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Episode 257



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Dusty asks for Susan's help.

After just missing Lyla leave the cancer center after her check up, Susan tracks down Michael and demands an explanation for his quick exit the previous night. Michael explains that a patient needed him, but he promises it won't happen again. Susan accuses him of having cold feet about resuming their relationship, but Michael denies it. Later, Susan meets Dusty in the hospital lobby. Dusty asks her to talk to Emily for him, but Susan recants that she already has. Emily's not budging; she's still mad.

As Lyla comes back from her check up, Craig comes down the stairs. He kisses his mother goodbye, neglecting to hear her mention of a family meeting that night. Across town, Paul enters Fairwinds to find Rosanna in a big sobbing heap on the couch. Rosanna hands him a document and sighs that Craig is suing her for custody of Cabot, as if he hasn't put them both through enough this past year. Paul scoffs at the papers and hands them back to Rosanna before heading out to confront Craig.

As Craig emerges from Java with some muffins and hot cocoa, Paul corners him near his car. Paul angrily blasts his nemesis for thinking he can get away with kidnapping and then get custody of Cabot after it's all said and done. Craig takes advantage of Paul's uncontrollable anger and taunts him that Cabot will be better off without James Stenbeck's flesh-and-blood hovering over him. His temper at a boiling point, Paul slugs Craig as he falls to the ground.

Failing to find a phone number for Carly's mystery man, Katie buzzes over to Casey's and makes up an excuse to borrow his car. In a floppy hat and sunglasses, she slouches down, waiting for Carly to leave WOAK. Once Carly emerges from the building, Katie tails her all the way to her house. She waits until finally, a mystery man drops off J.J. and Parker. She gets ready to tail the man, no doubt "the" Mac Donnelly that she's heard so much about, but she's halted by Lyla's call urging her to stop by.

Writing down the license plate, Katie zips over to Lyla's and finds Margo and her mother waiting in the parlor. Knowing that Lyla can't use Katie's absence as an excuse for delay any longer, Margo prompts her mother to spill what's so important. Lyal takes a gulp before divulging that her cancer has returned. Both daughters don't believe it, recalling Lyla's previous lie about her cancer. Choked with tears, Lyla asserts that it's true; just ask Michael. The women immediately rally around their mother's side.

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Nice to see you're taking a page out of my book with the picture and caption. LOL! ;)

I do like Paul, only when he's with Rosanna though.


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