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PSNS: March 5 - March 9

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Luis investigates and discovers that a 'Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald' bought the acid used on Fancy.

Ethan advises Luis to turn himself in to the police.

Chris confronts Sheridan about Luis. She admits that she loves Luis, but she says that she wants to remain married to Chris and to be James' mother.

Ivy apologizes to Fancy for overreacting and admits that she thinks Luis is innocent.

Chris and Fancy join forces to find Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan tracks down Luis.

Sheridan finds it hard to control her feelings and tells Luis some troubling things about Fancy's past.

The reason about why Pretty is not in Harmony is revealed.

Luis and Sheridan become closer while remembering their lives together. They kiss.

Fancy begins worrying that the truth about her and Pretty may be revealed to Luis.


Theresa tells Whitney that she is now choosing Ethan, but Pilar may change her mind.

Theresa fires Vincent because he did not find anything.

A depressed Theresa wants to marry Jared in the hospital.

Ethan and Jared argue regarding the wedding.


Chad and Vincent argue then kiss.

Chad and Vincent have a passionate rendezvous before Chad dumps him again. Vincent secretly records the tryst.

Chad confesses to Ethan that he's having an affair.

Ethan tells Chad to dump his 'mistress.' Chad finds Whitney at the Seascape with Vincent.

Chad is forced to tell Vincent he loves him or the affair would be revealed.


Fox has a negative reaction to the treatment. The nurse is uncertain about the medication she gave him. Miguel insists that Fox is faking, despite Fox being horribly sick.

Fox pretends to be courageous though he knows he is receiving a placebo.

Miguel starts to figure out what's going on. Kay finds Fox pressuring the nurse. Fox's symptoms might be psychosomatic.


Eve has her doubts about allowing Valerie to find Eve/Julian's son.

Source: SoapTalkScoops

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^That was before cancellation.

Anyway, Sheridan has not been redeemed yet, and it's hard to tell how the scenes will play out on screen. It's possible that Shuis' kiss and reaction is similar to FakeCharity and Miguel's kiss in the hospital.

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I've just never been a Fancy fan. Since the day she joined the show, she's been shoved down our throats with all her whining. Even though Sheridan is in a dark place now, I'm really rooting for her to be with the Luis. I've invested 8 years in that couple!!

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