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  1. Always thought a version of this would have made a great opening!
  2. Yes, Emmy nominations/wins (acting/directing/writing), ratings, and years on air. I can't really think of any other objective metrics... Let me know if you think of any.. I am LOL at your signature - the GG quote! Yes! They all lead decades (ratings-wise). But ATWT wasn't an Emmy sweetheart..It's basically audience vs. the critics..
  3. Apparently, we have a different point of view and mindset. I started the thread with an objective/principles of science method in mind. I love your passion and as a fellow soap fan!
  4. SFT (interesting addition) was a ratings hit in the early 50's (before the daytime Emmy's). So it's tough to judge that aspect. GL took over the #1 spot in the late 50's, then ATWT started their run.
  5. Just trying to make it as objective as possible. Bias/opinion aside.. I believe awards and ratings have merit.
  6. That is the whole point of my approach. Just trying to make it objective vs. subjective. If you tried to remove bias and used numbers, which soap would lead?....
  7. ATWT would be pretty high on the list. It was #1 from 1958-1978 (when AMC took over ). They had a lot of Emmy nominations and wins over the years too.
  8. Haha, that is very true! There would be no way to get anyone to agree. I'm biased for AMC, but I think if you used a strictly numbers approach - Y&R or GH would rank highest
  9. If you used a scientific point system to rank the soaps, which would come out on top? Something like Emmy wins/nominations, historical ratings, number of years on the air, etc..
  10. Was Gallup right or wrong in 2008? Or any election for that matter? Going back to Truman. Anyone else besides Silver you can point to in 2012? Silver did well in 2008, but you're basing that on ONE Presdential election. I feel more comfortable with five decades of results.
  11. According to what source? I can cite several reputable organizations that label RCP as non-partisan. NYT= Nate Silver...Alright, I'll give you Rasmussen. BTW I love the liberal name-calling..."Rasmussen is a HACK!!" .. "Horse race" ..Check ABC/Washington Post polls several days before Sandy. I'll be more than happy to check back a week from now! We'll see who has "doe eyes". Whaaa!? Who called Silver a homosexual?! Also, anyone else besides Silver point to a projection that makes you warm and fuzzy? BIG + What about NPR??..Still waiting on an answer for that one! ;-)
  12. We've discussed FOUR polls in just the last few minutes...Gallup, Rasmussen, NPR, & ABC News/Washington Post. RCP has a link to all details with each poll. All you have to do is click on the poll title in the national averages. It's good to know you agree with the "crusader's " electoral count while dismissing their national average. Check the map by Friday to see the swing state polling. :-) So..you've expressed your thoughts on the two most experienced and established pollsters as "outliers ", how do you translate the polls from NPR and ABC News/Washington Post?
  13. Is that an answer? Are you saying NPR and ABC News/Washington Post are inaccurate?,
  14. How about NPR & ABC/Washington Post? realclearpolitics.com
  15. Haha! I've heard Newt speak about that many times. It's not quite that simple. He has said that poor kids (or ANY teen) would benefit from working at their schools or with an after school program. Not ONLY as janitors, but in the library or offices. There's nothing wrong with learning to develop work ethic at a young age and to appreciate pay checks. This is going to be a wild ride until November. These out of context and over simplified quotes are just ridiculous.
  16. Which "safety net" has Romney (or cohorts?) pledged to destroy? I've followed the primaries closely and have yet to hear him pledge to destroy anything. He's said that he wants to repeal Obamacare and replace (fix it) with a much more fiscally sound alternative. Not a bad idea considering our debt situation in combination with a very weak economy. Although this statement from Romney provides meat for Liberals to repeat to the uninformed, he's actually right. The very poor already have medicaid, food stamps, WIC, section 8 housing, and so on. If you can provide a source of Romney wanting to destroy any of these...I'll vote for Obama.
  17. Liberal bias in the Obamamedia? No way! | Nealz Nuze | www.boortz.com http://m.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/2011/dec/06/liberal-bias-obamamedia-no-way/
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