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All Time Favorite Slasher Movies!!

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Another tough category for me..but i am a major horror fan..so here we go again:

1. Halloween

2. A Nightmare On Elmstreet

3. The Slumber Party Massacre 1 and 3

4. Sorority House Massacre

5. He Know's You're Alone

6. Happy Birthday To Me

7. Scream 1-3

8. Friday The 13th 1-5

9. Prom Night

10. Sleepaway Camp 1-3

11. Cheerleader Camp

12. Hospital Massacre

13. Psycho

14. Stage Fright (1987-Michael Soavi)

15. The Burning

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Halloween II

Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers

Friday The 13th Part Three

Friday The 13th

Hell Night

LOL..yes Roman "Hell Night" is awesome. It was creepy and had some good scares in it. I love that movie. A classic slasher that's for sure. Do u have the Anchorbay version of it with the extra's?

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