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Episode 104



It's a stormy night in Springfield.........

Harley's House:

Harley is in her kitchen.
It's feels like it's been ages since she cooked.
The kids are all at Gus's.
There is a knock at the door.
Harley answers.
She is surprised when Gus walks in, "Hey we got to talk."
She turns to him, "Where are the children?"
He looks around, "I got your father to come over and watch them. We need to go now."
She is confused, "There is a huge snow storm coming. Why would you want to go out?"
He sighs, "I got a tip. A really good one. It's about Susan. I think I know where she is."
Harley is shocked, "Wait what? Susan was in New York but she got away. She could be anywhere."
He shakes his head, "Uh-uh. She came back. Apparently her and G have something here they had to pick up. Now I have a good idea where to find them. I came to invite you but I'm going whether you are or not."
She sighs, "Gus I don't know about this."
He walks to the door, "Well if we don't find her some rookie cop will. And he'll be aiming to kill."
Harley grabs her stuff, "I'm going with you."
The two run out to the car.

Natalia is visiting some old friends.
She is trying to call Olivia to get picked up but she can't get a signal.
The snow is starting to fall.
She hears her name in the distance, "Natalia!"
Natalia turns to see Alan off across the street.
She is holding a bag to cover her stomach.
He runs towards her.
She runs down the block and sees an old building.
She runs in and hides.
Alan sees her and follows.

Bauer Cabin:

Danny and Michelle are having a nice dinner together.
She smiles at him, "I'm so glad that you came here. I wasn't sure you would want to with everything..."
He sighs, "I love you Michelle. But I love Marina too. I just... I need to try and understand what I need to do. It's not as simple as I thought it was. I want to make the right choice."
She nods, "I understand. I just.... I want everything to be okay. I have a feeling things are just going to take a turn for the worse or that something bad is about to happen."
He holds her hand, "Whatever decision I make I'm going to stick with it. I'm tired of this back and forth thing. Who ever I choose is the woman that I'm going to be with."
Michelle sighs, "It's a choice. And no matter what you choose there will be consquences."
He stands up, "I don't know what I'm going to do! I am tired of hurting the women that I love."
She walks over, "I'll support whatever decision you make."
He holds her face and kisses her.


Rocky is cleaning up.
He is supposed to meet Shayne over at Reva's house.
They are going to keep her company during the storm.
But Buzz had to go so he is closing up.
Rocky still feels guilty about what happened with Rocky.
He keeps having flashbacks to it.
Kevin's lips on his.
The way they were kissing.
It all seems like it was a dream.
Yet somehow it still feels like a nightmare.
No one is here.
The boarding house is empty tonight.
Rocky turns off the lights.
Outside he hears a car but he can't see it.
Suddenly he hears a sound.
He hasn't locked the door yet.
Rocky grabs the bat from under the counter and walks to the door.
It swings open.
Rocky screams.
He is shocked to see Kevin.


Blake is trying to get her car to start.
She broke down on her way home.
There is no one around.
In the distance she sees a police car slow down next to her.
The officer walks over to the car.
She rolls down the window, "My car broke down."
Officer Boudreau smiles, "You need me?"
Blake is shocked to see him, "Remy? Oh my God. What are the odds that you would be here?"
He laughs, "It's crazy! Or maybe it's fate. You never know. Maybe this was meant to happen?"
She shakes her head, "Or maybe the mechanic I saw last week got mad because I told him he had something in his teeth."
Remy looks at her outfit, "You look nice. What are you all dressed up for? Some date?"
She sighs, "No. I was wearing this to work. You would know that if you had been watching my show. Not that we need the ratings."
Remy nods, "Yeah. I watch it sometimes. But it can be diffiult to watch it a lot."
Blake looks down.
Remy walks to the front of the car to check it out.

Abandoned Building:
Natalia walks into the building.
She is trying to get away from Alan.
She has to slow down.
The baby starts kicking.
Alan walks over.
Natalia is still holding a bag in front of her stomach, "Alan! Go away! Please!"
He sighs, "Natalia! I love you! Please don't leave me again! I can't go on without you."
She shakes her head, "I need to leave. Just let me go. I can't handle this right now."
He cries, "Our child died! We need to get through this together. Please don't leave me!"
She goes to walk away.
He grabs the bag, "Wait!"
The bag falls to the ground.
Alan stares in shock.
There is a sound, "Freeze Springfield PD!"
Harley and Gus run in aiming their guns.
They both stare in shock.
All eyes are on Natalia and her baby bump.


The wind is picking up and the snow is falling fast

Kevin walks past Rocky, "I ddin't know you would be here. I need to use your phone. Where is it?"
Rocky is confused, "Why?"
Kevin looks around, "My car is stuck in the snow. I need to get someone to help me."
Rocky sighs, "Uh.... don't you have a cell phone?"
Kevin scoffs, "I can't get a signal!"
Rocky looks out at the car, "Why are there so many boxes?"
Kevin sighs, "Because I'm leaving! ALl of my stuff is in the boxes. I am leaving this town and never looking back."
Rocky looks at him, "Is it because of me Because of us?"
Kevin scoffs, "There is no us okay? Don't you get it? I was just messing with you. I'm not into guys!"
Rocky shakes his head, "You kissed me."
Kevin laughs, "I just wanted to freak you out! I don't have feelings for you. I like Vi."
Rocky nods, "Oh yeah I saw the show. Funny how you didn't kiss her until you saw me looking out the window."
Kevin shakes his head, "It ain't the first time. I slept with her on Springbreak."
Rocky sighs, "How drunk were you? Do you even remember it?"
Kevin shouts, "Shut your mouth! Or else I'm going to shut it for you! Do you understand me?"
Kevin walks towards Rocky.
The lights go out.

Darina House:

Marina sits in her livingroom.
There is a knock at her door.
She jumps up, "Danny?"
She answers the door and sees Shayne, "Hey!"
She sighs, "Hi. I didn't expect you. Come in."
He takes off his coat, "It's so cold. I just came by to check on you and Danny. I don't know why I just had a feeling."
She nods, "Well Danny isn't here he had a business thing to do. He didn't know about the weather."
Shayne is surprised, "Wow. Well you should call him. I mean I were still with you I'd want to know that."
She shakes her head, "It's not like I want him racing home to see me. That is to dangerous."
Shayne sighs, "Okay. Well then why don't you come with me? I'm going to my Mom's house. I want to keep her company."
Marina nods, "Well.... I'm not sure. I wouldn't want to intrude."
Shayne shakes his head, "You wouldn't be. She has had a rough time and we wanted to make sure she isn't alone tonight."
Marina sighs, "We?:"
Shayne nods, "Yeah Rocky and I."
She sits down, "You know I'm gonna just wait. Danny might come home early. I want to be here if he does."
He sighs, "Is it always going to be awkward when we see each other?"
She looks at him, "I don't know. I hope not."
He grabs his coat, "Well I got to go. Call me if you change your mind."
She nods, "I will. Thank you Shayne."
Shayne leaves.
Marina sits and hopes Danny will come home soon.
The lighs go out. Marina shrieks.

Bauer Cabin:
Danny and Michelle lay in bed together after making love.
She kisses him, "This has just been.... the best night ever. I mean we are complelty safe and happy. It's like this place just makes us free to be who wa are with each other."
He kisses her, "I know exactly what you mean. I love you Michelle. And tonight has been amazing."
She gets up, "But I know you have a decision to make. Because the fact of the matter is that we can't stay here for the rest of our lives. We have to go back to Springfield in the morning. And you have to decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with me or with Marina."
He gets up, "I don't konw. I just.... I feel like I'm trapped. No matter what I'm breaking someones heart and someone is going to hate me."
She shakes her head, "No. Because all I want is for you to be happy whether it is with me or not. And I have a feeling that Marina wants the same thing for you Danny."
Danny gets dressed, "I'm going out for a drive."
She walks over to him, "Just wait! I know that you are about to decide but I just need to tell you. Danny Santos, you are the one true love of my life. No matter what. I love you. I do love you. And in the future I may say that to other men but it will always be you."
He kisses her, "I love you Michelle."
She cries, "I love you Danny>"
Danny grabs his coat and walks out.
Michelle goes and sits on the bed.

Blake is in Remy's car under a blanket.
Remy jumps in, "Oh my God! It's freezing out! I can't even pick up the tools or anything."
She sighs, "You couldn't fix my car? What the hell am I supposed to do? I need to get home."
Remy turns to her, "Where is Clarissa?"
Blake sighs, "She's at Cross Creek. Maureen is watching her. I need to call Vanessa and ask if she can watch her."
Remy sighs, "You won't be able to get through. We'll have to wait until the storm dies down. My car is stuck in the snow now."
Blake cries, "This can't be happening! I mean why is this happening right now to us?"
He turns to her, "It has to be fate Blake."
She scoffs, "Oh please! Stop it."
He shakes his head, "Listen. We broke up after the fire. We almost burned to death. Now we are about to freeze to death. Maybe this was meant to bring us back together?"
Blake looks down, "It's so cold! I can't stand this. There is no way we are going to make it through the night."
Remy holds her hand, "I guess we'll have to keep each other warm."
Blake turns to Remy.
They stare into each other's eyes.
The two lean in and kiss.

Rocky back up, "I can't see."
Kevin sighs, "Of course this would happen right now."
Rocky lights some candles.
Kevin can see Rocky is scared, "You know what? Your fine. I'm leaving you can take care of yourself. I hitch a ride out of town."
Rocky shakes his head, "No! You're going to freeze to death out there. Just wait until it calms down."
Kevins grabs his jacked, "I'll be fine. You need to forget everything. And so will I okay?"
Rocky sighs, "I can't. I want to but I can't. I can help you. I was where you are. I was afraid to admit this about myself. If you do I promise you won't regret it."
Kevin turns to him, "Leave me alone!"
Rocky sighs, "Kevin please! You can't just leave it all in Springfield. It doesn't go away!"
Kevin shouts, 'Cut it out!"
Rocky walks over to him, "You have to stay! Okay just stay here I'll help you with this!"
Kevin grabs him, "Stop it! I don't need you! I'm not going to accept this I don't need to! I'm going to leave this town. There is nothing for me here. No reason I should stay!"
Rocky grabs him and pulls him into a kiss!

Abandonded Building:
Everyone is staring at Natalia.
Alan is in shock, "Oh my God! Your still pregnant? You didn't lose our baby Natalia?"
She shakes her head, "No. Alan I'm so sorry. I just wanted to get away from Springfield."
Gus stares, "How could you not tell us that the baby was still alive? We've all been devestated?"
Natalia cries, "I'm so sorry. But we need to get out of this building before...."
Part of the roof starts to fall.
It's coming right to Harley.
Gus shoves her out of the way.
Gus and Harley fall.
Alan helps them up, "Are you guys okay?"
Harley nods, "Yeah. But I hurt my arm."
Gus gets up, "I'm fine."
Natalia shakes her head, "Look at your hands Gus!"
Gus's hands have huge cuts on them.
Harley looks, "We have to get you to the hospital."
Alan goes to the door but it is blocked now.
Harley tries to move it, "We're trapped in here."
Gus sighs, "Okay everyone just stay calm."
Natalia gets down on her knees and prays.
Harley looks around, "We need to get out now because this place looks dangerous it could collapse in on us."
Gus sighs, "Okay let's look around and find a way out.
Alan walks over to Natalia, "Come on let's go."
She is hysterical, "No!!!! No I can't!"
Harley walks over, "We have to okay? We need to keep you and your baby safe. This place is dangerous!"
Natalia sits back, "I can't! My water just broke! I'm having the baby right now!!!!"
Everyoen stares at each other in complete shock.

The storm carries on!
Natalia gives birth
Blake and Remy do what they have to
Kevin is tempted by Rocky
Danny makes his decision


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I did not get ur email jay and thanks for the explanations.

What a great fu(king episode. jay u r a great writer, in fact so good are u i am taking notes from u. Take ur bow becasue UR blog is the hottest thing out here, that is until S.T.E.A.M. returns, lol

Damn where do I begin

One THing I've noticed in reading again i that ur storylines are much more tighter and a lot easier to follow. That's a def plus

I am mad at how Micehlle is o blah about this choice danny has to make. Girl get ur man. Then on top of that they had ex to make thing smore complicated. She needss to act like she want him. It could not be me

Another story that is super hot is the Kevin.Rocky.Shayne tirangle. WOW is all I can say. I can't elive Rocky kissed Kevin. And now Kevin i dealing with the foot ball macho man thing. I love it. I SO LOVE IT and I hope this tory continues. This is huge!!! GREAT JOB ON THAT ONE!!!!!!! Now I see why kevin hit him. WOW. I can't stop saying it

I smiled instanlty once I knew Remy and Blake were in the ame scene. U can feel there passion, their desire fopr one another and I truly hope they get back together. I love Remy. I wish I was at Blake at times. lol. I am so glad they kissed

THe scenes where Natalia was exposed as to not being pregnant were shocking, And their first scene wasn;t even a cliffhanger. Very big scene for it to be midway through the episode. I was on the edge of my seat.

Shayne and Marina used to date right?

All these great stories admist the back drop of a snow storm was pure genuius.

Ur series is on fire man for real. I love how the stories are interwining so beaftifull and naturally. Great Job Jay!!!!

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  • Members

Thank you ML!!!!

Okay I agree about Michelle. But she has been through this a lot with Danny. They pushed each other away. She knows he loves Marina. The thing is she doesn't want him to be with her unless he really does. But no matter what they will always be the love of each other's life.

Yep. Kevin has been denying this for a while. Rocky is so caught up. That night changed a lot. Rocky and Kevin don't even understand what is happening between them.

Oh yes. I still need to put Remy and Blake in a spot where they can grow seperatley. Now that they know they love each other they need to grow up a little more in different ways. But they both know it's not over with them.

I'm glad you liked the Alan/Natalia/Gus/Harley scenes. This is really the finale for this quad. I'm wrapping it up. But it'll make sense soon. I've been planning these scenes for a year. I'm so glad we are finally here.

Marina and Shayne went out when they were teens. They went through a lot together. She's the only woman he's ever been with. And he's the only man who never really hurt her. It took her a while to get over the fact that he is with her uncle Rocky.

I love intertwining! It's so fun. And I love giving clues. So watch because these are filled with them.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!! It means a lot. :)

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