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  1. I thought I read in an interview in 1995-96 that Nancy was under contract as Cecile? hmmm
  2. Natalie Zea on her time at Passions as Gwen #2 From http://tvline.com/gallery/memories-from-the-set-natalie-zea/#!1/zea-passions/ PASSIONSGetting her start at the "boot camp" that is daytime-TV, Zea played Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop on the NBC soap, a "difficult" role in that "she was this kind of inbetweener — she wasn't a villain, but she wasn't a good guy either," the actress recalls. "She was just this sort of spineless amoeba. I could never quite figure out her point of view." That was in part because "the writing was so terrible," Zea opines. "And that's not telling tales out of school!" The one bright side? The fictional burg of Harmony was where she met future husband Travis Schuldt!
  3. GH also did a memory card at the end of an episode that aired after Shell's death in 2008
  4. Robert scott Wilson & Kate Mansi were great today. Vivian oh my, sorry you may be a great gl but you need to be fired. Ciara is just ugh and why are they pushing Theo & Ciara when Ciara was just raped?
  5. Its Possible that Amy has a daughter. Shell last aired in 2002 and they could say she gave her up for adoption
  6. Actually Jill Lorie Hurst just said it wasnt The Children's Hour. Thats what P&G thought it was but that wasnt the idea
  7. Gale Harold (Queer as Folk) was also up for the Adam Newman recast before Hartley was cast
  8. Labine in that same we love soaps piece said she had pitched a story where Olivia and Holly may have become involved by P&G nixed it
  9. Paul Rauch tried to fire Labine right away but no one wanted the job so Claire ended up staying a year and I believe Rauch pissed all over stories I think her at ATWT would have been better I also think she had more freedom at RH & GH I remember her saying to we love soaps that OLTL was hard cause the boys in NYC were always interfearing
  10. KA was green when she began, but not this bad. Vivian is the Charity Rahmer of her generation And someone needs to tell Kyle Pentsis to stop jumping & bopping around in his scenes as Theo The only teens I like, Claire, Chase & Zack are all on recurring.
  11. Don Jeffcoat. I believe Don was sick.
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