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Law & Order: SVU - Discussion Thread


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Does anyone know if Vincent Spano will be back in the fall of 07?

I need Olivia and Dean together even if just for a little while. I really need this. They are so damn hot, and she wants him. Liv won't admit it, but she wants him. And we know he wants her. The season finale proved that. If we can see Elliot's nakes bottom, surely we can get Liv a man. That woman has not smiled in years.

I will take whatever FAVORABLE spoilers you can give...

May I never see Dani Beck on my screen again. What a horrible stand in!


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Cynthia Nixon was awesome last night on the premiere of SVU's 9th season last night. I smell another guest actress emmy nomination for her. Mariska looks beautiful with the short hair. It though is still clear as ever, Mariska owns this show. Anyone else watch it?

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It was pretty good... I was surprised that she faked it, and convinced the professionals that she had DID. So far, I'm looking forward to more.

It though is still clear as ever, Mariska owns this show.

Yep... but it has seem like more and more they have been pushing Christopher Meloni and his character more and more. One of the things I loved about the season finale, was that it involved multiple characters and it wasn't all about Olivia or Stabler or both.

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Tuesdays premiere was very disappointing IMO. So predictable, and the new ADA sucks!

could not disagree more.

I loved it. All off it.

and i dont love the new ADA, but i *always* hate the ADA for at least 5 episodes, lol.

Cant wait for next week! It looks soooo mgood with Elliot's daughter.

Luke Perry & sara Gilbert were amazing.

I also cant wait for Jesse McCartney to be on it!

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