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Episode 105



The storm continues on in Springfield....

Old Building:

Harley, Gus, and Alan stand around Natalia.
She screams, "The baby is coming now!"
Harley looks around, "There is no way out of this place. The door is blocked. We won't be able to leave!"
Gus shakes his head, "We can't stay here. This place isn't sturdy. It is all falling a part."
Alan is in shock, "There is a storm outside! Even if we leave we'll have to try and battle the snow!"
Natalia cries, "I can't get up! It hurts so much!"
Alan looks at them, "You two have had training in this situation. You need to deliver the baby."
Gus sighs, "My hands are cut up pretty bad. And we're both covered in dirt from the fall. We can't risk infecting the baby. Alan your going to have to do this yourself."
Alan shakes his head, "No! I can't deliver a child! I can't do this you need to do it."
Harley sighs, "Alan we'll talk you through it but we can't risk causing harm to Natalia and the baby!"
Gus grabs Alan, "Listen Dad! You ruined Phillip's life. You neglected Alan Michael. And you didn't meet me until I was a grown man. This is your chance. You wanted it you got it! Do right by your child by helping bring it into the world!"
Alan turns around to Natalia he sits down by her.
Gus and Harley walk over to help.


Rocky looks at Kevin, "You can't run away from your problems! Let me help you with this!"
Kevin grabs him, "I don't need yoru help! I am leaving this town. There is nothing here for me!"
Rocky pulls him into a kiss.
The two begin kissing in the candle-light.
Kevin pushes him away, "Stop it! No! I'm not.... I don't want you to do this to me okay?"
Rocky backs up, "I'm sorry... I.... I don't know why I did that. I just... I wanted to..."
Kevin shakes his head, "I don't want to know! I don't want anything to do with you. I just want out of here."
Rocky looks at him, "I meant what I said! You can't hide from yourself. This is a part of you Kevin. You need to accept it. It's not the worst thing in the world."
Kevin scoffs, "I am the screw up of my family. And something like... would just make things even more obvious that I am not the great football player, all american boy."
Rocky sighs, "You don't have to be some title or some idea. That's not important. Just be yourself."
Rocky holds Kevin's hand.

Old Building:
Gus sits behind Natalia, "Your gonna be okay Nattie. I promise. We're gonna take care of you."
Harley holds her hand, "Just squeeze as much as you want to okay? Don't worry about me."
Alan sits in front of Natalia, "Okay, okay. I don't know what to do I think we need to call someone."
Harley turns to him, "There is no time Alan."
Natalia screams in pain.
Gus holds her, "Your fine okay! Your doing great!"
Harley looks at them, "Okay I think it's time for you to push. We can't wait we need to do this now!"
Gus looks at Alan, "You can do this!"
Alan nods, "Okay push Natalia!"
Natalia pushes but nothing is happening.
She is in great pain.
Harley looks at her, "You need to keep pushing!"
Natalia cries, "I can't!"
Harley nods, "You can!"
Natalia whispers in her ear, "Promise me you will do whatever you have to. You need to keep the baby safe."
Harley is confused, "What?"
Natalia cries, "Promise me!"
Harley nods, "Okay!"
Gus looks at her, "Okay push!"
Natalia screams as she pushes.
Alan nods, "The baby! I see the baby!"
Gus smiles, "Keep pushing!"
Natalia pushes with all of her might.
The baby is in Alan's arms.
He sits back with it.
They all hear it crying.
Everyone bursts out in tears.

Side of Road:

Blake and Remy sit in the car.
Blake cries, "It's so cold!"
He holds her, "It's okay. We'll keep each other warm."
She looks at him, "Thank you for saving me Remy."
The two look into each other's eyes and kiss.
This goes on for a minute.
Remy looks at Blake, "We need to stay warm Blake. Okay? Just trust me alright. Trust me."
Blake puts her arms around him and they kiss again.
Remy takes off his shirt.
She unbottens hers.
The two start to tear off each others clothes.
Blake wraps the clothes around them like a blanket.
They kiss and begin to make love through the cold night.

Bauer Cabin:

Michelle lays on the bed.
She holds a picture of her and Danny.
She knows he is the true love of her life but is that enough to keep them together? She's seen it fail with others.
She looks up at the ceiling.
She knows Danny didn't just go for a drive.
He went to make his decision.
He is picking the woman he wants right now.
Miles away Danny stops his car.
He is right between his house and the cabin.
Right in the middle of Marina and Michelle.
The two loves in his life right now.
He sits and thinks, "How do I choose. Michelle. You were my first love. Your the mother of my children. And we promised to spend the rest of our lives together. That's not even counting the vows we said. But Marina you are just a light that makes me whole. You make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And with you I can be myself."
Danny looks out the window as the storm picks up.


Old Building:
Alan holds the baby in his arms, "It's a boy. I have a Son. Natalia we have a Son! Can you believe it?"
Natalia cries, "He's beautiful!"
Alan smiles at the baby.
Gus gets up.
Harley takes his place with Natalia.
Gus looks around, "Okay Dad. We need to go looking around. We got to find a way out of this place. We can't keep Natalia and the baby here for to long. We got to get to Cedars."
Alan shakes his head, "No. I don't want to leave Natalia and our baby right now. Not this soon."
Harley looks at him, "It's fine. I'll stay with them."
Alan hands the baby to Natalia.
He reluctanly walks off to find a way out of the building.
Natalia kisses the baby's head.
Harley smiles, "He's beautiful Natalia."
Natalia looks at her, "Yes he is. It's time to live up to your promise that you made Harley."
Harley is confused, "Sweetie I don't understand what your talking about? What promise."
Natalia sighs, "You said you'd do whatever you had to in order to save my baby. You have to right now by taking him."
Harley stares in shock.

Side of Road:
Blake and Remy are laying in the car together.
She is resting her head on his chest, "That was amazing. It was even better than before."
He kisses her head, "I told you. It was fate that brought us here today. Together Blake."
She sighs, "Why? Why do you have to keep saying that? Can't you just accept everything as it is?"
He shakes his head, "No! I can't. I love you Blake. And you love me too. I don't understand why we can't be together. We are miserable without each other aren't we?"
She sighs, "I know we are! But I have 3 children to think about. I can't bring you into our family when I'm not sure if we even trust each other or if we don't."
He shakes his head, "You have a teenage daughter and two full grown sons. You can't use that excuse."
She cries, "Remy.... just don't. Let's not talk about it. Let's just enjoy this night while we still have it."
The two remain quiet and treasure each second they are spending together in each other's arms.

Kevin pulls away from Rocky, "I need to go!"
Rocky sighs, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to freak you out like that. I just want you to know that you aren't alone in this. And you aren't the first person to deal with this."
Kevin shakes his head, "I know what you are saying. But we are two different people Rocky!"
Rocky nods, "Yes we are. But we could have more in common than you may think we do."
Kevin sighs, "You know what? None of it matters. Because at the end of the day, your still madly in love with Shayne. And he is the guy that you are spending the rest of your life with. And me. I'm the guy who almost ruined your life. You don't need to let me do more to it."
Rocky shakes his head, "You may have changed my life but you didn't ruin it Kevin."
Kevin stares at Rocky for a moment and then leaves.
Rocky sits at the counter and reflects on everything that has happened this night.

Down Old Road:
Danny looks around the road.
Michelle always gets emotional here because this is the road that her mother died on.
He remembers how he met Michelle. It was love at first sight even if he didn't realize it. They were meant for each other. And they had to battle their families to prove their love. And now she has given him two beautiful children to love.
But Danny is tired of fighting.
Then with Marina it's simple. It's happy, fun, and relaxing. They can be happy without all of the drama in their lives or some long background story full of drama.
But then he remembers how he met Marina. She was a child. He didn't truely know here until she was fully grown up and became Robbie's nanny.
Can he truely be in love with these completley different women? Can he love two women?
Danny spends a lot of time thinking.
He then suddenly realizes exactly who he loves. The woman that he loves with all of his heart. He has finally understood exactly what he has to do now and he is ready.
He gets in his car and speeds on the road.
He is going to see the woman that he loves.

Old Building:
Harley looks down at Natalia, "What? You want me to take your baby? I don't know what your talking about."
Natalia sighs, "This building is going to collaspe look at the ceiling Harley. Look at it."
Harley looks up and sees how it's very fragile and could fall at any momemnt on them.
Harley nods, "Okay we need to get you two out of here. We'll go find Alan and Gus right now."
Natalia shakes her head, "I can't. I'm in so much pain. I lost a lot of blood. I can't go fast enough. You need to save the baby!"
Harley cries, "I can't just leave you here!"
Natalia grabs her arm, "You promised me! Go!"
Harley holds the baby< "I'll come back for you!"
Harley runs off.
Natalia sobs.
Alan and Gus are upstairs.
Gus sees a window, "We can try and get them out here."
Alan looks around, "Gus!"
The two men can see the building is falling apart.
They hear the storm outside getting stronger.
Gus looks at him, "We have to go now!"
They go running down to find the women.
Harley is running around with the baby in her arms.
The building shakes.
Gus and Alan shout, "Natalia! Harley! Get the baby our of here!"
Alan falls to the ground clutching his chest, "Keep going Gus! Save Natalia and the baby!"
Alan has a huge pain in his chest and fears it's his heart.
Natalia goes crawling trying to find everyone but she is too weak.
Harley is alone with the baby.
She sees a door and runs towards it.
She gets to it. It's locked.
She fights to get it open, "Please! Please!"
The baby is crying.
Gus looks at Alan, "Come on!!"
Alan cries, "The building is going to fall!!!"
Natalia shouts, "Save my baby!!!!"
Suddenly there is nothing but silence.
Harley ducks down and holds the baby to her chest.
The buidling collases in on everyone!

Tragedy falls on Springfield!
The Coopers and Spauldings worry
Michelle and Marian run into each other
Kevin returns home to recieve devestating news
Reva gets a surprise visitor


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A slower epiode but still good.

I was so happy to see Blake and Remy get their sex on. I love them and love their forbiden passion. nothing like some hot passion to get waremd up

My question, what happeded to the abilical cord. Who cut it. But very nice scenes with harley/alan/gus and Natty. Nice cliffhanger as well. i could picture all of it happening in my head

Why would Rocky cheat on Shayne after everything they've been throug?

I alo liked danny's soul searching scenes and can't wait to see whom he chooses.

Another great one jay

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Yes this one wasn't quite as intense. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Blake and Remy scenes. I admit that they came out of no where. But I felt you deserved some Blake and Remy scenes. :)

The more technicalities of the birth were cut out to keep the moment more special. But yes Alan did it. With guidance of Harley. I'm so glad you could picture it. I've been working on that a lot more. I think you'll notice more sight and sound in my scenes.

Rocky's kiss was almost uncontrolable. But yes he shouldn't have. Rocky isn't trying to cheat on him. But he still wants to help Kevin. Whch ito Kevin is teasing. Rocky has a strong need to help him and he doesn't know why.

Danny's choice. Oh I want so badly to tell ya. I can't say to much because I won't give it away. But the next episode is a big one! Very very big. I mean big. Nothing will be the same for these 3 after that. Okay I've said to much!

Thanks! I appreciate all of your comments. I hope you enjoy this month of stories.

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