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Law & Order: SVU - Discussion Thread


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I miss Dean Porter. Vincent Spano is the best. He and Benson were perfect.

Mariska Hargitay is an amazing actress but it seems more and more like she really just wants to move on. And Benson has lost more and more of her self worth and self respect lately.

I never liked Rollins. Kelli Giddish should just do Lifetime movies. She's way too limited an actress and she reminds me of Erika Eleniak (not a good thing. absolutely not.)

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I am for Rollins getting the boot too. And can we stop focusing so much on their personal lives? I don't give a damn about Amaro's wife, Rollins' gambling and what not.

Did Tamara Tunie leave on her own? I want her back full time and a couple new detectives.

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And can we stop focusing so much on their personal lives? I don't give a damn about Amaro's wife, Rollins' gambling and what not.

Frankly, IMO, the players' personal lives were always the weakest parts of the "L&O" franchise. Personal problems addressed within the series always come off (again, IMO) as contrived and half-hearted. I felt I learned more about the different people -- not just on "SVU," but on almost all the shows -- through how they handled the cases-of-the-week.

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I thought the first few post-Stabler seasons were OK, but this season was garbage. There were always contrivances but it's just not even close to being an intelligent legal drama anymore. It's all about being shocking and playing on tropes and blatant ratings-grabs. What even happened in the season finale? I forgot it was on.

What happened on the finale? Let's see...a crackhead clown masquerading as a judge ruined a child's life by handing him over to Liv. What else? Oh, instead of focusing on Amaro's victim the future child rapist, whom they didn't bother to show once, we got to see how devoted to Nick Rollins is by blackmailing the freak's wife. It was so sweet I almost puked :(

Khan, an almost kiss between Stabler/Benson would have sufficed. That would have satisfied many!

Matthewson, Yet another wrong turn because Liv and Dean Porter were damn near perfection. Vincent and Mariska had insane chemistry.

I think next season is gonna be one big Ole soap opera.

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Took this show off the DVR in the living room a few years ago. Left it on the DVR in the bedroom just in case... It's off of everything now.

Trash in Trash out! Just let me know if Meloni ever makes an appearance, please!


When was his last season?? I am trying to collect the show on dvd with him on it. Dont want the post ones....lol

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