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11/27/07: PILE ON






Kayla walks out with Rich, telling Roman and Marlena they need permission to operate on Sami. She’s lost a lot of blood and they need to move fast. With everyone looking on, Marlena holds it together as her and Roman sign the necessary paperwork and, moments later, they see ER personnel rush Sami past them and toward the elevators. Marlena runs over and catches up, telling her little girl....

Marlena: You get well. You come back to us (Crying) or there will be hell to pay.

She then kisses her on her forehead and steps back. Roman then leans in and tells her....

Roman: You’ve came too far too far to leave us now. We’ll be right here. Take care, Peanut.

He also bends down and kisses Sami on her forehead. Kayla then tells them they must go......as Lucas and Will look on as the doors close. Will puts his hand on his father’s shoulder and all Lucas can do is blame himself, silently, for what has happened to her. Alice is then walked in by Doug and is helped to her seat near Julie. She then calls Lucas over and he slowly walks over to her.

When he reaches her,......he slowly starts to cry. Alice holds her arms open for her grandson and he falls to his knees and rests his head on her chest as she comforts Lucas. Everyone watches on as she tells him to be strong for Sami.....and stop blaming himself for any of this. She then says there is only one man to blame......

And Roman speaks up, saying one name......

Roman: Orpheus.

Roman then tells Marlena that he wants to make a quick phone call to Shane to see how the search is going and excuses himself. As Marlena and the others watch Roman leave....

He goes around the corner, where he can’t be heard,.......and makes a chilling phone call....

Roman: Well........I see you at least answer your own phone.
Orpheus: Roman.....nice to hear from you.
Roman: Just wanted to give you the update on what’s happening.
Orpheus: Oh.....by all means. Fill me in.
Roman: Ok. My daughter is in surgery right now........and we don’t know if she’s going to live.
Orpheus: Oh, Roman.......I’m so sorry to hear that. You know.....I’ll stop by later and give my best wishes.
Roman: And how will you do that, Orpheus?
Orpheus: Well, if she survives.......I can always pull the plug.

Orpheus starts laughing as Roman smiles, saying to him...

Roman: Laugh it up, !@#$%^&*]. But, remember this.
Orpheus: What’s that Roman?
Roman: If she does die this time.......after what you put her through......I’m coming for you, and hell’s coming with me. Did you hear that Orpheus......

Hell’s coming with me.

Roman hangs up his phone on a decidedly nervous Orpheus and, as he stands near Nicole....

Roman turns around......to see Marlena standing right there. They say nothing to each other.....as he walks up to her. He takes her into his arms and they hug deeply. Marlena knows she can’t stop Roman now and he knows what he must do....

Find Orpheus.......and destroy him......once and for all.

Bo walks in and pulls Victor to the side. As Hope watches him, Bo tells Victor that Hawk and Nico are turning up nothing. Lincoln walks into the waiting area and, off to the side and out of eye range, listens to the private conversation. Bo then tells Victor that he is calling in men from Europe to help on this one. Victor pats Bo on the shoulder, telling him good work. He also tells Bo to call a certain phone number and get in touch with a man named Gordon. He owes him several favors. Lincoln then walks away before being seen as Bo and Victor separate.

Meanwhile, back out front, Kate walks over slowly to Billie. She tries to speak to her, telling her that everything will be ok. Billie tells her that’s easy for her to say.....she doesn’t have DiMera blood running through her veins. Kate says that means nothing and Billie disagrees, saying that it means everything. Kate asks her to keep her voice down as others start to look over at the two of them. Kate then pulls her off to the side and tells her that she should look at Lexie as an inspiration for being a good person.

Billie agrees with her. She tells Kate that Lexie is a good person now......now, after she tried to steal Bo and Hope’s son and raise him as her own. She has cheated on Abe Lord knows how many times and has recently tried to take Theo away from him. That is what being a DiMera is, she tells Kate. It means hurting those around you until you get what you want, she says. Kate disagrees, saying Billie is better than that. Billie tells her what she thinks no longer matters....

And that’s why she wants nothing more to do with her. Kate is silent with shock as Billie continues, telling her through the tears that she’s not Lucas......she won’t say this and then tomorrow call her over for coffee with her and her new father. She is done. Period. From now on, Kate can go open her legs for anyone that has 5 bucks and it doesn’t matter to her. She tells Kate....

Billie: The worst day of my life......was when I realized YOU were my mother.

Billie then turns and walks away as Jack, Abby and the rest of the families look on at a crying and stunned Kate as she slowly walks out into the hallway, stops at a window, looks out into the night.....and cries her eyes out as Miranda stands behind her......smiling.


Orpheus looks out into the alleyway and sees that, in the distance, law enforcement is looking for him but can’t find him. He then makes a call, telling one of his men to bring the car around. Nicole says that she either gets to come along.....or she starts screaming. Orpheus tells her she’ll be dead before her body hits the ground. But, for laughs, she can come.

Nicole smiles as they both race out. Once they make it to the car, a police officer spots them. Nicole jumps into the car as one of Orpheus’ men takes a shot at the officer. The man then gets back in the car as Shane runs up with weapon drawn and starts firing at Orpheus’s car as it drives off into the night.

Nicole tells Orpheus how much fun that was and Orpheus smiles.......right before he slaps her across the face. A shocked Nicole tells him that wasn’t necessary and Orpheus begs to differ. Nicole says that will cost him. Orpheus smiles, asking how much. Nicole says she needs money and power. There is one family she wants to see buried and he knows which one that is. After a few moments, Orpheus says they finally agree on something. He smiles at her as she smiles back and as the car drives off into the night.......

The scene shifts back to...


Marlena walks over to the nurse’s desk. She stops and paces the floor as Roman slowly walks over. Bo and the rest of the family watch her as Shane walks in. Roman sees him and walks over to him, asking if Orpheus has been found. Shane pauses.....before telling him and everyone else listening that Orpheus escaped down by the warehouse district. His agents gave chase.......but no luck.

Shane then walks slowly over to Marlena, telling her how sorry he is. All she can say is....

Marlena: Don’t be sorry.......just find the bastard who hurt my baby.

Shane nods his head as he makes a call on his cell phone and Roman then steps up to comfort Marlena. She breaks down as he hugs her, saying that it’s all her fault. Roman says he’s really tired of everyone blaming themselves for what Orpheus did. Marlena turns and looks Roman in the eyes, saying....

Marlena: They way he acts.......I could swear he’s a DiMera. The world would be so much better if that whole family were wiped off the face of the Earth!

Billie hears this, turns, and runs out of the waiting area. Kate sees her leave and takes off after her as Marlena collapses in Roman’s arms once again......sobbing deeply. Jack and Abby wonder what made Billie run off like that.......as Forrest slips out the waiting area and makes a phone call. It’s to a contact he has......inside the I.S.A. He asks if that briefcase with Roman’s name on it is still at the scene. He doesn’t like what he hears and, as he turns to look at the family, tells his contact to find it......

Before it’s too late. Forrest then walks away........

And, as Roman comforts Marlena, Max asks Caroline if she needs anything and all she says is for her granddaughter to be fine. Stephanie, Frankie and Belle try to comfort her, as Philip looks on. Kayla says she is going to go see how Sami is doing as Lexie walks into the waiting area. She says that they are taking another shooting victim into surgery right now. As Tony, Cassie and Anna walk in, Lexie says Stefano was shot as well.....and may not make it. Frankie pipes up and says....

Boy....if I had a dime for every time I heard that......

Everyone gives off a nervous laughter. But not Tony, who says that Stefano needs to die......so everyone can finally have peace. Cassie grows enraged by this, telling Tony that he was never any type of son to Stefano and that he should be grateful for everything Stefano did for him. Tony agrees......saying that Stefano was responsible for the death of both his daughters, having Roman Brady going on the run for a strangling he didn’t commit, changing his cousin Andre’s face so they would look alike, kidnapping the Brady children, shooting Roman......the list goes on and on! So, he tells Cassie, she needs to remember the history of that man before she calls herself lecturing him! Anna and everyone else is stunned by Tony’s outburst and Cassie runs off in tears.

Rich then walks in, telling Lexie how shocked he is by how she saved Stefano’s life. Abe walks up behind her and she says it’s what she was trained to do. Lexie wipes away her tears and, as Abe holds her from behind,........Joelle sees Lucas grieving. She then gets an idea and walks around the corner to make a phone call. She calls the nurse’s station and tells the nurse who answered that Lucas is needed at Roberts Inc. immediately. She then hangs up and walks back around the corner....

Long enough to see the nurse give Lucas the message. She then smiles evilly as Lucas gets up to walk out. Victor walks past Joelle, giving Maggie a cup of coffee. He tells her that, with Orpheus on the loose,......everyone needs to be very careful. Maggie says she will......and Victor looks up to see Kayla and the surgeon come into the waiting area. Lucas and Will walk over as everyone moves in close. The doctor then speaks, telling Roman, Marlena, Will, Lucas and everyone else.......

Well........we stopped the bleeding. She is one strong lady.
Roman: She’s a Brady.
Doctor: Right. (Sighing) Let me be clear. We have brought her back. But.......she has lost a tremendous amount of blood. It’s a miracle that she was alive when she reached us.
Marlena: Get on with it. What are you saying?!
Doctor: Sorry. The damage that she has received......and the loss of blood.......has caused Samantha to slip into a coma.

Everyone gasps as Marlena cries in Roman’s arms, Lucas tries to comfort Will, and everyone looks around in sadness. As Victor, Bo and Steve look at Roman, through his tears, he says one simple thing......

Roman: That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m ending this....once and for all. As God is my witness......

Orpheus and Stefano...........are dead men. May God have mercy on their souls.

Marlena cries in Roman’s arms as everyone looks at him with stunned silence and as the scene freeze frames on his determined face......

It slowly fades to black.




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Poor Billie. Sucks to be her.

Roman better eliminate Orpheus for good. No more talk. No more threats...end that [!@#$%^&*]...NOW!

And Cassie....Cassie needs to drink a big cup of STFU.

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