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Episode 259



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Rosanna and Paul make their relationship official.

Dusty admits that he would like to give their relationship a fresh start, but first, there's some stuff that they need to settle. They take a seat as Emily explains her reasoning for coming here tonight. Susan informed her that just like any man, Dusty made a mistake. She realizes that now; she was wrong to jump to conclusions. Dusty interrupts her and tells her that the main reason why they even got into this mess was because of her. If she had never printed that story about Clark and Lucinda, there's no doubt in his mind that Emily would have kept on with her lie about not knowing a thing. Emily accuses Dusty of making this about her and lashes out at him for being so selfish that he can't even admit fault. Now feeling attacked, Emily gets up and tells Dusty that they're done discussing this. They both tentatively agree to disagree. When Dusty leans in for a kiss, Emily offers a hostile hug before storming off, obviously put off by Dusty's lecture.

Paul huffs that anywhere he goes, there Carrie is. Barbara reveals that she isn't on good terms with Carrie, either. After explaining the steps that she took to ensure that Carrie stayed away from Will and vice versa, Barbara sighs that now she'll probably never have the relationship with Carrie that she wanted. And now, Will's so angry with her that he's booked a room at the Wagon Wheel just to be away from her. Paul angrily blasts his mother for her desire to have a relationship with Carrie, accusing her of trying to replace Jennifer with Carrie. Barbara denies the allegation and heads to bed for the night. Later, Paul heads to Rosanna's upon her request and she furiously scolds him for possibly endangering her chances of getting custody of Cabot. Once Craig confronts the judge with the news that her boyfriend has attacked him, there's a possibility that the judge will see Rosanna's home environment as unstable and violent and hand custody over to Craig. Paul stands shocked that Rosanna called him her boyfriend and asks if she sees him that way. Rosanna admits that Paul has been there for her through thick and thin. His devotion and support during the past few months has made her see that the love he feels for her is genuine. Now, she says, she's able to embrace her feelings for him instead of trying to run from them. Rosanna invites him to bed with her, smiling that the couch isn't too comfortable. Melting in his warm embrace as they race into the bedroom, Rosanna whispers that she needs him and the two make love.

Lily, with Luke by her side, confronts Jade about researching Colin's murder. Jade angrily blasts her aunt and cousin for going through her personal things, but Luke reasons that they were worried about her. He knew when he saw her this afternoon that something was up. Jade crumbles, admitting that she wishes she could remember something from the night Colin was killed. That way, Luke could be cleared of all charges. Luke starts to tell Jade that he covered for her by hiding the murder weapon but Lily stops him. Later, Lily tells Luke that Jade's much too rattled and confused by the whole ordeal already. If she found out that he found the knife in her bag, she might start to think that she's guilty...and that's one more shock she's not sure Jade would be able to handle. Lily continues that she wants Jade to remember on her own time, but in the meanwhile, they have to deal with the fact that Luke's in the hot seat. Craig comes knocking and informs Lily that his mother's cancer has returned and his family failed to let him in. Lily sympathizes with Craig, noting how hard it must be to return to town and find that Lyla's still fighting for her life. Holden comes in, fresh from delivering a colt at Emma's, and is less than thrilled to see Craig in his home. After Craig has left, Holden berates Lily for letting Craig back into their lives. Lily resentfully mumbles under her breath before storming off to bed and locking the door behind her.

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Dusty and Emily :(

Barbara's in denial. She is totally trying to replace Jen with Belle...oops! I mean Carrie. ;)

Yay, Paul and Rosanna are official! :wub:

Craig's like family to Lily and always will be no matter what he does. Holden needs to realize that. Holden and Lily really need something added to spice them up. They're so boring! Molly needs to come back and raise some hell for these two. :)

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