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A thick fog nearly consumes the setting when a boat pulls in. A pair of feet steps off the boat and it is revealed to be John Hu. He looks around and likes what he sees. Suddenly, a Don Chi, Hu’s henchman, steps off the boat from behind him. He has a briefcase in hand.

Don: Pretty foggy here tonight, huh?

stephennicholsl06.jpgJohn: Just how I like it.

Don: So you never told me why we’re here in Springfield.

John: Patience, patience. All good things to those who wait.

John digs into his pocket and reveals a small photo of Harley. He brightens up at the sight of her.

John: (putting it back in his pocket) We have to get things prepared for the shipment. Is all the money there.

Don: (tapping the briefcase) Yep. Counted it twice. Five million dollars.

John: Good. Let’s get back on the boat and circle around the bay until they arrive with our stash.

Don: Yes, sir.

Don heads back onto the boat. John starts to head back onto the boat, and takes one look back . . .

John: Springfield . . . my home away from home.

He gets back on the boat and it takes off.



The room is pure darkness with the exception of the TV, which illuminates Harley. We slowly pan towards Harley, who is nestled up on the sofa, asleep. She’s so peaceful, and we



Harley is dressed to the “nines.” She is donning a beautiful haute couture gown while she sets on the deck of the yacht, which glides across the Danube River. The scenery—its so captivating and refreshing, mesmerizes her. A male hand then reaches into the frame and grabs her hand, placing a flute with champagne in it. She looks up (and we follow) to see the man is non other than John Hu.

MeganWardL2007.jpgHarley: John . . .

John: Ssh. Don’t say a word, my sweet.

Harley: But—

John leans in and kisses Harley passionately, silencing her. Then a shot of the boat drifting off into the night, and




Harley jumps out the sound of someone beating at the door.

Phillip (O.C.): Harley! Harley, are you there.

Harley: Ugh.

Harley gets up, with her hair tossed everywhere, and heads to the door. She snatches the door open to Phillip, who jumps back at the sight of her. He can see the fury in her eyes.

Harley: What!

Phillip: We need to talk.

Phillip barges in without being invited. Harley astonished by this.

Harley: Umm . . . Phillip, I didn’t—

Phillip: What is about you not wanting Zach attend Lincoln Prep? It’s a good school!

Harley: With a lot of spoiled brats!

Phillip: Just say it, Harley! You don’t want Zach to attend Lincoln Prep or have anything to do with my family or me because you’re afraid he’ll end up just me like.

On Harley over it,





The door to the room flings open and Alan Michael rushes into the room, frantic. He starts to scope out the room and Holly trails behind him.

AM: Mom! Mom!

Holly: Alan Michael, be quiet! Do you wanna be heard?

Alan Michael nods understandingly. He peeks in the closet and sees that it has been cleared. He looks to Holly, anxious.

AM: Where is she?

Holly: She couldn’t’ve gone too far.

AM: I wouldn’t put it past her.

The door closes and Alan Michael and Holly turn to see India leaning on the door.

India: Looking for Caroline or should I say Hope?

Alan Michael’s jaw drops. He charges towards India with rage in his eyes, but Holly grabs him, stopping him.

AM: You! I should’ve known it! You—

India: You better settle down. Not if you want me to remain silent.

AM: Remain silent? (trying to break free) That can be arranged!

Holly: (restraining him) Calm down! (to India) Where is Hope?

India: Oh Holly . . . (shaking head) you knew about Hope too? This gets better and better.

Holly: India . . .

India: I wonder how Ed is going to take the news—his main squeeze keeping such big secrets from him. (gloating) Bet he won’t like it.

On Holly’s reaction



Ed sits on the porch rocking, and its foggy also. He looks in the night sky.

Mom, Leslie, and Maureen, if you can hear me . . . (tearing up) please help Meta, Bruce, Mike, and Hope find peace.

Ed looks down to see someone standing within the fog.

Ed: Hello?

Hope emerges from the fog looking destroyed, mascara dripping down her eyes as if she’s been crying nonstop.

Ed: Caroline, you all right?

Ed steps off the porch and walks over towards her.

Ed: Do I need to call Alan?

Hope: No!

Ed: Did something happen? Did Alan harm you?

Hope: No.

Ed: Come with me.

Ed takes her by the arm and tries to take her by the arm, but she jerks away.

Hope: Don’t you even recognize me!

Ed: Caroline, are you sure you’re fine?

Hope: It’s me, Uncle Ed! It is me, Hope!

On Ed uncertain and shaken,



We open up on Harley and Phillip in a stand off.

Harley: Phillip, are we seriously going to do this tonight?

Phillip: Yes!

Phillip storms over to the sofa and sits.

Phillip: (patting the sofa) Come sit.

Harley: No.

Phillip: I’m not leaving till we talk.

Harley: You sure about that?

Phillip: Harley . . . please.

Harley sighs heavily and complies with his wishes by sitting across from him.

Harley: What Phillip?

Phillip: This has to stop—this tension between you and me.

Harley: There is no tension.

Phillip: There is.

Harley: Phillip! (gets up and points to the door) Goodbye!

Phillip: No.

Harley: Leave!

Phillip: I said no.

Harley walks over and grabs the phone off the end table and starts to dial.

Phillip: (sighs) Who are you calling?

Harley: Frank. So he can come and whoop your ass and take you to jail.

Phillip crosses over and struggles the phone away from Harley. Then he tosses it across the room and shatters into pieces.

Harley: Phillip!

Phillip: Now lets sit and talk like adults.

Harley: Talk like adults? Screw you!

Phillip: Why do you hate me, Harley? Why! Is this because of how I took Zach from you? I thought you’ve forgiven me!

Harley: Well you thought wrong.

Harley grabs her keys. She goes to exit but Phillip grabs her by the arm, restraining her.

Harley: Let me go!

Phillip: No! Not until you listen to me!

Harley tries to pry free of Phillip’s grip.

Harley: My opinion isn’t changing, Phillip! Zach is not going to Lincoln Prep. End of story—

Harley breaks free but falls onto the floor. She holds her arm in pain while Phillip rushes to her side.

Phillip: (worried) Harley, you OK!

Harley: No!

Harley kicks Phillip away from her.

Harley: See! See! You see why I don’t want Zach anywhere near you! Your family! You’re a bully, Phillip! You’re sick!

Phillip: Harley, it was an acci—


Harley looks past Phillip to see Zach standing at the bottom of the stairs. Noticing Harley’s reaction, Phillip turns and sees Zach too. Guilt comes over Phillip.

Zach: What’s going on? Mom, are you OK?

Harley: (covering) Nothing. (getting back up) Nothing at all.

Zach: But I heard you two screaming.

Phillip: It was nothing, Zach. Just a simple disagreement. (devastated) I-I’m sorry, Harley. Forgive me. (fighting back tears) Forgive me.

Phillip rushes out of the house. Harley looks on concerned and,



Hope sits on the sofa in utter silence. She’s a total mess. Ed (standing up) watches on from a far, bothered.


Ed rushes over and opens the door to reveal Holly & Alan Michael.

MaureenGarrettL.jpgHolly: Is she here?

Ed points to Hope. Alan Michael rushes in and kneels down next to her. Holly enters and Ed closes the door. They both watch what’s about to happen.

Alan Michael: Caroline! I’m so sorry.

She doesn’t respond.

Alan Michael: I just wanna let you know that you’re not fired. Your job is still intact and I want you to come home with me. OK?

She still doesn’t respond.

Alan Michael: Caroline . . . (tearing up) please forgive me.

She slowly turns to see her son crying. She wipes the tears from his eyes.

Hope: Don’t cry, my sweet baby. I forgive you.


Alan Michael kisses her hand and bury his face in it. Ed is now convinced.

Ed: So I guess it’s true.

Holly and Alan Michael react.

Ed: So I guess she is Hope.

Holly and Alan Michael exchange looks, and on Ed unhappy,



John lies on the bed in a daze while he glances at the ceiling. He then gets up and head down the hall to another door. He cracks the door open, and we get a slight shot of Carmen lying in the bed with a medical ventilator strapped to her.

John: You’re home, Bonita. You’re home.

On a shot of Carmen soundless sleeping,




Phillip’s illness continues to go unchecked

Jason & Leah plan an attack on Phillip

Remy & Tierra grow closer

Mel struggles with keeping her pregnancy secret

Olivia's continues her quest to destroy Marah

A friend of Shayne's comes to town

Dinah & Mallet are drawn together

Blake & Rick find love (not with each other)

Alan uses the Reardon boys as pawns to gain back Spaulding

Hope’s secret’s comes out

Laurel & Reva makes life-changing decisions

Cassie starts her search for her biological father & Frank helps

John Hu wreaks havoc

Michelle continues to fall victim to the Bauer curse

Pilar and Bill reestablish their friendship

James grows tired for Daisy . . . and wants Trista instead




Josh and Billy enter giggling and joking with one another. This moment ceases once they realize Reva lying on the sofa in a deep sleep.

Josh: Reva?

Josh walks over to her and gently shakes her to awaken her.

Reva: (groggy) Bud? Is it morning?

Josh points to a portable clock on the desk nearby, which reads “9:00 A.M.”

Reva: Colin!

Reva jumps up and starts to collect herself.

Josh: Is he here?

Josh scopes the room.

Reva: No. He's still at the house with Jeffery.

Billy and Josh look on confused.

Josh: Then what’s the problem?

Reva: (covering) Nothing . . . I just need to go and get him.

Billy: Is everything alright, Reva gal?

Reva moans.

Reva: Far from it.

Reva starts to charge for the door when Billy stands her in way, blockading her.

Reva: Billy, not now! I have to get home to my son.

Billy: That can wait.

Reva: Are you serious!

Billy: Yeah. I'm sure O'Neill has things handled. What's going on?

Reva: Didn’t I just say nothing?

Josh goes and has a seat at the desk. He reads her expression and knows that she is lying. So does Billy.

Billy: You’re lying.

Reva: What!

Josh: We’d know.

Reva: Then you clearly don’t know me!

Josh and Billy exchange a smirk then glance back at Reva.

Reva: Alright then! We had a quarrel last night.

Billy: Quarrel? Reva, you don't do quarrels.

Josh: Exactly. A knock down, drag out is more your style.

Reva: Very funny. Now move, Billy!

Billy: No.

Reva shoves Billy out the way of the entrance when Dylan enters. He creates another barrier that prevents Reva from exiting.

Reva: Great. Is it pick on Reva Shayne day?

Dylan: Hardly. But I have been looking for you.

Reva: Well here I am. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take Colin to daycare.

Dylan: (crossing over towards the desk) No need. Marah dropped him off a few minutes ago.

Reva: She didn't have to do that.

Dylan: She didn't. But Colin was with her last night. They stayed at Shayne's last night . . . since you decided to dump water on your husband's head.

Reva: It was wine. And I tossed it at him.

Billy: Is there really a difference, Reva?

Reva is stunned that they are all taking shots at her. Over it,

Reva: Why are you all giving me the third degree about my marriage?

Josh: We're just worried about you.

Reva: Why? You should be happy, Bud! With Jeffery out the picture, you can try and win back my heart. That's what you want anyways. Huh?

On Josh's reaction



Trista is waiting on some customers. Laurel slides in unbeknownst to her daughter. Laurel watches on smiling.

As she is about to turn around and leave, she rams into Rocky, who is coming from the kitchen. The plates in his hands scatter and break all over the place.

Laurel: I'm sorry.

Trista’s head snaps back. She sighs, deeply annoyed by her mom’s presence.

Rocky: It was my fault, Ms. Tucker. I should’ve been watching where I was going.

Rocky kneels down and starts to pick up the mess.

Laurel: Call me Laurel, and again it was my fault.

Laurel kneels down and starts to help him.

Meanwhile, Trista approaches them. She catches the end of their convo.

Trista: Always is.

Laurel: What?

Trista: It's always your fault. You keeping me away from my father. But this time you want to take me away from not only him but my man too.

A shot of Rocky with a slight grin.

Trista: It's your fault.

Laurel: Let's not do this here, Trista.

Trista: Then when is a good time for you? Another twenty years?

Laurel: Trista, don't give me lip! You're going back to Georgia after this semester and that is the end of it!

Trista: Not chance in h*ll.

Laurel rises back up pops Trista in the face. Trista gasps.

Laurel: Don’t you ever talk to me like that! I don’t know who the h*ll you think you are.

Rusty (O.C.): Laurel!

Rusty comes running over to Trista to make sure she's alright.

Rusty: (to Trista) You alright?

Trista nods.

Rusty: (to Laurel) Have you lost your mind!

Laurel: Not yet.

Laurel pops him in the face too.

Rocky: Well d*mn.

Laurel: That’s for trying to turn my child against me!

On Rusty stunned and holding his bruised face,




Cassie and Olivia are tending to the front desk, which is piled with customers. However, Jeffery seems to weasel his way through the crowd to the front.

Jeffery: Where is she?

Cassie: What?

Jeffery: You heard me. Where is she?

Cassie: I have—

Jeffery: Reva! Reva! Where is she Cassie?

Cassie: Do I look like I know where she is? I’m not her keeper.

Jeffery: I’m not so sure about that.

Cassie: Anyways . . .

Cassie throws up “the hand” to Jeffery. She then goes back to checking in guests, ignoring him.

Olivia: Jeffery, now is not the time for you to do this.

Jeffery: I thought you were on my side!

Olivia: Jeffery, I—

Jeffery: You betrayed me. You promised that you’d fire Reva!

Olivia: No I didn’t!

Jeffery: You did!

Olivia: You asked me to fire her, and I said I’d see what I can do. And as you can see, this a democracy. This not an autocracy. I just can’t go firing people without Cassie’s consent and vice versa.

Jeffery: Oh please! That’s never stopped you before! You hate Reva! This should’ve been easy for you.

Olivia: I don’t hate Reva. I can’t stand her, yes, but that does not give me a reason to fire her based on personal reasons. She comes to work, she does her job and well, and she goes home. Why would I want to fire an employee like that?

Jeffery: Because of Josh!

Cassie butts back in:

Cassie: Uh hello, she’d still be around Josh as she works part-time for Lewis Construction. She holds stock in the company too. She has kids with man . . .

Jeffery: And they’re grown . . .

Cassie tosses her arms up in defeat and goes back to tending to the customers.

Olivia: And they’re still their kids together. Like Ava is ours. D*mn, Jeffery, didn’t you learn from me? From Cassie? You don’t step into the tornado known as Josh and Reva or else you’re gonna blown, battered, and tossed aside. It’s a waste.

Jeffery: It’s not a waste. She’s my wife.

Olivia comes from behind the counter and pulls Jeffery aside so no one can hear them. She has a heart to heart with him:

Olivia: And she has ties to an ex that won’t unbind. Stop fighting it.

Jeffery: I can’t believe you . . .

Olivia: Look! If you wanna keep Reva then you’re gonna have to learn to accept her and Josh. The more you throw these tantrums and make demands, the more you draw them back together. Been there, done that.

This sinks in for Jeffery.

Olivia: But you’re always going to need to start preparing yourself for the worst.

Jeffery: Huh?

Olivia: They’re fickle. Josh and Reva are fickle. You and I and everyone knows that. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but “Bud” and Reva are going to reunite. You just need to enjoy your time now, but be prepared when the trigger is pulled.

Olivia walks off. On a crestfallen Jeffery,



Hope clears out her room when India, unnoticed, slithers in with a grin on her face.


India: Hello there, Hope—I mean Caroline.

Hope’s head snaps back.

India: Gotcha!

Hope: What are you talking about?

India: You what I am exactly talking about, Hope Bauer.

India slowly advances towards Hope, and circles around her, examining her. Hope remains stoic, trying to let on India.

India: You have to tell me who did you’re face-lift because they did one h*ll of a job for a dead lady.

Hope: You are sick, in here making slanderous allegations. Alan-Michael’s mother is dead.

India: Oh really?

Hope: Yes, really.

India: Ok. Fine.

India starts out the room then stops.

India: You’re father, Mike would be embarrassed for what you’re putting your family through.

Hope: (snapping) You know nothing about my fath

Hope covers her mouth while India lights up. She’s caught her prey.

India: (turning back around) I knew it.

Hope rushes over to the door and slams it. She then charges up to India and grabs her by the arm tightly.

India: Unhand me!

Hope: No! You evil tramp, you better not utter a word to anyone.

India: I won’t!

Hope: Say what?

India snatches away.

India: I said I won’t . . . (sly grin) For a price.

Hope: Is that all you care about? Money? Is that what it’ll take for you to shut your mouth? Fine!

Hope goes for her purse and start to pull out her wallet when India stops her.

India: That’s not what I want.

Hope is totally confused.

India: Silly fool, I don’t want a couple of hundreds. I want a gold mine. Endless cash and you can help me.

Hope: I can help you?

India: Yes. You and Alan Michael . . . See I heard you two arguing earlier. Your son accusing you of drinking and firing you . . .

Hope drops her head, as she knows India has got her.

India: I need your help. I need you to help me bag Alan.

Hope’s head snaps up with eyes widened. This strikes home for her.

India: Yes . . . Yes, Hope! Or should I say Caroline. You’re choice. Help me become Mrs. Spaulding again or risk losing everything. Either way, I’ll get what I want. Because when I go and tell Alan, he’ll scold me at first, but it’ll eat him for a while. He’ll be plagued by my claim that you’re Hope, but he’ll take the bait and have to investigate only to discover the truth. He’ll toss you and your son out, and I’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

Hope: Such a vile woman.

India: Say what you want but I’m going to come out smelling like a thousand bucks . . . well maybe a couple of billions. You can either unite with me or lose it all. Your choice . . .

Hope starts to tear up as she struggles with her decision. India leans into her ear, and:

India: Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Alan. Better care than you could have.

India sashays out the room in feat.


And on Hope distraught and torn,





We open up with India on the phone. It is clear that she is anxious.

mka.jpg India: Alan, call me when you get this message. This is very important.

India hangs up the phone as Dorrie enters the room. She plops down on the sofa.

Dorrie: Well aren’t you anxious. You only get this anxious when you’re onto something. (eager) What is it, Mother?

India scopes around to see if anyone is looking. She then closes the door to the study and sits next to Dorrie. She grabs her daughter’s hand, grinning.

India: I think I might’ve landed my meal ticket!

Dorrie: Our meal ticket. And how so?

India: Caroline!

Dorrie: (snatching away, puzzled) Say what?

India: Now listen, sweetheart. . .

Dorrie: Mom, I thought were talking about us getting some serious c-notes. A real meal ticket.

India: Trust me. We are.


Dorrie: Yeah. OK. The only meal ticket I see us getting from her is dinner, (looks at watch) which is about to be served in a while.

India: Dorrie, listen. . .

Dorrie: Why?! I’ve listened to you so far and where has that gotten me? Nowhere.

India: Dorrie, just listen. What I have to say may sound weird—

Dorrie: I’m sure it does.

India: Trust me. Just trust me. What I have on that woman could have us rolling in the dough for the rest of our lives.

Disinterested and over her mother’s schemes, Dorrie gets up and exit.

India: Dorrie! Dorrie! Just trust me, baby. Momma’s got a plan.

On India stirring with the information that she has,



Laurel and Rusty are mesmerized at the sight of one another. They’re thrilled to see one another but bitter too—such mixed feelings. Trista reaches out and grabs Laurel’s hand.

Trista: (attempting to drag her) Mom, let’s go.

This stuns Rusty.

m.jpg Rusty: Mom? Wait—Trista is—

Laurel: My daughter, yes. Our daughter. . .

Hawk comes up behind and places a hand on Laurel’s and Trista’s shoulder. He nods, reassuring Rusty that it is true.

On Rusty overcome with emotion,




Everyone is now seated and there is tension. Most of it is coming from Rusty.

Rusty: (to Hawk) How long have you known?

Hawk: For a while now.

Rusty: (fuming) I said how long?!

Laurel: Rusty!

Hawk: No, Laurel! He has a right to know. . .

Rusty: I sure as h*ll do! How long?!

Hawk: Since she was born!

Rusty is blown back by this. He doesn’t know whether or not he wants to sock Hawk or not.

Hawk: Rusty, I—

Rusty: Pa. . .

Laurel: (cutting) I told him and Sarah to keep quiet! It was my decision!

Rusty: What?! Ma knew too?!

Hawk nods, embarrassed.

Rusty: Who else knows?

Hawk: Reva’s known for a few weeks. Cassie too.

Rusty: What about Roxie?! Does she know too?!

Hawk: Rusty, you—

Rusty: I’m just saying! Everyone else in this family knows. All except me. But why am I even surprised? This family is known to keep secrets.

Trista: I’m sorry. This was all my fault.

Rusty: What? Sweetheart, no—

Trista: I just wanted to be near you. I wanted to know my father, his family. (tearing up) I know that you’re running for mayor, and it’s very important to you. I wasn’t going to tell you until after the election. You don’t have to worry. I won’t say a word for as long as you want.

Rusty grabs Trista and holds his daughter tightly. Trista buries her face into his chest, crying.

Rusty: (kissing her forehead) It’s going to alright, my child. It’s going to be alright. Daddy is here.

On Rusty looking at Laurel and Hawk with malice,



Reva and Cassie sit in the rocking chairs watching the sun go down. The sip on wine as Olivia pulls into the driveway.

Reva: What does she want?

Cassie: Probably looking for me.

Olivia gets out the car. She makes her way up to Reva and Cassie.

Cassie: What now, Olivia? Something wrong with the Beacon?

Olivia: No.

Cassie: Then what is it?

Olivia: I came to see Reva.

Cassie is stunned. She glances over at Reva.

On Reva amused and stunned (too),



Holly passes by Alan Michael’s office and notices the door slightly ajar. It’s dimly lit from a lamp, and Holly gently pushes open the door to see Alan Michael working on something.

Holly: What are you doing here?

AM: Going over some of your notes.

Holly enters in the room and closes the door.

Holly: Well I can assure you that nothing is wrong with them. I’ve been a producer for years—

AM: (snappy) Did I say anything was wrong with them? I was just checking them. It is my job as general manager to check over you.

Holly: Excuse me. Let me get back to work before you do find something wrong with them. . .

Holly goes to leave when:

AM: Holly, wait! Wait. . .

Holly: Oh. Did you find something wrong? That didn’t take you too long.

AM: That isn’t what I was stopping you for.

Holly: Then what, Alan Michael?

AM: My mom. . .

Holly: (concerned) What now? (uneasy) Does anyone—

AM: No. No one knows. Yet. . .

Holly: (sighs) OK. Then what?

AM: We just got into another fight.

Holly: Alan Michael, why? Why are you so hard on her?

AM: I’m not hard on her!

Holly: I beg to differ.

AM: I almost caught her drinking.

Holly: No! Not Hope. She told me she was clean.

AM: Well she was quick to take the glass of wine when Bill offered it to her.

Holly: You sure?

AM: Yes. I saw the glass touching her lips and if I didn’t walk in when I did, she would’ve relapsed.

Holly reaches for the phone and starts dialing.

Holly: Where is she? I wanna talk to her. Maybe I can help her seeing as I know what she is going through.

AM: I doubt you’ll be able to reach her at the manor. I fired her.

Holly: What?! You have to go undo what you’ve done.

AM: If anything, I’m doing her a favor. I’m getting her away from Spaulding manor. That place is toxic.

Holly: No! What you’re doing pushing her near the bottle with your constant berating! You should be glad that she is still alive after the tragedy experienced!

Alan Michael remains stoic, but the words of Holly are hitting him to the core. He is about to crack when:

Lighting Assistant: (peeking in) Mr. Spaulding?

AM: Yes.

Lighting Assistant: This was taped on your car.

The Lighting Assistant hands Alan Michael an envelope. He turns and leaves. Alan Michael rips it open, pulls out the letter, reads it, and his face nearly drops.

Holly: What is it? Is it Hope?

AM: Nope. But we better find her and quickly.

Alan Michael shows Holly the letter, which reads:






Jeffrey: Reva! Reva!

Jeffrey enters into the kitchen to see that it is candle lit. Reva is sitting at the table wearing nothing but a negligee. She seductively signals for him to come join her.

Grinning, Jeffrey starts to undo his tie as he walks over to the table. He has a seat across from Reva.

Jeffrey: Where is Colin?

Reva: Sleep. Want some wine?

Jeffrey: Sure.

Reva pours him a glass.

Jeffrey: Good. Now I wanna apologize for earlier--

Reva takes his glass of wine and tosses it in his face.

Jeffrey: What the--?! Reva!

Reva: You slick son-of-a-b*tch! How dare you go to Olivia and try and get her to fire me! What right do you have?!

Jeffrey: Reva, calm down. . .

Reva: Calm down? Calm down?! Oh I'm just get started. Now answer the question!

Jeffrey: What right I have?! Is that what you wanna know?!

Reva: Yes!

Jeffrey: All the right. I don't want you working the Josh--h*ll I forbid it!

Reva: Well no man has EVER forbid Reva Shayne from doing anything and won't!

Reva is about to leave when Jeffrey grabs her by the arm.

Jeffrey: It's me or that job. Make your choice.

Reva thinks about for it a second then:

Reva: (coldly) Goodbye, Jeffrey.

Reva snatches away from him and sashays up the stars.

On a wet and angry Jeffrey,



It is now only Laurel, Hawk, and Rusty.

Rusty: (shaking his head in disbelief) I can't be you, Laurel. I just can't.

Laurel: I did it for you!

Rusty: No. You did it for yourself.

Hawk: That's not fair!

Rusty: And neither is you and Mom keeping this secret. Keeping my daughter away from me!

Laurel: You act like I did it out of malice.

Rusty: It seems like you did. May I remind you that you broke up with me?

Laurel: I know, Rusty!

Rusty: I would've married you and we could've raised Trista together. You've not only robbed her but me too!

Laurel: God d*mmit, Rusty! No one has robbed you! You chose your career long before we broke up! I just helped you if anything. And according to this--

Laurel picks up the newspaper and flashes it in Rusty's face. It's a pic of him, his fiance, and her daughter.

Laurel: Looks like you aren't too robbed! You've landed another family!

Rusty: Don't do that.

Laurel: Do what?!

Rusty: Throw my fiance in my face. Don't do it!

Laurel walks up on Rusty and gets his face. They're so close that it could go either way--blow being tossed or them falling into a kiss.

Laurel: I just did.

Laurel whips her, smacking Rusty in the face. She grabs her purse and coat and heads to the door.

rc_wbg.jpgLaurel: Enjoy your daughter while you can because as soon as her semester ends, I'll be taking her back to Georgia.

Rusty: Over my dead body. She's staying here!

Hawk: OK! Enough you two!

Laurel: (opening door) Goodnight, Hawk. Rusty, I meant what I said. Enjoy your time now. The clock is ticking.

Laurel exits and slams the door.

On Rusty pacing the floor realizing he is on borrowed time,






Rusty (OC): Pa! Come open the door!

Trista and Laurel stand frozen in place as Rusty still beats at the door.

Rusty: Pa! You there? Don't make me kick the door down.

Hawk rushes out the kitchen and ushers the two women into the kitchen before rushing back over to the door to let Rusty back in.

Hawk: What?!!!!

Rusty: What took you so long?

Hawk: I was taking a nap, boy!

Rusty brushes past Hawk, entering.

Rusty: I heard yelling in here, Dad.

Hawk: It was the TV.

Rusty (not convinced) Yeah . . .

Hawk: So you don't believe me now?

Rusty: No.


Rusty and Hawk jump at the sound of glass hitting the ground. Rusty glances at Hawk.

Rusty: You heard that?

Hawk shakes his head "no." Now Rusty really isn't convinced.


Trista and Laurel, huddled against the door, turn to see that Rocky knocked a plate off the counter.

On Rocky cringing,




Olivia and Natalia, intertwined, lie on the sofa kissing each other passionately as they've just finished watching a movie.

Then the sound of a key unlocking the door causes Olivia and Natalia to pull themselves together. The door opens to reveal . . . Rafe! Donning his army uniform, Rafe lugs in his bags.

Rafe: Anyone home?

The sound of Rafe's voice brings tears to Natalia's eyes.

Rafe: Mom? Olivia? Emma? Anyone here?

Natalia comes bending around the corner with tears streaming down her eyes. She rushes over to hug her son tightly. Olivia stands nearby watching with a warm smile, and



Alan Michael stands near the desk with the phone to his ear. Bill, Lizzie, Beth, and James are nearby.

Alan Michael: OK . . . Yes, Uncle Ed. I so appreciate it . . . I understand . . . (smiling) So glad to hear that . . . OK. OK. I'll see you in awhile . . . Love you too. Bye.

Alan Michael hangs up the phone. He turns to face everyone, who are on the edge of their seats awaiting news.

Alan Michael: Aunt Alex awake and on her way home!

Lizzie: Oh my God!

Alan Michael: They said that the stroke has caused her to loose a little feeling in her leg but some physical therapy will get her right back on track.

Lizzie: Thank you, Lord.

Lizzie and Bill hug each other.

Beth: I have to call Phillip and deliver the good news to him.

Alan Michael: You do that. I'm going to go talk to the staff and make sure that everything is in order for her return.

Alan Michael goes to leave when he bumps into Caroline (Hope). Alan Michael quickly shoots an enthused look at her before exiting. This wounds Caroline but she quickly covers it up with a smile.

Caroline: The cook wanted me to inform you that lunch will be ready in about thirty minutes.

Lizzie: Thanks, Caroline.

Caroline: No problem.

Caroline goes to leave when,

James: Caroline! Have you heard?

Caroline turns back to hear what James has to say with curiosity.

James: Aunt Alex is going to be fine.

Caroline: She is!

James: Yes. She's on her way home now.

Caroline: Oh thank goodness. I have to go get the staff ready for her return.

Bill: Oh don't worry about that. Alan Michael has that covered.

Bill hands Caroline a flute glass containing champagne. She's hesitant about taking it.

Lizzie: Take it, Caroline. We have to celebrate.

Beth: (grabbing her glass) Yes. And we wouldn't've held out hope if wasn't for you.

Caroline: (murmuring) Yes . . . hope . . .

Bill: (forcefully putting the glass in her hand) Now drink.

Caroline: But I can't, Mr. Lewis. I'm on the clock . . .

James: (taking a sip of his drink) Who cares. You're off it at the moment. Now c'mon. You deserve it.

Caroline (Hope) grins hesitantly before placing the glass against her lips, still struggling whether or not to drink, and



Michelle digs through her purse and produces a flask. Her face lights up at the sight of it. She starts to unscrew it and goes for a sip when the door opens and in walks Danny.

Danny: Baby! I have a surprise for you!

Michelle turns to face Danny while hiding the flask behind her back.

Michelle: (forcing a smile) What?

Danny signals someone to come in from outside. A few seconds later enters Pilar. The sight of her causes Michelle's face to drop.

Pilar: Hey Michelle. Aren't you going to welcome me home?

On Michelle forcing a smile back on her face again while slipping the flask back in her purse from behind,



The door flings open. Reva walks in, p*ssed off with Jeffery behind her. He slams the door.

Reva: (facing him) How dare you? How dare you ask me to quit?!

Jeffery: How dare I?! I think that I should be the one asking the questions!

Reva: I can't believe you! I can't believe that you asked me to quit both of my jobs!

Jeffery: I don't see why you can't! As a matter of fact, you don't even need to work!

Reva: Say what?

Jeffery: You don't need to work! I make plenty of money to take care of us all -- you, me, and Colin. You don't need a job at Lewis or the Beacon.

Reva: (walking away) You sound real stupid.

Jeffery: Oh no. Stupid is the last thing I am. Stupid is what I would be if I sat here and allowed you to continue to work beside Josh.

Reva spins back around. She is in disbelief by what Jeffery just stated.

Reva: Allowed? Honey, I've told you once and I'll say it again! No man tells Reva Shayne what to do!

This moment of tension is broken up by Cassie entering.

Cassie: Knock, knock! The door was open . . .

Jeffery and Reva fail to notice or hear anything Cassie says as they still browbeat one another. Cassie quickly realizes that she has stumbled into something.

Cassie: Um . . . maybe I should leave.

Reva: (coming to) Oh no! You stay. C'mon.

Reva rolls her eyes and heads into the kitchen.

Cassie: (to Jeffery) Everything alright?

Jeffery: No. But it will be and real soon.

Cassie: OK . . .

Reva: (OC) Cassie!

Cassie: I better go.

Jeffery: You better.

Cassie heads into the kitchen. Jeffery whips out his phone and scrolls down his contacts until he comes upon Olivia.

Jeffery: You won't quit, fine. I'll get you fired instead. (into phone) Olivia, it's Jeffery. Meet me at Towers in ten. Bye.

On Jeffery exiting,



Picking up where we left off, Pilar makes her way over towards Michelle and hugs her.

Pilar: So long since we've seen each other.

Michelle: (mumbling) Not long enough.

Pilar: What did you say?

Michelle: I said "I agree."

The two pull apart.

Michelle: So what are you doing here in Springfield?

Pilar: I got a job offer at the hospital and I decided to take it. Plus, it'd allow me to be near my family.

Michelle: Umm hmm . . . So where are you staying?

Danny: With one of her patients right now. However, I told her she could stay here when the physical therapy for her patient ceased, she could move back here.

Michelle: Really? So now we've become a boarding house?

Danny: Michelle, what's wrong?

Michelle: Oh nothing. Nothing at all. Didn't know that we were taking in strays.

Pilar moans. Danny glowers at Michelle.

Pilar: (to Danny) Told you. (kissing him) I gotta go meet my patient. I'll see you around.

Danny: Bye.

Pilar exits. Danny looks at Michelle, upset and disappointed.

Michelle: What?

Danny walks out the room leaving Michelle alone and upset now too,



With the glass pressed against her lips, Caroline (Hope) nearly downs the drink when Alan Michael, standing the doorway, takes notices. He rushes over and snatches the glass from her before tossing it against the wall. Everyone is astonished by his actions.

Beth: Alan Michael!

AM: What is she doing? Why is she drinking?

James: We're celebrating. What is wrong with you?

AM: She's on the clock! She's not supposed to be drinking!

Lizzie: We told her she could have a drink! Stop overreacting.

AM: I don't wanna hear it. (to Caroline) You come with me. NOW!

Caroline nods and exits. Alan Michael goes to follow when Beth grabs him, stopping him.

Beth: You better not even think about firing her.

Alan Michael blows off Beth's warning and exits. On everyone worried about Caroline's fate,



Cassie and Reva sit at the counter with a bottle of wine between the two. It is still apparent that Reva is ticked off.

Cassie: Wow . . .

Reva: Yep. He wants me to quit both jobs.

Cassie: Well I'm not firing you, and I am not about to sever ties with Lewis.

Reva: Glad to hear that. Jeffery is just going to have to build a bridge and get over it. Joshua is going to be in my life till the day I day.

Cassie: Tell me about. I had to learn the hard way . . .

This strikes a nerve with Reva. Maybe Jeffery might be right.

Reva: Cassie . . .

Cassie: Don't, Reva. Don't even think about it. And that was my bad for saying that. My situation is totally different from Jeffery's.

Reva: But is it?

Cassie: (grabbing Reva by her hands, consoling) It is. You two are just having a little fight that is going to blow over in the matter of hours. Trust me. Jeffery will forget all about this and it'll all be an afterthought.

On Reva with a glimmer of hope in her eyes,



Jeffery sits at the bar, fiddling with phone. Olivia comes up to him, tapping him on the shoulder.

Olivia: Hey you. What's up?

Jeffery: I want you to fire Reva and I mean now.

Olivia: What -- why??

Jeffery: Just do it. You'll thank me later.

On Olivia confused by his request,



Rusty starts to head for the kitchen with Hawk tailing behind him.

Hawk: Rusty, wait!

Rusty pushes the door open and enters into


where Trista, Rocky, and Laurel are at a loss of words. Rusty is now too at the sight of Laurel.

Rusty: . . .Laurel?

On Laurel nervous,



Nola leads a blind folded Quint into the dusty, cobweb ridden house. Sheet covers cover the furniture -- it still has that eerie, gothic aura too it from the last time many of you saw it.

Nola: Welcome home!

Nola removes the blindfold from Quint's eyes. Quinton become verklempt by the sight of his old home -- his home filled with many memories.




Alan Michael: Are you crazy?!

Caroline: What are you talking about?

Alan Michael: The drink. The drink! You were about to guzzle down that drink.

Caroline: No I wasn't.

Alan Michael: Yes, you were.

Caroline: You know what, I am about sick and tired of you reprimanding me. I am YOUR parent! Not the other way around!

Alan Michael: And I am sick and tired of holding your secret! How about you confess the truth and tell everyone you're alive!

Caroline: Because I am better off dead! You hear me! And it's gonna stay that way. Hope Bauer is dead.

Alan Michael: Fine. But you're not staying here anymore.

Caroline: What is that supposed to mean?

Alan Michael: It means that you're fired!

Caroline: What?!

Alan Michael: Pack your bags and leave here, leave Springfield! And don't come back until you resume the role of my mother!

Alan Michael storms off.

Hope: Alan Michael!

Hope chases after here. Suddenly, emerging from around the corner is India. She smiles as if she has won the lottery.

India: Boy, oh boy. Looks like we have an intruder on our hands . . .

On India grinning,



The doorbell rings and Lizzie goes to open the door to find Pilar.

Pilar: Hello. I'm here to see Ms. Alexandra Spaulding. I'm her new physical therapist.

Lizzie is dumbstruck by Pilar's presence.

Bill (OC): Lizzie, who is--

Bill pulls the door open to see Pilar.

Lindsay-Hartley-JPI-2010-E-L.jpgPilar: Bill?

Bill: Pilar . . .

On this moment of awkwardness,




- Jason gain in ally in Leah

- India blows the whistle in hopes of scoring points with Alan

- Hope’s secret is revealed, with damaging effects.

- Annie Dutton’s sister, Cynthia, comes to town

- Nola reopens the Reardon Boarding House

- Rafe finds love

- Blake & Kevin clash over his dream

- John Hu has ties to many of Springfield's women

- Pilar returns home & wants Bill

- Michelle continues to fall victim of the "Bauer Curse"

- Tiara and Remy get closer

- Rusty learns the truth about Trista

- Cassie starts her search for her father

- Laurel and Rick connect, but their past partners (Mel & Rusty) serve as a problem

- Mel's pregnancy comes out

- Alan gets J & Tom to do his bidding

- Jeffery's jealousy continues to be problem, pushing Reva towards Josh

- Julie Camaletti is returns to Springfield thanks to Edmund

- One cousin falls for another cousin's spouse

- Dinah gets a stalker

- Dinah/Mallet/Shayne/Marina quad is shaken up

- A pair of childhood friends fall into bed creating a scandal

- The Diamondhead Organization strikes with Vanessa & Olivia being the victims

- Billy finds love




Open up on Vanessa walking down the hallway with her face buried in some documents. J enters from a side door, and not noticing Vanessa, bumps into her.

Vanessa: J?

J: Hey, Aunt Vanessa.

Vanessa: Honey, were you looking for me?

J: Um . . . uh no. I was actually here to see Alan.

Vanessa: Alan?

On Vanessa desiring to know why,



Buzz comes from the kitchen with a plate and brings it Harley, who sips on her coffee.

Buzz: Your order is here, my favorite customer.

Harley: (laughs) Do you say that Frank and Rocky too?

Buzz: (sitting across from her) No . . .

Harley eyes him, letting him know that she knows otherwise.

Buzz: Alright so I do.

Harley: I thought so, and where is Rocky anyways?

Buzz: Went somewhere with Trista.

Harley: Hmm. . . interesting. Those two have gotten really close as of late.

Buzz: They have. She really balances him, you know. She helps him with the Lillian situation.

Harley: Glad to hear that. I'd hate to have to watch you choose between your happiness or Rocky's feelings.

Buzz: True. Speaking of happiness, what about you?

Harley stops taking a sip of her tea and glances at Buzz.

Harley: Huh?

Buzz: You heard me. What about your love life? Any new man that I should be grilling?

Harley: No. Nor will there be. I think that I am done with love.


Harley has a vision of a man, whose face we can't see, rubbing his hand against her cheek, lovingly.


Buzz: Aww c'mon, sweetheart. For all you know, your future husband could be the next thing to walk into that door.

Buzz points at the entrance as the door swings open. In walks Alan Michael. Harley fixedly stares at Buzz, as he drops his head.



Trista and Rocky enter bearing groceries. Rocky takes them off Trista's hands, as she removes her coat and hangs it up.

Trista: Grandpa! We're here!

Emerging from the kitchen swing door is Laurel. She is p*ssed off. Hawk creeps out behind her, nervous. Trista is befuddled.

Laurel: Calling him Grandpa already?

Trista: Mom, I can explain--

Laurel: You d*mn well better! What the h*ll are you doing here in Springfield!

Trista, with hands on her hips, looks at her mother as if she is serious for asking such a dumb question, and



Reva still holds Josh by the face, forcing him to look into her eyes.

Reva: What is it, Bud? What is going on?

Just as Josh is about to divulge the truth, in walks Jeffery.

Jeffery: Hey, Reva--

Reva lets go of Josh's face. Josh rises. He and Reva both look at Jeffery. Jeffery realizes he's walked into something. And on a tense, uncomfortable moment between this trio . . .



Picking up where we left off -- a tense moment between these three.

Jeffery: Am I interrupting something?

Josh: No.

Jeffery: You sure? Do I need to go back outside and wait for you two to finish?

Reva: Jeffery!

Josh: (overlapping) And here we go . . .

Jeffery: Yes! Here we go with the two of you always together!

Josh: And you always overreacting.

Reva: (mediating) Joshua, hold on.

Josh: No, Reva! It's clear that he doesn't trust you. (to Jeffery) What? You think we're sleeping together?

Jeffery: Did I say that?

Josh: Oh I'm sure it's on your mind. A beautiful, vibrant woman like Reva. Our history. The kids we share. We must be sleeping together!!

Reva: Stop being facetious, Bud!

Josh: (pointing out) See! See! She still calls me Bud! Oh we must be sleeping together!

Jeffery: Shut up, Josh. . .

Josh: Just get over it, Jeffery. Reva will never get me out of her system, and vice versa! You're just temporary.

Reva: Joshua!

Jeffery furiously grabs Josh by the collar of his shirt and shakes him.

Jeffery: You son of a b*tch! You can take this job and shove it up you a**! Reva quits!

Reva: I am doing what?

Jeffery: You're quitting!

Reva: I don't think so . No one tells Reva Shayne what to do. Not even you.

On Jeffery stunned by Reva going against his wishes.



Vanessa sits at her desk with J and Tom (too) sitting across from her.

Vanessa: So what did Alan hire you for?

Tom: Security. He wants us to protect him and his family.

Vanessa: Well you're going to quit it, today.

J & Tom: What!!

Vanessa: You both heard me. You're quitting this job.

Tom: Why?

Vanessa: (to J) Because your father would ring my neck if I allowed you to work for Alan. (to Tom) And your parents aren't his biggest fans either. And I personally cannot allow it. Anyone that gets involved with Alan finds themselves in a world of trouble.

J: Yet you work for him.

Vanessa: That's different. I know how to handle Alan.

Tom: And who says that we can't? We're just bodyguards, that's all. It's similar to being on the police force, which we use to do by the way.

Vanessa: Do you know what for? From what?

J: Something about something involving his missing nephew, Nick -- Alexandra. He feared she'd be the next target.

Alan knocks on Vanessa's door, which is glass by the way. He signals the boy to come here. The boys prepare to get up when:

Vanessa: Don't you move. I got this.

They ease back down in their seats as Vanessa crosses over into


and she closes the door behind her and pulls Alan off the side, out of the view of J and Tom.

Vanessa: What do you think you're doing?

Alan: Getting my security. Now could you move?

Alan gently moves Vanessa out the way, but she slides right back in front of him.

Vanessa: You're going to fire them.

Alan: I'm going to do what?

Vanessa: I said fire them.

Alan: If anyone is about to get a pink slip, it's not them. It's you.

Vanessa: You couldn't get rid of me if you tried. You might fire me; however, I'll still have a seat on the board, and you know how persuasive I can be.

Alan: What is the problem, Vanessa?

Vanessa: You are the problem. I know you, Alan. The games that you play, the people that you use. I'm not going to allow you to use my nephew and his cousin to do your deeds.

Alan: And what deeds would that be, Vanessa?

Vanessa: You tell me.

Suddenly, Tom and J lift Vanessa up and put her back into her office, closing the door.

J: You ready, Mr. Spaulding.

Alan: Yes.

J, Tom, and Alan head down the wall. Vanessa rushes back into the hall, watching them.

Vanessa: I'm not going to allow you to do this, Alan! Do you hear me?! (to self) I gotta call Quinton.

On Vanessa rushing back into her office,



Rocky and Hawk stand by the door listening on as Trista and Laurel yell.

Rocky: Should we break it up?

Hawk: No, sir. This is long overdue. This needs to happen.

Rocky and Hawk continue to listen on as,

In the living room, Laurel and Trista square off.

Laurel: You're coming home!

Trista: I am home!

Laurel: This is not your home!

Trista: It is now! I have family here! Friends! A guy that I care for and happen to love!

Rocky smiles as he still listens.

Laurel: Oh please. You're too young to know what "love" is.

Trista: Says who? You?

Laurel: Yes, me!

Trista: Just because your relationship with Dad went to h*ll in a handbasket doesn't mean mine will.

Laurel: (calming down) Please listen to me . . . please. You don't wanna do this.

Trista: Do what? Get to know my father. The same father that you swore up and down you'd introduce to me when I was 18. Guess what, I'm 18!

Laurel: I know I said that, but--

Trista: But what? Why are you so against me knowing my family? Why?

Laurel: I'm not! I just don't think that now is the time.

Trista: Then when? A year? Two? Eighteen more?

Laurel: I didn't say that.

Trista: Then when?

Laurel: Just not now.

Trista: Well thank God I no longer have to take order from you. I'm grown. I can do as I please.

Laurel: As long as a breath is in me, you'll do as I say!

Trista: Not this time.

Trista goes to walk away when Laurel grabs her by the arm.

Laurel: We're going back to Atlanta!

Trista: You are! Not me!

Trista snatches away and heads towards the kitchen.

Laurel: Trista!


Rusty (OC): Hey, Dad? You home? What's going on in there?

Laurel starts to panic. Trista grins. On the two exchanges glances,



Leah, Rick, and Mel wait in lobby. An Assistant District Attorney taps Mel on the shoulder and signals her into the judges quarters. She and Rick get up and head into the judges quarters, leaving Leah alone.

Bending around the corner with a ticket in his hand is Jason. He notices Leah sitting alone, solemn.

Jason: Bingo . . .

On Jason with a maniacal grin,



Alan Michael and Harley are now sitting together. Alan Michael holds a pad in hand, looking like he is trying to get something out of Harley. We enter mid convo:

Harley: If this is so you can get a story for WSPR, you're not going to get it.

AM: Aww c'mon, Harley. Why are you so tight lipped about the investigation?

Harley: Because it is still on going. Don't you get that?

AM: See . . . that's was the problem with your marriage.

Harley: What?

AM: You being so stubborn. One thing I use to hate about you.

Harley: Like your smarmy ways?

AM: That's the Spaulding in me.

Harley: Oh I know. I was a Spaulding three times you know.

AM: Oh I know, which is why out of some weird loyalty, you should tell me something. Anything about the bank robbery the other day. Any suspects? Evidence the department has stumble upon. Anything!

Harley: No. I'm not telling you anything.

AM: Fine. (joking) Just break my heart all over again.

Harley: (laughing) Get a grip, Alan Michael.

AM: Oh! You smiled! That's a first in a long time!

Harley playfully smacks him on the arm.

Harley: It has. . . thanks.

AM: No problem. Now what about--

Harley: Don't even try it.

On Harley and Alan Michael sharing a smile,



A shot of a man's hand holding a picture of Harley. We pull back reveal that it is John Hu.

John: Can't wait to see you again, beautiful.

John kisses the picture and holds it close to his heart, and



- Jason gain in ally in Leah

- Rafe comes home

- Blake & Kevin clash over his dream

- John Hu has ties to many of Springfield's women

- Pilar returns home & wants Bill

- Michelle continues to fall victim of the "Bauer Curse"

- Tiara and Remy get closer

- Rusty learns the truth about Trista

- Cassie starts her search for her father

- Laurel and Rick connect, but their past partners (Mel & Rusty) serve as a problem

- Mel's pregnancy comes out

- Alan gets J & Tom to do his bidding

- Jeffery's jealousy continues to be problem, pushing Reva towards Josh

- Julie Camaletti is returns to Springfield thanks to Edmund

- One cousin falls for another cousin's spouse

- Dinah gets a stalker

- Dinah/Mallet/Shayne/Marina quad is shaken up

- A pair of childhood friends fall into bed creating a scandal

- The Diamondhead Organization strikes with Vanessa & Olivia being the victims

- Billy finds love




Open up on Michelle fixing lunches for the kids, and then Danny comes down the stairs.

Danny: The kids aren’t down here yet?

Michelle: No. (then) Hope! Robbie! Hurry up!

Danny: I’m gonna be late if they don’t hurry up.

Michelle: For what?

Danny: Michelle, the debate! You don’t remember?

Michelle: (covering) Oh—oh yeah. It just slipped my mind.

Danny: OK . . . You’re going to be there, right?

Michelle: I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Danny: Good.

Danny kisses Michelle on the lips.

Danny: Tell them I’m in the car.

Michelle nods. Danny exits.

Michelle: (irritated) KIDS!

Hope and Robbie run down the stairs, backpacks and all.

Michelle: What took you so long!

Robbie: Hope, hogging the bathroom again.

Hope: You liar!

Michelle rubs her head as she in real pain.

Michelle: I don’t wanna hear it. Just go!

The kids grab their lunch and head for the door. Hope keeps going; however, Robbie stops, noticing something is wrong.

Robbie: You alright.

Michelle: I’m fine. Just go before you make your father late.

Robbie: OK . . . I love you, Mom.

Michelle: Umm hmm.

Wounded by Michelle not returning her love, Robbie exits.

Michelle: (sighs) I thought they’d never leave.

Michelle pulls a flask out of her pocket, unscrews it, and has a swig of the gin inside of the flask. She takes a deep breath as this drink soothes her—or so she thinks. . .



J reads the paper while Tom stuffs his face with food. Tom notices J hasn’t touched anything on his plate.

Tom: You gonna eat that?

J: (lowering paper) Eat what?

Tom: (pointing at pancakes) That.

J: Go ahead.

Tom takes the pancakes off his plate and starts to eat them.

J: There is seriously no one hiring in this town. I’m regretting sticking around.

Tom: I don’t know why you just don’t join Springfield PD. I mean you—

J: You know what I don’t want to join the force. I don’t why you’d even bring that up!

Tom notices that J is agitated by his suggestion, and possible hurt. He better ease the pain . . .

Tom: Sorry.

J: No. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t’ve snapped on you.

Tom: It’s fine.

Alan steps off the elevator and passes them when,

J: I don’t know if we are going to work in this town. I mean no one is hiring with our qualifications.

Alan stops dead in his tracks to realize that he may have found two young bucks to assist him. He steps up to them.

Alan: You two looking for work?

J: Yeah. Why?

Alan: Because I just might be hiring . . .

On Alan smiling (and up to something),



Dylan enters into the onsite trailer, as Josh looks over the mail.

Dylan: Morning, Uncle Josh.

Josh: Morning, Dylan. You’ve seen Reva?

Dylan: Not yet. You sure she’s isn’t in the hotel with Cassie.

Josh: No. Just talked to Cassie. She hasn’t seen her either.

Dylan: She probably overslept.

Josh: Maybe. I’m just wondering why she’s been allowing the mail to accumulate over time.

Dylan: Well she can’t be in two places at once. I mean she’s doing secretarial work with us and with the Beacon. Plus Colin—she’s got a handful.

Josh: You’re right.

Still going through the mail, Josh reaches a package that reads “FOR JOSHUA LEWIS”. He opens it up to pull out a unmarked CD. A note falls out of the envelope too. Josh unfolds the note that reads “Press Play.”

Josh: Who sent this?

Dylan: (looks over) Don’t know. What does the note say?

Josh: Press play.

Dylan: You think it was a CD that Reva might’ve burned?

Josh: Let’s see.

Josh pops the CD into his computer and presses play. A song starts to play.

Josh: What is this?

Dylan: Never heard this song in my life.

Suddenly, Billy comes in and at the sound of the music, starts dancing.

Billy: Morning! You guys are jamming in here!

Josh: Did you send this to me?

Billy: No. Why would I send you a CD when I have one of those fancy things . . . (searching) What is it called?

Dylan: An I-Pod?

Billy: Yeah! But whoever it sent this to you has great taste! The Beach Boys!

Josh: This is the Beach Boys?

Billy: Yeah! You don’t remember this song?

Josh: I’m not a real big Beach Boys fan.

Billy: Oh. Well you always had sucky taste when it came to music.

Josh: Ha. Ha. Very funny.

Josh continues to go through the mail.

Dylan: Well what’s the name of the song, Dad?

Billy: Diamond Head, boy! I’mma have to get Billy boy to send you my I-Pod playlist.

Dylan and Billy laugh, but something doesn’t sit right with Josh.

Josh: (thought) Diamond Head?!

The song ends when the computer starts to spark and going into flames.

Billy: What the—

Josh: Everybody watch out!

Josh grabs the extinguisher and puts the flame out. Billy and Dylan let the windows up to let out the smoke.

Reva (OC): What is going on here?

Josh turns to see Reva standing in the door.

Reva: I asked you all a question— (noticing computer) My computer!

Reva rushes over and examines what use to be her computer.

Reva: Who did this?

Josh: (murmurs) You tell me . . .

On Josh bothered,



It’s just Josh and Reva sitting in the trailer, alone. Josh sits at his desk, still bothered yet hiding it as he works on blueprints. Reva drops her computer into the trash and turns to Josh.

Reva: Thanks a lot, Joshua.

Josh: (still working) I said sorry.

Reva: Well it’s not like a lot of work is going to get done today.

Josh ignores her.

Reva: Joshua!

Josh spins around to face Reva.

Josh: What?!

Reva: What’s wrong with you?!

Josh: Nothing.

Reva: Clearly there is something wrong with you.

Josh: I’m just agitated.

Reva: I see that.

Josh: This whole place could’ve burned down if it wasn’t for that crap PC, Reva! I told you get a Mac!

Reva: Oh don’t blame my computer, or what use to be! You shouldn’t’ve been on my computer!

Josh: Even if I wasn’t on your computer, it would’ve still caught fire. This trailer could’ve caught fire had we not had a fire extinguisher in here! We could’ve lost blueprints and contracts worth millions. Billy, Dylan, and I could’ve died! And—

Reva: It would’ve been your fault. No one told you to stick a CD in my PC.

Josh turns away.

Josh: Just get a Mac, OK?

Reva: If I get one, you’re gonna buy it!

Josh: (waving, dismissing) Fine.

Reva spins Josh’s chair around, facing her again.

Reva: Something is wrong, Bud. What is it?

Josh: (not looking in her eyes) Nothing.

Reva grabs Josh by the face, forcing him to look in her eyes.

Reva: Tell me, Bud. What’s wrong?



Michelle is passed out on the bed with the flask lying nearby. We hear the door slam from downstairs, as does Michelle.

Michelle jumps up and looks at the clock. Damn! She’s missed Danny’s rally.

She rushes grabs the flask and places it back into her pocket before she rushes into the


where Michelle grabs the bottle of mouthwash and gargles then spits to kill the smell of alcohol on her breath. Noticing her eyes are red, she douses water in her face then sticks her head underneath the sink to wet it.

She turns the shower on for a bit, hot enough to create a fog—as if she’s been doing something. She then snags a towel from nearby and wraps it around her hair.

Danny then barges into the room, mad.

Danny: Michelle!

Michelle peeks out the bathroom.

Michelle: Baby, I am so sorry.

Danny: Start explaining.

Michelle: I got so wrapped up with the electric company, and arguing with them over our bill amount.

Danny: Why?

Michelle: It’s too much, Danny! We don’t use that much electricity.

Danny: But you could’ve done that later on.

Michelle: Oh no. This matter needed to be handled now!

Danny: So you’re worried about an electric bill instead of my rally?

Michelle: No!! I just realized when I got the phone with them that you’re rally started, so I rushed to take a shower, and get ready when— (turning on the tears) Danny, I am so sorry! I’m just so overwhelmed with moving back here and Aunt Meta’s death . . .

Danny takes Michelle into his arms, holding her tightly.

Danny: Sshh. It’s fine. I understand.

Michelle: Trust me . . . I was rushing to get there.

Danny: It’s just one of many.

Michelle: I swear! I—

Danny: (reassuring her) Don’t. You’ll make the next one. OK?

Michelle nods. Danny kisses her on the forehead. He then sits on the bed and takes off his shoes.

Michelle: (wiping away tears) It would probably be awkward for me to ask how did it go?

Danny: No it wouldn’t and it went great. Would’ve been better if you were there. But next time.

Michelle feels bad, as Danny turns on the


With a commercial of Doris about to run.

VOICE: How do you like your mayor?

A shot of a piece of raw meat.

VOICE: Do you want a mayor with a mob past? A mob momma?

A shot of Carmen then a shot of Danny pops up on the screen with a big red X over his face.

VOICE: Or how about a mayor that is so backwoods that they wouldn’t even know how to spell politics?

A shot of the Shayne/Lewis clans, photo-shopped to look like hicks. Then a shot of Rusty across with Danny’s with a big black X over his face.

VOICE: No because you want the best WOMAN for the job—that woman being Doris Wolfe. . .

Doris walks in the middle with her hands on her hips, tossing her hair with the wind blowing.

Doris: The baddest b*tch! If you reelect me, the job will get done! Well done! How do you like your mayor?

A end shot of Doris smiling then taking a bite out of a piece of well-done steak.

VOICE: This message was paid for by Doris Wolfe and the USDA.


On Danny and Michelle speechless,



A knock at the door. Hawk rushes to the door.

Hawk: Who is it?

Female Voice: Laurel!

Hawk opens the door to reveal Laurel Tucker, Trista’s mother.

ANNOUNCER: The role of Laurel Tucker is being played by Robin Christopher.

Laurel: Where is she, Hawk? Where is Trista?

On Hawk surprised to see Laurel,



A pair of designer shoes, worn by a man, enter inside a room and walk up to bed. He sits next to the bed and we reveal John Hu.

ANNOUNCER: The role of John Hu is being played by Stephen Nichols.

John: The plan is going accordingly. By the time you come to again, our dynasty will be built. We will rule over the drug game in America like I have in Europe. Sleep tight, my love.

John leans over to kiss a comatose Carmen on the forehead before he turns and leaves.

On a slight grin starting to form on Carmen’s face,





Jason lies on the sofa peacefully. All of sudden a pillow bashes him in the head. He jumps up to see Dinah, furious, holding the pillow.

Jason: What was that for?!

Dinah: I can't believe you.

Jason: I know you aren't about to read me the riot act, Dinah.

Dinah: No. But I am going to save you from yourself. Take it from me, you don't wanna do this, Jason.

Jason rolls his eyes. He grabs his pillow and blanket and starts to storm off.

Dinah: (grabbing him) Where are you going?

Jason: Anywhere but here.

Dinah: Well you won't get too far.

Jason: Think again.

Jason rushes upstairs. On Dinah over it,


Kevin sips on a cup of coffee, reading the paper when James comes in. Kevin looks up and sees him. With a deep sigh, he buries his face back into the paper. James takes notice and makes his way over to Kevin,

James: Where is he?

Kevin: Who?

James: Jason.

Kevin: Not here.

James: Then tell me where he is.

Kevin: I don't know where he is! If I did, I sure as h*ll wouldn't tell you. And don't you have better things to worry about? Does Ms. Spaulding ring a bell?

James: My aunt is fine, but I want to know where your brother is.

Kevin: For what? So you can get in his face? So you can threaten him? Punch him? You're wasting your time.

James: He threatened my father--

Kevin: SO WHAT! Phillip is a big boy and he took it well last night. It's not like he expected Jason to come back to town showering him with hugs and kisses.

Rick enters. This argument catches his attention.

James: So you think this is OK? You think it is OK for him go to around and threaten people?

Kevin: It was an empty threat.

James: I doubt it. Knowing your family's track record . . .

Kevin: Oh don't forget, COUSIN, we're related. Now could you just back off?! Give Jason some time and he'll come around. I understand what my brother is feeling. I just know how to let things go. He doesn't.

James: Then maybe I can help him . . .

Kevin: Maybe you're the one that needs help, and I should help you.

Kevin rises up and faces off with James. Rick rushes over, driving a wedge between the two.

Rick: No! No! No! You guys! Chill out.

James: I'm going to find to him and let him know no one threatens my dad.

Rick: James!

James storms out.

Kevin plops back down in the seat, livid.

Rick: You alright?

Kevin: No!

Rick: Let me get you--

Kevin: How about you leave me alone? This problem wouldn't be going on if it wasn't for you and Phillip.

Kevin goes back to drinking his coffee. On Rick, hurt,


Blake stands on her going over her notes with a director. Reginald sits behind the news desk getting his makeup done. Beth enter.

Beth: Blake!

Blake: (stunned) Beth. Hey. What are you doing here?

Beth: I came to see you.

Blake: (to director) Give me a second. (on director exiting) What's up?

Beth: Your son.

Blake: Case closed.

Blake walks off but a determined Beth follows her.

Beth: You can't ignore me, Blake.

Blake: Watch me.

Beth: Blake!

Blake stops and turns to face Beth. Reginald watches on from a distance.

Blake: I'm not discussing my son with you of all people.

Beth: Well he needs to be held accountable for his actions.

Blake: A threat? A little threat? Does Phillip know you're here?

Beth: No . . .

Blake: I thought so. Because Phillip seemed fine last night. But I should expect this from you of all people. Poor little Beth taking things and make them larger than life.

Beth: Look . . . my family is already underneath enough stress as it is. We don't need more added.

Blake: My son, a twenty year old, adding stress to all of you? Beth, get a life.

Beth: Blake, I'm not--

Reginald (OC): Blake! (approaching them) We need to meet in my dressing room.

Blake: For what?

Reginald: To go over the stories we're covering.

Blake: That's for amateurs. I don't need to go over anything. I already know what I am going say.

Reginald: (grabbing Blake's arm) Blake, let's go.

Blake: Unhand me.

Reginald: (dragging her away, whispering) You'll thank me later.

Blake: (realizing what he's doing) Oh. OK.

On Blake and Reginald walking away from Beth


We enter on Cassie and Reva mid conversation. Cassie is washing dishes while Reva is sitting at the table with a glass of wine.

Reva: I couldn't believe it myself.

Cassie: Well did you guys take a DNA test? You know, to make sure?

Reva: No need. Pop said he took one years ago when Trista was born just to make sure. She's definitely a Shayne.

Cassie: (pondering then, back to washing) Rusty is a father. Oh boy . . .

Reva: Tell me about it. I couldn't believe it myself.

Cassie: Must be fulfilling for her to finally be able to have a big family that everyone dreams about.

Reva: (joking) I'm not sure you can put the Shaynes and dream family together.

Cassie: (laughing) Reva, I'm being honest. (then, seriously) I can sympathize. Wasn't too long ago I was the stray that came into a large family.

Reva takes notices that this effecting Cassie. She puts down her glass.

Reva: Cassie, what's going on?

Cassie: Reva . . . I found it so odd when you came over and told me about Trista. Especially since I've been thinking about finding my paternal father also.

Reva: What? Why--I mean why now?

Cassie: To be fulfilled.

Reva: But you are fulfilled. You have me, Josh, the kids, your kids, Pa, Rusty, Roxie, Johnny--

Cassie: But I don't know who my father is. And won't be fulfilled myself until I do.

Reva: But what about Hawk? I mean he is a father to you.

Cassie: He has been, still is, and always will be. But I still need to know, Reva. There so many other factors too.

Reva: OK. You want to find your father then I say we do it.

Cassie: (overwhelmed) Y-you wanna help me?

Reva: H*ll yeah. We're sisters. Your problem is my problem.

Cassie puts the plate down on the counter and walks over and hugs Reva.


Jason enters with his luggage and approaches the desk where Olivia stands sorting the mail.

Olivia: Can I help you?

Jason: Yeah. I need a room for awhile.

Olivia: OK. (checks computer, then) The suites are all booked.

Jason: That's fine. I just need a room for me.

Olivia: Alright. How many nights?

Jason: I don't know -- a week?

Olivia: $785

Jason: $785!! Are you crazy?

Olivia: You do see that this is an upscale hotel.

Jason: Do you have student discount then?

Olivia: No. You could always go down the street to the Springfield Inn. I know for a week you'll get a room for week for about $200.

Jason: Sounds better than here.

Olivia: Go ahead. You'll enjoy the roommates too.

Jason: Roommates?

Olivia: Yes. The roaches and rats.

Jason: (handing her his card) Here!

Olivia: Debit or credit.

Jason: It's a credit card. Can't you read?

Olivia shoots Jason a look then proceeds with swiping his card. After some time, Olivia looks up with the stink eye.

Jason: What now?

Olivia: (handing him his card) It declined.

Jason sighs and hands her another card. Olivia swipes it, types, waits, then. . .

Olivia: Declined.

Jason: What the f- . . . Here. (hands another card) Use this one.

Olivia: This better work because I have things to do.

Jason: Just swipe the card.

Olivia swipes the card then smiles. She hands him a key.

Olivia: Congrats. (looks at his card) . . . Jason Marler? (hits her) Blake's Jason?

Jason: (dully) In the flesh.

Olivia: Oh you have grown.

Jason: Well did you expect me to stay a child forever?

Jason takes his card and starts to walk off when,

James (OC): Hey, Marler!

Jason turns and is socked in the face. He hits the ground.

Olivia: Hey! James! (coming from behind the counter) This is not boxing ring!

Jason gets up, wiping the blood from his nose. He laughs as this amuses him.

Jason: Nice try, silver spoon, but you hit like a b*tch . . .

James raises his hand another and Olivia comes between the two.

Olivia: James! What the h*ll are you doing?

James: Taking care of business.

Olivia: Well not in my hotel. I'm calling Phillip!

Olivia rushes off into her office.

Jason: Did daddy send you to do his bidding?

James: Don't threaten my father again.

Jason: Don't threaten your father? Don't threaten your father?! Your father is lucky I gave him the heads up. Something he didn't give my father.

James: Give it up. Your father's death was an accident!

Jason: Accident my a**!

Jason punches James in the face sending him to the floor. Jason climbs on top of James, hitting him two more times in the face. James, now bloodied, flips Jason off of him and socks Jason in the face.

Phillip (OC): Hey! Hey!

Phillip rushes in with Dinah and Kevin behind him.

Dinah: Stop them!

Phillip pries the two bloodied young men apart, but not before Jason socks him in the nose.

Jason: That's was just that first strike, Phillip!

Olivia comes from the back.

Olivia: (to Jason) You can't stay here! Nope.

Jason: I didn't want to stay in this establishment anyways. You ole' wh*re! And you better refund my money or you won't need Lewis Construction to remodel because I'll tear it down for free!

Olivia gasps.

Dinah: (shaking Jason) Enough! Get your stuff and go to the car.

Jason picks up his stuff, then

Jason: Round one, Spauldings. Remember, I might be a Marler but I'm a Thorpe too.

Jason exits.

James: (examining Phillip's face) You alright?

Phillip: No! You wanna know why?!

James: Dad, I'm--

Phillip: I don't wanna hear it! You should've left Jason alone!

James: He threatened you!

Phillip: Do you know how many times in my life I've been threatened?! It's not the first and won't be the last! (to Dinah) I'm so sorry.

DInah: Yeah. So am I.

Dinah walks off.

Phillip: Kevin . . .

Kevin: Save it. Just prepare yourself for the tidal wave you've created.

Kevin walks off, leaving Phillip to realize that his past actions are now about to have even more consequences, and





Phillip, Lizzie, Beth, James, Alan Michael, Bill, India, Dorrie, and Alan enter tossing their belongings off to the side. They all slump onto the various chairs, still stricken with concern for Alex.

Beth: Do you all know when visiting hours begin tomorrow?

A-M: Some time around 8 AM.

Beth: Thanks. I'll go visit Alex after the board meeting.

Alan: (becoming alert) Board meeting?

Phillip: Yeah. The one we were supposed to have today? I postponed it till tomorrow.

Alan: For what? Alex is out of commission, so I should resume full control of Spaulding until she gets better.

Phillip: Not so fast, Dad. There is still myself and Alan Michael--

A-M: I don't want anything to do with Spaulding. Dad and I are finally on the same page and I wanna keep it that way. You're on your own, brother. Dad, have fun. You have my vote.

Alan: (touched) Thanks son.

Phillip watches on as this touching moment takes place in disbelief.

Phillip: We can't decide who is running the company right here! The board has to decide. . .

A-M: Well I want no part of Spaulding. I'm just fine at WSPR and the Springfield Journal.

Alan: Well that's two votes.

Beth: Well my vote is for Phillip.

Alan: (flippant) As if that came as a surprise. . .

India: And my vote is Alan!

Lizzie: What are you talking about, you don't have a vote.

Phillip: Actually she does.

Lizzie: What?!

Alan: You can blame your father for that. He and Alan Michael had a clause in their marriages giving their exes a substantial amount of stock in the company.

Lizzie: Then I vote for my father!

Everyone looks at James, who is in his own world. He then notices the piercing looks, resembling a pack of hyenas circling their prey.

Lizzie: You're vote?

James: Then I vote for you.

Alan: What?!

Lizzie: (overlapping) Me?!

James: Yeah, you. Dad and Alan Michael ran the company when they were your age, so why can't you?

Bill: I second that.

Lizzie: (baffled) You guys can't be serious.

Alan: Clearly they can't be.

Phillip sits back and examines this ordeal in deep thought, then

Phillip: I third that decision.

Everyone: Huh?

Phillip: I support Lizzie being interim Co-CEO of Spaulding for the time being, and every vote cast for me will go to her.

Alan: You can't do that!!

Phillip: (smiling proudly) I just did. I think that this is the right time for Lizzie.

Alan: Well what about the other board members?!

Phillip: I seriously doubt that any of them will vote in your favor, Dad. Plus, you'll still be a Co-CEO unless you want to make the vote be for full CEO.

Alan, looking cross, sits back in the sofa with his arms crossed.

Lizzie: (emotional) Thanks, Dad. (to Alan) And I hope I can learn a lot from you for the time being.

Alan gets up and storms off.

Lizzie: . . .Or not.

India: (awkwardly) So. . . does that mean I can still run the Spaulding foundation and do PR for the company?

Lizzie: (getting up) For the time being. (walking off) Until I catch you screwing up and you're fired.

Bill: Goodnight, everyone.

Beth: Night.

Bill follows Lizzie as they exit.

India: Well I better get some rest too.

Beth: You better because your days are numbered.

India turns her head up and walks up with Dorrie tagging behind her. The two pass by Caroline (Hope), who enter the room with a plate of cookies.

Caroline: Anyone hungry?

A-M: Not anymore.

Caroline is wounded by dig but does her best not to show it.

Phillip: I wouldn't mind a few.

Caroline walks over and holds the plate out to Phillip, who grabs a few. He takes a bite and is pleased with what he has just eaten.

Phillip: Taste good. I haven't had cookies like this since your Aunt Meta, Alan Michael. Tastes like her cookies.

Caroline contains herself as she almost looses it.

A-M: (getting up) I can't.

Phillip: Where are you going?

A-M: To call Lucy and let her know what has happened to Susan and Nick. I'll see you all in the morning. (at Caroline, coldly) Well hopefully some of you.

Alan Michael exits. Then Phillip gets up and grabs his coat.

Beth: Where are you going?

Phillip: To grab a late order from Company. James, call and make the order and get me the usual. Order whatever you guys like.

Beth: Then I am coming with you.

Phillip: Beth, not this time. I need some time alone.

Phillip exits. On Beth, hurt a bit,



A few minutes late, Phillip enters and heads to the counter where Daisy is standing.

Phillip: Hey you!

Daisy: Hey. Your order should be done shortly.

Phillip: Take your time.

Phillip turns away for a second to scope the room out, but notices Kevin and Jason passing by about to exit.

Phillip: (stopping them) Hey, Kevin. And welcome home, Jason.

Jason: What?

Phillip: I said welcome home.

Kevin: (speeding up convo, trying to push Jason out the door) Thank, Phillip. So nice to see you.

Jason: (jerking free) You're being condescending.

Phillip: (perplexed) What are you talking about?

Jason: You think I've forgotten that you killed my dad?

Phillip is stunned by this. Kevin goes to drag Jason out again but Jason pushes him off of him.

Jason: You killed my father and you got off scots-free but you won't get off that easily. You've forgotten who I am!

Phillip: Jason, calm down. Let's sit down and. . .

Jason: I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU! (with venom) Not ever. . .

Buzz and Rocky come from the back to see what is going on--Phillip and Jason facing off.

Phillip: You're making a spectacle, Jason.

Kevin: Yeah, you are!

Jason: Shut up, Kevin! (to Phillip) And you, you can't tell me a damn thing. You murderer. My father is dead because of you and you're sidekick! Dead!

Mel and Leah, who happen to be sitting nearby, watch on.

Mel: I better call Blake. . .

Leah: For what?! What he is saying is all true. They did call their father and he should be angry. Don't you all see it.

Mel: Leah!

Becoming too much, Leah gets up and storms towards the bathroom. Mel chases after her.

Jason: You see that? You see how everyone is affected by your stupid actions?!

Phillip eyes well up with tears as he realizes for once what he has truly caused.

Jason: My father was there for you always and you betrayed him!

Kevin: And you are embarrassing his name by acting like this now, Jason!

Jason: Oh no, I'm doing him a service. I'm seeking vengeance!

Phillip: Jason. . .

Jason: Oh don't (mocking) "Jason" me! I don't wanna hear it. Just know that your days of living comfortably with your wife and kids are over.

Kevin: Stop! He's our family!

Jason: And blood will bring you down quicker than water. Dad had to learn the hard way, but you will too Phillip. Not only am I my father's son but I am also my grandfather's grandson! You'll know that soon enough.

Holly (OS): Jason!

Jason turns to see Holly, Dinah, and Blake standing by the door, shocked by the entire ordeal. On Jason, fuming



Note to my readers: For the next month, I will be in London studying abroad so I possibly won't be able to do episodes for both ATWT & TGL. Both will be taking a hiatus for awhile but eventually will make a return.




Alex lies motionless hooked up to the machines as her family crowds around outside her room waiting patiently. Suddenly, Rick makes his way down the hall and Phillip spots him and rushes over to him. The rest of the family follows suit, crowding behind Phillip with worried looks on their faces.

Alan: Give it to us straight, Bauer!

Lizzie: Shut up, Granddad.

Phillip: Any news?

Rick: Yes. Alex will be just fine.

Beth: Thank God.

Rick: She just had a slight heart attack. Luckily, Alan found her before it got worse. But I am curious as to what caused Alex to have a heart attack.

Beth: Ask, Alan.

Everyone looks at Alan, demanding answers.

Alan: I am just as clueless as you are.

Phillip: You better hope that Alan Michael finds out what that phone call was about, and it better not be tied to you.

Alan: I had nothing to with Alex having a heart attack! If she didn’t lie in bed eating all the damn time, watching Turner Classic Movies, she wouldn’t be in the mess she is in!

India and Dorrie come charging down the corridor towards the family. Phillip groans.

Rafe: What are you two doing here?

India: Alexandra! Where is my stepmother?! Is she alright?!

On India, panicking,



Picking up where we left off. . .

India: Is she alright?!

Beth: Like you care.

India: I actually do, Beth. She is my stepmother.

Lizzie: Was!

Alan: (to India) She is fine, sweetheart.

Phillip: Sweetheart? (pointing at Alan & India) What’s going on here?

India: What are you talking about? Just because he called me sweetheart doesn’t mean we are sleeping together, Phillip.

Beth: I bet that is a lie.

India: Oh . . . you’d know seeing as sleeping through the Spaulding clan is up your alley, Beth. I’ve always wondered when Alan Michael was going to have his turn. . .

Beth goes to swipe at India, but Phillip and Rick hold her back.

India: My, my. . . I must’ve struck a nerve.

Lizzie: Why don’t you just leave, India! You’re not even family.

Dorrie: And there goes the Princess. Always trying to dictate. . . At first, I didn’t believe it but now I do. No wonder all the men you’ve loved found solace elsewhere. Coop, Jonathan . . .—I wonder when Bill will get the hint and exit stage left?

James: Hey, Dad, there’s Alan Michael.

Alan Michael joins the crowd.

Phillip: Did you find out anything?

A-M: Yep. For once, Dad had nothing to do with the situation.

India: (resting her head on Alan’s chest) What a relief. . .

Alan: (to India) What’s that supposed to mean?

James: Then what caused Aunt Alex to pass out?

A-M: Fletcher.

Rick: Fletcher? Fletcher Reade?

A-M: He called Alex from Paris.

India: And that nearly killed her? A man calling her?

Alan: Trust me, India, if you were in her shoes, you’d have a heart attack if a man called you too.

Alan and India share a sly grin.

Lizzie: That’s not funny!

A-M: Fletcher said that there was an accident involving Nick.

Phillip: Is he alright?

A-M: No. His plane went down into the ocean. They haven’t recovered his body.

Beth: Poor Alex!

A-M: Sad thing is that they think that this has something to do with Uncle Mike too.

Rick: What?

A-M: Fletcher told me that Mike and Nick were working on a case together involving dirty politicians. Supposedly, they were doing business with a huge cartel throughout Europe. Mike got Nick to do some investigating and things went left. FBI is assuming that both incidents are tied together.

Lizzie: What about Susan?

A-M: (clearing his throat, emotional) She’s dead.

This revelation just stuns everyone. There is a moment of silence as they all reflect on what is going on.

Alan: Was the boy on the plane—Little Nicky?

A-M: Umm . . . no. I called the boarding school in Switzerland and he is still there.

Alan: Then we should go and get him.

Phillip: For what, Dad?

Alan: He should be near family!

Phillip: I seriously doubt that he wants to be surrounded by of bunch of strangers.

Alan: We’re not strangers. We’re family. . .

James: That he’s never known. Only person he knows is Aunt Alex and she is in no condition to go and get him.

Alan: Not true! He knows Alan Michael!

A-M: He does.

Alan: Then you should go and get him. Bring him back to Springfield so he can be near his family.

Lizzie: Grandpa, this isn’t the time for you to start staking claim on what is yours! This boy has lost another set of parents . . . again.

Beth walks over to the door and peeks on Alex, resting peacefully

Beth: (misty eyed, to self) So has Alex. First Lujack and now Nick.

Beth gently places on her hand on the window as tears stream down her eyes and



Marah and Cassie stand at the counter looking at fabrics as Olivia steps off the elevator and walks over to them.

Olivia: (re: fabric) That’s cute. I like it.

Marah and Cassie look at each other then back at Olivia, bewildered.

Marah: Y-You like it?

Olivia: Isn’t that what I said?

Cassie: You do realize that Marah picked it out don’t you.

Olivia: Of course.

Cassie: (not convinced, hand on hip) What are you up to, Olivia?

Olivia: (feigning confusion) What do you mean?

Cassie: I said that Marah—

Olivia: I heard you. She picked out that fabric for the suites. I said I like it. I am allowed to like it, am I?

Cassie: Sure.

Olivia starts to walk off, then

Olivia: (turning around) Marah. . .

Marah looks up at Olivia, uneasy.

Olivia: (musters up tears) I apologize for my actions. I realized that Sam would be upset if I treated you this way and I should realize that what happened in Switzerland was an accident. I hope you accept my apology.

Marah nods with a smile, accepting her apology.

Olivia: Welcome aboard.

Marah: Thank you.

Olivia nods back before turning away and walking off with a devilish grin on her face. She has Marah right where she wants her. . .




Jason and Kevin occupy a booth. Jason gobbles down his meal as if it is his last as Kevin watches on amused. Jason looks up, realizing his brother watching him.

Jason: Something on my face?

Kevin: No.

Jason: (putting down his fork) Then what is it, twin?

Kevin: Just the fact that you are eating like you haven’t eaten in months.

Jason: I have but you know how the food is in Europe.

Kevin: True. Nothing compares to a home cooked meal or a meal from Company.

Jason: You can say that again.

Rocky, waiting on the twins, comes from back and to their table.

Rocky: You guys need anything else?

Kevin: I think we’re good.

Kevin looks at Jason to make sure, and Jason gives him the thumbs up as continues to devour his meal.

Rocky: (sliding into the booth) How weird is it that we’re all back home—back in Springfield.

Jason: (wiping his mouth) Makes no difference to me whether I am there or here, I still have to deal with the fact that Rick Bauer and good ole’ cousin, Phillip is walking around free after killing our—

Kevin: Jason, I don’t wanna hear it.

Jason: It’s true. Anything that happens to those two if fine with—

The intro music to WSPR plays.

Kevin: Mom and Dinah are on!


On the TV at the news desk (like a roundtable) sits Dinah, Reginald, and Blake.

Kevin, Rocky, and Jason get up and crowd around the TV with everyone else watching on.

Blake: Hello, I’m Blake Marler.

Reginald: I’m Reginald Wilson.

Dinah: And I am Dinah Marler. Welcome to the new WSPR evening news!


Holly stands behind the cameraman, grinning at her new creation. She gives the gang a “thumbs up.”

Blake: Today’s news, Bay City’s printing heiress, Amanda Cory, has been allegedly kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, Evan Frame. Word is that he has also kidnapped his aunt, Sharlene Frame as well.

Dinah: (interjecting) This isn’t the first interaction between the Frames and Corys as Evan’s mother, Janice Frame, was once married to Mac Cory, father of Amanda Cory.

Blake: (mumbling) That was my line.

Dinah: (ignoring her) Janice Frame was eventually murdered by Rachel Cory, wife of Mac and mother of Amanda Cory, after—

Blake: JANICE FRAME’S (eyeing Dinah) plan to murder Mac Cory was discovered by Rachel Cory.

Reginald’s eyes widen at the sight of these two passively going at each other. Holly watches on for a second then buries her face in her hand, embarrassed.

Dinah: Listen here, Blake. . .

Blake: What, Dinah?

Holly (watching on) Dear God. . .

Reginald: (saving it) WE ARE going to (hesitantly laughing) turn it over to our sister affiliate KBAY and reporter, Ashanti Billingslea. Take it away. Please. . .

Holly: Cut!

Holly storms onto the set.

Holly: You do realize that we are live?!

Blake: She started it.

Dinah: I told you that she wasn’t right for the job, Holly.

Blake: Oh please. We were only a few minutes into the show and I was already carrying you two.

Reginald: (taken back) You did what? Hold on, Red, no one has to carry Reginald Wilson. Let me get that straight right now. Any monkey can read from a teleprompter.

Blake: Are you calling me a monkey?!

Holly: (starting to lose it) Guys. . .

Director (OS): We’re back on in a minute.

Dinah: If the banana fits. And we know that you’ve had MANY bananas in your mouth, and in your—

Blake: Oh really? This coming from Lizzie Borden!

Director (OS): Thirty seconds. . .

Holly throws her hands up in defeat and storms off the set.

Dinah: You always like to bring up the fact that I accidentally killed Hart. That was years ago!

Reginald: (loosening his ties, uncomfortable) You—You killed someone?

Blake: Sure did. MY BROTHER!

Director: Twenty seconds!

Dinah: This coming from the same chick that was off her rocker not too long ago. Does the Springfield Blogger ring a bell?!

Blake: But did I kill anyone?

Dinah: No but I bet you wish you could me.

Blake: Don’t tempt me.

Director: Ten seconds!

Reginald: I think I’m gonna be sick.

Dinah: Honey, it doesn’t take too much to tempt you. Reginald, do you know that my father was with her mother before she seduced him? I never knew what my father saw in this wh*re. . .

Blake gasps.

Dinah: (continuing) I mean all the Spaulding rode her hard and put her out to pasture. I guess she had to start working on poor Phillip’s biological family seeing as she went through the adoptive family.

Blake: B*tch!

Director: 5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .1!

Dinah, Blake, and Reginald smile at the camera like nothing ever happened and all is well.

Reginald: Welcome back to WSPR!

Holly faints in the background.



Pick up on Kevin, Jason, and Rocky still watching TV. Kevin and Jason glance at each other.

Kevin: (joking) Looks like everything is going well there for now.

Jason: How long do give them?

Kevin: Two weeks.

Jason: I say a week tops.

Daisy comes down the stairs, put on her apron and walks over the gang. She’s a bit upset.

Rocky: Hey, what’s wrong?

Daisy: James just called me. His aunt is in the hospital.

Rocky: Alexandra?

Daisy: Yeah. I wanna take off but I have to work this shift now. I feel like horrible girlfriend.

Daisy storms off into the kitchen and Rocky chases after her. Kevin looks over at Jason, who shrugs his shoulder.

Jason: Guess God answered my prayers quicker than usual.

Kevin and Jason slide back in the booth.

Kevin: Don’t say that. Alexandra happens to be a nice woman and was very close to Dad.

Jason: I know. However, she was also the woman that led the witch hunt against Grandpa Roger. She was also the same woman that treated Mom like dirt beneath her feet and tried to get rid of her when she married to that scum, Phillip.

Kevin: That was before our time, and neither Mom nor Grandpa was a saint.

Jason: Who is?

Kevin: So you think it’s OK that this poor woman had a heart attack?

Jason: Did I say that?

Kevin: No but your mood says otherwise.

Jason: Guess what? You’re wrong.

Kevin: I don’t think I am. Especially since this affects Phillip.

Jason: Whatever.

Kevin: I’m warning you now, if you came back to town on a crusade to take down Rick and Phillip—

Jason: Why are you so protective of those two?

Kevin: Because Phillip is our cousin and Rick was a friend of Dad.

Jason: Oh no. It’s deeper than that.

Kevin: It really isn’t.

Jason: It is.

Kevin: Like I said before, if you came back here to go on a crusade to ruin Phillip and Rick then you better pack up and head back to Europe.

Jason: Nice try, twin. I’m not leaving that easily and Rick and Phillip aren’t getting off that easily either. . .

On Jason, with a look of determination and vengeance





Olivia rolls out of bed and draws the blinds to window, bringing in a surge of sunlight. She walks over to her vanity where she plops down and has a seat, examining herself in the mirror.

Suddenly, in the mirror splits (in Olivia’s mind), showing her Id (primitive side), which looks very sluttish, and her superego (moralistic side), which looks very natural and maternal, looking back at her.

Olivia: What the fu— (rubbing her eyes) Am I going insane?

Superego: No, but you keep down this path you will.

Id: (tuts) Oh please.

Superego: Olivia, you know what you’re doing is wrong. Deep down you know that Sam’s death was an accident. He chose to save Marah and risk his life. You giving a hard time is disrespecting him.

Olivia takes this food for thought, but noticing this, Id jumps in.

Id: (to Superego) Shut up! (to Olivia) Don’t listen. That little tramp is flaunting around town like her stuff don’t stank. She planned the trip. She invited Sam. She is the reason he was there.

Superego: Not true!

Id: Yes it is! You know it is too, Olivia.

Olivia: I cannot believe that I am sitting here talking to myself.

Id: Believe it and believe that Marah does not give a damn about you or your brother. How has she respected your wishes? Has she stayed away from you like you asked? No!

Superego: Well Springfield isn’t that big. . .

Id: It’s big enough for her to find work elsewhere. And don’t forget that this is the same little twerp that tried to break you and Josh up all those years ago. Remember that? You remember how she disrespected you.

Olivia: True.

Superego: Olivia, that was years ago.

Id: Yep, but a leopard never changes his spots. That little witch is probably grinning at the fact that she is lived and your brother died.

Superego: Olivia, listen to me, you will only hurt yourself if you go on trying to punish Marah.

Id: She’s right.

Olivia: Huh?!

Superego: (overlapping) Huh?!

Id: She is right about you going on to punish Marah the way that you have.

Superego: (unsure) I am? (thinking for a sec, then gloating) I am.

Id: I think you should switch your approach. Let her keep the job.

Superego: See, Id, I knew I’d rub off on you eventually.

Id: Oh b*tch please. (to Olivia) Keep your enemies closer, Olivia. You keep that little tramp close and then you slit her throat when she least expects it.

Olivia smiles at the sound of this plan.

Superego: Olivia!

Olivia: Shut up! (to Id) You know what, I like your style.

Superego: Olivia! Don’t do it.

Olivia gets up and walks away.

Superego: Olivia! Olivia! Sam would disapprove— (to Id) I hope you are happy.

Id: Sure am.

On Id pleased with herself and Id shaking her head, disapproving,



Jeffrey sits at his desk with Doris sitting across from. We come in mid-convo:

Doris: What are the updates on the Foley case?

Jeffrey: None. Grady Foley is still on the run.

Doris: And what about the Bauer girl?

Jeffrey: Leah?

Doris: Yep.

Jeffrey: We’re still working on what to charge her with.

Doris: Aiding and abetting . . . accessory to an attempted murder. Shall I go on?

Jeffrey: That’s a bit harsh, Doris.

Doris: I don’t care. Phillip Spaulding almost died because she helped Grady Foley.

Jeffrey: But you can clearly see she had no idea that he was going to poison Phillip.

Doris: If looking innocent is the measuring stick to get people off then Springfield would be filled with crazies on the streets, who tried the same thing.

Jeffrey: Doris, I—


Reva opens the door, peeking in.

Reva: Oops. Am I interrupting?

Doris: I was just leaving. (looking at Reva) Don’t wanna spill anything to my competition’s sister. (to Jeffrey) Get it done. I won’t settle for less.

Doris brushes past Reva, exiting. Reva comes in, closing the door. She looks at Jeffrey, who is now stressed.

Reva: What now?

Jeffrey: Nothing.

Reva: Fine. But I was just stopping by to see if you wanted to meet up for lunch?

Jeffrey: Sure. What time and where?

Reva: I guess we can eat at Towers but I gotta check with Josh when lunch is. I’m working with him today.

Jeffrey rolls his eyes.

Reva: Really, Jeffrey? Are we still on this?

Jeffrey: Yeah we are.

Reva: Why are you so mad? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were threatened.

Jeffrey: Should I?

On Reva amused,


Picking up where we left off:

Jeffrey: Should I?

Reva: You tell me.

Jeffrey: I don’t know why you have work with him when you have a good job as a manager at the Beacon.

Reva: Where I’d still have to interact with Joshua.

Jeffrey: But not as much.

Reva: Actually I still would. Plus, you fail to realize that we do have two kids together.

Jeffrey: Who are grown.

Reva: I find this interesting that you are whining about this, but do I ever whine about you and Olivia talking? Do I?

Jeffrey: No but Olivia and I don’t have history of reuniting time after time.

Reva: So you think I took this job to reunite with Joshua? Because if that is what you think then you are SO wrong. If I wanted Josh, I could have him and I would be with him as we speak. But who I am here with? Who?!

Jeffrey: Me.

Reva: Exactly.

Jeffrey: I’m sorry.

Reva: I’m sure you are, but it is starting to get old.

Reva exits leaving Jeffrey with egg on his face



Trista and Hawk walk through the park tossing sunflower seeds to the pigeons in the park.

Trista: I still can’t believe that you knew all this time and didn’t say anything.

Hawk: Because I knew you’d come out and say something eventually.

Trista: But have you thought of how my dad is going to take it?

Hawk: (stopping) It has been running through my mind for years.

Trista: How is he going to take it?

Hawk: Knowing my son, he is going to flip his lid.

Trista: Well I don’t want to get you in trouble.

Hawk: Oh I can handle it. Wouldn’t be the first time he was mad at me. Don’t worry about me, sweet pea. Everything will work out just fine. Trust me. Now c’mon.

Hawk wraps his arm around and he is Trista continue on through the park.



Blake, Clarissa, and Kevin carry groceries in. Kevin and Clarissa sit their bags down and head out to get some more while Blake stays behind, unloading them.

Blake opens the freezer and places some groceries into the freezer. She closes the door and jumps at the sight of other son, JASON.

Blake: Jason!

Jason: Hey, Mom. Aren’t you gonna hug me?

Blake takes her son and squeezes him tightly, then pulls away.

Blake: What are you—when did you get here?

Jason: Earlier but I stopped by the station and saw Grandma. She drove me home and let me in.

Clarissa (OS): Mom, Kevin— (entering kitchen) Jason!

Kevin: (behind her) Bro?

Jason: Hey everyone.

On Jason smiling,



Mel waits outside Dr. Kirkpatrick’s door when Leah walks out bearing papers. Mel stands up.

Mel: So how did it go?

Mel and Leah start down the corridor.

Leah: Fine. We talked about you, me, and my hatred for Dad.

Mel: That’s good. I really hope that this helps. This might also help with the case too.

Leah: How so?

Mel: Well Dr. Kirkpatrick can testify on your behalf about your relationship with your father, how Grady preyed on you, and how it resulted in you assisting him. You were irrational and—

Leah: Mom, enough. I really don’t want to get into it.

Mel: It is a little too late for you to clam up now. We have a case coming up and real soon.

Leah stops and faces off with Mel.

Leah: This would’ve never happened if you never hooked up with Cyrus.

Mel: Don’t blame this on me!

Leah: If you and Dad would’ve never broken up then this would’ve never happened. I would not be going to court, I wouldn’t hate Dad, and you wouldn’t be pregnant with Cyrus’s baby!

Mel: How do you know!

Leah: Next time you take a pregnancy test, get rid of the evidence better.

Leah walks off leaving Mel embarrassed.



Christina looks at her watch, waiting patiently for Remy. Remy then enters, advancing towards her.

Remy: (going in to kiss her) Hey baby.

Christina halts the kiss. Remy is thrown off by this.

Christina: Sit.

Remy sits.

Remy: What is going on?

Christina produces a letter from her purse and hands it to Remy. Remy reads the letter and his face lights up.

Remy: You were accepted at John Hopkins? This is great!

Christina: Sure is and I accepted my slot. Question is, are you coming with me?

Remy: But my family is here and this whole ordeal with Leah. . .

Christina: Then I guess that solves it. I’m leaving tonight.

Remy: Chris, that is not fair. You are just sitting this on me now, and expect a decision?

Christina: You know that I always wanted to go to John Hopkins.

Remy: Yeah but—

Christina: You’ve made your decision and I respect it.

Christina kisses Remy on cheek.

Christina: It’s been real fun.

Christina exits, leaving Remy clueless as to what just went down.



Alan sits at his desk looking at an application thoroughly. Sitting across from him is a young man named Brandon, dressed professionally. He waits patiently (yet anxious) for Alan to say something. Then Alan looks up,

Alan: So, Brandon Reed, you went to Harvard for business?

Brandon: Yes, Sir.

Alan: Mmm hmm. . .

Brandon: I have you know that I graduate Magna Cum-Laude.

Alan: I can read. You have it on your resume.

Brandon starts to slump in his seat as he feels that he might have just blown a once in a lifetime shot at working with his idol, Alan Spaulding.

Alan: Congratulations.

Brandon sits back up.

Brandon: Huh?

Alan: (extending his hand) Welcome to Spaulding.

Brandon: A-Are you serious? You mean it? I got the job?

Alan: Yes. However, I see you have potential to be a very savvy business man one day.

Brandon: That means the world coming from you.

Alan smiles.

Alan: That is why I have to ask you do something for me. . .

Brandon: I’ll do it. I’ll do anything.

Alan: I need you to help me bring down my sister, Alexandra, and bring her down for good.

On Brandon contemplating then a devious grin wiping across his hand as he takes Alan’s hand, shaking it



Nola is curled up on the sofa wiping tears from her eyes as she watches To Kill a Mockingbird on the TV. The credits start to scroll across the screen

Nola: (sniveling uncontrollably) That damn Gregory Peck gets me every single time. If only they made movies and shows with powerful messages like they use too. (wiping away tears) Now everything is about sex and violence. . . (sighs) How I miss the old times.

Nola takes the remote and aims it at the TV, shutting it off. The silence that she once had is now ruined with J and Quint coming down the stairs, arguing. Nola implants her face into her palms, so over it.

J: (entering the room) Dad, trust me—I don’t want to stick around. If I could, I would flee Springfield as fast as I can.

Quint: (tailing him) Then why don’t you?

J: Because I choose not to run. Something you had a history of doing all your life.

Nola jumps up driving a wedge between her husband and son.

Nola: OK. What now?

J: He’s nagging me about what I am going to do next.

Quint: I’m just want him to do something other than lie around and sulk. How about going rejoining the police squad—Springfield Police Department. I could call Frank, and—

J: (snapping back) NO! Now stay out of my damn business. When I make my next move, you’ll know!

J rams into Quinton as he exits. Nola gazes at Quinton, shaken at what he said.

Nola: Do you realize what you just said? Do you realize how sensitive it is for you to keep bringing up his old life to him?! The loss he—we suffered. . .

Nola is on the verge of crying again when Quinton eases in and grabs his wife holding her tightly in a comforting embrace.

Quint: (deeply remorseful) Nola. . .

Nola: Quinton, give him time. You have to realize that he is a man that lost everything not too long ago.

Unknowingly, J stands outside the room listening in to what is going on. With him fighting back tears and furious,



Holly, Dinah, and Vanessa stand in the doorway talking to each other.

Holly: You sure about this, Vanessa?

Dinah: Yeah, Mom. You sure you wanna go back Spaulding with Alan?

Vanessa: I do. I actually miss it.

Holly: Just know that the door is ALWAYS open for you to come back to WSPR. I mean it.

Vanessa is touched by Holly’s invitation.

Vanessa: Thanks.

Holly: No problem.

Holly looks past Dinah and Vanessa to see Reginald easing down the hall. He is very attractive and knows it but he also possesses a slimy side that makes him a tad bit unbalanced—he is that anchor that is willing do anything to get the story.

Holly: Excuse me, ladies, our new anchor is here.

Dinah and Vanessa look at Reginald, who comes up shaking Holly’s hand firmly.

Vanessa: (to Dinah) He’s attractive.

Dinah: I’m with Shayne, Mom.

Vanessa: I know but that has never stopped you before.

Dinah shoots a look at Vanessa, who looks back at her grinning. Meanwhile, Holly, with Reginald, rejoins them.

Holly: Dinah, this is your co-anchor, Reginald. Reginald, this is Dinah and her mother, Vanessa.

Reginald: Nice to meet both of you. Hmm. . . . Dinah? Like Dinah Shore?

Dinah: (shaking his hand) I hope I can achieve the success she has achieved in the media.

Reginald: With me by your side, you will.

Reginald smiles at Dinah, still shaking her hand, while eyeing her down seductively.

Dinah removes her hand from the uncomfortable situation.

Reginald: Isn’t there another anchor?

Holly: Yes, my daughter, Blake.

Blake (OS): Who happens to be standing behind you. . .

Everyone turns to see Blake standing behind them, dressed like a little sex-pot in her business suit that is showing cleavage and legs.

Dinah: You do realize that this is not a strip club, Blake?

Blake: Oh Dinah, green does not look good on you.

Dinah: Neither does that outfit.

Blake ignores her and steps in front her, facing Reginald.

Blake: (shaking his hand) I’m Blake.

Reginald: (eyeing her voluptuous body for a second, then) Oh, I’m Reginald.

Blake definitely likes what she sees. Holly notices this and,

Holly: OK. Time for you all to head to makeup.

Blake: God knows Dinah could use a miracle before the camera comes on.

Dinah flicks Blake “the bird.”

Vanessa: On that note, I need to head to Spauldings for the board meeting.

Reginald: You work for Spaulding Enterprises?

Vanessa: Why yes.

Reginald: Perfect. We might need you one day if we decide to a piece on local businessmen and women or a piece on Alan Spaulding.

Vanessa: Well I’d be honored for the first suggestion. You wouldn’t need me for the second piece as Dinah and Blake have enough to give you what you’d be looking for. (to Dinah, kissing her) Good luck. (to Blake) You too. (to Holly) I’ll see you around.

On Vanessa exiting,



A shot of a police badge that reads Det. Harley Cooper, we pull back to show Harley thrilled over the sight of holding her badge in her hand.

Frank: You sure that you are ready to come back?

Harley: More than ready.

Frank: Good because we missed you.

Harley: I missed you all too. I just can’t wait to get back on the streets of Springfield.

Frank: Alright, Baretta.

Harley: Very funny.

Harley places her badge in her pocket and grabs her holster with gun off Frank’s desk, putting it on.

Frank: How are the boys taking it?

Harley: Me being back?

Frank nods.

Harley: They seem fine by it. I think that they are still just glad to be home.

Harley’s phone beeps. She looks at it.

Harley: Oops.

Frank: You’re already busy?

Harley: No. I just forgot that I was supposed to stop by Cassie’s to pick up Zach’s soccer gear that he left over there.

Frank: How is she doing?

Harley: Fine. I mean she’s been busy with the upcoming reopening of the Beacon and dealing with Olivia and Edmund. . .

Frank: Edmund?



Cassie rushes over to the door to let Edmund, bearing flowers, in and signals for him to be quiet as she is on the phone.

Cassie: (on phone) I looked at the designs that you sent me for website and I was hoping for something more interactive—something that allows the guest to look at their room before the book it. You know what I mean.

Edmund grabs a vase out the cabinet and places the flowers inside of it. He then turns (standing by the counter) and watches Cassie at work, smiling.

Cassie: That’s fine. Just send the designs to me as soon as possible. . . OK. Thank you. . . Bye.

Cassie hangs up the phone and turns to Edmund.

Cassie: What are you doing here?

Edmund: I came to see my favorite ex-wife.

Cassie: I thought that Beth occupied that position?

Edmund: She wishes.

Cassie laughs.

Cassie: But really, what do you want, Edmund?

Edmund: Your hand in marriage again.

Cassie: Well that’ll never happen again.

Edmund: Then what about a business proposition?

Cassie: Like?

Edmund: Allowing me to buy into the Beacon as a partial owner.

Cassie: No way in h*ll.



Danny walks up smiling as Michelle and Ed relax drinking lemonade.

Danny: Good news. I just placed my hat into the bid for town mayor.

Ed: Again? That’s phenomenal.

Danny: I did it once and won, I guess that I could do it again.

Michelle: Great! At least you don’t have to worry about me screwing up your campaign like last time.

Danny: Michelle, that’s in the past.

Michelle: I know.

Danny: I feel that if we are going to stay in Springfield then I want this place to be safe for Robbie and Hope.

Ed: Well I think you are the man who could get it done. I just hate that you are running against Rusty.

Michelle: . . .and Doris.

Ed: Well her too.

Ed pours Danny a glass of lemonade and hands it to him.

Ed: (raising his glass) To the future Mayor of Springfield!

Danny: Cheers.

As Danny and Ed celebrate, Michelle eases into the house and down the hall into the


where she flicks on the light, looking at herself in the mirror. All these thoughts of Meta and her family members starts to plague her as she falls to the floor in fetal position bursting into tears.



Lizzie comes rushing in screaming joyfully and hugging her friend, Tierra, tightly.

Lizzie: Tierra! Oh my God! I haven’t seen you in years!

Tierra: I know right.

Lizzie: When I heard that you were coming back home, I had was thrilled.

Tierra: Well I got a table for us.

Lizzie and Tierra walk over to their table that has a pitcher filled with margarita in it. The grab a glass and pour themselves a drink.

Lizzie: I can’t stay for too long. I have a board meeting at Spaulding in a few.

Tierra: Lizzie Spaulding, look at you! A businesswoman?! I would’ve never. . .

Lizzie: Neither did I.

Tierra: I just hope I land this job today.

Lizzie: Where?

Tierra: The Springfield Journal.

Lizzie: (stops sipping her drink) Really?

Tierra: Yep.

Lizzie: Today might be your lucky day as my uncle, Alan Michael is GM of both the Journal and WSPR with Holly Reade, a good family friend. I could put in a good word with you.

Tierra: I couldn’t ask you to do that.

Lizzie: It’s already settled. I’ll do it once I leave here.

Dorrie comes sashaying into the bar donning designer clothes from head to toe. She notices Lizzie and waves. Lizzie moans.

Tierra: Who is she?

Lizzie: A piece of trash.

Dorrie advances over the table to cause trouble.

Dorrie: Lizzie, aren’t you going to invite me to have drinks?

Lizzie: No.

Tierra: There is enough—

Lizzie drives her elbow into Tierra’s side.

Lizzie: You’ll have to get your own drink—that is if you can afford it.

Dorrie: That’s no problem. (digging in her purse to reveal Alan’s credit card) Your grandfather is taking care of the tab for me.

Lizzie’s jaw drops.

Dorrie: Now if you’ll excuse me.

Dorrie tosses her hair and walks off.

Lizzie: That little bit—

Dorrie heads into the bar and bumps into Dinah.

Dorrie: Dinah?

Dinah studies Dorrie’s face for a sec, then

Dinah: Dorrie, is that you?

Dorrie: In the flesh.

Dinah hugs Dorrie.

Dinah: When did you get back in town?

Dorrie: A while back. I went back to Europe to sever some ties and I am here for the long haul.

Dinah: So where are you staying?

Dorrie: With the Spauldings.

Dinah looks past Dorrie at Lizzie, who is watching on in a blind rage.

Dinah: I can tell they don’t like you.

Dorrie: Who cares. Alan likes me.

Dinah: You just better remember that Alan is snake.

Dorrie: And my mother is the mongoose.

Dinah: True. Let’s have a drink before I have to head back to the station.

Dorrie: Sure. I’ll pay or Alan will.

Dinah: Then I’ll have the most expensive drink on the menu.

Dorrie and Dinah laugh as Lizzie continues to watch on.

Lizzie: How could Dinah be associated with her? (thinking about it) Never mind. This is Dinah we are talking about.

Tierra: Who is she?

Lizzie: Dinah? Oh my sister-in-law that hates me and vice versa.

Tierra: That’s nice.

Remy, a wreck, drags himself into the bar. Tierra notices him.

Tierra: (nudging Lizzie) Hey! Isn’t that Remy Boudreau from high school?

Lizzie: Yeah, why?

Tierra: No reason.

On Tierra liking what she sees before her,



Alan: (entering her office) Alexandra, it is about that—

Alan notices Alex straddled across the floor, passed out. The telephone dangles down from the desk, beside her.

Alan: (kneeling down) Alex? (shaking her) Alex! (calling out) Someone call 911!

Beth peeks her head into the office.

Beth: Alan, what is—(noticing Alex) Oh my God!!

Alan: Call 911! Quick!

Beth nods and rushes down the hall.

On Alex lying motionless,




- The past comes back to haunt the three candidates: Rusty, Danny, and Doris

- Olivia's plan hits her where it hurts the most

- Edmund brings Mallet's sister, Julie to town as a distraction

- Jeffrey still feels threatened by Josh's presence in Reva's life

- Tom and J get a job. . . with Alan!

- Marah finds love in the most unlikely place

- Love is all around for the youngsters

- Mallet and Dinah are drawn back together when Dinah gets a stalker

- Lara's friend (Shayne's ex/Edmund's daughter), Mackenzie comes to town obssessed with Shayne and hates Marina

- Blake learns Kevin's secret and is not happy

- Alex gets disturbing news

- Trista's paternity comes out and her mother Laurel comes to town

- Rick is attracted to Laurel

- Mel's pregnancy is revealed and the verdict is in for Leah

- One cousin falls for another cousin's wife

- Michelle falls victim of the Bauer curse

- Caroline's identity is blown

- Two childhood friends fall into bed together, thus creating a scandal

- Pilar returns at the hands of Dorrie to cause trouble for Lizzie

- Brandon has a secret. . . he's a Tamerlain! He wants what is his.

- Dorrie learns Brandon's secrets and immediately sinks her hooks into him

- A Tierra/Brandon/Dorrie/Remy quad creates drama

- Carmen awakens from her coma and wreaks havoc for Danny and Edmund

- After Trista's reveal, Cassie decides it is time to find her biological dad, hurting Hawk

- Carmen brings the mob back to Springfield and mob friends

- John Hu, a friend of Carmen's, has many ties to Springfield

- The Diamondhead Organization is after Josh again

- A drunken night results in Billy finding the woman of his dreams

- A Springfield denizen has falls victim to DID

- The Marler boys apples have not fallen too far the tree. Kevin is apple is from Ross' tree but Jason is from Roger's tree

- Jason wants Phillip's head on a silver platter

- Springfield has a serial killer on the loose

- Someone is hiding a secret as to who they are tied too and Rita is at the center

- Annie's sister and niece come to town and they are just as dangerous as she is




Four characters from the past are returning to the canvas on a permanent basis to help shake up the show. To center the show back around the Bauers, Michelle and Danny Santos (Paul Anthony Stewart and Joie Bethany Lenz) are rejoining the series along with Carmen Santos (Saundra Santiago) and soon by Carmen's daughter, Pilar (now being portrayed by Lindsay Hartley). Expect Danny & Michelle's story to start soon on the SUPERSIZED EPISODE of TGL (posted soon) with Carmen soon following. Pilar will arrive back in town no time soon, but when she does, expect fireworks!






Trista and Rocky sit at a table filled with books. Both are deep into their studies until Trista's tapping on the pen interrupts Rocky.

Rocky: You OK?

Trista: Huh?

Rocky: You were tapping your pencil on the table.

Trista: Dear God, I am so sorry.

Rocky: No you're fine.

They go back to studying, then

Trista: Does something look like it is bothering me?

Rocky: (looking up) You tell me.

Trista: OK. I'm not.

Rocky: Then what is it?

Trista: They know.

Rocky: Who?

Trista: My Aunt Reva and Grandpa Hawk.

Rocky: They do.

Trista: Yep. Grandfather says he always knew, which stunned both me and Reva.

Rocky: So does Rusty know?

Trista: Not yet. But he will sooner to later.


Reva and Cassie stand at the room service counter looking over blueprints with Olivia and Dylan. Rusty strides in bearing posters.

Reva: Rusty! What are you doing here?

Rusty: Just here to drop off a few flyers and see if you mind me hanging up a few posters.

Cassie: Go ahead.

Olivia: I think NOT!

Cassie and Reva side eye Olivia. Olivia gives it right back to them.

Cassie: Why can't he?

Olivia: Bad for business.

Reva: Here we go.

Cassie: How?

Olivia: You own the hotel and your half brother is running for office. You allowing him to hang posters in here is favoritism and you might offend some of the guest that do not want to vote for him.

Cassie: So what. I don't care.

Olivia: But I do.

Rusty: (awkardly) You know what, nevermind.

Reva: Hold up!

Reva walks behind the counter, stopping him.

Reva: Give me some of those flyers then.

Olivia: Excuse me?

Reva: You said that posters were a "no," but you didn't say no to flyers.

Reva takes some of the flyers.

Reva: We can sit them on the service counter for when guests check in. Do you have any pamphlets too?

Olivia: Excuse me, Reva, you work for me!

Reva: No. I work for Cassie sometimes and Joshua. Those are my two bosses.

Olivia: Well if you keep disrespecting me then you'll be down to one job and I doubt they'll keep you at Lewis Construction seeing as you'll also result in them losing a contract--our contract.

Cassie: Who decided that?

Olivia: Me. Case closed. No political memorabilia.

Marah (OS): Hey Cassie, I picked out some fabrics for the--

Marah notices Olivia. Olivia looks back at Cassie for answers.

Cassie: What now, Olivia?

Olivia: What is she doing here?

Reva: She is assisting Cassie.

Olivia: In doing what?

Cassie comes from behind the counter, wrapping her arm around Marah's shoulder.

Cassie: She is gonna be the one to help redesign the hotel.

Olivia: (searching for something to say, then) . . .She is--what?! Oh hell no. One Shayne is enough. Two is too many, but three is a crowd that I ain't having.

Marah: (to Cassie) I told you.

Olivia: And they should've listened.

Cassie: She's staying.

Olivia: No.

Marah: Cassie--

Cassie: NO! (to Olivia) You didn't want anything to do with this. You said that I could handle it and I did. I hired Marah. She is staying.

Olivia: If I knew you were going to hire her then I would've taken another task on like I've been doing before you decided to come back home.

Cassie: She is staying and not another word. (to Marah) Let Dylan take to you the third story to see some of the suites you will be redesigning.

Dylan and Marah get on an elevator nearby, exiting.

Rusty: I'm gonna go. (taking back the flyers and posters) I'll call you both later.

Rusty exits.

Reva: Olivia, you are a b*tch.

Olivia: Tell me something I don't know.

Cassie: She's staying.

Olivia: You keep saying that but I can tell you now that it ain't gonna happen. Not on my watch.

Olivia starts to walk off when:

Reva: Sam must be spinning in his grave.

Olivia: (turning around) What did you say?

Reva: You heard me. How you are treating my daughter. Sam would so hate you.

Olivia charges towards Reva like a bull but Cassie steps inbetween the two.

Olivia: (enraged with her finger in Reva's face) Don't you ever talk about my brother, you low life Tulsa trash.

Reva: And you leave my child alone. If you wanna play with the big dogs then you come and pull my chain. Otherwise, you will leave my child alone.

Olivia: I'll do as I please.

Reva: And I whoop that--

Cassie: OK, OK. Enough you two.

Olivia: (walking away) She better enjoy today because it will be her last. And Reva, if you ever disrespect me again, you'll be out of a job.

Olivia exits.

Reva: Stankin' trick.


Break room.jpg


India sits at a table reading a fashion magazine when Alex enters. Alex goes over to the coffee machine, grabbing a clean mug.

India: (still buried in magazine) Step-mommy dearest...

Alex: Shouldn't you be working. Alan hired you for two jobs, public relations and running the foundation. Why haven't I gotten any reports from you today.

India: Because I answer to Alan.

Alex: And me.

India: (putting the magazine) I would've answered to you if you didn't give me your a** to kiss when I came back to town.

Alex: And this is new to you?

India: Oh no but you should've played it smart, Alexandra. I'm not going anywhere.

Alex: (pouring coffee in her mug) We'll see.

India: We shall.

Alex: Keep up the act because you will be booted out once again and this time it'll be for good.

India: You sound so confident in that threat. What's up your sleeve, Baroness?

Alex: You shall see soon enough.

India: I'll be waiting.

Alex: Good. Farewell, India.

Alex leaves. On India, waving to Alex





Reva stands at the sink washing dishes. She is deep in thought, replaying the conversation over and over from the other day.

Hawk's voice: She is a Shayne. Your mother and I knew. . . Your mother and I knew. . . Your mother and I knew. . .

Reva: Oh, Pop. What have you done. If Rusty ever finds out, all hell will break loose.

Marah (OS) : Mom, What are you talking about?

Reva nearly jumps out of her skin at the sound of Marah's voice. Marah walks over to Reva, putting her arm on her, comforting her.

Marah: You OK?

Reva: (laughing it off) I am fine. I should be asking you if you are OK. Are you?

Marah: Do we have to talk about me?

Reva: No but you do need to talk to someone -- a professional. Maybe I should schedule you some appointments with a therapist?

Marah: MOM!

Reva: Marah, it won't hurt for you to talk to someone.

Tears start to form in Marah's eyes. She is starting to unravel.

Marah: Mom. . . I-I don't know if I can go back to the place. The thought of hundreds of pounds of snow covering over me. The thought of Sam, oh Sam!

Reva holds Marah tightly, coddling her. Marah sobs in her chest.

Reva: Baby, don't you worry. Momma is here.

Marah: (wiping away her tears) I know but you can't protect me from her.

Reva: Her?

Marah: Olivia.

Reva: What has that old carpet munching bitch done now?

Marah is stunned by what her mother just said.

Reva: Yes, I called her a carpet munching bitch. Now what has she done now?

Marah: Mom. . .

Reva: Well she eats Natalia's carpet, so what. Now what has she done now?

Marah: Nothing. I just don't know if I can face her.

Reva: Screw her. I understand her loss but you are at a loss too. You lost a friend -- a friend that gave up his life to save yours. He just happened to be Sam.

Marah: You make it sound so bad when you put it like that.

Reva: But it is true. Sam would not want you moping around and he sure as hell would not want Olivia seeking vengeance on his behalf and she knows it.

Marah: True.

Reva: I know it is true. That's what happens when you become a pescatarian. You become mad. She needs some beef.

Marah: (shocked yet laughing) Mom!

Reva and Marah share a laugh when we hear:

Cassie (OS): (while entering) Knock! Knock!

Reva: C'mon in here girl.

Cassie joins them in the kitchen.

Cassie: I didn't interrupt anything did I?

Marah: Oh no. Just me and Mom having a heart to heart.

Cassie: Well I actually came over to see you.

Marah: Me?

Cassie: Yep. I know you are down in the dumps but you need something to do. . .

Reva: (jokingly) Or someone. . .

Cassie pops Reva on the shoulder.

Cassie: No seriously. You need to get those creative juices flowing, and what better way to do so than helping me redecorate.

Marah: (taken back) Decorate? You want me to redecorate, what? The farm?

Cassie: Not exactly. The Beacon Hotel to be exact.

Marah: Oh no.

Cassie: Oh yes!

Reva: I think it is a great idea!

Marah: Umm hello! Olivia!

Cassie: And?

Marah: She is part owner of the Beacon too.

Cassie: OK and we both agreed that we needed the Beacon needed to be redone along with the new wings we just added, and who better than you?

Reva: Does Olivia know?

Cassie: (hesitantly) . . . No.

Marah: Great.

Cassie: She can't fire you. She put me in charge of the renovation since she is so busy with other matters.

Marah: Like devising my demise.

Reva: Look at it like this, Marah, if you are in close quarters with her then it gives you a heads up with what she is "planning."

Cassie: True. And I'll be there along with Reva, our new manager.

Reva: Exactly and if she tries anything, I'll bust that bitch across the head with a 2x4.

Cassie: So on that note... (pulling a bottle of wine out her purse) Let's have a toast.

Marah: This early?

Reva: Girl, hush and grab a glass. She got that good bubbly.

On the Shayne women cracking up,





Olivia sits at her desk, very emotional, glancing at a pic of Sam.

Olivia: Oh Sam. . .

Tears stream down her cheeks.

Olivia: Why did you do it? Why did God take you? Why did he spare that trash, Marah? (slamming down the pic) I always knew I hated that little bitch.

Olivia gets up and looks window at the view of the city.


Olivia: Oh Marah, you little slore (a slut + a whore = a slore for those who don't know tongue.png ). . . If you think I will ever forget what you did to my brother then you have another thing coming. Just gotta figure out a way to stick it to you.


Olivia: Come in.

Enters Dylan bearing blueprints. The sight of Dylan makes a smile come across Oliva's face like the cat that ate a canary.






Alexandra lies straddled across the bed in a robe. She munches on a bowel of strawberries in the process, watching Gone With the Wind.

Alex: Oh Scarlett, screw Rhett! You don't need a man!

Alan enters.

Alan: No wonder why don't have a man. And put some clothes on.

Alex: Last time I checked, this was my domain. My room--


Alex: Correction, OUR HOUSE.

Alan: Whatever. (slamming files on her bed) You did not tell me about Petrenoyva deal, Alex.

Alex: Why should I?

Alan: You are doing this because I brought India on as the head of the Spaulding Foundation.

Alex: Maybe.

Alan: OK but you knew that, that deal was mine, right?

Alex: Well look at it as a favor.

Alan: How about I don't.

Alex: Listen here, Alan. I thought we were suppose to be co-CEOs. I thought that we were over the power struggle. I thought that you said we would consult each other before making final decisions.

Alan: So this is about India?!

Alex: HELL YEAH. You know I don't care for her. Why did you bring her and that daughter of hers on.

Alan: Because she needed a job and she did run the foundation well for years.

Alex: Oh yes, Alan, and we shall see how well it goes. You, once again putting an uzi in a psycho's hand. Let's see how it goes this time.

Alan: We will. Along with some major changes at Spaulding.

Alex's head snaps back at Alan, not grasping what he is implying.

Alan: I think that it is time that I take over as the permanent CEO.

Alex: Over my dead body.

Alan: So tempting.

Alex: See I tried to be nice but now I guess I am going to have to take the gloves off with you, baby brother. I guess we are going to have to take it back to the boardroom again. I wonder what Phillip's ex-wives are up to?

Alan: Ha ha. Very funny. I doubt you'll have the votes this time.

Alex: I'm sure I will let's have a run down, shall we? Harley will never vote with you.

Alan: Meh.

Alex: Blake will vote in unison with Harley.

Alan: She was always an idiot.

Alex: Then there is Mindy. . .

Alan: Who is back on good terms with Phillip. She and Beth will vote with me if Phillip follows suit.

Alex: But that won't happen. Because I have Nick's proxy in the company and I am allowed to vote for my son, seeing as he is out of the country at the moment. Oh and Alan Michael hates you, so he'll vote for me.

Alan: My son and I are getting back on good terms.

Alex: Who are kidding? Alan Michael is only speaking to you because of Caroline.

Alan: That woman works wonders. . .

Alex: Doesn't matter because I'll just bring up Phillip and him being your favorite and that'll sway Alan Michael in my direction.

Alan: He's just one. James will vote with me.

Alex: Maybe. But I have Lizzie.

Alan's face drop.

Alex: Yep. Lizzie will vote with me as she does 99.9% of the time. And Bill hates you so he wouldn't dare let her vote with you. He'll use his portion of the stock to vote in favor, and her voting with me will wreck shop for you. Phillip nor Beth would dare vote against Lizzie. They'll vote in unison after she puts those puppy dog eyes on them. Then Phillip will strong arm James into following suit too -- a new car is what he'll bribe him with. So what does that leave you with? -- Oh yeah, you'll lose Mindy too in that process. So all you'll have is India's vote. Oh and Amanda because she was an idiot and gave you her proxy. And don't forget our half, the Tamerlains. Vicky will vote with me seeing as you treated her like a dog when she was in Springfield. Anyone else?

Alan snatches the file off the bed and storms out the room. Alex burst into a hearty laughter.

Alex: Bye, bye, Alan! (lying on the bed) Now where was I. . .

Alex goes back to watching TV.

Alan, lingers outside her door, livid in deep thought.

Alan: (deep thought) I gotta find a way to get Lizzie to vote for me or better yet, convince Bill. Or even worse, remove both obstacles -- both Alex and Lizzie.

On Alan, pleased with what he has come up with,





Reva, holding Colin, and Trista sit on the sofa in silence. Reva is somewhat still befuddled over the news she just received.

Trista: Look, I wanted to ease into the situation and not just pop declaring that I am a Shayne.

Reva: I understand but how?

Trista: Through sex. I mean how else--

Reva: No. I mean how do you know that you are Rusty's child for sure?

Trista digs into her satchel bag and pulls out a tattered photo album. She hands it to Reva. Reva opens the photo album to the portion that she has bookmarked. On that marked page lies a photo of Rusty and Trista's mother, Laurel. Both have that late 80s, early 90s hair that will make you cringe.

Trista: I stumbled upon it years ago. My mom had it hidden in the attic. I guess she didn't want me to find it anytime soon and start asking questions.

Reva: So I am suppose to assume that you are my niece because of a photo of your mom and brother?

Trista: Yes but no. I just want you to be open to the possiblity that I might be a Shayne.

Reva: Look, honey... There is no way. You've said that you were born and raised in Atlanta. My brother has never lived in Atlanta. After he left Springfield back in '89 he went back to Tulsa. And I don't remember my brother mentioning a Laurel to me.

Trista: How would you know? Weren't you declared "dead" in 1990?

Reva sits on the thought.

Reva: You are right.

Trista: And what brother tells his sister all his escapades?

Reva: True.

Trista: Mrs. O'Neill --

Reva: Call me, Reva. Maybe Aunt Reva, eventually.

A slight smile comes over Trista's face.

Reva: Anyone else knows about this?

The doorbell rings.

Reva: Hold that thought.

Reva hands Colin over to Trista and goes and answers the door.

Reva (O.S.): Hey, Pop!

Hawk (O.S): Hey, Sister -- (running into the living room discovering Trista) Am I interrupting something?

Reva reenters standing behind Hawk.

Reva: I think we need to have a chat...

Hawk: About what?

Trista: Maybe I should go...

Reva: No, sweetheart. It's better if you are here.

Hawk: Reva, girl, what are you going on about?

Reva: Trista seems to think that Rusty might be her father.

Hawk: What do you mean think? She is.

Reva: She is?!

Trista (overlapping): I am?!

Hawk: Why yes.

Reva: You knew?!

Hawk: Yep. So did Sarah. Her mother, Laurel, went to school at OSU getting her master's degree in medicine. Nice, bright girl. They dated for about a year, and she breathed new life into him -- the life he so desperately needed after Rose died. He met her at the Dirty PussyCat, where she stripping at. Too nice of a girl to be a stripper but she did it to put herself through college. The two somewhat drifted apart after your death, Sister. Rusty was so grief stricken that he kept to himself. She understood his situation and gave him space, but realized she was pregnant. She came and told Sarah and I that she was pregnant with Rusty's child and even got a DNA to show that she was compatible with me even though we knew the child was no one else's.

Reva: But why didn't you tell, Rusty?

Hawk: He was so wrapped up in his career that Laurel just thought it was best to leave him alone. She left Tulsa, had Trista, and finished her schooling at --

Trista: At Emory.

Hawk: Yep. Sarah and I would check in every Christmas, birthday, and Thanksgiving, send money all the time. Laurel would send us pictures and cards that Trista made for us.

Trista & Reva: Huh?

Hawk: The cards that you use to make for Auntie and Uncle O'Neal -- the presents that you got from us every Christmas and Birthday -- that was me and your Grandmother, my child.

And on Trista verklempt




Blake and Clarissa sit at the table glancing over the menu when Kevin drags himself over to the table and plops down. Blake looks up from the menu, noticing her son down in the depths.

Blake: Kevin? Honey, are you alright?

Kevin (coming to): Huh? Oh yeah. I'm fine...

Blake: You sure?

Kevin: I said I was OK.

Blake: Alright. (on a tangent, gleefully) But all will be well soon when you win the award that the college established in your father's name. I'm gonna be so proud. Your father would be too.

Kevin (mumbles): I'm sure he would...

Clarissa interjects diverting the conversation:

Clarissa: Oh, Mom!

Blake: What?

Clarissa: You have lipstick on your teeth.

Blake: I do?

Clarissa: Yep.

Blake goes for her fork, and Clarissa grabs her by the hand.

Clarissa: Mom, not at the table! That's trashy. People will think you were raised by animals.

Blake (joking): I was. My father was a viper.

Clarissa: Well you need to go to the bathroom and get it off.

Blake (laughs): Alright, alright. I'll be right back. Go ahead and order. I want the usual. Oh and order the usual for your grandmother as well. She'll be joining us.

Clarissa: OK!

Blake walks off. Clarissa looks at Kevin, who is studying the menu.

Clarissa: Still haven't told, Mom, have you?

Kevin (looking up, lost): What are you talking about?

Clarissa: Let's see, you moping around, the medical magazines you hide under your mattress along with the Playboy mags, and your F- papers that you crumble up and trash --

Kevin gasps.

Kevin: What the hell?!

Clarissa: C'mon now. If you are going to get rid of your failing papers then actually take the time to shred them.

Kevin (holding back): Clarissa...

Clarissa: Look, why don't you tell the truth? You want to study medicine. It's not a crime.

Kevin: And why don't you stay in your place and worry about thing that a 12 year old should worry about!

Clarissa: Like what?

Kevin: Like padded or unpadded.

Clarissa gasps, covering her chest, and



Holly: Hope? What are you saying?

Hope: I'm saying that I don't want to be Hope Bauer anymore! She is DEAD.

Holly goes for the door when Hope grabs her by the arm.

Holly (eyeing Hope): Let me go.

Hope: I can't. (panicking) I can't. Holly, please.

Holly: I can't keep this from Ed.

Hope: It wouldn't be the first time.

Holly: But there won't be another.

A-M: Enough!

Holly and Hope look over at a pissed off Alan Michael.

A-M: You wanna be Caroline then be her because you are not my mother. My mother NEVER lied. She was a drunk and over protective but she was NEVER a liar.

Hope takes this in, wounded.

A-M: Just know that it is going to come out and when it does, I'm gonna sit back and watch. YOU SELFISH BITCH!

Off a reflex, Hope smacks Alan Michael in the face. Holly gasps. Alan Michael wipes the blood off his busted lip. This amuses him.

A-M: The truth hurts, huh?

Alan Michael snatches the door open and storms out. And on Hope, a total wreck...





Picking up where we left off with Holly standing in front of the door, stunned.

Holly: Did I hear you correctly?

Holly steps into the office closing the door. Alan Michael and Hope are uneasy at this point.

Holly: Hope?

Hope: (sighs) Yes. Its me.

Holly covers her mouth, at a loss for words. She tries fighting back the tears.

Holly: But you are supposed to be--

Hope: Dead. I know. (glances at Alan Michael) Some people even wish that I stayed that way.

Holly: No! No! (grabbing Hope and holding her tight) Don't say that. We all mourned you at the funeral. We all thought that you were dead. (pulling away, looking at Hope) Does Ed know about this?

Hope: No and I want it to stay that way too.

Holly: Oh no. Oh HELL no. Ed needs to know about this.

Hope: No!

Holly: Why?!

Hope turns away from them, grief stricken.

Hope: Because this is a new lease on life -- a new one for me. That crash was not only a curse but a blessing also. Hope Bauer is dead. I am now Caroline, the woman everyone adores and looks to for help. Not some drunken mess.

Holly: (reaching out to her) Hope...

Hope snatches away.

Hope: No! Holly, you have to promise me that you'll keep quiet. PROMISE ME!!

Holly looks to Alan Michael for assitance; however, he shurgs his shoulders and turns away.

Hope: Holly!

And on Holly conflicted,




Mel is still stunned from Kevin's accusation.

Mel: How do you know?

Kevin: I was just guessing. I mean you throwing up, you being really emotional as of late -- it doesn't take a doctor to say that.

Mel: Funny you'd say that, but I am gonna need you to keep quiet about this.

Kevin: OK. I mean it is none of my business anyways.

Mel: Right. Now we need to talk about this paper.

Kevin: Do we have too?

Mel: Yes. Your mother seems to think that you are a sure win for the Ross Marler Undergraduate Award this year, and I'm sorry to burst your bubble but you're not. No offense, but I'm beginning to think that this is not your passion.

Kevin: It's not.

Mel: (confused): It's not? Then why are you--

Kevin: My mom. She wants me to be like my dad, but I'm not nor will I ever be. My passion is for the people but law.

Mel: Then what?

Kevin: Medicine.

Mel: That's great! (gloating) I use to be a doctor you know.

Kevin: I know which is why I want to do it.

Mel: Because of me?

Kevin: Well not just you but all the other great doctors at Cedars.

Mel: Then why not go into medicine.

Kevin: How can I?! What I am suppose to do? Tell my mother that I want to go into medicine like my idol, Dr. Rick Bauer, the same doctor, who had a hand in Phillip going on the run, which result in my father's death!

On Mel taken back




Trista plays with Colin in his highchair when Reva enters dangling the locket. Trista turns to see Reva holding it. She is at a loss for words.

Reva: What is this?

Trista: I-I can explain?

Reva: You better because right things aren't looking up for you. You befriending Rocky then Daisy, coming to my Thanksgiving dinner, and now you are carrying a locket around with my brother's picture in it. You better have an explaination.

Trista: Well see --

Reva: Spit it out! Who are you!


Reva: ...What?

Trista: You heard me. I am your niece. I am Rusty's bastard child.

And on Reva shocked,




After a long hiatus, TGL: THE GUIDINGLIGHT is coming back! However, with good news, there is bad news. The show is having major casting changes. See below:

sarahbrown_09_35x35.jpgSarah Brown as Cassie Layne

bb_Kristolyn_Lloyd_bio.jpgKristolyn Lloyd as Tierra Renaldi

Kim-Matula-JPI-LARGE.jpgKim Matula as Trista Tucker

1291029032-12.jpgChris Fountain as Rocky Cooper

drew-garrett.pngDrew Garrett as Jason Marler

110127mag-chad-duell1.jpgChad Duell as Kevin Marler

megan_ward_2.jpgMegan Ward as Harley Cooper

Tom2.jpgMatthew Ashford as Reginald Wilson

WendyMoniz.jpgWendy Moniz reprises as Dinah Marler

Rick+Hearst.jpgRick Hearst reprises as Alan Michael Spaulding





Mel stands by the open door handing out an assignment as the students leave.

Mel: Everyone have a good weekend. And these are your cases that you will be arguing on for the final. So be prepared.

Kevin, still by his desk, kneels down and grabs his backpack. Mel looks past the outgoing crowd onto Kevin.

Mel: Kevin.

Kevin looks over at Mel, attentive.

Mel: Could you stay for a second so I can speak with you?

Kevin nods his head.

Mel shows out the last student and closes the door.

Mel: Come up here please.

Kevin comes down the stairs and approaches Mel's desk. Mel sits in her seat and opens a drawer to pull out Kevin's last test that reads "F." Kevin's eyes widen at the sight of the paper.

Mel: What is going on?

Kevin: I -- I can explain.

Mel: You better have a great one because I just don't see you making through the Spring semester if you aren't passing the first part of the intro class.

Kevin: I've just been really stressed out.

Mel: But why? Kevin, you've always been an A+ student since I've known you. This is definitely not you.

Kevin: Look, it just ONE measly F, OK?

Mel: But the rest of your grades are D's. Do you realize that you making a D in a core class for your major is still a fail and you have to take it over again.

Kevin: I'll fix it. You said that the debate is 50% of the grade -- right?

Mel: Yes.

Kevin: Then if I make a one-hundred on the final then I'll come out with at least a solid C-.

Mel: But its very highly that you won't make a one-hundred. It's a rarity. The panel of attorneys that I've selected are going to critique everything you do, and since I've taught this class, no one has ever made no more than 90%.

Kevin: Then I'll be the exception.

Mel: Kevin...

Mel grabs her mouth as she starts to dry heave. She leans down into the trash can and vomits. Kevin jumps back with worry.

Kevin: Ms. Boudreau, look if I offended you--

Mel puts up hand signaling him to stop talking. Mel takes a sip of water and pops a mint into her mouth.

Mel: No worries. It isn't you.

Kevin: ...Ms. Boudreau, are you sure?

Mel nods her head reassuringly. She grabs her purse and starts to dig inside it.

Kevin: Cuz if I didn't no any better, I'd say you were pregnant.

Mel snaps her head back at Kevin.

Mel: How did you know?!



The doorbell rings and Reva comes into frame, heading to the door.

Reva: I'm coming! I'm coming!

Reva opens the door and there stands Trista. Reva is taken back by her presence.

Reva: Uh hello, Trista.

Trista: Hi, Mrs. O'Neill. I just stopped by to see if I dropped my locket here.

And on Reva's blank expression



Of Reva examining the locket closely.

Trista: (V.O.) Mrs. O'Neill!


Reva shakes her head coming back to reality.

Reva: C'mon in. Let's see if we can find it.

Trista steps inside and Reva closes the door behind her.

Reva: Here, honey, hand me your jacket. I have the heater on.

Trista: OK. But I was only going to be a quick second.

Reva: Well no -- I mean why don't you join me for lunch? I was making some vegetable soup for me, Henry, and Colin, and I'd love for you to join us. That is unless you have somewhere to be?

Trista glances at her watch then looks back at Reva with a warm smile.

Trista: Nope. I'll join you and the babies.

Reva: Good. Now about that locket, let's get started on looking for it.

Trista: OK.

Trista scurries off. Reva pulls the locket out her pocket as we see a shot of Rusty and Trista's mom (Laurel). Reva puts the locket back in pocket.

Reva: Now time to get to the bottom of this.

Reva walks off, and



The production staff set up the set as Alan Michael strides into the studio at a face pace with Hope struggling to keep up with him.

Hope: Alan Michael! Could you give me a second.

AM: Nope.

Hope: Scarecrow, wait!

Alan Michael stops dead in his tracks and turn back to face Hope. He looks as her with malice as he can't believe what she just said.

AM: Did you just--

Hope: Call you, Scarecrow? Yes.

AM: Ugh. I can't believe that you just called me my childhood nickname. No one can call me that but my mother.

Hope: I am! (sotto) I am...

AM: Nope. She died in that crash.

Alan Michael walks off into



where he slams his briefcase on the desk. He tosses his jacket on the chair when Hope graciously eases in. Alan Michael turns to notice her still following him.

AM: Can I please have a moment to breathe? Please?! Just back the hell off!

Hope slams the door and rushes up to Alan Michael where she puts her finger in his face, reprimanding him.

Hope: I don't give a damn if you are mad but you aren't going to disrespect me! Do you hear me?!



Holly wears a smile that shines throughout the room. As she walks, the various staff members shout "Hello" or "Good day, Ms. Norris." Holly waves back as she comes to Alan Michael's door. She just about to knock when she hears shouting come from out the room.

AM: Respect?! You want respect? After all you did?

Holly quietly cracks the door open enough to hear as,

Hope: I AM YOUR MOTHER DAMMIT! You will respect me. You will respect me!

Holly slides in and slams the door gaining their attention.

AM: Holly? W-What do you want?

Holly: Mother? That is what I heard, right? Caroline is Hope?

And on AM burying his face in his palm and Hope in utter shock,





(Picking up where we last left off)

Nola: (fighting the tears) My baby boy.

Nola hugs J tightly. Nola then pulls back from him.

Nola: What made you come home? Are you two in trouble?

J: Here we go...

Tom: Aunt Nola, what makes you think that we are in trouble? We just came to spend time with you guys.

Nola: Oh really? Get over here you.

Tom walks over and hugs Nola. Meanwhile, J hugs Matt and Quint. But the hug between Quint and J is quite awkward. Vanessa notices this.

Nola: So where are Annabelle and Tony? Are they outside parking the car?

Tom: Uh no. (takes of his jacket) They decided to join Uncle Jim, Bridget, Sean, Chelsea, and Lana in Atlanta with Grandma Bea.

Quint: How nice. You did send our regards to Bea did you, Nola?

Nola mouth drops as she has forgotten to do so.

Nola: Oops. I knew I forgot to do that. Excuse me.

Nola scurries off into the kitchen.

Tom: So where is everyone?

Vanessa: Well Bill is spending Thanksgiving with his in-laws, and Dinah should be over shortly.

Tom: Good. I haven't seen everyone in years. Feels so good to be back in Springfield. The last time I was here was--

Vanessa: (sadly) When Maureen died.

Tom: Yeah... (lively) But things have changed now. And what matters is that we are all here together. So where is the food?

Matt: I still see you have that appetite you did as child, huh?

Tom: Of course. C'mon. Let's get you seated.

Tom wraps his arms around Matt and Maureen's shoulder as they descend into the living room. Vanessa, Quint, and J stand in silence, quite tense to be exact.

Vanessa: So... umm... you know what -- I -- think I left a pie in the kitchen.

Vanessa runs off into the kitchen. Quint forces on a smile as he looks at J.

J: OK, Dad, give me your best shot.

Quint: What are you talking about?

J: You are bothered by something?

Quint: No I'm not. Just surprised to see you that's all.

J: Sure. Keep telling yourself that.

J walks off leaving Quint leery.



Everyone sits at the table watching on as Rusty and Carol canoodle. Josh leans in close to Reva whispering,

Josh: This is unexpected. I haven't seen Rusty this happy since he was married to Rose.

Reva: You're preaching to the choir. I just would like to know when Rusty was going to plan on telling us about her.

Shayne clears his throat gaining everyone's attention.

Shayne: So Carol, how did you and Uncle Rusty meet?

Reva: Shayne!

Marah: (punching him in the arm, overlapping) Idiot!

Rusty: It's no problem.

Reva: But its rude of him.

Reva shoots a look at Shayne. Shayne shrugs his shoulder in confusion.

Carol: We met in Tulsa. He was on duty and I ran a red light. He stopped me and tried to give me a ticket, but I managed to talk him out of it. Luckily it worked, and instead I ended up with his number.

Reva: How nice...

Izzy: Like when are we going to eat already? My stomach is about to cave in.

Carol: Izzy!

Izzy: No, Mom! I don't wanna hear it.

The sound of a door closes in the background.

Daisy: (O.C) Grandma!

Reva: Oh that must be Daisy with the eggs. Excuse me everyone.

Hawk: Excuse me too. I need to refill my wine glass.

Hawk gets up from the table following Reva, carrying his glass.


Reva and Hawk enter as Daisy hands Reva a bag with eggs.

Reva: Hi, honey.

Reva kisses Daisy on the head.

Daisy: Hey. Oh, Trista is going to join us. Do you mind?

Reva: Of course not. (to Trista) We are glad to have you.

Trista: Thanks. I'm glad to be here.

Daisy: Is everyone here?

Reva: (in the fridge) Nope. We are waiting on Cassie and RJ, but your Dad is in there.

Daisy: He is?

Reva: Yep.

Daisy: Well excuse me why I say hello to him. I'll be back Trista, OK?

Trista: Take your time.

Daisy exits.

Reva: So Trista, how has life in Springfield been?

Trista: Good. I miss life in Atlanta but I'm settling.

Reva: That's good.

Daisy (O.C) Trista, come in here and meet my Dad.

Trista: Coming! (to Reva) Excuse me, Mrs. O'Neill.

Reva: No problem. And call me Reva.

Trista: Yes ma'am.

Trista hops off the stool and exits. Her locket falls out her back pocket, unnoticed.

Reva: Such a nice girl. I know her mother must be missing her.

Hawk: (struggling opening the wine bottle) She must. Reminds me of all the time your Mother use to fret about you not being home from the holiday when you first came to Springfield.

Reva: Oh, Pa...

Reva grabs her pumpkin pie off the counter and heads for the door when she noticed a locket on the floor. She picks it up and examines it closely.

Reva: Who is this?

Hawk: (still struggling with the bottle) Must be the young lady's.

Reva: Must be. (notices the photo inside the locket) Nice couple. If I would've known better that man in the picture looks like our Rusty.

Hawk: Yeah, yeah, Sister.

Reva: I mean doesn't it?

Reva hand Hawk the locket. Hawk put down the bottle and looks at the photo. His eyes widen in shock.

Hawk: That is Rusty!

Reva: No way! (snatches the locket back) It can't be.

Hawk: I know my boy. And looks like it was taken back in the early 90s. I remember that hideous hairdo of Rusty's anywhere.

Reva: But why would Trista have a photo with Rusty inside?

Hawk: Beats me.

Reva: Hmmm...

And on Reva wondering,



- Reva learns the truth

- Kevin has Mel lie for him

- Holly learns about Hope

- Lines are drawn in the Spaulding household




Trista studies three outfits that she had lied out on the bed. Daisy eases into the room. Trista turns around acknowledging her.

Trista: Hey you. Where have you been?

Daisy: I had to run to the store and grabs some items for my Grandma Reva. I just came by to change before I headed over there.

Trista: But I thought you were eating at the Coopers -- I mean your Mom's house?

Daisy: I was but I changed my mind. I might just come over there later on.

Trista: (whining) Why? I wanted you to come with me.

Daisy: For what? Rocky's going to be there. And my family practically loves you. My Grandpa Buzz can't stop talking about how your studious ways have rubbed off on Rocky.

Trista: So what. I still want you come. We barely even hang out. You are always with James...

Daisy: ...and you are always working at Company.

Trista: See. More reason for you come with me.

Daisy: Trista...

Trista: Daisy, come on. It's not like I am holding a gun to your head. I am just simply asking you to come to the Coopers with me.

Daisy: But I can't. I already told Grandma Reva I was coming.

Trista: Ugh...

Trista tosses her hands up in defeat. Her computer bleeps as she receives an e-mail.

Trista: I'm not giving up, Lemay. Hold that thought.

Trista heads over to the computer and checks her mail. Meanwhile, Daisy glances over Trista's outfits lied out on her bed.

Daisy: The blue sweater top.

Trista: (still typing) What?

Daisy: The blue sweater top. With the black slacks and black platform boots. Wear that.

Trista: Thanks. I was leaning towards that outfit.

Daisy: Glad you were because you are going to wear with me to dinner.

Trista snaps her head back at Daisy, thrilled.

Trista: You are going to the Coopers?

Daisy: Nope.

Trista drops the smile back into a frown.

Daisy: You are going with me to the Shaynes.

Trista: Wait, wait... what? I can't. What about--

Daisy: Rocky, will understand. As a matter of fact, we'll do both. Go to my Grandmother's first and then hit up my Mom's. Problem solved.

Trista: You sure -- that Rocky's feelings won't be hurt?

Daisy: Positive. Leave it to me.

Daisy whips out her phone and starts to dial.


Rocky, Frank, Jude, and Zach sit in rapt attention the couch watching the game. The phone starts to ring.

Harley: (O.C.) Somebody get it!

Rocky: (in a daze) Frank, you get it.

Frank: No way. They are about to start the play. Whoever is calling will call back. I'm sure its not that important.

The phone rings again.

Harley: (O.C.) Frank! Rocky! Get the phone! We're trying to set up in here! Geez.

Rocky unwillingly gets up and answers the phone.

Rocky: Hello.

Daisy: Hey to you too, Rocky.

Rocky: Oh, Daisy, sorry.

Daisy: Let me guess... the game is on?

Rocky: Yeah. (turns his attention back to the TV) I just don't wanna miss a play...

Daisy: Then I'll cut it short. Trista is coming with me Shaynes. We'll be over there later on, got it?

Rocky: (still watching TV) Yeah. What you said, Daisy.

Daisy: OK, bye.

Daisy hangs up the phone.

Rocky: Bye. (coming to realization) The Shaynes?!

And on Rocky, hurt


Trista: So how did he take it?

Daisy: Fine. See I told you! Now get dressed.

Trista: Alright, alright.




Vanessa and Nola set the table while in the foreground, Quinton and Matt share a cigar.

Matt: Nice day, Quint, huh?

Quint: It is. Nice breeze. Something you can't expect to get on an archeological dig in Afghanistan, and something I missed greatly about being in Springfield.

Matt: Glad to have you back.

Matt raised up his wine glass.

Quint: Glad to be back.

Quint and Matt toast, but this happy moment is ruined by:

Nola: (O.C.) I like it there, Vanessa!

Vanessa: (O.C.) Whose house is this?

Matt & Quint: Dear God.

They turn to see Nola and Vanessa facing off.

Nola: This house belongs to the family. Nowhere in the will did Henry state, "This house belongs to Vanessa and Vanessa only."

Vanessa: But who has been living in it? Taking care of it?

Nola: That was then. This is now.

Vanessa: And now I am going to rearrange this silverware to the way I like it!

Vanessa rearranges one of the utensil settings.


Matt: I see its about to get nasty. Should we go and break them up?

Quint: No, NO... Just let them fight it out with its still fresh.


Nola: What are you doing?!

Vanessa: Everyone knows that this spoon and this fork are not positioned next to each other, Nola.

Nola: Like I could give a damn. If it was up to me, we'd all be using one fork and spoon.

Vanessa: (gasps) How barbaric!

Nola: How normal. How frugal. How--

Maureen joins them on the patio, upset and bothered.

Maureen: Mom, I cannot believe that you won't let me go and eat with Clarissa. It's so not fair!

Vanessa: Maureen, don't start with me. You still know that you're grounded for piercing those ears.

Maureen: Mom, I'm almost a teenager!

Vanessa: So what. You know the rules.

Nola: Frankly, I don't see the issue with her having her ears pierced. Anastasia had hers did when she was two.

Vanessa shoots a piercing look at Nola.

Maureen: See! Cousin Stacey had them done when she was two! Emma had her done when she was four -- Clarissa when she was six!

Vanessa: Don't start with me, Maureen. (to Nola) And no one asked for your opinion.

Nola: I know. But I just love to interject. (hugging Maureen) Plus, my niece is right. She should have her ears pierced. And my God, its not like she went and out got a boob job...

Vanessa gasps.

Nola: ...or did drug. Or drank alcohol.

Vanessa clutches her chest in utter shock.

Nola: She just got her ears pierced.

Maureen: (hugging Nola tighter) I love you, Aunt Nola. Sometimes I wish I was your daughter.

Nola: Aww, kiddo.

The doorbell rings.

Vanessa: Maureen, go and answer the door! Nola, shut up! Matt and Quint, get over here! ITS TIME TO EAT.

Maureen scurries off into the


and then crosses into the



where she opens the door to find two large boxes masking two men faces.

Maureen: Umm... can I help you guys?

J: I don't know can you, bumblebee?

Maureen's face light up.

Maureen: Cousin J!

J removes his box to show his handsome face.

Tom: And don't for get about me, squirt!

Maureen: Tom?!

Tom removes his box from his face. Maureen joyously screams at the sight of her cousins.

Maureen: MOM!!!

Vanessa: (O.C.) What are you in here--

Vanessa enters the foyer where she sees Tom and Anthony J.

Vanessa: Anthony? Thomas?

J: Hey, Aunt Vanessa. Long time, no see.

Vanessa runs over to hug both Thomas and J.

Vanessa: What are you two doing here? Your mother said that you were--

Nola: (O.C.) (Voice coming closer) Now what is all this ruckus in--

Nola freezes in place at the sight of her son. She speechless... for once. Tears start to stream down her face. Quint and Matt slowly come up behind Nola.

Nola: Anthony James...

J: Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.


Tom Reardon


Anthony James Chamberlain


COMING UP ON TGL: The Guiding Light:

- The Reardon's Thanksgiving continues

- Shayne's Thanksgiving

- Hawk and Reva grow suspicious of Trista




(Picking up where we last left off)

Alan: What is going on? Why are you two looking like deers in headlights?

AM: N--No reason.

Alan: OK... As soon as you two get over whatever has come over you both, come in the parlor and join us for a drink.

Hope: Will do, Alan -- I mean Mr. Spaulding.

Alan, still weary, walks out the room.

AM: How could--

Hope grabs him by the arm and drags him into the


where she looks around to see if anyone is present. No one is.

Hope: Baby--

Alan Michael: No! Don't even try it! Don't even try to justify what you did. Do you know how much we have mourned you?

Hope: Alan Michael--

AM: And to think you have been here the entire time... THE ENTIRE TIME!!

Hope: Sssh! Calm down.

AM: Oh please. If I ever do anything right in my life, now is the time. I should go into the parlor and tell Dad--

Hope: You can't!

AM: Why is that?

Hope: You just can't... and I know you wouldn't.

AM: Don't be so sure about that, Mom -- or Caroline?

Hope swiftly slaps Alan Michael across the face. Alan Michael rubs his face in pain.

Hope: Now don't you go starting to back talk me boy! I'm still your mother and you will respect me.

AM: Yes, Ma'am.

Hope: Now I am sorry but I figured that me returning would do you more harm than good.

AM rolls his eyes.

Hope: You may not believe me now but you will. Do you think if I was Hope that I could help you? I think not. Being Caroline was a way for me to help you.

AM: And you did. But MY MOTHER would've been more help.

Hope: I understand that.

Phillip (OC): Caroline! Alan Michael!

Hope: Keep quiet.

Phillip enters in the kitchen with two wine glasses.

Phillip: Aren't you two gonna join us?

Phillip hands both of them a glass.

Hope: Sure. In a second...

Phillip: OK.

Phillip exits. Hope is about to take a sip when Alan Michael takes the glass from Hope.

Hope: What was that for?

AM: Alcohol, remember? You're an alcoholic.

Hope: I know that.

AM: You act as if you've seem to have forgotten.

Hope: Well I didn't.

AM: Mmm hmm... whatever.

Hope: I didn't. Now that we are going to go out there and act like nothing ever happened. OK?

AM: Sure. Whatever you want... Caroline.

Alan Michael storms out. And on Caroline, sighing



- Shayne family Thanksgiving

- Reardon/Chamberlain Thanksgiving

- Many reveals and surprises





Trista sits at her desk blasting music while typing up her article. Sitting on the floor next to her is a huge mail sack of letter. Trista occasionally reaches down and grabs an envelope.

KNOCK! KNOCK! Trista takes off the headphones and opens the door, revealing James Spaulding. The sight of James just irritates her.

Trista: Now what?

James: (peeking past her) I was just seeing if you were--

Trista: Doing the job? Well I am. Unlike you, I complete all my tasks regardless how much I loathe them... and the person that gave them to me.

James: Come on. Loathe? That's a tad bit too strong.

Trista: With you? I don't think so. Quite justified if you think about it. But then again I'm sure you don't have think when you're loaded. Someone is bound to do it for you, or you can just buy your way out of it.

James: Ouch. Good one. I give you that.

Trista: No I earned it. The only thing you give me is DAMN migraine.

James laughs. Trista fumes even more.

Trista: Look, can you leave? I'm trying to finish in time so I can join Rocky and his family for Thanksgiving.

James: The Coopers?

Trista: Duh.

Trista starts to close the door when James pushes his way inside the room.

Trista: Listen, moron, if you did not know before, boys are not allowed in the girls room after 5 PM.

James: I just wanna see how you are doing.

Trista starts to push James out the room.

Trista: You'll see it when I am done. Until then stay the hell out of my room and my way.

James: But--

Trista: Goodbye!!

Trista slams the door in James face.

Trista: Dumb ass...

She locks the door and then goes back to her computer, resuming her work.


James stands on the other side of the door with, basking in his triumph.





Harley moves rampant through the kitchen opening and closing drawers.

Harley: Where is it? Where is it?

Frank watches on as Harley continues to move in a panic.

Frank: What are you doing?

Harley: Looking for the paddle attachments for the mixer. I need to make a cake.

Franks frowns.

Frank: A cake? You're... making the cake?

Harley: Of course.

Frank: But I don't that its necessary. I mean Dad is suppose to be bringing a few cakes over -- I mean there is no need for you to make one too.

Harley: Frank, what are you saying?

Frank: Nothing.

Harley: You are. I can read between the lines. You are indicating that I cannot cook.

Frank: Come on! I never said that.

Harley: But that is what you are doing. I have you know that I can make a good chocolate cake dammit!

Frank: That you can. I always said you can put your mind to anything you want too, but... cooking is not one of them.

Harley grabs the oven mitt off the counter and tosses it at Frank.

Harley: Get out! Get out now!

Frank laughs and head back down the hallway.

Harley: (laughing) Idiot...




-- INT. BAUER HOME --> Rick and Ed set the table while Holly stands at the stove cooking. Clarissa sits on Kevin's lap in the living room watching TV. Jason sits nearby on a sofa doing schoolwork. Blake goes to the door to open it. It's Mel and Leah. Blake is surprised to see them. Both Mel and Leah look weary to come in. Ed joins Blake at the door and greet the two inside. Leah glances at Rick. He glances back for a second and walks away in disdain. On Leah hurt, ....

--EXT. CHAMBERLAIN PATIO --> Vanessa and Nola are arguing as usual. Nola places the cranberries the table. Vanessa, disagreeing, picks them up and positions them another way. Nola mouths "Bitch" to Vanessa. Vanessa briskly walks past Nola showing no reaction. Nola stands still biting her lip, angry

--INT. O'NEILL HOME --> Reva stands at the door greeting Hawk and Rusty. A woman and her young daughter come up behind Rusty. Reva looks at them weirdly. Rusty holds up the woman's hand to reveal a ring. Reva screams in joy and hugs Rusty. It's apparent this is his fiancee. She pushes them inside when Josh, Shayne, with Henry come up. Reva kisses Shayne and Henry and pushes them in. Reva and Josh share a smile as he shows her the pie he made. Jeffrey watches on in the background not too happy.

--INT. HARLEY'S--> Marina, Lillian, Buzz, and Harley get the food situated. Harley then reveals her cake to them. They all force a smile on their faces as Harley places the cake in the center of the table. Harley exits. Buzz, Marina, and Lillian scramble to get the cake off the table. Meanwhile, Frank, Rocky, Jude, and Zach sit in the living room dressed in matching jersey watching the game. Their team scores a touchdown and they hop up in down in joy.

--EXT. MAILBOX--> Christina opens up a letter that is from "John Hopkins Medical School." She quickly opens it and reads it. A smile comes across her face and she hops up and down in joy. Then it hits her... What about Remy?

--INT. SPAULDING HOME--> Alex, Alan, Beth, and Phillip share a drink in the parlor. Alan Michael helps Caroline set the table.

Caroline: We are missing something... OH! The dressing! I think I left it in the oven! I'll be right back.

Alan Michael: OK. I got from here.

As Caroline walks into the kitchen, her watch falls off onto the floor.

Alan Michael: Wait--

Alan Michael picks the watch up and scams it closely. Engraved on it is the initials "HB"

A-M: I've seen this somewhere...


Alan Michael hands his mom a watch.

A-M: Happy birthday, Mom.

Hope tears up at the sight of the watch.

Hope: It's -- it's so pretty! I'll never take it off! I swear! (hugging her son) I swear!


A-M: Mom...?

A-M falls into a daze staring at the watch. All of a sudden Caroline (Hope) reemerges from the kitchen to spot A-M holding the watch.

Caroline: What are you doing with that?!

A-M: ...Where did you -- You can't -- Ugh.

Caroline: Alan Michael -- I --

A-M tears up. Hope is speechless. Then Alan enters.

Alan: Hey you two -- (reading their reaction) what is going on?

And on Hope devastated,




Mel lies in fetal position amongst the darkness. She is still -- emotionless. Meanwhile, Leah bangs on the door repeatedly.

Leah: Mom! I know you are in there. Let me in. Please. Come on...

Leah breaks down and props her head on the door.

Leah: Mom, please... I'm so, so sorry...

The doorbell then rings. Leah staggers down the stairs to the door. She opens it and reveals Remy, Clayton, Christina, and Felicia.

Leah: (wiping away the tears) Grandma and Grandpa? Uncle Remy? Christina? What are you all doing here?

Felicia: We came to see how you and your mother is doing.

Leah: I'm fine. It's Mom I'm worried about.

Felicia: How is she?

Leah: Still locked in the room. She won't come out. She hasn't eaten for days. I'm worried.

Christina: Poor Mel...

Clayton kisses Leah on the forehead and then continues past her up the stairs.

Felicia: Clayton? What are you doing?

Clayton: Saving our daughter. That is what I am doing.

Felicia: Clayton--

Clayton: No, Felicia. She is a Boudreau. She needs to get it together and now!

Felicia: Clayton! She just lost someone dear to her!

Remy: Yeah. A criminal. She shouldn't be surprised it ended like this.

Christina: Remy!!

Christina socks him in the arm.

Remy: Well it's the truth.

Felicia: You better not go up there, Clayton, acting like a fool.

Clayton: I don't wanna hear it.

Clayton continues up the stairs while Felicia still calls out:

Felicia: Clayton! Clayton! Dammit, Clayton! (to Remy) Go and stop him.

Remy: Mom--

Felicia: NOW!!

Remy is does as he is told and runs up the stairs. He makes his way down the end of the hallway where he spots Clayton beating on the door.

Clayton: Mel, this is your father! I want you to open this door at once!

No answer.

Clayton: Mel! Open this door now!

Now answer.

Remy: Dad, enough. Come on.

Clayton: No. I am not going anywhere. I am the father and I want this door opened now...

Remy: Dad, maybe she wants to be left alone.

Clayton: Remy, when you have children then you can tell them what to do. Till then, buzz off. (to Mel) I WILL BREAK THIS DOOR DOWN, MEL IF YOU DON'T OPEN IT NOW!

Remy clutches his lips together, holding back his words. Footsteps are then heard coming up the stairs. It's Harley and Blake.

Harley: Clayton, maybe we can help.

Clayton: I doubt that I am her father.

Felicia: (O.C) Clayton, get down here now and let Harley and Blake speak with her! NOW!

Clayton: Fine. I'm going to give you ten minutes to talk to her and if she does not open that door by then I'm going to come up and burst the door down. Got it?

Blake: Ten minutes then.

Clayton and Remy descend down the stairs.

Blake gently knocks on the door.

Blake: Mel... Please come and open the door.

Harley: Watch out.

Blake: What?

Harley slides Blake out the way and pulls a card out of her pocket. She slides the card into the latch and the open slowly opens to reveal Mel still lying on the bed in a daze.

Blake: Oh God.

Harley and Blake enter the room. Harley gently closes the door behind her. The two then join Mel on the bed.

Blake reaches out to touch Mel and then stops, second guessing herself. But this is her friend. Blake starts to stroke her hair.

Blake: Mel, I understand what you are going through. I really do.

Harley: (grabbing Mel's hand) Me too.

Blake: And we aren't going anywhere until you talk to us.

Harley: And you know when Blake says something she means it.

Blake and Harley chortle until they notice Mel isn't reciprocating.

Blake: Remember when I lost Ross and I shut myself off. You bugged me until I came around. You felt so guilty because Rick was your husband and you had part of the blame. I cherished every day you came to sit me.

Harley: And you did the same with me when Gus died.

Tears stream down Mel's face as she tries to fight them.

Harley: I may not have approved of you and Cyrus being that he and I parted ways badly but I never questioned his love for you and vice versa.

Blake: I guess we all assumed that he was just using you.

Mel: He was... He kept Grady being alive from me.

Harley: And I agree. Him keeping that from all of us was wrong, but their bond was always so strong. Mel, you knew that.

Mel: I did. I just don't get how he could not have trusted me with, Grady. I mean we could've taken legal actions to get him off. And now Grady is gone not be found while Cyrus is lying in the ground dead. STUPID BASTARD!

Harley and Blake tear up at the pain coming from Mel.

Mel: I never knew that losing something would be so HARD. I thought when Rick and I separated was hard but this so hard! I still see Rick. I will NEVER see Cyrus again.

Blake: Don't say that. There is always--

Mel: The afterlife. I know, I know. But that could be years from now. And whose to say I'll even see him then.

Harley: Then you should keep faith alive that you will.

Mel: I can't do this. I can't do this! How am I suppose to worry about Leah and this baby?! How?!

Harley and Blake are stunned.

Blake: ...Baby?

Mel: (laughing through her tears) Open the top drawer, Harley.

Harley opens the drawer and pulls out a pregnancy test. Harley glances at it and smiles.

Harley: You're pregnant?

Mel: Yep.

Blake: Oh my God!! Oh we so have start planning for this baby!

Harley: I know! The shower, paints and stencils for the room...

Mel: I'm not going have it.

Blake and Harley: WHAT?

Mel: I said I am not going to have it. I'm getting an abortion. No need in bringing this child into the world only to suffer. The father is dead, and he father was looked down upon, I cannot put a baby through this.

Blake: Mel!

Mel: No, Blake! I don't have time. Plus I have Leah's accessory charge to worry about -- I don't have time for a baby. I don't.

Harley: And have you asked the rest of your family how they feel?

Mel: No. They'll never know. You guys are the only ones who are going to know also.

Harley: Mel, that is not right.

Mel: So what. It's my baby, my body. I'll do whatever the hell I want. And you two are going to keep quiet out of respect. Got it?

Suddenly Leah peeks her head into the room.

Leah: Mom... is it OK to come in?

Mel: Yeah. (wipes tears) Tell everyone to come on in.

Everyone comes in one by one. Mel gets up and hugs her family members. She shoot a look of warning at Harley and Blake.

And on Harley and Blake feeling guilty,



-The town gets together to celebrate Thanksgiving

-Rocky and Trista admit their feelings and James is not too pleased

-Nola & Quint are surprised to see their son, Anthony J and nephew, Tom in town

-J & Tom have ties to someone in Springfield

-Rick learns of Mel's secret

-Caroline is exposed

-Hawk & Reva learn the truth about Trista



Cassie guides the paramedics through the main entrance.

Cassie: (pointing) The ballroom is in there.

The paramedics enter into the:


where they rush up to Ed, who is still overlooking Phillip.

Paramedic #1: How is he, Dr. Bauer?

Ed: Still faint.

Paramedics 2 & 3 lift Phillip up and places him on the gurney. A full life face mask is placed on Phillip's face. The paramedics lead Phillip out with the Spaulding/Raines clan (minus Alan) not to far behind.

Meanwhile, Leah stands off alone, spirit destroyed. Ed takes notices and gently places a hand on her shoulder.

Ed: Leah...

Leah: Give it to me.

Ed: Give you what?

Leah turns to face Ed with tears in her eyes.

Leah: Chew me out. Come on. Give me what you got. Hell everyone else is.

Ed: I didn't come over here to kick when you're down.

Leah: You might as well. Everyone else is bound too sooner or later. I -- I just can't believe that I was so stupid to fall for it.

Ed: People make mistakes all the time.

Leah: Not in assisting a maniac.

Ed: Come here, pumpkin.

Ed opens his arms and Leah falls into them, sobbing.

Leah: He tricked me. He tricked me...



Alan stands in the stall with a phone to his ear.

Alan: No, no, no. I need this to go down. I want them dead. You hear me? Nothing less...I DON'T GIVE A DAMN HOW YOU KILL THEM! JUST GET THE JOB DONE!

Alan ends the call. He is consumed with rage.




Grady charges down empty, open street. Cyrus is not too far behind.

Cyrus: Grady! Grady, stop!

Grady: Sorry bro, I can't.

Cyrus: Grady!

A round of loud shots ricochet into the night air and Cyrus falls to the ground. Grady turns around to see the flashing lights from a group of cop cars.

Grady: Cyrus!

Cyrus breathes his last breath and goes cold.

Grady: (crying) Cyrus! Cyrus!

A couple of more rounds go off.

Grady kneels down quickly and kisses his brother on the head and then fades into the night never to be heard from again...


NOTE: This cast shown is closing doesn't coincide with my cast. Only using the audio.



We pick up where we last left off with Phillip consuming the drink. Grady watches on eagerly anticipating the outcome. As Phillip downs the last drop, he falls for the floor, convulsing. Then motionless. Beth lets out a loud scream.

Beth: Phillip!

The sight of Phillip sends the crowd into a frenzy.

Beth kneels down next to Phillip and feels his pulse. It's faint.

Beth: Mother! Rick! Someone help him.

Rick and Lillian join Beth next to Phillip. Lillian starts to perform CPR on Phillip while Rick takes a whiff of the glass. Ed emerges from the crowd with his doctor bag in tow.

Ed: (to Lillian) How is his pulse?

Lillian: Faint. I've never seen anything like this before.

Alan watches on numb and destroyed.

Ed: What happened?

Beth: I -- I don't know. He was just fighting with Cyrus and then I gave him a drink and he passed out.

Leah slowly moves over towards Grady.

Leah: (whispering) What is going on?

Grady pulls out a little bottle and tosses it to Leah. The bottle reads: THALLIUM.

Alex: What is wrong with Phillip? Ed, what is wrong with my nephew?

Alan Michael kneels next to Ed, who is now performing CPR.

A-M: You need me to do anything?

Ed: Just keep everyone far back. (to Lillian) How far is the ambulance?

Lillian: (holding the cell to her ear) They say about two minutes. Hang on, Phillip!

Alan: (to Ed) You better make sure my son doesn't die or its your head...

A-M: You need to stop with the threats. He's trying to save Phillip. Now get back.

Alan: Damn you--

Alan grabs Alan Michael by the shirt, shaking him.

Alan: Don't you tell me what to do! I'm your father! You will respect me you little bastard!

Alex: Enough! Alan, let him go!

Suddenly, a loud gunshot is heard. Everyone's attention is turned to Grady, now holding a gun.

Grady: Everyone shut the h*&^ up! Now!

Rick: Leah, what is your date Erik doing?

Leah doesn't respond. Grady then rips the mask off to reveal himself.

Grady: The name is Grady, Doogie Howser.

Gasps are heard throughout the audience.

Daisy: Grady!

Grady: Hello sweetness. Miss me much? But then again, I doubt that. You've been dancing with pretty boy over there.

Lizzie: But you are -- you're suppose to be--

Grady: Dead? Sorry, honey. Daddy's plan failed again. But he did give me this.

Grady pulls his hair up to reveal the grizzly scar.

James: He's the one that handed me the drink.

Rick: Leah, what is going on?

Grady: Payback.

Alan tries to go for Grady but Grady points the gun at him.

Grady: Wait a second there, Gramps. I won't hesitate to shoot you of all people. (to Harley and Frank) And you two, get over there with Phillip. I wanna keep an eye on you.

Frank and Harley eases over near Phillip.

Frank: Grady, you don't wanna do this.

Grady: Oh shut up! Don't try that cop talk with me. It ain't gonna work. Plus why would I listen to you? You hated me.

Cassie: He had good reason.

Grady: Screw you.

Daisy: Why? Why, Grady?

Grady: Why? (losing it) WHY?! That bastard tried to kill me by tossing me over the cliff. That is why. When he found out that I was the one who kidnapped Lizzie, he tossed me over a damn cliff. One thing about it is that he should've been smart and came to check and see if I was dead. But he didn't. Sucks for him though. That thallium I put in his drink if going to kill him for sure.

Ed: Thallium? Dear God. Where is the ambulance? We need them now. We don't have that much time.

Rick: You're sick!

Leah: No he is not! He's did the right thing... and I am glad I helped.

Rick is shell-shocked. Meanwhile, Mel and Cyrus reenter the room as she holds a cloth to his face, wiping the blood from his mouth.

Leah: I'd do it again.

Rick looks at Mel and Cyrus as well.

Rick: Let me guess, you were in this also?

Mel: What are you talking about?

Grady turns around and waves at Mel.

Mel: Grady?

Grady: Hello, Mel. Longtime no see -- well for you. But I've been seeing much of you. Thanks for letting me crash at your pad. Well then again you never knew that. So maybe I should thank my brother. Thank you, Cyrus.

Mel looks at Cyrus for an answer. Cyrus looks away not wanting to look at her, as if he is embarrassed.

Mel: Cyrus...?

Remy: I knew it! I knew it! I knew he was up to no good!

Lizzie: Leah, how could you? My father is your Godfather...

Leah: (laughs) Godfather? Some Godfather he is then. Especially when he blew my life to hell. My parents had the perfect marriage until this bozo ruined it, and persuaded my idiotic father into helping him escape the country. HE RUINED MY FAMILY! (to Rick) WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HELP HIM?!

Rick is heartbroken at his plea.

Kevin: Leah, I -- I can sympathize with you too. He ruined my family too. But you didn't have to do this. I mean revenge isn't the way to go about it.

Leah: Revenge is the way to go about it. Grady did us all a favor. He killed one part of the evil that hovers over this town. Phillip Spaulding brought hell to us all when he went on that rampage and yet everyone is so easy to sweep it under the rug like its nothing -- nothing at all!

The sirens grow louder as the come closer.

Grady: Sorry to have to cut this short but we have places to be, people to meet. So sianara, Springfield.

Grady grabs Leah by the hand.

Grady: Ready darling?

Leah: (a beat to ponder, then) Yes. More than ever.

Rick: LEAH!

Mel: You are going nowhere with him!

Mel breaks the two hands apart. Grady aims the gun at Mel.

Grady: There ain't no stoppin' us woman. Now I would hate to have to shoot you, Mel. Now move...

Mel stands in place for a sec and then willingly moves out the way.

Mel: You can go... but alone. Not with my daughter!

Leah: Mother, I am grown!

Mel: I don't give a damn! You aren't going with him.

Leah: Oh yes I am!

Mel: No the hell you are not! Girl, I made you and I can break you.

Leah throws a fit and smacks the punch bowl off the table. It shatters on the floor.

Leah: Mom, why are you doing this me? I have to go. I am in too deep now.

Mel: No you are not! He preyed on you. Don't you see that?

Leah looks at her mother for an answer and then Grady.

Leah: Not true, right?

Grady and Leah stare into each others eyes for a period. He then leans over and kisses her on the head.

Grady: Goodbye, partner.

Grady flees out the building.

Cyrus: Grady! Grady!

Cyrus runs after him.

Mel: Cyrus!

Leah: (tearing up) He used me... He used me...

AND on Leah distraught,



- Alan calls in a favor with some shady cops

- One of the brothers dies via firing squad

- The other one goes on the run