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Episode 106



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Springfield is recovering from the storm........


The place is a mess.
David Grant walks around.
He can barley recognize the place.
Suddenly a car pulls up.
Buzz and Lucy come running out.
Lucy comes running over to him, "Where is she?"
Buzz is worried, "David! They said Harley and Gus were downtown looking for Susan. Where are they?"
David sighs, "Over there."
He points to the collapsed building across the street.
Buzz falls to the ground, "NO!"
Lucy holds him, "Daddy. Don't worry! Okay? Harley and Gus are cops they know how to handle these things!"
Buzz looks up at David, "Who else? Was there anyone else inside there with them?"
David sighs, "We got a phone message from Gus. We couldn't make it all out. But he said..... Alan and Natalia were in the building with them."
Lucy is in shock, "Oh my God! Do the Spauldings know yet?"
Just then a limo comes pulling in.


Charles walks over to Ed, "We need all the help we can get. The storms caused so much damamge and a lot of people were hurt."
Ed nods, "I was worried sick. Rick was safe and Michelle wasn't in town. Luckily she didn't get to much damage where she was."
Rick walks over, "Hey they reported a bunch of car accidents that are being checked out. Odds are we're gonna have a lot going on today. So we need to have everyone here."
They all turn their heads to see Michelle walking in.
Ed runs over and hugs his daughter, "Oh thank God!"
She sighs, "I called you this morning Daddy."
He nods, "I know but all last night I was worried sick. Where did you go last night anyways?"
Michelle shakes her head, "I can't talk about it right now. All I can say is that a lot changed last night."
Michelle walks off to go start work.
Rick shakes his head, "I'm worried about her."
Ed sighs, "I have a bad feeling. The last time I felt this way was..... I just hope things are different this time."
Rick turns to him, "What do you mean?"
Ed goes to say something but more patients come in.
The doctors go to work.


Mallet is walking down the road looking around.
There was a huge accident last night.
Marina runs over, "What's going on?"
Mallet sighs, "Last night the roads were pretty slick and snowy. I guess a few cars stopped to try and wait it out. That's when a semi came driving down and crashed it totaled all of the cars. Sadly odds are that there were no survivors but we are still checking."
Marina sighs, "Wow. I can't believe that. Those poor people just waiting in their cars had no chance at all."
Mallet nods, "I know. It's really difficult when you know that these people had families and loved ones who have to deal with this now. It really puts things into perspective."
Marina looks around, "Where's David?"
Mallet turns around, "He went to check the damage out downtown. I don't know what's up but he seemed worried. Where's your partner?"
She sighs, "I have no idea. I called Remy but he isn't answering. I'm starting to worry. Sam and Stephanie said he didn't come home last night. And I can't get a hold of his parents."
Mallet sighs, "Oh God!"
Marina turns to him, "What's wrong?"
He looks down, "I didn't want to tell you this. But.... the reason I'm down here is because they found a car. One of the cars that was in the crash. It belonged to Blake Marler."
She gasp, "What? Is Blake okay?"
Mallet sighs, "Well her car was empty so we thought she must have gotten out and walked but... if Remy's missing too."
Marina begins to worry more.

Carriage House:

Kevin walks in.
He shouts, "I'm not staying! My car broke down. I just came to get some money I left here."
He walks into the livingroom.
Maureen is sitting with Jason.
Dinah is on the couch looking down at the ground.
Clarissa is sleeping on the couch.
Kevin looks around, "What's going on?"
Dinah has tears in her eyes, "Hey sweetie. Uh... we need to talk about something."
Kevin is confused, "Why are you here?"
Dinah wipes her tears, "Maureen was babysitting Clarissa last night. And it was getting late so Jason and I came over to check on everything."
Kevin shakes his head, "Where was my Mom?"
Dinah sighs, "Your mother didn't come home last night."
Kevin backs up, "So what? She just got caught up at work and she didn't feel the need to call?"
Dinah shakes her head, "No Baby. Listen your Mom's car.... it was involved in an accident. She wasn't in the car... but we don't know where she is right now. And the storm was very dangerous last night. Mallet is looking for her but we haven't heard anything yet."
Kevin stares in shock.

Reva Bend:

Reva is cleaning up.
Shayne just left.
She hears a knock at the door.
She answers it.
Dr. Chandler Tyler is standing there, "Hello Ms. Shayne. I don't know if you remember me."
She nods, "Yes. You are Annie's old doctor. I'm sorry but she's not here anymore. She esaped Ravenwood and now she's long gone. I'm not involved with that."
Chandler shakes his head, "That's not why I came here. I need to talk to you about something. May I come in?"
Reva lets him inside.
She shuts the door, "So you came through the storm huh? It must have been pretty important."
He nods, "Yes it is. Now where is Josh Lewis at. I need to speak with both of you about this."
She shakes her head, "Well good luck. Because Joshua won't stand in the same room with me."
He nods, "Oh I'm sorry to hear that. But what I have to tell you is urgent. It's about Annie Dutton."
She shakes her head, "Listen. I am done with Annie Dutton! She has ruined my life over and over again and I'm done. I just want her away from me and by that I need to be away from her."
He looks at her, "Reva. I need to explain this to you. If I don't it could cost you your life!"
She is starting to worry.

The limo pulls up.
The Spauldings run out.
Alex goes running, "Alan!!! Alan?"
Buzz grabs her, "Stay back. It's dangerous."
Phillip and Beth get out.
Phillip sighs, "Gus and Alan are here?"
Beth is worried, "Where is Alan? He has a heart condition! You know that right?"
Alan Michael walks over to Lucy, "What are you doing here?"
Lucy sighs, "Harley is in there with them."
Rafe runs over, "Where is my mother?"
Everyone is shouting.
David, Lucy, and Buzz all turn to the building.
Beth gasp, "No!"
Alex shakes her head, "Alan! No!"
Rafe stares in shock.
Alan Michael stares, "There is absolutley no way anyone could survive something like that."
Phillip's first thought is Zach. How is he going to tell his son that his mother is dead?
A rescue team is searching the area.
The Spauldings and the Coopers watch and pray that this isn't how they are going to say goodbye to their loved ones.


Marina looks around, "I can't believe this! I mean Blake and Remy could be.... I don't understand how this could happen."
Mallet hugs her, "Don't worry yet. Okay? We haven't given up hope. So you can't either."
She cries, "I can't have another friend die Mallet. I just can't go through losing someone again."
He looks at her, "Okay. You go a head to the hospital and let them know about the situation. They found a blue car down the hill. They'll check it out and send whatever bodies the find there. Okay? Now you go on and wait alright? Don't worry."
She walks away.
Mallet walks down the hill to see the car that they are searching.
It's compeltey destroyed.
He starts to realize he's seen the car before but can't remember where.
Suddenly someone calls him over.
He runs up.
A cop comes over, "Detective Mallet! We found an officer's vehical over on the other side! It's pretty messed up."
Mallet goes running over.
Mallet recognizes it, "That's Boudreau's car! Remy!"

Carriage House:
Kevin is in shock, "What? Mom could be.... why didn't anyone tell me this until now?"
Jasno sighs, "We tried but we couldn't get through. No one even knew where you were."
Maureen hugs Kevin, "I'm so sorry."
Kevin looks at Clarissa who is still sleeping.
He can now tell she had been crying.
Dinah sighs, "She tried to stay all night. She wouldn't sleep without her mother. We finally convinced her that she should go to sleep and see her mother in the morning. Now I don't know what to tell her when she wakes up. I don't know."
Kevin sits and looks at his little sister.
He remembers how he always promised his dad that he'd always look after her. He wishes his Dad were still here.
Kevin starts to cry.
Dinah walks over and hugs him.

Alex is sitting with Buzz, "Oh my... I don't know what to do. Alan is my brother. I don't know..."
Buzz holds her, "My little girl is in that building somewhere. I already had to go through this with Rocky. Now it's happening all over again."
Beth is crying in Phillips arms, "I haven't even seen Alan in weeks! I never got to say...."
Phillip rubs her back, "Don't worry. We don't know anything yet."
Alan Michael walks over to Rafe, "You okay?"
Rafe scoffs, "My mother, father, and grandfather are all buried over there. They are probably dead!"
Alan Michael sighs, "I know this is difficult but we are Spauldings. We will get through this."
David walks over.
A rescue member calls him over, "Hey! Detective Grant! We hear something over here!"
David walks over and listens... it's the faint sound of a baby crying.
They do more digging.
David looks down, "Wait!"
David looks down.
And he sees her.
Harley is a few feet deep below.
She's holding a crying baby.

Reva Bend:
Reva stares at Chandler, "What are you talking about? Annie Dutton is not in Springfield anymore! Or is she?"
He hands a book to her, "You need to read this."
She takes it, "It's a diary."
He nods, "Not just any diary. The diary of Annie Dutton."
Reva sighs, "Okay so she hates me. I know that!"
He shakes his head, "Look at the last entry. It talks about her plan to kill you in the airplane."
Reva nods, "Okay. But she didn't and then she came back to Springfield a few months later."
He sighs, "Do you know that?"
She scoffs, "What are you talking about?"
He shows her, "Okay listen. Annie wrote everything about herself in here. And then the book has been owned ever since by the woman that I've been treating at the hospital."
Reva nods, "The woman you are treating is Annie!"
He shakes his head, "Reva! Annie jumped out of the airplane and then she was never seen again!"
Reva sighs, "Then she had plastic surgery and came back to town!"
He shouts, "No! Someone else came to Springfield! That same person pretened to be Terri DeMarco. That person then took on the persona of Annie Dutton. But that woman was only using Annie Diary to convince everyone and herself that she was Annie Dutton!"
Reva backs up, "Wait are you saying that the Annie who came back to Springfield as Annie DeMarco...."
He nods, "Wasn't really Annie!"
Reva stares in shock!

Michelle walks around.
Rick follows her, "Michelle where were you last night?"
She shakes her head, "Leave me alone Rick!"
He sighs, "Listen. Were you with Danny?"
She turns to him, "What?"
He sighs, "I knew it! I knew it was him? Are you back together?"
She shakes her head, "No! Okay? Danny was with me. But then he went out for a drive. He must have changed his mind and now he is probably back with Marina for good."
Rick sighs, "I'm sorry Michelle."
She shakes her head, "Just leave me alone! I have a car accident patient coming in and I have to talk with the cops about what happened."
Michelle walks out into the hall and comes face to face with Marina.
Marina sighs, "So your the doctor that I'm talking with."
Michelle nods, "I guess so. Let's just be professional. Okay? I need to know about the accident."
Marina nods, "Well I don't know too much. But the car was slammed into and the car flipped several times. The victim has some serious bleeding and seveare damamge on his head. Odds are against him. I haven't seen the guy but he sounds pretty banged up."
Michelle scoffs, "Really professional term. But it's okay I'm sure you and Danny were busy last night."
Marina shakes her head, "Oh please! Danny wasn't even with me last night. But I'm sure you called and told him you needed him. Just to get him with you right Michelle?"
Michelle shakes her head, "Danny wasn't with me last night."
Marina sighs, "He wasn't with me either."
Michelle worries, "Then where is he?"
The EMT's shout, "Docotor Santos you patient is here!"
Michelle and Marina turn to see the victim.
They stare in shock!
The car accident victim..... is Danny!!!!


More shocks from the storm!
The downtown is searched for bodies
Michelle and Marina are shocked about Danny
Reva starts to plan
The cop car is searched


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This episode was slower but I know u needed to move things from the snow storm and the actual fallout of the snow storm.

I remeber you were saying you were going to do the Annie Dutton story and I see it's being set up. THis story has immeditely grabbed my attetion

And although this ep was slow, I am able to get into all the storylines and cahracters now. I now know what is going on and I don't have questions this time. I guess that's a good thing right?

I kinda knew that danny was going to be the patient, but it was a nice twist. Funny how Michelle is all catty with Marina over Danny but yet when he was banging her, she was such a push over regarding her feelings.

Love how all the sotires are effected by the storm

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Oh yes. The Annie Dutton story is gonna be big. I wonder what you think about Chandler and Reva working together? Would you like to see their partnership explored into relationship?

The Michelle/Danny/Marina story is turning to tragedy. Both women feel as if he is their true love.

Oh man I love natural disasters in soaps. I feel they can be great for stories. :)

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