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Episode 103



Halloween continues in Springfield.......

Harley's House:

Blake looks at Harley, "Gus and Natalia are over. That means now you and Gus can get back together."
Harley shakes her head, "No. I don't thinks so. I mean so much has changed. I've changed."
Blake looks at her, "What aren't you telling me? Gus is the love of your life! You belong together."
Harley stands up, "It's not that simple. I mean things went so wrong last time. To try and make it work again would be insane and frankly it would be pointless."
Blake stares, "I don't get it. I mean you were so devestated when you two broke up last year. I thought this would be exciting for you to have the opportunity to get back with him."
Harley sighs, "I thought so too but things are different now. I'm not saying that we'll never get back together. Maybe someday we'll find our way back to each other. But right now I want.... I just want different things in my life right now."
Blake jumps up, "Oh my God! I can't belive it!"
Harley turns to her, "What?"
Blake smiles, "Who is he?"
Harley is speechless.

Abandoned Building:

This old building has been abandoned.
It's falling apart and not very sturdy.
It has been labeled dangerous and is ordered that everyone stay out of it for now.
Which is why it is the perfect place for two criminals on the run to make a home for a short time.
Susan and Guillespie are laying on the floor.
She holds a huge bag in her arms, "Oh my God. I still can't believe how much cash we have! We are going to be set for life!"
He nods, "Oh yes. Didn't I promise you that I would keep you safe? Now I can give you the life you deserve."
She smiles, "How long were you hiding the money in this building? It must have been..."
He shakes his head, "Oh it's been a while. But you don't need to worry about that."
The two kiss.
She sits back, "So how long until we leave town?"
He sighs, "Well I think we should leave next week. I mean I wanted to see my brother but I don't think he's gonna be to thrilled to see me. Are you okay without having your family?"
She nods, "Yes. I know it'll be difficult but I've gone most of my life without them and.... I'll be fine as long as I have you."
The two hold hands.


A woman in a mask comes up and kisses Danny.
He smiles, "Michelle?"
She pulls off the mask, "What did you say?" It's Marina.
He is surprised, "Uh... I called you..."
She is suspicous, "You called me Michelle. Why would Michelle be kissing you Danny."
He is nervous, "Uh... I didn't mean Michelle. It was a slip of the tongue. It doesn't mean anything."
She shakes her head, "You know I'm sorry. I have no reason to be jealous. I know that you are over her and that you are my man now. I'm sorry I doubted you for even a second."
She kisses him.
He looks at her, "I didn't expect you back today. You arrived very early didn't you?"
She nods, "I know! The case was wrapped up really quick and I was called back. I was gonna let you know but I wanted to surprise you."
He sighs, "Well I'm surprised."
She holds his hand, "Is everything okay? You seem like your upset about something."
He takes a deep breathe, "Marina we need to talk."
Danny prepares. He has to break her heart again.

Old Museum:

Kevin is walking away from the party.
He is down the sidewalk.
Someone grabs him from behind.
He is pulled into a kiss.
He pulls back to see who is kissing him.
Vi smiles at him, "You leaving the party so soon?"
He scoffs, "What the hell are you doing?"
She smiles, "Let's go to your car and we can have some fun. Jason had to make a phone call."
He shakes his head, "No. I have way to much crap going on in my life to get mixed up with you."
She sighs, "I'm not like the rest of those phoneys. You beat up that little fag Rocky. It's not like you did something really bad. Besides I kind of find it hot."
Kevin looks up to see Rocky staring at him through the window.
Kevin pulls Vi close and kisses her.
Inside Maureen is with Rafe, "So I never saw you at Springfield High. Did you go somewhere else?"
He nods, "Yeah. I went there for a while but later on my Granddad sent me to some stuck up boarding school. It was kind of a drag. A bunch of annoying little preps."
She nods, "So now your out of school huh? What are you doing now? Are you working? Going to college?"
He shakes his head, "Nah. I don't have time. I'm busy with other things I have going on."
He smiles at Maureen.


Jeffrey and Gus walk to mainstreet.
Jeffrey looks at Gus, "I just want to find somewhere to talk to you about this. You know what maybe we should go to your house this is really an important discussion."
Gus shakes his head, "No. It's not that big of a deal O'Niell but thank you. I appreciate it."
Jeffrey is shocked, "Gus this is your daughter Belinda we are talking about! That little girl you love."
Gus nods, "I know that I know that. But the thing is that Alan helped. My Dad used his contacts and they pulled some strings and now we don't have to worry about this whole problem."
Jeffrey doesn't understand, "So wait you got the case dropped? Why wasn't I informed of this?"
Gus sighs, "Well it just happened. I actually tried to call you but Mel said you were out of town."
Jeffrey nods, "Yeah I had to do some investigating. And there's a lot of stuff going on with Marah."
Gus sighs, "Sorry. I hope it all works out. And hey maybe someday you'll have a big family like I do.""
Gus walks away leaving Jeffrey speechless.

Abandoned Building:
Susan is walking around.
Guillespie looks at her, "What are you thinking about?"
She sighs, "My mother. I mean why was she chasing us all over New York? I mean everywhere I looked I saw her."
He sits up, "But she didn't catch us and she eventually gave up. Now it's time for us to move on."
Susan sits with him, "Oh I've waited so long to finally be free of my Mom and everyone else in this stupid town."
He sighs, "Are you having second thoughts about leaving? Because if you are you need to tell me now. Other wise it's gonna come back to bite us on the ass."
She shakes her head, "No. It's just that I have memories of my adoptive father here too. Before he died."
Guillespie kisses her, "Hey. You know what I just realized? Today. It's Halloween. It's our holiday! Come on lets go out and celebrate this special day!"
She laughs, "Oh come one lets just take a nap. I'm tired. Besides someone could see us."
He shakes his head, "We have masks. Just like everyone else will. Come on. Don't act like you don't want to."
She smiles, "What did you have in mind?"
He looks into her eyes, "Whatever you want Sue. A trick or a treat?"
She gets up and gets ready.



Danny is about to talk to Marina when Buzz walks up, "Hey! Marina! When did you get back?"
She smiles, "Hey Grandpa! I missed you! I just got back. I didn't want to miss Halloween!"
Buzz hugs her, "Well welcome back sweetheart. Hey Danny this has to be a real treat for you huh?"
Danny nods, "Yeah."
Buzz walks over to the counter.
Marina smiles, "Oh you wanted to tell me something?"
He nods, "Yes. I.... It's just a lot happened while you were gone. I just started to..."
She jumps, "Oh! Did you paint the walls? Please tell me you didn't because I wanted to make sure it was the color I wanted. It's okay if you did but did you?"
He shakes his head, "Uh... no I didn't do anything on the walls. I haven't gotten to that."
She grins, "I'm sorry. It's just this is our house and I want it all to be perfect. I just want to be happy with you Danny and no matter where we are I know that we will be."
Danny sighs, "Uh... Marina I have to go check on Robbie and Hope they are staying at the Bauer home."
She nods, "Okay. I'll hang out here and meet you at home later okay?"
He nods, "Yeah okay."
Danny heads over to see Michelle.

Harley's House:
Harley is with Blake, "Blake! Why? Why do you always have to jump to these conclusions?"
Blake smiles, "Because I'm Blake! Anyways back to you. Who is he? What's he like? Is he hot? Have you had sex yet?"
Harley laughs, "Oh my God! You are officially insane! You know that right? I mean it's official now. I'm gonna make a phone call to Ravenwood in the morning."
Blake gasp, "Oh! You don't know do you? Someone else was check into Ravenwood recently."
Harley sighs, "What? I go out of town for a few weeks and everything goes crazy."
Blake shakes her head, "Not everything. Annie. Annie Dutton is back in Springfield."
Harley is in shock, "Annie Dutton? Are you serious? Annie Dutton is back in town?"
Blake nods, "But like I said she is in Ravenwood. She can't get to any of us okay?"
Harley sits down, "Ugh! Why? I was so looking forward to coming home and now I have to deal with all of this drama."
Blake sits next to her, "Well maybe your new guy can help you through it. So when do I get to meet him."
Harley throws a pillow at Blake.

Guillespie runs through the park.
Susan catches up with him.
They are dressed as Bonnie and Clyde.
She smiles, "Oh my! That was just crazy! We spray painted almost every car on that last block!"
He grins, "I know we haven't had this much childish fun in ages. I guess it is a holiday for kids. But then again I guess that most of your Amercian holidays are."
Susan smiles, "I told you that trick was so much better than treat. I was so right."
He sighs, "Yeah but I am hungry right now. Some candy would have been nice you know?"
She sees some kids, "You know they have a lot of candy. I mean they wouldn't miss it."
He laughs, "Okay! We have done some messed up things and may have killed some people but taking candy from a baby is just an expressin Sue. That's a little messed up."
She laughs, "I'm sorry! I just have such a rush right now. I need to do something exciting."
He grins, "Some might say I'm exciting."
The two kiss and head back to their place.

Old Museum:
Rafe is with Maureen, "So what are you doing after the party? You going to another one?"
She shakes her head, "No. I think I might be going home. I promised my sister that I would be home soon."
He sighs, "Wow you think someone who didn't live with her parents would be a little more fun."
She smiles, "Well I don't want to worry Dinah."
Jason walks over, "Hey you ready to go?"
She nods, "Oh yeah."
He looks around, "Let's go find Vi and then we can go."
The two get up and walk away.
Rafe grins at Maureen and then watches her leave.
Rocky walks to the window and looks out again.
Kevin is kissing Vi.
She smiles, "Wow! You seem excited tonight. I guess it has been a while for you huh?"
He looks at her, "What do you mean?"
She sighs, "Well we haven't had sex since that drunken night on Springbreak that we don't really remember. And you and Maureen weren't having sex so I figure...."
He shakes his head, "Well what makes you think Maureen and I weren't having sex together?"
She looks at him, "Well Jason told me the story about how you couldn't.... you know. So I guess Maureen just isn't the person you really want. But I got a good idea as to who you really want."
She goes to kiss him again but he pushes her away, "Leave me the hell alone you crazy bitch!"
He walks away.
Vi stands furious.

O'Neill Boudreau Law Office:
Jeffrey walks into his office.
He sits at his desk and looks at the file.
He still didn't tell Gus that the child he adopted was Dinah's.
He thinks about Gus and Harley. They aren't even together, finding this out about their adoptive daughter would make things way more complicated and cause problems.
Then there is Mallet and Dinah. Dinah didn't want this daughter.
That's why she gave her away.
To bring this to their attention would only ruin the happiness that they are going to have with this new baby.
After some long thought Jeffrey finally makes a decision.
He decides to keep this information to himself.
He goes to burn the file but he can't do it.
There is just too much importance in it.
He puts the file in his bottom drawer and locks it.
Jeffrey gets up and turns off the lights. He leaves locking the door behind him.
He knows that inside his desk is a secret that could change the lives of his friends forever.

Bauer Home:

Hope is upstairs sleeping.
Robbie is still out trick or treating with his friends.
Michelle sits in the livingroom.
The doorbell rings.
She gets up and goes to the door with the bowl of candy.
She opens the door to see Danny standing there, "Michelle we really need to talk."
She is surprised to see him, "Is everything okay?"
He shakes his head, "No! Marina came home today."
She sighs, "Oh. Did you tell her what you were going to?"
He sits down, "No! I tried but I just couldn't do it. I don't understand what is going on!"
Michelle sits with him, "Danny! All I want is for you to be happy. So whoever you choose at this point.... I'll support you. Okay? I promise you that I will."
He sighs, "The problem is I don't know. I think I might be in love with both of you."
She takes a deep breathe, "Well you can't have us both. So you need to make your choice."
He stands, "How? How?!?"
She walks over to him, "Okay next week we'll go up and spend a night at the Bauer Cabin together. We'll see what happens. One night with no contact to Marina. And then you'll make your decision. You'll decide which one of us it is you truely love."
He nods, "Okay. Okay I'll do that. Thank you Michelle."
He kisses her and then leaves.
Michelle walks over to her table and sits down.
She begins to cry.

A huge storm hits Springfield!
Natalia is found
Rocky has another confrontation with Kevin
Marina gets a visitor
Danny and Michelle spend the night together
Remy comes to Blake's rescue


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A very good and solid episode jay

So why doesn't harley want Gus. I know when he was with nat she had feelings for him

I really can't wait till Susan getst whats coming to her. She's nothing but a big bag of bad ass. She need a good ass weapon from harley. Where is Gilieupsue from? And is he wanted with the law?

Why are Kevin and Rocky beefing/ becasue Rocky'sd gay?

Rafe is new right? He seems like he's got something up his sleeve

So what does Annie Dutton being in town going to do? i do remeber her when he wa under paul rauch's term as ep.

Why did Kevin snap like that in the 2nd scene . Was he just kissing Vi to [[email protected]#$%^&*] with Rocky?

And boy oh boy, Jefferey leaving that secret in his desk drawer spells trouble for real

Some one, the wrong one will find it

I'm feeling the Danny/michelle /marina love triangle but I think michelle is too kool about her man unable to choose whom he wants.

But a GREAT EPISODE. A goo read!!

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When Harley divorced Gus she told him that there was no going back. But in a couple of weeks you'll see that she has moved on in more ways.

Yep Susan has karma coming. Guillespie and his brother Cyrus are from Austrailia. Guillespie is still wanted for many crimes including the murder of Tammy Winslow. He is the hitman that Alan hired.

Kevin attacked Rocky a while ago. It was weeks before they realized it was him. But now Kevin revealed that he was only insecure because he (the all american football hero) had grown feelings for Rocky. Rocky and Kevin shared a kiss but Rocky hasn't told Shayne.

Rafe is Natalia and Gus's son. We haven't seen him in a while. He has an interest in Maureen but seems to have an ulterior motive.

Annie Dutton has A LOT coming up. In a few weeks it'll make more sense. I'm trying to fix a certain story that I feel GL messed up.

Kevin doesn't want to admit that he has feelings for Rocky because last time Rocky shut him down. He doesn't want to admit he might be gay.

Yep. Jeffrey holds a HUGE secret that could affect SO many people.

Yep. Michelle has made a lot of mistakes latley and she doesn't want to mess up with Danny. She knows they are meant to be. But she doesnt' want to force him. But just a hint... if Danny doesn't decide in time the consequences could be extreme.

Thanks for the comments! I hope you got my email. Let me know if you didn't.

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