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  1. I saw kncoked up yesterday. It was really funny. And yes, those were som graphic birthing scenes.
  2. Rehab- Amy Winehouse Umbrella Remix - Rihanna feat. JayZ/Chris Brown
  3. The Secret Window with Johnny Depp I loved the end. I suspected he may have been a split personality, but Johnny was amazing pulling it all off. I was cheering for him to jill that skank wife of his and anybody else who got in his way.
  4. It's becoming painfully obvious now. The grammar and punctuation is still absent. I also noticed that someone had given all the threads a 1 star. I think I might like my new job after all. I got great shoes today. He is still so cute.
  5. Thank you. This is OJ and Michael to the zenith power.
  6. I think my left index finger is broken. Unless I've just sprained it like my toe. Victoria Rowell is going to be in Philly tonight. But alas, I won't be able to see her. I'm tired of writing but I need to do it. I feel a very bad mood is on its way to claim me.
  7. I have Comcast Digital and High Speed. It's very reliable. She liked my story. Whew. Actor, I was just gonna take the banners and offer them to you. But steal seems like such a strong word. Hence, borrow. Although, the person is suppossed to be in the process of making you the Lily/Holden banner.
  8. Hey Actor, I didn't forget about your banner. I'm waiting and waiting for this person to make it. But I came across these gorgeous Carjack banners. I wanted to "borrow" them for you.
  9. I still think you're great. I love a good debate. I hope my editor liked my story. I'm glad you're so happy DrewH. I want some of that feelin. Even though I feel pretty good right now. I'm about to watch my Jax and brenda DVD for the billionth time now.
  10. I'm not a pushover. I'm not a victim. I'm just a little crazy. But not that far gone that I'll co sign on a car when I don't even have a license. I need to work on getting one. I hope my editor likes the story.
  11. I'm sorry you got your heart gutted. trust me, I know it hurts. You love someone and they turn around and act like an [email protected]#$%^&*]. I need to bring my anxiety down if i'm going to do my job. Roots was worth nine hours of my life.
  12. I know who gets kicked off next and I'm glad about it!
  13. Can I get a quick history lesson or recap? I know Tony would never let anything happen to Meado without retaliation.
  14. She could be Stefano's secret daughter with Celeste's sister or something. It's too bad Hottie had to go home. She has no class, but she's LMFAO material. Next week, New York is in the mother fu*king house! And Larissa better be getting an eviction notice.
  15. The house next door just collapsed to rubble...right into our driveway. I'm getting depressed again.
  16. I got the 2007 Guide to Literary Agents at the book store today . I'm going to PM you with some names and numbers so that you can get your foot in the door. These publishers want nothing to do with you if you're not being represented.
  17. Glad you're back. Don't scare us like that. I'm loving the Christie banner. I'd love to take my laptop out, but I'm so paranoid and practical. I'm finished with finals; looking for an agent. It turns out a terrorist who was planning the next attack worked at my school's 711.
  18. Larissa went on the radio a few weeks ago and trashed New York and Buckwild. i'm guessing she didn't win. You can tell that monique is just dying to send her loud ass home. I was dying when Shay punked her on the debate stage; she got all tongue tied.
  19. My crush has a girlfriend. I still dont have a REAL job! I thought it was automatic you get a job after graduation.
  20. It was Beyonce, Get me Bodied. Get Me Bodied I wish I could move like her. I just look like I'm having a seizure though.
  21. Damn. That sounds serious. I hope the doctor makes you all better. Everyone seems to be going through something. Hang in there too, Shawn.
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