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  1. I saw kncoked up yesterday. It was really funny. And yes, those were som graphic birthing scenes.
  2. Rehab- Amy Winehouse Umbrella Remix - Rihanna feat. JayZ/Chris Brown
  3. The Secret Window with Johnny Depp I loved the end. I suspected he may have been a split personality, but Johnny was amazing pulling it all off. I was cheering for him to jill that skank wife of his and anybody else who got in his way.
  4. I know who gets kicked off next and I'm glad about it!
  5. She could be Stefano's secret daughter with Celeste's sister or something. It's too bad Hottie had to go home. She has no class, but she's LMFAO material. Next week, New York is in the mother fu*king house! And Larissa better be getting an eviction notice.
  6. Larissa went on the radio a few weeks ago and trashed New York and Buckwild. i'm guessing she didn't win. You can tell that monique is just dying to send her loud ass home. I was dying when Shay punked her on the debate stage; she got all tongue tied.
  7. Throw some Ds- Rich Boy A new day has come- Celine Dion I Melt -Rascall Flatt Rock Yo Hips- Crime Mobb Upgrade U -Beyonce Big [[email protected]#$%^&*] poppin- T.I. Pray- M.C. Hammer
  8. Hottie should get her own show. She's so over the top. I'm glad Krazy went home too. She is a victim. I'm hoping Cristal is next to go. She has a motor mouth on her. Hopefully after that is Darra. I hate her voice and whinings about being a big girl. And? Leilene does need some help. Does she take her kids out to McDonlads every night? Pumpkin is a classless twit. Becky was so..buckwild at the table. Why is she rapping at the table? Please.
  9. I'm glad Rain was expelled. She needs acting lessons or a good shrink. All these "women" are so f--ked up judging from the previews.
  10. I remember her and New york fighting. Good memories. Hoopz should be on this show. She turned out to be such a skank.
  11. Who is this crazy girl having a breakdown on the side of the road? LOL Hottie is a mess.
  12. Hottie is a mess. She's bringing her fur to the woods. LOL Goldie shouldn't be there. She already has class.
  13. Blades of Glory; it was really funny.
  14. Daddy's little girls. It was a good movie. I had a few problems with it, but nothing major to detract from the human interest.
  15. No problem. I just discovered this whole profile thing.

    I am really rooting for you.

  16. Last night's episode was all over the place. I didn't enjoy it.
  17. This is a great show. I just started watching the reruns on USA. It's sad to know that Cabot is no longer a regular. I'd like Olivia and Stabler to hook up. I sense an underlying attraction. Is it true that the ADA's typically get killed?
  18. I just started watching the show this weekend on ABC.com. It's a damn good show. I'm frantically trying to catch up.
  19. I saw the Break Up and See No Evil y-day. The Break Up was good up until the end. I would've preferred a precictable one. See No Evil was so gross. LOL.
  20. The ending was sad too. She should have recovered and left that dumb broad flat. It got me to thinking. I NEVER want to live my life in that condition. I may see Brokeback since everyone is talking about it.
  21. Million Dollar Baby. I love this movie so much!
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