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Episode 263




Jade remembers something from the night of Colin's murder.

Brad ends up overstaying his welcome with Carly and the kids. Carly keeps hinting for him to leave, but he ignores her. Finally fed up, Carly hauls him into the kitchen and asks him why he's being such a pest. Brad reasons that it's because Jack's gone. He blames himself, saying Jack wouldn't have left town if Brad hadn't bought into Katie's lies and accused Carly of instigating Katie's "miscarriage". Touched, Carly chuckles he's going overboard with his suspicions about Mac. There's nothing going on between them, and there won't be. That's fine for now, Brad argues, but the longer Jack's gone, the more vulnerable she's going to be. Seeing Carly's offended expression, Brad reminds her that's the only reason they hooked up during their extremely brief marriage. Mac's a lot more honorable than Brad was then, Carly scoffs. Brad vents his frustration with Carly thinking that Mac's a good guy, but Brad likes to believe he's a big, fat liar. Brad recalls that he was a con for a lot of years, and there's something about Mac that's just too smooth.

Emily straightens her hair as Dusty fumbles for his pants. Recognizing a familiar glow in her eyes, Dusty calls her out on it. His point has been proven, he elaborates. She's happy with him. Emily grunts at the notion that their lovemaking was just to prove a point. Dusty asks her if she felt the same passion that he felt just now on that desk and takes a "yes" from Emily's silent stare. Vaguely, he references a corner booth at Mona Lisa that has been reserved and hopes Emily can come. Later, still reeling from her encounter with Dusty, Emily comes face to face with Lucinda at Java. Lucinda recalls aloud a large check that she wrote to Emily for her silence and since that silence has been betrayed, she'd like her money back. Emily hisses that Lucinda dug her own grave by keeping her past a secret. Sooner or later, it was bound to come out, with or without the help of The Intruder. Furious, Lucinda hints that she'll get her money back by whatever means necessary.

Rounding the corner, Jade rolls her eyes when she spies Luke waiting for her outside Cal's. The two take a hike, all the while discussing Jade's situation. Sighing, Luke reasons that they don't mean to pressure her so much. His parents have been feuding about Craig long before Jade ever came back to town. He recalls Holden having to track Lily down in Barbados and the chaos that ensued. While Holden might not agree with Jade most of the time, Luke tells her, he still wants what's best for her and actually loves her like his own niece. Jade's reluctant to believe it and angrily accuses Luke of playing both sides. Luke replies that there are no sides; he just wants everyone happy. When Jade changes the subject to Kevin, Luke reveals that they barely speak. For some reason, Kevin has suspicions that Luke was involved in Colin's murder. Frustrated, Jade asks why he would think such a thing. She continues her questions, asking why the cops arrested him and not her. Luke recalls his mother warning him not to tell Jade anything. It would be too much for her, he remembers her saying. Jade continues provoking him until finally, he blurts out he covered for her by hiding the murder weapon he found in her bag. Suddenly, Jade has a flashback of her hand gripping a knife and Colin screaming. She collapses on the bridge crying...."What have I done?"


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