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Law & Order: SVU - Discussion Thread


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Doesn't look like she had work done to me either. I thinks its the weight gain. She's still as gorgeous as ever though!

I will say that the time has come to put this baby to bed! I was on pins and needles, but then Benson decided to do the right thing and not torture this mofo! Why not let the character go there because we've seen her almost raped before, so it's time to change it up a bit. This guy tortured her for a few days, and she only beats him with a stick and then stops? Puke!

Mariska can fit on just about any other show on the air, so it's time to let SVU go, NBC. No, you won't have any long running shows, but that is not a good enough reason to keep this dreck on the air. Outside of how they mishandled the #saveBenson premier, the show is just dull. There's nohting else you can squeeze out of this squad! Put it down already!

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Olivia needs to be benched! The time has come. She has shown throughout the 15 years that she cannot be objective. Someone yells "rape" and its automatically true unless her boyfriend is the accused. Benson will destroy a life in a New York minute. There are no grounds to fire her ass, but she should not be in the field. If ever there is an eppy where Rollins lays into her ass, please let me know. I saw Wednesday's show out of sheer boredom, but it is high time someone puts their foot up Benson's ass! Amaro is so whipped by this woman that he can't see straight. The only time he speaks up against Liv is when Liv's bf is around.

But onto the stupid ass eppy! This guy is using sex toys with his children at the school, and he leaves them in plain sight? Not only is that damaged bitch, Liv, going to link this to her conception, but does this not make sense to anyone? Why, if he's been molesting so long, would he be that careless?

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The whole thing was a mess and I'm with you that Liv needs to be kept far away from SVU. It's ludicrous to me that she hasn't been transferred to computer crimes or robbery.

That said, Billy Porter was wonderful in his role and watching Fin and Rollins jam to "For Once in My Life" was all I needed. I never thought I'd like Fin with anybody but Munch but he and Rollins are a perfect fit.

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I know Ice-T said he was comfortable with a supporting role, but I would not mind seeing SVU re-tooled to focus exclusively on his and Kelli Giddish's characters. Their chemistry as partners -- not ROMANTIC partners, but partners on the force -- is fantastic.

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