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Jason lies on the sofa peacefully. All of sudden a pillow bashes him in the head. He jumps up to see Dinah, furious, holding the pillow.

Jason: What was that for?!

Dinah: I can't believe you.

Jason: I know you aren't about to read me the riot act, Dinah.

Dinah: No. But I am going to save you from yourself. Take it from me, you don't wanna do this, Jason.

Jason rolls his eyes. He grabs his pillow and blanket and starts to storm off.

Dinah: (grabbing him) Where are you going?

Jason: Anywhere but here.

Dinah: Well you won't get too far.

Jason: Think again.

Jason rushes upstairs. On Dinah over it,


Kevin sips on a cup of coffee, reading the paper when James comes in. Kevin looks up and sees him. With a deep sigh, he buries his face back into the paper. James takes notice and makes his way over to Kevin,

James: Where is he?

Kevin: Who?

James: Jason.

Kevin: Not here.

James: Then tell me where he is.

Kevin: I don't know where he is! If I did, I sure as h*ll wouldn't tell you. And don't you have better things to worry about? Does Ms. Spaulding ring a bell?

James: My aunt is fine, but I want to know where your brother is.

Kevin: For what? So you can get in his face? So you can threaten him? Punch him? You're wasting your time.

James: He threatened my father--

Kevin: SO WHAT! Phillip is a big boy and he took it well last night. It's not like he expected Jason to come back to town showering him with hugs and kisses.

Rick enters. This argument catches his attention.

James: So you think this is OK? You think it is OK for him go to around and threaten people?

Kevin: It was an empty threat.

James: I doubt it. Knowing your family's track record . . .

Kevin: Oh don't forget, COUSIN, we're related. Now could you just back off?! Give Jason some time and he'll come around. I understand what my brother is feeling. I just know how to let things go. He doesn't.

James: Then maybe I can help him . . .

Kevin: Maybe you're the one that needs help, and I should help you.

Kevin rises up and faces off with James. Rick rushes over, driving a wedge between the two.

Rick: No! No! No! You guys! Chill out.

James: I'm going to find to him and let him know no one threatens my dad.

Rick: James!

James storms out.

Kevin plops back down in the seat, livid.

Rick: You alright?

Kevin: No!

Rick: Let me get you--

Kevin: How about you leave me alone? This problem wouldn't be going on if it wasn't for you and Phillip.

Kevin goes back to drinking his coffee. On Rick, hurt,


Blake stands on her going over her notes with a director. Reginald sits behind the news desk getting his makeup done. Beth enter.

Beth: Blake!

Blake: (stunned) Beth. Hey. What are you doing here?

Beth: I came to see you.

Blake: (to director) Give me a second. (on director exiting) What's up?

Beth: Your son.

Blake: Case closed.

Blake walks off but a determined Beth follows her.

Beth: You can't ignore me, Blake.

Blake: Watch me.

Beth: Blake!

Blake stops and turns to face Beth. Reginald watches on from a distance.

Blake: I'm not discussing my son with you of all people.

Beth: Well he needs to be held accountable for his actions.

Blake: A threat? A little threat? Does Phillip know you're here?

Beth: No . . .

Blake: I thought so. Because Phillip seemed fine last night. But I should expect this from you of all people. Poor little Beth taking things and make them larger than life.

Beth: Look . . . my family is already underneath enough stress as it is. We don't need more added.

Blake: My son, a twenty year old, adding stress to all of you? Beth, get a life.

Beth: Blake, I'm not--

Reginald (OC): Blake! (approaching them) We need to meet in my dressing room.

Blake: For what?

Reginald: To go over the stories we're covering.

Blake: That's for amateurs. I don't need to go over anything. I already know what I am going say.

Reginald: (grabbing Blake's arm) Blake, let's go.

Blake: Unhand me.

Reginald: (dragging her away, whispering) You'll thank me later.

Blake: (realizing what he's doing) Oh. OK.

On Blake and Reginald walking away from Beth


We enter on Cassie and Reva mid conversation. Cassie is washing dishes while Reva is sitting at the table with a glass of wine.

Reva: I couldn't believe it myself.

Cassie: Well did you guys take a DNA test? You know, to make sure?

Reva: No need. Pop said he took one years ago when Trista was born just to make sure. She's definitely a Shayne.

Cassie: (pondering then, back to washing) Rusty is a father. Oh boy . . .

Reva: Tell me about it. I couldn't believe it myself.

Cassie: Must be fulfilling for her to finally be able to have a big family that everyone dreams about.

Reva: (joking) I'm not sure you can put the Shaynes and dream family together.

Cassie: (laughing) Reva, I'm being honest. (then, seriously) I can sympathize. Wasn't too long ago I was the stray that came into a large family.

Reva takes notices that this effecting Cassie. She puts down her glass.

Reva: Cassie, what's going on?

Cassie: Reva . . . I found it so odd when you came over and told me about Trista. Especially since I've been thinking about finding my paternal father also.

Reva: What? Why--I mean why now?

Cassie: To be fulfilled.

Reva: But you are fulfilled. You have me, Josh, the kids, your kids, Pa, Rusty, Roxie, Johnny--

Cassie: But I don't know who my father is. And won't be fulfilled myself until I do.

Reva: But what about Hawk? I mean he is a father to you.

Cassie: He has been, still is, and always will be. But I still need to know, Reva. There so many other factors too.

Reva: OK. You want to find your father then I say we do it.

Cassie: (overwhelmed) Y-you wanna help me?

Reva: H*ll yeah. We're sisters. Your problem is my problem.

Cassie puts the plate down on the counter and walks over and hugs Reva.


Jason enters with his luggage and approaches the desk where Olivia stands sorting the mail.

Olivia: Can I help you?

Jason: Yeah. I need a room for awhile.

Olivia: OK. (checks computer, then) The suites are all booked.

Jason: That's fine. I just need a room for me.

Olivia: Alright. How many nights?

Jason: I don't know -- a week?

Olivia: $785

Jason: $785!! Are you crazy?

Olivia: You do see that this is an upscale hotel.

Jason: Do you have student discount then?

Olivia: No. You could always go down the street to the Springfield Inn. I know for a week you'll get a room for week for about $200.

Jason: Sounds better than here.

Olivia: Go ahead. You'll enjoy the roommates too.

Jason: Roommates?

Olivia: Yes. The roaches and rats.

Jason: (handing her his card) Here!

Olivia: Debit or credit.

Jason: It's a credit card. Can't you read?

Olivia shoots Jason a look then proceeds with swiping his card. After some time, Olivia looks up with the stink eye.

Jason: What now?

Olivia: (handing him his card) It declined.

Jason sighs and hands her another card. Olivia swipes it, types, waits, then. . .

Olivia: Declined.

Jason: What the f- . . . Here. (hands another card) Use this one.

Olivia: This better work because I have things to do.

Jason: Just swipe the card.

Olivia swipes the card then smiles. She hands him a key.

Olivia: Congrats. (looks at his card) . . . Jason Marler? (hits her) Blake's Jason?

Jason: (dully) In the flesh.

Olivia: Oh you have grown.

Jason: Well did you expect me to stay a child forever?

Jason takes his card and starts to walk off when,

James (OC): Hey, Marler!

Jason turns and is socked in the face. He hits the ground.

Olivia: Hey! James! (coming from behind the counter) This is not boxing ring!

Jason gets up, wiping the blood from his nose. He laughs as this amuses him.

Jason: Nice try, silver spoon, but you hit like a b*tch . . .

James raises his hand another and Olivia comes between the two.

Olivia: James! What the h*ll are you doing?

James: Taking care of business.

Olivia: Well not in my hotel. I'm calling Phillip!

Olivia rushes off into her office.

Jason: Did daddy send you to do his bidding?

James: Don't threaten my father again.

Jason: Don't threaten your father? Don't threaten your father?! Your father is lucky I gave him the heads up. Something he didn't give my father.

James: Give it up. Your father's death was an accident!

Jason: Accident my a**!

Jason punches James in the face sending him to the floor. Jason climbs on top of James, hitting him two more times in the face. James, now bloodied, flips Jason off of him and socks Jason in the face.

Phillip (OC): Hey! Hey!

Phillip rushes in with Dinah and Kevin behind him.

Dinah: Stop them!

Phillip pries the two bloodied young men apart, but not before Jason socks him in the nose.

Jason: That's was just that first strike, Phillip!

Olivia comes from the back.

Olivia: (to Jason) You can't stay here! Nope.

Jason: I didn't want to stay in this establishment anyways. You ole' wh*re! And you better refund my money or you won't need Lewis Construction to remodel because I'll tear it down for free!

Olivia gasps.

Dinah: (shaking Jason) Enough! Get your stuff and go to the car.

Jason picks up his stuff, then

Jason: Round one, Spauldings. Remember, I might be a Marler but I'm a Thorpe too.

Jason exits.

James: (examining Phillip's face) You alright?

Phillip: No! You wanna know why?!

James: Dad, I'm--

Phillip: I don't wanna hear it! You should've left Jason alone!

James: He threatened you!

Phillip: Do you know how many times in my life I've been threatened?! It's not the first and won't be the last! (to Dinah) I'm so sorry.

DInah: Yeah. So am I.

Dinah walks off.

Phillip: Kevin . . .

Kevin: Save it. Just prepare yourself for the tidal wave you've created.

Kevin walks off, leaving Phillip to realize that his past actions are now about to have even more consequences, and



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WELCOME BACK!!! and you picked up right where you left off!!! Love Olivia and Jason Marler's interaction, and Cassie wants to find her father. What if he's a SPAULDING!! Hmmmm.....Love your GUIDING LIGHT blog...

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Thanks! And don't worry Cassie's not a Spaulding but when he comes, he's going to stir up trouble. And don't worry about Alan, he has a lot coming up for him too. Possibly another unknown child too . . .

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