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Episode 258




Carrie gives Craig a helping hand.

After meeting with Susan, Dusty goes alone to Donovan's. There, he finds Emily waiting on him. Dusty gets a call about a shipment and heads back to the dock to see it safely in, leaving his phone and Emily alone in the front. Emily flips open his phone and smiles when she sees that the wallpaper is an old photo of Dusty and herself. Realizing that he truly does still care for her, Susan's words start ringing in Emily's ears. When Dusty returns, Emily reports that she forgives him and wants a fresh start for the two of them. Dusty smirks that he'd like that very much.

Luke comes through the door at his parent's house. He's startled to find Jade in the living room, working on her laptop. When he asks her what she's working on, she fumbles to close the computer and mutters that it's nothing, which leads to a brief argument. Later, Luke tells Lily about the incident and the two go through Jade's computer. Going through her history tab, they find that she's been researching Colin's murder case online. Their trust in Jade faltering, they decide to confront her.

Swinging her purse over her arm, Carrie closes the front door at Fashion's and heads home. She's frightened when she sees two men fighting in Old Town until she notices Paul is one of them. Hollering at the top of her lungs, she sandwhiches herself between the two feuding men and calls their blows to a halt. Later, Paul frets to Barbara that once again, Carrie ruined his chance of getting back at Craig. Barbara scoffs, citing that the only thing Carrie did was stopping him from killing Craig.

Craig returns to his mother's, blood stains all over his favorite tie. While Lyla babies him, Carrie introduces herself to Margo and Katie. Carrie assures them that Craig is fine, but she had doubts about his ability to drive, so she volunteered. After Carrie has gone, Margo confronts Craig. She lectures that he can't be off making an ass of himself while their mom is fighting for her life again. Livid over the fact that he missed the family meeting, Craig accuses them of intentionally leaving him out.

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That was the fastest reunion I've ever witnessed on a soap for Dusty and Emily. :lol:

Jade's looking guilty, too guilty. Someone else must've killed Colin.

Paul sounds like a freaking baby, complaining to Mommy how a girl stopped him from beating up another guy. Grow up!

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