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Episode 262




Alison and Emily face off.

Jade comes down the next morning and informs Lily that she's moving back in over at Cal's old place. Stunned, Lily asks if Jade's ready to make such a huge step. Jade reasons that she might be less of a burden. She already almost sank Will and Gwen's marriage; she's not about to be the cause of Holden and Lily's problems. Softening, Lily explains that she and Holden have been married on and off since they were young. No matter what the problem, she knows that at the end of the day, they can make it through. Wondering where she got the impression that she was causing problems with their marriage, Jade reveals that she heard the argument between the two of them last night. Later, Luke stops by and Lily asks him to speak with Jade and perhaps get her to change her mind about moving out. She doesn't need to, Lily emphasizes, not while Jade is so fragile. After Luke agrees, Lily runs into Lucinda at Old Town. Lucinda begs with Lily to hear her out. When Lily shrugs her off, Lucinda quips that she's just being stubborn like always.

Brad wakes up in Oakdale Memorial, with Bob shining a light in his eyes. Groggily, he asks what happened, and Bob tells him he was found unconscious at WOAK and brought to the hospital. Bob wants to admit Brad to the hospital overnight for observation. When Brad protests, Bob insists he won't be released unless someone agrees to pick him up and watch him for signs of concussion. Brad tries to convince him there are plenty of people at the farm who'll do just that. Bob good-naturedly informs him that when someone shows up, they'll discharge him. Just then, Katie slides in, volunteering to take Brad home. Brad asks why she showed up. She's still listed on his emergency contact forms, Katie answers. Brad assures her he'll change them immediately. It doesn't explain why she showed up though. Katie shrugs her shoulders and admits she isn't sure why she did either. Bob offers to start the discharge paperwork, if Katie's going to see Brad home. Reluctantly, Brad agrees. Katie hopes that this means they can put the past behind them.

Looking through the classified ads, Alison sighs that she needs a job. Aaron reminds her that they resigned from Donovan's because of Dusty and Emily's interference in their lives. Aaron huffs that Dusty seemed more focused on getting in his girlfriend's pants than anything. Alison reminds her boyfriend that Dusty was drunk and didn't mean anything by it. Sensing a fight coming on, Alison runs to her mom's to see if any jobs are open at the hospital. Instead of her mother, Alison gets a cranky Emily. As she sachets down the stairs, Emily hisses that Dusty isn't here. Alison explains that she didn't come to see Dusty, but while they're on the subject, she just wants to reiterate to Emily that nothing happened. Dusty thought she was Emily, Alison continues. Emily refuses to hear Alison's excuses anymore. Infuriated, Alison screams out that Emily needs to get over herself; all she cares about is herself. Dusty needs forgiveness just like she needed it from him not too long ago. All she hears afterward is Emily slamming the door behind her. Later, Emily runs into her office to get some paperwork and finds Dusty waiting for her in her office. He claims that he came to talk, but Emily thinks they've said all that needs to be said. Dusty thinks otherwise and tells Emily that he's not happy without her and he knows it's ditto on her end. Fed up, Emily refuses to hear anymore and asks Dusty to leave. Instead, he pulls her into a kiss and lays her down on the desk, kicking the door shut behind him as he unbuttons her blouse.

Carly finishes up her work as the kids do homework upstairs. The bell rings, and Carly finds Brad on her door. She laughs at the gauze wrapped around his head, and tells him it's way past Halloween. Brad barges in and tells her he just got out of the hospital---after her boyfriend tried to kill him. Carly laughs again, and tells him she's not falling for another of his scare tactics. Playing boogeyman at the station was enough for one day. Brad insists he didn't do anything at the station, except get clobbered on the back of the head. Carly accuses him of tripping over his clown feet and playing it for all it's worth. Brad shoves the discharge papers into her hand and tells her he's not faking anything. Carly's flabbergasted Memorial released him so soon. Brad tells her they only did because Katie signed him out. He then hailed a cab and came straight to Milltown. Now she's stuck playing nurse for the night.


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