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Episode 101



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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All the drama is in Springfield.........


Liz stares at the picture, "Oh my God! Jonathan and Sarah are alive Reva! Where is my baby?"
Reva shakes her head, "I'm so sorry Lizzie. I really am sorry. I wanted to tell you."
Josh walks Reva away, "What is going on? Why are they asking you these questions?"
Reva cries, "I'm so sorry Joshua. I promised Jonathan I wouldn't tell anyone. I'm so sorry. Jonathan and Sarah are a alive. They didn't die in that car crash."
Josh is in shock, "What? What do you mean when was the last time you saw him Reva?"
She sighs, "A few days ago."
Marah walks to her mother, "It's was him. This was Jonathan he was leaving us the roses!"
Reva shakes her head, "No! It wasn't Jonathan! Just listen to me please! Just please."
Beth yells, "Reva! Where is Jonathan? Where is my Granddaughter? Where are they?"
Reva cries, "I don't know! I gave Jonathan some money and he left town again! I'm sorry. We want to protect Sarah."
Phillip shakes his head, "This wasn't the way to do it Reva! You didn't have to make Lizzie believe her child was dead."
Beth shouts, "Tell Lizzie where her baby is!"
Everyone turns around to see Liz and Colin are gone.
Jeffrey pulls in.
He gets out of his car and over to Marah, "I need to talk to you."
She shakes her head, "No, I have to tell you something first. But you won't believe it."
Beth is furious, "You know what Reva you are going down! And so is everyone else who was in on your secret!"
Reva turns her head to Jeffrey.

Spaulding Mansion:

Edmund is watching Cassandra.
But she can only see her daughter Tammy who she believes is sitting right with her, "Oh sweetheart. All I want to do is make you proud you know that don't you?"
The vision of Tammy nods, "Oh yes Mom. This is exactly as we planned. Soon all of Springfield will be sorry. They've all forgotten about me. You are the only person who really loves me and really misses me. You are the one who can make them pay. Make them all pay."
Cassandra nods, "And I will Baby. I promise you I will make them pay. I will make the entire town of Springfield sorry that they ever messed with us. And the Spauldings will pay for taking you away from me."
Cassandra hugs her imaginary daughter.
Edmund shuts the door.
He steps away, "Oh my God. Cassie? Could you really be this insane and dislusional. Are you talking to Tammy?"
Edmund walks down the hall.


Kevin stares at Rocky, "Why do you think followed you at that club?"
Rocky starts to realize what has been going on with Kevin.
Kevin walks closer, "I don't want to lose control Rocky. But I might. What about you?"
Rocky walks closer to Kevin.
Kevin puts his hands on Rocky's face and they share a passionate kiss!!!!
They back up onto the bed.
They pull away for a moment.
Rocky stares at him, "Kevin is this what I...."
Kevin nods, "I wanted you that night Rocky! I want you!"
The two kiss again!
They are making out on the bed.
A picture of Shayne is knocked over.
Rocky sees it ans pushes Kevin off of him, "Stop it! Stop!"
Kevin gets up, "I'm sorry I wasn't trying to...."
Rocky shoves him, "Get out of here! You are a bastard! You attacked me and left me for dead! Why did i do that? You are trying to hurt me again and I'm not going to let you!"
Kevin cries, "I'm sorry. I am so sorry!"
Kevin screams, "Leave! Before I call the cops!"
Kevin runs out.
Rocky falls to the floor crying.


Mindy walks out to the parking lot after talking with Rick.
She stops at her car which has a broken window, "Oh my God! Who would do this?"
Mindy remembers the roses.
She starts to look around.
All of the sudden she sees lights shining around her.
She slowly turns around and sees headlights.
A car is speeding across the parking lot.
It's not stopping!
Mindy quickly realizes it's coming right at her!
She tries to run but for some reason she is frozen still.
She is staring into the lights of the car that is getting closer each and every millisecond.
All of the sudden she feels arms wrapping around her.
Mindy goes flying to the side.
She falls to the ground and rolls a few feet away.
She looks up to see the car speed away.
It just missed her.
She looks up to see the man who saved her life.
She stares in shock, "Oh my God."
He smiles, "Well. Hello Melinda Sue. My you've grown up nice."
Mindy is shocked to see Rusty Shayne.

Bauer Cabin:

Danny and Michelle lie in each other's arms after having just made love together.
She stares at him, "Please Danny. Tell me.... tell me that this is not some dream?"
He kisses her head, "It's not a dream Michelle. Though it does really seem like one."
She stares into his eyes, "I knew that someday we would be together again.... but I still am surprised."
He nods, "I know what you mean. I tried to so hard to... I don't know fall out of love? But I don't think I can."
She sighs, "I know. We've tried so many times. Maybe that's why we haven't signed the divorce papers yet?"
He looks at her, "Michelle.... I'm so sorry. I know it was so hard for me to get over everything that has happened but now I don't know... I just realize that this is who we are."
Michelle smiles, "You are all I think about latley Danny. Everytime I close my eyes I see you."
He holds her, "It's crazy but no matter how much we get hurt or how much crying we do, we still love each other."
She kisses him, "And no matter what danger we've been through, the only place I feel safe in this world is in your arms."
The two continue to kiss.


Natalia sits down.
Olivia rubs her stomach, "Oh my God! Look how big you've got. I mean I forgot how far along you would be."
Natalia nods, "I know! I didn't gain that much weight with Rafe but I guess I was younger than."
Olivia sighs, "I know this is a tough question and I'm no pressuring you. I'm just curious. Do you plan to tell Alan and Gus that you never lost the baby Natalia?"
She nods, "Of course. I mean I don't want to keep this baby away from their family but I know that so much drama has happened. I mean I almost lost this baby because of all of the stress. I need to think of a way to handle this Olivia."
Olivia sighs, "I don't want to scare you but Alan isn't always calm. When he finds out that this baby is alive.... he's gonna come after you. I've been there. That's why I want to help you."
Natalia shakes her head, "I know how you all see Alan. He's big Alan Spaulding who is angry and vengful. But I see something different in him. And no matter how hard I try to fight it.... I... I just don't see him like you all do Olivia."
Olivia sighs, "Take from someone who was married to Alan. You cannot trust him. And just when you think you can, you can't."
Olivia goes to get Natalia some water.


Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra walks into the livingroom.
Edmund is sitting on the couch, "Hello Darling. How are you today? Everything okay?"
She nods, "Yes. Why are you acting so weird?"
He gets up, "Sorry. I guess I didn't realize I was acting any different than usual."
She stares at him, "Why are you looking at me like that? It's starting to bother me."
He smiles, "I'm sorry. It's just.... well I got some good news today that I am very interested in."
She nods, "Well okay. You have fun with your little games. I have a town to take over."
He walks over to her, "Can I ask something of you. I mean it's nothing big at all."
She laughs, "Well let's see, I saved you from prison, put a roof over your head, and gave you everything you could ever want, so I guess I owe you a favor right?"
He grins, "Just remind me why you are keeping me here with you as an ally of sorts."
She sighs, "You are pretty clever Edmund. I need someone like you to get revenge on this town. You aren't as idiotic as you look. Just don't let that give you a big head because I'm still the one in charge around here do you understand?"
She walks off.
He smiles, "Oh yes. I am beginning to understand everything."

Bauer Cabin:
Danny and Michelle are getting dressed.
Michelle looks at him, "You know once we leave here things are going to change Danny?"
He turns to her, "What do you mean? I thought you wanted all of this didn't you?"
She nods, "Yes. But when we get back to the real world we're gonna have to deal with everything again. And that involves Marina. You are moving with her Danny."
He sighs, "Oh God! I can't believe this! I promised her that I was over you! I promised her that I would never hurt her again and look at what I'm doing! Oh God!"
She walks over to him, "Listen. I know this will be difficult. And I want to be there with you through this. But what you have with Marina is real and you need to do this on your own. And I think it's best if you do it as soon as possible."
He sits, "Marina is out of town. She and Remy had to go work on a case for a while."
Michelle sits with him, "Then when she comes home you can just sit her down and explain it to her."
Danny shakes his head, "I told Marina I would die before I hurt her again Michelle. I can't even imagine the look on her face when I do this to her again."
Danny and Michelle hold each other.

Rocky is on the ground crying.
Why would he even stand to be in the same room with Kevin let alone kiss him. Why?
Rocky gets up and looks in the mirror.
He doesn't even recognize the person he is looking at.
Shayne walks in, "Hey! Are you okay? What's wrong?"
Rocky sighs, "Uh nothing. I just... I hate fight with you. It's never a fun thing to do."
Shayne sees the picture of himself on the floor, "Well I guess we just have to get past this."
Rocky looks at Shayne, "Is something wrong? Why are you not at thw wedding with your parents?"
Shayne sighs, "There was a lot of drama. As it turns out my brother Jonathan is not dead. He is alive. And so is his daughter."
Rocky is in shock, "Oh my God! Are you serious?"
Shayne nods, "And my mother knew. But she just didn't feel the need to tell her other children."
Rocky hugs Shayne.
But Rocky can't stop thinking about his moment with Kevin.

Rusty is sitting over Mindy, "Wow. I can't belive you are the same girl. All grown up. You look beautiful."
She shoves him, "You are squishing me! Ow."
He laughs, "Oh yeah. You are the same Melinda Sue Lewis that I remember. You haven't changed a bit."
Mindy scoffs, "Wow. Um... I'm gonna pretend like that was meant to be a compliment."
Rusty stands, "You sure are an ungrateful little woman aren't you? Not even a 'thank you'."
She shakes her head, "For what getting my new outfit all dirty and ripped by the ground?"
He laughs, "Well there's that and I saved your life. You were about to be run down by that car."
She reaches out her hand, "Well can you save me from having to stay on this ground much longer?"
He helps her up, "Your welcome."
She shakes her head, "Oh Rusty Shayne. If you were so smart you would have gone off to find the bastard who tried to run me down!"
He nods, "I was going to but one f my men went after him."
Mindy shakes her head, "What men?"
He smiles, "You didn't hear? I'm back in Springfield for a while. I'm the new Chief of Police."
Mindy is surprised.
Not to far away, a cop is investigating the car that tried to hit Mindy. It has been abadoned.
A few feet away the mysterious woman looks on.
She is holding the keys in her hand.

Natalia looks at pictures of Emma, "She is so beautiful>"
Olivia walks over, "Oh yes. She is growing up so fast too. My little girl. So..."
Natalia turns to her, "Olivia. I heard about Ava. I am so sorry. I can't believe it. But I heard that the baby was okay?"
Olivia nods, "Yes. The little guy is healthy."
Natalia smiles, "Does Dinah love being an Aunt? And with her baby on the way to she must be so excited."
Olivia sighs, "Dinah and I haven't talked in a while. You see... I'm not getting along with Bill right now. I'm trying to get custody of the baby and he is fighting me."
Natalia is confused, "But the baby is Bill's."
Olivia nods, "I know. But I just.... I don't want to talk about this right now."
Natalia nods, "I'm sorry. Um... would it be okay if I got a room here at the Beacon?"
Olivia shakes her head, "No. The only room you'll be getting is in my suite. I want to keep an eye on you."
Natalis smiles, "Thank you."
The two friends hug.

Phillip turns to Jeffrey, "I need you to look into this Jeffrey do whatever digging you have to. Find Jonathan and Sarah!"
Jeffrey and Reva stare at each other.
Beth shakes her head, "No! First things first Reva needs to be arrested for her hand in all of this."
Marah shakes her head, "No! Leave Jeffrey alone. He doesn't need to be involved in this."
Jeffrey turns to her, "I'm sorry Marah. But I already am. Listen everyone. Jonathan Randall and Sarah Randall have been placed into the witness protection program. I helped them into it. I knew that Jonathan and Sarah were alive. I knew from Reva."
Marah stares at him in shock.
Josh turns to Reva, "What? What did he say?"
Beth is confused, "No! What the... you can't do that! Not if the mother didn't know!"
Jeffrey sighs, "I pulled some strings Beth."
Beth shouts, "Well I'm gonna pull some strings to make sure that you and Reva pay for what you've done to my little girl!"
Josh looks at Reva, "You kept this from me but Jeffrey knew?"
Reva cries, "It happened while you were with Cassie.... I .... I was trying to tell you Joshua."
Josh walks away.
Marah cries, "How could you keep this from me Jeffrey?"
She runs off before he could say anything.
Down the road Colin is driving down the road.
Liz is sitting in shock next to him.
She keeps talking about it, "How could they do this? They can't do this. Keeping my baby from me? Making me belive she was dead."
Colin sighs, "Let's just get home. Then we'll talk. I need to tell..."
She shakes her head, "I remember I found the little shoe and I knew she was alive but Reva kept telling me she wasn't."
He looks at her, "Liz please let's..... just wait a minute."
She is still going, "And then I followed her and Jeffrey. They went to this place. I knew Jonathan and Sarah were in there. I ran in and I looked but they wreen't there it was Reva, Jeffrey, and you and," she turns to him, "You were there! With Reva and Jeffrey!"
Colin tries to pull over, "Liz just.... lets wait. I need to try and explain this."
She starts to put everything together.
She grabs him, "You helped them take my baby from me! You! You son of a bitch! You sick bastard!"
He starts to lose control of the car and stops it, "Liz stop! Please!"
She has her hands around his neck, "No!!! My Baby!"

Halloween in Springfield!
Alan sees Natalia
Kevin crashes a party
Josh argues with Reva
Liz has an idea on how to find Sarah
Harley returns to Springfield


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