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11/26/07: DOOMSDAY PART 3



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Alice and Doug continue to watch the happenings of the hostage crisis on TV, horrified at what they are watching. Alice tells Doug to get her coat and warm up the car. She wants to be at the hospital when Sami arrives to be there for Lucas. Doug tells Alice it's late but it doesn't matter to her. She tells Doug she will just take a cab if he won't take her. Doug reluctantly agrees, hands her coat to her, and goes to warm the car as the scene shifts to...


Marlena, Belle, Kayla Will, Lucas and the EMT's are knelt down next to a bleeding, unconscious Sami. The EMT's are beginning the process of transferring her. Lucas begs Sami to wake up and then blames himself as she took a bullet for him. Marlena tells him to stay back and to give her, Kayla and the EMT's room to work. She also tells him not to blame himself. Kate is standing nearby and finally decides to try to reach out to Lucas. She tries to assure him that Sami is a fighter and that she will be alright. Lucas throws her arms off of him and tells her he knows she hates Sami and warns her not to bother him with her fake concern. Kate says she will back off and walks away.

The EMT's get Sami on a gurney and prepare to load her on to an ambulance. Marlena looks over at Shane...who is dealing with a desperate Hope, Maggie, Stephanie and Cassie. Hope tells Shane he should have info by now on how was shot insider. Shane apologizes. Marlena walks over and says that Sami is being transferred but she needs to know if Roman and the others are alright. Shane says she can go ahead and he or someone else can let know. Marlena doesn't think she can do that. Just then, officers and S.W.A.T team members walk out with Miranda and Victor. Maggie races into his arms. Abe and Steve then follow. Lexie is about to race over to Abe but stops herself. Roman and Bo then appear...helping a wounded Stefano out of the building.

Stefano is laid on the ground. Lexie and Cassie race over to him. Roman says that there was a shootout and Stefano took a bullet for Orpheus. Lexie wonders why he would do that. Marlena says it's because Orpheus is his son. Lexie is stunned and wonders why she was never told. Tony says it never came up and he left it up to Stefano. Lexie asks how Tony knows but then says he can tell her later. She asks where Stefano was hit. Bo says in the chest. Stefano is semi-conscious and whispers to Lexie he can't breathe. Lexie calls for EMT's but no one comes over. Lexie begs for help but Steve tells her they must be busy with the many gunshot victims inside. Lexie thinks they would be racing over if they did not see Stefano Dimera lying here.

Bo and Hope, Roman and Marlena, Victor and Maggie, and Steve and Kayla share emotional reunions as they embrace and kiss lovingly. Stephanie and Steve also reunite. Marlena tells Roman about Sami. Lucas interjects and blames himself. Roman says it doesn't matter. They need to get to the hospital. Roman asks Abe to keep him up to date on Orpheus. Abe says he has all the manpower he can spare on it and thinks they all need to get to the hospital and have their injuries tended to. Kayla agrees that the men that went inside need to get cleaned up. Hope and Maggie also agree and won't hear otherwise. They all head for the hospital. On the way, Victor sees Hawk now with Nico and tells them both to start their own search for Orpheus and to keep him updated.

Lexie asks where everyone is going. Abe says those that were insider, including himself, need treatment and tells her that EMT's will be over when they can. There are many injuries. Lexie thinks that is BS and says she will save her father herself. Cassie begs Lexie to save him and asks what is wrong with him. Lexie looks him over and thinks something is blocking his air passage and it may be related to the bullet lodged in him. She tries to think of what to do as Stefano continues to struggle to breathe.

Meanwhile, in a nearby warehouse district, Orpheus races down an alley, hoping he lost the police and S.W.A.T. team members who were after him. He then hears and sees more coming and races off, confused as to how to get out of this. He then hears someone call out to him. He turns to his left and is stunned to see Nicole, who tells him to come with her. He asks how she found him and why she is there. She says to nevermind. He asks why he should trust her. She tells him he has no other choice. Orpheus thinks for a moment and then begins to follow her. They then race off together into the night as the scene shifts to...

Lexie, who is still thinking about what to do. Tony urges her to just let him die. Cassie tells her father not to say that. Anna tells Tony to be sympathetic, even if this is Stefano. Stefano loses consciousness and Lexie is forced to do CPR. Lexie then realizes she can do a tracheotomy. She gets Stefano stabilized and races to an ambulance and comes back with a knife and a breathing tube. She makes an incision near Stefano's neck as Cassie and Anna cringe. Lexie sets up the breathing tube and begins to blow into it to give Stefano air. An EMT comes over and asks what she is doing. Lexie explains and the EMT apologizes for not coming over. He thinks what she did was dangerous. Lexie says she is a former doctor and worked at University. The EMT doesn't remember her but thinks they could use her back on staff there. Lexie smiles. The EMT works on Stefano and calls for a gurney. Cassie asks if Stefano will be ok now. Lexie says she hopes so as the scene shifts to...


Alice and Doug are now there and join Maggie and Julie in comforting Lucas and Will as they pray for Sami's survival. Julie tells Doug they need to put their differences aside for the family right now. He agrees. Victor returns and says he has been treated. Maggie is just happy he is alright. As is Philip. Victor worries about Orpheus. Maggie tells him to leave that to the police. Bo, Abe, Steve, and Roman return after being treated. Marlena is with Frankie, Max, Stephanie, Caroline, Belle, and Philip and tells the men that Kayla is in the ER with Rich so they can keep them updated and that Sami has lost alot of blood. Roman comforts her and says their daughter is a fighter and has come this far. She'll make it. Abe calls his men for an update. Shane then walks in and gives Abe the rundown, saying there is no sign of Orpheus in or around the building. This angers Abe, Roman, Steve, Bo, and Victor.

Meanwhile, Miranda and Kate have been treated and Miranda asks how it feels to have lost all her children and to now be alone. Kate gives her a cold look and walks away. Forrest tells Abby he has to handle business and will catch up with her later. Abby thanks him for his support. Abby then heads over to Jack, who is nearby, and asks if Billie is out yet. Billie then comes out of a cubicle. Jack says she has said nothing since emerging from the building and seems upset. He asks if she is ok. Billie is silent and tells Jack to just leave her alone and walks away, leaving a confused Jack and Abby behind. The scene shifts back to the...

ER, where Kayla watches as Rich works on Sami. He is stunned by the amount of blood and says they need to get her up to surgery. Just then, she flatlines and Rich calls a code blue. He breaks out the paddles and charges them, determined to get Sami's heart started again as Kayla watches, hoping and praying Sami survives as the scene fades to black.




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As I told Roman, one thing I like to be able to do when reading is to become immersed in what is going on. When reading this episode (and the past couple), everything around me seems to become silent. I can see this playing out in my head. You guys are doing a great job of telling the action, but also leaving some things to the imagination. IMO, that is a big part of being a great writer.

Another thing I want to comment on is the length of episodes. The recent string of episodes have been the perfect length. For those of us who read multiple blogs, it's nice to be able to pop in, read what's going on and still have time to comment and read others.

I can't wait to read tomorrow's episode. If Sami is to die, then I'm glad she is dying for love. Great episode, great story and I can't wait to read more.

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I really felt Kate was being sincere with her concern for Sami when she tried to comfort Lucas. Hopefully he will let her in.

What I don't understand why did Lexie wait so long to start and try and save Stefano.

And that sly Nicole. She seems to be at the right places at the right times. I love that about her

I guess all writers have there own style. As for myself, I don't like to leave some things to the imagination. I like to go all the way there. But as they say, what ever flies your hair back B)

Good episode and I do too look forward to the next one.

PS I know I may have not have a lot of room to talk but this was a good length as well beings I do read multiple blogs. Your banners of late have also been very nice

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