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Episode 102



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It's Halloween in Springfield.........


Natalia is leaving Cedars. She had to have a quick appointment and is meeting Olivia across the street.
Natalia sits on the bench and waits.
She is worried people might see her still.
She turns and sees Gus and Alan inside.
Alan isn't in a costume, "I hate Halloween. I'll never understand why so many people enjoy this holiday."
Gus is dressed as a vampire, "Listen Dad. Some people actually enjoy having fun. Believe it or not."
Alan shakes his head, "So many horrible things have happened latley. How can people just pretend like everything is fine?"
Gus sighs, "Listen Zach took the kids out trick or treating. But I don't feel safe so lets follow them for a little while? Okay?"
Alan and Gus are walking towards the door.
Natalia panics.
She sees a mask lying on the ground.
She picks it up and puts it on.
The two men walk by without noticing.

Old Museum:

Most of the younger crowd is at the old museum apartment.
Stephanie allowed Vi to invite her friends over.
Jason and Vi are sitting together.
Maureen walks over, "Hi you guys."
Vi sighs, "Hello Maureen."
Jason turns to her, "Hey are you okay?"
She nods, "Oh yeah. It's just weird being here without a date you know. No one to talk to or dance with."
Vi nods, "Oh yeah you and Kevin broke up. That's got to suck huh? Well if your not up to partying you don't have to stick around. You can go home if you like?"
Jason stands up, "I'll dance with you Maureen."
Vi pulls him back down, "Well then I would be lonley. And Maureen doesn't want to dance with you. She's very emotional about this whole thing with your brother."
Maureen turns to leave and bumps into Rafe.
He smiles, 'Well look at you. You look scared tonight."
She nods, "Hi. Rafe. I didn't know you were going to be here."
He grins, "Well I can never turn down a good party. How about you? Are you sticking around?"
She steps back, "Um... I don't know. There's just a lot going on right now you know."
He holds her hand, "Well maybe we can forget about that for a moment and just focus on what's happening right now."
Maureen is somewhat hyponized by him.

Cross Creek:

Josh is passing out candy for the night.
Bill took out Emma and the baby.
The doorbell rings.
Josh grabs the bowl and walks to the door.
He opens it to see Reva standing there, "Trick or Treat Bud?"
He goes to shut the door but she stops him.
He shakes his head, "I have nothing to say to you right now Reva. You need to go."
She walks in, "We need to talk about this. It's not as simple as you seem to think."
He scoffs, "It's seems pretty damn simple to me. You lied and made everyone think that Jonathan and Sarah were dead! But oh no you didn't keep it from everyone. You let your sweet boyfriend Jeffrey know. I guess you trust him more than your own family."
She shakes her head, "No! Jeffrey found out on his own. And then he helped me keep my secret. I didn't want him to be involved. I didn't want anyone involved. But more and more people kept finding out."
Josh stares at her, "I asked you if there were any other secrets! Because I knew something like this could happen and you looked in my face and lied to me."
She cries, "I know how hard this is but you need to understand that I was trying to protect my Son and my Granddaugther. Alan Spaulding is a sick man who tried to kill Jonathan once and I know he would do it again. That's why Jonathan ran!"
Josh paces, "And Lizzie? Lizzie Spaulding? She is Sarah's mother! She didn't know her daughter was alive?"
Reva is crying, "No! I hated it. I love Lizzie! But we both know what she is capable of!"
Josh nods, "Yes Reva. But until now I had absolutly no idea what you wree capapble of."
Josh turns his back to her.


Liz walks is in her room.
She is trying to quickly pack up her stuff.
She can't find some of her stuff.
The door opens.
Colin walks in, "Liz! You came back!"
She shakes her head, "No! I'm not back! I just came to get my stuff but I can't find it all."
He walks over to her, "We sent some of it over to the house remember? We were about to move in."
She nods, "That's right! I forgot all about the farm house and all of the plans."
He sits next to her, "Liz, we can still have our plans. We don't have to end things."
She cries, "My little girl is alive. And you were helping them keep her from me."
He sighs, "It was before we really met. I was helping Reva. But I told her that she had to tell you."
Liz scoffs, "And that just makes it all okay?"
He shakes his head, "No. I know what I did was unforgivable. But I don't want to end things with you. I love you."
She gets up, "Well I love my little girl and I won't stop until I get her back in my arms."
She starts to grab all of her things again.

Harley's House:

The house is dark.
No one has been inside in weeks.
Suddenly the door opens up and the lights go on.
Harley walks into her house.
She sits her bags down.
She walks over to her couch and plops down.
She has a tear running down her face.
The door opens again.
A voice cals over, "Your home."
Harley looks up, "Blake?"
Blake walks over, "Sweetie! I've missed you so much! I started to think you were never coming home."
Harley sits up, "How did you know I was here?"
Blake sighs, "I saw your car driving here and I followed you. Where is Susan at?"
Harley shakes her head, "I couldn't catch her. Ran all over New York. I got close but she is too clever. I mean I just kept going and going and searching. But in the end I failed."
Blake hugs her, "Oh Harley. You didn't fail. Believe me if anyone is the bad parent it's me. With you know everything going on."
Harley shakes her head, "No. What's going on?"
Blake sighs, "Oh God. You haven't heard yet? About Rocky?"
Harley shakes her head, "I heard he was attacked but they said he was doing a lot better. But what does that have to do with you."
Blake looks down, "The person who attacked Rocky.... was Kevin."
Harley is completly shocked.

Old Museum:

Shayne and Rocky are both at the party.
Shayne is looking around, "Wow this place hasn't changed much since I last lived here."
Rocky nods, "It's nice."
Shayne turns to him, "Are you okay?"
Rocky sighs, "I know this has to be a difficult time for you. With what's going on with your parents and Jonathan and Sarah turning out to be alive. It just feels weird."
Shayne nods, "Well I know things are complicated right now but I have a feeling that soon we're gonna be back to normal. You believe that too right Rocky?"
Rocky hesitates.
Across the room Maureen is standing with Rafe, "You are really convincing aren't you?"
Rafe nods, "Oh yes. But then again I don't think I have to convince you much. I think you got a little crush on me huh?"
She shakes her head, "No. I mean your a really nice guy but I just got out of a relationship. And I don't think we are quite each other's type. You know what I mean?"
Rafe shakes his head, "No why don't you try and explain."
He runs his fingers through her hair.
Kevin Marler walks into the room.
This catches everyone's attention.


Alan is walking back up the sidewalk.
Olivia's car pulls up across the street.
Natalia gets in.
Alan turns his head and sees Natalia in the window.
He shouts out, "Natalia? Natalia! Natalia!"
He chases it down the street.
He keeps calling out her name.
She sees him but tries to ignore him.
The car goes faster and eventually loses him.
Gus sees Alan and walks over, "Dad? What's going on?"
Alan is out of breathe, "Gus! I saw her! Did you see her she was in the car! We have to get to her!"
Gus shakes his head, "Who? Dad? Who are you talking about? I didn't see anyone."
Alan sighs, "Um.... no one. I guess my eyes their playing tricks on me again. I'm seeing things."
Gus shakes his head, "Come on let's go back inside."
The two men walk back in.
Alan keeps looking over his shoulder hoping he'll see Natalia again.

Harley's House:
Harley can't believe what Blake is telling her, "Wait why would Kevin hurt Rocky? He doesn't even know him?"
Blake shakes her head, "I don't know it's just... there's been so much going on with my new job. And I don't think he's been honest about how he felt about Remy and...."
Harley nods, "Oh. Does Kevin have a problem with the fact that Rocky is gay? Is that it?"
Blake looks at her, "I don't know. We didn't raise him that way. I just.... I don't understand this! My life is just a whole mess right now and I don't even have someone to lean on."
Harley is confused, "What about Remy? What's going on there? Last I heard you two were strong."
Blake sighs, "Remy was just... there wasn't trust in our relationship. I mean I hate saying this but the age difference had problems for us. And now he's... he's been hanging out with Stephanie Grant! I mean she isn't much older than my boys. But then again Remy isn't really either!"
Harley hugs Blake, "Well I know how hard everything must be but I'm here for you sweetie."
Blake nods, "Well at least you have something to look forward too. I mean Gus and Natalia are done. Now there is nothing stoping you and Gus from getting back together."
Harley sighs, "Uh... I don't know. Things have.... changed."
Blake is confused.

Old Museum:
Shayne gets ready to approach Kevin but Rocky holds him back. The two walk into the other room.
But not before Rocky and Kevin exchange a look.
Jason walks over to his brother, "What the hell are you doing here man? Why did you come here?"
Kevin scoffs, "It's Halloween. Everyone we know is here. What am I not welcome anywhere?"
Jason shakes his head, "I don't know what the hell has happened to you man. I mean really? This is who you are now?"
Kevin walks closer to Jason, "Do you have a problem with that?"
Maureen walks between them, "Stop! Just... Kevin you need to leave okay? Before something else happens!"
Rafe grins, "Yeah buddy. You best be leaving."
Kevin turns around and walks away.
Kevin goes outside and is walking down the sidewalk.
Suddenly he feels someone turn him around and start kissing him.
He backs up and is shocked by who he sees.

Cross Creek:
Josh stares at Reva, "You know I've known you my entire life Reva. But right now I have no idea who I am looking at. I mean how could you do something so cruel?"
Reva shakes her head, "I am not cruel! I am a mother. And as a mother it is my job to do whatever I have to do to protect my children and my children's children."
He scoffs, "It's nice how you can justify it Reva. I mean really you are good at that but that doesn't change the fact that everyone has been mourning Jonathan and Sarah while they were alive this entire time! And you new all of it!"
She walks towards him, "I was trying to do the right thing! When I saw that car go over the cliff I thought I lost Jonathan and Sarah forever. And Alan was so vengful. Not even that would stop him. If he found out they were alive then Jonathan really would have died!"
Josh shakes his head, "Reva! But they didn't die! They survived!"
She cries, "Do you remember where we were that day? Tammy's funeral! Alan killed Tammy! She never hurt anyone. And he was trying to kill Jonathan. Now you look me in the eye and tell me that if Jonathan hadn't run he would still be alive."
Josh has nothing to say.

Liz is throwing all of her stuff into her bags.
Colin tries to stop her, "Liz! Please! Can we just talk about this? I don't want this to ruin everything we share."
She shakes her head, "We never shared anything! Because the entire time you were lying to me! You were keeping this secret that my little girl is alive!!!!"
She throws a glass across the room.
He walks towards her, "If I could go back and change it I would! But I just.... I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how. And I didn't know where they were. Me telling you would only have made you suffer more knowing your child is out there and you can't find her."
She shakes her head, "No! Stop it! It's to late to make up for it but don't you dare look at me and try to justify what you've done! Don't you dare do that!"
She falls to the bed crying.
He sits with her, "I want to help you! I want to help you find Jonathan and Sarah. I will do whatever I have to. But I want to help you get your baby back into your arms."
Liz shakes her head, "She's not even a baby anymore! She's a little kids now! She is growning up without me. She's got to be.... Oh my.... Oh my God! Oh my God!"
Colin is confused, "What? What is it?"
She sits up, "I knew it! I saw her at that daycare center out of town! I knew it! It was her! It was my little girl!"
He looks at her, "How can you know that?"
She shouts, "She's my child! She's my daughter! She is Sarah I know it! I know it!"
Liz gets up and starts digging through her purse.

Alan sits at the counter.
He keeps thinking about what he saw.
Could it really have been Natalia?
The waitress walks over, "Mr. Spaulding. There was a note left for you. Some detective left it.."
Alan takes the note and reads it.
He stares in shock, "Oh my God. It's from the private investiagor."
The note has information on Natalia.
He gets up and walks out.
Gus walks down the stairs.
Jeffrey walks over to him, "Gus I've been looking everywhere for you. I need to talk to you."
Gus listens, "Oh yeah? What about?"
Jeffrey sighs, "It's about your daughter. I was looking into her past and trying to find out about her birth and.... I need to tell you what I found Gus. I need to tell you now."
Gus is very confused.
Danny walks inside after having taking Robbie and Hope trick or treating.
A woman with a mask on walks over and gives him a big kiss.
He pulls back, "Michelle?"
She pulls off the mask, "What did you call me?"
Danny is shocked to see Marina.

Danny has conflicting feelings
Jeffrey makes a shocking decision
Blake questions Harley
Susan and Guillespie are back in town!
Kevin is shocked at who kisses him
Rafe hits on Maureen


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Very Good episode. Very good indeed. The dialog was great and I have missed Gl so much. I just started my own production company and getting that off the ground was a massive feat. And I am working on a play for black history month and working on S.T.E.A.M.’s third season has been very time consuming so please forgive me Jay.

I am saddened to see Blake and Remy have broken up. I am already rooting for them to get back together.

So what happened with Natalia?

Why isn’t Alan in jail for the crimes he’ committed?

Did Gus find out about Alan and Natalia?

I am back Jay and will read every ep and post comments. GOOD JOB BUDDY!!

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  • Members

Ooh you've been busy! I am very excited for season 3 of STEAM!!!!

I'm just glad to see you back.

I really want to thank you. You really helped me with my blog. You came on during the Spring when I started the new direction and helped me build with your advise. FTL has grown so much and I will always appreciate it. :)

Blake and Remy are indeed broke up. I hope you got to check out Remy's heroic episode saving Blake's life. But this break up like many things in soaps is not permanent. I want to see how readers react to the Sam/Stephanie/Remy SL and I want to give Blake some tme as a Mom to her kids. Especially Kevin.

Blake and Remy are something I am very proud of. One of the first couples I created and every poster who commented has had something nice to say about Blake and Remy. I mark them as one of my favorite accomplishments.

Natalia lied and said she miscarried and is hiding from Alan with help of her friend Olivia.

Now it's hard to expalin the Alan situation since that took place on GL. But to sum it up he is a billionaire. He can get away with almost anything. He actually married the DA in exchange for her covering up the crime.

Gus found out when our bad girl Susan stormed his wedding and broke the news.

If you like I can email you a recap of what you missed. I know it is difficult trying to catch up.

Glad to have you back!

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  • Members

WOW I AM SO MAD I MISSED that wedding with Susan stopping it. Again jay after reading 102 compared to earlier episodes, It's like night and day. The scenes are so fleshed out and the dialog is great. Good job. I will keep my eye open for Remy's new triangle. And I like what u r going to do with Blake.

I am glad I was able to inspire you. The email would be nice and again I am sorry i was away. I was hoping u didnt think I stopped reading., I had a lot of issues with S.T.E.A.M. and co writing Life In salem really took its toll on my series. But I have a clear mind now and more energy to put into my series so expect great things and a bit of a difference. I am excited about what is going to happen. Sorry for talking about my seires in your blog. I'm just so excited.

Natalia hiding from Alan is very interesting.

PS. I am I have learned a lot from you to as well just by reading your series. You really take your time with plotting and it's great. All your storeis intertwine and I love that and that iss key to a great series.

Jay you are a great writer and I would like to work with you some time. Weather it be GL or S.T.E.A.M. come holla at me

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  • Members

I sent you the emails! :)

BTW I've always wanted to do some sort of cross over with STEAM. I'm not sure exactly how that would go or who it would involve but it's something I've always thought about.

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