of the undercover officers, it is still unclear as to what specifically set off the young singer's outbursts in the street.

Kelis was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence. Shortly after her arrest, she was released from the Miami-Dade county jail on $1,500 bail. There is no indication whether or not Kelis Rogers-Jones has obtained or hired a lawyer to represent her. When the singer's publicist, Tracy Nguyen was contacted about the incident, she failed to comment.

Maybe she was pissed because they were "working" her corner?

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