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  1. Usually I don't approve of people intimidating politicians, but Nigel Farage is so disgusting that I really cannot feel bad for him. Pelosi is deliberately pushing Trump's buttons. The things that she says sometimes are worded to set him off and it is incredibly hilarious. Saying that you'll pray for someone is a good way to set them off.
  2. Ben Carson and Betsy DeVos make Rose Nylund look like a Rhodes Scholar.
  3. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/russian-documents-reveal-desire-sow-racial-discord-violence-u-s-n1008051
  4. In an interview Thaao once called the actor who played Bart "delicious". It was in the context of acting, but I still think only a gay man would call anyone delicious in any context.
  5. With Biden's issues with Anita Hill think it's a little problematic that a woman of color is being asked if she will back up an elderly white man on the ticket so far in advance of the voting. I think the response was more to the reporters asking the questions more than an actual swipe at Biden. He wouldn't pick her anyway. He'd pick some generic white man that supposedly would not threaten white working class men who don't like the idea of a woman or person of color with too much authority.
  6. That opening looks like something a fan would make. It looks so unprofessional. I don't watch GH, but I saw the discussion about a cheap opening from the side bar and had to come see for myself. Seriously, there are amateur people on Youtube who could have done a better job with an opening.
  7. The whole thing with him kissing and hugging women makes me very reluctant to vote for him if he's the nominee. Besides that I think he'd find a way to lose since he's always been incredibly inept and gaffe prone.
  8. Wendy Vitter's husband is a whore who slept with prostitutes and has a diaper fetish. I take consultation in the fact that she was cheated on and humiliated by his antics. Yes, that is petty, but at this point it's hard not to be petty. And I'm sure the Pentagon had to be sprayed with Lysol. Gene Simmons looks like he smells like a dead skunk.
  9. B&B: Nick Marone. He was onscreen a lot for years and now it's like he never existed. Although I expect that Bell will make use of his son with Brooke and Taylor at some point.
  10. It was a few years ago, but she got into a fight with a woman in a bar and ended up breaking a glass on the woman's face. She got probabtion and had to pay $3600 in restitution.
  11. Crystal Hunt was supposedly a nightmare on One Life to Live. Considering that she cut up a woman's face in real life it's not really surprising she was not a good person to work with.
  12. A lot of Trump voters will not support him again. Some of them were actually conned and had to learn the hard way. The Democratic nominee has to have a strong rural recovery plan to win back some Obama-Trump voters.
  13. DeSantis won't disclose which counties were hacked which says a lot. He trailed in every poll last year but he somehow managed to win. It's true that polling isn't always accurate but it wouldn't be surprising if he got a boost from Moscow. I still believe that evidence will turn up that voters were actually tampered with in 2016 but it's hard to believe that Russia didn't go that far to assure that Trump would win. If that isn't true then it surely will be true next year. Just wait for precincts to mysteriously have their ballot boxes go missing or for votes to be destroyed in "accidents".
  14. I've never heard of Flannery being a diva either. The only thing that could come close to that was that she had regular vacations and controlled her wardrobe which is more than most actors or actresses could get, but those things were reasonable.
  15. BarBara Luna was supposedly very difficult to work with on One Life to Live
  16. Mr. Ratburn married a man on the 22nd season premiere of Arthur.

    1. YRfan23


      I read about that!! I applaud them for going there! :)

    2. Khan


      When an animated children's series is more shockingly progressive than most other, live-action series with adults (on primetime AND on daytime), you know television just ain't worth [!@#$%^&*].

  17. Stephanie Forrester: She did often go too far, but she was protective of her children and even stepped up for Bridget (her diatribe against Brooke and Deacon is still thrilling to watch). Victoria Lord: She was always concerned about her children, but was never really a meddling type (at least from portions of the show I've seen). And you have to love how she temporarily shook off Tori and emerged when Jessica was trapped in the fire at Llanfair.
  18. Her returning for the finale was huge, so I have to imagine that she was grateful for her time there. And soap operas are a good training ground from what I've read so probably gained a lot of skill from being on the show.
  19. Honestly her acting isn't at all better than most actors on soaps and there are soap actors much better than her, so she really should be glad she even got an opportunity in the first place.
  20. Maybe it's just the chords, but Kacey Musgraves' High Horse sounds an awful like Million Dollar Bill by Whitney Houston.

  21. https://www.bbc.com/news/topics/ceeqy0e9894t/england-local-elections-2019 The council elections for England took place today and the Liberal Democrats have really cleaned up so far, with Independents also making some substantial gains. The Conservative Party unsurprisingly lost a ton of seats and Labour saw losses.
  22. Taylor Swift copied Beyonce's Coachella performance on the Billboard Awards. It was terrible and looked thrown together.

    1. Khan


      Typical white girl.  If she ain't making one of us look like the villain, she's trying to appropriate some part of our culture.

  23. There really is no limit to what these people will do to maintain power or to destroy opposition. Jacob Wohl tried to do the same thing to Robert Mueller while the collusion investigation was still occurring. During the Bush administration some Republicans would like to say that Democrats were engaging in politics of personal destruction, but it was always Republicans who were really doing that and now it has really escalated.
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