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  1. As a young boy, Generations was a show I loved. It was just so refreshing and unique at the time. Many stories and actors stand out: The race-related stories such as the racism the Marshalls experienced when moving to an upper class neighbourhood; Jessica's alcoholism; Crazy Aunt Mary; Sam and Kyle's story to name a few. Kelly Rutherford (Sam) and Kristoff St. John were great younger leads. Jonelle Allen and Joan Pringle in particular turned in incredible performances as Doreen Jackson and Ruth Marshall. Shame on NBC for not giving it time to catch on or a better time slot. I know in a few more years, a larger audience would have been built.
  2. I sure was a LOVING/CITY fan. I often felt that a great story would have been to bring Christine Tudor (Gwyneth) on The City as a Gwyn look-alike. All the former Corinthians would have struggled trying to deal with this woman in NYC who looked exactly like the killer they had known in Corinth. Like others have pointed out, the last several months of The City were truly outstanding. Sucks that they weren't given more time to build audience.
  3. Hey Psychofan. I knew you were a big Kimberlin fan too... Villainesses rock!

  4. Hey there, Joel! It's great to have you sharing the Sheila/Kimberlin love. Keep up the great posts!

  5. Hey amcfan, I saw Chantal too, a few years back in Montreal, she's great!

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