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Episode 229



Will approaches Jade and asks to speak with her alone. Finally, away from the crowd, Will apologizes for the way things went south between them. He knows that deep down, Jade has a good heart. Jade thanks him and asks what brought this all about. Seeing Carrie out of the corner of her eye, Jade hints that he doesn't have to mend bridges with her; she deliberately ruined his relationship with Gwen just to get what she wanted. They agree to leave the past where it belongs and move on. Later, Carrie congratulates Will on taking steps to smooth things over with Jade. Noah comes and pulls Carrie aside, telling her that Barbara has asked her to come in and edit some designs because of a last minute fabric snafu. Carrie leaves with Noah, but not before bidding her friend Will goodbye. Later, Casey gives props to Will for finally getting out of the house. He mentions Carrie being quite the catch, but Will sternly mumbles they're just friends.

Rosanna tries to avoid Meg calling her name, but eventually turns around. Bothered, she asks what brought Meg to town. Does she care to fill Paul's head with lies again. Meg looks down and fiddles with her fingers before admitting that she and Josh have actually reunited. Rosanna tells her that she's late for an appointment and asks Meg to just spit out what she wants to say. Meg reveals that she knows she hurt Rosanna. The truth is that she did all that out of fear. She knew that she no longer held Paul's heart and she was just a fill-in for the one woman that he had never quite gotten over: Rosanna. Hearing all this, Rosanna says that what she did was unforgiveable; but Meg stops her. She doesn't want forgiveness for herself, but rather for Paul. He was just caught in the middle and he was the innocent one. He only believed Meg because he was stuck in the middle and the child issue was a factor. Before taking her cue to exit, Meg urges her to remember the good times with Paul and don't ever give up on getting those good times back. "I'm sorry that I was the one that kept those good times from you both," she musters with a teary face before walking away.

Standing baffled by his abrupt entrance and his hurls of insults, Carly asks what he's talking about. Brad tells her that thanks to her shoving Katie, she's now miscarried. Carly's jaw drops open, unable to fathom the lies Katie must be spinning now. The two get into an extremely heated argument, and Jack walks in just as Brad grabs Carly and starts shaking her. Jack gets him to back off, and Brad spills his version of events, making Carly seem like a vengeful bitch and leaves, making some snarky assed comment about Jack being better off without her. Jack's silent as Carly starts explaining everything---how they ran into each other in Chicago, where Katie spilled a drink on her, how she seemed nervous that Carly would mention it to anyone, that they had a big fight then tries to show him the bill from Katie's room listing various food and drink items that pregnant women shouldn't be indulging in. Jack says he doesn't care what Katie did. He's upset that Carly is carrying out some stupid vendetta. He doesn't like that side of her, which kept messing things up for them for a lot of years. Carly bitchily wonders why he's not congratulating her for discovering the truth, which he's always said is so important to him. At least when she's lying to him, anyway. His precious Katie gets a pass, and she's sick of it. Fed up, Carly heads upstairs and slams the door behind her, leaving Jack to show his own self out.

Luke finishes up some studying at Java when Alison comes in and reminds him of the back to semester party that Donovan's is holding. She asks him if he and Kevin have worked things out and Luke reports that Kevin went back to the apartment, got in his truck, and hasn't returned calls since. Alison explains that he probably just has a hard time dealing with mentions of Noah, especially since they were together for a while before Kevin returned to town. Alison thinks that maybe Kevin held his feelings for Luke inside out of fear of rejection. All the time Noah spent with Luke, she continues, is time Kevin lost because he was too afraid to express his long suppressed feelings for Luke. Thnking it over, Luke says he might make an appearance at the party. Later, Alison runs into Emily who beams that she and Dusty finally worked everything out. Alison spies her sister wearing an expensive bracelet that she wanted, but it cost a fortune so she kept walking. She asks where Emily got the money to afford such a thing, but Emily jerks her arm away and musters a smile. She got it on sale, she explains before quickly making an exit. As she walks away, Emily hopes that Alison bought her story and will quit asking questions.


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