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    • Legend has it that one day Irna Phillips, Ted Corday, and Allen Chase were sitting on a porch in Southampton when they came up with the idea for "Days of Our Lives." The true story is richer, more varied, and, like a true soap opera, more complex. From 1935 to 1940 Betty Corday worked for Young & Rubicam, advertising agency, where she produced two soap operas for NBC Radio: "Pepper Young's Family" and "Young Doctor Malone." After the end of the war in 1945, Ted worked solely in radio soap opera, directing for Irna, including her "Guiding Light" which was the first to move to TV.
    • Bill Bell also used that same element with Liz/Jill and Beth/Brooke.
    • I've finished with the Jean Rouverol book and turned to a text that Corday contracted for. Maureen Russell was a fan and a contract historian as well as being a RATSer. She shows a part of her Thanks & Acknowledgments as Thanks to Days fans everywhere but especially RATSers Julie, Laura, the Peel sisters and Joanna. We were the peel sisters. Some of us still are. We came from a storyline where John Black was a jewel thief with a woman partner, who reminded us of The Avengers - Emma Peel & Patrick McNee. That's how I got to be shallotpeel, from garlic peel.  Etc. The text is 273 pgs.
    • These ratings always show just how far behind in the game NBC was and it makes me sad. As AW was my show and someone that enjoyed Texas as a kid and became a fan of SFT during it's NBC run, it's clear NBC didn't have the audience. I wonder how a show like Generations would have done if it had been on CBS after Y&R, like B&B ended up. I think it's run would have been far more significant with a CBS audience behind it.   
    • I'll wait for the inevitable wedding pictures after they are put out by Hola or some such publication. 
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