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Episode 227



When Susan interrupts Michael and Katie's conversation, Katie realizes that her uncle has enough drama of his own to deal with. Frustrated, she confronts Lyla about the fight with Carly. She definitely thinks she's faking the pregnancy, Katie worries. Seeing one way out, Katie begs Lyla to help her fake a miscarriage. Lyla doesn't want to, realizing that continuing the lie will only make it worse, but eventually (and reluctantly) agrees, feeling responsible for lying to Katie, which made Katie panic and lie to Brad. Meanwhile, Carly snoops through files and tries to find Katie's copy of her expense report from the trip to Chicago. She narrowly escapes getting caught by Kim. After coming up with nothing, Carly devises another plan.

Pulled aside by Susan, Michael informs her that she made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with him. Susan matter-of-factly ignores his statement and advises him Bob would like to see him. Entering Bob's office, Michael sits down and asks the good doctor what he called him in for. Bob recalls that Michael asked for some time off from the cancer center but now that he has returned to town, does this mean Michael is ready to get back to work. Michael nods his head yes as Bob briefs him on an important patient file that has changed since he's been gone. Outside, we see Susan lurking. Biting her lip, she wonders how she'll handle working with Michael again.

Paul's shocked to find Meg on the other side of the door. He's pleased to see her in better shape than she was last time, but he also holds a painful grudge for her ruining her one shot at happiness with Rosanna. Meg sighs that she came to tell him why she did what she did. After all this time, she still doesn't know why she did what she did. Perhaps it was envy of Rosanna or maybe it was her obsessive need to hold onto Paul. Whatever it was, she realizes that she hurt him...and Rosanna. And for that, she'll never forgive herself. Later, after she's gone, Paul reflects back on the good times with Rosanna and wonders if he will ever get those happy moments back.

Across town, Emily goes stir crazy in her office, working on last minute details for a story. The phone rings and Emily answers only to roll her eyes when she hears Lucinda's voice on the other end. Emily tells her she's busy working on a story. Almost in a warning tone, Lucinda tells her that she hopes it has nothing to do with herself or Clark for that matter. She's held up her end of the bargain, now she expects Emily to do the same. Later, Dusty comes knocking. At first, Emily plays resistant to his persistent apologies, but finally relents and kisses him. Dusty runs his hands across the desk and papers flutter while objects crash onto the floor. Ripping his shirt open, Emily greedily kisses his bare chest and pins him down on the desk, smothering him with her hot kiss. As he fumbles for his pants zipper, Emily warns Dusty to never doubt her again, almost choking on her hypocritical words before finally continuing to make love.


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