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Oh. My. God.

Ok, first and foremost, Johnny Depp was OUTSTANDING! His talent is insanely visible in this movie, especially toward the end. I also noticed lots of people from Pirates of the Carribean and Pride and Prejudice there! I feel like some favors were called, lol.

Anyways, this movie was almost pornographic. I dont want to spoil it really for people who still want to see it, but ask yourself this question: When exactly was the dildo invented? That, major sex and sexual acts (cough cough), an orgy, etc. All with people who speak like they were in Shakespearean time. Very strange.

You're either gonna love it or hate it. I didnt like it until a couple days later, and now I see why it was liked by some. It is a crazy in-depth analysis of John Wilmot - every little detail that we may or may not want to see. Its hard to watch at times, yet you cant look away.... :blink:

If you've got a strong stomach and dont mind a bunch of porn interlaced with an interesting story, I'd recommend it. If not, stay away. :P

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how do u feel about this movie?? i think johnny depp looks hot

My sweet Johnnykinz ALWAYS looks hot... well cept maybe in the last little bit of Blow, but thats ok.

Just the fact that it is a Johnny Depp movie and I have them all ( yes even Crybaby as sad as that is to admit ) I wil get this one no matter what.

But luckily it doesn't look too bad at all.

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