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PCE: Episode 60



Endgame- Episode 60
Sunday, July 15, 2007

Elizabeth comes downstairs after putting Cameron down for bed. She picks up a picture of herself, Cameron and Lucky, smiling at the happy moment that was captured forever. A knock on the door breaks her thoughts. When she opens the door, she is surprised to find Lucky standing at her door.
Patrick and Sarah make their way to the park so they can talk. Patrick doesn't feel too comfortable being alone with Sarah, so he makes sure he doesn't do anything to give her false signals.

"So," Patrick says while taking a seat. "What did you want to talk to me about?" He looks her in the eyes, trying to get a read on this girl.

Sarah forces a smile and moves her hair from her face. "I wanted to apologize to you. I haven't respected your relationship with Robin these past few months. I never really thought that you cared for her, and I figured since she was just a pit stop, I could let you know I was interested and you'd want me."

Patrick doesn't know how to react to this. I mean, he knows that Sarah has had a crush on him, but for her to just come out and admit her feelings is a little surprising. "Well that's really asinine logic right there Sarah. You should have respected—"

"Yeah I know," Sarah interrupts. "I should have respected the boundaries of your relationship with Robin but what can I say? I was wrong. It was one of those things that I wasn't ready to admit myself you know? I really like our friendship Patrick and it's taken you willing to break off our friendship to make me see how much I was wrong."
At Lucy's, Serena and her mother have some catching up to do. Lucy explains that both she and Scott were worried sick about her, and she can't believe that she was out gallivanting around with some guy the whole time! Serena apologizes, but doesn't think she did anything wrong. She's an adult (or will be one soon) and since school was out, she wanted to go traveling. And Hunter is not 'some guy,' he's her boyfriend. Serena mentions that access to her credit cards have cut off and she's in need of money. Lucy informs her daughter that she will not gain access to her credit cards until she pays off the $30,000 that she currently owes. And….on top of holding a full time job, she will do volunteer work at GH. Serena scoffs and says she'll leave. Lucy threatens to pull her trust fund too. For too long she (Lucy) has been sidetracked and let her parental responsibilities fall by the wayside. It's time for her to step up…and she will.
Robin walks into the locker room after making her rounds. It's been nonstop work all day. Patrick's lucky that he has the day off. She checks her PDA and sees a e-mail Patrick sent earlier:

Hello beautiful,

I'm sorry we couldn't have the day off together. I had such great plans for us, but don't worry, everything will be fine once you get home. I know I don't say this much, but I wanted you to know how much I love you. You put up with a lot and I don't tell you enough how much you mean to me. Can't wait until you get off!



PS- No need to bring your bathing suit, it'll save me the time of having to take it off.

Robin smiles at the message and begins taking off her shoes. Her feet hurt a lot more than they usually do, and she hasn't been able to keep any food down. She reminds herself to make an appointment with her doctor to make sure she isn't coming down with anything.
Back at the park, Patrick takes in what Sarah has just told him. He appreciates her being honest with him, it means that she really does care. Patrick reaffirms his love for Robin to Sarah and promises they can remain friends as long as she doesn't try to undermine his relationship anymore. Sarah says it's time that she focus on finding someone who's available…someone who'll make her happy. She grabs her purse and takes off, thanking Patrick for listening to her.
"Lucky…..what are you doing here," asks a surprised Elizabeth. Liz quickly fixes her hair when Lucky's back is turned. "What can I help you with," she says as she shuts the door.

"How's Cameron?"

"Cameron's great. He asks about you all of the time. I tell him each day how much you love him."

Lucky looks around at the pictures of the family he once shared with Liz. "I'm glad. I really do miss him a lot."

"Well he misses you to," Liz goes over and picks up a recent picture of Cameron at the park. "He asks when you're coming home….I try to avoid his questions but…….how do I tell that sweet boy that his daddy may not be coming back?" Liz begins to cry and doesn't even have to hide her tears. "Come on Lucky, can't we just try to work this out?"

Lucky turns his back to Elizabeth, taking a deep breath, trying not to show how much pain he's in. "This is something that you did Elizabeth. You are the reason why things aren't the way they used to be. I don't want to get into this again. We grew apart for many reasons, the big one being your obsession with Jason." Lucky tries to keep his anger under control. "I didn't come here to fight with you or to make you sad. I came here to bring you these."

Lucky reaches into his back pocket and hands Elizabeth some papers. She opens them and her heart sinks . "Divorce papers? You came here for this? Wow….," Liz holds back her tears. "I guess it's really time to end this huh?"

"I'm ready to move on with my life. You began moving on months ago Elizabeth, it's time I do the same."

"With Sam you mean? I don't get what you see in her Lucky. She doesn't even remember her life before last November!"

"Not that I need to explain myself to you, but I see a good person in Sam. I see someone who underwent a very tough ordeal with her psychotic grandmother and is still strong in spite of that. I see someone who allows me to help her and be there for her, and doesn't shut me out. I trust Sam. I don't trust you." Lucky begins to feel uncomfortable and is ready to go. "Our lawyers can handle everything else. I wish you would just do us all a favor and sign the papers."

Lucky resists the urge to hold Elizabeth as he walks past her and through the door. Liz is flooded with the memories of the time she spent with Lucky and cries more and more. Cameron comes downstairs and asks his mommy not to cry. Liz is strong for the sake of her child and hugs him tightly. "Mommy's going to be ok Cam. Mommy's going to be ok."
Next….on Port Charles
-Sonny's afternoon with Mike & Morgan is interrupted when a situation arises
-Sonny & Mike are attacked in the park


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I love that Sarah is doing the mature thing and backing off. She should back off from a committed relationship like Patrick and Robin. I love the message he left Robin, how romantic.

Lucy putting down her foot was awesome to Serena. Serena is a prescence who has been missed in GH for a long time. It's good to see that Serena will be around for a while :)

Lucky and Liz....end of an era. I loved the detail of how she fixed her hair because that is totally what I would do as well if my ex showed up.

I loved this episode!

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I see nothing but a calculated move on Sarah's part... I'm not buying all that stuff she just said to Patrick...

Loved the Lucky/Liz scenes....In so many ways I am glad that she was served papers. He deserves to be happy; I don't know for sure if it is to be with Sam, but as long as he's starting his life over, I'm al for it.

Excellent episode.

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Thanks for the comments....

Trust me, it won't be happily ever after for Lucky & Sam. Liz has a reason not to trust Sam, she's just irked by her. When the truth comes, the real test will be whether or not Lucky accepts it, or chooses to go w/ the lie.

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Loved the episode. Lucy standing up to Serena was, in my opinion, the best part. My heart was breaking through the Lucky/Liz scene, but it is how it is.

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I was applauding Lucy for standing up to Serena. It is great to see Lucy being the responsible parent. As for Sarah, thank the LAWD that she finally backed off Patrick and Robin, and took the moral high road. Very cute message to Robin, too...esp. the bathing suit. As for Liz and Lucky....I don't see this far from the real deal. I swear this may happen on TV, LOL...and cannot wait til the truth comes out about Sam ;)

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