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Episode 228



After meeting up with Gwen for coffee at Java, Alison asks her how she's handling the split from Will. Gwen informs her that she recently sent him papers seeking separation and sole custody of Hallie once the divorce has been finalized. Alison thinks Gwen's being a bit harsh, but Gwen justifies her actions by saying that Will has been a loose cannon lately. As the two start to walk out, they meet Jade. Still harboring a grudge from the past, Gwen coldly snaps that she and Will are separated and Jade can help herself to him now.

Rosanna's shopping in Old Town when Paul finds her and pulls her aside. He tells her that Meg has returned to town. Harsly, she snaps that now's the perfect time to reunite with his ex and get sucked into another one of her sick lies. Paul objects that he told Meg exactly what he thought of her playing with head and he thinks she's genuinely sorry. When Barbara arrives, Paul briefs his mother on running into Meg. He fusses that he should have never told Rosanna. Back in Old Town, Rosanna fumbles for her keys when she catches Meg approaching her. Trying to ignore her, she has no other choice but to turn around when Meg finally calls her name.

Lyla and Katie set their plan in motion as Katie chimes that she kept Brad's phone off the charger all night. Brad leaves to do some taping at WOAK and when he returns, he finds Lyla comforting Katie. Silently, Katie hopes this all goes as planned. Lyla explains that Katie started spotting right after Brad left. They tried to reach him, but his cell was dead; by the time they got to the hospital, it was too late. She had miscarried. Brad's utterly devastated and although she doesn't exactly say so, Katie hints that her shoving match with Carly might have cost her their unborn child. Furious, Brad heads to confront Carly. At the same time, Carly impersonates Katie over the phone and asks the hotel in Chicago to fax over her bill. Reading the list, Carly seems satisfied and starts to head out to confront Brad with the truth that his "devoted little wife" has been lying to him about being pregnant. That is, until Brad blasts though the front door and angrily blasts Carly for "what she's done".

After Gwen and Alison leave, Jade clocks in at work and learns that Colin resigned. She's happy in knowing that he's out of Oakdale for good and maybe now, she can put the past behind her. Later, after work, Jade meets up with Luke and Kevin at Yo's. They all three look up to see Will walk in with Carrie in tow. Kevin recalls Carrie's supposedly dating Noah and Luke makes a snide comment about Noah's behavior when it comes to relationship. Kevin accuses him of still hung up on Noah. Meanwhile, Will informs Carrie of his tumultuous past with Jade. Carrie suggests he call a truce, but he seems reluctant. After Luke and Kevin leave, Will approaches Jade and asks to speak with her alone.

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Quit being a bitch, Gwen. Snapping at Jade was kind of uncalled for. She hasn't even been in their orbit since she's been back. Get a life!

Rosanna vs. Meg should be a treat. :D

Katie... <_<

Colin's gone?? Thank God!

Will and Carrie could be something great. ;):wub:

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