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Episode 261



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Craig has a proposition for Dusty.

Fuming over what Carly just told her, Lily confronts Craig as he sit down for dinner at Al's. She demands to know why he kept his pursuit of custody a secret from her. Craig shrugs that he knew she would probably take sides with Carly, and therefore Rosanna, with the whole matter. Lily angrily blasts Craig for using Cabot to get back at Rosanna now that she's moved on with Paul. Craig denies that he would do any such thing and feigns surprise that Lily would think so low of him. Later, Lily returns home and finds out from Faith and Natalie's babysitter that Jade left out a few hours ago and didn't say where she was going. She's finally able to track down Jade at Lincoln Park. Jade reasons that she thought by coming here, it might jog her memory. Lily demands that she seek some sort of counseling, noting that Jade might be biting off more than she can chew. Realizing that she's offended her niece, Lily tries to explain that while she says that she wants to remember, she might not want to once everything comes back. Jade accuses her aunt of insinuating that she had something to do with Colin's murder and storms off. After Lily returns home with a discontent Jade trailing behind, Holden gives his wife the third degree about her interference in Jade's debacle, claiming she should be more worried about Luke. He's also not too happy when Lily lets it slip that she saw Craig earlier. Holden blasts her that they all have enough on their hands thanks to Jade; the last thing they need is Craig causing problems, too. Furious, Lily stomps up the stairs, just missing an eavesdropping Jade on her way.

Toting a small binder, Brad paces in the abandoned WOAK parking lot. He eyes his watch and looks up to see a man approaching. The man introduces himself as Neil Garner, the private investigator he spoke with on the phone. Brad thanks Neil for meeting him so late and hands him an envelope, promising more once he gets all his information. Lily spoke kindly of him, Brad shrugs. He hopes that he can find some helpful information about this Mac Donnelly fellow. Carly sneaks up on the two and recognizes the P.I. as the same one that Rosanna sometimes employs. Clearing her throat, Carly makes her presence known and Brad fumbles to hide the binder he's carrying. Carly asks what they're doing in an abandoned parking lot at night. Brad recants that he could ask her the same thing; was she planning on meeting Mac here for an impromptu hockey lesson? Carly huffs that she's growing agitated very quickly with Brad. She's allowed to make her own decisions. Out of the corner of her eye, Carly notices the binder and asks what he's planning. Brad sighs that he just had to pick up something he left at the office. Carly explains that she too left some important sketches here that she was planning to take home with her. Excusing herself, Carly watches in the shadows as Brad hands the binder to Neil and reminds him that time is of the essence. Quickly, Carly darts in to her office and retrives the sketches. Someone watches as Carly locks her office back and heads out. A loose sheet of production paper blows across the floor. When Carly goes to pick it up, she hears a noise and addresses the presence as Brad. She doesn't have time for games, she hisses. After a few moment of eerie silence, Carly realizes she isn't alone and scurries out, nearly knocking Brad down in her flight. She forcefully punches him on the chest and grumbles that his childish pranks are becoming a nuissance. She heads back to her car, fresh out of the shop, and attributes the noise to Brad's odd sense of humor. Meanwhile, Brad decides to check out what had Carly so freaked. Rounding the corner, the mysterious figure hits him on the head with a loose board and Brad plummets to the floor.

Dusty dashes past all the dancing teens in Donovan's and picks up the phone. Expecting Emily to be on the other line, he's disappointed to hear a vendor's voice griping about pricing. After he hangs up, Dusty notices Craig walk in through the front door. Craig approaches, remarking how well Dusty has done for himself since he's been gone. Dusty jabs that alot of people in Oakdale liked the dead Craig better. Craig tightens his tie and smirks that not everyone can get what they want in life. Craig notices that Emily isn't with him and asks if they've hit the skids. Brushing him off like a pesky fly, Dusty mutters that his personal life is none of Craig's business. What brought you here tonight anyways, he grumbles. Craig, feigning shock, asks if he can't come check out the hottest place in town without having an ulterior motive. Dusty half-heartedly chuckles. Craig Montgomery never does anything in life without possibly gaining something. Craig admits that he has rubbed horns with Dusty in the past, but he's hoping that his latest proposal will lighten the stiff atmosphere between them. Craig continues that he's suing Rosanna for custody of Cabot. As one of the toddler's legal guardians, he can't stand to watch the other legal guardian cavorting with the likes of Paul Ryan. Nor should the child be raised by someone as evil and cut-throat as a Stenbeck. He only wants the best for the young tot, he confesses, so he's asking Dusty to be a character witness at the custody hearing...for him. They both can agree that someone as unstable as Paul Ryan should not be co-parenting a child. Dusty laughs, asserting that Craig shouldn't be parenting at all. He shoved his son into an early grave and put his daughter through many different hells before she finally snatched up Johnny and fled town to escape him. Craig takes the painful jab in stride and admits that he has a point, but even Dusty Donovan should know the importance of a stable home life; just look at the way he turned out. Dusty grows agitated with Craig's sarcasm, but in amazement at his adversary's latest ploy, asks what he could possibly get in return if he co-operates. Craig reveals that he got an interesting lead on Johnny and Lucy this morning. He's willing to share the wealth if Dusty holds up his end of the bargain. Returning back to his office, Dusty informs Craig that the answer isn't a no...but a hell no. Craig smirks and shrugs. Have it whichever way you like it, he quips before turning around and walking out.

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I know Jade didn't kill Colin. I want to know who did though.

I think you should've had Brad hire Steve Johnson as his PI and not this Neil Garner. ;):lol:

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