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  1. Naomi Osaka just lost to CSN. She’s really having a tough go of it since winning Indian Wells.
  2. I get that Zoe “saved” the fashion show, but everyone’s sudden change of opinion on her makes no sense, especially Xander’s. Thorne’s behavior is particularly obnoxious. That character has no point of view at all.
  3. This is Bradley and B&B. We know that we’d be back on the love triangle carousel, regardless of how that scene had played out. But we’d already seen an angry Steffy railing at Liam. To me, it was more effective to see a composed, polite, mature Steffy saying that she was over it and had no more effs to give. It just made it more apparent that Liam wasn’t the adult in the room at that moment. And her taking her ring and putting it on Hope’s finger was such a boss-ass bitch move that really just emasculated Liam, which is why he was so whiny about it.
  4. Oh my god. Can you imagine Bev playing some of the mess Marj had to play? She would have stormed off set in disgust. She made the right choice for her dignity and her legacy. She was the best.
  5. Agreed. Alex was my favorite character, and the Nick obsession absolutely destroyed her.
  6. I’m assuming different scriptwriters wrote the amazing Steffy/Liam scenes and the absolutely embarrassing Zoe/Emma dialogue.
  7. Glad they didn’t have Shauna be so stupid to buy Cane’s totally BS concern.
  8. Steffy’s speech to Liam was epic and wonderful.
  9. Charlotte Rae of the original cast has died. https://people.com/tv/charlotte-rae-obituary/amp/#click=https://t.co/Nq7znq11TD
  10. Svetlana Kuznetsova, folks. I felt bad for Donna for imploding after holding four match points, but Sveta has had a rough year with the wrist injury. Question: why do the women’s champions at the Citi Open get this little metal drinks’ tray while the men’s champs get this massive sculpture of a trophy? Lame.
  11. Ah, embedding is working for you. Edit: Buzarnescu beat Sakkari 6-1, 6-0 in the San Jose final.
  12. Ugh. I can’t embed social media or images on the site today. But someone on Twitter said the folks in San Jose put together such a great field. But with Madison, CoCo, and Garbiñe all withdrawing; Serena’s early loss; Venus’s defeat in the QFs; and Vika’s injury, they have a lackluster Sakkari/Buzarnescu final. My gosh, people hate Danielle Collins on Twitter. America’s sweetheart she is not. De Minaur showed a lot of heart last night, but he’s not seasoned enough to have an impact on someone like Sascha on a big stage. I see a lot of promise, though. He’s only 19 at the end of the day. He could play another 20-25 years the way sports medicine is advancing.
  13. Yikes. Is that Murphy’s house? So garish.
  14. I dunno. Certainly, Justus killing Damian was a meaty storyline (that was Guza, right?), but allowing Laura to take the heat while he served as her lawyer ultimately marginalized him. And Keesha went poof when Jason Quartermaine became Jason Morgan. Maybe if RC had lived, the Wards would have continued to be a unit, albeit one with less airtime. (Or maybe she’d be written as a Sonny apologist.) For me, he seemed far less committed to a diverse Port Charles even in that early run. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed Guza’s early runs, but they certainly offered disturbing glimpses of what the show would become in the JFP era.
  15. 1993 was such a dark year for soaps. The year started with Santa Barbara going off the air. Michael David Morrison, Joy Garrett, and Doug Marland all died within a month of each other (MDM and JG within a week of each other). Leonard Stabb had his near-fatal accident. GL killed off Maureen Bauer, which almost seemed like a real death. It really felt like the beginning of the end. I also wondered what would have happened to Mary Mae and the Wards if Rosalind Cash had lived longer. I don’t think Guza would have had much use for her.
  16. Did GL have to rewrite any Hart stories after Leonard Stabb’s hang gliding accident? I remember the transition between Stabb and the temp Sean McDermott was pretty immediate, but McDermott only lasted a few months before they put the character on hiatus. I’m assuming they had long term story for Hart they simply scrapped.
  17. The commentators are often very inconsistent. I’ve heard Kuznetsova pronounced “kooz-NET-suh-vuh” more commonly but also “kooz-net-SOH-vuh.” They often referred to Polona Hercog as “hur-COG” when it’s apparently more like Werner Herzog “hurt-ZOG.” I heard a lot of “moo-goo-ROOZ-uh” before “moo-goo-RUTH-uh” became the standard.
  18. It was so sad that BH/Hal’s final episode was at Jennifer’s funeral. I wasn’t closely following ATWT when MDM died, but I remember it freaked me out. I didn’t like watching shows with actors who’d recently died when I was growing up. What was the major change with Caleb?
  19. I was also thinking of untimely deaths, like Michael David Morrison or Benjamin Hendrickson on ATWT or Michelle Thomas on Y&R. I don’t remember if story had to be re-written.
  20. That De Minaur/Rublev match was incredible. De Minaur has so much chutzpah to come through that and save four match points in the second set TB. I’m impressed.
  21. Wow, who saw the Sveta train coming? Never underestimate these wily veteran former champions.
  22. Tsitsipas channels Youzhny and slaps himself hard in the face during a changeover. Already getting a beatdown by Sascha.
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