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  1. The Dark Crystal...love this classic Jim Hensen movie!!
  2. Oh i know!! It was touching too when the mom came back and held her daughter in the elevator. The bathroom scenes were freaky!! I think i will buy the movie!!
  3. Dark Water - Pretty good movie. Jennifer Connelly is a fantastic actress. Too skinny though and it shows in her face!! This movie especially!! Well..the movie wasn't really scary ..as i hoped..but it was filled with suspense. Still not sure if i would buy it though!!
  4. I enjoyed it!! The deer scene was lame..but other than that i enjoyed the story! LOVE Simon Baker..what a handsome stud muffin!! The story was well written because we find out more about Samara. The first Ring was scary..this one was just thrilling for me. I LOVED seeing Sissy in it. Major fan here!! No Naomi was well casted and happy she was in this part too. Loved Sissy's part. It was such a dramatic and delightful 2 minute scene. The thing is she kicked ass in the scene!!
  5. LOL!! Um..how do u get that i am rich? I'm not!! I just most likelyhave more time on my hands than some people.
  6. I see. Well add partying and clubbing once in awhile to that too!!
  7. LOL..and the point of this being pointed out..is? To answer ur question..yes i do watch a movie or two pretty mcuh everyday. That is how i relax and kill time. If its not that..then it is playing cards...in which i havnt been doing lately because two of my friends are having problems at the moment.
  8. The Color Purple ( Why this movie never won a single Oscar is beyond me. It was nominated for 11 awards)
  9. All The Right Moves ( I paused it 3 times to check out Cruise's dick)
  10. Awesome movie. Creepy too!! I want to see part 3 soon.
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