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Episode 230



Barbara thanks Noah for bringing Carrie back to the office last night after she spotted them cavorting at Yo's. Noah tells her that he thinks this is a bad mistake. Sensing his frustration, Barbara recalls that she has a business meeting out of town and would feel better if a man were at the house to watch over Carrie; and since both of her sons are pre-occupied with their own problems, Noah seems like the perfect guy for the job. Noah reluctantly agrees, only accepting at the prospect of having some alone time with Carrie.

When Carrie returns home from work, he suggests they go to Donovan's but Carrie wants to go to bed. Noah sets up a makehsift bed on the couch as we see Carrie having a dream of James chuckling with Cabot in his arms. She screams and Noah bolts when he hears her. He calms her down and asks what she dreamed about, but Carrie says it doesn't matter..she's fine. She thanks Noah for checking up on her before sending him back to the couch.

Later, Rosanna catches Barbara making a last minute stop at the office. Rosanna asks if she knows where she can find Paul and Barbara vents that if Rosanna plans on giving her son anymore hell for the fact that he believed Meg over her, she can forget it. He's already trashed the office because he was upset over a confrontation with Rosanna last week. Rosanna thanks Barbara for her help and decides to check in on Carly before going to work.

Carly gives her sister the details of the Katie situation and snaps how convenient it was for Jack to miss Thanksgiving with the kids, but come back in on his white stallion in just enough time to give her another ass chewing about how her bitterness towards Katie is slowly ruining innocent little Katie's chances at a happy life. Rosanna suggests she talk with Jack some more about it; maybe now that they've both cooled off, they can have a civil conversation.

Taking her sister's office, Carly arrives at Emma's and finds Jack working on a crossword puzzle. Carly coldly asks if there's a five letter word for liar before finally suggesting "K-A-T-I-E". Jack sighs that he doesn't want to fight anymore; if that's what she came to do, she can show herself out. Carly smiles that she didn't come to fight. She just came to "inform" him that Katie has a habit of suffocating her men until they either leave town to get away from her or spontaneously combust; he should know since he just had his divorce from the little nitwit finalized months ago. What's to say that she's not lying about her pregnancy to suffocate Brad?

Jack steps back and says that maybe she has a point. He and Carly have hurt each other too much, too long to ever get back what they had. Not to mention that her vengeful behavior has made her claim a miscarriage she helped cause never really happened. Huffing with frustration, he tells her he got a job offer--a private security gig out of the country. And since he needs some space, he's going to take it. Carly stands speechless.

Casey puts trays down on the counter, wiping his forehead and calling out to Aaron that all the trays have been cleaned. Alison emerges with a basket of decorations and asks for the boys' help with them. As they laugh and cut up while hanging the decorations, Colin walks in and asks if he's missed the party. Alison hisses that she thought he left town. Colin smirks that he had originally planned to until a blonde hottie caught his eye. Oh what a gentleman, she quips, excusing herself before she "gets sick" at the sight of him.

Outside, Jade and Luke comb out the spot and comment how nice it is. Jade asks if Kevin is alright and Luke promises he'll check on him if he hasn't heard anything from him in a little while. He's probably riding around, jamming out, just letting off some steam. As the two finally enter the club, they're stunned to find themselves face to face with Colin. Luke asks what the hell he's still doing here. Colin chuckles that the gift his Mom gave him to leave town was quite generous, but he had a last minute change of plans. What was that, Jade irritably asks. Just then, Gwen walks in the door. Colin motions his location and runs to meet her at the stairs as Luke, Jade, and Alison all look on with disgust.


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