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Episode 256



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Swinging the door open, Will confronts Barbara about her role in buying the house. She denies everything, but Will reveals that he just got off the phone with the real estate agent; she can't lie anymore. Trapped, Barbara finally grumbles that she did buy the house with the intent of Noah and Carrie moving in together. She reasons that Will has become much too attached much too soon with Carrie and she knows he's still in love with Gwen. Will scoffs that even if he was, it's his own life. Barbara has no control over who he sees or what he does. Later, an angry Will trashes Barbara's suite, but Carrie settles him down.

Aaron thanks Alison for calming him down at Al's. If she had not have come in, there's no telling what he would have done. The doorbell rings and Aaron wonders who this could be. It's Casey, coming to talk to Alison about Sofie's letter. He received another one, which tells Casey that she's happy, getting married, and never returning to Oakdale. Casey calls himself stupid for letting a guy like Gabe around Sofie. Aaron defends that there's no way he could have known that they would end up together. Both of them push for Casey to go on another date with Gwen. Casey shrugs that he likes Gwen, but he's still not all the way over Sofie.

Susan reminds Emily that it wasn't too terribly long ago when she needed forgiveness from Dusty. Now, it's her turn to repay the favor. Emily mutters that she'll sleep on it, heading upstairs for the night. Michael comes by and Susan giggles when she sees that he's brought take-out from Al's and a small candle (that he stole from Susan's foyer) for them. Susan admits that this should make up for him having to cancel last night. After dinner, Michael starts to nibble on Susan's ear but she stops him by revealing that Emily's upstairs asleep. Michael smirks that they can be quiet, but Susan suggests they get a hotel room. As they gather their things, Michael gets a page from Lyla who isn't feeling well. Although he promises the medical emergency won't last long, Susan is visibly upset. Across town, while giving her some medication to help with the pain, Michael finds out that Lyla still hasn't told her family. She promises to tell them soon. Michael warns her that the sooner they know, the lesser the fall-out.

Opening the door, Lily comments to Craig how late it is. She's glad Holden is over at Emma's helping her with a pregnant horse, or he would be livid. Craig thanks Lily for her time and assures her he won't be long. He just needs to know if he has made the right decisions since he came back to town. Lily sympathizes with Craig and gushes that he sacrificed his own life to save Cabot's and kept him out of harm's way all of this time. The least that Rosanna can do is acknowledge the bond that he's formed with Cabot and share custody of the young toddler. Craig explains that he knows it's a long shot, but he's a changed man and he feels like Cabot is his own son after spending almost a year with him. Lily fears that Craig is using Cabot as a replacement for Johnny, but Craig denies it. He still hasn't stopped looking for Lucy and Johnny. Before leaving, Craig hints that he's done something that will change his situation for the better.


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