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  1. Thanks so much Lee!!

  2. I just realized that you are Cameron....I guess I have been out of the loop!!


  3. Love all yours posts...you rock!

  4. My personaly nomination for DAYS fan of the year ;)

    Your the best, one of the reason I come to SON!

  5. Hey man, hows a going!!

    Im still around, lol, just no in the PF very much anymore (is it still called that??).

    Still will not forget back in the day in PF lol (PF Junkies, remember, LOL).

    Take it easy!

  6. Hey Dusty,

    Thanks again for ALL the help with the banners over the last 2 years...your the best!

  7. You, Me & Dupree - Meh. It was ok, not the best movie in the world. Very mediocre comedy and Matt Dillon is HORRIBLY miscast and out of place the entire movie with Owen and Kate. Dillon is better in dramatic roles...he is not very good with comedy!
  8. OMG, I absolutely POSITIVELY love this show...I remember when I got S1 and S2 I watched it straight, all 36 episodes over the course of 2 days, I skipped school, I called in sick for work, literally for 2-3 whole days, I was glued to my couch watching episode after episode to catch myself up for this season. I have yet to start watching this season, but I have all 5 episodes on DVD that I am going to sit down and watch this weekend. Grey's Anatomy is like my new primetime Days Of Our Lives...I am SO f*cking obsessed with this show its sick! BTW Katherine Heigl SO was screwed out of an emmy nod for the Season 2 Finale!!
  9. The Black Dahlia....wait for the DVD people!
  10. ^^ Oh GOOD movie...gonna watch that one again. Resident Evil (SO good)
  11. Eurotrip and it was still as funny as the last time I watched it. Just a great HILARIOUS movie!
  12. Ridiculous as in Ridicullously Funny? Stupid/Funny? Plain Stupid? I mean it can be funny and stupid and still be entertaining or was it just plain dumb and NOT funny. Cause I am thinking of seeing it and really wanna know if it is worth it. Looks funny on the previews, especially the fire hose part.
  13. Bewitched. I was preparing myself for dissapointment, but was actually entertained. I was quite surprised, better than what I was expecting and what people have told me.
  14. Crash! And let me just say this movie ROCKED!! It was a very emotional and moving picutre sure to garner some oscar attention. Thandie Newton was OUTSTANDING in this movie as was Sandra Bullock and Matt Dillion. Favorite Disney movie of all-time. Sometimes when Im really baked I will put this on and then I TRULY appreciate it!
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