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    Episode 162

    Plans are changed in Springfield... Cedars: Reva is getting dressed into her regular clothes. Lillian walks into Reva's room, "Hey how are you feeling?" Reva sighs, "Better. I know I'll need to use my crutches until I'm completely healed but I feel much better." Lillian sighs, "Well I'm sorry to be the one to do this but the Doctor wants you to stick around." Reva sighs, "What? No! Why?" Lillian shakes her head, "I wasn't told. But I'm sure it's just to check your x-rays one last time. Probably nothing else." Reva nods, "I hope so. I hate being in hospitals. I certainly have spent enough time in them." On the other side of the hospital Liz Spaulding gets out of her bed. Liz keeps thinking about Marina. Liz talks to herself, "Aubrey said it herself. That baby was Marina's. She took it from her. I have to find her." Liz isn't very strong. She looks out the window. Company is right across the street. Liz wonders if she could make it. Beacon: Jeffrey is sitting in his room. Marah walks in with bags. He turns to her, "What's all this?" She puts them down, "I got some stuff for RJ. He's going to be with us soon so I thought I'd get some gifts for him." Jeffrey laughs, "It's not his birthday Marah." She sighs, "I know but he is coming home so I thought it'd be a nice treat for him. I got some baseball stuff, some video games, a kite, oh and I thought it'd be fun to take him swimming." Jeffrey stands up, "Well don't get your hopes up. Marah he's a teenager now. He's not going to want us to take him out to the park or the pool. He's gonna want to go with his friends." Marah sighs, "He's been away at boarding school. He hasn't seen these kids in a while." Jeffrey smiles, "He'll be fine. We'll help him adjust back to life in Springfield." Marah hugs him, "I just want him to be happy. I mean he grew up without his father. Now his mother is in a coma. I just want him to have something to look forward too." Jeffrey kisses her. Road: Susan and Marina re driving around. Susan pulls the car over. Marina sighs, "There is no where to go in this town." Susan nods, "Well duh! Everyone here is lame." Marina sits back, "I feel like everywhere I go people are staring at me and whispering. They all know." Susan sighs, "Cousin, people have been whispering at me for years. What's worse is when they point and throw things." Marina sighs, "I'm just so stressed out." Susan grabs her purse, "I could help you with that. But I have to ask first: Are you a cop right now?" Marina looks at her, "Susan unless you pull a dead body out of that bag, I'm not going to do anything." Susan pulls a plastic bag out of her purse. She puts it in Marina's face, "You wanna?" Marina turns to her, "I thought you didn't do drugs anymore?" Susan pulls it away, "Hey! I did. I'm clean. But I don't count this. I'm talking about coke, x, meth, and all that junk. Those are bad for you. But this stuff is good for you! Alchol is worse for you then this." Marina laughs, "You are very passionate." Susan nods, "I'm thinking about doing some PSAs." Marina holds the bag in her hands. Towers: Mel is going over her wedding plans with Olivia and Dinah. Mel looks at them, "Well now we don't know if Natalia is going to be back in time." Olivia nods, "Well she is married to Alan now. That's what happens when you get tangled up in the Spauldings." Mel turns to her, "Hey! Do you forget I'm marrying Alan Michael Spaulding?" Olivia sighs, "I'm sorry. I'm sure he's different. But you know Natalia thought Alan was." Mel shakes her head, "Stop it. Now I don't even know what Alan did that got Natalia so upset." Dinah sighs, "All I know is Rafe left town because of Alan and Natalia is going to find him." Mel is confused, "Why would Alan do that?" Olivia sits up, "Well I bet it's because of the company. Alan wants to be CEO but if Rafe is getting into trouble it's gonna look bad. Maybe he sent him away until it's over." Mel sighs, "Maybe." Dinah nods, "It's crazy what running for CEO can do to a person you know?" Mel is thinking about Alan Michael. Dinah and Olivia turn to each other. They are aware of the seeds they've planted in Mel. Old Museum: Coop walks in. He looks around and no one appears to be there. He goes to get some stuff from his room. Stephanie walks out, "Coop? Hey." He turns, "Oh... Steph. I didn't know anyone was going to be here." She nods, "It feels like you don't even live here anymore." He nods, "Well I've been sleeping at the boarding house. My family just has a lot going on." Stephanie nods, "I'm so sorry about Marina. That's terrible. No mother should have to deal with that." Coop sighs, "Yeah. Uh... I have to get going. I am late for work." She is confused, "Isn't school over?" He nods, "Yeah. But you know a teacher's job is never really done. I got some summer stuff going on." Stephanie looks at him, "Are you teaching summer school?" He hesitates, "Um... well..." She sighs, "Are you going to see Vi?" Coop turns to her, "What?" Stephanie has tears in her eyes, "Coop what is going on with you and my niece?" Coop and Stephanie stare at each other. Company: Lucy and David are running the restaurant. The other Coopers are out. David stays in the kitchen. Lucy walks back there, "Are you ever going to say hi to everyone out here? I feel lonely." He sighs, "I'm just... I don't feel like going out there right now." She looks at him, "David how long is this going to last. No one here blames you for Marina's baby dying." David sighs, "I can't even look at Marina. I feel guilty. I will never forgive myself." Lucy grabs his arms, "Listen to me! You have to stop this! You are my hero. I love you. I love you so much David. No, you couldn't save everyone this time. But you saved my niece and I am so proud of you." The two kiss. They hear noises in the diner. They step out of the kitchen. Liz Spaulding is stumbling around, "Marina... Where is Marina?" Liz collapses. Lucy and David catch her. PART TWO: Beacon: Marah is sitting at the desk. Jeffrey looks over at her, "What are you doing?" She sighs, "Oh I'm making a list of kids for RJ to hang out with this summer. You know what I mean?" Jeffrey nods, "I think so." Marah sighs, "Now when he was younger his best friend was Harley's son Zach. I used to babysit them a lot. Maybe I could call Harley and see if Zach and introduce RJ to some good kids." Jeffrey laughs, "You can't plan this kid's life out. RJ will be fine. He's a good kid." Marah nods, "He's just been through so much. His father died when he was a baby. His adoptive father died when he was young. And now his mother just totally screwed things up." Jeffrey sighs, "Well Cassie didn't really screw up. She was sick." Marah shakes her head, "I'm sorry. Maybe it sounds cold but I'm kind of glad she is out of RJ's life now. He deserves better than anything Cassie could offer him." Jeffrey sighs, "I was with Cassie for a while. She was a great mother to RJ, as well as Tammy and Will." Marah sighs, "I don't know. All I know is that RJ needs me now and I'm not going to let him down like his mother did." Marah goes to the phone to call Harley. Towers: Mel, Olivia, and Dinah are still discussing. Mel sighs, "Well I'm so excited. I never had a real wedding you know. Rick and I were married in the hospital." Dinah smiles, "You deserve it honey. We are all so happy for you." Olivia nods, "Have you guys decided on a honeymoon?" Mel sighs, "Oh... uh. I thought I told you. We decided to postpone a honeymoon. He just has a lot with the company and everything. We can always do it later." Olivia nods, "Oh I'm sorry. You did tell me." Mel gets up, "I'm gonna to go the bathroom." Mel goes to the restroom. Dinah turns to Olivia, "I feel bad. I feel like we are manipulating our best friends." Olivia shakes her head, "We aren't. We are doing what's best for them. Natalia and Mel have to see that Alan and Alan Michael need to be prevented from becoming CEO. It would ruin their lives." Dinah sighs, "Well I think Natalia will be easy to finish convincing. She is very upset with Alan. She doesn't even want to return for the votes." Olivia nods, "Do you think you could get her to sign you over her proxy?" Dinah nods, "I'm certainly going to try." The two women wait for Mel to return. Old Museum: Coop walks towards Stephanie, "What are you talking about?" Stephanie sighs, "Coop what is going on with you and Vi?" Coop sighs, "What did she tell you?" Stephanie backs away, "Please tell me it's not true." He shakes his head, "Of course it's not! I can't believe you would even ask me that question." Stephanie sighs, "I'm sorry! But you were clearly lying to me about where you were going. And Vi seemed pretty sure that you were... that the two of you were involved." Coop nods, "I know. I didn't want to say anything. But at prom, Vi professed her love to me. She saw us kissing and got angry with me. Like I was cheating on her." Stephanie is confused, "I don't get it! Why would she think that you were dating?" He shakes his head, "I have no idea! She was always hanging around after school. But I didn't think much of it. Now looking back... I don't know I guess maybe she thought we were flirting." Stephanie sighs, "Well she is convinced that the two of you are in love with each other." Coop nods, "We need to get this settled. Because things are going to get very ugly." Stephanie and Coop are both worried. Road: Susan and Marina are sitting in the car. Marina is laughing, "I'm so glad you talked me into this." Susan giggles, "Have you ever tried that before?" Marina shakes her head, "No! I almost did in high school. But I never actually did." Susan grins, "See it's not so bad now is it?" Marina shakes her head, "No! Not at all! Why is this stuff illegal in the first place?" Susan shakes her head, "The government is messed up man. I don't know how you work with it." Marina sighs, "Well I don't know about that. I'm totally leaving the force. I'm done with being a cop." Susan claps her hands, "Yes! Yes! I saved you from yourself." Marina cracks up, "I love you right now Susan!" Susan starts the car, "Let's get out of here. The roads empty now but you never know." Marina turns to her, "You sure you can drive like this?" Susan nods, "Are you kidding me? I'm a better driver like this. I am so much more aware." Susan and Marina drive off. Company: Lucy and David are with Liz. David sighs, "The hospital is on the way to bring her back." Lucy looks down, "Liz why were you leaving the hospital?" Liz opens her eyes, "Marina... where is Marina? I was looking for her. That's why." David looks at her, "Marina isn't here right now. Why do you need to see her right now?" Liz tries to sit up, "I have to tell her... now. I have to tell her before it's too late." Lucy holds Liz, "Just relax. What is this about?" Liz sighs, "Her baby." David looks at her, "Liz. What do you have to say to Marina about her baby? What's going on?" Liz sighs, "Marina's baby... it's alive." Lucy and David look at each other. Both are in shock. Cedars: Reva sits in her room and waits for the doctor. She is getting annoyed and frustrated. The doctor walks in. Reva turns to him, "Great. I really have to go. I'm sorry. I know I'm an impatient patient but I really have to get home to my family. They wanted to go out to eat. I just need to go." The doctor shakes his head, "I'm sorry Ms. Shayne. But we need to have a talk first." Reva nods, "What about?" He sighs, "We didn't want to scare you until we were sure." She gets worried, "Sure about what?" He looks at her, "Ms. Shayne, the nurse discovered a mass when she was examining you." Reva can't hear what he is saying. His mouth is moving but she hears nothing. Then she finally hears his words, "Ms. Shayne your cancer may have returned." Reva's stomach drops to her feet. PREVIEWS: Reva deals with her news Lucy and David question Liz! Marina gets out of control Bill goes to the Bauer Home Dinah, Olivia, and Annie plan Roxie is using Ashlee

    Episode 161

    Some crazy answers are given in Springfield... Cedars: Josh is with Reva while the kids are in the hallway. Josh looks at her, "What is going on Reva? Everyone is looking for Jonathan and now this? Where is he?" Reva sighs, "I can't tell you that Joshua. So please stop asking me questions about him." Josh backs away, "He took off again didn't he?" She stares at him, "Joshua I told you that i couldn't answer any of your questions about my son." He looks at her, "It's connected to your accident isn't it? Why were you on that road?" She sighs, "Please stop asking me questions about this because I just can't talk about it. All I can tell you is that Alan Spaulding is dangerous and he is a threat to Jonathan and Sarah. Liz knows that now and that's... I've told you to much already." He shakes his head, "This is great. Our wedding last year was ruined because of your secrets about Jonathan and Sarah. Now here we are again with you keeping things from me." She gets angry, "No. It's not the same thing. Because we aren't together Josh. Are we?" Josh stares at Reva. Alan & Natalia's House: Natalia and Alan are sitting on the couch. Natalia stares at him, "What could Rafe have been involved in that could make you send him out of the country?" Alan sighs, "He was getting involved with the wrong kind of people. One of whom was Aubrey Randall." She backs away, "Aubrey Randall? The woman who kidnapped Sarah?" Alan nods, "I'm sorry to say that Rafe was... involved in the kidnapping of little Sarah." Natalia shakes her head, "No. No. That's insane." He sighs, "I'm sorry Natalia but it's true." She gets up, "No. Rafe wouldn't kidnap a little girl. I know my son he would never do something so horrible." Alan looks at her, "Natalia. He has been hanging out with her for months. The two became very close. It goes deep." Natalia turns to him, "When did you find all of this out Alan?" Alan sighs, "Not to long ago." She stares at him, "Why am I just finding out about this? Why wasn't I the first person you told? Why did you send my son away before I got a chance to talk to him? You are helping him break that law!" Alan gets up and walks towards her, "Natalia, my love, I did everything for you." Natalia walks upstairs. Cedars: Remy is talking with Phillip and Beth. Phillip explains things, "Well according to Liz, Jonathan and Sarah are gone. She sent them out of Springfield." Remy is confused, "So they left with her permission?" Beth nods, "I guess so." Remy nods, "Well that must mean that Aubrey was the one who shot Liz. But I need a statement from Liz. Is she awake?" Phillip sighs, "She is resting. She is not up for answering questions right now Remy." Remy nods, "I understand. Can I just go in to see her for a moment?" Beth sighs, "For a minute but she needs her rest." Remy goes into Liz's room. He sits by her bedside while she sleeps, "Look at you. Looks like you are recovering nicely. So why did you do it? You sent Jonathan and Sarah off without you? You deserve to have you child Liz. Every mother deserves to be in her child's life." Liz's eyes start to open. Remy looks at her, "Liz?" She starts to mumble something, "Baby... Marina..." Remy is confused by her words. Company: Marina and Susan are out on the porch still. Marina is smoking with her, "So we never really talked since you came back to Springfield." Susan nods, "I guess not." Marina sighs, "You drugged me. Let me think I slept with some guy. You were doing a lot of things behind our backs." Susan nods, "Yeah sorry about that. I did a lot of things when I was with Guillespie." Marina turns to her, "So we were dating brothers at one point. Interesting." Susan sighs, "And now Harley is dating Cyrus. How do you feel about that little relationship?" Marina continues smoking, "Cyrus is hot. He used to have the whole bad boy thing but I don't know. He's kinda lame with Harley now. But if that's what she wants." Susan laughs, "Aren't the bad boys the best? Call me crazy, but for some reason I still love G. Even after everything." Marina turns to her, "Call me crazy but... I still don't believe in my heart the fact that my baby is dead." Harley's House: Harley and Gus are still chatting in the kitchen. She looks at him, "So have you been looking at new places to live after you leave the Beacon?" He nods, "Yeah. I've seen a few. It might take me a while. But Olivia is giving me the good deal for now." Harley clears her throat, "Olivia. It's just weird. I mean we never liked Olivia. You never liked Olivia. Not to be mean but she always kinda... she's a bitch." Gus laughs, "There's a lot more to her. We bonded when we were in that bank robbery. And she helped me deal with my addiction." Harley smiles, "Well I'm glad your clean now. And it looks like you got a good girlfriend out of it." He shakes his head, "Olivia and I are just friends." She nods, "Oh." He sighs, "Not like you and Cyrus Foley. I mean that's weird for me. He's an ex-con. You didn't seem to fond of him when he was dating Marina. And he's Guillespie's brother." Harley sighs, "Cyrus and I aren't exactly, totally, completely together anymore." He laughs, "Not exactly, totally, completely?" She sighs, "What are the odds? It looks like at the moment both of us are single." The two smile at each other. Grant Family House: Vi walks around Stephanie. Stephanie stands still in shock. Vi smiles, "What? Does it hurt for you to hear the truth?" Stephanie shakes her head, "I don't understand what you are talking about. You said..." Vi nods, "I said that you and Coop have been sleeping together behind my back. I'm not dumb Stephanie." Stephanie turns to her, "Behind your back? Vi do you hear yourself. You make it sound like you and Coop are..." Vi nods, "We are not over. You are nothing but a little fling to get out of his system. He doesn't really like you." She is confused, "Coop likes me." Vi shakes her head, "But not like me. He loves me." Stephanie stares, "What? Vi what the hell are you talking about I don't even understand you." Vi sighs, "It's sad. I mean you probably thought you would steal him from me. That I'm just some kid. But you can't keep us a part. We are in love Stephanie. I'm sorry but you are nothing to him." Stephanie looks at her niece, "Vi are you trying to tell me that you have a relationship with your teacher?" Vi has an evil smirk on her face. PART TWO: Cedars: Josh sits next Reva. She looks at him, "Joshua. I don't want other people to get involved. I just can't." Josh sighs, "Reva I feel like you need to tell me something." Reva sighs, "All I can say is this. Liz and Jonathan made a decision. All I did was help them. So Liz is aware this time." He looks down, "Reva you could have been killed." She nods, "But I wasn't. I'm still here. I did what I did for my son. I can say no more." He shakes his head, "You'll have to do something. Reva when you go to the police..." She sighs, "I'm not going to press charges. From what I hear the two guys are punished enough. I got what I wanted. I stopped their car from doing what they were about to do." Josh takes her hand, "You are the most amazing woman I have ever known in my entire life." Reva laughs, "You ain't seen nothing yet Bud!" The two laugh together. Alan & Natalia's: Natalia walks downstairs with the baby. She is carrying suitcases. Alan walks to her, "What the hell are you doing?" She turns to him, "You watch your mouth. Your son is right here. I'm going Alan." He is in shock, "Just like that? You are leaving? We don't even talk about this? You're just gone. We're over?" She sighs, "Alan..." Natalia puts the baby down. She takes his hand, "We aren't done. Alan I love you. You are my husband. But I don't agree with what you did. I'm going to San Gabriel. I'm going to see Rafe and talk to him." Alan shakes his head, "I don't think that's the best idea darling." Natalia sighs, "Well right now I'm not to happy with you. So I'm going whether you like it or not. Dinah is on her way. She is going to pick me up and help me get on a plane there." He scoffs, "But why take the baby?" Natalia picks the baby up, "Alan... we just need sometime. We'll be back later but right now, I think you need to time think about a few things alone. Okay?. I love you." Natalia kisses Alan. Dinah's car pulls up. Natalia leaves. Alan stands speechless. Harley's House: Gus and Harley are still talking. Gus looks at his watch, "Oh crap. I was supposed to be at the station soon. I have to chat with Mallet about a case." Harley gets up, "I'm sorry. I kept you here talking." He shakes his head, "No. It was nice. You know, like the old days. Just hanging out talking." She nods, "Maybe we can do it again when you aren't busy?" He nods, "I'd like that." She sighs, "Well I mean not like... Just to talk about the kids and everything. You know schedules, school, summer, sports, all the S's. Everything." He smiles, "It sounds great." Harley walks him to the door, "Drive safe." Gus and Harley share one last smile before he leaves. Harley shuts the door. She slowly slides to the floor. She has the same butterflies in her stomach that she used to get with Gus. Grant House: Stephanie and Vi are still arguing. Vi sighs, "This is just the most disappointing moment of my life right now. I mean you have completely betrayed me." Stephanie shakes her head, "I don't get why you are doing this. Vi do you expect me to believe that you and Coop are sleeping together?" Vi laughs, "Wow! He really had you fooled. You really thought he loved you and he was gonna end things with me." Stephanie backs away, "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but this is crazy." Vi nods, "Is it? I mean you remember when you and Coop first started hanging out? When he brought me home from school? My car didn't really break down. It was just an excuse for us to be together. Than he chaperone's the prom! He had no reason to, other than to be with me that night. Which is why I didn't go with another guy." Stephanie looks down, "You broke up with Jason..." Vi nods, "Yep. That's right. Because that was when Coop and I first began our relationship." Stephanie shakes her head, "I don't... I don't believe any of this Vi." Vi whispers in her ear, "Believe it. And remember the next time you kiss him that those lips have been all over me." Vi walks away. Stephanie is completely shaken. Company: Susan and Marina are sneaking back up to the boarding house. Marina stops on the stairs. She turns to her cousin, "Thank you Susan." Susan shakes her head, "No problem. I bum smokes from people all the time it's not biggie." Marina looks down, "No. Thanks for being... honest. And real. I'm tired of people rubbing my back, crying, and telling me that everything is going to get better." Susan sighs, "Yeah. It's gets really old after a while. But that's what the Coopers do." Marina nods, "You were always the black sheep of the family." Susan nods, "Correct. I'm no cop. I'm not that crazy about the weird Greek food or traditions. And I get really creeped out by the big family hugs you all do. I feel like I'm being suffocated." Marina laughs, "Yeah I know what you mean," Marina pauses and then looks back at her, "So do you think it's possible." Susan is confused, "What?" Marina sighs, "That my baby isn't dead?" Susan sighs, "Honestly? No. But you're in Springfield. You never know in this crazy place." The two go back inside. Cedars: Remy can see Liz trying to talk. Remy jumps up, "Liz? Liz? What are you saying?" Liz falls back asleep. Remy keeps trying to wake her, "Liz?" Phillip walks in, "Hey what's going on?" Remy sighs, "I was just...' Phillip looks at him, "Please, Detective Boudreau, not right now. Let my daughter get her rest. Whatever answers she must have can wait for tomorrow okay?" Phillip walks Remy out. Liz starts to wake up again. She looks around, "Remy... Remy?" She tries to sit up but she is very weak. She keeps having weird flashbacks. Liz sighs, "Marina... I have to tell you... your baby is alive." PREVIEWS: Liz rushes to find Marina Reva gets shocking news Stephanie confronts Coop Marina hangs out with Susan Dinah and Olivia plot Marah and Jeffrey discuss RJ

    Episode 160

    A lot of questions in Springfield... Cedars: The hospital has been busy these past weeks. The Coopers and the Spauldings have been through hell. Now it's the Lewises. Josh is sitting in the waiting room. Marah and Shayne walk over to him. Marah hugs him, "Daddy. Oh God." Shayne looks at him, "What do we know so far?" Josh sighs, "They aren't telling me a whole lot. But Ed is supposed to come and talk to us soon." Marah sighs, "I can't believe this is happening. I mean first Marina, then Liz, now Mom." Shayne looks at his father, "What happened to the driver?" Josh shakes his head, "I heard that they are both in pretty bad condition and one might not make it. But I mean they were speeding down the road. I just don't know what your Mom was doing out there at that time." Marah nods, "With everything going on it just seems crazy. I talked to Dylan this morning. I'm keeping him updated. Where is Jonathan?" Josh shakes his head, "I have no idea. I thought he'd be here with Liz's family but the Spauldings haven't seen him at all. I'm worried about all of this." Ed is walking down the hallway towards Reva's family. Alan & Natalia's: Natalia is bathing Baby Al. She smiles at him, "Look at you my adorable little boy. Yeah. I think it's time to put some more of that stuff on your backside for your rash. Lets get that." She goes into the medicine cabinet. Natalia notices that a lot of Rafe's stuff is gone. Including some of his insulin stuff. She looks into the drawers noticing how empty they look. Minutes later Natalia finishes with the baby's bath. She goes into Rafe's bedroom. She looks in his closet. Rafe has taken most of his clothes with him. His shelves are nearly empty. Natalia has a bad feeling about all of this. Cedars: Rick walks into the waiting room. Lillian, Beth and Phillip jump up. Phillip looks at Rick, "What do we know now?" Rick smiles, "She seems to be recovering very well. But we will have to wait and see how she heals today before we know if she needs another surgery or not. But it looks promising." Beth hugs him, "Oh thank you Rick." Lillian smiles, "I'll go call the house to let everyone know." Phillip smiles, "When can we see her?" Rick sighs, "Well I can take you two to come see her really quick. But she has been put on a lot of drugs to help with the pain. So she isn't completly going to be aware of what's going on right now." Beth and Phillip follow Rick into Liz's room. They all go into the room. Phillip and Beth rush to their daughter. Beth sighs, "Oh my sweet little girl. How are you feeling?" A sleepy sounding Liz looks up, "I'm good. I'm happy to see you guys. It makes me feel better." Phillip nods, "We are so happy to see you sweetheart." The door opens. Alan steps in, "Hello Elizabeth." Liz stares at her Granddad. Company: The Coopers have been really worried about Marina. She has been in her room upstairs ever since she got home from the hospital the other day. They all try to talk to her but she sends them away. This time they send up her cousin to talk with her. Susan walks into Marina's room. Marina is laying on her bed. Susan walks over, "Hey. Buzz told me to come and cheer you up but I know it's pointless. So I'm not even going to try." Marina stares emotionless, "Thank you." Susan nods, "No problem. It'll be easy for both of us if I just chill in here for a few minutes and then leave and say you seem better but you need your space." Marina nods, "Okay." Susan turns to the computer, "Can I check my email?" Marina doesn't respond. Susan sighs, "I'm gonna take that silence as a yes." She goes over to the computer. After a few minutes pass Susan gets serious. She sighs," Marina I can kinda relate. My adoptive father died in a fire. It sucks. And the pain never goes away. So I'm not going to sit here and rub your back and tell you everything will be okay. Because I know that is not the answer. And so do you." Marina is actually listening to what Susan is saying. Harley's House: Harley is sitting in her living room. The door opens. Gus walks in with the kids. Zach and Jude race upstairs, "Hi Mom!" Angela hugs Harley, "Hi Mommy." Harley smiles, "Hi honey. Did you have fun at Daddy's?" Angela nods, "It was fun." Harley lets her go run upstairs. Gus laughs, "They seemed to enjoy saying with me at the beacon." Harley nods, "That's good. They weren't to crowed?" He shakes his head, "Not really. Olivia gave me a discount on a good place so it's not bad. Roomy." She smiles, "That's good." He nods, "I will probably get my own place eventually. It's just a little difficult right now. Because I'd need at least a 3 bedroom with all the kids and everything." Harley laughs, "You can't just build another one?" He smiles, "Naw. That's something special. I built this house with my own hands. It's really special." She sighs, "It almost seems unfair for me to be living in this house that you built." He shakes his head, "The house that I built for you. It's always going to be your house Harley." She shakes her head, "No matter what Gus. This house will always be our house. There is nothing we can do about that." The two smile at each other. Grant Family House: Stephanie walks into the living room. She is on her cellphone. She hasn't heard much form Coop. She leaves him a message, "Hey Coop it's me. Stephanie. I was making sure you were still alive. I know there is a lot going on with Marina. But I'm worried about you. Please just call me and let me know that you are okay. I hope I didn't do something to upset you. I'll talk to you later okay? Bye." She hangs up. Stephanie is really confused about what's up with Coop. She turns around and sees Vi standing behind her. Stephanie jumps, "My God! Vi you startled me." Vi stares at her, "Sorry. I seem to have that effect on people." Stephanie looks at her, "Is something wrong honey?" Vi scoffs, "Honey? Oh I'm just your sweet little niece right? No wait you always say we are more like sisters." Stephanie sighs, "Vi is something wrong?" Vi smiles, "No. I just never realized what a whore you are." Stephanie is stunned by Vi's accusal. PART TWO: Cedars: Alan walks into the room. He looks at his granddaughter, "Oh Elizabeth. I just hate seeing you like this darling." Beth stands up, "Alan, we can't have to many people in here so you are going to have to wait in the hall." Alan sighs, "Elizabeth I think we need to talk alone for just a moment sweetheart." Phillip shakes his head, "Hell no. Alan get out of here. Liz is still recovering." Alan scoffs, "Fine. I have to go talk to someone anyways." Alan turns to leave. Before he steps out Liz speaks up, "You won't find them." Beth looks at her, "Find who?" Liz sighs, "Jonathan and Sarah." Alan turns to her. Phillip is confused, "What are you talking about?" Liz sighs, "Jonathan and Sarah... they're gone." Alan is angry, "What do you mean they're gone?" Liz starts to close her eyes, "I sent them away to protect them..." Liz falls asleep. Alan shouts, "Elizabeth how could you..." Phillip stands up, "Get the hell out of here Alan. Get out of here before I throw your ass out." Alan looks at his son, "This is not over Phillip." Alan leaves. A very puzzled Beth and Phillip sit with their sleeping daughter. Company: Susan is out on the porch of company. She's having a smoke while she waits for Buzz to drive her home. Marina walks down from the outside staircase. She doesn't want her family inside to see her. Susan turns to her, "Look who's all up and about." Marina sighs, "Thank you for not... for not trying to make me feel better. Because it's not going to happen." Susan nods, "I know. Look at me. My adoptive parents died when I was young so I ended up being raised by Dylan and Harley. The two teens who gave me away. I end up dating a hitman. Now he's locked up. And I still love the bastard. But I'm still standing." Marina watches Susan's cigarettes, "Can I have one of those?" Susan is surprised, "You smoke?" Marina sighs, "I did when I was a kid. But I.... I just could really use one right now." Susan hands her one and lights it for her. Marina takes a big puff, "So is this it? Is this what you use to deal with all the pain?" Susan sighs, "I have some other stuff." Susan is thinking about Gus. Harley's House: Gus and Harley are having coffee. Gus looks at her, "So how is Marina?" Harley sighs, "She is in a complete depression right now." He looks down, "That's terrible. She deserves better than that. She had so much last year with Danny's death, then everything with Shayne and Rocky, and now this." Harley nods, "I feel terrible that I can't do anything for her. Susan is over there right now." Gus doesn't feel comfortable talking about Susan, "Uh... Do we have some more coffee here?" She gets up, "Sure. Oh by the way how is Rafe?" Gus sighs, "Actually I just found out that he went on a trip to San Gabriel. I guess he had been planning it but didn't tell anyone. Except for my father of course." She pours Gus more coffee, "Well it must be tough for him living with Alan, Natalia, and the baby." He nods, "Yeah I guess so." She sighs, "Is it difficult. I mean with Alan and Natalia. They're raising the baby you thought was yours." He sighs, "Sometimes but mostly I just think about all of the things I gave up for that baby." Harley and Gus stare into each other's eyes. Alan & Natalia's: Alan walks into the house. Natalia is standing at the door. Alan looks at her, "Is everything alright?" She shakes her head, "No. I want to know where the heck you sent my son Alan! I need to know." He walks towards her, "I don't know what your talking about. I told you Rafe is in San Gabriel on vacation." She is frustrated, "How long Alan? Rafe took almost all of his stuff. And why didn't he pack until right before he left? None of this make any sense to me Alan." He takes her hand, "You need to sit down." She pulls away, "No! Just tell me Alan. Why are you keeping something from me? We are married. We have to share everything with each other Alan. You are worrying me." Alan sighs, "Natalia... your son has gotten himself into a whole lot of trouble." Natalia is incredibly nervous. Grant House: Stephanie is worried about Vi. Stephanie walks towards her niece, "Okay. I am really confused. Did I do something to upset you?" Vi scoffs, "I really was fooled. You had me so completely fooled. You walk around all sweet and innocent. Pretty little Stephanie. Every guy wants her. Sam Spencer, Remy Boudreau. But they were never good enough for you. I never understood why you didn't want them. But now you picked a guy. But not just any guy." Stephanie nods, "You are talking about Coop. I know it's weird because he's your teacher but you are graduating. And he is really sweet. I really like him. I think he might be..." Vi backs away, "Don't say it. I'm going to be sick." Stephanie is confused, "Vi what is wrong?" Vi shakes her head, "You two were sneaking behind my back, you were just hoping I'd never find out." Stephanie stares, "What are you talking about?" Vi wipes a tear, "I guess Mr. Bradshaw was never going to tell me that he was cheating on me with my own Aunt." Stephanie's mouth drops. Cedars: Reva is lying in her hospital bed. Josh, Marah and Shayne walk in. Reva smiles, "Hey. I had a dream. And you were there, and you, and you two Bud." Josh sighs, "The Wizard of Oz?" She laughs, "I couldn't resist." Shayne hugs her, "Mom I was so worried." Reva sighs, "Oh don't worry about me. I just love a good adventure every now and then." Marah sighs, "Well next time you need an adventure we'll go sky diving or mountain climbing." Reva smiles, "Don't tease me because I might just take you up on that one." Marah hugs her, "I love you Mom." Shayne sighs, "I have to go call Uncle Billy really quick. I promised to let him know." Marah nods, "I'll call Dylan. I'll be right back." Marah and Shayne step out. Josh looks at Reva, "Are you really okay?" She sighs, "It's a lot more painful then I'm letting on. But I'm not dying Joshua. Your still stuck with me." Josh sighs, "Reva I there is something I need to ask you. Where is Jonathan? Where is your son?" Reva stares at Josh. PREVIEWS: Reva won't give in to Josh Natalia packs her bags Stephanie can't believe what she hears Marina tells Susan her suspicions Harley and Gus continue flirting Liz starts to wake up in front of Remy

    Episode 159

    The Angel of Tammy Winslow Randall returns to Springfield... Cedars: Jonathan and Sarah sit with Liz. Liz's eyes open, "Sarah." Sarah smiles. Jonathan looks at her, "Liz?" Liz grins, "She called me Mommy." Jonathan nods, "You are her Mom." Liz looks at Sarah, "I'll never know what two people like Daddy and I did to deserve an angel like you. You know a lot of people have given up things to protect you. That is what is happening right now." Jonathan is confused, "What do you mean?" Liz smiles at Sarah, "When I was little I didn't live in Springfield. I think my parents knew that kids shouldn't have to grow up in a place like this. When things get so complicated here." He nods, "Liz I know we had plans to run off but now your Grandfather is back to going after us again." Liz nods, "I know. Sarah... I love you." Jonathan worries, "Liz what are you saying?" Liz looks up at him, "We don't have time to wait for me. You have to leave Springfield with Sarah. And you have to leave now." Jonathan stares in shock. Company: Marina lies in her bed. Her face is covered in tears. A small light is in the corner of her room. Tammy's Angel walks over, "How's my best friend doing?" Marina sighs, "I'm the worst mother in the world. I couldn't even keep my baby alive long enough..." Tammy sighs, "Marina you can't give up. You have a lot in your future. A lot to look forward too. I can't tell you but you have a huge destiney before you that you can't even imagine." Marina shakes her head, "There is nothing left for me in this world. Nothing to live for anymore." Tammy looks at Marina, "I'll always be here in your heart Marina. You were the best friend I ever had. You are an amazing person. Your story doesn't end here Marina. I love you." Tammy blows her friend a kiss before she fades away. Cedars: Jonathan stares at Liz, "What are you saying?" Liz look at him, "I heard you and Reva talking. My Granddad is dangerous again. And Aubrey is still out there. It's not safe for Sarah here. And if she doesn't leave now then she will be stuck in Springfield forever. I won't let that happen." He looks at her, "But you'll be better soon. And then we can all leave together just like we planned." Liz shakes her head, "Life isn't fair. We know that better than anyone. But it can be for Sarah. She can have a good life. Just promise me you will take her somewhere safe. Somewhere that no one will be able to find you." He sighs, "Liz... we can't do this again. You expect to be able to live without your daughter?" Liz shakes her head, "Not happy. But I have to put her before me. Tammy died for her, you left your family for her, now it's my turn. Just promise you won't let her forget me." He kisses Liz's head, "I promise. I will never forget what you have done for us Liz. I forgive you. For everything." Liz has tears in her eyes, "Go before... Just go." Jonathan has Sarah kiss Liz before they go. Jonathan picks up a sad and confused Sarah as he sneaks out the back door. Police Station: Remy is hiding out in a file room. He has a bottle of rum. Remy is trying to drink his problems away. He feels a familiar presence. Tammy sits next to him, "I never liked that stuff. It always tasted gross. But I guess I'm not tough enough." Remy sighs, "It's not the taste." Tammy sighs, "Drinking isn't going to change what's happening with Marina. Or anyone else for that matter." He nods, "I can't save anyone. I couldn't save you that night." Tammy turns to him, "That's not your responsibility. But that doesn't mean you aren't a hero. You saved Lizzie from bleeding to death." Remy shakes his head, "I stopped you from bleeding to death and you still died later." Tammy stares at him, "You and Lizzie. I never saw that coming. But it actually make sense." He shakes his head, "It would never work with Liz and I. I won't ever love her." She sighs, "Take it from someone who knows, you don't pick who you fall in love with." Remy turns but Tammy isn't there. Remy continues drinking. Cemetery: Jonathan and Sarah walk through the graves. Sarah walks around. Jonathan is holding flowers. He puts them on Tammy's grave. Jonathan sits down, "Tammy. Man who would have thought this is where our future was headed. No one thought that the two kissing cousins of Springfield would ever make it work. But we really loved each other. You will always be the love of my life. The way I see it Sarah has two mothers. Thank you for all that you have given me. This town is not the same without you. My life is not the same without you." Jonathan can feel someone behind him. Jonathan turns. Tammy's Angel is standing behind him. Spaulding Mansion: Annie Dutton walks out the front door. She walks towards the gates. She was given word that someone wanted to talk to her. Annie looks at Alan Spaulding standing outside the gate. Annie smiles, "Wow. I was wondering if you would ever show up here again. What took you so long?" Alan sighs, "I snapped out of it. I let things go by long enough without my control. I want it back." She looks confused, "The house?" He nods, "Yes. But that's not what I meant. I want my power back. I am sick and tired of the Spauldings being kicked around. We are the ones who should be running this town." She nods, "If you want this you are gonna have to earn it fair and square." He laughs, "Fair and square?" She laughs, "Okay well our version of it." He nods, "You understand." She sighs, "Do you want inside Alan? We can talk." The gates open up. Alan hasn't been inside in over a year. PART TWO: Cemetery: Jonathan stands up. He is always taken away by her beauty. Jonathan looks at her, "Tammy." She smiles, "Jonathan. I knew I'd see you soon today." Jonathan nods, "It feels like just yesterday we were married. Which means it seems even closer to your death." Tammy nods, "So I've seen. I look at Springfield and people act like it just happened. This has gone on long enough. I understand people have grief but things have fallen apart." He nods, "Yeah. Everyone knows that this town fell apart after you died. Nothing has been the same since." She sighs, "Jonathan. Things can't be like that. It's time things went back to normal around here." He nods, "I'm getting ready to leave. I just wanted to say goodbye." Tammy is confused, "To me? Jonathan I am not in Springfield. I'm in your heart. You act like our relationship was one sided. I love you so much. You and Sarah were the best parts of my life." Jonathan walks to her, "Do you mean that?" She smiles, "Of course. It took me a while but eventually I learned to love you when the lights were on. You are the love of my life Jonathan Randall." He cries, "And you are the love of my life Tammy Winslow Randall." Tammy kisses him. Jonathan can actually feel her lips on his. Tammy's vision fades away. But Jonathan can still feel her with him. Reva Bend: Reva walks inside. All of her stuff is destroyed. She sees photo albums torn. Broken picture frames are everywhere. On her table lays a photo. She walks over to it. A picture of Jonathan and Sarah now has Jonathan ripped out of it. Reva sees this as a threat. She drops it, "Oh God. No. Jonathan. Sarah." She goes running out the front door. Cedars: Liz lies in her bed. Liz cries, "Life isn't fair. This is my karma. My punishment for Tammy's death. Now I have to try and live without my little girl." Tammy's angel is with Liz, "That's not true." Liz looks at her, "Tammy?" Tammy nods, "I'm not vengeful Lizzie." Liz cries, "Tammy. Tammy I am so sorry. You were the best friend I ever had and I was just so jealous of you all the time. And that's why you died that night. It's all my fault." Tammy shakes her head, "No. Lizzie there is something you have to hear. Something you need to remember. I forgive you. I forgive you for what you did to me." Liz cries, "Thank you Tammy. Thank you." Tammy nods, "I'll look after Sarah for you. She will never forget you Liz. I promise. Get your rest." Liz is exhausted and falls asleep. Spaulding Mansion: Annie leads Alan into the study. Alan looks around, "I thought Cassie might have changed this place drastically but it's not a whole lot different." Annie nods, "Well I went back to the original design somewhat. I like it like this." Alan sighs, "It's been over a year since I've been in here. I feel like Springfield is almost back to normal." Alan lights up a cigar. Annie smiles, "I know that. Does this mean you are back?" Alan nods, "Alan Spaulding is back." Annie grins at Alan Spaulding. Road: Jonathan is driving down the road. He notices a car behind him. The two thugs are on his tail. This all seems to familiar. He won't let himself lose control of the car. Jonathan makes a quick turn to try and lose them. He takes a short cut. But he knows they will catch up. Jonathan keeps driving but sees a woman in his path. It's Reva! Jonathan hits the breaks and barely misses her. Jonathan gets out, "What are you doing?" Reva cries, "Jonathan! I had to make sure you were safe! Alan's men are after you!" He nods, "I know! I have to get out now! I only stopped because I didn't want to hit you." Reva pauses for a moment, "Okay. I know what I have to do. Get back in your car." Jonathan sighs, "Mom. I..." She stops him, "No more goodbyes. Okay? I love you. You are my baby boy. I love Sarah. I'll pray for you every day. I love you. I love you. I love you my baby," she hugs him, "Now go!" Jonathan gets in his car, "I love you Mom!" Jonathan drives away. The other car is catching up. Reva knows what she has to do. She stays in the middle of the road. The car keeps going. Reva isn't moving. The driver sees her. He tries to hit his breaks but they are going to fast. The town of Springfield has never recovered from Tammy's tragic death, but now things begin to go back to the way they were. Cedars: Rick walks out to Phillip and Beth. He has good news about Liz. The three friends hug in celebration. Spaulding Mansion: Alan Spaulding and Annie Dutton toast to the future. Jonathan's Car: Jonathan and Sarah are leaving Springfield for a new life. Road: The thugs car is flipped over in a ditch. A few yards away Reva Shayne is lying in a pool of blood. From the ache that voids my soul Steals the light from my everyday If someone could take me far away... PREVIEWS: Reva's family worries! Beth and Phillip see Liz Susan chats with Marina Gus spends time with Harley Vi confronts Stephanie Natalia questions Alan

    Episode 158

    It's chaos in Springfield..... Cedars: Liz has been in surgery all night Rick walks out the lobby. Phillip and Beth run over to him. He sighs, "So far things are looking well but we still have to wait and see how things go." Beth wipes tears, "I just can't believe this is happening." Rick looks at them, "Have you guys talked to the cops to see what is going on right now?" Phillip nods, "They don't know where Jonathan or Aubrey are. But they must be involved in this." Rick is confused, "Do you guys really think Jonathan shot Lizzie?" Beth sighs, "I don't know. But if he did... I swear that I will make him pay for this." Phillip is surprised by the rage in Beth's eyes. Rick nods, "Well we are doing everything we can to save Lizzie. i promise you guys okay?" The three friends hug. Company: The diner is closed today. Buzz pushes Marina in on a wheelchair. Frank and Eleni follow. Eleni looks at her, "Do you want something to eat Marina? I'm sure your Grandfather would fix you something?" Marina shakes her head, "No." Frank sighs, "Maybe you should eat something." She sighs, "I'm not eating for two anymore. It's not like anyone else's life is at stake anymore." Eleni fights tears, "Marina I know this is a tough time for you but we just want to help you." Marina turns to them, "I want to go upstairs and sleep." Buzz nods, "Okay. I'll help you up." Buzz helps her out of the chair and walks her upstairs. Eleni turns to Frank, "How are we gonna help her with this Frankie? Our baby has lost her baby." Frank nods, "I know. But we have to do everything we can. Even if we don't understand it ourselves." The two hug. Reva Bend: Sarah is sleeping in the other room. Reva hasn't got much sleep. Alan could show up at any minute. She wants to take Sarah to see Liz at Cedars but is afraid to take her anywhere that Alan could get her. Reva stands up, "This isn't fair. Here we are again. Everyone is hiding because of Alan Spaulding. It's not right. People shouldn't have to live like this." She tries Jonathan's phone again but he still won't pick up. Reva is frustrated, "Damn it Jonathan! Where the hell are you!?!?" She throws her phone at the closet. It knocks a box off the shelf. Reva walks over to pick everything up. She is surprised by what she finds. The old newspaper article about Tammy's death at Old Mill Road. Reva picks it up, "What are the odds. I forgot I saved this," she looks up, "Is this a clue Tammy?" Reva stands up and walks into the other room. Alan & Natalia's: Natalia walks downstairs. Alan is sitting on the couch. She walks towards him, "Have you heard about your Granddaughter?" He nods, "Yes. Lillian said she would call and give me updates on Elizabeth while she is surgery." Natalia sighs, "Why aren't you down there? I can get the baby dressed and we will all go." Alan shakes his head, "Elizabeth has a restraining order against me at the moment. But I'm sure after this she'll put that aside." Natalia nods, "Well I'm going to call Rafe. He and Lizzie are very close. I wonder if he even knows." Alan turns to her, "Natalia, Rafe is on vacation right now." She is confused, "Vacation? What are you talking about?" Alan stands up, "We thought it would be best for him to take sometime down at the house in San Gabriel." Natalia stares, "Are you serious? Alan why wasn't I even informed? When did you decide all of this?" Alan hugs her, "Don't worry my love. Everything is going to be fine. I promise. I'm going to make sure our family gets everything we want." Natalia is somewhat worried about her husband. Police Station: Remy walks over to David, "Hey man where have you been?" David turns to him, "What do you mean?" Remy is frustrated, "I've been practically working on the Liz Spaudling case all on my own!" David stands up, "Well I'm sorry. I've been reading the information. You've done a good job. But I have been busy with everything going on with Marina and everything else." Remy is confused, "Marina? What does she have to do with this?" David turns to him, "You don't know?" Remy stares, "Know what? I haven't even seen my family this week. I've been working on this case." David sighs, "Marina had a huge fire at her house. It burned to the ground. I got there and pulled her out before it killed her." Remy is in shock, "Oh my God. I can't believe... thank you man. You saved my best friend." David shakes his head, "Don't thank me." Remy is confused, "Why not?" David sighs, "Marina's baby didn't make it." Remy backs up, "No, no," he punches the desk, "Damn it!" David walks towards him, "I'm sorry man." Remy shakes his head, "Why? Why do horrible things happen to every girl in my life. Tammy is dead! Marina lost her baby! Now Liz is in a hospital bed!" Remy storms out. Old Mill Road: The two thugs Alan hired pull their car to the road. It's completely empty. They get out of the car. The first one points to the woods, "There. We'll take him out there." The other one is holding a gun, "Good idea. But we gotta make sure it's clear first." The two run in to check around. Jonathan is still tied up in the back trunk. He is kicking at the door. He has no luck. Suddenly he hears a car pull up. Someone is at the car. The hood opens up. Jonathan is shocked to see his mother. Reva stares, "Jonathan! Thank God I found you!" She unties him. Jonathan gets up, "Mom. Oh God I..." She shushes him, "The guys are right out there. We have to run. Sarah is in the car. Hurry." The two run into Reva's car and drive off. PART TWO: Cedars: Phillip and Beth are waiting for more news on Liz. Beth is tense, "I can't handle this. It's just like before. When she was a little girl with leukemia. We spent so much time here waiting to hear whether or not she..." Phillip holds her, "Lizzie is going to make it. Okay? She is a strong woman. Just like her mother. And before we know it we will be at our wedding. She'll be making a speech about how happy she is. Sarah can be the flower girl. It'll happen." Beth smiles, "I'd like that. So would Lizzie." He holds her close, "We know it's not Lizzie's time yet." Beth sits up, "I know but I just keep thinking about Cassie. I mean I was so cruel to her all the time. She was just a grieving mother. No mother should ever have to bury her child." He nods, "I know. I feel horrible for Marina Cooper." Beth sighs, "Oh that's right. That poor girl. She must be devastated. I know what that's like." He is confused, "What?" She turns to him, "When you were gone I was pregnant with Alan's baby. I had a miscarriage." Phillip is shocked, "I had no idea." Beth nods, "Yeah. Believe me things like that totally change a person forever." Company: Marina lies in her bed. She just stares at the wall. She had made so many plans for her son. Baby Daniel was going to look just like his father. She was going to set up play dates with Robbie and Hope to meet him. This was going to be her last gift from Danny. Now she has lost his son, the house he built for her, and everything that was inside. All gone in one night. If only she could remember what happened that night. Downstairs Buzz, Frank and Eleni sit. Buzz pours coffee, "How long are you two staying in town?" Eleni sighs, "As long as our daughter needs us." Buzz nods, "Well I know you can't stay here forever. So I want you to know that we will all be here for her. Me, Harley, Lucy, Coop, Rocky. Everyone. Marina will never be alone." Frank sighs, "Well I'm sorry to say this but for now, no matter how many people are with her Marina is going to be alone." The three of them are very worried about her. Road: Reva is driving her car. Jonathan is in the back with Sarah. He looks at Reva, "How did you know where to find me?" She sighs, "Jonathan you wouldn't believe me if I told you." He nods, "Well I have a lot of stuff to tell you but not nearly enough time to do it." She sighs, "I saw Alan. He was at my house." Jonathan nods, "What did he do?" Reva takes a deep breathe, "He's back to his old ways again. Things are looking pretty bad again." Jonathan nods, "He is trying to have me killed again." She sighs, "Where should I take you guys?" He sighs, "To Cedars. I have to check on Lizzie." She is worried, "Jonathan, Alan might be keeping tabs there. He must know by now that you have escaped. He probably sent people to guard her room by now. It's not safe." He nods, "Well then we'll have to sneak in. But Sarah and I have to see Liz immediently." Reva drives towards Cedars Hospital Park: Natalia is pushing the stroller. She sees Remy on the bench. Remy looks up, "Hey. How have you been?" She hugs him, "I'm good. How are you?" He sighs, "I wish I could say the same." She sits with him, "Are you okay?" He shakes his head, "It's just... everything going on right now. Marina, and now Liz." Natalia nods, "I didn't even know that you and Lizzie were friends. I thought you didn't like all Spauldings." He sits back, "So did I. But there is something about Liz. I don't know what. I mean after Blake I thought I'd never care so much about someone else. But it's not possible anyways." She looks at him, "Why not?" He turns to her, "Because I'm falling for another woman who is in love with Jonathan Randall." Natalia sighs, "Well Jonathan Randall is not a great guy. He seems very dangerous. But you are a hero. Remy any woman would be lucky to have you in their life." He smiles, "Says the woman who dumped me." She laughs, "Shut up." He looks at her, "I still think you are too good for Alan." She sighs, "I know what you all think. But Alan is the love of my life. And he has changed. Believe me." Reva Bend: Alan pulls up in front of Reva's house. His thugs walk over. Alan gets out, "You let Jonathan Randall get away?" The first one nods, "Mr. Spaulding he must have been let out by someone. Someone helped him." Alan nods, "Yeah. I know who. Come on. Get me inside this house." The second one goes up to the door and kicks it in. Alan leads them inside. Alan hollers, "Reva! Jonathan! Get down here right now!" They begin to tear the house apart. Photos of Reva's family are tossed around. Her house is getting destroyed. Alan sees one of Sarah's toys lying on the ground. He picks it up. Cedars: Reva walks into the hospital. She sees Phillip and Beth sitting together. She sneaks a peek at the nurses station. She finds Liz's room. Reva walks around the corner to get Jonathan and Sarah. The three of them go down the hallway. They stop at a room. Reva sighs, "Okay I'll stand guard. But you have to make this quick." Jonathan picks up Sarah and they walk inside. Liz is hooked up to machines. Jonathan sits by her bed. He whispers, "Liz... Liz please wake up. Liz..." Sarah looks at her, "Mommy!" Liz's eyes begin to open. PREVIEWS: Tammy's Angel returns to make things right in Springfield!

    Episode 157

    Lives are rocked in Springfield... Farmhouse: Jonathan stares at Aubrey in her blood soaked dress. Jonathan sighs, "Who's blood is that?" He suddenly sees Liz bleeding in the corner. He runs to her, "Liz! Liz! Oh my God! What happened Aubrey? What did you do to her?" Aubrey sighs, "Don't you see Jonathan? I had to protect us and our children. You, me, Sarah, and Little Johnny. We'll all be better off without her. She's a Spaulding." He takes out his phone and calls 911. Aubrey shakes her head, "What are you doing?" He turns to her, "I am calling an ambulance. She needs medical help. You shot her!" Aubrey is confused, "I did it for you Jonathan. Don't you understand? I had to keep us safe. You killed my Dad to keep us safe. He was the only man in my life before you. Now you are the man in my life. You are all that I have left to hold onto." Jonathan is one the phone, "Yes. Liz Spaulding has been shot. I need you hear quick... yes the old farmhouse outside of town. Hurry." Jonathan hangs up. She grabs the stroller, "We need to get going before the police come. They can take care of her. But we have to run." Jonathan stares at Aubrey. She is completely insane. Alan & Natalia's: Rafe runs down the stairs with packed bags. Alan turns to him, "You need to hurry." Rafe scoffs, "I don't even know what the hell is going on? I can't leave town right now." Alan nods, "Yes you can and you will. I have plane tickets for you to the house in San Gabriel. We planned this weeks ago. And you are leaving very soon." Rafe shakes his head, "You can't be serious? How long am I supposed to be there?" Alan sighs, "You are going their for vacation. That is all I am going to say. You are lucky to have me Raphael." Rafe shakes his head, "This is happening to fast. Jonathan is going to come after me." Alan sighs, "No he is not. I took care of Jonathan. So don't worry about him okay." Rafe backs up, "No. I heard what happened last time you tried to take care of Jonathan Randall. Isn't that how Tammy Winslow-" Alan turns to him, "That's enough! Now I am trying to protect everyone in my family from this man. You have to get going." Rafe walks away. Just then Alan's cell phone rings. Cedars: The Coopers are all in tears. Michelle just broke the news about the baby. Eleni sobs in Franks arms, "It's not right Frankie. It's just not right. We were just sitting with her planning for the baby. And now..." David sits in a seat in the corner. Lucy sits with him, "This isn't your fault." David nods, "I should have known. If I had known she had given birth I could have got the baby out in time. She kept trying to tell me but I didn't understand." Lucy shakes her head, "If it wasn't for you then Marina would have died in the fire. And you both almost didn't make it out. That is a miracle. You are still my hero." Rocky sees Kevin down the hallway. Rocky slowly goes to him, "When did you get here?" Kevin sighs, "I had to check on you. I'm so sorry Rocky." Rocky wipes a tear, "I'm so glad you're hear." The two hug. Kevin pulls away, "I uh... saw Shayne's car." Rocky looks down, "He just came to... he just showed up." Kevin nods, "Does he know?" Rocky shakes his head, "I don't think so." Kevin nods, "Go find him. This baby meant a lot to you guys. You need to be the one to tell him." Rocky is shocked by this. Farmhouse: Jonathan is aiding to an unconscious Liz. Aubrey holds the baby, "He wants to see his Daddy Jonathan. Come on. Just let her lay there. Don't neglect your son." Jonathan shouts, "What the hell is wrong with you? That is not my baby! You faked it all!" Aubrey shake her head, "No. Liz is lying to you." Jonathan stares at her, "No she's not! Because she can't talk right now! She is bleeding to death!" They can hear the sirens. Aubrey panics, "Okay we need to get out of here right now Jonathan. They are coming after us." She puts the baby back in his seat. Jonathan shakes his head, "I am not going anywhere with you." Aubrey looks at him, "I got us a car! It's just down the road. We can go anywhere we want." He shouts, "Get the hell away from me! You are a sick little bitch! I hope I never see your face again. A heartbroken Aubrey walks away, "Fine. Springfield is s stupid town. Me and the baby don't need this. Goodbye Jonathan. I'll never forget you. I think we'll see each other again." Aubrey takes the baby and runs out the back door. Aubrey talks to the baby as they leave. She smiles, "Look at you little guy. I did a lot to get you. And I'm not giving you up. It's just gonna be you and me for a while. We are leaving Springfield." Aubrey heads for her car. Reva Bend: Reva and Sarah are in the living room. The phone rings. Reva gets up to go and answer it. She sees it's Jonathan, "Hello?... What's wrong?... What? Oh my God.... Yes. Okay I'll take Sarah... Bye." Reva hangs up. Reva starts getting Sarah's things together. She hears a car pull into her driveway. She worries about who it is. Before she can get to the door it opens. Alan walks in, "Where is he Reva?" Reva gasps, "Alan you scared me. What is going on? I just heard about Liz-" Alan walks past her, "I was at my house today when Jonathan runs up and attacks me and my Grandson Raphael." Reva is surprised, "Why?" Alan is angry, "Because he's a punk! And then he threatened us and now I get a phone call telling my Elizabeth was shot!!!" Reva shushes him, "Stop it. Sarah is in the other room." He looks past her, "Well that's good because I am taking Sarah right now." Reva is seeing the old Alan Spaulding again. Cedars: Rocky is shocked by what Kevin is proposing. Rocky stares at him, "You want me to find Shayne?" Kevin nods, "It's not like I'm asking you to go make out with him. But you both lost something. That child was almost yours. You should be the one to tell him." Rocky kisses him, "Thank you." Rocky walks down the hall. Kevin leaves. The Coopers are still in the waiting room. Buzz walks over to Michelle, "How is Marina?" Michelle sighs, "She will probably wake up soon. She probably doesn't even remember what happened entirely." Eleni sits up, "Oh God! I don't think that I could tell her. I just don't think I could do it." Frank hugs her, "We will all go in together. You, me and Pop. And we'll find someway to tell our little girl,.." Frank breaks down. A nurse walks out, "Ms. Cooper is waking up." The Coopers all stand still. PART TWO: Farmhouse: Jonathan is trying to keep Liz from bleeding to death. The door opens. EMTs run over to her. Remy runs in, "Oh my God! Liz! Liz!" Jonathan stands up, "She hasn't opened her eyes I can't get her to open her eyes!" Remy is helping with Liz. Remy and Jonathan have a sense of deja vu. Remy stands up. Jonathan shakes his head, "I can't do this again Remy! I can't let this happen again." Remy nods, "We couldn't save Tammy. But we can still save Liz." Remy gets back down, "Let me help her! Let me do something please." Jonathan pulls him back, "Remy let them help her okay." Remy fights, "We have to help her!" The EMTs push Remy back. Jonathan grabs his phone, "I got to call Reva. I have to check on Sarah." Jonathan walks out the back door. But suddenly two thugs grab him and drag him away. Reva Bend: Alan starts to walk over to Sarah. Reva stands in front of him, "No. Alan think about what you are trying to do. You are not even supposed to be around Sarah." Alan scoffs, "I think Elizabeth has some changes to make now that Jonathan has shot her!" Reva shakes her head, "No! Jonathan wouldn't hurt Liz! They have made up. They were planning on running away together." He nods, "Yeah. Until he decided to go after her family again. She must have tried to stop him. And now she is fighting for her life. It seems like every woman who is connected to him either goes completely insane or ends losing her life-" Reva slaps him, "Don't you dare! Don't you ever try and place the blame of Tammy's death on Jonathan! Or this! Why are you doing this? I thought marrying Natalia changed you." He nods, "I will not let my family suffer anymore because of you and your family." She shouts, "Get out of my house." He shakes his head, "I'm not leaving without Sarah." She stares into his eyes, "You want Sarah. You are going to have to go through me. I will die before I let you lay a hand on her." Alan backs away, "I'll be back Reva." Alan slams the door as he leaves. Cedars: Marina lies in her hospital bed. She is waking up. Michelle walks in, "Marina. Your family is here to see you." Buzz, Frank and Eleni walk in. Marina sits up, "You're all here?" Eleni looks at her, "Oh my little Angel." Eleni walks over and kisses Marina on the head. Frank stands by his daughter. Marina looks up, "Daddy... Daddy where is my baby?" Frank is speechless and fighting tears. Buzz walks over to Marina who is still a little out of it, "Marina honey. Do you remember anything?" She nods, "I was in my house... I was having contractions.... and there was a fire." Buzz looks down. Marina sits up. Eleni can't stop crying. Marina looks over to Michelle, "Michelle... my baby?" Michelle has tears in her eyes. Marina's voice is breaking, "Tell me every thing's okay with the baby. Tell me that every thing's okay with the baby. Tell me everything is okay with my baby!!!" Michelle cries. Marina sobs, "No!!! No, no, no, no." Her family holds her. Farmhouse: Liz is put on a stretcher. Remy is with her, "Liz please... please don't give up. Okay? You are a fighter okay. Everyone told me about how you beat cancer when you were only a little girl. This is nothing for you. I mean come on. If you can get Remy Boudreau to tell a Spaulding to stay alive then don't you want to stick around and find out why?" Liz taken away and put into the ambulance. A few minutes afterwords a car pulls up. Phillip and Beth run to the house. Remy runs to meet them. Beth is in tears, "Remy! Remy where is she? Where is Lizzie?" Remy looks at them, "She is on her way to Cedars right now. They should be there very soon." Phillip stares, "How did this happen?" Remy shakes his head, "I haven't found out yet. Jonathan has the answers." They look around. Remy grabs a cop, "Have you seen Jonathan Randall?" The cop shakes his head, "No. He must have left the scene." Beth is confused, "Why would he leave?" Remy shakes his head, "I have no idea. But we have to get to Cedars." They all get back into their cars. Parking Lot: Alan pulls his car into the random parking lot. He parks and gets out. He walks over to a blue car. The two thugs get out, "You got the money Mr. Spaulding?" Alan is holding an envelope, "I want to see him." They walk him to the back and pop open the trunk. Jonathan is tied up and gagged inside. Alan looks at him, "Hello Jonathan. You know at first I was just going to hold you hear long enough to protect Rafe. But now... I am going to have to say goodbye. But don't worry about Sarah. I will take good care of her for you. Say hello to Tammy." Jonathan struggles against the ropes. They shut the trunk. Alan looks at the thugs, "Feel free to smack him around and beat him for a while. But in 24 hours I want him dead." Alan walks back to his car. He sits with a cigar in his hand. He sighs, "I quit for you Natalia. I quit a lot of things. But I have to do what's best for my family. God forgive me." Alan lights it up and takes a big puff. Cedars: Marina cries in her families arms. Eleni hugs her, "I'm so sorry my little girl. I am so sorry. I love you so much Marina." Frank kisses Marina's head, "I wish I could make your pain go away baby. I'm so sorry." Marina pushes them all away, "Please go away. Please. I need to be left alone. Please!" Slowly the Coopers leave her alone. Marina's crying can be heard down the hallway. Shayne is lighting candles still. Rocky walks in. Shayne can tell by the look on his face. Shayne walks over and cries in Rocky's arms. Out in the lobby, Liz is rushed in. Liz opens her eyes for a brief second and sees Marina through the window of her room. Liz whispers to herself, "Marina's baby..." The hospital is filling up. The Coopers are still crying in the waiting room. While the Spauldings rush in to pray for Liz. No one knowing that these two events are connected. Road: Aubrey drives her car up the hill. She looks at the sign. She is about to leave Springfield. She turns to the baby boy in the backseat, "I still got you. I will never let you go little one. I'm your mother." Aubrey looks out her window. She feels no remorse for her actions. She takes a deep breathe, "I'll see you all again. Jonathan, Liz, Marina, Rafe, all of you. It's not over." Aubrey steps on the gas. She says goodbye to Springfield. PREVIEWS: Reva gets a clue Marina leaves the hospital Liz's family worries Natalia questions Alan

    Episode 156

    Life is turned upside down in Springfield.... Farmhouse: Aubrey pulls up in front of the house. She apparently has stolen a new car. No one else seems to be home right now. Aubrey takes the baby inside. She has been calling him Jon. Aubrey walks in with him, "Welcome home baby Jon. Now your Daddy and your sister Sarah will be home later. When they see you they won't be so mad at me anymore. And Daddy will have to agree to take me back. It's all going to work out. Liz Spaulding will be out of the picture." The door opens. Aubrey turns, "Jonathan-" Rafe walks in, "Oh my God. Aubrey you really did it didn't you?" She backs away, "What are you doing here? Listen I'm not going to rat you out but you need to stay away from me from now on." He nods, "When I heard about Marina Cooper's house burning down... I just had a feeling. That's her child isn't it?" Aubrey shakes her head, "No. This is my child." Rafe sighs, "I can't believe you. Aubrey I had no idea that you were capable of something like this. I never would have gotten involved with you and your fake pregnancy." She stands up, "You need to leave. Right now. I have it handled from here. If you roll over on me, I swear I will take you down with me. Now leave." Rafe heads to the door, "I'm gone. But Aubrey... please don't do anything else. I have a really bad feeling." Rafe leaves. Aubrey turns to the baby, "Don't worry. We won't have to worry about anymore visitors today." Liz walks in from the other room, "Guess again Aubrey." Aubrey stares in shock. Liz has been there the whole time. Cedars: The Coopers are all at Cedars. Buzz sits in the waiting room with Coop and Rocky. Rocky is pacing, "I can't believe this happened. I didn't even know that Marina was back in town." Coop sighs, "None of us did." Buzz takes a deep breathe, "Thank God, David got there when he did or..." Suddenly Frank and Eleni run in. They rushed to get in town. Frank runs over, "Where is she? What do we know so far?" Buzz stands up, "She is with the doctors." Eleni is worried, "What about the baby? Do they know if anything happened to the baby?" Buzz sighs, "We don't know yet. They said that they would have the doctors check on her and the baby but..." Frank is nervous, "But what?" Buzz looks down, "Her skirt was covered in blood." Eleni gasps, "Oh my God!" Frank hugs her, "We need to relax." Eleni is very upset, "We just saw her before. She was with us before she came home. It must have happened so fast." Rocky turns to get some water for his family. He is surprised to run into Shayne. Farmhouse: Liz walks towards Aubrey. Liz stares at the child, "I can't believe what I just heard. You were never pregnant. And that is not your child." Aubrey shakes her head, "No. You are mistaken. This is the child I gave birth to. My child with Jonathan! You are just mad because Jonathan loves me more than you." Liz gasps, "You stole Marina's baby! What did you cut her open? I hear about these things on the news. Crazy people like you steal babies like that. Jonathan is going to never forgive you." Aubrey cries, "You don't understand!" Liz nods, "I understand very well. You were faking a pregnancy this whole time! You were working with my cousin Rafe! You kidnapped Sarah! And now you've taken Marina's child? Did Marina even survive the fire?" Aubrey is staring, "You are lying! Jonathan will never believe you! Jonathan loves me!" Liz goes to the door, "I'm getting the police!" Aubrey pulls out a gun, "No! You aren't going to keep me and Jonathan a part anymore." Liz stares at the gun being pointed at her. Reva Bend: Jonathan and Reva are in her living room. Sarah is playing in the other room. Jonathan sits with her on the couch. Reva looks at him, "What aren't you telling me? I can tell that something is going on." He sighs, "I don't want to do this again. We do this too much. It's getting ridiculous." Reva worries, "What do we do?" He sighs, "Say goodbye." She shakes her head, "No. No. No! Jonathan! What are you talking about? Where are you going?" Jonathan looks at her, "I don't know. But with everything going on right now I have to leave again." She is confused, "Alan is not a threat right now." He nods, "I know. But Aubrey is. I know she's not as powerful but she is very dangerous. Once I find out what is going on with her and the baby, we are going to leave." She looks at him, "Who's we?" He sighs, "Liz is going with me. We are in this together. But it's not going to be like before. Aubrey doesn't have the power Alan did. I don't have to hide much from her. I can still talk to you." Reva shakes her head, "It's more than that. I love having you back in Springfield. I love spending time with you. I thought you were back for good this time." He nods, "So did I. Listen. I'm not leaving yet but I have to run some errands. Will you watch Sarah while I head out." She smiles, "Of course. I'll have to spend some quality time with her before you leave." Jonathan turns and smiles, "I'll see you later alligator." Reva wipes tears, "In a while crocodile." Cedars: Rocky walks to Shayne. Rocky is surprised to see him, "What are you doing here?" Shayne sighs, "I heard about Marina. I know there is a lot of problems between us. But I felt like I should at least bring flowers. Will you give these to her?" Rocky takes the flowers, "Yeah. Shayne we may not be together anymore, but you don't have to leave." Shayne sighs, "I just can't be here with everyone right now. I'll stay around. Maybe go light a candle. Um... how is the baby?" Rocky sighs, "We don't know." A silent Shayne walks away. In the waiting room the Coopers are all on edge. David and Lucy walk in. Lucy hugs Frank, "How is she?" Frank sighs, "No news yet. But we are all praying that everything will turn out okay." Lucy nods, "Well thank God for David. I don't know if they told you but David was the one who found the house on fire and ran through the flames to save Marina." Frank shakes David's hand, "Thank you David. I will never be able to repay for what you have done. Thank you." David sighs, "If only I could have been there sooner..." Buzz walks over, "What's going on with the house?" Lucy sighs, "It's gone. It completely burned down. There is nothing left." Eleni looks down, "Oh no. This is just getting worse and worse." Suddenly nurses go running into Marina's room. Everyone stares in shock. Alan and Natalia's: Rafe walks up to the house. Alan grabs him and takes him to the side of the house. Rafe fights him, "Get off of me!" Alan throws him against the wall, "Where have you been? Huh!?!" Rafe sighs, "Granddad just stop okay? Please?" Alan stares at him, "What the hell is wrong with you? Where were you at? I demand you tell me now." Rafe looks down, "I was at the farmhouse. I ran into Aubrey." Alan is angry, "What did you do?" Rafe sighs, "I went to see Liz and I found Aubrey there. I had no idea she was going to do the things she did." Alan looks at him, "What aren't you telling me?" Rafe sighs, "I worked with Aubrey for a while. Our relationship consisted of me blackmailing her a lot. About just how crazy she was." Alan nods, "Like what?" Rafe looks down, "She was faking her whole pregnancy." Alan backs up, "So that was all just some big scam the two of you were pulling?" Rafe shouts, "When I met her I had no idea I would become her partner in crime for all of this!" Suddenly Jonathan Randall comes out of no where and grabs Rafe. Jonathan shakes him, "You son of a bitch!" Alan is startled to see Jonathan at his house. PART TWO: Farmhouse: Aubrey is holding Liz at gunpoint. Liz stares, "Aubrey where did you even get that gun?" Aubrey's hand is shaking, "I took it from Marina's house." Liz sighs, "You need to put it down. You do not even know how to use a gun. Don't do something that you will regret." Aubrey keeps point the gun at her, "You found out about Marina. You are going to tell Jonathan. I won't let that happen. I swear to you that I will kill you first." Liz has tears in her eyes, "Please don't do this!" Aubrey nods, "I have to keep my secret." Liz starts to walk towards her, "We are in Springfield. Secrets don't last very long. If I can find out then so can Jonathan. It's going to come out. Everyone will know that you were never pregnant. That you tried to kill Marina and you took her baby!" Aubrey screams, "No! No!" Aubrey pulls the trigger. Liz falls to the ground. She has been shot. Cedars: Shayne stands in the church area. He lights a candle. Shayne sighs, "Please. Don't do this to Marina or the baby. Don't do this to the Coopers..." Shayne prays for them. The Coopers are in the waiting room. Eleni and Frank sit together. Eleni is nervous, "They aren't telling us what's going on! They just keep running past us." Frank rubs her back, "It's going to be okay. We need to believe that okay. We just have to." Michelle walks over to the Coopers. They all stand up. Buzz looks at her, "What's going on Michelle?" She has a confused look on her face, "I need to ask you guys some questions about Marina, the baby, and everything." Eleni nods, "Okay. What?" Michelle sighs, "When did you last see Marina?" Frank sighs, "The day of the fire. She left that morning. We were planning on coming down in a couple of days for the baby to be born." Michelle nods, "So she had not given birth yet?" Eleni is confused, "What? No. All she had done is picked out a name. She was going to name him after Danny." Michelle is effected by the sound of Danny's name. She runs back into the room. David remembers Marina crying for Danny when he found her. Alan and Natalia's: Jonathan is beating up Rafe. Jonathan kicks him, "You twisted little bastard!" Alan pulls him off, "Jonathan get away from him!" Jonathan turns to them, "You are both sick! I really thought for once the Spauldings didn't have their finger prints on this mess but of course you people had to be involved." Alan walks towards Jonathan, "You need to leave Jonathan. I will take care of my Grandson but you need to leave." Jonathan smirks, "I can't believe you. You act like you've changed but here you are still the same Alan Spaulding. Still a sick twisted man who wants to kill me." Alan shakes his head, "I am not that man anymore." Rafe gets up, "Get the hell out of here Jonathan!" Jonathan goes to grab him but Alan shoves him away. Alan shouts, "That's enough! Stay away from Raphael! I mean it Jonathan!" Jonathan shakes his head, "You don't scare me. There is only one way to handle the Spauldings," Jonathan turns to Rafe, "I'm coming back and you better pray to God that you aren't here when I am. Because I'm not coming unarmed this time kid." Jonathan goes back to his car. Rafe shakes his head, "He's bluffing." Alan sighs, "I don't thinks so. But I can't let this happen. This is our home. Natalia and the baby will be back soon. I have to stop Jonathan from hurting you people. I have to." Alan slowly takes out his cell phone. Slowly he dials a number he hasn't called in a long time. Reva Bend: Reva is with Sarah in the living room. Sarah is staring at the table. Reva turns to her, "What are you looking at little girl?" Sarah smiles, "You have a picture of my angel." Reva looks over, "Who?" There is a picture of Tammy on her wedding day. Reva smiles, "Yes. That's your Guardian Angel Tammy. Did your Daddy tell you about her?" Sarah nods, "She will always keep me safe." Reva walks over to the window. She looks up at the sky, "I hope you are looking out for her Tammy. For all of us. I have a really bad feeling. The last time I felt this way was just before your wedding night. That changed our lives forever." Reva sits back with Sarah. But she can't shake the feeling that tragedy is hanging over Springfield once again. Cedars: All of the Coopers are still waiting on news. David is pacing. Lucy walks over to him, "What's going on? Are you not telling me something David?" David nods, "I have a bad feeling. I think I may have made a terrible mistake. I bad one." Lucy is confused, "You saved Marina. What are you talking about?" Suddenly the door opens. Michelle walks out, "I... I need to talk to you David." Eleni jumps up, "Can we see her?" Frank stares, "Did she give birth yet?" Eleni worries, "I don't hear crying? Where's the baby? Is something wrong with the baby?" Michelle and David catch each other's eyes for a moment. They both realize what must have happened. Michelle talks slowly, "We were going to deliver her baby but we were just... there wasn't anything... the baby was already born." Rocky shakes his head, "Marina hasn't had the baby yet?" Lucy turns to David who has tears in his eyes. Michelle sighs, "She must have given birth in the house before it caught fire...." David cries, "I didn't know. I'm so sorry." Michelle's voice breaks as she says these words, "Baby Danny is dead!" Lucy and David hug. Eleni begins to collapse. Frank and Buzz sit her down. Eleni cries in Franks arms. Farmhouse: Jonathan runs into the farmhouse. Jonathan shouts, "Liz? Where are you?" He walks in and is shocked by what he sees. Aubrey is wearing a nice dress and pushing a stroller. The baby is laying in it. Aubrey smiles, "Here he is. Jonathan Randall II. Our baby boy has been born. I packed all our stuff. We have to get going." Jonathan stares at the child, "Where did you get the baby Aubrey?" Aubrey laughs, "I gave birth to him silly. Now I know I lost my baby weight pretty early." She steps away from behind the stroller. He can see her dress is covered in blood. Aubrey smiles, "I love you so much Jonathan. You saved me from my father. You killed him. You did what you had to do so that we could be together. I understand you. I would kill for you." Jonathan stares, "Who would you kill? Who's blood is on your dress?" Aubrey looks down at her dress. Jonathan turns as sees. Liz's body has been pushed in the corner. She is covered in blood. PREVIEWS: Liz fights to live Aubrey is ready to leave Alan is done being the good guy! Reva fears for Sarah Marina gets the devastating news

    Episode 155

    Life Changing Decisions Are Made in Springfield... Country Club: Vi walks to Coop. She confesses everything, "I'm in love with you!" Coop shakes his head, "I don't understand. Vi what is the joke? I don't even get it." She cries, "I've been in love with you for so long Coop!" He backs away, "I'm still Mr. Bradshaw." She shakes her head, "Somewhere along the line you stopped being my teacher. You became my one true love. All of the time we were spending together. Every moment we share meant so much to me." Coop is in shock, "Vi what moments? What are you talking about?" She sighs, "Don't act like you weren't there! You were driving me home from school, telling me about Romeo and Juliet, helping me, telling me I'm smart and special." Coop sighs, "Vi I'm your teacher. I'm teaching you. That's my job. I never meant to lead you on." Vi cries, "No! Don't say that to me." Coop sighs, "I'm so sorry." She grabs him, "I'm in love with you." Suddenly the principal walks over, "Is something wrong Mr. Bradshaw?" Coop and Vi turn to see staring at them. Police Station: Gus is leaving work. He is walking to his car and getting ready to head home. Susan is waiting next to it, "What took you so long to get here? I was about to leave." Gus smiles, "I didn't expect to see you here. Your Mom is inside you know? She could come out." She nods, "I know. She just left our house. So I thought maybe I would stop by and surprise you." He walks towards her, "I need this. I had a long ass day today. I tried to get Edmund Winslow behind bars." She sighs, "You know he was always nice to me when I was a kid." He nods, "Well he's a real jerk. And I promised Olivia that I would do everything I could get him off the streets." Susan looks at him, "Okay there are a few things we need to address. What's going on with you and Olivia. Because I"m not going to be some home wrecker okay?" Gus shakes his head, "Nothing is going on between Olivia and I. We are friends. Besides she has enough on her plate." Susan and Gus get into his car. Spaulding Mansion: Annie, Dinah, and Olivia are all in the office. Annie looks at them, "So right now I'm working on my plans for Spaulding. This summer is when the board members start voting. And as it turns out, half the town is throwing their hats in the ring." Dinah chuckles, "It's going to be so much fun when all of them lose to you. They have no idea who they are dealing with." Olivia looks at Annie, "I need your help with something. You were able to get Mallet his job for Dinah. I need you to do something for me." Annie nods, "What is it Olivia?" Olivia sighs, "I need you to get rid of Edmund." Annie nods, "Who is that?" Dinah sits up, "Edmund Winslow is a monster. He once left me in a burning building to die. He made my life hell and now he is going after Olivia. And my little brother Bill. I agree he has to be stopped." Annie nods, "I'm not Alan. I can't just have someone killed. It's not my style. I'm sorry." Olivia nods, "I'm not asking that. But I need at least something. Something to get him out of town." Dinah turns to Annie, "We can see what we all can do right?" Annie smiles, "Right. Because soon we will be in full control of Spaulding. And then we will take the rest of Springfield. But first I need something else from the two of you." Olivia and Dinah look at each other. Natalia's House: Rafe walks upstairs. He goes into his bedroom. Rafe is shocked when he sees Alan standing in the middle of his room. Rafe stares at his Grandfather, "Why are you in my room?" He looks around and see his room has been torn a part. Alan shakes his head at him, "What the hell is wrong with you Raphael? I thought you were better than this." Rafe scoffs, "What the hell? Are you just gonna start going through my stuff now? You are such a ass." Alan is angry, "Don't you dare talk to me like that? After what you have done. This will kill your mother." Rafe laughs, "Are you serious? It's not like something no one ever does. It's just something I do in my free time. I'm not hurting anyone." Alan shakes his head, "I hope we are talking about different things. Because if we aren't than you are more messed up than I had thought." Rafe is confused, "What are you talking about?" Alan grabs him, "You were working with Aubrey Cross! You helped her torture your cousin Elizabeth! You helped her kidnap little Sarah! You are a criminal Raphael." Rafe realizes Alan knows everything. Farmhouse: Liz sits with Sarah in her bedroom. Jonathan walks in, "Is she sleeping?" Liz nods, "Yes. Finally. She had a long day. She is still a little shaken up. Hopefully she will be able to forget about all of this one day. But right now she is still terrified." Jonathan sits with them, "She is so beautiful when she sleeps. Looks like a little angel." Liz nods, "I know. She told me to stay with her until she fell asleep. But I can't leave her alone. I just don't feel safe here. I mean we have no idea where Aubrey is. She could be anywhere." He sighs, "I know. I feel like every time I turn around I have to prepare myself to see her standing over me with a knife." She shakes her head, "No you don't have to worry about yourself. She loves you. I'm the one she wants dead." He sighs, "Well she supposedly loves Sarah and look what she has done to her. But the fact of the matter is that Aubrey is carrying my child. And I need to worry about the safety of that child." Liz sighs, "I just have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that Aubrey is going to do something very very bad." Marina's House: Aubrey is pouring gasoline all over Marina's house. Marina can't get up, "What is going on?" Aubrey shushes her, "Don't you worry. In a little while you'll be gone. And your baby will be safe. It's about what's best for that little boy. And that's me. My little Johnny. He's so adorable." Marina tries to get up but falls back down. Aubrey picks up the baby, "Look at you little guy. You'll be alright. We're about to leave." Aubrey walks towards the doorway. She takes some keys off of the wall, "Well you won't be needing these anytime soon." Marina passes out. Aubrey sighs, "That's nice. Maybe you won't feel a thing. Goodbye Marina. You really were a great friend." Aubrey takes a match and lights it. She throws it on the floor before she leaves. As Aubrey walks away the fire spreads quickly throughout the house. PART TWO: Side of Road: Gus and Susan lay in the back of the car. She turns to him, "I think this is illegal." Gus laughs, "I know it is. But it was worth it." She sighs, "Gus... what is this? What is this that has been going on between the two of us?" He looks at her, "I honestly am not sure. But no matter how wrong it may look or sound. It feels good." She laughs, "Sex is always good." He shakes his head, "It's different. We understand each other. I think we have been through a lot together and we get it. We know what the other wants and is thinking." She smiles, "Is that all?" He grins, "And your hot." She shoves him, "You are a goofball!" He laughs, "That's what Harley always said-" She sits up, "Okay. I'm going to go." He sighs, "I didn't mean it like that." She is getting dressed, "You know what I've been wondering this all along and now I am starting to realize the truth." Gus sighs, "Stop being so dramatic." She climbs out, "No I'm not! You are sick. The only reason for any of this is because of you being a freak. You only want me because I resemble my mother. And you want her." Susan slams the door and leaves. Spaulding Mansion: Annie walks around. Dinah and Olivia are waiting for her to explain. She walks towards them, "So the thing is that soon we will start voting on the CEO. I'm not sure how it will work. First we vote on the system we will use to vote. Then we need to make sure the votes go our way. But the problem is that it will eventually come down the main stock holders. The Spauldings." Dinah nods, "The Spauldings are going to vote for themselves." Annie sighs, "Some will but we have to go after certain Spauldings. The Spauldings that aren't really Spauldings." Olivia is confused, "What are you talking about?" Annie sits at her desk, "The people who are married into the family. And there are two people I have in mind." Olivia shakes her head, "You don't mean..." Annie nods, "Mel and Natalia." Dinah shakes her head, "Mel isn't even married in." Annie nods, "She will be. I'm sure they'll get married soon before the votes start. And Mel will receive stock and a vote." Olivia sighs, "But they will want to vote for their husbands." Annie nods, "And I need you two to make your friends see that Alan and Alan Michael are not right for the jobs." Dinah sighs, "I don't know Annie. I don't want to bring Natalia and Mel into all of this." Annie smiles, "Our alliance is building girls. It's time to share the wealth. I think the five of us will make a very good team." Olivia and Dinah look at each other and wonder if they can bring their friends into this. Country Club: The Principal is staring at Vi and Coop. Coop pulls away, "Oh. Vi is just very upset. She had an argument with another girl. I'm going to calm her down and she'll be fine." The Principal nods and goes back into the dance." Vi pulls away, "Wow. Are you really that ashamed of me? Do I disgust you that much?" Coop shakes his head, "Vi you can't keep talking like that there is nothing going on between us." Vi cries, "Because of her! She is coming between us. How could you let that happen?" He sighs, "Vi you are confused." She shouts, "I'm not confused! I get it now. You are dating my Aunt Stephanie. You knew that and you didn't ever tell me that! I've been falling in love with you! You are more than just my teacher." He backs up, "No. Vi we will never be more than that. Now I'm sorry if I ever gave you the wrong idea." Vi backs up, "I'm not going to give up on you Mr. Bradshaw." A tearful Vi runs out of the building. Coop is left speechless. Alan & Natalia's: Alan throws Rafe down. Rafe looks up, "You are a nutcase." Alan shouts, "Me? Wait until you meet the freaks in prison. They are going to be a lot worse." Rafe sighs, "I'm trying to do something for the family." Alan scoffs, "By kidnapping Sarah? How did you even get involved with this Aubrey?" Rafe shakes his head, "You don't get it. We teamed up. We were supposed to break up Jonathan and Liz." Alan sighs, "Well look now. Aubrey has been caught. The cops are looking for her. And when they find her, she will roll over on you. I know. I've been there a million times." Rafe looks at him, "Wow. Granddad I thought you of all people would be proud of me for this." Alan shakes his head, "What do I have to be proud about?" Rafe stands up, "I'm just being a Spaulding. I needed Liz to work on the business stuff with me. And now I got what I wanted. I got what you wanted. We're Spauldings." A disappointed Alan leaves Rafe in his room. Rafe begins to pick up the mess. Farmhouse: Jonathan and Liz are still with a sleeping Sarah. Jonathan pats her on the back, "You are really good with her. I know it took a while but you two have really bonded." Liz nods, "Yeah no thanks to Aubrey. I mean she was always telling Sarah that she shouldn't be nice to me or trust me." He sighs, "I let her manipulate Sarah." Liz sighs, "You didn't know. It's not your fault Jonathan. Believe me if it was I'd let you know." He turns to her, "I just wanted to badly for Aubrey to be a good woman. I guess she reminded me of..." She nods, "Tammy. I know. I saw it too. But Tammy is gone." He nods, "I know. I think about her all of the time. And I think I know what she wants me to do." Liz looks at him, "What is that?" Jonathan turns to her, "I need to protect Sarah. I think that you and I need to cut our losses here and leave Springfield for good." Liz turns away, "Leave Springfield? My whole family is here. Your whole family is here." He nods, "I know. But I made this mistake with Tammy. I kept waiting for the right moment to leave town. But I waited to long and she paid the price. I won't let that happen again. Liz please. We need to get Sarah out of here before something worse happens." Liz takes his hand, "I'll start to make arrangements." Jonathan hugs Liz. Marina's House: Marina's home is up in flames. Marina begins to wake up. She is having a hard time remembering what is going on. Marina tries to crawl around, "My baby. The fire... help me please. Baby Daniel. Daniel! Where are you?" Outside David pulls up. He was driving home since he and Lucy were house sitting. David runs in front of the house, "Oh my God! Marina!" Marina inside hears him, "Help me please!" David here's her and kicks in the door. David sees a bloody Marina in the living room. Marina shouts, "Help me I need Danny! I need my Danny!" David starts to pick her up, "Danny is dead!" She shouts, "No I need... Danny!" A confused David carries her, "No Danny would want you to be safe. We have to leave the house is going to explode." Marina kicks and screams, "No! She got Danny! Let go! I need my-" David finally gets her out of the door when the house explodes. David and Marina go flying across the yard. PREVIEWS: The Coopers get devastating news Liz confronts Aubrey Jonathan finds out everything! Reva worries about her loved ones Alan makes a shocking choice

    Episode 154

    Lines are crossed in Springfield..... Farmhouse: Police are all over the property. Liz and Jonathan are in the living room. Their parents are present. Remy walks over, "We have people out searching for Aubrey. We are looking all over Springfield." Beth is confused, "I don't understand. The woman is pregnant, she can give birth at any time. Why are you having such a difficult time finding her in her condition?" Remy sighs, "Well our guess is that once she got out of here she found a place to lay low. I can't imagine where. Do you have any ideas?" Reva turns to Jonathan, "You guys moved to Springfield last year but has she really made any friends?" Jonathan shakes his head, "No. I mean she was friends with Marah but she wouldn't help her. And Marina..." Remy nods, "Marina's out of town. She probably has no idea that any of this is going on. So I guess that rules her out." Liz sighs, "Aubrey can't get away with this." Phillip hugs Liz, "Don't worry honey. The police will find Aubrey." Jonathan nods, "Let's just hope they find her before she does something even worse." Remy walks out to talk with the rest of the police. Marina's House: Marina pulls into the driveway. David and Lucy have been house sitting, their cars are gone. They are out for the night. Marina walks inside of her house. She flips on the lights and is startled. Aubrey is in her living room. Marina gasps, "Oh my God. What are you doing here? How did you get in?" Aubrey sighs, "Your back door wasn't locked. I just thought that you were here." Marina shakes her head, "I've been out of town. Lucy and David are watching my house. I just got back." Aubrey nods, "Oh. So you talked to anyone yet?" Marina sighs, "No. I am laying low. I'll get caught up on everything tomorrow. I'm not feeling well." Aubrey is relieved to see that Marina knows nothing about the kidnapping. Aubrey looks at her, "Are you okay?" Marina shakes her head, "I am having some contractions. But I think they are braxton hicks. It's nothing serious." Aubrey sits her down, "Well let's relax. We don't to hurt my baby now do we?" Marina is confused, "What?" Aubrey turns to her, "We don't want to hurt your baby. So I'm going to go get you a glass of water." Marina rests on the sofa completely unaware of the psycho who is in her house. Country Club: Springfield High is having their Prom. All of the kids are dancing. Maureen walks over to see Vi standing against the wall. Maureen walks to her, "Vi I really wish you had brought a date. You look lonely by yourself." Vi sighs, "Just because I can't dance with him doesn't mean he isn't my date. Mind your own business." Maureen sighs, "Vi, Mr. Bradshaw is a chaperone. And he is not here to be your date. He has no idea about this crush you have on him." Vi turns to her, "I feel bad for you. We are about to graduate and that means that I will prove you wrong. Because then Mr. Bradshaw and I can be together for the rest of our lives." Maureen is worried, "What are you going to do?" Vi smiles, "I got a hotel room at Towers." Maureen gasps, "You really think Mr. Bradshaw is going to sleep with you after the prom? You are insane." Across the room Coop steps out into the hallway. Vi looks at Maureen, "Excuse me. But I have to go let him know how I feel. Tonight is the night." Maureen grabs her arm, "Vi, no. Please don't." Vi pulls away, "Leave me alone. I'm going to see my man. You'll see by the end of the night I will be in his arms." Maureen watches Vi walk out of the room. Vi's goes to the hall but stops. Coop is talking with Stephanie. Coop grins, "Are you here to see your niece?" Stephanie shakes her head, "No. I thought I might check and see how you are doing." He smiles, "Well I am bored. You know just a bunch of immature kids acting all cool and more grown up than they really are. But everything is a lot better now that you are here." Coop kisses Stephanie. A heartbroken Vi stares as her blood boils. Police Station: Olivia, Bill and Michelle sit and wait. Gus is interrogating Edmund. Michelle sighs, "I hope they put that son of a bitch in handcuffs and drag him off to prison." Bill nods, "Well they have to. There is no way that Edmund could get out of this one right?" Olivia looks down. Michelle turns to her, "What?" Olivia sighs, "It's just... Edmund is a smart man. He always seems to get out of things. I'm just not getting my hopes up." Bill shakes his head, "Olivia. Come on. The man hired those goons to kidnap Michelle. He helped Ava do all of those crazy things. There is no way he can get away with it." The door opens up. To their surprise Edmund walks out with a smile on his face. Edmund looks at Bill and Michelle, "Well I'm done here. I hope you to enjoy your happy life for now. It won't be that way for long," he turns to Olivia, "As for you... I'll talk to you soon Olivia." Edmund walks past them. Bill looks at Gus, "What the hell? Why is he leaving?" Gus sighs, "We don't have anything on Edmund." Michelle is confused, "What are you saying?" Gus looks at all of them, "I'm sorry but as of this moment. Edmund Winslow is still a free man." The three of them stare in horror. Harley's House: Harley is cleaning up in the kitchen. Susan walks downstairs, "Hey I didn't know you were here. When did you get home?" Harley turns to her, "Oh I just got here. I had to pick up Zach and Jude from baseball practice. I have to get back to the station soon though. I'm just cleaning up before I leave." Susan sits at the table, "So where has Cyrus been? It's like he doesn't even live here anymore." Harley sighs, "That's because he doesn't really live here anymore honey. Cyrus moved out." Susan is confused, "What? He moved out? When did this happen?" Harley sighs, "Well he got a room at the Beacon for a little while. And I'm still not ready for him to come back." Susan shakes her head, "Mom come on. You and Cyrus are really good together. He makes you really happy." Harley nods, "Cyrus is great. I mean he taught me to have fun again but... I don't know sometimes I wonder." Susan looks at her, "Wonder about what?" Harley smiles, "I wonder about whether I should try and start things up again... with Gus." Susan is alarmed by these words. Marina's House: The thunder outside is getting louder. Marina sits on her couch. There is a picture of Danny on the side table. She picks it up, "Oh Danny. God I miss you. If you were here you'd be able to comfort me." Marina has a really strange feeling. Is Danny trying to warn her about something. She smiles at the picture, "I wanted to tell you I got a sonogram again. It's a boy. We are having a boy. And I picked out the perfect name for him. Daniel. My little Daniel." Suddenly a huge sound of thunder startles her. Marina tries to get up, "Aubrey where did you go-" Marina gets a sharp pain. She begins to stand, "Ow. No. I can't have the baby now I... Ah!" She collapses. Marina's water breaks. Marina shouts, "Aubrey! I need you! The baby is coming now!" Aubrey walks in from the other room. She is holding the sonogram photo she found in Marina's bag. PART TWO: Police Station: Bill and Michelle are confused by Gus. Gus sighs, "I'm sorry I wish I had better news for you." Bill shakes his head, "This doesn't make sense Gus! Edmund convinced Ava to do all of those things. He helped her. He was involved in all of it. If she is locked up then why isn't he?" Gus sighs, "Because we have no evidence. Ava has said that Edmund had nothing to do with any of it. She came up with it all on her own. And she left the hospital on her own accords." Olivia sighs, "I knew it. That manipulative bastard." Bill is angry, "There is no way that Ava could have done all of that all on her own! You know that Gus!" Gus nods, "Bill I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep looking for evidence. But right now I have nothing to hold him on." Michelle turns to Bill, "We have to get home to the kids." Bill nods, "Your right let's go." The two leave the station. Olivia walks over to Gus, "Thank you for all you tried to do. I know you did your best. It's great to see you back at work." Gus nods, "I'm clean now." She smiles, "I'm very proud of you. You are really clean. No more pills. But there is something. I don't know what." Gus backs up, "What?" Olivia shakes her head, "Not drugs. But something is making you... I don't know but you seem very... There is something different. What is it?" Gus sighs, "Nothing. I just have other things going on right now." Gus is thinking about Susan. Harley's House: Susan and Harley are in the kitchen. Susan looks at her, "So you think it would be a good idea to get back together with Gus?" Harley smiles, "Don't you think it would be nice? Having Gus back in our lives again?" Susan stares, "How long have you been thinking about this?" Harley sighs, "After the whole Belinda thing, I just kept trying to work up the courage to call him and ask him to meet me somewhere and talk. I really think he would be up for it. And now that we are working together again. It makes sense." Susan gets up, "Well you know he has been hanging out with Olivia a lot more lately. I thought maybe they were together." Harley shakes her head, "No. I think they are friends. Gus doesn't go for the bad girls." Susan sighs, "Don't be so sure." Harley looks at her, "What does that mean?" Susan turns away, "Nothing. I just... I don't think you and Gus should get back together." Harley sighs, "Gus is the love of my life." Susan nods, "I know. But you and Gus have changed. And I just think it would cause to much false hope for the kids." Harley sighs, "You are probably right." Susan feels bad, but she isn't about to give up on whatever it is she has with Gus. Marina's House: Marina rolling around in pain. Aubrey slowly walks over. Marina looks up, "Help me! Call 911! I need an ambulance to take me to the hospital." Aubrey smiles, "This is to perfect. Our baby is about to be born right here right now." Marina cries, "Oh God! We are running out of time!" Aubrey gets down, "I took some classes a long time ago on birthing. And you are a cop so you should be trained. We can do this Marina. Don't you worry. We'll get my baby out just fine." Marina is confused, "What are you talking about?... Ow!!" Aubrey is getting her ready, "Wow this is happening fast Marina. You are dilated a lot already." Marina cries, "No! Stop! I need a doctor please!" Aubrey has a first aid kit she had grabbed from the other room, "I think we have everything we need. This should work out fine." Marina screams, "Oh God! No!" Aubrey begins to deliver Marina's baby. Farmhouse: Reva is with Jonathan. She shakes her head, "I still can't believe this. Aubrey? She seemed like such a sweet girl." Jonathan nods, "I was so stupid. This whole time she has been acting nuts but I thought it was just the pregnancy. Now she is out there carrying my child and I don't know what to do." Reva hugs him, "We're gonna fix things. Okay? We just have to keep out faith and trust that Remy will find Aubrey before something worse happens." Remy is in the other room. Liz walks over, "Hey Remy. I never got a chance to really thank you for bringing Sarah home for me." He nods, "It's my job." She sighs, "I guess I just... I mean you never liked me. And you really never liked Jonathan. But you did everything you could and you found out daughter for us." Remy nods, "Well don't flatter yourself. I didn't do it for you. I did it for Tammy. She died for Sarah. It was the least I could do to honor her memory. Sarah was her daughter too." Liz sighs, "I know. Thank you Remy. I-" He turns away, "I got to get back to work." Remy walks outside. Liz goes back to her family. Country Club: Vi watches in anger. Coop and Stephanie are kissing. Stephanie smiles at him, "So how long do you have to be here?" Coop grins, "Well the dance is almost over. I'll be done soon. I can meet you back at the apartment." Stephanie sighs, "Actually I was thinking that since Towers is still open we could go get a bite to eat." He nods, "That sounds nice. How about I meet you there?" She smiles, "I'll see you there." Stephanie walks away. Vi walks over to Coop in tears, "How could you?" Coop turns, "Vi? What's wrong?" Vi stares, "How long has this been going on? How long have you been having an affair with my Aunt Stephanie?" He is confused, "An affair? What are you talking about Vi?" She cries, "Just go! You are such a bastard!" He walks towards her, "What is wrong?" She is upset, "You really don't know? How could you not know? Are you that blind?" Coop puts his arm on her shoulder, "Just tell me what is wrong Vi? What is going on?" Vi shouts, "I'm in love with you!" Coop backs away in shock. Marina's House: Marina begins to wake up. She looks around, "What happened? Where's..." She begins to get up but has extreme pains. Marina sees blood all around her. She hears a baby crying. Aubrey is in the corner cleaning off a little boy. Marina looks up, "My baby..." Aubrey smiles, "My son is here. I did a pretty good job. If I do say so myself." Marina looks at her, "Can I hold him?" Aubrey shakes her head, "I don't think so. I have to take care of something. Just really quick." Aubrey sits the baby down and walks outside. Marina screams, "No! Aubrey! Aubrey where are you going! I need the baby! What is going on?" After a couple of minutes Aubrey walks back in. She returns with gasoline in hand. Aubrey looks around, "Your house is missing something." She starts pouring it everywhere. Marina still can't get up, "What?" Aubrey continues talking as she pours it, "You know what this place is pretty dark right now. Let's light it up." Aubrey is holding matches. PREVIEWS: Aubrey sets Marina's house on fire! Jonathan has a proposal for Liz Vi stuns Coop Susan and Gus hook up again Alan confronts Rafe Annie, Dinah, and Olivia have a meeting
  10. JAYJAY

    Episode 153

    Secrets unravel in Springfield.... Motel: Ava walks inside with Emma and HB. She sits the baby down, "Now this isn't our home. This is temporary. I have someone who is getting us a big house on an island. This place is only a little place to get ready for our trip." Emma looks around, "Where are we going?" Ava smiles, "It's going to be a big surprise sweetheart." Emma sits on the bed, "Ava I think that if you told Mom and Dad you were sorry that they would forgive you." Ava shakes her head, "They would just find other ways to keep my son away from me forever." Emma looks at her, "Why do they want to do that?" Ava sighs, "Because they are evil and sick." Emma shakes her head, "They have never seemed that way." Ava sighs, "Oh sweetie. You are so innocent. But Mom and your Dad hurt me. They broke my heart. So now I have to teach them a lesson. Like when they teach you lesson's. It's for their own good." Emma nods, "Okay." Ava turns to the baby, "Someone needs a diaper change." As Ava is turned Emma sends a very quick text message. Farmhouse: Aubrey stands in front of Liz and Jonathan. She talks very calm, "Okay. You caught me. I could never get this past you Jonathan. I had Sarah kidnapped." Jonathan is in shock, "Why? Why the hell would you do something like that? Aubrey!" She sighs, "I just needed you to see that Liz is a negligent parent. She is not a good mother. We need to get her out of the picture." Liz scoffs, "You are a psychopath." Aubrey sighs, "I feel sorry for you Liz. I really do. Jonathan and I are in love. He'd never leave me for you." Liz shakes her head, "This is not about us! Or Jonathan! It's about Sarah! Why the hell did you do that?!!" Aubrey takes a deep breathe, "It's not as bad as it sounds. She was fine. She had food and toys. It was like a little vacation." Jonathan is furious, "What the hell is wrong with you! You sick and twisted bitch!" Aubrey is shocked, "Jonathan what has gotten into you?" Liz stares, "I can't believe you." Aubrey turns to her, "What?" Liz is in shock, "The thing that scares me the most is that you act like it's not a big deal." Aubrey nods, "You are afraid of me. That's understandable. You should be." Jonathan and Liz are horrified to see the psycho that Aubrey really is. Alan and Natalia's: Rafe is in his bedroom. He is going through the ransom money. He laughs, "This was totally worth it!" He hears footsteps. Rafe hides everything under blankets. Natalia knocks on the door, "Can I come in sweetheart." Rafe opens the door, "Come on in Mom. What's up?" Natalia walks in, "Your room looks..." He nods, "I'm gonna clean it up eventually." She laughs, "That's fine. I'm back from work. I'm sorry I've been working so much. I'm practically running the Beacon by myself because Olivia has so much going on with Ava." Rafe nods, "That's fine. It's your job. I'm happy for you." She hugs him, "I'm so glad I got a good kid like you. Olivia told me about Ava. She just seems so lost. The horrible things she is doing. I realize how lucky I am." Rafe sighs, "Ma!" She smiles, "I'm serious. I know we had a rough time but now you are helping out at Spaulding business. You are really doing a good job. I'm very proud of you Rafe." Rafe feels guilty, "Mom maybe you shouldn't be so proud of me." Natalia is confused. Reva Bend: Reva sits inside after Chandler left. Roxie walks in, "I'm home!" Reva smiles, "Hey!" Roxie walks over, "Hey Sis. What are you looking at?" Reva holds up a photo album, "Just going down memory lane. Some old stuff from when Marah and Shayne were younger." Roxie walks over, "I want to see. I love being filled in on all that I missed with those two." Reva sighs, "Well I missed a lot two. But this is when they were a little older. Marah was always involved at school." Roxie smiles, "Wow she is so beautiful. She is totally a Shayne woman. You can tell." Reva nods, "Here's my Shayne. A lot of baseball stuff." Roxie nods, "I remember you told me he played baseball when he was younger. He was good?" Reva nods, "Oh he was great! I mean the best on the team and I'm not just saying that. No he had scouts hunting him. But after the accident he put baseball aside and went into the peace corps." Roxie smiles, "You got some kids there." Reva nods, "Well they get that from their Daddy." Roxie smiles, "Let's look at that page!" Reva turns to her, "What?" Roxie shoves her, "I want to see all the sexy men in your life that I missed out on!" The two sisters laugh. Motel: Emma hides her cellphone. Ava walks over, "You okay honey?" Emma nods, "Yeah I'm just excited for our trip." Ava smiles, "That's the spirit." There is a knock at the door. Ava peaks before she answers. She opens the door. The two thugs bring Michelle in. Emma gasps, "Michelle!" Michelle's face is bruised. They throw her on the bed. One turns to Ava, "Here's the chick Ms. Winslow. We got her." Ava hands them an envelope, "Well I guess this is goodbye. I'll leave her here after I'm gone. Someone will find her eventually." Ava locks them all in and walks the men to their car. Emma runs to Michelle and ungags her, "Michelle!" Michelle looks up, "Emma. You need to take the baby and get out of here." Emma cries, "What about you?" Michelle shakes her head, "Don't worry about me. Just save the baby and yourself. Please." Suddenly the door flies open. Bill runs in, "Michelle! Oh my God! Emma! HB! Thank God!" He begins to untie Michelle. Ava walks in, "I don't think so Bill." Ava is pointing a gun at them. Farmhouse: Jonathan steps between the two women. Jonathan looks at Aubrey, "Don't go after Liz. Liz has nothing to do with this. If you are mad at me then take it out on me. You don't do anything to Liz or Sarah." Aubrey looks at Liz, "You are no different then me. I know what you did. You hurt Sarah, Tammy, and Jonathan. Tammy is dead." Liz shakes her head, "You didn't even know Tammy. You have no right to throw that in my face." Aubrey smiles, "Everyone hates you. Everyone loves me. Marah, Cassie, Marina. Even Reva loves me. No one trusts you. You are a Spaulding. Everyone hates the Spauldings." Liz shouts, "Yeah! I am a Spaulding! So you have no idea how many ways I am thinking of that I can make you pay!" Jonathan stays between them, "Stop! We need to stop this right now! This all has gone to far!" Aubrey cries, "Jonathan will never love you! I am Sarah's mother! I raised her. Now I'm carrying another child for him. And we will be a happy family and you will be in the trash where you belong!" Liz shouts, "You are a monster!" Sarah walks over, "Daddy! What's wrong?' The three of them all turn to her. PART TWO: Reva Bend: Reva is going through her shelf. Roxie is waiting, "Come on! I want to see the men from your past!" Reva smiles, "It's just funny. Chandler mentioned something similar. He was here earlier. He left town today." Roxie sighs, "Awe. That's a shame. I liked him. I actually thought you two would hook up." Reva nods, "I did too but I don't know it just never happened." Reva brings a photo album over. Roxie grins, "I'm excited. I hope there are some hotties in this one. Only the best for my big sis." Reva smiles, "Well let's see. Here is me when I was married to Buzz." Roxie turns, "You were married to Buzz? Buzz from Company?" Reva nods, "Yeah. Even I forget sometimes. It wasn't the longest marriage but he's a good guy." Roxie flips through, "Is that Jeffrey?" Reva looks down, "No. That is Richard. Jonathan's father. They look identical. It's a long story." Roxie nods, "That is crazy. He is very handsome though," Roxie flips through but stops on one page, "Who is this guy?" Reva smiles, "That is Noah. A Doctor I dated a while ago. I really loved him. Josh was married to Olivia at the time." Roxie nods, "And it all comes back to him. I have a feeling one day you and Josh will be reunited." Reva sighs, "I guess only time will tell." Roxie and Reva continue to flip through the albums. Motel: Ava holds Bill and Michelle at gunpoint. Bill sighs, "Ava you put the gun down!" Ava shakes her head, "Oh Bill. Why did you come here? All you had to do was stay at home. I would have left Michelle here. You could have got to her later if you were patient." Bill sighs, "What about my children." Ava smiles, "You obviously love her more than them. Why would you care about them as long as you had her." Bill stands up, "I love my children. I will not let you take them away from me." She gets angry, "No! You want to take my baby from me! So I am taking both away from you!" Michelle finishes untying herself. Still holding the gun, Ava picks up HB, "I'm not leaving without my baby boy. Come on Emma." Emma shakes her head, "Please Ava!" Michelle takes Emma's hand, "It's okay." Bill walks towards Ava, "Ava put the gun down," he talks to Michelle, "Michelle take Emma and leave. Now!" Michelle slowly walks out with Emma. Ava shouts, "Get back here!" Bill grabs her. The two struggle. Bill is able to safely get HB away from her. Ava turns her gun to his temple. Olivia walks into the motel room, "That's enough Ava. This has gone way to far." Farmhouse: Sarah stares at her parents. Liz and Aubrey are both standing in front of her. Jonathan walks over to Sarah, "Hey Sarah baby. Did we wake you up?" Sarah nods, Jonathan picks her up, "Well let's get you back in bed. Everything is fine over here." Jonathan looks at Aubrey, "Don't go anywhere." Jonathan takes Sarah back to her room. Aubrey sighs, "I'm gonna make her some warm milk. It helps her fall asleep sometimes." Liz follows her, "No! You don't get to do that. Just walk over and go into the fridge like nothing happened. Aubrey you had her kidnapped this whole time. You were guilting me. The whole time you were the one who kidnapped her. You were treating her like an animal." Aubrey sighs, "Liz you are just so overdramatic. You don't even know Sarah that well. I'm her real mother." Liz slaps her, "You don't get to say that. Not anymore. Not after we find out what a sick person you really are." Aubrey turns to her, "Did you just hit me?" Liz nods, "Yeah. You deserve it." Aubrey turns around, "I can't believe you had the nerve to smack me. You are such a bitch." Aubrey opens up the drawer and pulls out a huge knife. Liz backs up, "Aubrey..." Aubrey grins, "You are going to be so sorry." Liz stares in shock. Alan and Natalia's: Rafe and Natalia are in his room. She stands up, "What is going on Rafe?" Rafe sighs, "It's just.... I'm not perfect. I never have been and I never will be." Natalia smiles, "I never said you were. But you are my son and I love you no matter what." He turns to her, "Do you mean that?" She nods, "Of course." He sighs, "No matter what? Even if I did something unforgivable? I mean something..." The baby starts crying. Natalia gets up, "I have to check on him. I'll be right back sweetheart okay?" Natalia steps out. Rafe shuts the door. He starts to go through the stuff he grabbed from the old cabin. He picks up a bag he found. Rafe opens it up to find a video camera inside. He smiles, "Nice! I could totally pawn this!" Rafe sees that a tape is inside and plays it. Rafe is shocked when he recognizes who is on the tape. Susan is talking into the camera about her drug use. Rafe has no idea that this is the camera Susan used that night she spent in the cabin with his father Gus. Motel: Olivia steps between Bill and Ava. Bill backs up with Baby HB. Olivia rips the gun out of Ava's hands, "That is enough." Bill sighs, "What is this? Is Edmund on his way?" Olivia shakes her head, "No! I don't know where Edmund is but he's not here." Ava runs towards Bill, "Edmund is no his way!" Olivia grabs her, "No! Stop it!" Ava turns to her, "I'm sorry for yelling at you. But Olivia I forgive you. Help me get HB. We can take him and Emma. We can be free of everyone in Springfield. We'll be fine!" Olivia shakes her head, "I'm sorry Ava but that won't happen." Ava tries to get past but Olivia won't let go of her. Bill looks at Olivia, "What is this?" Olivia sighs, "I finally understand." Ava shouts, "Understand what?" Olivia turns to her, "You have been sick for a long time. You had Emma kidnapped two years ago! You had Marah kidnapped! Now this! And now you are working with Edmund. The Prince of Darkness! Ava what are you thinking!" Ava cries, "I just want my baby!" Bill sighs, "Olivia are you sure." Olivia nods, "I am doing this for Ava. I'm doing this for her by saving my baby by helping save her baby!" Ava screams, "No! You can't do this!" Olivia wrestles her to the floor. Olivia turns to Bill, "Run! Emma and Michelle are waiting outside! The police are on their way!" Olivia holding Ava on the floor. Ava cries, "NO!!!" Olivia whispers to her, "Ava I've done two good things for you as a mother. The first was giving you to a better family. The second is helping you do the same!" Bill walks out with HB. Ava claws and screams at them but a sobbing Olivia won't let her out of her arms. Farmhouse: Aubrey is holding a knife to Liz's throat. Aubrey grins, "Oh Liz. I've wanted to do this for the longest time. The longest time. God do I hate you." Liz shakes her head, "Aubrey... don't do something that you are going to regret." Aubrey stares, "I love Sarah and I had her kidnapped. Just imagine what I could do to you. You ignorant little whore!" Aubrey tries to stab her. Jonathan grabs the knife, "No!" Aubrey turns, "Jonathan... she attacked me! She... I had to defend myself against Liz." Jonathan shakes his head, "Aubrey you are sick. You need help." Aubrey rubs her stomach, "Jonathan I am pregnant. I'm carrying your child and this is how you treat me?" Jonathan nods, "Exactly! You are pregnant! Your due date is coming up. You are putting the baby in danger every time you do these crazy stunts." Aubrey nods, "Well then this is going to really bother you. Because until you are ready to get rid of this slut... you'll never see me or our baby." Aubrey runs out the front door. Jonathan chases after her. But once he gets outside it is far to dark. Suddenly they see the car lights go on. Before Liz is even out the door with him Aubrey is driving off. PREVIEWS: Marina returns home Jonathan and Liz worry about Aubrey Olivia, Bill, and Michelle get bad news Harley asks Susan about Gus Vi finally confesses to Coop!
  11. JAYJAY

    Episode 152

    The past catches up with them in Springfield... Bauer Home: Michelle is in her kitchen cooking. Her children are out with Rick. Michelle has been torn up inside about having to break up with Bill but she knows she had to do it. Michelle talks to herself, "You did the right thing Michelle. You did the right thing for everyone." There is a knock at the door. A part of her hopes that it is Bill but she knows it's not the case. She opens the door, "Hello?" Two thugs grab her, "Come with us lady!" Michelle fights, "Who are you? Let go of me!! Help!" The two men fight her and drag her into a car. Old Cabin: Detective Boudreau is outside. He got a message from the kidnapper to come here. Remy knocks on the door, "We have the building surrounded. Come out now! Come out now or we're coming in!" After a few moments there is no response. The sound of a little girl crying is coming from inside. Remy kicks the door in. The cops run in to see Sarah sitting a lone in a room. Remy walks over to her, "Sarah. Are you okay sweetheart?" She is in tears, "I want my Daddy!!! I want my Daddy!" Remy picks her up, "You'll be okay sweetheart. We'll get you to your Daddy very soon." A cop turns to Remy, "Do you want me to call Ms. Randall and let her know the news?" Remy shakes his head, "No. I want to make sure that Liz is there when I bring Sarah home. It's only right that she is there with her daughter as well as Aubrey." The cops begin to search the place. Remy takes Sarah home. Reva Bend: Reva has just got home from work. It's been hard to concentrate at work with Sarah still missing. Reva had to come home early. She sits on her couch to relax. Her doorbell rings. She is very tired, "The door is open!" Chandler walks in, "Reva what the hell? Have you learned nothing? You never let a stranger just walk into your house." Reva laughs, "I saw you pull up! I knew you'd throw a hissy fit but I thought it'd be funny." Chandler shakes his head, "This is how I want to remember you Reva. Always a fun woman." She looks at him, "What's going on? What do you mean remember me? I don't plan on dying on you." He sighs, "I'm on my way out of town. I just wanted to come say goodbye before I left." She sits up, "What? You are just leaving? Just like that?" He laughs, "Reva you knew I wasn't staying in Springfield forever. Come on this was only temporary." She nods, "Well yeah but the whole Annie thing has been sort of settled. At least your part in it. So I thought something else was keeping you here?" He nods, "Yeah. Springfield is a nice town. I enjoyed it. But I have more work to do." Reva walks over to him, "There was nothing else keeping you in Springfield all this time?" The two look into each other's eyes. Women's Correctional Facility: Doris Wolfe is being led down the hall. She has a visitor. She is very confused since Ashlee was just here the day before. Doris is sat down at a table. She waits for her visitor to show up. Roxie Shayne approaches the table, "Hello Doris Wolfe. It's nice to see your face." Doris stares, "I'm sorry have we met?" Roxie laughs, "Oh you are just too cute. Doris did you really think we would never see each other again. You can always run but you can never really hide now can you?" Doris shakes her head, "I have no idea what you are talking about." Roxie nods, "Okay. We can play that game. I'm Roxie Shayne." Doris scoffs, "Another Shayne? I'm guessing you are related to Reva Shayne? The town trollop." Roxie sits down, "Oh yes! Now you are catching on. But don't act like you didn't know me long before this. You met me a long time ago didn't you Doris? If that is your real name." Doris shakes her head, "What do you want Ms. Shayne?" Roxie grins, "First I wanted to see you behind bars. Lets me know that karma is a bitch. And this is only the beginning for you." Roxie's evil eyes see through Doris. Cross Creek: Baby HB is in his crib. Bill walks out of the nursery and downstairs. Emma is standing in the living room with a guilty look on her face. Bill sees her, "Emma. What is going on sweetheart?" Emma looks at him, "Daddy I..." Bill walks towards her, "What is going on?" Ava walks in from the kitchen, "Emma why don't you run along. Your Daddy and I have to talk." Bill stares in shock. Emma slowly walks to her room. Bill is angry, "What the hell is wrong with you Ava? You get Emma to let you in?" She nods, "Well Emma is my little sister. And my son lives in this house. I'm not going to let you keep him away from me." He worries, "Ava you have lost your mind." She laughs, "Oh I have lost my mind now? Well you are going to lose far more if you don't give me my son right now!" Bill stares, "Are you threatening me Ava?" She smiles, "Oh now you are catching on!" He worries, "Ava what are you going to do?" She grins, "You give me my son. And then nothing happens to your sweet little Michelle." Bill's body begins to shake in fear. Farmhouse: Aubrey is in the living room. She's been staring at the phone waiting for it to ring. She left the ransom note this morning and assumes the cops have found Sarah by now. Liz walks down, "I have to call my Dad and...." Aubrey stops her, "No! You can't use the phone right now!" Liz stares at her, "It's my house Aubrey! What the hell is wrong with you? I'm just making a quick call." Aubrey shakes her head, "That's just like you! The cops could call at any minute and you are just going tie up the phone line." Liz stares, "Why would the police call right now Aubrey?" The doorbell rings. Jonathan answers it. Remy brings little Sarah in. She runs into Jonathan's arms, "Daddy!!!!" Jonathan begins sobbing, "Sarah! Oh my God! My Baby! I missed you! I love you! I love you!" Liz and Aubrey run over in tears, "Sarah!" Liz hugs her, "Oh baby! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry." Aubrey kisses Sarah, "I missed you baby. I missed you so much my little sweet angel." The four all stand together covered in tears. PART TWO: Reva Bend: Chandler stands in front of Reva. He smiles at her, "We have a had quite an adventure. I know it started as just you going to find Annie Dutton." She nods, "And it became you protecting me. Moving all the way over here to just keep me safe. You barely new me." Chandler nods, "There is something about you Reva. You have such life in you. It's like this big warm light that just shines and it's contagious. People like you and like being around you." She laughs, "Well aren't you the charmer." He smiles, "Well it's true. You've been a good friend to me Reva." She sighs, "Friend?" He laughs, "You have no idea how many times I imagined that we'd cross that line. But I think we both know that it wouldn't end the way either of us need it to." She looks down, "Is this about Josh?" Chandler smiles, "You love the guy." She shakes his head, "He's hanging around with his ex!" He nods, "And I'm not your ex." She sighs, "I think you are going to be the one that got away." He smiles, "You've lived a wild life Reva. Maybe if you think about it there is one that got away that aren't even thinking about." She laughs, "To many men to count." Chandler smiles, "Will you walk me to my car?" Reva nods, "Sure. I'm gonna miss you Chandler." The two walk out to Chandler's car. They share a hug before Chandler leaves Springfield. Cross Creek: Bill is in fear of Ava, "What are you going to do to Michelle?" Ava smiles, "You mean what have I done?" The phone rings. Ava laughs, "Let me guess is it the Bauers?" Bill looks at the phone. He can see the Bauer name on the caller ID. Bill shakes his head, "I can't believe what you are doing Ava. Please leave Michelle alone." She is angry, "You have kept my child away from me!" He shakes his head, "You have no excuse to just go crazy!" She starts knocking things over, "You try and take my child? I will go crazy! I will downright psychotic!" Ava is tearing the room a part. Bill runs to the phone. Ava grabs a lamp and throws it at Bill's head. Bill falls to the ground. Ava walks past his unconscious body upstairs to the nursery. Farmhouse: Jonathan sits on the couch with Sarah. Aubrey and Liz are right next to him. The four are actually all happy in that moment. Aubrey turns to the door. A cop is bringing up a little clear plastic bag to Remy. Inside of it is a bracelet. A bracelet that Jonathan bought Aubrey. She had lost it at the old cabin. Rafe said he had cleaned the place out but must have missed this. Remy is talking with the cop. Aubrey's heart is beating. She can't hear anything going on around her. Jonathan would have to recognize it. Remy walks over, "I know you are all very emotional right now. But we found this at the scene and wanted to know if any of you recognize it." Liz shakes her head, "No. I don't think so." Aubrey is about to pass out. She turns to Jonathan. He stares for a moment. But to her surprise he shakes his head, "No." Remy looks at Aubrey. She quickly shakes her head, "No. I've never seen that before in my life." Remy nods, "Okay well we'll take it down to the station and look at it and everything. We'll let Sarah have a good night's rest. We'll be back tomorrow. I'm happy for you guys." Liz smiles, "Remy... thank you." He nods and walks away. The three of them all sit on the couch with Sarah. Women's Correctional Facility: Roxie is sitting with Doris. Doris is angry, "Did you just come here to tease me and taunt me because I'm locked up." Roxie smiles, "Oh you are just so innocent huh? I mean I guess I should just overlook all of the things you have done to me." Doris shakes her head, "You are nuts." Roxie laughs, "I didn't know you as Doris Wolfe. So I had no idea you were the mayor of Springfield when I came to town. But wow was I surprised when I got that little piece of information. Now I'm really going to make your life hell." Doris shakes her head, "There is nothing you could do to me. I'm in prison. I lost my job. I'm cut off from my daughter. I have lost everything and have nothing anymore." Roxie sits back, "Oh my God. That's right. Your daughter. Ashlee Wolfe is your daughter." Doris is alarmed, "What?" Roxie smiles, "Of course she is. That annoying little brat is just like her mother Doris." Doris shakes her head, "No. You leave my Ashlee out of this!" Roxie gets up, "Oh you have done far worse to me Doris. Now it's my turn. I think I'll give Ashlee a call later." Doris jumps at her, "You stay away from her. The guards run over and drag Doris out of the room. Roxie is pleased. Cross Creek: Ava goes into the nursery. She sees Baby HB. She slowly picks him up, "Oh my... my sweet baby! My adorable little boy. We have separated for far to long." Ava takes his stuff and walks downstairs with him. Emma is sitting next to her unconscious father, "Daddy! Daddy please! Please wake up!" Ava walks down, "Emma I have to run. I'm taking baby HB. I'll talk to you later sweetheart." Emma looks up, "What is wrong with my Dad?" Ava sighs, "He's okay. He'll get up later. But I have to go." Emma cries, "Ava please! Please don't take him!" Ava smiles, "Do you want to go with me?" Emma sighs, "I can't... Mom and Dad said..." Ava walks towards her, "Emma. I'm your sister. You can go with me. I'm not a stranger." Emma looks at little HB. He's very helpless. She can't leave him alone with Ava. Emma nods, "Okay. I'll... I'll go." Ava takes her hand. Before they leave Emma grabs her cellphone from the table. Farmhouse: Aubrey is in the bathroom washing her face. She has her fake pregnancy pillow off. She was covered in sweat. After she puts it back on she walks out of the bathroom. Aubrey walks into the living room. Jonathan is standing there, "We need to talk Aubrey." She looks around, "Where did Sarah go?" Jonathan isn't happy, "Aubrey... Don't worry about Sarah." Aubrey worries, "What's going on? Where is my little girl." Liz walks in, "What's going on?" Jonathan turns to her, "Keep Sarah in the other room." Liz is concerned, "She is very tired. I had her go to sleep. What's going on?" Aubrey stares, "I don't understand." Jonathan sighs, "The bracelet that Remy had. It was Aubrey's. I wasn't sure but I checked your jewelry box it wasn't there." Liz turns, "What?" Aubrey backs up, "You are wrong Jonathan." Jonathan stares, "I can't believe you. Is this for real Aubrey? Were you involved in Sarah's kidnapping?" Aubrey gasps, "Jonathan! How could you even say that?" Jonathan looks at her, "Yes or no?" Aubrey looks down. They stare at her. Finally she looks at them, "Okay it's true. I had Sarah kidnapped. But I did it for you Jonathan. Everything I do is for you." She smiles at her husband. Jonathan and Liz stare in complete shock. PREVIEWS: Aubrey confesses to everything Rafe feels guilt and turns to his mother Roxie and Reva have some sister time Ava puts more lives in danger!
  12. JAYJAY

    Episode 151

    There is something to be afraid of in Springfield... Cross Creek: Bill just put HB down for a nap. A knock at the door. Bill sees Olivia, "What do you want now?" She sighs, "We need to talk Bill." Bill shakes his head, "I don't think so." She looks at him, "Please." He lets her in, "So let me guess. I'm a horrible person for falling in love with Michelle and allowing her to be a good mother figure to my son. Because I don't want to hear it." She shakes her head, "That's not why I'm here. Bill I have been given suggestion to have Ava taken somewhere that she can get help. Mental and emotional help." He nods, "Well if you love your daughter..." She stops him, "Don't! Because after what we've done, how can either one of us say what is best for Ava. God! Bill I was sleeping with you while you were married to my daughter." Bill sighs, "Olivia it's not like we were just hurting her. We had been in love for years. We share a daughter. We tried to fight our feelings for each other." She shakes her head, "We didn't try hard enough! And it almost cost Ava her life. It cost her over half a year of her life. And in the end we didn't even stay together. It was all for nothing." Bill walks towards Olivia, "Then make up for it. Save Ava's child from his mother." Olivia has tears in her eyes. Beacon: Edmund is packing his things. Ava sits on the bed, "I'm really tired Edmund." He shakes his head, "We don't have time to be tired. I know your weak but you'll get stronger. You're getting better everyday. I'm going to take you to San Cristobal. That's where you were born." Ava nods, "San Cristobal?" He puts a suitcase on the bed, "You see I still have some good acquaintances over there. I can keep us safe. You me and the baby. We'll all be there together." She sight, "My Baby. They named him HB?" Edmund scoffs, "Harlan Billy Lewis IV. Ugh. I can't even say it without feeling like vomiting. But he's still able to respond to a new name. Something more appopriate." She turns to him, "What did you have in mind." He smiles, "Now that you mention it. I was thinking about naming him after my father. George." She sighs, "George Lewis?" Edmund shakes his head, "Well you need to accept that you are no longer a Lewis darling. " She looks down, "I don't feel like a Peralta anymore either. I feel more like...." Edmund smiles, "A Winslow." She grins, "When can we get Baby George Edmund Winslow?" Edmund hugs his daughter. Farmhouse: Jonathan and Liz are in the living room. Liz pulls away from him, "It's not right." Jonathan sighs, "I'm sorry I..." She shakes her head, "I mean... it's not right because Sarah isn't here. We can't just kiss and pretend like our daughter hasn't been kidnapped. Jonathan I can't stand this." Jonathan rubs her back, "I know. It's killing me." Liz holds a picture of Sarah, "Oh God. I hate this. I know that she's scared and confused. And wondering where her parents are." Jonathan hugs her, "We'll find her. Tammy is watching over her. Sarah will be safe." Liz nods, "I know. I know because I can feel it you know. I mean I can feel that Sarah is still..." He nods, "Of course you can. You gave birth to her." She nods, "I remember. I remember for a years people were telling me that Sarah was dead. I had mourn her knowing in my heart that she wasn't dead. I always knew in my heart." Jonathan looks at her, "Well I know this is difficult but you need to understand Aubrey. She can't feel those things for Sarah. But I mean she still loves her and is worried about her being kidnapped. Aubrey loves Sarah more than anything." Old Cabin: Sarah is still locked in another room. Aubrey and Rafe are making out. Aubrey grins, "Things are working out perfectly. Jonathan will never forgive Liz for neglecting Sarah." Rafe nods, "Or for being so cold about her being kidnapped." Aubrey kisses his neck, "All of this trouble is so hott!" He smirks, "Let's kick things up a notch." He starts to unbutton her shirt. She shoves him away, "No. Sarah is in the other room." She peaks in on her. Sarah is napping. Aubrey smiles, "She's always such an angel when she sleeps. I brought her some toys to play with. Just remember to burn them once we bring her home." Rafe takes her arm, "Let's go outside. Let the little kid sleep." He takes her outside. Aubrey kisses him. The two are celebrating their victory. He grins, "What about Jonathan? Where do I fit in to that mess?" Aubrey smiles, "Until Jon is done fooling around with Liz, I'm gonna keep this little friendship going." Rafe laughs, "Have you ever done it outside?" She smiles, "Well we've done it everywhere else." Suddenly they hear footsteps. Alan is standing there, "This is great. My Grandson is a criminal and he's a moron." Rafe and Aubrey stare in shock. CO2: Lucy just finished a meeting with her staff. Marina approaches her, "Hey Aunt Lucy. How are you?" She hugs her, "Oh I'm great sweetheart. How are you? Wow look at your little belly." Marina laughs, "My big belly. yeah my due date is getting closer." Lucy smiles, "I'm happy for you. Buzz told me you were keeping the baby. Now that Rocky and Shayne are broke up." Marina sighs, "I made that decision before Shayne and Rocky broke up. But yes. I decided not to give my baby away. It was a mistake I was making while I was mourning Danny." She hugs Marina again, "Oh I'm sorry honey. I know you've had a rough year. I hope you know we all love you." Marina nods, "Yeah. I love you all too. I have the best family in the world. And I was hoping you would do me another favor." Lucy nods, "Of course sweetheart anything." Marina sighs, "Well the thing is that I was originally planning to ask Rocky and Shayne to take care of this. But now that's all done. But I was thinking you and David would be good to do it now." Lucy gasps, "Oh my God! Marina you aren't asking me to raise your baby with David are you?" Marina and Lucy both stare at each other in shock. Springfield High: Vi is walking out of the school. Maureen is following her every step of the way, "Are you serious Vi? I mean Mr. Bradshaw?" Vi keeps walking, "I'm not talking to you Maureen. You need to just go away from me." Maureen keeps following her, "Vi you can't be serious about this! Mr. Bradshaw is our teacher. He is a grown man and he could be taking advantage of you. You have to be..." Vi turns, "You are so stupid! We haven't done anything Maureen. It's sad how jealous you are." Maureen is confused, "Jealous?" Vi nods, "You've always been after my sloppy seconds. You are all over Jason now that I left him. You jumped on Kevin after I slept with him and now all of this?" Maureen stares, "Oh my God. One year later and you actually admit it. You did sleep with Kevin at Spring Break last year." Vi scoffs, "No kidding dumass! And when you were dating him I was still fooling around with him." Maureen shakes her head, "I thought we were friends Vi." Vi shouts, "I freaking despise you! You follow me around and act like we are friend. I don't like you Maureen! And now I am finally about to leave you high school punks behind and go into a real relationship with a man like Mr. Bradshaw." Maureen starts to understand, "Oh my God. I get what's going on now. Mr. Bradshaw has no idea what's going on does he?" Vi's anger grows. PART TWO: CO2: Marina walks out from the restrooms. She is still laughing, "I'm sorry. I have to pee every time someone makes me laugh." Lucy nods, "So I guess you weren't asking me to raise your unborn baby. Okay it was a silly question." Marian sighs, "No offense. It's not like I would think you'd be a bad mother or something." Lucy laughs, "I would be. I am not real good with kids. I like them better when they are... grown up." Marina nods, "Okay well I guess I won't ask you to babysit. But how do you do with houses?" Lucy is confused, "Excuse me?" Marina smiles, "I need someone to house sit for me. I'm going out of town and I need someone to water plants and get the mail. Stuff like that." Lucy nods, "Are you even allowed to travel right now?" Marina sighs, "There's this good hospital in Chicago. Good doctors. I'm going there for a few weeks. Nothing serious. But I just want to go to a real expert. And they deal with a lot of people in my situation. Women getting ready to raise babies with a deceased father." Lucy takes Marina's hand, "We'd be happy to do it. I mean it would be fun. David and I can play house for a while." Marina hugs her, "Thanks Aunt Lucy." Lucy walks Marina back to her car. Springfield High: Vi is angry with Maureen, "You are pathetic. I mean is your life really so empty that you have to obsess over mine?" Maureen sighs, "Wow. I mean I had you pegged totally different. You are always so sweet and kind." Vi shakes her head, "I hate it. I hate having to be the perfect little girl every time I'm in this stupid school. Have to pretend that I'm some ignorant little twit like you." Maureen shakes her head, "You are falling for your teacher. Mr. Bradshaw could get in trouble if you tell anyone about this!" Vi gets in her face, "I'm not going to tell anyone. And neither are you. Mr. Bradshaw and I are going to fight to be together. We aren't going to let you destroy what we share." Maureen stares, "I can't believe the words that are coming out of your mouth. You have lost it Vi." Vi shakes her head, "No. You'll see one day. When we ride off into the sunset together. You'll see Maureen." Maureen sighs, "Vi you are in way to deep." Vi is filled with rage, "No you are. I swear to God if you tell anyone about this I will rip you limb from limb. Do you understand me?" Maureen goes to say something, "Vi..." Vi shakes her, "No you do not! I will mess you up you stupid bitch!" Vi leaves the school. Maureen is still quite shaken by all of this. Farmhouse: Liz turns away from Jonathan, "I'm sorry but I just... Aubrey is so sick and cruel..." Jonathan sighs, "She's not really always like this. She's such a good person. But think of all she's done. She is carrying my child and yet she was willing to move in here with my ex. She loved Sarah as if she were her own but now she has to watch you with her. It's very difficult for her. And I know that deep down she is a good person." Liz sighs, "I get it. In a way I can relate to her. I was in her shoes when I was married to you. You were in love with Tammy.... Not that you are in love with me now. You are married to Aubrey." Jonathan sighs, "Liz... it's not that. It's not about loving Aubrey or you. Honestly Tammy was the love of my life. I don't know if I'm ever going to stop loving her." Liz sighs, "Well I'll never know that feeling. Because I never had a love of my life." He feels bad, "Liz I didn't...' She backs away, "No. I'm fine. I accepted that a long time ago. It's my karma. For what I did to Tammy." Jonathan sighs, "If Alan gets to find the love of his life then you will find yours." Liz turns to him, "When I'm my Granddad's age?" Jonathan laughs, "No. Liz you have changed so much. Any guy would love to have you as his wife." Liz nods, "But it's not you." She walks away leaving Jonathan feeling guilty. Old Cabin: Alan stares at Aubrey and Rafe fooling around in the ground. Aubrey realizes she doesn't have her fake pregnant belly on. She grabs Rafe's coat and covers herself. Rafe stands up, "Hey Granddad. What brings you by?" Aubrey sighs, "How much did you hear Mr. Spaulding?" Alan turns to her, "Enough." Rafe scoffs, "So what did you hear that makes me a criminal." Alan sighs, "It's not what I heard. It's what I found in your bedroom." They realize he's oblivious to their role in the kidnapping. Rafe laughs, "Don't embarrass me in front of the chick." Alan sighs, "You couldn't just fool around with some random young woman. You had to choose the pregnant wife of Jonathan Randall. A woman who has a lot of hate towards Elizabeth." She scoffs, "Are you gonna run and tell 'Elizabeth' about this?" Alan sighs, "Even if I did she wouldn't believe me." Aubrey nods, "I'd love to stay and listen to you go on about your 'Elizabeth' but I'm going to go inside." Aubrey goes into the cabin. Alan walks towards Rafe, "What are you doing? Aubrey Randall? What will your mother think?" Rafe scoffs, "What will you tell her?" Alan sighs, "Your mother doesn't need this stress." Rafe stares, "How did you find me?" Alan nods, "I have my ways." Rafe backs up, "Well I'm busy. So I'll see you later." Before Alan leaves he looks at Rafe, "Please Raphael. Don't do something you'll regret." Alan walks away. Rafe watches Alan leave, "No worries. Spauldings have no regrets." Rafe walks back inside. Beacon: Edmund's stuff is almost all packed. He is closing suitcases, "We are almost ready." She looks around, "What about my stuff?" Edmund smiles, "Oh my Angel. We'll buy you knew stuff. Beautiful things. Anything your heart desires." Ava smiles, "And Baby George. We can buy him everything too. Give him a great life." Edmund nods, "A better life. Better than anything a Lewis could ever give him. You know that?" Ava nods, "I know. But Bill is still his father. And I don't know how long we can keep them a part." Edmund looks at her, "Don't feel bad for Bill. He is trying to keep you son from you. So why not you beat him at his own game." She nods, "I just want my baby. That's all I want. I just want my little boy in my arms." Edmund smiles, "You will Darling. I promise you." Ava grins, "I believe you." Edmund grabs his stuff, "We need to get going." Ava stands up, "When Edmund? When do I get to have my little boy in my arms? When?" Edmund takes her hand, "Very soon my daughter." The two leave the Beacon. Cross Creek: Olivia sits on the couch. Bill brings her water, "I know you are going through a lot right now with Ava. But you need to understand that she is sick right now. She's been sick for a while but it's worse. She is a danger to her son." Olivia sighs, "But how can we be sure she is?" Bill looks at her, "Olivia come on. I mean do you remember how she fell into the coma? She hired someone to kidnap Marah. She fought with her and fell down an elevator shaft. It wasn't us who did that to her. She did it to herself. You have to see that. She could have killed the baby. You can't let her do that again." Olivia wipes tears, "I'll go see Ed." Bill nods, "That's good." Olivia's phone rings. She answers it, "Hello. Dr. Bauer I was getting ready to.... What? What? I don't... damn it!" Olivia hangs up. Bill looks at her, "What is it? What's wrong?" She turns to him, "Ava. She's left the hospital. Edmund and Ava are gone." Bill's stomach turns in knots. PREVIEWS: Michelle's life is in danger Ava drops by Cross Creek Doris gets a visitor Chandler is leaving Springfield Sarah is rescued!
  13. JAYJAY

    Episode 150

    Tough decisions in Springfield.... Cedars: Dr. Ed Bauer walks out to see Olivia and Edmund. Edmund stands, "When can we take our daughter home Dr. Bauer?" Ed sighs, "Mr. Winslow I'm afraid that I'm going to have to advise you to not bring your daughter home yet." Olivia worries, "Why is something wrong?" Ed nods, "There is a lot wrong. Ava has some very deep emotional issues. I believe she is becoming a danger to herself and to everyone around her, especially that baby." Olivia is confused, "What are you trying to tell us?" Ed takes off his glasses and looks at them, "I'm going to have to recommend a stay in Ravenwood for your daughter." Edmund scoffs, "Good God. You Bauers just want to keep her away from Bill and Michelle. Well guess again. We are not going to send our daughter away so your daughter can raise our Grandson with Bill Lewis." Ed sighs, "Well unfornately for you Mr. Winslow you have yet to have a clear proof of your paternal relation to Ava." Edmund nods, "Well so what? I didn't know she was my daughter until weeks before she fell into a coma. We started to grow close. I love Ava. She is my daughter." Ed nods, "Well Bill was her husband at the time but last fall he signed away his rights over Ava's care. It's in Ms. Spencer's hands. Olivia we need your apporval to send Ava to Ravenwood." Edmund stares at a very surprised Olivia. Bauer Home: Michelle sits on the couch. Bill walks over to her, "Are you okay?" She shakes her head, "Things were going so well. We had our own little family. All of the kids were happy and getting a long. Everyone was finally past all of the horrible things that have happened to them. I knew that it was too good to be true." Bill sits with her, "We aren't going to lose our family. This has been great for Robbie, Hope, Emma and HB. Anyone who looks at their happy faces can see that." Michelle sighs, "Edmund, Olivia, and Ava. They won't let us keep HB. I mean I know I don't have any rights. But I know that they do not want me anywhere near him." He sighs, "Well we are together. So they are just going to have to deal with you being around." She shakes her head, "Bill they won't! I know Edmund. He took my child away from me without even blinking an eye. He will do the same to you. That's why I have to do what's best for everyone. I need to help you and HB stay together even if it cost me everything." Bill is confused, "What are you talking about?" Michelle turns to him, "Bill we need to break up." Bill stares in shock. Farmhouse: Liz is sitting on the couch holding a picture of Sarah. Aubrey is behind her, "Feeling guilty?" Liz scoffs, "Go away Aubrey." Aubrey shakes her head, "No. I don't think I will. I wouldn't want to be negligent and let someone kidnap you. Not that anyone would miss you. Especially Jonathan. Boy did you piss him off. I mean I never have seen him hate someone so much." Liz shakes her head, "He doesn't hate me. We are both upset. The daughter we share is missing." Aubrey scoffs, "Well in case you have forgotten Sarah is my daughter too. I raised her. She calls me Mommy. I swear to God Liz if anything happens to my little girl." Liz stops her, "We will find Sarah!" Aubrey nods, "I think we will too. But when we do I think it will be best for everyone if you are out of the picture." Liz is confused, "What are you talking about?" Aubrey stares, "Are you stupid? Just leave. Let Jonathan and I have our farmhouse where we can raise our children. I have a baby to think about as well as Sarah. Go focus on your family at the Spaulding Mansion. Do what's best for Jonathan and Sarah." Aubrey walks outside. Liz has tears in her eyes. Jonathan walks into the living room, "Liz. We need to talk." Liz is worried about what he'll say. Old Cabin: Little Sarah is locked in a room. She has toys to play with. The kidnapper walks in. His face is covered by the same mask. He has some food, "I got your favorite little Sarah. Are you ready to have your dinner?" Sarah cries, "I want Daddy." The kidnapper pats her head, "Don't worry little Sarah. You'll be back with your family. As long as everyone does what they are supposed to and then no one gets hurt." Sarah continues to cry. He throws the bag of food down, "Knock it off!" He leaves and shuts the door. He makes a phone call, "Hey partner in crime. I gave the little brat her food. Are you coming? Great I'll see you soon." He hangs up the phone. Springfield High: Coop is his classroom after school. Vi walks in, "Mr. Bradshaw?" He looks up, "Miss Grant. It's nice to see you. What is keeping you after school today?" She walks over to his desk, "Well I was just wondering if we could go over some of the book we've been reading in class." Coop nods, "Oh the play? Romeo and Juliet is a classic." She nods, "I know it's a good story but I think I just need a way to think of it in present tense." He stands up, "Okay. Well basically it's a story about these two people who fall in love. It's love at first sight. But they soon realize that being together isn't going to be accepted." Vi nods, "In the play isn't Romeo older than Juliet?" Coop nods, "Yes he is but that's not really the problem. Age isn't a big deal in this case." She smiles, "Wow that's interesting." He explains, "Well basically there are all of these things keeping the two love birds a part. They try and go against what everyone says and they begin a secret romance." Vi grins, "Do you think something like this would go on in the present. You know forbidden love?" Coop looks at her, "Of course. As long as there are people in the world who believe that love can defeat all odds there will always be love stories like this in the world." Vi can't stop smiling at Mr. Bradshaw. Towers: Cyrus walks in to the restaurant. Dinah approaches him, "It took you long enough. You aren't usually late like this." He nods, "Well I was worried it was a trick. You haven't wanted to see me in a long time." She sighs, "Oh Cyrus don't you trust me? Well I guess you shouldn't trust me now should you?" Cyrus sighs, "What's going on Didi?" Dinah takes his arm, "We need to talk business." They sit down a table. Cyrus looks at his watch, "Well I need to run some errands so make this quick Didi." Dinah pulls out a file of papers, "Oh I'm not the one who is going to have to rush. As long as you sign where I tell you to then we won't have any problems getting out of here." Cyrus looks at the files, "I Mr. Cyrus Foley hereby sign away all of my rights and privileges to Belinda Marler?" She hands him a pen, "Let's get this done." Cyrus is confused, "It says that I am not allowed any contact with her at all. Ever." She nods, "Well of course not. She has no idea that you gave me the sperm that created her." He scoffs, "It's not like I was a donor. We made love." She turns away, "I just threw up in my mouth a little." He puts the papers down, "I'm not sure I could sign this." Annie walks over, "That would be a big mistake Mr. Foley." Cyrus begins to feel trapped. PART TWO: Farmhouse: Liz turns to Jonathan, "Listen if you are going to yell at me then I am just going to have to ask you to wait because right now I think I'm about to lose my mind." Jonathan shakes his head, "I wanted to apologize. Liz I know how difficult this has been you opened up your home to your ex who took your daughter and his new pregnant wife. That's a lot to ask but you did it and you did it for Sarah. I know you love her." Liz cries, "I love her so much. I think losing her last time made me realize how much I love her and I can't stand to go over that a second time I just don't think I could do it." Jonathan hugs her, "I know. But I have a feeling that we will find Sarah. I don't know where she is but I have a good feeling about it. Tammy is looking out for her." Liz nods, "Tammy is her guardian angel." He looks at her, "Mine too." She looks into his eyes, "I'm so glad you're here." Jonathan tries to fight it but the two end up kissing. Springfield High: Coop sits on his desk, "So do you think you understand the play a little bit better?" Vi nods, "I think I do. It's a love story about two people. The guy is older but that's not important. The important thing is that no matter how taboo it may be by society they still stay together and fight against all odds to be together." He nods, "That is very good. We're writing essays next week and I think you will do a great job. I am already looking forward to reading what you write about the play." She smiles, "You know I usually don't like my teachers a whole lot. But I don't think of you as a teacher. You're just so easy to talk to and you really care." He nods, "Well of course I do. I wouldn't be here if I didn't care. I want to see you succeed." Vi grins, "That is all I ever needed. Someone who really and truly cares and wants me to succeed." Coop smiles, "I'm happy to see you do well." She picks up her bag, "See you tomorrow Mr. Bradshaw." He waves, "Get home safe Vi." As she walks out Maureen is in the hallway. Vi turns to her, "Why are you here?" Maureen stares in shock, "It's him isn't it? Mr. Bradshaw is the guy you left Jason for? Vi begins to get angry. Towers: Cyrus looks at Dinah and Annie, "You two are really something. What are you going to take me outside and clean my clock? Teach me a lesson. Save it because I..." Annie sits down, "Mr. Foley how is your little brother doing?" Cyrus stares at her, "What?" Annie looks at him, "Mr. Mark Guillespie. He's in a mental institution. I have the address right here." He stares, "How did you get that?" Annie acts confused, "Why? Is there something wrong? What would happen if someone like Jonathan Randall or AC Mallet go a hold of this? Maybe get revenge for the murders of Tammy Winslow and Julie Camaletti? Maybe you should think about that?" Cyrus turns to Dinah, "I really thought you had changed. That you were a better person." Dinah looks at him, "Cyrus when you met me I was wild and crazy. I had nothing to lose. Now I have everything to lose. And I am even more dangerous. All of my dreams have come true and I won't let a little scum like you destroy what I have." Annie shoves the papers at him, "Sign the papers Mr. Foley." Cyrus takes the pen and signs away all of his rights over Belinda. He throws the pen down, "I'll see you two bitches in hell." He leaves the table. Dinah and Annie smile at their accomplishment. Bauer Home: Bill cant' believe what Michelle has said, "You can't let Edmund get to you. We aren't going to break up just because he throws a few threats around at us. He tried to take HB before and I beat him." Michelle sighs, "The man is a monster. Bill I won't let him hurt you and HB. I won't let him ruin your lives just because he hates me. Maybe it's time to end our little family." He takes her hands, "No! We are all so happy together. I won't lose this. We have come so far. I have come too far to let someone like Edmund Winslow take it all away. You can't really think we should break up Michelle. We've already fallen in love." Michelle cries, "I wish this were just some custody battle. Edmund will fight to the death. We have children to think about. I lost Danny and I can't lose you." Bill has tears in his eyes, "But you will lose me!" She shouts, "I can't let everyone lose you! You have Emma, HB, your parents, your siblings. Your whole family! Bill we need to do what's best for HB and end things." Bill shakes his head, "I can't!" She gives him one last kiss, "Goodbye Bill." Michelle opens the door. Bill slowly walks out. After he leaves Michelle shuts the door and falls to her knees in tears. Cedars: Olivia is surprised by Dr. Bauer's words, "So you are saying that I have to decide whether or not Ava belongs in a mental institution? Is that what you are telling me?" Ed shakes his head, "No. I have told you what I believe Ava needs. I just need your permission. Olivia you need to do what is best for Ava. I know this is a difficult decision." Edmund shakes his head, "No it's not! Olivia we have screwed up a lot and Ava paid the price already. Don't let that happen again. Don't make her pay for our mistakes." Olivia shakes her head, "I won't! That's why I have to do what's best. Just give me some time." Edmund scoffs, "What more time do you need?!!" Ed steps between them, "Olivia let's take a walk and we'll talk about the options." The two walk down the hall. Edmund sneaks into Ava's room. Ava sits up, "Tell me what's going on! Where are they taking me? You can't let them take me away!" Edmund shushes her, "No. I won't let them. They are playing Olivia but they can't get me. We are leaving right now." Ava stares, "We're leaving Cedars?" He nods, "Leaving Cedars, leaving Springfield, leaving the US!" She shakes her head, "I can't leave without my son." Edmund shakes his head, "You won't have to. Now let's get out of here." Ava smiles at her father Old Cabin: The kidnapper stares through a small hole in the door. Sarah stares at her food. She is reluctant to eat it. He sighs, "If you don't eat your food then I'm gonna have to bring you home in a body bag." A car pulls up outside. The kidnapper looks out, "Partner's here." The kidnapper pulls of his mask. It's Rafe!! The door opens. Rafe grins, "We under estimated ourselves." Aubrey walks in, "I know right!" Rafe nods, "I told you this would work out." Aubrey nods, "I caused some more problems for Jonathan and Liz!" He grins, "How did you do that?" She takes her fake pregnancy belly off again, "Jonathan and Liz are at each other's throats!" He laughs, "Now all we have to do is wait for the next part of the plan and watch their relationship come crashing down!" The two kiss. PREVIEWS: Rafe and Aubrey are caught at the cabin! Edmund and Ava plan Olivia goes to see Bill Maureen confronts Vi Jonathan disappoints Liz Marina has a request for Lucy
  14. JAYJAY

    Episode 149

    Dreams and Nightmares come true in Springfield.... Cedars: Olivia and Edmund are talking with Ed in his office. Ed sighs, "Now she was lying in bed and cooperating so we let her stay resting straps. But if she continues this behavior we will have to take precausions to keep her and everyone else in this hospital safe." Olivia worries, "What does that mean?" Ed sighs, "Ms. Spencer your daughter may need some psychological treatment. As many coma patients do." Edmund scoffs, "Nice. The Bauer's practically run this place. No wonder things turn to crap here." Ed sighs, "Mr. Winslow. I assure you that your daughters needs are going to be met. We want to take very good care of her. Michelle has been keeping a good eye on Ava." Edmund shakes his head, "Of course. She's probably keeping her in that coma. That way she can continue to have Ava's life." Ed gets angry, "You will not talk about a doctor in this hospital like that. Let alone my daughter." Edmund laughs, "Are we expected to believe that it's just a coincidence that once Michelle takes some time away from work Ava wakes up. Please. This is all just you Bauers trying to play God! But things are about to change around here. Big time." A nurse runs in, "Dr. Bauer. It's the patient." Olivia turns, "What's wrong with Ava.' The nurse sighs, "She's gone!' The 3 of them jump up. Cross Creek: Bill and Michelle are sitting on the couch with little HB. Bill smiles, "This is great. Sitting in the family home with my son and with you. What more could a guy want?" Michelle grins, "Oh just holding him makes things feel a lot better. I mean I really couldn't love him anymore if he were my own." Behind them is the big window. Ava approaches the window. She is still in her hospital gown. She stares in shock. Bill is on the couch with some woman holding a baby boy. Her baby boy. Ava runs in, "Get the hell away from my son!!!!!" Bill and Michelle stare in shock. Bill jumps up, "Ava?" Michelle gaps, "Oh my God Ava!" Ava stares, "You... Michelle Bauer. You... what are you doing? Why are you holding my son?!!?" Michelle shakes her head, "Ava when did you wake up?" Ava lunges for her, "Let go of him! Let go of my baby!" Bill holds her back, "Ava calm down. My God when did this happen?" Ava fights him, "No give me my Son! Why is she holding my Son? Bill I don't understand! Please give me my baby!" Bill tries to calm Ava down. Michelle holds Baby HB close. Bauer Home: Roxie was watching TV with Rick and fell asleep on the couch. Rick went to go make a phone call. Roxie begins to toss and turn in her sleep. She is dreaming. In her dream she is strapped down to a bed. A nurse walks in, "Nice to see you're up Ms. Shayne. We are going to take very good care of you." Roxie looks around, "Where am I? What have you done to me? Why am I strapped down?" The nurse shushes her, "Now let's calm down. We are going to give you your meds so don't try and fight us again." Roxie cries, "Oh God where is he? What have you done with him? What's happening? Why are you doing this to me!!!" A male nurse runs in and holds her down. Roxie fights, "No!!! Stop!!! Help! You can't do this to me! It's not right! Help me! Please!" The nurse injects her with a needle. Roxie wakes up from her nightmare, "NO!!" Rick runs over, "Hey. What's wrong? Are you okay?" Roxie sits up, "Oh God I was having a nightmare." Rick sits with her, "What happened?" She shakes her head, "You know what I can't even remember it now." Rick hugs her. Roxie keeps having the flashbacks from the dream. Farmhouse: Liz is sitting in the kitchen. Her parents have left. Remy sits with her, "I know you are going through a lot right now. But we are doing everything we can to find Sarah." Liz sighs, "I know. Thank you Remy. I just feel like the worst Mom." Remy shakes his head, "What Jonathan said wasn't true. He was wrong." She looks at him, "This is weird." He is confused, "What is?" She sighs, "You being nice to me. You've always hated me." Remy nods, "I do. And I'm not being nice. I'm being honest. You may be a Spaulding but your not the worst mother. You're not responsible for this." Liz smiles, "Thanks Remy." The two stare at each other. Outside Jonathan is with Reva. Reva hugs him, "You know that Lizzie is a good mother right?" Jonathan sighs, "Reva she-" Reva stops him, "I know! But you have to accept the fact that Mom's make mistakes. Remember. You forgave me. I gave you to Alfred and Marissa because I thought I was doing the right thing. I had no idea they would abuse you. And Liz turned her back for one minute, she didn't know Sarah was going to go missing." Jonathan has tears in his eyes, "I want to believe that Liz has changed. But I just keep thinking about Tammy. I promised I wouldn't let Sarah end up like her." Reva nods, "I know. And we won't let that happen. We'll find Sarah. You'll find your little girl." Jonathan leans on his mother. Alan & Natalia's House: Natalia sits with Alan, "So are you saying you should try and run for CEO of Spaulding again?" Alan sighs, "I don't know. Sometimes I think it would be a huge mistake. But the more I think about it the more I wonder if things would be different because I'm different." Natalia sighs, "Okay. Let's look at the positives and negatives. We'll weigh our options." He nods, "Well negatives. The company has always brought on stress. It would take time away from you and Baby Al. Alexandra, Phillip, Alan Michael, and Elizabeth are already running." Natalia nods, "Okay. Now what are the positives." He sighs, "It would be great to be back in the chair again. I'd have all my power back. I'd save my family from Annie Dutton. I would save my family from themselves." She turns to him, "The big question is whether or not it will be different this time. Will be one step forward or two steps back. And how will this effect us." Alan turns to her, "There is one thing I have now and I know now that I didn't have before." Natalia looks at him, "What is that?" Alan smiles, "You. Natalia if I have you by my side I know that I can get through anything. Will you stand by me if I run for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises?" Natalia stares at her husband. Pizza Shop: Coop and Stephanie are sharing pizza. She laughs, "I had no idea how funny you Coopers were. I mean you are an interesting bunch." He nods, "Yep. My family is the best. But we are nothing like the Grants. Your father runs Cedars. Your brother is a detective." She nods, "Well your family has like 3 detectives! And a great teacher. And Lucy who was smart enough to have a relationship with my brother David. They are very happy together." He smiles, "I forgot about that. My sister is dating your brother. She seems really happy with him." Stephanie grins, "Does that make this weird. Since our siblings are dating and now we..." Coop smiles, "We what?" She looks down, "Oh I don't know. I was being stupid. Ignore me now. I'm just being dumb." He grins, "Well would you consider this a date?" She looks at him, "I don't know. I thought it was two roommates hanging out but is it a date?" He smiles, "I don't know it might be. But we certainly have a lot of thing to go through." She nods, "Maybe it's not the best idea." Coop smiles, "But it's not the worst idea." The two look into each other's eyes. PART TWO: Cross Creek: Bill is holding onto Ava who is fighting him. Michelle stands up with Baby HB, "Ava please..." Ava screams, "Give me my Baby! Give him to me! He's my Son!" Bill holds Ava, "Ava you need to calm down. You need to settle down. Now does the hospital know you're awake?" Ava looks at Michelle, "Give me my little boy." Michelle shakes her head, "Not until you relax Ava. Now do you know what happened to you?" Ava screams, "Stop! Stop asking me questions! I know what happened! Just give me my baby!" She bites Bill's hand. Ava runs after Michelle. Michelle tries to get away. Ava jumps on her. Michelle shields Baby HB from Ava. Olivia, Ed, and Edmund run in to see Bill trying to pull Ava off of Michelle. Baby HB cries. Park: Coop and Stephanie are walking home. Coop looks around, "It's such a beautiful day." She nods, "I know. I'm glad we walked." Coop sighs, "Now we get to go home. Home. Because we are roommates." She looks at him, "Yep. Roommates. Just like Sam and Remy are my roommates. You know things almost didn't work out with this because Sam and Remy both had feelings for me. I tried dating Remy and had flirting with Sam. But at the end of the day I just knew that it wasn't going anywhere with either of them. And I wasn't going to jeopardise our living arrangement for a little relationship with either of them." Coop sighs, "So what you are saying is that since we are roommates you won't consider dating me." She turns to him, "I didn't say that. I said that I wasn't going to date a roommate if it wasn't going anywhere. I didn't feel that strong of a connection with Sam. And I felt Remy still had feelings for Blake. But I feel a connection with you. And I really do think that you are over your relationship with Ashlee." Coop smiles, "So what are you saying?" Stephanie takes his hand, "Let's go home Coop." The two walk back to the museum apartment. Bauer Home: Rick gives Roxie some water. He rubs her back, "Are you feeling better?" She drinks her water, "Yes thank you. I was just having a silly nightmare. Nothing big." He sighs, "It sounded big. Will you let me know if it happens again." She looks at him, "Thank you Rick. But it is nothing to worry about. I'm fine really." He sighs, "Okay. I got to go call Jude and Leah. I'll be right back okay?" Rick kisses her head and then leaves the room. Roxie makes a phone call. She tries to be quiet, "Hey it's me. I was wondering if you had gotten some information and names...... Well get on it. I've waited long enough to find these people the one's who hurt me. I want all of them to burn for what they did. No one screws with me and gets away with it. The next time I hear from you I want information." She hangs up. Rick walks in, "Were you talking to someone?" She smiles, "Oh I was just making a phone call." He nods, "Who was it?" She sighs, "Oh just taking care of some stuff. Tying up some loose ends from my past." Alan & Natalia's: Natalia looks at Alan, "That is a lot to think about. I mean going after the company would be a lot to handle." Alan nods, "Just tell me how you feel. I need to know where you stand on all of this." She turns to him, "Really?" He nods, "Of course. If you are going to stand by me or not is a big deal in all of this." She sighs, "Alan what if I'm not willing to do that?" Alan nods, "Then I will never mention it again. I will put the company stuff completely in my past." She nods, "And what if I agree to support you and help you with your running for CEO?" He stands up, "Then I would be thrilled. I would know that with you by my side, magic happens." Natalia smiles, "How can I say no to that." Alan is surprised, "Do you mean that?" Natalia nods, "I will support you in this Alan. I love you." Alan hugs her, "Oh I love so much! I can't believe it. I am running for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises!" The two kiss. Farmhouse: Reva sits with Jonathan. Reva sighs, "I know this is a hard time for you. But you are a father now and you have to be strong." He nods, "I know but without Sarah I'm nothing. I have no reason to be alive other than her." Reva shakes her head, "Well I know that this is very stressful. But remember that Aubrey is carrying your child too. She is getting closer to her due date. And she is your wife. You need to make sure you don't forget about her. Remember that." Jonathan wipes tears, "I know. I'm not going to neglect Aubrey and the baby. I won't." Aubrey is listening from the other side of the house. She is smiling. Inside Liz is with Remy. Remy looks at the clock, "I need to go and check some things out. I'll call you later." Liz stands up, "Thank you Remy. I appreciate all that you have done for my little girl." Remy nods, "We'll find her Liz." Liz sighs, "I know she is not to far away. I can feel it. I just want to know that she's okay. I need to know that's she's alive." Old Cabin: A masked man walks into the cabin. He peaks into the little room. Little Sarah is crying for her Daddy. The man whispers, "Sorry little Sarah. This is for your own good." The kidnapper stares at the crying and scared little girl. Cross Creek: Ed pulls Ava back. Bill and Michelle take the baby to the other side of the room. Ed holds Ava, "We need to get out of here Ava. You need to relax and come with me now." Ava kicks and screams, "No! No! Dr. Bauer you and your daughter are plotting and planning. You are trying to take my son from me and I'm not going to let that happen! Give me my baby!" Edmund and Olivia are standing in the middle. Edmund turns to Bill and Michelle, "Do you see what you have done to her? Do you even care?" Bill shouts, "Get the hell out of here Edmund! Olivia get them out of here right now. The baby is upset!" Olivia is flustered, "I... I don't...." A cops walks in. Ava freaks out, "What's going on?" Ed sighs, "Ava you need to get out now. We are trying to help you but you are becoming dangerous." Ava fights, "No! No get away from me! Stay away from me! You stay away from me!" The cop struggles but gets Ava out of the cabin. Ava shouts, "No! Give me my baby! He's my baby! No! Please!" Olivia and Edmund follow. Bill is still in shock. Michelle is crying and holding the baby. No one can believe what is happening. PREVIEWS: Edmund will do whatever it takes to protect Ava Michelle makes a hard decision Aubrey taunts Liz The kidnapper is revealed!!! Dinah and Annie gang up on Cyrus Vi's feelings for Coop grow
  15. JAYJAY

    Episode 148

    Parents always worry in Springfield.... Cross Creek: Bill is playing with Baby HB. Michelle walk in, "Hey!" Bill smiles, "Hi. I thought you'd be at work." Michelle shakes her head, "No. I took some time off of work. I haven't been there in a while. My Dad took over my stuff. I thought I needed some time to focus on the kids. I got to drive Robbie to school and walk Hope to school. So it was a good morning." Bill nods, "That's nice. Emma likes riding the bus from here." Michelle is confused, "You had Emma today?" He nods, "Yeah. Olivia has a lot going on I guess. She asked me to keep Emma today." She nods, "I hope everything is okay." Bill sighs, "I hope so too. But getting more time with my daughter is always a great thing." Michelle picks up Baby HB, "Oh look at this little guy. You get more handsome every time I see you." Bill grins, "Hey I'm here too!" She kisses him, "I know you're here too. But I just can't stop smiling at this little guy. Oh I love you sweetheart. I don't think I could love you anymore than if you were my own." Cedars: Edmund and Olivia are on there way to Ava's room. Edmund is frustrated, "So you haven't told Bill yet?" Olivia shakes her head, "No. I don't know what to do right now. Ava was devastated when we told her that she has been in a coma for 8 months. I didn't think we need to bring him in right now." Edmund scoffs, "Nice to spare his feelings." She shakes her head, "It's not that. Ava still has a lot of anger towards Bill and I for what we did. It may have been almost a year for us but for her it was like yesterday." Edmund and Olivia walk into Ava's room. Her bed is empty. Olivia turns to a nurse, "Where is my daughter?" The nurse looks in, "I don't know. I'll find out." She rushes off. Olivia is furious, "They don't know? What kind of hospital is being run here?" Edmund is angry, "If anything happens to Ava I will make sure that every doctor in this hospital pays. Especially those good for nothing Bauer Doctors here." Downstairs Dr. Ed Bauer finds Ava. She is standing in front of the window of the nursery. Ed walks over, "Ava why did you leave your room? Why are you down here?" Ava stares, "I came to find my son. He's in here somewhere. I would like to take him home now." Ava keeps looking at the babies wondering which one is hers. Farmhouse: Cops are walking all around the house. Reva sits with Jonathan and Aubrey, "Can I get you two anything?" Aubrey shakes her head, "No thanks. I'm fine." Jonathan looks at the ground. Reva rubs his back, "Everything will be okay." He is angry, "No! Don't say that! Everything is not okay! My daughter is gone! I have no idea where she is! I swore to Tammy I would protect Sarah and I already screwed that up! She's just a little girl." Jonathan breaks down. Reva hugs her son. Aubrey sighs, "Jonathan don't talk like that. It's not your fault or mine." Aubrey leers across the room at Liz who's with her parents. Liz turns to her parents, "Oh God! It's all my fault! I let this happen." Beth shakes her head, "Lizzie don't talk like that. It's not your fault. Sarah was kidnapped." Liz cries, "It is my fault. I have to admit that. I left her alone. I am the worst mother in the world." Phillip hugs her, "No. You are an amazing mother. I know how much you love Sarah. You would never have turned your back if you knew this could happen. They will find her and everything will work out. Okay?" David walks by. Beth looks at him, "What's going on right now?" David sighs, "Right now we are having a few people questioned." Phillip nods, "Like?" David sighs, "Your father." The 3 of them all look at each other. Alan and Natalia's House: Remy is with Alan and Natalia. Remy looks at him, "So you are sure you were with Natalia and Baby Alan.?" Alan nods, "Yes Detective Boudreau. I was here with my family. I love my Great Granddaughter Sarah. But I haven't been allowed any contact with her. As you can imagine." Remy stands up, "You are one lucky bastard. I gotta go." Remy walks to the door. Natalia walks with him, "I'm sorry Remy. I hope you can tell Lizzie that her Grandfather and I are very sorry." Remy sighs, "I still can't believe you are with this guy Natalia. You deserve better." Natalia shakes her head, "No! You are in our house. You will not talk about your husband like that!" He sighs, "Your husband is a sick twisted murderer. Sure he's been acting all good this past year. I'd like to think you changed him. But people like Alan are always evil. It's only a matter of time before he breaks your heart. I'm sorry." Natalia is angry, "Go!" Remy leaves. Natalia walks over, "I'm sorry about that." Alan sighs, "Don't be. Natalia I did some horrible things in my life. I will never be accepted in this town. They'll always remember me for my past sins." Natalia nods, "Well he who is without sin cast the first stone. God loves all of us. We need to forgive each other." Alan smiles, "The world would be a better place if we had more people like you." The two hug. Towers: Rick and Roxie are out on a date. Rick pulls out her chair, "You look beautiful tonight." Roxie grins, "You are always such a gentleman." He smiles, "Well I'm a lucky guy." She grins, "It's great to see you so happy. You were really upset those past few weeks." Rick sits, "I think I've moped enough. Yes it's been a difficult year. Beth broke my heart, Mindy broke my heart. But at this point I think I can handle life." She nods, "Well you never have to worry about that again. Because I would never do anything to hurt you Rick." Rick smiles, "Well I've been told that a lot in the past." She shakes her head, "No. That was different. I mean Beth was meant to be with Phillip. Mindy was meant to be with Rusty. And I honestly believe that you and I are meant for each other Rick." Rick sighs, "I remember at one point you thought you belonged with my cousin Johnny Bauer." Roxie looks down, "I was wrong. Just like you thought you belonged with that Mel." Rick nods, "I broke her heart. Now maybe that was my karma I went through after that." Roxie sighs, "I don't believe in karma. I think you need to take life in your own hands." The two are about to kiss. Ashlee walks over, "Dr. Bauer!" Roxie isn't happy to see her. Old Museum Apartment: Coop is moving his stuff into the apartment. Stephanie walks over, "Wow you don't have as much stuff as I first thought you would." Coop laughs, "Well I'm not very high maintenance. I always loved traveling and I wanted a life that I could always pick up and go. She smiles, "Go where?" He grins, "Oh anywhere. France, London, Switzerland. I spent years after school just traveling." She nods, "Wow. That's so cool. I always wanted too but I don't know I liked stay here. Close to home." Coop nods, "Oh yeah. I always ended up coming back to Springfield. There's just something about this town that always drags people back. I mean my mother is buried here. A lot of memories." Stephanie sighs, "I can't imagine losing a parent so young." Coop nods, "Yeah. It certainly changes your life a lot. But in a way she's always with me." Stephanie smiles, "That's nice. What was your mother's name?" Coop grins, "Jenna. Jenna Bradshaw." Stephanie grins, "That's beautiful. I always liked that name." Coop smiles, "That's nice." She picks up, "Well let's make Jenna proud and unpack your stuff." The two walk into the other room. PART TWO: Alan and Natalia's House: Alan sits with Natalia. She sighs, "I really thought when we got married people would see how much we love each other and how happy we are together. And stop looking at our past mistakes." Alan sighs, "Natalia you know it's not you. Everyone loves you. They all want to burn me alive." She nods, "And it's wrong and unfair." He sighs, "Maybe so. But if this is my punishment then I got off easy." She shakes her head, "I don't think so. People don't get to decide your fate like that. That is between you and God. If you want to pay for what you did then that's up to you." Alan shakes his head, "Are you suggesting I go to prison?" She shakes her head, "No. Baby Alan and I need you here. Abandoning your family isn't the answer. There has to be another way to do good by the town and your family." Alan nods, "I used to think I knew the way but it never worked out for me in the past." Natalia looks at him, "What is it? I mean now that we are together things might be different." Alan sighs, "Becoming CEO of Spaulding Enterprises." Natalia stares at her husband. Towers: Ashlee pulls up a chair next to Rick and Roxie. She smiles, "What are the odds we would all be here?" Roxie responds sarcastically, "It's incredible." Ashlee grins, "I just wanted to talk to you about uh that surgery you want me to observe tomorrow. I am a little nervous about it. I'm like afraid I'll sneeze and you'll cut a vein!" Rick shakes his head, "Don't worry. Ashlee people do this all the time. I'll be in the zone. You don't have to worry about me. You just make sure you pay close attention." Ashlee nods, "Thanks Rick you always make me feel better about these things!" Roxie looks at her, "Now Ashlee if you don't mind." Ashlee realizes, "Oh! I'm sorry. You two get back to your meal. I'll get going. Thanks again Rick. Nice seeing you Ms. Shayne." Ashlee leaves. Rick turns to Roxie, "I'm sorry." Roxie rubs her forehead, "Is it just me or is her voice really loud and annoying." Rick sighs, "She's a nice girl." Roxie nods, "I know that you like the kid Rick. But that was so rude. We are having a date. That girl always manages to annoy me." Rick takes Roxie's hand, "I'm sorry. I want to continue enjoying our date." Roxie smiles, "I'd like that." The two kiss. Old Museum Apartment: Coop is setting his laptop up. Stephanie brings in a box, "Oh my goodness! Another box of books. I think you brought more of those then anything else." He nods, "I guess I've always loved reading." She smiles, "I love reading too. But goodness. It's like a little library in here." Coop looks around, "Yeah. You know that I wanted to be a writer for the longest time." Stephanie nods, "Yeah I remember that. Whatever happened to all those dreams of becoming a published author?" Coop sighs, "I don't know. I realized that I could still write without being published. And I really wanted to go back into teaching. Maybe meet a few future authors." She grins, "That is one of the sweetest things I think that I have ever heard in my life." Coop laughs, "Is this where you make fun of me?" She shakes her head, "No! Not at all. I think it's so amazing that you have such a passion for writing and teaching. I think it's actually kind of a sexy thing." He smiles, "Well why don't you and this sexy writing teacher go out to get something to eat?" She smiles, "I think that's be great." The two get up and leave. Farmhouse: Remy walks in. They all walk over to him. Jonathan looks at Remy, "So what did you get from Alan? Did you find out anything?" Remy shakes his head, "He has an alibi." Jonathan scoffs, "What?" Remy sighs, "He was with his wife and kid." Jonathan shakes his head, "Oh yeah his wife and baby are good sources of information." Remy sighs, "I don't trust Alan. But Natalia wouldn't lie." Liz turns, "Maybe it really wasn't Granddad." Jonathan sighs, "Liz oh my God! Are you serious? It's Alan. Alan has always wanted to take Sarah from us. He waits until we let our guard down and then he has her grabbed!" Phillip sighs, "Jonathan you don't know that. I understand why you wouldn't trust Alan. I don't trust him either. But there I think we should go over all possibilities." Jonathan is angry, "You guys are such Spauldings. This is just like what happened with Tammy. Everyone knows it was Alan but his family protects him. That's just great!" Liz cries, "Would you stop! We aren't trying to cover up anything." Jonathan shakes his head, "I never should have come back to Springfield." Jonathan leaves. Reva and Aubrey go after him. Liz begins sobbing. Cross Creek: Bill and Michelle put Baby HB down for a nap. Michelle smiles, "I always thought that babies looked like angels when they slept." Bill smiles, "That's beautiful." She turns to him, "I don't know I've always had a soft spot in my heart for all children. Just something so magical about a baby and new life. Like a clean slate." Bill puts his arms around her, "I think a lot of us can use a clean slate sometimes you know. I sure did." She sighs, "I know I did. This child has been like a breathe of fresh air in our lives. I think things would have been really difficult if we didn't have him in our lives." He nods, "Our families needed it." She smiles, "Our families needed each other." He grins, "Now the past is finally in the past and everyone can just move past it. Move forward." She smiles, "I love you Bill." Bill smiles, "I love you too Michelle." The two kiss. Cedars: Olivia and Edmund walk over to see Ava standing by the window of the nursery with the newborns. Ava falls into Dr. Bauer. Ed helps her, "Ava your legs are still very weak. You need to go back into your bed and rest." Ava keeps staring, "Which one is he? I want to see him I want to hold him. Where is he?" Ed takes her hand, "Ava please come back to your room." Ava shouts, "No! No! Give me my child! This is kidnapping! Help! Please help me! They have my baby! They have my baby! Please help me! Please! I need my Son!" Edmund runs over, "Ava please calm down!" Ava cries, "How could you let them do this? They took my baby! Where is my baby?" Edmund sighs, "I never meant any of this." Olivia runs over, "Ava please just relax." Ava shouts, "No leave me alone! You leave me alone. I need my baby. Give me my child please!" Ed takes her hand, "Please Ava come back with me to your room. You need your rest. Please come with me." Ava lunges at him and strangles him, "No! I want my child! Give me my baby! Give me my son!" The nurses run over to pull Ava off of him. Edmund and Olivia watch in horror. Ava is screaming, "I want my Baby!!!" PREVIEWS: Ava leaves Cedars! Stephanie and Coop go out to eat Liz and Remy have a talk Reva comforts Jonathan Roxie has a terrible nightmare from her past Alan and Natalia make a huge decision
  16. JAYJAY

    Episode 147

    After 8 months someone wakes up in Springfield.... Cedars: Ava's eyes begin to open. She looks around. She is in Cedars Hospital. She's not sure why. She remembers hearing something about her son. Ava struggles to speak, "My Baby... where's my Baby!" Olivia and Edmund are in the hallway. They are stunned by the sound and run inside. The two stare in shock when they go into the room. Edmund smiles, "Ava!" Olivia gasps, "Oh my God! Ava!" The two run over to her. Ava looks at them, "Why am I here? Where is my Son?" Olivia is crying, "Oh my girl is back. Your here Ava. Oh thank you. I love you honey." Edmund grins, "Oh Ava. Seeing your beautiful brown eyes again just makes everything so much better." Ava is confused, "Why?... What's? Going on? Where is my baby? Where's my Son? You said he needed me?" Olivia and Edmund look at each other. Farmhouse: Aubrey is sitting on the couch. Jonathan walks back inside, "I can't find here anywhere. Sarah is completely gone." Liz cries, "Oh God! I can't believe this is happening. I was watching her one minute and I got up for one second." Aubrey turns to her, "You left her alone? How could you be so stupid? I trust you and this is what happens?" Liz cries, "I was just answering my phone. I swear she was there one minute and gone the next." Aubrey lunges for her, "You lost my daughter! You stupid bitch! I hate you! I'll never forgive you!" Jonathan pulls her away, "Aubrey calm down. Okay? None of this is going to get Sarah back. The police are on their way." Aubrey cries, "Wake up Jonathan! You told me this happened before. Liz left Sarah in a car to get your attention and she got kidnapped. Now she's doing the same thing." Liz shakes her head, "What are you talking about?" Aubrey scoffs, "As if you didn't do this on purpose. You really just let her out of your sight long enough to go missing. Only maybe you didn't plan for her to go completely missing did you?" Liz shouts, "Shut up!" Aubrey looks at her, "If anything happens to my daughter, I swear that I will make you pay." The two women are covered in tears. Police Station: Mallet is talking with some cops. He starts his first directions as chief, "Okay so Grant and Boudreau are already on their way to the farmhouse. You guys go down there and help out. Let me know if anything comes up." The officers leave. Dinah walks over, "Is everything okay? That sounded really serious. Something about a child?" Mallet nods, "Yeah. I'm sorry to say it's about your cousin Lizzie. Apparently her daughter Sarah went missing a little bit ago. They haven't been able to find her." Dinah gasps, "Oh my God! How horrible. I hope they find her soon. It's going to get late." He nods, "I hope so too. I think she's only 3." She sighs, "Well you know what? I think they are going to find her soon. Because we have an amazing police chief here now. You are going to do great things." Mallet looks at her, "You really didn't know that I was getting this promotion today?" She shakes her head, "No. How would I?" He is confused, "I don't know. But you got here just in time. It is a weird coincidence." She smiles, "Oh it's just fate sweetie. I'm going to get home and I'll see you soon." Dinah kisses Mallet before she leaves. Tree House: Rocky drives by and sees Kevin's motorcycle by the tree. Rocky slowly walks out and climbs up. Kevin is sitting inside. Rocky smiles, "I was surprised to see your bike out there. I've been looking all over for you. What are you doing all the way up here in this big old treehouse?" Kevin sighs, "Jason and I used to play here a lot. All of the kids did when we were little." Rocky nods, "Well I didn't really grow up here so I didn't know. It's a cute place." Kevin nods, "Yeah. Whenever my parents would fight, Jason and I would just come up here and talk for a little while. Then put it all out of our minds and just forget about all of the troubles." Rocky looks at him, "Should we do that now?" Kevin sighs, "You know your whole family didn't see my face when you hopped on the bike. They probably don't even know it was me. So you still have a shot to break ties with me before anyone has to find out about us. You could do it you know?" Rocky shakes his head, "No I couldn't." Kevin nods, "Yeah. I mean your family believes you..." Rocky sighs, "No. I mean that I don't want to. I don't want to be the person I was before. The person who cares way to much what everyone thinks about them and changes who they are because of that." Kevin turns to him, "Then stop." Rocky sighs, "It's not that simple." Kevin gets up, "Whatever." Rocky grabs him, "No! You wouldn't let me walk away from you. I chose you. Now we are going give this relationship all we got!" Rocky kisses Kevin. Bauer Home: Bill and Michelle walk inside. Robbie and Hope take Emma upstairs. Michelle brings HB in, "The little guy really seemed to enjoy it." Bill grins, "I think he really likes the park. We need to take him more often. I liked it. Having the kids all play and get exercise. Having some real good fmaily time." Michelle sits HB down, "Bill um, I think that we need to talk about some stuff." Bill nods, "Like what?" She sighs, "What you said. At the park." He jokes, "And I meant it. That slide looks so much smaller than when we were kids!" She laughs, "Bill. You know what I mean. You said the word. You said the L word to me." Bill keeps joking, "Hey I have never questioned your sexuality!" She shoves him, "Bill be serious." He smiles, "I meant what I said to you Michelle. Michelle I love you. I have fallen in love with you and your family." She cries, "It's so great to here you say that. I mean I never thought I could find love again after Danny. Now I can't say that I have completly fallen in love with you. But Bill I think I am falling in love. Not just with you but with your family." Bill grins, "Our new little happy family." The two kiss. Cedars: Olivia and Edmund wait outside Ava's room. Olivia sighs, "Oh God I can't believe this. She has finally woken up! I can't believe it!" Edmund smiles, "And what timing! That's our Ava. She is just so amazing. God I missed her." Olivia nods, "But there is a lot that's changed these past few months. A lot o things." Edmund nods, "And we need to make sure that nothing bothers our daughter Olivia. Nothing." Dr. Ed Bauer walks out, "Mr. Winslow? Ms. Spencer?" Edmund looks at him, "Ed is Ava okay? Can we talk to her now?" Ed nods, "She is very weak. She is a little dizzy. And there are a few you should know." Olivia is worried, "What?" Ed sighs, "Well she has realized that she gave birth. She seems to have blocked the elevator incident. Maybe a few other things from that day of her accident." Olivia sighs, "Oh all the baby shower stuff!" Ed nods, "And unfortunately she suffers what most comatose patients go through. Ava is unaware of how much time has past." Edmund scoffs at Ed, "Well you know what? Ava is awake now. It's time for your daughter to step aside and give Ava her life back." Edmund walks past Ed. PART TWO: Mallet and Dinah's House: Dinah has already arrived at home. Mallet is still at the station. The doorbell rings. Dinah answers. Annie walks in, "Hey D! So did you go down to the station?" Dinah grins, "Yes I did! I went down their just in time to see the look on Mallet's face when he found out he was going to be Springfield's new Chief of Police!" Annie hugs her, "Oh I'm so happy for you two! You guys deserve all of this. You know that right?" Dinah nods, "Oh yes. Mallet and I have had a long journey. Now we are finally having the life of our dreams. And Annie I just want to thank you for everything you did." Annie sighs, "Don't mention it." Dinah shakes her head, "You are so great. You pulled all of those strings and got Mallet to be named Chief of Police!" Annie nods, "Well you know what it was the right thing to do. They were going to give it to Harley. She is in no condition to be running the police department. Besides Mallet deserves it." Dinah nods, "And you deserve Spaulding Enterprises. You, I, and Olivia are going to make sure that you keep that chair. We finally have the power in this town." The two friends hug. Farmhouse: Jonathan, Aubrey, and Liz are waiting in the living room. Remy walks inside, "Okay well we still can't seem to find her. But we have officers searching the whole area." Jonathan is very upset, "Remy she's a little girl! How could she possibly get away that far?" Remy sighs, "Jon we are doing everything that we can." Aubrey walks over to Liz, "I can't believe you. How can you be so heartless. You abandon your daughter and let her go missing? What the hell is wrong with you?" Liz has tears in her eyes, "I love Sarah! I love her with all of my heart! I never thought this would happen! We were right here in the livingroom! I swear it was only a minute to find my phone. I had no idea that this could happen. It doesn't make sense." Jonathan sighs, "I know what this is. I can't believe I didn't think about it before." Liz turns to him, "What?" Jonathan looks at her, "Your Grandfather. He took her. He took Sarah! He has always wanted her." Remy sighs, "Jonathan we can't jump to conclusions." Jonathan shouts, "Remy this is the guy who killed Tammy! You know what he is capable of." David walk in, "Boudreau. A cop found this in the mailbox." He hands Remy a paper. Jonathan looks over, "What does it say?" Remy looks up, "It's a ransom note. Sarah has been kidnapped." A furious Jonathan punches the wall. Aubrey falls to her knees screaming. Liz stares in shock. Cedars: Edmund sits with Ava. Olivia walks over. Ava looks around, "I... I'm in the hospital." Edmund nods, "Yes you are darling. Do you remember why you are in the hospital at all?" Ava looks around, "I was pregnant... I had a baby." Olivia just stares. Edmund nods, "Yes you had a baby boy. A beautiful baby boy." Ava smiles, "I did?" Edmund grins, "Oh yes you did. Ava you are a mother now." Ava nods, "When can I see my baby?" He sighs, "Uh... Ava we need you to rest first. Okay just get your rest and we'll tell you about the baby soon." Ava worries, "Wait. Wait what's wrong? Why can't I see my baby?" Edmund looks at Olivia, "Uh..." Olivia looks at her, "Oh Ava... do you remember anything?" Ava nods, "I know who you two are if that's what you mean. I don't have amnesia. I'm Ava. I want to see my baby. I can't let him be alone. Just tell me that Bill is with him." Olivia looks down, "Oh Ava." Ed walks in, "Hello Ms. Peralta." Ava shakes her head, "It's Mrs. Lewis. Dr. Bauer I would like to see my baby." Ed looks at Olivia and Edmund who are fighting tears. Tree House: Kevin looks at Rocky, "What are you doing Rocky?" Rocky grabs him, "Listen to me! You need me to get past your anger and rage. And forgive you for attacking me. So I need you to get past my fears and the walls I put up. And forgive me for breaking your heart when I chose Shayne over you." Kevin sighs, "All I wanted was for you to do what was best for you even if it wasn't me." Rocky nods, "That's one of the things I enjoy most about you. That is why I chose you." Kevin looks at him, "You hold your own life in your hands. No one can change that not me or your family or Shayne." Rocky nods, "I know that now. You showed me that. Please just give me time. I need time before I tell people about us." Kevin sighs, "You have to face your fears. I came out to you. I put it all on the line even though I knew it could destroy everything and I still might not get to be with you. And I'm scared too. I'm afraid of how this will change things. But it's worth it. I want to be with you." Rocky smiles, "I want to be with you too." The two kiss. Rocky sighs, "I'm sorry I've been hesitating!" Kevin shakes his head, "It doesn't matter. We know what we have even if no one else does." The two are making out. They don't hear the footsteps below. Shayne is down below watching them from beneath the tree. He is filled with rage. Bauer Home: Bill and Michelle are kissing. Bill smiles, "After all of these years I finally realize how happy we could be together." Michelle sighs, "I was so afraid I was never going to find love again." He laughs, "Are you kidding? Any guy would kill to be with you Michelle. You are amazing." Michelle nods, "Well I wouldn't want just any guy to fight for me. I am so glad we found each other. I mean we found each other in this way. In a romantic way." Bill looks at her, "My God you are so beautiful. I feel like you get more beautiful every time I look at you." She smiles, "Bill Lewis you are one of the most charming men I have ever known." Bill sighs, "I don't deserve you. I know that. But I will promise to make you happy no matter what. Because you've always been there for me. And now I think we are closer than we ever have been before." Michelle smiles, "I can't believe how great things have become. We can finally have a happy life again. And we can have that life together." Baby HB starts crying. Michelle smiles, "Someone else wants to be happy too?" Michelle picks up the baby and whispers a song to him. She is always good at making him stop crying. Cedars: Ed walks over to Ava, "Is it okay if I ask you a few questions?" Ava nods, "I suppose so. Yeah." Ed sits next to her, "Ava what is that last thing you remember?" She sighs, "I don't know. I mean I remember a lot but the last few days are blurry. I know I wasn't at my due date yet." Ed nods, "Ava do you remember where you were before you came to the hospital? Ava do you remember a baby shower?" Ava nods, "I do now that you mention it... Oh my... you..." Ava looks at Olivia, "You... I can't handle this right now!" Olivia sighs, "I'm sorry honey-" Ava shouts, "Stop! Just stop talking to me! I need my Son now." Ed looks at her, "You need to relax. Do you know what date it is?" She sighs, "It's probably August by now..." Ed nods, "What year?" Ava is confused, "2008! I'm not stupid!" Olivia cries. Ava looks around, "What's going on?" Edmund sighs, "You need to relax honey." Ava shakes her head, "Where is my Son? What is wrong? Why won't anyone let me see my baby?" Ed looks at her, "Ava it is 2009. We are in Spring now. You've been in a comatose state for 8 months now." Ava shakes her head, "No. No that's not possible. I just had a baby." Ed sighs, "You had a baby 8 months ago." Olivia cries, "I'm so sorry Ava." Ava shouts, "Sorry? Sorry why? Sorry Ava your baby doesn't need you. He went home without his mother? That he had already been crawling and walking? That my son grew up without me? That everyone has been playing with and raising my child and before I even get to see him!!!" Ed stands up, "Ava you need to relax." She shouts, "No! Stop lying! Where is he? I want my Son! You give me my boy! Now! No!" Ava begins to throw things at her family. PREVIEWS: Ava has an emotional breakdown! Michelle and Bill spend more time together Liz and Jonathan begin to turn on each other Alan is questioned by the cops Stephanie helps Coop move in Rick and Roxie's date is interrupted by Ashlee
  17. JAYJAY

    Episode 146

    Mistakes are made in Springfield.... Beacon: Susan and Gus are in bed together. Susan sits up, "So is Olivia stopping by today?" Gus nods, "She stops by everyday." Susan turns to him, "Any idea when?" Gus sighs, "I think she's visiting Ava today. She does it every now and then. She stays for a while." Susan sits back, "I don't get that. She's in a coma. What's the point in talking to her. She's like... dead right?" Gus lights a cigarette, "No. You can be really cold sometimes." She shakes her head, "I'm not cold. I'm a realist. I know how the world works. People die. A lot." He looks at her, "See that is cold." She gets up, "Me? You are the one who is cheating on your girlfriend." He shakes his head, "Olivia is not my girlfriend. She has made it very clear that we are friends." Susan laughs, "Good luck finding a man and woman who can be friends without one of them being gay." Gus nods, "Olivia is not even my type. You aren't either." Susan laughs, "No offense honey but you aren't my type either." He nods, "No you like murders and criminals." She sighs, "Let's not do this. I have to get going." Gus reaches over to her and takes her hand, "Not yet. Let's get one more in before you leave." Susan grins and climbs on top of him. Cedars: Olivia walks out of Ava's room. Edmund is standing right there, "Hello Olivia." Olivia sighs, "Edmund. What can I do for you?" Edmund looks at her, "Olivia are you aware of what is going on with our Grandson?" She sighs, "Please don't come whining to me because you blew your chances with seeing the baby." Edmund shakes his head, "No. I saw him the other day. I wasn't to happy with his living arrangement." Olivia looks at him, "Edmund. It is working. He lives at Cross Creek. And I get to see him a lot when I get Emma. It works out fine." He sighs, "You don't see it do you? What Bill has done to Ava." Olivia shakes her head, "What are you talking about?" Edmund is angry, "Michelle Bauer is holding this child, playing with it, feeding it, protecting." Olivia jokes, "Oh what a bitch!" Edmund shakes his head, "It's not funny. Michelle is not his mother. Ava is his mother." She nods, "Well Ava has been in a coma for the first 7 months of this child's life. And I hate that she missed everything. But Michelle isn't the worst person in the world." He is frustrated, "That's not the point. Olivia we need to protect our daughter and our Grandson. You have to help me." She is confused, "Help you what?" Edmund sighs, "Help me get that child away from Bill and Michelle." Olivia is stunned by his words. Park: Bill and Michelle brought the kids to the park. Robbie and Emma push Hope on the swing. Michelle and Bill push HB in a stroller. Michelle smiles, "This is a lot of fun." Bill nods, "My kids and your kids. All 4 of them. They all play like they are brothers and sisters." Michelle smiles, "It's really great. Bill this is just so good for my kids. After this past year dealing with Danny's death. You have been really good for them. So has Emma and HB." He nods, "I know what you mean. Emma loves having a real home. I know she loves the Beacon with Olivia. But she enjoys it here too. And I was so worried about HB growing up without a mother but... Oh. I'm sorry I didn't mean to make is sound like that. Implying that you are his mother." She smiles, "It's fine. I mean I was afraid to say it but I feel like I have a special bond with him. I delivered him. I was the first one to hold him. I fought so hard to keep him alive. He's a miracle and when I see him it just makes things better." Bill grins, "You are just amazing you know that? I mean I've known you my whole life and I never realized how perfect we could be for each other. I mean I never thought I could be this happy." Michelle and Bill kiss. Motel: Rocky and Kevin have been staying here. Rocky walks inside, "I'm back." Kevin sits up, "You got some food." Rocky nods, "Well yeah. I don't know how long we will be here. So I thought we should get some stuff." Kevin nods, "Are we planning on hiding out here forever Rocky? Because I think our families would miss us. And I think that we would actually miss them too after a while." Rocky smiles, "I know. I do miss them. But it is just to much to deal with. I know I'm a coward. I left them at my ceremony and didn't even face up to anything." Kevin shakes his head, "You are no coward. You made an adult decision and I am proud of you." Rocky kisses him, "I made the right decision. Kevin I have been fighting these feelings for a long time! I know our love story doesn't start out the way that most should. But I don't care. Even if no one else understands. We know what we have is special." Kevin has a huge smiles, "I've waited so long to hear you say that. God I wish I really deserved you." Rocky nods, "You said it before. We deserve this. We deserve to be happy together." The two kiss. Farmhouse: Aubrey and Jonathan walk into the living room. Liz is playing with Sarah, "We are having fun over here." Jonathan smiles, "Well I'm taking Aubrey out shopping for baby stuff. So do you want to come Liz?" Aubrey turns quickly, "No!" Jonathan looks at her, "Are you okay?" Aubrey nods, "Yeah. I just meant, Liz should get some more alone time with Sarah. She is her biological mother and Sarah should have more alone time with her." Liz is confused, "You really mean that?" Aubrey sighs, "I just want what's best for Sarah. Believe it or not. I just want her to be happy." Jonathan grins, "That's really big of you Aubrey." Liz smiles, "Thank you Aubrey." Aubrey nods, "Well Jonathan get me out of here before I change my mind." The two of them leave. Liz is playing with Sarah. Sarah smiles, "I want outside!" Liz nods, "Yeah Aubrey said she promised you outside. We'll go outside in a little bit." Suddenly Liz hears her phone ringing. Liz turns but her phone isn't on the table where she left it. She gets up to find it. She can't see it anywhere. Sarah gets up and starts to walk through the kitchen by herself. Police Station: Today they will find out the announcement of the new Chief of Police. Everyone thinks David and Harley are the two leading runners. Mallet smiles, "Are you two nervous at all?" David shakes his head, "No not really. I'd love to be police chief but Harley would be a good one too." Harley nods, "Yeah. One way I'm happy with my job even if I don't get the job. And hey Gus is doing better and should be back on the force soon." David turns to Mallet, "Hey maybe you'll surprise all of us and get the position yourself." Mallet laughs, "Are you kidding me? I haven't even made a speech, got recommendations." Harley nods, "But you have the most experience." Mallet shakes his head, "No I would have to be sleeping with someone high up to try and beat the two of you." The acting Chief walks in, "Hello everyone. As you all know I will soon be stepping down as acting Chief. I came as a temporary replacement for Rusty Shayne. And after some long reviews and some information from a few anonymous citzens. We have chosen our new Police Chief. Someone who has been really working hard. A person who deserves this more than anything. Ladiea and Gentlmen. Mr. AC Mallet." The room fills with shock and applause. Harley and David are surprised but still smiles, "Wow congrats." Mallet is in shock. PART TWO: Beacon: Susan and Gus are in bed still. Susan is giggling, "We are never going to get out of this bed now are we? I mean we keep trying." Gus nods, "Well now we are done. You should get going home now right?" Susan nods, "Yep. Cyrus said we are celebrating something. My Mom has something going on." Gus sits up, "How is your mother?" Susan gets out of bed, "I don't know. I don't talk to her a whole lot. She's like disappointed and stuff." He looks at her, "She doesn't know about anything that's happened does she?" Susan shakes her head, "No. But she's been really depressed since she gave up Belinda. I think she could have used someone to lean on. She pushed Cyrus away." Gus nods, "I should have been there." She is getting dressed, "Yep. But you weren't." He looks at her, "See there's that coldness again. You just no how to say the wrong thing." She smiles, "I'm very blunt. Ha I love that word." He scoffs, "You are very childish you know that." She laughs, "I thought you liked that. Just kidding. We both know the real reason that you are attracted to me. I look like Harley don't I?" Gus doesn't say anything. Susan leaves. Gus sits and smokes another cigarette. Motel: Kevin looks at Rocky, "So how long are we going to be staying here?" Rocky sighs, "I'm not sure. I just need to think of a way to explain everything to my family. I don't want this to come out the way my relationship with Shayne did. That sucked." Kevin sighs, "We aren't the same as you were with Shayne. Before you just had to explain that you were gay. Now you have to explain how you could possibly be falling for the monster that attacked you." Rocky turns, "You are not a monster. And if I can get past that then so should everyone else." Kevin nods, "Sure. But they won't. They'll say that I'm manipulating you. Lying to you. Maybe even fooling you. No one in this town trusts me anymore after what I did to you." Rocky nods, "I know. But we will get past all of that. And so what if people are angry or upset. All I care about is that you make me happier then I ever have been before." Kevin smiles, "That means a lot it does. But Rocky I need to know that you are going to be able to tell everyone that you love that you are in a relationship with me without apologizing or making excuses. And I'm not so sure that you can do that." Rocky sighs, "Kevin don't be like that." Kevin walks away, "I'm going to buy some more stuff. Because as long as you are ashamed of me. We'll be here for a long time." Kevin leaves. Rocky feels more guilt. Police Station: Mallet walks in front of everyone. He is shocked, "Uh... Wow. I didn't uh.... I didn't expect this. I was not at all thinking that I would be the new Chief of Police. But I must say I am honored and completely touched that people seem to think that I would be good for this job. I promise that I will do the best that I can and you will not be sorry that you hired me." The room fills with applause. Harley shouts, "Go Mallet!" David hollers, "You're the best man!" Mallet is very embarrassed. But he feels touched that maybe he really does deserve this job. Mallet feels on top of the world. Dinah comes in out of no where, "Honey! Oh my God! Congratulations." Mallet looks at her, "Dinah how did you know that I was going to be police chief." Dinah shakes her head, "Well I was told that they were announcing it today and I knew it had to be you. Also I'm covering it for WSPR." The news crew comes in. Mallet waves to the cameras. Dinah is thrilled to see him so happy. She is proud to know deep down that she is reason for all of this. Farmhouse: Liz finally finds her cellphone. It was inside of a plant. Liz brushes it off and opens it. A text from Rafe. She closes her phone, "Sarah did you play with my phone sweetheart?" Liz turns to see that Sarah is gone. Liz looks around, "Sarah? Sarah where did you go?" Liz looks around and sees nothing. She goes into Sarah's bedroom. Jonathan and Aubrey walk inside. Jonathan sighs, "I'm sorry. I can't believe we drove that far before I realized that I forgot my wallet. I could have sworn it was in my pocket where I left it." Aubrey nods, "Well let's check on Sarah and Liz." Liz runs downstairs, "Sarah!?!" Jonathan looks at her, "What's going on? Where is Sarah?" Liz has tears in her eyes, "I can't find her anywhere. Sarah is gone." Aubrey faints into Jonathan's arms. Park: Bill and Michelle are on a bench with HB. Robbie runs over, "Hey can I get some ice cream for me, Emma, and Hope?" Michelle nods, "Sure sweetheart." Bill grabs some money, "Here. Hey get me and your Mom some too." Robbie smiles, "Thanks Uncle Bill." The three kids go to get ice cream. Michelle smiles at Bill, "You know he was so cold to Marina when she was with Danny. I was afraid that he would be the same way with you. But he seems to still like you a lot." Bill jokes, "Well everyone likes me." Michelle laughs, "Well I know that I do." Bill grins, "You know it's nice. I think you, me, Robbie, Emma, Hope, and HB all have something really special going on right here. It's really cool how it worked out." Michelle grins, "We are like our own little family. The kind of family that every kid dreams of." Bill looks into Michelle's eyes, "Michelle I think I'm falling in love with you." Michelle is speechless. Cedars: Edmund is arguing with Olivia outside of Ava's room. Olivia stares, "You are nuts you know that! You knew Ava for what a few weeks before she fell into a coma and now you want to step up and be her father all of the sudden." Edmund scoffs, "You knew here for a few years. And didn't even know she was your daughter for the first of them. And from what I hear you tried to have her killed." She nods, "Okay now you are going to tell me that I am a bad mother? Is that it?" He nods, "Well you were sleeping with her husband which led to all of this happening." Olivia is furious, "You sick son of a bitch. You have no right to criticize me! You kidnapped Michelle's daughter Hope and gave her to Cassie telling it was her baby! Now you want to take HB from her and Bill?" Edmund shouts, "This isn't about Michelle! This is about Ava! Ava's baby needs her! Ava's son needs his mother!" Those words seem to echo. They can be heard from the room. Suddenly things go silent. Ava lies in her bed not moving. Edmund's word go into her head. For the first time in over half a year... Ava opens her eyes! PREVIEWS: Ava wakes up after 8 months!!! Bill and Michelle declare their love Dinah has a secret Sarah's family gets horrible news Rocky goes to find Kevin
  18. JAYJAY

    Episode 144

    A commitment ceremony is held in Springfield... Country Club: Rocky is in another room getting his suit on. He looks in the mirror, "This is going to be a good day. You are committing the man of your dreams. It's what you've always wanted." Suddenly he here's a voice, "Oh look at my baby boy all grown up." Rocky turns, "Mom?" A vision of his late mother Jenna Bradshaw smiles at him. Out in the main room. The Coopers all stand together. Buzz sighs, "I hope this is really what Rocky wants." Coop turns to him, "Why wouldn't it be?" Buzz looks at him, "Well your brother seems to have been going through some changes these past few months." Coop sighs, "I'm sure Rocky is thrilled. I know this isn't the kind of wedding I imagined my brother having but.... as long as Rocky is happy then I am happy for him." Marina sits down, "Let's just hope this wedding doesn't fall a part." Coop turns to her, "What does that mean?" Marina sighs, "It's complicated but let's just say Shayne and Rocky have a lot more going on then either one of them know." Buzz and Coop worry. Spaulding Enterprises: Liz and Rafe walk out of the office. Rafe grins, "Did you see them! You did such a great job!" Liz smiles, "I think they really liked me. This is working out perfectly. I am loving this." Rafe looks at the time, "I have to go run an errand I'll meet you for lunch later." She smiles, "See you cousin." Phillip and Alan Michael run into Liz. Liz smiles, "Hey. How are you two?" Phillip looks at her, "Sweetheart. I heard that you were in a meeting. What is that about?" Alan Michael scoffs, "Big surprise endorsing your father? Lizzie you should really be more smart about this honey." Liz sighs, "Okay first of all I am smart. Second, don't call me sweetheart or honey. Third I wasn't endorsing either of you." Alan Michael is confused, "Then what were you doing?" She grins, "Throwing my hat in the ring. I am running for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises." Phillip stares, "Lizzie what are you talking about?" Liz looks at them, "I know you two are competing and tearing our family a part by running. But I won't let my family get hurt in the process. I told the board members it was time for a new generation. And I think they like the younger runner. Soon I will be the CEO of Spaulding Enterprises and my picture will up on the wall." Phillip and Alan Michael stare at a very grown up Liz. Country Club: Rocky stares, "Mom. Is it really you?" Jenna grins, "Look at my adorable little boy. You're a man now. You are just as handsome as your brother Coop." Rocky sighs, "God I could really use a mother right now." Jenna nods, "Well I am here. It's a big day for you. Bigger than you could ever know." Rocky looks at her, "So I am supposed to marry Shayne?" Jenna sighs, "Darling if you even have to ask that question..." Rocky has tears in his eyes, "I just don't know what to do!" Jenna nods, "I hope this man knows how lucky he is to have my son." Rocky nods, "So you know that I'm gay..." Jenna smiles, "A mother always knows. And I love you with all of my heart. You're my son." Rocky cries, "I'm so glad you are here." Jenna looks at him, "Rocky what do you want?" Rocky sighs, "It's not about that right now. It's about what's right and what's wrong." Jenna sighs, "Well I'm glad your father Buzz never played by those rules or I wouldn't have been given a chance." Rocky turns to his mother. In another room Shayne is getting ready. He has been drinking. Shayne sighs, "Today is my big day. Our big day. And nothing is going to ruin it. No one will ruin it. Not Marina, not Kevin..... not even Rocky will ruin our day." Airport: Rue walks into the airport. It is time to leave Springfield. It has been an amazing adventure for her. Rue sighs, "I learned a lot about myself here. I had so much growing I didn't even know I needed." Rue watches as families walk around. Couples hold hands. Rue sighs, "Who would have thought some small Midwestern down would have so much drama. Of course I would fall into the center of all of it yet somehow stay under the radar." She sits down and reflects on this past month. Through Rue's tears a giggle come through,"And I didn't even get any booty! None! Wow what a rip off." Rue looks around. Can she really leave all of this? Rue sighs, "God. Who would have thought that Rufus would fall in love with a boring town. Springfield. Now I am crying about leaving this stupid little place...." Rue can't believe she is so upset. Rue sits up, "I had no idea that it would end like this." Country Club: The Lewises are all together. Josh looks around, "This is the first time one of my children has gotten married." Billy smiles, "It's a good feeling huh? But is it different I mean since Shayne is...." Josh turns to him, "Committing to a man? Oh yes. But at the end of the day I accept it. I never thought I would have to but I do. Shayne is happy and it really changes the way I look at things." Reva walks up, "I'm glad to hear that. Shayne really needs all of us today. This is going to be a great ceremony." Josh nods, "I sure hope so." Annie walks in, "Josh. Sorry I'm late." Reva gasp, "Josh what the hell is she doing here?" Josh sighs, "Listen. I explained to Shayne. He's not ready to talk with Annie but he said this would be a start." Reva looks at Annie, "If you ruin this day for Shayne... you will be very sorry." Reva walks away. Annie sighs, "I guess I better get used to that." Josh looks at her, "Well you handled that well." Annie nods, "Josh I just want to make things right with Shayne. I love him. He's still a son to me." Josh nods, "Today will help." They all sit down. Beacon: Beth knocks on the door to Edmund's room. He answers, "Beth come on in." Beth walks in, "Okay so we need to talk about a few things." Edmund shuts the door, "Is Lorelei resurfacing yet?" Beth shakes her head, "No. Lorelei has been gone for over a month now. I think it's safe to say she is long gone." Edmund sighs, "Beth I wish that were true but you said that she came went a lot. How can you be so sure that she is gone for good this time? Aren't you worried at all?" Beth shakes her head, "No. I know she is gone. I can feel it. Lorelei isn't coming back." He nods, "So what did you come here for?" Beth sighs, "I need to make sure that you aren't going to tell anyone about Lorelei." He is confused, "What do you mean?" She sighs, "As far as everyone else knows, she has been gone for a long time. They can't know about everything else that happened." Edmund looks at her, "You mean you're not telling anyone about this Beth? Not even Phillip?" She looks at him, "Especially not Phillip!" Edmund stares at Beth. PART TWO: Country Club: Rocky smiles at his mother, "I don't understand. Do you want me to be with Shayne or with Kevin?" Jenna shakes her head, "It's not about what I want. It's about what you want my son." Rocky sighs, "But what if I want the wrong things." She sighs, "Now if you want it then why is it wrong?" Rocky looks down, "I can't just choose someone because I want them. I'm not brave like you." Jenna laughs, "Me brave?" He nods, "Dad told us all about you. What an amazing woman you were." She sighs, "I wasn't all that great. But I was a Mom. I was your Mom. And I would do anything for you and your brother." Rocky cries, "Then just tell me. Tell me what to do." Jenna looks at him, "I'll tell you what helped me realize that Buzz was the love of my life. The man who loves you the most is the one that you push away, hurt, and betray but at the end of the day he still loves you and is there for you. The man who loves you against all odds. No matter what. The one who is there in the end." Jenna fades away. Suddenly the door opens. Marina walks in, "Rocky we need to talk." Beacon: Edmund looks at Beth, "So why don't you want Phillip to know?" Beth sighs, "He is running for CEO! He doesn't need this right now. He deserves more than that." He looks to her, "So you have no plans on telling him?" She sighs, "No. Phillip asked me to marry him. And I am going to tell him yes. We'll be married soon." Edmund sighs, "Beth. I haven't always liked Phillip. But after what happened to Cassie.... I was hurt when I found out that she had a tumor and never told me. Things would be different now if she had." Beth shakes her head, "It's not the same thing. A brain tumor is not the same as a split personality. And you and Cassie are not at all the same as Phillip and I." Edmund nods, "Maybe you are right. But Beth, if there is any chance that Lorelei could come back... you could be just blinding yourself from the truth of this whole thing." Beth sighs, "Edmund. That is a risk that I am going to have to take in order to have my life back." Beth leaves. Edmund worries about her. Spaulding Enterprises: Liz looks at her father and uncle. Liz grins, "I know you two under estimated me. But I did not. I have a good shot at the CEO chair." Phillip sighs, "Honey you don't understand. This isn't some fun job. Its to much for you to handle." Liz is offended, "Now you know what I can handle?" Alan Michael grins, "Ooh. Here it is. The big Phillip. Mr. Perfect. You see Lizzie your father thinks he's better than everyone else. So he can't understand why anyone would try and go against him." Phillip nods, "That's not true. Lizzie I just don't want you to have to go through all of this." Liz looks at him, "So you can handle this but I can't?" Phillip shakes his head, "You aren't understanding me." The three continue to argue. Alexandra walks up, "That is enough!" Liz sighs, "Aunt Alex..." Alex looks at them, "This is what's wrong with the Spauldings. We love each other to death. Well I won't let that happen again. Look what it has done to all of us. Every single one of us has lost something because of the company. But this past year we got it back. Phillip got his life back, Alan Michael found love again, Lizzie got her daughter back." Phillip sighs, "We're sorry." Alex sighs, "No Phillip I'm sorry. As the eldest member of our family it is my responsibility to keep everyone together. I will make up for it starting now." Alan Michael looks at her, "What do you mean?" Alex sighs, "I Alexandra Spaulding am officially going to run for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises." Everyone stares in shock. Country Club: Reva and Josh go into Shayne's room. Josh knocks, "Son it's us? Shayne?" No one answers. Josh opens the door. Josh looks around, "Shayne is gone." Reva is confused, "Where could he have gone? I have a bad feeling." Down the hall Buzz sees Marina. She has tears in her eyes. Buzz walks over to her, "Marina are you okay? Is it the baby?" Marina shakes her head, "I did something terrible. And I just made it a million times worse." Rocky is in his room. Shayne walks in, "Hey..." Rocky turns to him, "You aren't supposed to see me yet." Shayne sighs, "Well I think that's for legal marriages. What we have is stronger." Rocky sighs, "Try telling Marina that." Shayne is confused, "What?" Rocky looks at him, "I don't know what's going on. But she is saying that she isn't giving us the baby now. And she is making up these lies that she slept with you." Shayne sighs, "Rocky...." Rocky shakes his head, "But I threw her out. I'll talk to my Dad. He'll keep an eye on her. But I don't get why she's doing this." Shayne looks at him, "It doesn't matter now. It's in the past." Rocky is confused, "Shayne... are you saying.... Shayne is it true? Did you sleep with Marina?" Airport: Rue has that strange feeling. The one that people get when they leave a place that almost became home. But it still isn't home. Rue sighs, "As much as I wish I belonged here.... I don't. I don't belong in some small Midwestern town." She reflects on what she has learned from Springfield. Everyone all over the world goes through ups and downs. Everyone has their own thing, religion, romance, family. It's time to go back. Rue stands up, "I'll never forget this place." Rue looks around. She nods, "I have to go home." She hands her ticket over. Rue walks on to the plane. When she gets to her seat she looks out the window. She sighs, "Goodbye Springfield." Country Club: Rocky looks at Shayne, "Did you really sleep with her?" Shayne nods, "Yes I did. At the Masquerade ball." Rocky backs up, "No. You wouldn't do that." Shayne nods, "I was upset..." Rocky turns, "This doesn't make sense. None of this makes sense. I don't understand you now." Shayne looks at him, "I'm still the same guy." Rocky turn at him, "I don't get it! First you want her, then me, then your straight, then your gay, now your straight! What is it Shayne? Was it all a lie?" Shayne stares, "Wow! I thought you knew my sexuality. I am a bisexual. But that has nothing to do..." Rocky shakes his head, "I though you'd stop telling yourself that." Shayne is offended, "How can you still be so narrow minded?" Rocky has tears in his eyes, "Maybe this relationship isn't what we thought it was...." Shayne is furious, "No you don't get to do this. You don't get to blame me for this." Rocky shakes his head, "I'm not!" Shayne grabs him, "What do you want? Maybe if I was more like Kevin! Huh? Is that what you want?" Shayne throws Rocky to the ground. PREVIEWS: Rocky finally makes his choice!!!! Mel has news to share with Natalia The Spaulding continue to argue Edmund pays a visit to Cross Creek Cabin
  19. JAYJAY

    Episode 145

    The committment ceremony continues in Springfield... Country Club: Guests wait for Rocky and Shayne's ceremony to begin. In the other room Shayne looks down on Rocky who's on the ground. Shayne looks at him, "Is that hot? Is that what you wanted me to do?" Rocky looks up at him, "What do you know about Kevin?" Shayne laughs, "Oh! The Masquerade Ball! Before I slept with Marina I found you making out with Kevin! Kevin Marler! The guy who attacked you! Beat you up and left you in an ally. That gay bashing bastard!" Rocky gets up, "Kevin did those things because he was confused." Shayne laughs, "Confused?" Rocky nods, "He had feelings for me. Kevin is gay." Shayne shakes his head, "I cannot believe this. He attacked you for being gay. Put us down. And that football playing, all American jerk is a fag? Wow this is... he is sick!" Rocky sighs, "I know it's a lot to deal with but he's not lucky like we were when we came out. He didn't have someone there for him like we had each other." Shayne turns, "But he had you. He did didn't he." Rocky sighs, "I didn't want this to happen. But it did. It's not just some fling. I fell for him. I might even lo-" Shayne smacks him across the face. Spaulding Enterprises: Alexandra looks at her family. Phillip stares, "Are you serious Alexandra?" Alex nods, "Very much so Darling. I will run for CEO. I will not let you all go at each other's throats." Alan Michael scoffs, "You got some nerve. You tell us not to fight over the company and now you throw your hat in the ring?" Liz sighs, "So now it's all four of us against each other?" Alex shakes her head, "No! That is not our goal. We are going to be the Spauldings taking back our company. Cassie took it from us as revenge for Tammy's murder. Then in her last moments she handed it over to Annie Dutton of all people." Phillip sighs, "So what you are saying is that we all team up to take down Annie?" Liz nods, "The board members will see that we all are working together. Annie is the enemy. They'll vote her out." Alan Michael sighs, "And then we'll be right back here. All of us going after the same position." Alex looks at him, "Alan Michael isn't it more important that the family saves the company and not which family member does?" Alan Michael shakes his head, "I'm sorry but I don't think so." The Spauldings continue to argue. Country Club: Billy walks over to Josh and Reva, "Have you guys seen Shayne?" Josh sighs, "No." Reva looks around, "We've looked everywhere!" Billy sighs, "I don't understand. Where would he go?" Across the room the Coopers are wondering the same thing. Coop walks over to Buzz and Marina, "Rocky won't come out of his room. I think he's having argument with Shayne." Buzz turns to Marina, "Sweetheart. What did you do?" Marina sighs, "I... did something bad. I don't want to talk about it Grandpa." Buzz looks at her, "Did you do something to bother Shayne or Rocky?" Marina covers her mouth and runs into the bathroom, "I feel sick!" In the room Rocky stares at Shayne, "I can't believe you did that..." Shayne sighs, "Is that what you want? Me to be like that jackass Kevin Marler? Really?" Rocky shakes his head, "I never asked you that! I never tried to make you do that!" Shayne sighs, "Rocky... you hurt me! You betrayed me! I had no idea what a desperate, pathetic, tramp you were." Rocky is incredibly hurt. Alan & Natalia's House: Natalia is with Mel. Mel smiles, "So how has it been as a newlywed?" Natalia grins, "It's been great! Alan's been so romantic ever since the wedding. Even that Annie woman returning didn't hurt us." Mel nods, "Speaking of which, I found out that Dinah and Olivia have been having lunches with this Annie." Natalia stares, "What? Are you serious? Do you know much about this Annie Dutton?" Mel sighs, "Well I never met her. Rick told me about her. I think she and Dinah were friends. But I didn't think she knew Olivia." Natalia sighs, "Well I'm worried about them. Actually I keep seeing Olivia hanging around Gus. She says nothing is going on but I don't know." Mel nods, "I find it hard to believe Olivia could just be friends with a man. But lets change the subject. How is married life?" Natalia laughs, "You've been married before." Mel sighs, "I know. But it was different with Rick. He was sick at the time. Then things were just... complicated." Natalia looks at her, "Why the sudden interest Mel?" Mel smiles, "Okay don't tell anyone yet but.... I'm engaged to Alan Michael!" Natalia grins, "Ah! Oh my goodness! That's amazing!" The two women hug. Country Club: Reva walks over to Buzz, "Does this seem familiar?" Buzz nods, "It's like the last ceremony. Something isn't right." Reva sighs, "Buzz... is something going on between Rocky and Shayne that I'm not aware of." Buzz nods, "Oh yes there is." Reva looks at him, "What is it?" Buzz sighs, "I have no idea. But it is something bad." In the other room. Rocky wipes tears, "This day was supposed to be different." Shayne sighs, "I wish I could say sorry for what I said. But I meant it. I don't know who you are anymore." Rocky sighs, "I wish I could make this up to you. I wish that I could make all of this go away." Shayne looks at him, "If you want me to forgive you then do this. Go out there and pledge your love to me. Promise me that you will spend the rest of your life with me no matter what." Rocky sighs, "I don't know if I can." Shayne gets angry. Cross Creek: The Lewises are all at the ceremony. Maureen is babysitting Baby HB. She is helping him practice walking. There is a knock at the door. She gets up and goes over. Edmund Winslow stands in front of her, "Hello Ms. Reardon." Maureen stares, "You're Edmund Winslow." Edmund nods, "Yes I am. I'd like to see my Grandson." Maureen shakes her head, "No. I'm sorry but my sister has told me a lot about you. My mother made it clear she doesn't want you in the house. And my brother warned you to stay away from HB." Edmund walks past her, "Look at my little guy! Oh I can't believe how fast he's growing up. Standing on his own?" Maureen walks over, "Please leave." Edmund holds him, "You are such a handsome young man." Maureen sighs, "Mr. Winslow please." He grins, "You know little guy, your mother would be so happy to get to see you like this. One day she will wake up and see you. I promise. You have a great Mommy waiting for you." Suddenly Bill and Michelle walk inside. Michelle runs over, "Get away from that baby!!!" Bill holds her back. PART TWO: Country Club: Shayne looks at Rocky, "Why are you doing this?" Rocky cries, "I don't want to hurt you!" Shayne nods, "Well good then don't!" Rocky sighs, "Shayne. You were my first love. You were there for me when I needed someone. You helped me so much. I will never be able to repay you for what you've given me." Shayne nods, "Yes Rocky. Yes you can. I just told you how." Rocky shakes his head, "No. It wouldn't be fair to anyone. Not if we aren't the same to people we were when we fell in love. I hate to say it but coming back to Springfield changes us both." Shayne looks at him, "Then we'll leave! We can go out of town. Out of the country." Rocky shakes his head, "My brother tried that with Ashlee. It doesn't work. I think I need some time alone. I have to go." Shayne grabs him, "No! You don't get to do this to me!" Rocky is frightened. Alan & Natalia's House: Natalia smiles at Mel, "So how long has it been?" Mel sighs, "Long enough. I just had to tell someone. I am engaged to an amazing guy." Natalia nods, "But then why are you selling your house?" She sighs, "We're not selling it. Alan Michael just wants to stay at the Spaulding Mansion with his family. And Leah has a big bedroom. It's not the worst place. And it's just business stuff. Once he's CEO we'll get back into our home. It's temporary." Natalia sighs, "I'm worried. Alan told me what the company did to him. What if it does the same things to Alan Michael." Mel shakes her head, "I won't let that happen. Alan Michael is strong. And we will help each other in every way that we need." Natalia nods, "I hope so Mel. All I want is for you and Alan Michael to have what I have with Alan. Maybe even a little baby of your own." Mel laughs, "I don't know. I got Leah in middle school. But it might be nice having a baby again." Natalia smiles, "I hope your dreams come true Mel." Mel nods, "I hope so too!" The two women hug. Spaulding Enterprises: Alexandra walks over to Alan Michael, "Why do you have to be like this? You are better than that." Alan Michael nods, "I know I am. But you all don't want me to be. You want me to sit back and let you handle it. I don't think so. I will be the CEO of Spaulding Enterprises and I don't need any of your help." Alan Michael walks away." Phillip sighs, "I'm worried about my brother. I have never seen him like this. It's bad." Liz sighs, "Well you know what he doesn't have to worry because I will be the CEO. I'm sorry but I work alone now." Liz leaves." Alex looks at Phillip, "Listen to me. This family went through hell after you left. Alan put us all on the top of the hill and hurt anyone who crossed us. And we paid for it. We fell Phillip. Now we are on our way back up. I won't let this family fall again." Phillip sighs, "I don't want that either." Alexandra nods, "We need to protect our family." The two leave the building. Country Club: Reva stands in front of the crowd, "Everyone. I know you must be wondering what the hold up is. But I assure you that we'll get things going soon. So please be patient. Thank you." Reva walks down. Josh approaches her, "That was good." Reva nods, "Thanks. The only thing I'm worried about is whether or not it's true." In the other room. Shayne has a hold of Rocky, "You can't leave me alone again. In front of our friends and family!" Rocky cries, "Please stop Shayne!" Shayne lets go, "Don't talk to me like that! Like I'm the bad guy! You've been sleeping with Kevin." Rocky shakes his head, "I never slept with Kevin! I wouldn't allow myself to go that far!" Shayne sighs, "I don't believe you." Rocky falls to his knees, "I'm sorry." Shayne sighs, "I am going to wait down the hall. I will give you 5 minutes. If you don't come out... then it's over. And I will never forgive and I will never love you again." Shayne leaves. Rocky sits alone in his room. He starts to remember what his mother told him. Cross Creek: Michelle and Bill stare at Edmund. Michelle is upset, "Edmund get your hands off that child." Bill sighs, "Michelle it's okay." Maureen sighs, "Bill I'm sorry! He walked in and wouldn't leave." Bill nods, "I believe you. Edmund give me my son." Edmund shakes his head, "You people look at me like I'm some monster." Michelle shouts, "You are! You took my daughter from me! You took my baby! You are a sick twisted monster!" Bill holds Michelle, "It's okay. Edmund give me my son." Edmund puts the baby down. An emotional Michelle picks him up, "Oh are you okay little guy?" Edmund nods, "Of course he is." Bill grabs Edmund, "Get the hell out of here!" Edmund looks at Michelle, "Look at her, Holding him like that. It's almost as if... my God. Michelle is not HB's mother!" Bill nods, "Shut up Edmund!" Edmund if furious, "You want him to forget all about me and Ava right? You are sick!" Bill shoves him out, "Go away!" Edmund looks at him, "This isn't over Bill. That is Ava's son. Not Michelle's." Edmund leaves. Michelle sighs, "I'm sorry I acted like that I just saw him with the baby and it all came back to me." Bill hugs her, "Don't apologize. You were great. You really care about him." The two smile at the baby. Country Club: Rocky sits in his room. He looks in the mirror, "I don't know who you are anymore. I don't know who the hell you are anymore." Jenna appears, "I know who you are." Rocky cries, "I don't know what to do." Jenna nods, "Yes you do. Remember what I said. The man who loves you is the one that after all you do to him, he loves you in the end for who you are, no matter what." Rocky gasp, "Your right! Oh my God! Thank you!" Rocky goes running out of the room. He runs outside. He pulls out his phone to call Kevin. But he stops. Rocky chose Shayne over him. He told Kevin there was no chance. He has no right to ask for forgiveness. Rocky blew his chances with both of them. Buzz, Coop and Lucy all run after him. Rocky doesn't want them to see him like this. Suddenly a motorcycle pulls up. The man is wearing a helmet. At first Rocky isn't sure who it is. He quickly realizes it's Kevin. That's when Rocky realizes that after everything he did to push Kevin away, here he is. The Coopers all start to head towards Rocky. He bolts down the steps. Kevin hands him a helmet. Rocky puts it on and hops on the bike, wrapping his arms around Kevin. The two take off. The Coopers stare in shock as Rocky rides away on a mysterious person's bike. PREVIEWS: Kevin and Rocky find a place to stay The new Police Chief is named! Sarah is in trouble Michelle and Bill have a great day together Edmund goes to Olivia for help Susan and Gus continue with their twisted relationship
  20. JAYJAY

    Episode 142

    So many secrets in Springfield.... Harley's House: Cyrus walks Susan inside, "Okay Harley thinks you were visiting Dylan for a couple of days." Susan nods, "Cyrus I just want to thank you. I know it's going to be a while but this was a good start going up to the cabin." Cyrus sighs, "Well I'm mad that Olivia just abandoned you guys. I'm going up later to clean up the mess." She turns to him, "I'm fine. I mean Gus and I got through it and I think we're both going to be okay." Harley walks downstairs. Susan smiles, "Mom hey." A depressed Harley looks over, "Hi." Harley has been depressed since she gave up Belinda. Cyrus walks over, "So I was thinking we could maybe go out and get a bite to eat today." Harley shakes her head, "No. I'm supposed to go back to work today. I've been away for to long." He shakes his head, "No. I don't think so. I mean can't you take another day off. You don't seem to be back to yourself." Harley sighs, "You know what Cyrus? I don't think it will be a while before I can be happy again. So please just leave me alone okay. I've got to get ready for work." Cyrus is worried about her. Marina's House: Marina walks inside from her Doctor's appointment. She bumps into Shayne. He drops his tuxedo on the floor, "Sorry." She nods, "The big day is coming up right? And you haven't told Rocky what is going on have you?" Shayne shakes his head, "No I haven't." She looks down at him, "Shayne, you need to be honest for once. Tell Rocky that you two are getting kicked out of my house. And that I'm not going to give either of you custody of my child. Then you can tell it's because you slept with me in order to get back at him." Shayne stands up, "Marina please. Rocky and I are having our ceremony soon. Please just wait until after we have had that then we can all try to work through this." Marina shakes her head, "There is nothing to work through. You used me. You've been using me this whole time. I'm not going to give you my child. I will raise my baby on my own." He sighs, "Marina you are making a mistake." She scoffs, "I'm making a mistake. You are lying to your boyfriend. You plan to marry Rocky while you have all of these lies up in the air? Why do you think this is a good idea?" Shayne sighs, "Because. I will not lose him to anyone else." Shayne picks up his stuff and walks away. Pond: Rocky is walking around. He is trying to find a place where he can relax. He is supposed to be writing his vows. But every time it just messes up. Something isn't right. Rocky looks out onto the pond. He sits and talks to himself, "Why? Why can't anyone see that I'm not happy? Why am I supposed to through my life with this lie hanging over me? No one in my family even notices that something is wrong..." Suddenly he hears footsteps behind him. Kevin walks up, "I didn't expect to see you here." Rocky is stunned, "Kevin... is this for real?" Kevin nods, "Yep. What brings you here?" Rocky sighs, "I'm writing my vows. Shayne and I are having our ceremony soon. And I need to get this done." Kevin looks at the blank pages, "Looks like it's empty. Is that how you feel about Shayne." Rocky shakes his head, "You weren't supposed to be here. I was supposed to have alone time here." Kevin looks at him, "God works in mysterious ways." Rocky shakes his head, "Kevin I'm about to commit the rest of my life to Shayne." Kevin sighs, "It sounds more like sentencing. Your punishment for wanting me? I don't think that sounds fair to anybody." Rocky can't believe he is alone with Kevin again. Lewis Fashion: Marah is working. Rue walks in, "Hello Marah. Can we talk?" Marah looks up, "You. You bitch. You have got some nerve showing your face here again." Rue sighs, "I'm sorry. I know you must hate me right now." Marah nods, "You are damn right I do! Jeffrey told me everything. You were working with my Aunt Cassie the entire time. You were just a dirty little mole trying to take me down? What the hell did I ever do to you? Other than try and be your friend." Rue nods, "I understand. But you have understand who I was when I got here. The person I was before wouldn't just stand here and let you yell at me. I would have smacked you and called you every name in the book. But I have changed." Marah laughs, "I'm supposed to believe that you have just had some magic personality makeover?" Rue shakes her head, "No. No this one came from my 'Fairy Godmother'." Marah is confused, "What are you talking about?" Rue sighs, "Cassandra. She taught be a lot before she was gone. And I have learned so much. I need to make amends." Marah shoves her, "You need to leave!" Rues stops her, "Listen to me! There is stuff you need to know." Marah stares at her. Farmhouse: Jonathan is making breakfast for Sarah. Liz walks into the kitchen, "So where is she?" Jonathan turns, "Who?" She sighs, "You know." He nods, "Aubrey went to run some errands. She said she thought I should have some time with you and Sarah." Liz laughs, "I'm so sure." Jonathan nods, "She did. Aubrey has been great lately." Liz walks over, "Whatever. Listen we need to talk about something. I'm making an announcement soon that I think you should know about." Jonathan turns to her, "What's going on?" Liz nods, "Well as you know there is a lot of stuff going on with my family. The whole business thing." Jonathan nods, "Yeah my mother told me some stories about Annie Dutton. She sounds like a real nutcase." She sighs, "Yes. Well you see my father is running for CEO against Annie. And so is my uncle Alan Michael. Which at first I thought was a good thing. But there is a good chance that Alan Michael could win. And then my side of the family will be washed over." He looks at her, "What are you saying Liz?" Liz sighs, "Jonathan. I'm going to try and save the company for me, my siblings, and Sarah. I'm going to run for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises." Jonathan's mouth drops, "Are you kidding me?" Liz worries about how he is taking this. Beacon: Aubrey is in a room with Rafe. The two are ripping off each other's clothes. Aubrey grins, "This is working out well. Jonathan is not going to be happy when he finds out that Liz is going after the company." Rafe kisses her neck, "So you left them alone so Liz could have time to tell him?" She nods, "I really wanted to see the fight but I didn't want to get in the way. Oh God this is brilliant." Rafe takes off his shirt, "We're brilliant. You get your husband back. I get my cousin's help in taking the company." Aubrey giggles, "It's always turns me on when you talk about the plan." Rafe squeezes her, "It makes me turned on even more when things work out the way they are supposed to. Now we get to celebrate." She grins, "Maybe we should wait until Liz is back in the Spaulding Mansion where she belongs." Rafe laughs, "Oh no. We deserve this. We are the master manipulators! Everything is working out perfectly. Liz is going to be away from him for good." Aubrey looks at him, "Oh say it again." Rafe grins, "Oh her ass is going to be on the curb when you get home!" Aubrey jumps on him, "And her little dog too!" Rafe rips off her fake baby bump. The two of them fall onto the bed and have hot sex. PART TWO: Lewis Fashion: Marah looks at Rue, "What the hell could you possibly tell me that I don't already know?" Rue sighs, "I was close with Cassandra for a while. She was like a sister to me. I learned a lot from her." Marah nods, "Why do I care about that?" Rue sits down, "I confided a lot in her. And she did the same for me. I was told a lot of information." Marah laughs, "Oh I get it. You are threatening me right? How much do you want? I'll just write you a check then you can leave town and never come back again." Rue shakes her head, "That is not what this is. I know that this town has changed me in a lot. Maybe it's just being here but I feel the need to tell you something. It's about Jeffrey." Marah sits at her desk, "Listen. I've gotten used to Jeffrey's secrets. He's got a past with working for the government. There is nothing you could tell me that would make me leave him." Rue sighs, "I know that she wanted him to raise RJ. She made that decision right before she had the surgery." Marah nods, "Jeffrey is a great guy. And he's dating me. I'm sure she realized that it made sense." Rue shakes her head, "That's not why Marah. Listen your Aunt realized something shortly before she fell into a coma." Marah is confused, "What is that?" Rue sighs, "She still has feelings for Jeffrey." Marah grows angry as these words come out of Rue's mouth. Harley's House: Harley is getting all of her stuff together. Cyrus walks over, "I really think you should stay home today." Harley shakes her head, "I've missed enough days. And now that Rusty is gone our acting Police Chief is a hard ass." He nods, "I can go over and talk to him." Harley turns to him, "No. Because I'm hoping that I will become the permanent replacement." Cyrus is surprised, "You are going to be the Police Chief?" Harley nods, "Yeah. I'm going to get a recommendation from Frank. I mean there's not a lot of competition for the job." He looks at her, "I don't know. I mean that could be stressful." She sighs, "Well I need the money. I have to support 3 kids, Susan, and you." He looks at her, "Is that what this was about? I mean you know how hard it is for an ex con to get a job in this town. I'm really trying." Harley looks down, "Maybe you should get a job somewhere else." Cyrus can't believe his ears, "What are you saying?" She sighs, "I don't know. I'm late." Harley hurries out the door. A heartbroken Cyrus walks upstairs to shower. Meanwhile Susan sneaks out the backdoor. Beacon: Aubrey and Rafe lie in bed together. Rafe grins, "That was even better than last time." Aubrey gets up, "I know it was kid." He looks at her, "What are you doing." She picks up her clothes, "Getting dressed. I have to get home." Rafe sighs, "I thought you were letting Liz have her alone time with Jonathan?" She nods, "I am. But they will be done by the time I get there. I need to be there for Jonathan when he is upset. And you need to go back to the Spaulding Mansion and wait for Liz so you can help her carry her stuff back in where she belongs." Rafe nods, "It's really happening isn't it? I mean who would have thought we could pull off something like this." Aubrey sighs, "I had no idea I was capable of something like this. But this is a desperate time." He gets out of bed, "Are you desperate?" She nods, "Unfortunately I am." He picks up her fake baby bump pillow and puts it around her, "You know he's going to find out eventually." She shakes her head, "Hasn't this taught you anything? Don't under estimate what we can do." After one last kiss Aubrey is out the door. Marina's House: Marina rubs her pregnant stomach. She follows Shayne, "Is there something that you are forgetting to tell me Shayne?" Shayne sighs, "Marina... I'm just stressed out okay. This will devastate Rocky. Do you really want to break his heart?" She looks at him, "Honestly, I don't. I love my uncle. But he deserves to know the truth." He sighs, "Is this really about Rocky or are you just trying to get back at me because your jealous of him?" Marina walks away, "Go to hell!" He follows her, "Marina I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. But this baby means so much to us. We've already fallen in love with it. We picked out baby names. We named it." Marina shakes her head, "I don't care." Shayne nods, "If it was a boy we were going to name it Joshua Cooper Lewis. If it was a girl we were going to name it Jenna after Rocky's mother. We already made the plans." She sighs, "I'm sorry Shayne. But I shouldn't have let this go on as long as it has. At the end of the day this is not your baby with Rocky. It's my baby with Danny." Shayne looks at her, "Marina please." She shakes her head, "I'm sorry. If you don't tell him before the ceremony then I will." Marina walks away. Shayne has no idea what to do. Pond: Kevin looks at Rocky, "I know why we both ended up here. This is my one chance. My last chance to get everything in I need to say. To get you to understand." Rocky backs up, "It doesn't make sense. I pushed you away. I did the right thing. I'm here trying to get ready for Shayne. Now you show up and it isn't the right..." Kevin walks towards him, "Rocky we need to do this now. Before the ceremony. Because then you won't be able to do this anymore." Rocky is confused, "Do what?" Kevin sighs, "Go back and forth. You need to choose Rocky. Me or Shayne." Rocky looks at him, "I've done that Kevin. Remember. I'm with Shayne again. I ended things with you before they began." Kevin sighs, "Stop trying to do what it is right! Stop trying to please Shayne, your friends, and your family. Stop putting everyone elses needs before your own when it comes to your heart!" Rocky shakes his head, "Kevin don't make this harder than it already is!" Kevin looks into Rocky's eyes, "Just tell me! You want a chance to decide. This is it. What do you really want?" Rocky sighs, "Shut up Kevin!" Rocky grabs Kevin and kisses him. Farmhouse: Liz walks over to Jonathan, "Please don't get upset. Jonathan I'm sorry that this upsets you but it's what's best for everyone." Jonathan nods, "I know." Liz goes on, "And in the end you'll see that it's not.... Wait. What did you just say?" Jonathan smiles, "I agree. I think this is going to be a good idea. If you're CEO then you have control of everything. You'll be able to keep everyone safe and secure." Liz hugs him, "Oh my God! I can't believe you are agreeing to this! This is amazing." He grins, "I mean it's dangerous but it's smart. You're doing what's best for Sarah. You are being a good mother Liz." She smiles, "Do you really mean that? You think I'm being a good mother?" Jonathan nods, "You are a great mother. I couldn't think of a better mother for Sarah." Out of no where the two kiss. Liz pulls away, "No. This isn't right. You are married to Aubrey. She's carrying your baby." Jonathan sighs, "It would be so easy if I could just stay with Aubrey but... I don't think that's good for anyone. Once the baby is born I'm going to file for divorce." Liz looks at him, "Do you mean it?" He nods, "I do Liz." The start to kiss. Aubrey walks up to the front door. She sees them threw the window. She walks, "No. No that's not fair. She's supposed to be going back to the mansion instead she's screwing on the table with my husband!" Aubrey is furious. PREVIEWS: Aubrey visits Marina Kevin gives Rocky and ultimatum! Marah goes to see Jeffrey Maureen questions Vi Olivia brings Gus home Dinah pulls strings for Mallet
  21. JAYJAY

    Episode 143

    Deceit happens in Springfield..... Marina's House: Marina is resting on the couch. Shayne has gone off to work. The doorbell rings. Marina gets herself up to answer it. She is surprised to find an emotional Aubrey at her door. Aubrey is crying, "I'm sorry I didn't want to bother you." Marina takes her hand, "Not at all. What's wrong honey. Is everything okay with the baby?" Aubrey nods, "No that's fine. It's.... I went home and I was going to see my husband but I saw him with her." Marina looks at her, "Liz?" Aubrey cries, "He was all over her in the kitchen. With little Sarah sleeping in the other room." Marina sighs, "I am so sorry honey. I'm sorry." Aubrey sits down, "I just didn't know where else to go. I mean I know you are doing this whole thing with Jonathan's brother." Marina sighs, "Not exactly." Aubrey turns to her, "What do you mean?" Marina looks at her, "I haven't told a lot of people yet but I decided not to give my child to Shayne and Rocky." Aubrey nods, "So you aren't giving the baby to them?" Marina sighs, "No I am not." Aubrey puts her hand on Marina's belly, "Maybe that's for the best." Aubrey keeps staring at the pregnant belly. Pond: Kevin and Rocky are kissing by the pond. They are laying in the grass. Rocky looks into Kevin's eyes, "I want to be with you." Kevin smiles, "I want to be with you too." Rocky grins, "We deserve this." Kevin kisses his neck, "You finally understand." Rocky smiles, "This is perfect. We can be together. We can even spend the whole day together. Then we can both finally move on. It's what's best for everyone I can't believe I didn't see it before." Kevin moves away, "What the hell did you just say?" Rocky sits up, "I thought this was what you wanted?" Kevin shakes his head, "No. This isn't what I want. This is not what I wanted from you." Rocky looks at him, "What are you talking about? Every time we're a lone you kiss me and..." Kevin backs up, "No! I don't want to just sleep with you and then shake hands and swear to keep it a secret! I'm not that kind of person anymore. You are the reason I'm not that kind of person anymore." Rocky is confused, "What do you mean?" Kevin stands up, "I'm not some mistake that you can just use and then forget about! I wanted you to say that you want me to be with you. That you want to spend the rest of your life with me! That you don't care what your friends and family think! But you are to afraid Rocky!" Rocky stares at Kevin. Office: Marah walks up to Jeffrey's office. She's outside the door. She is remembering what Rue told her. Cassie has feelings for Jeffrey. Should she worried that her comatose Aunt wants her boyfriend? Marah opens the door. Jeffrey is putting on his coat, "Hey! What brings you by?" Marah sighs, "I wanted to talk with you. It's about this whole RJ thing with Cassie." Jeffrey nods, "I was thinking about that too." Marah looks at him, "What about it?" He picks up the newspaper, "Well I was thinking about us maybe considering buying a house." Marah is confused, "You told me that you liked living at the Beacon. I was going to move in with you." Jeffrey nods, "I know. But RJ has been through a lot. I think it might be good for him to have a house to come home too. I'm not sure where but I think there are a few places we could check out." Marah walks towards him, "We?" He nods, "Marah I want us to get a house together. You were right RJ is bringing us closer together." Marah smiles, "Yeah I guess this is." Marah declines from telling Jeffrey about Cassie. Mallet and Dinah's: Mallet is getting ready for work. Dinah can tell something is wrong, "What's going on Babe?" Mallet turns to her, "Oh nothing. I was just thinking that it's going to be a little awkward at work today." Dinah is confused, "Why is that?" Mallet sighs, "It's Harley first day back." She nods, "Well that makes sense. It's going to be a little weird. But she made the right decision giving us Belinda. It was the right thing for everyone. You know that." He nods, "I know. I know. But there is other stuff too. Now that Rusty is gone they are trying to find the new Police Chief." Dinah smiles, "Well I know the perfect guy for the job!" He laughs, "I'm not sure about that. I think it's going to be a woman this time around." Dinah is confused, "Who?" He turns to her, "Harley. I think she is going to be running for Chief and she will probably get it." She shakes her head, "I don't think so. I mean you've worked longer than she has. In fact you helped her get where she is today right? So you would be the obvious choice." Mallet gets his jacket on, "Babe I think Harley deserves it after all that she has gone through. I'm running late. I love you." Mallet kisses his wife before he leaves. Dinah decides to make a phone call. Beacon: Olivia and Gus step out of the elevator. Gus sighs, "Wow it feels like it's been ages since I was last here. Even though it wasn't." Olivia nods, "Well a lot has changed since then. You have had a real break through." Gus turns to her, "Thanks to you. Olivia I really appreciate everything you've done for me." She smiles, "That's what friends are for right?" He sighs, "But not a lot of friends would do that. You did a lot to get me off the pills." Olivia sighs, "Well Gus.... I wasn't sure you'd be happy with me. I basically kidnapped you and kept you locked up in a cabin the whole time. I figured you'd be angry at me." Gus nods, "I was. But after the first 24 hours I started to understand how important it was for you to do what you did. It helped me by being there. It was the right thing to do." She hugs him, "I'm glad that you are better Gus. I really just wanted to repay you. You saved my life Gus." Gus nods, "Now you have saved mine." Gus kisses Olivia. Springfield High: Vi is walking to the cafeteria. Maureen walks over, "Hey! How are you?" Vi turns, "I'm great Maureen. How are you?" Maureen smiles, "I'm good. I just was worried about you." Vi is confused, "Why are you worried about me?" Maureen sighs, "Well Jason was over at our house the other day. He told me that you guys broke up. I didn't ask questions but I was a worried about you. You two seemed happy together." Vi nods, "We were. It was nice while it lasted but I felt that it was time to move on." Maureen nods, "Oh so you broke up with him?" Vi sighs, "Yeah. It was difficult. I didn't want to hurt him but I felt he deserved to know the truth." Maureen smiles, "Well you seem to be pretty happy with yourself. Does that mean there is a new guy in your life?" Vi sighs, "I guess you could say that there is a new man in my life. Possibly the love of my life." Vi sees Mr. Bradshaw's room in the corner of her eye. PART TWO: Park: Marah and Jeffrey are walking. Jeffrey looks around, "There are some houses in the next neighborhood but they aren't that nice." Marah turns to him, "Do we know anyone who is moving or selling a house. Something?" Jeffrey nods, "I think Blake is still working in real estate. But I'm not sure. I can ask her." Marah smiles, "That would be perfect. I am really excited right now. We are actually going to have a house. Like a real couple. Almost like a married couple." Jeffrey turns to her, "Marah I haven't given you the wrong idea about all of this have I?" She shakes her head, "No of course not. I remember what you said before I just was in the moment." He sighs, "You know that I don't believe in marriage. I don't want to get married." She nods, "Well you said you didn't want the family life in a house with a kid but here we are." Jeffrey sighs, "I'm not going to change my mind about this. Please don't get your hopes up." Marah shakes her head, "I won't Jeffrey." Jeffrey takes her hand the two continue on their walk. Mallet and Dinah's: Dinah is putting Baby Anthony down for his nap. The doorbell rings. Dinah walks downstairs to answer the door. Annie is there, "Hey sweetie. I came as fast as I could you said it was very important." Dinah nods, "It is. I need you to prove to me how our partnership is going to benefit me and my loved ones." Annie nods, "What do you need me to do?" Dinah sighs, "It's Mallet. He wants to run for Chief of Police. Which he should because he's the best." Annie nods, "I'm sure he is but what do you need?" Dinah sighs, "Okay. Now he is obviously the top choice. But next to him would be Harley. Now Mallet feels guilty but really he's the one who deserves to be the Chief." Annie smiles, "And you want to make sure that happens correct?" Dinah grins, "I knew you'd understand. So I just need you to help me influence that Mallet should be the chief." Annie nods, "I will pull some strings and I will make sure that Mallet is named Chief of Police for the Springfield Police Department." Dinah hugs her, "I knew this partnership was going to pay off!" The two women grin. Springfield High: Maureen and Vi are walking to lunch. Maureen looks at her, "So who is this mysterious man who you are dating now that you broke up with Jason?" Vi sighs, "I'm not dating him. We just have been flirting and I think it's only a matter of time." Maureen nods, "That's great. Do I know him?" Vi smiles, "Yes you do." Maureen gets excited, "Ooh! Okay so does that mean he goes to school here with us?" Vi nods, "Kind of. I don't know how to explain it." Maureen smiles, "Oh you are so cute. I've never seen you this happy about some guy before." Vi turns to her, "Honestly Maureen. I don't think I ever have. I think this guy might be the one." Maureen grins, "The one. You mean the one you first..." Vi shakes her head, "I didn't mean that. Well not exactly. But he is my one true love." Maureen nods, "You think you've fallen in love with him?" Vi smiles, "And I think the feeling is really mutual. You'll see." Maureen goes to her lunch table. Vi stares at the teachers lounge knowing Mr. Bradshaw is inside. Marina's House: Aubrey is sitting with Marina. She is very surprised, "Oh my God. So Shayne slept with you at the masquerade ball? And used you?" Marina nods, "Yes. Now I've told him that he and Rocky need to move out and I'm not giving him my child." Aubrey turns to her, "How did Rocky take it?" Marina sighs, "That's the worst part. Shayne is keeping all of this from Rocky. He wants him to have the ceremony first before he tells him anything about this." Aubrey turns, "Wow. I can't believe that. Those two really don't belong together. They are getting together just because they want to raise your baby together. Just like Jonathan and Liz. I think they want to raise my baby and Sarah." Marina sighs, "We won't let them do that. Why don't you move in here after Rocky and Shayne move out?" Aubrey smiles, "Do you mean it?" Marina grins, "Yeah! I think it might be fun. Us two pregnant ladies living together." Aubrey looks down, "I'll think about it. Liz and Jonathan don't even know that I know yet. But I'll tell you one thing. I'll be damned if I let anyone take Jonathan or Sarah away from me." Marina nods, "And your baby? Aubrey smiles, "I will do whatever I have to in order to keep my baby close to me." Aubrey continues to look at Marina's pregnant stomach. Pond: Rocky and Kevin are arguing. Rocky gets up, "You are a real piece of work. You tell me all of these things about how I'm a coward! How I'm afraid to tell people the truth! But your the one who hasn't even come out yet!" Kevin yells, "There is no point! If I'm not going to be with you then I won't be with anyone. So why tell anyone?" Rocky sighs, "We can be together! Right now!" Kevin shakes his head, "I don't want you now! I want you forever Rocky. Forever. Do you get it?" Rocky looks at him, "Do you expect me to believe that we will spend the rest of our lives together. We'll ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after?" Kevin shakes his head, "No! Because I can't give you that. People will look down on us! Your family will think I'm hurting you! My family will think I'm hurting you! Shayne will never forgive you. Everyone will think we're nuts. They won't expect us to make it. But I don't give a damn what those ingorant freaks think. All I care about is you and I. We know who we are even if no one else does." Rocky sighs, "Kevin I..." Kevin looks at him, "Do you choose me Rocky? Or not? If you choose him. Don't even bother coming back to me." Rocky doesn't say anything. Kevin sighs, "Goodbye Rocky." Kevin walks away. Rocky fall to his knees crying. Beacon: Olivia walks Gus back into his room. Gus looks around, "This place looks really clean. But is it clean? You know what I mean?" Olivia nods, "I hired some maids to search and clean. They are sworn to secrecy. Not even Natalia will know. This place is dry Gus. I made sure of that before we got here." Gus smiles, "You don't stop giving do you?" She laughs, "I bet you never imagined yourself saying that to me. Olivia Spencer." The two share a laugh. Olivia looks at her watch, "I have to get going. I'll see you later Gus." Olivia leaves. Gus sits on his bed. Suddenly there is a noise outside his balcony. Gus opens the doors. Susan has climbed up from the balcony, "I'm like freaking Spider Man." Gus smiles, "It took you long enough." Susan gets up, "I had to wait until Cyrus was distracted. He wouldn't understand." Gus nods, "I don't want to hurt anyone. But we are addictive people. We need something to be addicted too." She looks at him, "We sure do." She jumps on him. The two kiss. Gus takes her back to his bed. PREVIEWS: Shayne and Rocky have their ceremony!!! Liz makes her announcement Beth goes to Edmund Rue leaves Springfield
  22. JAYJAY

    Episode 141

    Everyone has a decision tonight in Springfield... Old Cabin: Olivia is looking at the clock, "Come on Cyrus where the hell are you? I'm not going to be left alone in some cabin with two drug addicts detoxing. Get here now." Susan walks over to her, "Hey Olivia. I need to get going home now. So why don't you unlock the doors?" Olivia sighs, "I can't let you out. We just got here." Susan shakes her head, "We've been here for like 6 hours!" Olivia sighs, "No we've been here like 2 hours. Susan just relax okay. We are not going back home tonight." Susan backs up, "I don't even know where the hell we are. I think I'm having a heart attack and I don't know where we are!" Olivia walks towards her, "Just calm down Susan. You are fine okay." Susan shoves her, "Leave me alone! Leave me alone! You leave me alone. I want out of here. Get me out!" Susan starts throwing things. Gus screams from the other room, "Get me out of here!" Olivia cries, "It's not supposed to be like this!" Susan shakes her head, "How long has it been now?" Olivia's phone rings, "What? Hello.... No I... Hello." Susan is crying. Olivia sighs, "I'm sorry. I have to get into town. My friend says it's an emergency. I'll find Cyrus when I get there and he can take over but I have to go. This was a mistake." Susan isn't listening. She's laying on the ground muttering to herself. Olivia takes the keys and leaves. She locks them inside. Grant House: Coop pulls in front of the house. Vi smiles, "Thanks for the ride Mr. Bradshaw." He nods, "It's not problem Ms. Grant. Just remember to get your homework done tonight." She grins, "I will. Goodnight." She gets out of the car and goes into her house. Suddenly another car pulls up. Stephanie Grant gets out and walks over to Coop's car, "Hey what brings you by tonight Coop?" Coop smiles, "Hi Steph. I was dropping off your niece her car broke down on her way home." Stephanie nods, "Oh my goodness. Well thank you. We really appreciate it. I'm glad you were there." Coop smiles, "I'm glad too." She looks at him, "So how have you been?" He nods, "I'm good. I'm actually staying over at the Beacon right now until I can find my own place." She is surprised, "Your not living over at Company anymore?" He shakes his head, "No. I think it's time I moved out on my own. You know I love my family but I need some independence." She grins, "You and Ashlee must be missing Europe huh?" Coop sighs, "Actually we're broke up now." Stephanie gasps, "I'm so sorry. I thought you were about to get married. I had no idea." Coop nods, "Yeah. Well I think I should be getting back to the Beacon." She turns to him, "Wait. You actually just made me think. I'd like to propose something to you." Coop and Stephanie smile at each other. Law Office: Marah looks at Jeffrey, "So Cassie wanted you to raise RJ in case something happened to her?" Jeffrey nods, "I guess so. RJ is supposed to come back to visit soon. I don't know what to tell him." Marah turns to him, "Maybe you should tell me. Are you considering doing this? Raising RJ?" Jeffrey is confused, "This doesn't make sense. Cassie and I broke up like 3 years ago. She was with Josh and Edmund after that. I thought she would have changed this." She nods, "Well maybe she just didn't want to think about it. After Tammy died she must have been terrified of RJ losing anyone else." He sighs, "But she tried to commit suicide two years ago. She had to be thinking of RJ." She sits, "Well maybe she was afraid of certain things. Like my Dad getting back with my Mom. And no one would want Edmund raising their child. I don't think Cassie was that stupid." He shakes his head, "No she wasn't. But now I have a big decision to make. We have a big decision to make. Marah this will impact your life as well. Taking in RJ into our life." Marah sighs, "I know but.... Do you think you can handle this?" Jeffrey looks up, "Honestly? I'm not so sure." Marah hugs Jeffrey. Towers: Olivia walks inside. Dinah waves, "Olivia over here." Olivia walks over to her at the bar, "Dinah. What the hell? You told me there was an emergency? I thought something was wrong with Bill and Emma? You had me worried sick." Dinah sighs, "I'm so sorry sweetheart. No my brother is fine and so is Emma. I just was so anxious to get you here." Olivia shakes her head, "I'm sorry. I'm in the middle of something." Dinah sighs, "No. Olivia, it is Girls Night!" Olivia sighs, "Dinah I'm sorry. You Natalia and Mel can have fun without me because I'm busy." Dinah shakes her head, "It's not Mel and Natalia." Annie walks over, "Olivia Spencer?" Olivia turns, "Who are you?" Dinah smiles, "Olivia this is the famous legend. Annie Dutton." Olivia looks at her, "Wow. The Annie Dutton?" Annie grins, "So you have heard of me? I've heard of you too. I think we have a lot in common." Olivia grins, "Sort of. But I think I'm the only wife of Josh's that didn't go completely crazy and lose everything trying to compete with Reva Shayne. Am I right?" Annie turns to Dinah, "I think she is perfect for this." Dinah nods, "I told you." Olivia stares at the two women. Gardens: Cyrus got a message saying that Harley wanted to meet him here. He found it odd but came anyway. He walks around, "Harley? Are you here?" Jonathan Randall walks over, "No she's not. But I am." Cyrus turns, "Jonathan. Nice to see you. What can I do for you?" Jonathan grins, "I think you know very well what you can do for me Cyrus. Tell me where he is?" Cyrus backs up, "I don't know what you're talking about." Jonathan nods, "Yes you do. Where is your brother? You now Mark Guillespie. The man who tried to run me down with his car. The guy who missed me. The guy who hit my wife with his car and left her by the side of the road to die. Like she was a freaking animal!" Cyrus sighs, "Jonathan I'm sorry about what happened to your wife. Really I am but..." Jonathan grabs him, "Tammy! Her name was Tammy! Your brother murdered her. Because Alan Spaulding wanted me dead. I may not be able to get Alan Spaulding but I will sure get G." Cyrus shoves him, "My brother is paying for what he did. He is locked up in a mental institution okay. He isn't getting out anytime soon. He is paying for what happened." Jonathan shakes head, "I don't think so. You see I go for the old system. Eye for an eye." Cyrus stares at a very frightening Jonathan. Cabin: Gus is still begging to be let out. Susan here's him. She is picking the lock, "Gus! Is that you?" Gus shouts, "Let me out! Let me out!" Susan cries, "I can't get this stupid thing open." Gus starts throwing himself into the door, "I need to get out! Olivia why are you doing this? You said you cared about me!" Susan cries, "Cyrus! Olivia! Where did you go! What happened? Where is everyone at?" Finally she opens the door. Susan screams, "Oh my God!" Gus grabs her, "Get me out of here!" Susan shoves him, "Get off of me." Gus goes to the front door, "I need to break this one down too! No a window. Just a window!" He walks towards the window. Susan jumps on him, "No! Gus stop it! Look at us! This is so messed up! Gus please. We need to control ourselves." The two fall to the floor. PART TWO: Grant House: Coop looks at Stephanie, "What do you want to talk about?" She smiles, "Well I was just thinking that since you need a place to stay. Maybe you can stay with us?" Coop turns to the house, "Uh. Thanks but I don't know if I'm going to move from one family to another." She laughs, "No. I don't live here. I live in the Museum Apartment. Yeah we have an extra room there." Coop nods, "Really?" She nods, "Yes. It's me, Sam Spencer, and Remy Boudreau. Sometimes Marah Lewis stays. It's a fun place to live." Coop grins, "Well I think that sounds like a good idea. If you guys really wouldn't mind." She shakes her head, "Not at all. We were all just talking about getting another roommate." Coop nods, "I'll think about it. Thanks Stephanie." She smiles at him, "Drive home safe Coop." Coop drives away. Inside Vi is in her bedroom. She looks into the mirror, "Hello I'm Vi Grant. Hello I'm Vi Grant Cooper. I'm Vi Grant Cooper Bradshaw. I'm Mrs. Cooper Bradshaw. Hello I am Mrs. Henry Cooper Bradshaw." Vi has grown feelings for her teacher. Law Office: Marah sit with Jeffrey, "This is really big. I mean this doesn't just effect our life but RJ's too." Jeffrey nods, "I just want the kid to be okay." She stands up, "Maybe it's not going to be what we are thinking. I mean RJ is going to start High School next year. He is a good kid. He's my cousin so I know him well. He likes you." He nods, "I like RJ too. He's a really good kid." Marah looks at him, "Cassie did this for a reason. She must have known that we would be good guardians to RJ. That it would be good for him to have us. And good for us to have him." He looks at her, "You think so?" She nods, "I think this will bring us closer than ever before. Jeffrey we can do this. I know we can. Cassie obviously believed in us." Jeffrey looks down at the papers, "I guess we are going to do this then. We are going to raise RJ Winslow." Marah nods, "I think this will be good for all of us." He turns to her, "We'll be a family." Marah hugs Jeffrey. The two of them look into each other's eyes and kiss. Cabin: Gus pushes Susan away. He gets to his feet. Gus pulls the window open. He stares at the open window. Susan stands, "Gus. If you leave now you'll never come back. And I don't mean to the cabin. We need to fight this. Don't give up now. I won't give up as long as you don't." Gus backs away, "I can't stay here while the window is open. I can't. It's tempting." She sighs, "I don't know. We can't just make it disappear." He nods, "I should have stayed locked up in the room." Susan looks at the door, "We can still lock it." Gus grabs her hand, "Do it! Do it now!" Susan and Gus go into the room. They lock themselves in. As time passes the two go crazy. Gus is throwing things around the room. Susan is crying in the corner. She grabs her video camera. She sets it up to record herself, "I've been in this cabin for like 12 hours and I can't make it. I don't know how I let things get this bad...." Gus looks over, "Who are you talking too?" She looks down, "No one." Gus sighs, "Good because no one could understand. No one ever understands. No one understand me." Susan gets up, "I do. And I think you understand me too and what I'm going through. So we have each other." Gus sits on ground, "We're just addictive people." She sit with him, "Exactly. No matter what we are going to be addicted to something right? We just need to find something that isn't bad for us..." Gus turns to Susan and stares into her eyes. He never noticed how much she looks like her mother. Gardens: Cyrus shoves Jonathan, "Get off of me! Now I am sorry but I can't help you find my brother." Jonathan nods, "Yes you can but you won't!" Cyrus shakes his head, "No I won't. Because whether I like it or not, he is my little brother. And it is my job to protect him. I'm sorry Jonathan. But that's how it is." Jonathan shakes his head, "No. I am sorry. But it is my job to honor my wife's memory. And get revenge for what happened to her. I won't let him get away with this. I swear to you, your brother will die at my hands! I swear Cyrus. And if you get in my way you will be dead too." Cyrus looks at him, "Is that a threat?" Jonathan shakes his head, "No. That is a warning. You see you have no idea who I am. I may be a married father now but I have a dark side. And you won't like to meet the old Jonathan." Jonathan punches Cyrus in the face. Cyrus falls to the ground. Jonathan leaves. Cyrus gets up, "Sorry Olivia but you have to take care of Susan and Gus on your own. I have to see Harley." Towers: Olivia sits at the bar with Dinah and Annie. Olivia laughs, "So what you guys are saying is that you want me to work with you to take over Springfield." Dinah nods, "It's more then just that. We will be in control of Spaulding Enterprises. Think of it. We can keep the Spauldings in check. That's something you've wanted for years. You are an intimidating person. You can help us persuade voters to keep Annie as the CEO and not vote for Phillip or another Spaulding." Olivia shakes her head, "I'm friends with a Spaulding now. Gus. And what about Phillip and Alan. What if they snap and try and go after Emma? I won't let that happen." Annie looks at Olivia, "Listen. If we do this then we will have control of Spaulding. We will make sure that no one takes your daughter. I promise you Olivia." Dinah turns to her, "Come on Olivia. Us women have been underestimated for far to long. Don't you think it's time to rise up and take our place at the top or the hill?" Olivia nods, "You know what? I've had a long night. And I kind of like the idea of us women banning together. I actually think we have a real shot." Annie hugs her, "Oh! I'm so happy!" Dinah looks at Olivia, "Didn't you have to go somewhare?" Olivia sighs, "Sort of. But I can let someone else take care of that. Everything should be fine." Cabin: The cabin is dead silent for a moment. Inside of the room is still. Suddenly Susan and Gus fall to the floor. The two are kissing. Gus starts to tear off Susan's top. Susan takes off his shirt. Gus bites her on the shoulder as he kisses her neck. Susan digs her nails into his back. The two are rolling around on the floor. But for one moment the other addictions are completely out of their minds. Gus and Susan have a rough and wild one night stand. PREVIEWS: Cyrus worries about Harley Marina questions Shayne Kevin gives Rocky one last chance! Liz confesses to Jonathan Aubrey and Rafe celebrate Rue has news for Marah
  23. JAYJAY

    Episode 137

    The Masquerade Ball continues in Springfield... The whole room is staring at Annie Dutton. Reva walks towards her and Josh, "What the hell are you doing here? I told you to get the hell out of here!" Annie sighs, "Reva I'm not trying to cause trouble." Reva shakes her head, "That's all you know how to do." Josh helps Annie up, "Reva just give her a chance." Reva stares at him, "Are you serious? Are you really doing this? Do you remember who this is Joshua?" He nods, "Reva..." Reva walks away, "I have to go!" Annie walks into the middle of the room. Dinah approaches her, "Annie? Is that really you?" Annie hugs her, "Dinah! I haven't seen you in so long! How are you?" Dinah backs up, "When did you get back?" Annie turns and sees Harley and Blake. She walks over to them, "Hello Ladies." Harley scoffs, "What is this Annie?" Blake shakes her head, "What do you want?" Annie sighs, "I am trying to come back and make things right. You all have to understand. Phillip? Do you believe me?" Phillip sighs, "Annie...." Alan stares, "Annie?" Annie walks towards him, "Hello Alan." Natalia steps between them, "I'm Natalia. Natalia Rivera Spaulding." Alan nods, "This is my wife Natalia." Annie looks at them, "Congratulations. I didn't mean to disturb the wedding. I just..." Josh takes her, "We should go." Josh walks Annie away. The room is still in shock. Down in the basement Rocky and Kevin are together. They are half undressed. Rocky is kissing Kevin. Kevin smiles, "Rocky. I am falling for you. I really am." Rocky nods, "I know. So am I. Kevin, I didn't see this coming. But it's something that we can't control." Kevin grins, "I've always dreamed one day you would be here with me in my arms. But I was afraid that it would never happen." Rocky grins, "When I'm with you... it's magic." Kevin smiles, "I could spend the rest of my life with you Rocky." Rocky suddenly pauses and pulls away, "Oh God! Oh no Shayne!" Kevin stares, "Rocky..." Rocky starts to get dressed, "He's probably worried sick." Kevin shakes his head, "Stop putting Shayne's needs before your own! Stop trying to please everyone. You owe it to Shayne to be honest." Rocky sighs, "Shayne and I are already planning our future. It's not fair to him." Kevin shakes his head, "No! You don't love him anymore. You feel sorry. You feel like you owe him for being your first love." Rocky sighs, "Shayne loves me. He would never hurt me. How could I hurt him?" Outside Shayne is with Marina. The two are making out. Marina smiles, "I knew it! I knew you really wanted me. All along. I knew in my heart you would come back to me." Shayne doesn't look at her, "Yeah yeah." She kisses him, "Oh Shayne. I told myself if I stopped chasing you then you would come to me. I knew it." Shayne has her up against the window of the car. He steps back, "Let's get inside." Marina nods, "We can't wait?" He shakes his head, "No. We need to be together right now." Marina opens the door. The two get in the backseat. They start tearing off their clothes. Marina grins, "Oh Shayne just tell me you love me." Shayne sighs, "Just stop talking. Just enjoy the moment." The windows steam up. Shayne has sex with Marina. In the ballroom Blake walks over to Ed. Ed sighs, "I can't believe Annie Dutton is back." Blake shakes her head, "I didn't forget our conversation Ed. You knew Ross was a live all along." Ed turns to her, "When did you find out?" Blake backs up, "Oh Ed." He sighs, "I was trying to help him. He was in politics. He tried to be a honest man and they didn't like that. People would have killed him or you if he hadn't done this." Blake nods, "That's what he told me. I found out two years ago. When Dinah was shot. Ross came back to check." Ed sits next to her, "You know he visited you while you were in a coma." She nods, "I know. He told me that. But Ed... I really thought he was going to come back with me." Ed sighs, "What happened? Why did Ross want to see you?" Blake cries, "Ross called me. He said he needed me. I thought we were going to get back together and come home. But he wasn't doing that he... He was ready to tell me goodbye." Ed nods, "He's ready for you to move on?" Blake sighs, "He said I should have moved on a long time ago. But I just can't let go of him." Ed turns to her, "Blake. Did you tell Ross about your relationship with Remy Boudreau?" Blake stares at Ed. Down by the staircase Liz is with Remy. Liz stares at him, "I didn't think you were coming back to town." Remy nods, "I went on some police stuff. Nothing you'd understand." Liz nods, "Well did you have fun?" He sighs, "I learned a lot about myself. I guess you could say it's an experience I will never forget." She looks at him, "Well thank you for saving me." Remy shakes his head, "There just stairs Liz. The worst you would have done is twist your ankle." Liz scoffs, "I was just trying to thank you." He shakes his head, "Well don't okay. Because if I had known it was a Spaulding, I would have let you fall." She scoffs, "Oh great. Here goes another 'We hate the Spauldings' speech. It must be nice having a whole family you can blame things on." Remy nods, "You know everyone says your a changed woman. Liz the mother. But I still see Lizzie Spaulding. The spoiled Spaulding brat." Liz smiles, "You know considering what your sister is doing I'm surprised you have so much hate towards me." He is confused, "What are you talking about?" She smiles, "You didn't know? Alan Michael is going after CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. And Mel is helping him every step of the way. They may be moving into the Spaulding Mansion." This news angers Remy. Natalia is sitting with Alan. She smiles, "I know this is a lot. But it's still our wedding night. Let's celebrate with our friends and family." Alan turns to her, "I know. I'm sorry. It's just... Annie Dutton was a huge part of my past. I thought I was never going to see her again. Now she just jumps right back into Springfield. Back into my life." Natalia sighs, "From the looks of it she is back in Josh's life." Alan nods, "I can't believe he was defending her after everything she has done to him." Natalia sighs, "Alan, let's not do this. We are husband and wife. Our dream has come true." Alan smiles, "Your right. I finally married the love of my life. And no one can take that away from me. Not even Annie Dutton." Natalia takes his hand. The two get up and head over to the ballroom. Marah walks inside. She went with Jeffrey but then came back. She has missed everything that happened. Marah checks her coat. Josh approaches her, "Marah sweetheart. We need to talk Darlin." Marah stares, "Is everything okay Daddy?" Annie walks over, "Oh Marah Baby." Marah stares in shock. PART TWO: Down in the basement Rocky is walking up the steps. Kevin stops him, "Rocky! Listen to me. You wouldn't have been here with me unless that's what you truly wanted." Rocky sighs, "I know! Okay? Don't you think I know that I am crazy about you? That I can't stop thinking about you. Th the only time I feel complete is when I'm in your arms?" Kevin sighs, "Then why? Why do you deny us the happiness that we both want with each other?" Rocky looks at him, "Listen. I am trying to be a good person. Shayne was there for me when I needed him. I can't hurt him. I already made a plan with him. We are going to be joined in a few weeks. Then in a few months Marina will give birth and we will adopt her baby. I need to consider the feelings of Shayne and the baby." Kevin shakes his head, "What about you? What about us?" Rocky sighs, "No one would ever accept me being with you. Not after what you did." Kevin scoffs, "What the hell? If we don't care then why stop because of others." Rocky sighs, "It was a lot for people to accept me being with Shayne. This would be too much." Kevin grabs his arm, "Rocky please..." Rocky pulls away, "I have to find Shayne. I'm just glad we stopped before this went to far." Rocky leaves to find Shayne. Shayne and Marina get dressed in the car. Shayne is turned away from her. Marina sighs, "Shayne... Shayne why won't you look at me?" Shayne doesn't say anything. Marina scoots closer, "Shayne. You are scaring me. The whole time you wouldn't even look at me and now you aren't even talking to me." Shayne sighs, "Marina I'm sorry I..." She realizes where this is going, "No. No you didn't. No, no, no." He sighs, "This was a mistake." She cries, "No! No shut up! You wouldn't do that to me!" He looks down, "I just got mad and..." She starts hitting him, "Oh my God! You sick son of a bitch! You used me to get back at Rocky!!!" He tries to console her, "Marina please. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." She shoves him, "Don't you touch me! You stay away from me!" Marina goes running out of the car. Remy and Liz are by the stair. Remy sighs, "Of course the Spauldings are trying to corrupt my sister." Liz laughs, "Wow I guess we Spauldings can do anything right? No one is holding a gun to her head Remy." Remy turns to her, "I will not let you people hurt her. I knew if she got with Alan Michael that she was in danger." She sighs, "Don't worry. Mel is a tough woman." He shakes his head, "I'm not going to let her end up like Tammy. I remember what you people are capable of. Even if other people deny it. Including Jonathan." Liz sighs, "Well you really have been gone haven't you? Jonathan and I aren't together. No you see we want to be but his wife Aubrey is pregnant and using it to keep him with her and away from me." Remy laughs, "Are you serious?" Liz nods, "Yep. I guess Tammy is getting her revenge." He shakes his head, "Tammy wasn't about revenge. This is karma. Karma's a bitch." She smirks, "Well so am I." He looks at her, "Don't I know it." Liz looks at her watch, "I should go congratulate my Granddad and Natalia. They are married now." Remy sighs, "Natalia's a good person. Alan is going to hurt her. I warned her about him." Liz sighs, "Well not matter how much people start out disliking each other they later find out that all along that person was the one true love of their life." Remy scoffs, "Not for everyone." He walks away. Liz sighs, "Tell me about it." Blake is sitting with Ed. She looks at him, "Of course I didn't tell Ross about Remy. How do you tell that to the love of your life?" Ed sighs, "Ross would want to know." Blake nods, "Of course he'd want to know. But no one in Springfield understood me and Remy. How can I expect him who hasn't seen Remy in years, that I was in a relationship with him. Remy who is barely older than my kids." Ed sighs, "Blake, you and Remy were very close for a long time. He made you very happy." Blake sighs, "It doesn't matter. Remy and I are over now." Ross looks at her, "Are you so sure about that?" Blake nods, "I would love to have Remy back in my life but after all the waiting I made him do.... it's to late. He would never take me back now. Besides I need to focus on Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa. Especially Kevin. There is something going on with him I can't figure out." Ed hugs her, "Blake I'm going to be here for you." Blake smiles, "I know Ed. Thank you." By the doorway Marah is staring at Josh and Annie. Annie smiles, "Oh Marah I missed you." Marah is in shock, "Why are you here?" Annie sighs, "I'm here to try and make things right." Marah backs up, "Go. Get away from me." Josh sighs, "Marah I know this is difficult." Marah turns to him, "Wait. How long did you know she was in town?" Josh looks at her, "Darlin' I'm just trying to help us all heal. Annie was a huge part of our lives at one point." Marah nods, "Until she hurt everyone." Josh nods, "And we need closure." Marah looks at Annie, "You tried to kill my mother. You ruined our lives. Everyone in Springfield hates you. Your not welcome here." Annie sighs, "I love you Marah. I know that's hard for you to understand. But in my heart, you and Shayne are still my children." Marah shakes her head, "I loved you. But that was when I was a kid. We can't go back." Annie sighs, "It took me years. Years to finally get to a point where I could come back. I know this is a lot to ask of you. But I want to atleast have a chance to talk." Marah walks away without saying a word. In the middle of the room. Natalia is standing with Alan. Alan smiles, "I just want to say thank you to all of you for being here today. I know most of you are here for the ball and don't even care. But still I want to thank you. This was an amazing day. The happiest day. You were all witness to the romantic wedding to a true love story." Natalia laughs, "Okay. Well thank you all. This was just everything I hoped it would be and more. I am glad that I got to share this day with you. I finally married the man of my dreams." Alan jokes, "Now we have to go home and celebrate our honeymoon." The party laughs and cheers. Natalia nods, "Oh I have to throw the bouquet. Ladies get ready." All of the single women are below. Natalia swings back and throws it. The bouquet goes falling into the middle. It's not clear who has it. Suddenly the women depart. The bouquet is in the hands of two women. Beth and Mel. There is a small struggle until it rips in half. Beth walks over to Phillip. Alan Michael walks over to Mel. The two couples stare each other down. PREVIEWS: The Spauldings come home Olivia finds a new partner Mallet promises Dinah Harley makes a shocking decision Annie Dutton has another trick up her sleeve! Marina goes off on Shayne News is out on Cassie
  24. JAYJAY

    Episode 140

    Agendas are hidden tonight in Springfield.... Cabin: Olivia walks Gus inside. Gus looks around, "Why are we here?" Olivia sighs, "I am going to be keeping you here for a couple of days." Gus shakes his head, "No. This is where Harley took me to detox. You are not Harley." She nods, "Well thank God for that. Now we aren't leaving." She locks the door. He looks at it, "You are nuts." She shakes her head, "I want to help you Gus. I'm trying to help you but you have to let me." He backs up, "You are sick. You are a twisted and controlling bitch! You know that? Kidnapping me?" She sighs, "Gus I'm not kidnapping you!" He shouts, "It's not first time! Remember back when I when I was investigating you for Phillip's 'murder'? You had me locked up then too. Now you're doing the same damn thing." Olivia shakes her head, "No I'm not. Now I will hold onto this key and I won't let you out until we have finished." Gus runs and grabs the key from her. He puts it in the door and twist. Olivia grabs him, "Gus no stop it!" She won't let him open the door. He turns around and struggles with her. Suddenly Cyrus and Susan walk in. Cyrus grabs Gus, "That's enough!" Towers: Dinah walks inside. Annie Dutton is sitting at a table, "Dinah over hear!" Dinah walks over, "I got your message Annie. What's the emergency?" Annie sighs, "It took you a long time coming here." Dinah sighs, "Well honestly I wasn't sure if I was going to. Annie what's really going on?" Annie looks at her, "I have a proposition for you. I would like you to help me out with something?" Dinah shakes her head, "I don't know if you've heard but I've changed. I married now. I have two children. I'm a reporter for WSPR. I'm not doing the whole bad girl thing anymore." Annie nods, "Well I don't know if you've heard. But I'm the new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises." Dinah nods, "It's big talk down at the station." Annie smiles, "I'd be happy to let you get the first interview with me." Dinah sits, "What do you want in exchange?" Annie smiles, "Your partnership Dinah. I think we could help each other out a lot." Dinah shakes her head, "Well I was CEO once upon a time. But I'm not really doing that kind of business anymore." Annie shakes her head, "This isn't Spaulding business exactly. I'm taking over Springfield. I want to right all my wrongs and I have to do that myself. And I"m starting by controlling one of the biggest companies in the world." Dinah sighs, "Now how the hell can I help you." Annie sits back, "Well I know you've changed. But some things never change. I have a feeling you are still the Master Manipulator of Springfield." Dinah is surprised by Annie's suggestions. Spaulding Mansion: Liz is walking around. She's been thinking about moving back in after everything that's going on with Jonathan and Aubrey. Suddenly Rafe walks over to her, "Hey Cousin." She smiles, "Rafe. How are you?" Rafe sighs, "I was wondering if you had given much thought to what we discussed earlier?" She looks at him, "I'm kind of confused. You said something about taking control of the family?" He nods, "Yes. I am very disappointed in how things have been going. Your father and Alan Michael are feuding. Cassie has left a huge void in the family. Granddad is all caught up in my mother. Now that bitch Annie is controlling everything. We can't let that happen." Liz nods, "What do you suggest we do?" He grins, "We go after the company." She shakes her head, "It's a nice idea Rafe but you are no where near old enough to even consider that." He nods, "I know I'm not. But you are at a perfect age. You are young but not to young. You have a family. And to top it all off, you are the true heiress to the family." She is confused, "What are you saying?" He grins, "You need to run for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises." Liz is very shocked. Side of Road: Vi is in front of her car. She is messing with everything under the hood. She sees a car coming. It's the one she's been waiting for. Coop is driving home after working at school all night. He notices one of his students standing by her car on the road. He stops, "Vi? Is everything okay?" She pushes out some tears, "My car is messed up and I don't know what to do. I've been here all day. No one stopped for me! And I have been scared out of my mind." He gets out, "Hey it's okay. I know a thing or two about cars so maybe I could give it a look." She gasp, "Oh would you? Please. Oh Coop that would be just amazing!" He nods, "Just remember you need to get into the habit of calling me Mr. Bradshaw now that I'm your teacher." She nods, "Of course." He looks under the hood, "This is a nice car." She smiles, "Thanks. I got it for my 18th birthday. When I turned 18 and became an adult." He nods, "Oh that's cool. That's always an exciting time." She grins, "It's a very exciting and life changing time." He turns to her, "Could anyone have messed with your car?" She is confused, "What do you mean?" He looks down, "Well it looks like someone just went in and started clawing at everything. Whoever did it didn't know what they were doing I guess." Vi looks over, "Is my car alright?" Coop looks in it, "I guess we'll see." Vi sighs, "Well if it's not working I just hope I can get a ride home from someone." Vi can't keep her eyes off of Coop as he leans over her car. Club: Michelle and Bill are walking around. Michelle grins, "I can't believe how great this place has turned out. We're going to be able to open it soon!" Bill nods, "Yep. We worked really hard and it actually paid off you know. I think we did a good job." Michelle grins, "This never seemed like it was going to get done and now it's actually here." He nods, "This place is going to be so great. I think everyone in Springfield is going to want to come here." She turns to him, "What do you think about Danny and Ava, you know what they would think of all of this?" Bill looks around, "Well I mean the original design Ava had was a little more out there and the design really wouldn't have worked out so we had no choice but to make changes. And Danny's original construction plan had a few missing details and mistakes but I think overall it's along the lines with what he had in mind. So I think they might be happy with the outcome." Michelle looks down. Bill turns to her, "Oh I see." She looks up, "See what?" Bill sighs, "We weren't talking about how they would feel about the club really were we? You wanted to know how Danny and Ava would feel about you and I growing closer as we built this place?" Michelle stares into Bill's eyes. Law Office: Jeffrey has been working late. Marah was worried about him so she has come to check up on her boyfriend and make sure everything is okay. Marah knocks on the door. No one answers. Marah lets herself in. Jeffrey is sitting at his desk. Marah walks over, "Hey Jeffrey. Is everything okay? You've been here for a long time." He sighs, "Oh God. I'm so sorry. I don't know where my head has been. I just got really caught up. You must have been worried sick. I am just so sorry Marah. I'll make it up to you." She walks over and looks at his papers, "Is this Cassie's stuff? It has her name on it?" He nods, "Actually yes. I was just reading her information on what to do with everything and how to handle these situations." Marah looks at him, "What situations?" Jeffrey looks up, "In which she is in a coma and hooked up to machines. You know." Marah sighs, "Oh God. I can't believe she even thought about that." Jeffrey nods, "Well after Richard died I guess she really put thought into it." Marah looks at him, "And?" He looks up at Marah, "After a few months she request that the plug be pulled." Marah stares in shock. PART TWO: Side of Road: Coop keeps trying to work on Vi's car. He looks up, "Okay try it now." Vi turn the key but the car doesn't start, "Sorry." He sighs, "Okay well I can give you a lift home. And you can talk to your Dad about getting your car." She grins, "Really? Oh that would be great Mr. Bradshaw." He nods, "Not a problem." The two get into the car. Vi sits in her seat, "Oh I can't seem to get this seat to buckle." Coop leans over and helps her, "You got to pull a little harder." She smirks, "I will keep that in mind." Coop starts driving, "Your house is on my way to the Beacon." She turns to him, "The Beacon? Are you staying there?" He nods, "Yes. I am. I moved out of Company." She sighs, "Well it's silly to stay at a hotel. You know we have room at our house if you..." He laughs, "Yeah I'm sure that would be a good idea." Vi giggles, "Oh yeah. I was just joking. Are you moving out because of Ashlee Wolfe?" He sighs, "I can't talk about that with you Ms. Grant." She laughs, "You're silly. I know that you two broke up." Coop turns to her, "You seem to know a lot." Vi sighs, "Well keep in mind your sister is dating my father." Coop nods, "That's true." Vi smiles, "Sorry but I think a handsome man like you shouldn't have to be single." Coop continues to laugh at all of Vi's 'jokes' as he drives her home. Club: Michelle walks away from Bill, "I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make things awkward for you." Bill follows her, "Michelle it's really not. Listen, I think it's something that we should address. We are sort of dating now." She laughs, "I don't know. It still feels weird calling it dating. We aren't acting any differently then we did before, just we kiss now." He laughs, "So far all we've done is kiss." She shoves him, "You Bill Lewis are a goofball. And you are sweet and funny. You are my best friend." Bill holds her hand, "But I'm no Danny. That's why it's different for each of us. With Ava I feel guilt. It's not like she was the love of my life. But she was my wife and the mother of my child. I slept with her mother behind her back. But Danny is the love of your life. And he always will be." Michelle nods, "Danny is my true love. But the fact is that he is gone. It took me a while. But thanks to you I can move on and be a good mother to both of my children." He shakes his head, "You never needed me to be a good mother to your children Michelle." Michelle hugs Bill, "You have no idea how much I've needed you these past few months." Bill nods, "I have a pretty good idea." The two kiss. Old Cabin: Cyrus throws Gus on the couch, "Will you get a hold of yourself." Susan looks at Olivia, "Why are you here? Cyrus why is she here?" Olivia sighs, "It's nice to see you too Susan." Cyrus looks at Gus. He is very tired. Cyrus helps him up, "I'm going to take him to the bedroom." Cyrus walks Gus into the other room and lays him on the bed. He walks back into the other room. Olivia sighs, "I should probably lock that door too." Susan pulls out a video camera, "Cyrus why do we need this?" Cyrus sighs, "Well I think it might be a good idea if we set these up around the cabin. That way you and Gus can remember how you act tonight." Susan laughs, "Oh that will be swell." Cyrus turns to Olivia, "Okay. I need you to keep an eye on them. I got a text message. Harley needs me." Olivia shakes her head, "I don't think so that wasn't a part of your plan." He sighs, "Listen. Harley is very upset right now. I'll be quick." Cyrus rushes out before Olivia can stop him. Susan laughs, "Where did the Aussie go?" Olivia turns to her, "It doesn't matter. He'll be back." Susan sighs, "So Gus is popping pills again?" Olivia nods, "Unfortunately but I'm going to help him." Susan sits back, "Well I hope your ready. This is going to be a long night!" Olivia can't believe what she has gotten herself into. Law Office: Marah sits in the chair on the other side of Jeffrey's desk. She is stunned, "So. If she doesn't wake up in the next couple of months... then we have to tell my family that it's time to let her go?" Jeffrey nods, "Unless she shows a sign of progress... yes." Marah shakes her head, "Oh God! I mean... I know that in her last year she wasn't herself but, it's still my Aunt Cassie." He nods, "I know. She was one of my first loves." Marah sighs, "I can't believe what this will do to my family. They still haven't gotten over losing Tammy." Jeffrey nods, "RJ will lose the only person in the world that hasn't died on him." She has tears in her eyes, "Oh God RJ! Oh no. RJ. He hasn't even started high school yet. He lost his father before he was born, he lost his other father when he was young. He lost his sister two years ago. Now his mother? This isn't fair." He sighs, "The poor kid deserves better." Marah looks at him, "Wait. He's still a kid. So what's going to happen to him. We can't let him go into foster care. Cassie would hate that." Jeffrey looks through the papers, "I haven't gotten there yet. Who is his legal guardian now." Marah nods, "It's probably my father. Oh God please don't be Edmund." Jeffrey stares at the papers, "It's not Edmund. Or Josh." Marah is confused, "Then who is it?" Jeffrey looks up at her, "It's me." Marah looks down to see Jeffrey's name. Spaulding Mansion: Liz turns to her cousin, "Rafe. I don't understand. You want me to run for CEO of Spaulding Enterprises." Rafe nods, "I know. It's a brilliant plan. You don't need to thank me. But you can." She shakes her head, "My father is running for CEO." Rafe nods, "I'm aware. But your father has had a lot of stress in his life. Do you remember what happened last time he had too much stress in his life." She turns to him, "You weren't here." He nods, "But I've heard a lot about it. Your father seems to be in good shape now. Do you really want to let the company ruin that." Liz sighs, "But listen to yourself. The company drives people crazy. Look at my Father, Granddad, Cassie. They all went nuts with this company. I would fall to the same fate." He shakes his head, "No. No you won't. Your young and healthy. Liz I believe in you. Why can't you believe in yourself." Liz turns away, "I don't know." He sighs, "I didn't want to put it like this. But let's say Alan Michael wins. Then he will be CEO. Him and Mel and Leah. They will be the front family. You and your parents, and siblings will all be pushed aside. Alan Michael has always been jealous of your father." Liz nods, "Your right about that." He walks her over to a mirror, "Look at you. You are Elizabeth Spaulding. All this will do is help insure that your family has the best shot at winning. This is your legacy Liz. It's Sarah's legacy. One day Spaulding Enterprises will be hers." Liz nods, "Sarah." The two cousins contemplate the decision. Towers: Dinah looks at Annie, "So you want me to manipulate people for you? Is that really why you asked me here?" Annie shakes her head, "No. I asked you here because I want you to ride with me to the top." Dinah looks at her, "Sweetie I am at the top. I have all the of my dreams come true. I have a family, a home. A great job. I've turned my life around. Why should I risk it all for you?" Annie corrects her, "You aren't risking anything. Dinah. All you are doing is getting in a huge deal." Dinah sits up, "Okay. This is where I'm confused. What exactly do you need from me. Spill." Annie sighs, "You still have stock in Spaulding Enterprises. Correct?" Dinah nods, "Oh so you want my endorsement and my vote?" Annie grins, "Precisely. I'm honest. I need you to vote for me and convince others to vote for me." Dinah sighs, "What do I get out of this deal Annie?" Annie smiles, "Anything you want. With friend in great power, the possibilities are endless. Dinah you have two children. Wouldn't you like to know that you can do everything in the world to keep them safe?" Dinah sits closer, "You got yourself a deal Annie." Annie nods, "You won't be sorry." Dinah grabs her phone, "Now stick with me and I'll help you keep that chair at Spaulding. But there is one other person we need." Dinah gets ready to enlist another partner. PREVIEWS: Dinah and Annie bring in their next partner A shocking night at the cabin Marah and Jeffrey make a decision Coop brings Vi home Cyrus gets attacked!
  25. JAYJAY

    Episode 139

    Arguements, emotions, and partnership happen in Springfield... Spaulding Mansion: Annie Dutton walks down to the Spauldings. Phillip looks at her, "You must be joking." Annie shakes her head, "I kid you not. Cassie named me as the new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises." Alexandra sighs, "Oh good God. Annie Dutton, this psychopath, is running our company?" Annie turns to her, "It's nice to see you too Alex. Listen I want you all to know that I have changed." Alan Michael looks at her, "Do you expect anyone to believe that?" Annie nods, "I certainly hope so. Because it's the truth. I'm trying to redeem myself." Phillip nods, "By going after our family?" Annie shakes her head, "I'm not trying to hurt your family. But I am protecting Springfield from you family. Especially the Lewises." Alex walks over to her, "Like your one to talk, after all of the horrible things you've done." Annie nods, "I'm quite aware Alexandra. But I have to believe that I can make things right by preventing more wrongs." Phillip looks at her, "Annie. You really don't understand what you are doing." Annie sighs, "Phillip I'm sorry. But I'm the new CEO. Listen, you are all welcome to live here. I don't want to take your home from you. All I ask is that you show me respect." Alan Michael scoffs, "It doesn't matter. Because before long I will be the new CEO and your butt will be on the curb with the rest of the trash." Alan Michael walks over to pour drinks. Malah House: Dinah is shocked, "Harley are you really giving Belinda back to me?" Harley looks at them with a blank expression, "I remember when I was a young girl. I gave my baby Daisy up for adoption. Then she came back into my life as Susan. And I realized that a mother/daughter bond is something that shouldn't be messed with and a mother and daughter should never be kept away from each other." Mallet looks at her, "Harley are you sure about this?" Harley shakes her head, "No. But the fact of the matter is Belinda told me that she wants to be with you two. I'm not going to stand in her way. I will never do that." Dinah looks at her, "Harley I'm..." Harley hands her the bags, "No Dinah. Just stop before I change my mind. Okay? Please?" Dinah takes the bags. Belinda walks up to the door. Dinah has tears in her eyes, "Oh my Baby." Belinda walks towards her. Suddenly the two are in an emotional hug." A depressed Harley walks away. Belinda runs after her, "Harley..." She hugs her, "Thank you Harley." Harley sighs, "Our home is always open to you. You are one of us no matter what sweetheart." Dinah and Mallet both have tears in their eyes. Towers: Cyrus and Olivia are sitting at a table. Olivia looks at him, "Okay I'm intrigued. Now will you explain to me what your so called plan is?" Cyrus sighs, "Well you are helping Gus with his pill addiction. I'm helping Susan with an addiction of her own. Harley doesn't know." Olivia looks at him, "Harley doesn't know. She is Susan's mother." He sighs, "I'm not letting her find out. She doesn't need this now with everything going on." She stares at him, "Okay so we are both in messed up situations. What does that matter." Cyrus leans in, "I can help you with Gus and you can help me with Susan." Olivia shakes her head, "I don't think so. Gus hates you because Harley is with you and not him. Susan is a Cooper. The Cooper's haven't been to happy with me since I broke Frank and Buzz's hearts." He laughs, "Wait I knew you were with Buzz, but Frank too?" Olivia sighs, "Drop it. Okay? Now I don't get what your saying. We can't just team up and make everything all better with a magic wand." He nods, "I know that. But I have a plan. A way that we can help Gus and Susan together. But you have to trust me. Because it is going to get very complicated and people could get hurt." A confused Olivia stares at Cyrus. Cedars: Ed, Rick and Michelle are all standing together. Ed smiles, "So what are my children up to today?" Michelle goes over her chart, "I have a few quick things then I think we can all do lunch." Rick nods, "Me too. But I do have some mentoring stuff to do. A few of us Doctors were chosen to give some advice and tips to some of the medical students at Springfield U." Ashlee walks up, "Rick?" Rick smiles, "Hey Ashlee. Are you the student?" She nods, "Yeah I'm so excited. I requested a Bauer because I know how great doctors you all are." Michelle smiles, "Well you got a good Bauer and a good doctor. My brother here is going to have a lot to teach you." Rick laughs, "Well my sister's a dork but she speaks the truth. I'm excited to talk with you Ashlee." Ashlee smiles, "I am ready to learn. What can I do for you first?" Rick laughs, "You can refill my coffee." Ashlee grabs it, "Right away!" Rick is surprised, "Oh Ashlee I was joking it's not even empty." Ashlee doesn't hear him and rushes down the hall. She goes to fast and accidentally runs into a woman, pouring the hot coffee all over her blouse. Ashlee gasps, "Oh Miss I'm so sorry!" The woman is furious, "God are you a complete moron?" Roxie Shayne looks down at her coffee soaked blouse. Reva Bend: Josh walks Reva inside. Reva sighs, "Just go Joshua. I'm fine now." Josh follows her, "Reva we just got very bad news about Cassie. You aren't okay. Let me help you." She sighs, "Just leave. Go find your girlfriend Annie Dutton." Josh shakes his head, "Annie isn't my girlfriend!" She turns to him, "You sure seemed pretty cozy with her at the Masquerade Ball!" He sighs, "Reva, Annie is trying to redeem herself. I feel like I should give her the benefit of the doubt." She shakes her head, "No. No. I don't think so. Annie Dutton doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. That woman is sick, she's twisted, she is a monster and I can't believe you let her back in our life?" Josh shouts, "Our life? We don't have a life. I have my life. You have yours. You do whatever you want with yours. I'm going to do whatever the hell I want to do with mine!" Reva scoffs, "Like throwing it away?" Josh turns to her, "I'm not doing that!" She sighs, "I am worried about you. You seem to have forgotten what Annie Dutton is capable of." He turns to her, "No Reva. But I'm always surprised to learn what your capable of." Josh walks away from her. Park: Rocky and Shayne walk through the park hand in hand. Rocky can tell something is wrong, "Shayne is everything alright?" Shayne turns to him, "I'm fine. Why?" Rocky sighs, "You seem to be thinking about something. What's on your mind?" Shayne looks at him, "Rocky we need to talk about something." Rocky looks at him, "Your worrying me. What's going on?" Shayne sighs, "Things are getting kind of complicated. I think we need to talk about a few things." Rocky sighs, "Listen. Let's not do this. I know what this is about Shayne. I know." Shayne stares, "You do?" Rocky nods, "We've been fighting a lot lately. But I don't care anymore. If you are willing to do all of these things to help us have a family raising Marina's baby, then I can make sacrifices myself. I'm giving up the whole cop thing now." Shayne is surprised, "Are you serious? You'd really do that?" Rocky nods, "I am doing that. For us Shayne. Now do you still want to talk about this?" Shayne is speechless. PART TWO: Cedars: Roxie Shayne is furious, "You burned my chest you ignorant little brat!" Ashlee tries to help her, "I'm so sorry it was a complete accident. I didn't mean to. I was just so nervous." Roxie looks at her, "Are you nuts? What is wrong with you?" Rick walks up, "Oh God what happened?" Roxie sighs, "This girl spilled hot coffee all over me." Ashlee turns to him, "Dr. Bauer I'm so sorry. I didn't see her." Rick helps clean up, "Roxie I don't think Ashlee meant to do this. Roxie this is Ashlee Wolfe. Mayor Wolfe's daughter." Roxie laughs, "The Mayor who's in jail?" Rick looks at Ashlee, "This is Roxie Shayne. She is Reva's sister." Ashlee giggles, "Roxie. My friend Lizzie has a dog named Roxy." Roxie stares at her, "Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for her. Maybe we can do lunch." Ashlee sighs, "I really am sorry." Roxie looks at her, "Just stop." Rick sighs, "Ashlee why don't you just go chat with my Dad and my sister for a little bit okay?" Ashlee walks away. Rick turns to Roxie, "I know she comes on a little strong but she's a sweet girl. She used to baby sit for me all the time." Roxie sighs, "I'm sorry. Will you help me find clothes to wear?" Rick walks Roxie down the hall. He is surprised to see this side of her. Reva Bend: Reva looks at Josh, "What the hell are you talking about?" Josh turns to her, "You got some nerve getting onto me about being around Annie. You're the one who knew that Annie was back in Springfield and decided not to tell anyone." She scoffs, "I wanted her to go without causing trouble. I didn't realize I was supposed to throw her a welcome home party!" Josh looks at her, "Oh yeah by the way, when were you going to tell me that you and Chandler found out about the impostor and were looking for Annie all along?" Reva sighs, "Looks like Annie can still get to you." Josh shakes his head, "Is it true Reva? That's all I'm asking. Just give me a yes or no." Reva sighs, "Yes. I knew." He backs up, "You know I didn't want to believe it. But somehow this doesn't surprise me. This last year you have just been revealing one shocking secret after another." Reva nods, "So it's obvious your still upset about me lying about Jonathan and Sarah." Josh grabs his coat, "I am not going to deal with this now. I'm tired of talking with you Reva." Reva shouts, "I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into. Because Annie Dutton could eat you alive!" Josh looks at her, "No one could hurt me more than you have." Josh leaves Reva in tears. Park: Shayne looks down, "I just.... I'm sorry I'm still shocked that you are giving up this whole cop thing." Rocky nods, "It took me a while. But I want to put you first. And I know this is what you want." Shayne nods, "I only want what's best for you." Rocky smiles, "I know you do. And you know what's best for me. Aren't you glad we've got everything out?" Shayne grins, "Yeah. It's good for us. Get everything out of our system. So nothing will be holding us back at our wedding." Rocky looks at him, "Can you believe that in a few weeks we'll be joined together for life?" Shayne holds his hands, "I knew we'd end up together. And I am going to do everything to make sure that we have a happy life together." Rocky nods, "And we won't let anything stand our way of us being happy together." Shayne smiles, "Rocky you have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that to me. I love you." Rocky grins, "I love you too." The two kiss. Shayne walks Rocky back to the house. Neither of them confessing the truth. Towers: Olivia is with Cyrus still, "Okay. So what exactly did you have in mind to help Gus and Susan?" Cyrus explains, "Okay. Harley told me about the cabin that she took Gus to in order to detox alone." Olivia nods, "Gus said something about that. The one Beth held him and Alan captive in which is what caused everything." He sighs, "I know it sounds crazy. But what if we all four went up there and helped the two of them detox." She sits back, "I don't know. People get very violent in those situations. I don't know how we could handle it." He leans in, "Listen. We need some place that is away from Springfield where we can keep everyone away." Olivia sighs, "If and when Harley finds out about this, she is going to be furious with you." Cyrus nods, "I know." Olivia looks at him, "Do you? Not only are you keeping the secret about her daughter. But you are getting involved with her ex husband and me, she hates me very much." He sighs "We are doing this for Harley." Olivia laughs, "I'm not." Cyrus sighs, "Are we working together or not?" Olivia gives in. The two partners shake hands. Malah House: Belinda walks back over to Dinah and Mallet. A tearless Harley goes back to her car. Dinah and Mallet take Belinda inside. Belinda walks into the living room. She looks at all of the pictures of relatives. Mallet steps out of the room. Dinah walks over to her, "We're going to tell you all about your family. Your Grandma Vanessa will come over later okay? But first there is one other person you need to meet first." Mallet walks back in holding the baby, "Belinda this is your little brother Anthony." Belinda walks over, "I have a baby brother?" They all sit on the couch. They put him in her arms. Belinda looks down into her brothers eyes. Outside Harley gets in her cars. She rolls up the windows. Turns on the radio. With every power in her body Harley screams at the top of her lungs. Harley throws her head down on the steering wheel crying. Spaulding Mansion: Annie walks around the office, "I'm not trying to upset anyone. But I do demand respect in my house." Alex scoffs, "Oh would you please stop referring to this as your house. This is and always will be the Spaulding Mansion. And you my Darling are no Spaulding. You never will be." Annie nods, "I know. And I have no desires to be a Spaulding. Believe me. I just want to do some good in this town." Phillip sighs, "You can start by giving us back our company. Annie please. You don't want to get involved in this." Annie sighs, "Phillip. You are my friend. But I am a good business woman and I know what I'm doing. I will prove to all of you that I am going to do a good job. The Spauldings will be a family that people are proud to be a part of in this town." Alan Michael laughs, "Annie we've heard this before. The Spauldings are evil, bad, crazy, to powerful for their own good. But the fact of the matter is that we always come out on top. If you continue to battle us you will soon know the wrath of the Spauldings." Alex walks over, "What my nephew is trying to say is that we are the Spauldings. And the Spauldings will do whatever we have to do to get what we want." Annie nods, "Well I'm Annie Dutton. And I don't give up without a fight. Bring it on." Annie walks out of the room. The Spauldings all stare as she leaves. PREVIEWS: Annie finds a new partner! Olivia and Cyrus meet at the cabin Michelle and Bill prepare their club Rafe has a proposal for Liz Vi has a plan to get Coop Marah and Jeffrey get shocking information
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