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Emotional day in Springfield after the storm......


Michelle stares at Marina, "I thought Danny was with you last night?"
Marina shakes her head, "No."
Michelle worries, "What? Then where is he?"
Just then Danny is rushed in.
They realize he was the car crash victim.
They stare in shock.
They go running over.
Rick comes over and grabs Michelle.
Marina walks over to him, "Danny? Danny talk to me! Danny please answer me! Danny!!!"
Danny looks at her, "Marina....."
She nods, "Danny! I'm so sorry. I didn't know! Oh Danny! Please please. I'm here. I'm not going to leave you. You are the love of my life Danny. You are everything. And you need to be okay because I need you in my life. Please don't leave me!"
She kisses him.
Michelle is still staring in shock.


The Spaulding and Coopers watch.
An EMT comes running past carrying a baby, "Hurry we're losing the kid!"
Buzz looks, "Where..... who's baby?"
Lucy looks over, "Oh my God!"
They all turn to see Harley being carried out.
Buzz runs over, "Harley!!!! Harley!"
David stops him, "She needs to be examined Buzz!"
Buzz pushes him out of the way, "Harley?"
Harley is laying on the ground.
EMT's are examining her.
She opens her eyes, "Baby.... where's the baby?"
Phillip runs over, "Harley! Thank God! Your alive!"
Harley looks around, "The baby! The baby!"
Phillip is confused, "Zach? He's at home."
Buzz looks at Harley, "The baby? Harley who's baby was that?"
Harley is still in shock, "Natalia's.... she delivered her baby it was alive all along."
Phillip turns in shock.
They all hear shouting.
Suddenly they see Gus burried under the rubble.
Gus shouts, "Help! We need help down here!"
Everyone looks down.
Gus is on his knees covered in blood.
Next to him lies an unconcious Alan.


The cop car is being pulled out of the ditch.
A cop shouts, "Someone is in there!"
Mallet goes running down.
The door is jammed shut.
All of the men get together to pull it open.
Suddenly the door rips completley off.
They see no one in the front seat.
They looks in the back and see a huge blanket.
They move the blanket.
Mallet stares in shock.
An unconcious Blake and Remy are lying in the back together.
Both are clotheless.
An EMT runs over and examines.
Blake wakes up, "What happened?"
Mallet sighs, "You two were in this car. It was hit and I guess you were knocked unconcious."
Blake realizes she isn't wearing clothes and covers up, "Mallet.... we weren't.... I just can't let people know about this."
Mallet nods, "Blake it's fine. You were keeping warm."
She nods, "Remy and I are over."
Remy begins to open his eyes.

Marina is sobbings, "Danny!"
Lillian walks over, "Marina come with me down the hall. We're just gonna go walk for a moment."
Ed examines Danny, "I think he's gonna need surgery. Michelle will you sign the propers papers?"
A nurse hands them to her.
Michelle signs.
Ed sighs, "Michelle I'm gonna go make sure everything is ready. I'll let you stay with him until then but you can not be in that room. You understand me sweetheart?"
She nods.
He walks out.
Michelle walks over to Danny who is on a stretcher still, "Oh Baby. I'm not going to let you leave me."
Danny whispers, "What happened?"
She sighs, "You were in a car accident."
He looks up, "I was on the road.... by the cabin. I was in between the cabin and my house."
Michelle nods, "It was the same road that my Mother was on when she.... Oh Danny! Where were you going? Were you going to see me or Marina? Which way were you going?"
Danny starts to close his eyes.
She cries, "Wait! No, no, no, no! Please! Listen to me. I don't care. I just need you to know that you are the one true love of my life Danny. I told you that. It will always be you! I love you Danny! And when you are done with surgery, we'll be a family again. You, me and the kids."
Danny opens his eyes, "Tell Robbie and Hope that I love them...."
A tear runs down his face.
Michelle starts sobbing.

Reva Bend:

Reva turns to Chandler, "Are you saying that the woman who returned to Springfield with the face of Terri DeMarco.... wasn't Annie?"
Chandler nods, "I believe that is the case. Annie Dutton jumped out of that airplane and you never saw her again. And that woman who was here a few weeks ago that I was treating isn't really Annie?"
Reva is pacing, "So Annie Dutton never had plastic surgery or any of the stuff that happened after that. That wasn't really Annie? Is that what you are really saying to me?"
He nods, "Yes Reva. The real Annie Dutton is still out there but we have no clue where she could be."
Reva sits, "I.... I don't understand this. We've had this woman locked up for years and now we find out that she was never really Annie Dutton at all! She was some imposter!"
He sits next to her, "I'm sorry. I don't know how but this woman got a hold of Annie's diary. She gained knowledge about her and eventually convinced herself along with everyone else that she was the real Annie Dutton that they all knew from back then."
Reva shakes her head, "But she hated me for every thing that I had fought with her or Annie about."
He sighs, "I suppose she convinced herself that it was true. But the fact that it wasn't may have been what caused her to have a breakdown and become the woman that we have been seeing latley."
Reva shakes her head, "It's unbelievable."
He looks at her, "We need to get this information to Josh."
She stops him, "No! Josh can't know about this."
Chandler is confused.

After Alan and Gus are rescued they are both examined.
Beth is crying, "What is going on with Alan? Did he have a heart attack!?"
The EMT looks over, "He had a panic attack. But he looks fine so far but we'll take him to Cedars. Detective Aitoro needs stiches. And Detective Cooper is still in shock."
Alan opens his eyes, "Where is Natalia? Where is the baby?"
Beth is confused, "What is going on?"
Phillip turns to her, "Natalia was pregnant. She didn't lose the baby. The baby that was put in the ambulence was her baby with Alan. The baby is alive or was..."
Someone shouts, "We found a woman!"
Rafe goes running, "Mom? Mom?!!!"
Alan looks over, "Natalia! Where is the baby?"
A very bloody Natalia is put on a stretcher and rushed to a nearby ambulence.
Everyone is taken to the hospital.
The Spauldings and Coopers follow.


Danny is in surgery.
Michelle is outside the room.
Marina sits next to her, "I can't believe this is happening! I can't lose Danny! I can't lose him."
Michelle stands, "How can you be so selfish? I mean he has children! He has two beautiful children who still need him and that he loves more than both of us combined!"
Marina turns to her, "You think I don't know that? Believe it or not I love those kids too! Robbie and Hope are Danny's entire world which makes them my world too!"
Michelle shakes her head, "You couldn't understand. You could not possibly understad unless you were a mother."
Mel walks in with Robbie and Hope, "Michelle. I'm so sorry. Marina I'm very sorry."
The kids run over to Michelle.
She holds them, "It's gonna be okay. Daddy is very strong and we need to all remember that."
The family sits together.

Carriage House:

The Marlers are sit together.
Dinah hugs Kevin, "Don't get upset. We don't know what's going on. Mallet hasn't been able to call yet."
Jason stands, "He hasn't called at all."
Kevin sighs, "He might not be able to get reception right now. Which can mean anything."
Kevin starts crying.
Maureen hugs him, "It's okay. We're gonna have to wait. We'll see what happens and whatever does we are all in this together. We aren't going to let this hurt us more."
Suddenly the door flies open.
It wakes up Clarissa.
Clarissa turns to the door, "Mom!"
Blake is standing there, "My Babies!"
The children all run over to her.
Blake is crying, "Oh I was so worried about all of you. I got stuck in the snow last night."
Clarissa cries in her mother's arms.
Blake looks at Kevin, "Your home!"
She kisses her children.

Harley is sitting.
Buzz is with her, "Do you need anything? Water?"
She shakes her head, "No. I'm not thirsty."
She has a blank stare on her face.
He sighs, "Felicia is going to come talk with you in a minute. Things can be pretty traumatic for people involved in accidents like this."
Harley shakes her head, "No thank you."
In the other room Alan is with Natalia, "Oh Natalia I'm so sorry! The baby is being checked on right now. I'm sure everything will be okay. And then we can all be a happy family. The Doctors said that you were gonna wake up soon and when you do we'll talk through our problems and then we'll work on everything and be happy. I promise you."
He kisses her head.
A doctor calls Alan over, "Mr. Spaulding we've been examing your son that was just born."
Alan nods, "Okay. What do you have to tell me Doctor?"
The doctor sighs, "I won't lie to you. Mr. Spaulding the baby is very sick. Now Detective Cooper did keep the baby safe and warm but it was very cold out and for a newborn.... we are doing everything we can but I won't lie to you this could be fatal. The odds are just not in our favor."
Alan stares in shock, "Please do whatever you have to save my baby! Whatever. I just can't lose my son and neither can Natalia."
Alan turns and stares at a still sleeping Natalia.

Reva Bend:
Chandler looks at Reva, "Why would you not tell Josh about this Reva? This concerns him too."
She shakes her head, "He won't believe you anyway. He isn't very open minded. And he will think your crazy. We need to find solid proof before we tell anyone about this."
He sits, "Reva. this is serious. Annie Dutton is not safe. And you know that from personal experience. I've only read about this myself so I haven't seen it firsthand."
She nods, "Exactly! I can handler Annie Dutton! You cannot! I just need to find out what happened to her."
He turns to her, "And Josh?"
She sighs, "Josh was in love with Annie at one point. This could be hard for him to deal with. I think for now we need to dig into this and find out where Annie Dutton is now. I mean maybe she really was the one who was leaving the roses."
He nods, "And as for the plastic surgery thing she may have had it. So we have no idea what she looks like."
Reva nods, "But I know her. And believe me.... I will be able to find this woman. I'll find her if it's the last thing I do."
Reva gets up and walks around her room.

Michelle sits with her children.
Marina is pacing outside of the room.
Mel walks over, "Hey Michelle... I'll take the kids for a walk if you want while you stay here."
Michelle nods, "Okay. Kids you go with Mel and go stretch your legs. I'll stay here."
They hug their mother and then follow Mel down the hall.
Ed walks out of the room.
The two women run over to him.
Marina stares, "Danny. How is he? When can we see him?"
Michelle looks at her father, "Daddy. I need to know when he is going to get out of the hospital. How long will he be in here?"
Ed sighs, "Danny.... Danny has a few days-"
Michelle is confused, "Days? He was seriously injured in the accident. It's gotta be atleast a week."
Ed shakes his head, "No Michelle. The surgery didn't do much help. Danny only has a few days left...."
Marina's eyes fill with tears, "No! No, no, no, no, no..."
Ed sighs, "I'm sorry."
Michelle shakes her head, "I don't understand."
Ed looks at his daughter, "He is dying Michelle. Danny is dying."
Marina is crying.
Michelle is still in shock.
Marina turns to the door but is frozen still.
Michelle takes her hand the two women walk into the room together.
They stare at him. The man that they both love.
The love of their lives is about holding on by a string.

Marina and Michelle say their goodbyes
Reva sees the last person she expected at her door
Liz gets the shock of her life
Natalia and Alan worry for their child
Harley fights for her daughter
Tragedy hits Springfield


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This epiode had more going on. And i love to read like 2 or 3 eps at a time. I like to print these out and really get into to them.

Mariana is so corny rubbing her love she has for Danny all up on Michelle's face. I love this tirangle and I am camp Michelle/Danny already. There seems to be no clear cut evil person in this triangle and that makes it even better. I love how you ended with them looking in on Danny both loving him but both torn and I love how we have yet to hear Danny's decison. Nice twist. I also love the showdown between M&M. Very nice.

THis Annie story really has my eye. I remeber that Terri De Marcus from the real show. I can't wait to see what you have planned. And who is reva supposed to be? captain save a hoe? "I know Annie Dutton and I'll find her" Yeah right. If you were fooled once you can be fooled again. I hope Annie one up's reva.

Another great episode. Jay. Esp Annie and Reva's part.

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  • Members

Im glad you are enjoying the Michelle/Danny/Marina story. I've always been a fan of Danny and Michelle. They are one of GL's supercouples. But I also enjoyed Marina and Danny. So when i brought the story on I had no idea what the end result was gonna be. I had 3 possibilies. I think I picked the right one.

Oh yes. Reva often thinks she's super Reva. She has so much going on. I don't think she'll even see Annie coming.

Thanks as always for your comments!

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OMG!!!! This was awesome... Very Good.... First I have to say, I love the Annie/Josh/Reva storyline... it reminded why I started watched GL. Very Good... Danny OMG - I love him/ he is not dead, cant be dead- lots of great drama... Love it!

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I'm glad you are excited for the Annie/Josh/Reva story! It's really going to explode in February.

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