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Episode 260




Lily learns what Craig's been up to.

Mac nearly gets run over by Parker, JJ and Sage as they rush out the door to the bus. Laughing, Carly offers him a cup of coffee while she waits for the cab to take her to work; her car is still in the shop. When Mac asks if the cops have any suspects yet, Carly admits she hasn't heard anything from them yet, and she doesn't really expect to. Vandalism is a low-priority, and besides, if it's who she thinks it is, the Chief of Detectives is sure to bury it. Mac asks why and Carly admits she suspects Jack's ex-wife, the Chief of Detective's sister, smashed in her headlights. And Margo will never let Katie get nailed for it. Mac asks why Carly's so sure it's Katie. Carly sighs that not only did she bust up Katie's marriage to Jack, but now, Katie now blames her for the end of her marriage to Brad.

Rosanna rolls over and finds Paul has already left the bed. Just as she starts to pull the covers back, Paul comes in toting a delicious breakfast on a tray. Rosanna gushes that she was always a sucker for breakfast in bed, preparing herself for the eggs and bacon steaming in front of her. Paul admits that he never thought this day would come. Rosanna grins and recalls how determined Paul has been to regain her trust. She sighs that they have surely had their ups and downs, but hopefully, now things can only go up from here. Later, Paul informs Barbara of his reunion with Rosanna. Barbara's a bit sidetracked, though, trying to pack Carrie's stuff. Paul scoffs that he can't believe that it took this long for his mother to come to her senses and fire the little leech. Barbara recants that Carrie asked her to bring over some stuff to her new apartment...that's all. No firing has happened. When Paul starts griping even more, Barbara hisses that she's had enough of Paul's attitude towards Carrie. She happens to be very fond of Carrie and she's going to do what she can to get back into Carrie's good graces soon enough...whether Paul likes it or not. Across town, Barbara meets with Carrie at her new apartment and apologizes for making Carrie feel like she had to move out; she just simply wants the best for her. Carrie grabs the box and hurriedly tells Barbara she'll be by to clean out her desk at a later time. Shocked, Barbara asks her if she's quitting and Carrie replies yes before closing the door.

Brad enters the office he shares with Katie, suppressing irritation at finding her already there. Katie makes a "peace offering", a dozen cinnamon-sugared donut holes, his favorite morning snack. Once he's assured she did nothing to them, he starts scarfing them down. Katie apologizes for acting so crazy lately, blaming all the stress on the divorce and recently learning Lyla's cancer has returned. Brad makes a jab, asking if this sudden return of cancer is just another lie, but once he realizes it isn't, he quickly retreats. Katie continues that she knows it's her fault the marriage ended. Too bad she didn't admit that to herself before she trashed Carly's car, Brad smirks. Katie hostilely denies damaging the car. Brad blows her off, unconvinced and heads to the coffee machine where he notices Mac dropping Carly off at work. He stalks outside, asking why she didn't call him to give her a ride to work. Because she had to deal with three children this morning, and a fourth was just too much for her, Carly sarcastically tells him. Mac steps up and tries to smooth things over with Brad, but Brad tells him to back off. He doesn't buy this act, and he's going to make it his mission to find out what Mac's up to. While Katie watches from inside, Carly snarls at Brad while Mac stands back and lets her. Amused, Katie grins as Carly makes a point of ignoring Brad and talking to Mac. Seeing that Brad's heading back inside, Katie scurries back to her desk, just before Brad angrily storms back in. Grabbing his cell phone, Brad calls Lily, asking for the name of a private investigator.

After Lily hangs up with Brad, she turns her attention to Holden. He's still not happy with Craig's presence at the house last night. Lily defends her friend, claiming that he dropped by for consolation after finding out that Lyla's cancer has returned. The content of the visit isn't important, Holden huffs. It's the fact that the man was even in his house. Lily yells that Holden's just being ridiculous now. Holden calls out for her as she slams the door behind her and chases her outside. Lily admits that she just needs a little time to cool off and will be back soon. Later, Lily meets with Carly at Java. Lily grumbles that she's at her wit's end. Lucinda hid a part of her past from her own daughter. Luke and Jade are both in hot water with the law. And now, Holden's upset over Craig's visit last night and she doesn't know how longer she can take it all. Holden's hatred towards Craig is slowly tearing apart her marriage, she quips. He only came by for some friendly comfort. Carly stops Lily mid-sentence and asks if she's heard yet. Once Lily shakes her head no and asks what she's talking about, Carly explains that she got a call from Rosanna last night. It seems that Craig has sued for full custody of Cabot. Lily's both perplexed and angered by Craig's actions. Suddenly, she remembers Craig's vague comment a few days ago that he was about to do something drastic. Chugging down the remainder of her coffee, Lily apologizes to Carly for cutting things short, but promises to get back in touch with her after she's done giving Craig an earful. After Lily leaves, Carly gives a disapproving shake of her head and chuckles that Lily's wasting her time; Craig's skull is too thick. Lily's words will go in one ear...and right out the other.


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